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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 18, 1906, Albuquerque, New MexicoOso. W. HtotoiT. Y. Maynard! Ste Hickox-Maynard Company Are Exclusive Representatives - The Gorham Manufacturing Co.. Sterling Silverware; The Libber Co., Artistic Cut Gins*, and The W. A. Pickard Hand-paintcd China Each In It* class, and appropriate for Wedding Gifts. Our stock of Diamonds—"never before so complete." ’Tis a good time for investment, as Diamonds are rapidly advancing in value. New Mexico's Lee ding Jewelers Th* A> reb Front    South Second Street THE 'AIBUQUEUQUE MORNING JOURNAL. ^#4#4b4b4c4c4#4#4«4«4c4n 44 »+$4#4#4#4#4$4#4#4#4#4#+1 Friday, May IN, ISOS. ; • J i • I • • • DESKS for the Busy Man j The Man of Business or the Home Library We have Just received a large shipment of Uoll-top Desks, Flat and Standing Desks, Office Chairs, Book Cases, Typewriter Stands and Tables. IMH ITEM INTEREST W KATH KR FORECAST. Washington, May 17.—New Mexic Fair Friday and Salut gram oonsif^od of mush' largely, aud • the very beat kind of music, several • musicians having been imported for • tile occasion i»> the entertainment 5 commute* com nosed of J. W. Prest*?!, j Z Vew Morley ’'Vunl **IMi *s J Como. .Several • .\e» Mexico ,,r ii,,, musicians came from Mexico • while some of the last local talent to • be had took part.    J Flurencio Bermudas. the slxtec i • i • vear-old boy who was bound over to • the grand Jury at Estancia, Wednea-! • day Tor killing Inez Lueras. near W :- J lard, Monday night and uh" i> said o to have confessed to til, killing has I • been taken to Santa Fe for safe keep- • ing. there being no jail in Estancia • The Berger Stock company turned to comedy at the Casino last and Arizona day. A. J. Frank came down from dottes last night. Superintendent J K. Allen, of the Indian school, spent yesterday at the suin Felipe publo. T. S. Hubbell returned from ,» business tup to El Paso, VV. D. Munsey. of Silver City, was a guest at the Alvarado yesterday, District Attorney K. C Abbott,    of    and the    change from    heavy to light Santa Fe county arrived in Antiquer- J Work met with instant    favor with p«t- lgst night.    trolls of    the summer play house. The P. A. Younker, the well known    So-    company    is Infinitely    better In the corro hotel man. was in the city yes-    ’    *    *‘ Algo- yesterday We guarantee our line to represent the best workmanship and highest class of cabinet work. The desk you buy of us will not fall to pieces in a short name, thus causing you much annoyance. our prices are the lowest. ALBERT FABER. I 308-310 Railroad Avenue    • ’ lf bt    44    •4e4*4e4e4e4e4e4e4«4e4eV terday on a business trip •Mrs. L. H. Inglee of IOO! North Second street, has gone to Delphi. Indiana, to visit her parents. Superintendent James Kurt), of iii * New Mexico division of the Santa Fe war in the city yesterday. Captain and Mrs. Tambur of London. who are touring the south west. were visitors in Albuquerque yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. F, H Kent, Mis. E. L. Medler and Miss Spaulding expect to leave tomorrow events Long Reach California The people of School disti l, t No. 13. CMd Albququei que. will hold a meeting tonight In tile court house for the election of a school trustee. Mrs. Herman J. Pa. kerf expects to leave tonight with her son Cecil for a visit In Beattie, Washington, to her sister. Mrs. J. Christman. Bert Phillips, of Taos. one* of the hest known of the few successful pain-ters of Indian life. is in Albuquerque for several days on business. I* J Matthews, a druggist of Nor-wieh, Out. arrived in Albuquerque Inst night to visit his brothers, the proprietors of the Matthews dairy. The schools of < dd Albuquerque and Durance, school district 13. closed yesterday for the year. The season ha been tlie schools. Tunny rules and its work last night was heartily applauded. Mrs Frances it. Cross, of Santa Fe. is here to meet her daughter. Miss Cross, who arrived yesterday from .San Francisco. They will go to Santa F today. I’ X Hartzell, who has been visiting Harvey P Bittner for three weeks I* ist, left last night for Los Angeles The First Street XatJtorlum will open for the season Saturday afternoon. Attorney XV C. Bourock attended to F.J. HOUSTON WM. PARR leave tomorrow evening for a visit to I. gal business in Bernalillo yesterday I Lo fur Rprti h Pii ll f«ir ll la    __ REW CORPORATIONS FILE1 THEIR ARTICLES IR SANTA FE In our new location 205 W. Railroad Av. Kodaks. Photographers* Stocks, Sporting Goods. Typewriters Kodak Finishing and Bromide Enlarging a Specialty Our Mail Order Business is Constantly Increasing. ASK YOCK GROCER FOR Wholesale and Retail Dealer In Fresh and Salt Hasta SAUSAGE A SPECIALTY FOR CATTLE AND HOGS BIGGEST _MARKET    PRICE PAID The following articles of Incorporation have been tiled in the office of the teni itori ii secretary in Santa Fe: The Macho River Mining company. Incorporators arc Lawrence *5. Benedict ani Harry G. Cha rn be rial ii, of Chicago, anil Charles Hoyle, of Ixike -    .........- —     -    Valle} New Mexico. The capital best In the history of the>e stock of the company Is $300,000, which i- divided Into 300,GOU shares I A slight fail in the Rio Grande was 1 ! the par value of ll eat h. The sum noted yesterday at the Barelas bridge, °t 12,000 has been paid Into the tress- | Where construction Is under i*rv 1 i|‘ I"11 •I*-11 office tixed it way. The river up to yes! rd.iy had Arnold’s Best Flour PIIONi; I S Hilt \ SAMPLE SAA K | A FI LL SKT OF TEETH FOR yO (.old Crow us..................KH    OO ; Gold Fillings upwards from .,..$1.50 PrIiiIow Kttradlim ............ r»Oi* All Work Almoin!, ly Guaranteed B. F. COPP, D. _). S lUwim la. N. T. Amino Building Rankin & (So. FIRE INS! RANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS Automatic Phan* 461 ROOM lh. N. T. A IIM LIO Bdl BING been rising steadily The Santa Fe train No. 8 fiom San Fram is< ii continues to be the busiest Rain on the through line. It is crowded each night with poop! who arc leaving the < o.ud for good. Regular services in T* mph* Albert,^ fred ll Bromes lek, of Artesia: George J Hat ton, of J. anlia Josepb C Mal. well. of Artesia, Robert A Thompson of McIntosh and Eugene A. Redly. of Roswell. Th- ca|Mal stock of the mpauy is $„w«*«, divided into 250 will tie held this evening at ’ t. o'clock 'our Inherltai!< • and Oui Belongings." will be Rabbi Kaplan's subjeet Everybody i- welcome. Fritz Miller, charged with puking the pocket of a friend in the Sgvos Lake \ alley and diaries Hoyle of J that i ,i\ ;s named as agent The term I of existence i- fifty years and the conipauy is incorporated for fhe pur* J prise of currying on a general mining busbies* The Kstands Valley Townsite end I Development company. Incorporators Themas K1111• 111 of B intl! Fe. A i- hotel bar Wednesday afternoon. wa* shares «.f the par v due of lino each bound over to the grand Jury yester- the Mini .if *3,000 has been paid into """    “'•*    Th.,      wi    or,.I T. default of ball.    fixed ai McIntosh and \lfrcd ll Bro me I-ad tee of the Grand Army of NM Nick is named a* agent The t- i in the Republic will give , poverty so- of existent ■. is twenty years and til • etal In Odd Fellows hall tomor row company is in corpora I cd foi the put 1 evening .it s..IO o'clock The proceeds poses of locating person* or families are to go to the fund for Decoration on lands md in bonn** • ither in . olo- ole* to otherw (se, and lo t arry on rn I Train No. I on the Santa Fe limped real estate business, into Albuquerque last night about on The North American Copper com-time, but thumping with a fiat wheel *'"IV Im-orporatore ate Thomas A which was sequined on the hill east of Lister ,,f Lordsburg. \\ Md and i *. B. Lamy Th* wheel was on a tourist > ir "cavel and J. W Villinger of W11 - J which it was necessary to set out here lh* ms port. Pennsylvania. The capital for recurs Fred Hermann, w no is with tile Harvey system in Chicago I* in Albuquerque to Join his wife who has been Visiting Mr md Mr* a A Trimble foj several weeks. Mr and MIS Hermann will eave for Los Angeles n* xt *• ear A committee of the Knights of l*y-thius with iii of fit fin Of the Second Regiment infantry of the National Guard, were ut the Santa Fe station last night to * ay f i re wet I to Major J. K Hider, who left with his family for Halide, Col, where he will malt* hi* home. in response to the appeal of Superintendent of instruction Hadley t• • the S' hon! . hi! li en of New lf'xU o. fur lid 7°’ th** "san Fraie is, o memorial ..... School. the pupils of Old Albuquerque and Durance public schools yesterday ti in Fe for th! stoi k of Hie company is $750,000 di tided into 75<i non shares of the pat i valu. of ti en h. The sum of $573 7St. im*- been paid into tile treasury. Th* principal office ss fixed at Lordsburg aud Daniel \\ , Unit in named as agent , Iii*- term of ext-i-nte I* twenty-five 'eat- md the >mi my is incorporated rot the purpose of buying, deveining and up t ating opper md other mineral lauds, and , serving on a general i uuriirig business sui n i*    tit***J in the Itll,des. The t rust company of America which im a merger of the Trust (’on.-1 pally of America aud the Trust /’out-pany of New York into the North American Trust company, th* lait t taking fhe name of the Trust Company of America The capital st., g d (ii company n* $ J, $00,000 divide! OO shares of the jiar value if aud the full amount iii*' purVJ*"1    r-    ,ur       '"I"    ■!» ,r-»»ur, Th- X r'llmor, T>.on . „„, h. ,... V.1 n^W “(.‘“n'Jrli parunent nf Louisville. Ken uck> aw- th»\ <.it!    '    La    '    "    'jn,1.,'f in Albuquerque yesterday for the day conipMov i- in oriairui, I rI* on on his way tu Man Francuan, where    ,,f    U(«uirm!r ll,' V f !*uri he will study some of tin- problems nrm ,    '    t    *1    'Hm*os flg if brought up by the greet fire During    md    I the day Mr Ty eon sn shewn about lrul, ,    '    on a K‘neral the city by Fire Chief Hurtless,    ti...    x ,    v.. .    rile    Aurora Min** compgnv    ineor- 1 hi meeting of the Womans dub boratoi un 11 ll (*utvei \lt».-t tills afternoon In the club parlors in Johnson aud Thomas \\ Greer Tin* (tie Commercial Club building si ne capital >*im*k of the company Is Said -gn import .n' one. At thU* meeting Mfl divided into inn, shares <d iii" the bids for the new , |Ub b"Use to in* par value of f I each; th* sum d built .in Wee! Gold avenue and for I!$*,#$• has bien paid Into th. lr.anam* ii the plans have been < nm pie* sd ary The principal offi. • is fixed »i foi sometime, will be awarded. All I Lsordsburg and I* Ii K. dzm is nameo iii'*nitun■ of the Club art urged to be as agent The term "f existence P y*a I'# h fit! lh*    im    (ii€<>r|M»r    it- Mr and v|r>. Carl Hounina eel - V1 f‘!' "" purpos* ..f purchasing at I developing mining properties of .ti kinds, disusing of im products end carrying on a general mining busine*- Clayville Produce Co 602 SOI I II FIRST STREET HOTH BRONES L. B. Putney Metabltshed 1671 Wholesale Grocer run*. FLOUR AND GRAIN Aint tor Mltchill Wains ALBrgi KHQMC. N. M. COAL Ik**! \i erican libs I,, per ton...$5 75 I'cr half Ion ..............$3    (Kl COKE M-75 ton WOOD ' Mill—Big Ixiad $2 25 and ft.Tft W.H.IIahn&CO Phones 41$ —Black 2H0 A. E. WALKER FIRE INSURANCE Secretary Min uni Building Aux *-ta Hon 217 WEST RAILROAD AVENUE. Autoiiintic Blioni* 721. MINANO WOMIH I .rn Hirf |..r nnns.urO .*'•    ,«.iiifl.*iiait»ti it* IrruttMM <>r ul>~«r*tto<a <f in a rosa iu*stir»n>< - Pm,! -a. rot Mtrio * .ll v<t    I nr p«i,. i NC!.I SBI SIHI Sold 07 in anilla e- —,i! m ararp-r, .4* « , press, I'-r.a to* • ins r> ."'til.. I Ti. Cai a.- arui uc lf you are in need of Soap you should get our prices by the box. They are money-savers. Albuquerque Cash Grocery Company "Hie Big North End Store. Fin toes Colo Blk 27$. Auto. $2$ Fishing tackle at Hosslus’a. rn I Hopping cele. brated their twenty-#rut wedding in-nlvsrsary yesterday afternoon aud .veiling by entertaining a large num-ber of their friends at their home >.o I Hnuth Broadway They were assisted in entertaining by Mf and Mrs Frank was emf. a ii!h« ^‘°>-h'''^    '    The    t    Iii.    ago    Ma-I.e.- are at (Im* 1 ** *    dinner    i’M-h Buyers' Union todny. Big lair- Judg. Abbott ami the court officers ' ®*hta» returned from Bernalillo last night,    ——- w here the criminal business VV trt.i II TOU need a earia-nler telephone Heady completed yesterday Civil nu ll(Meriden. Auto Idione Alii. TTn^ Hid i22 W. Stiver Ave. HAV I, BIG ll BV s|.| IM, | s \BOI I Vol It I'Ll VUU NG..... We vs III be glad lo (alk with u Im ... t    MU) sort id wort* ai..I it vv.Mild Im* v, im* for you lo ><>uier xx 111. ii- la-fore Inn..ling .int your et nit raid. Brks i g.-nrrously quoted J. L. Hell Co• The Tremor number* ALBUQUERQUE HARDWARE CO. 321-32S RAILROAD AVENUE TINNERS Alaska Refrigerator t-fJ'JTHE BEST MADE SMIl prices low WBm Electric Garden Hose THE KINO THAT LASTS --Nip » Garden Tools of All Kinds White Mountain Freezers Savin* Ice Pads Olympia Gasoline Stoves Novelty Oil Stoves Lawn Mowers Lawn Rakes Grass Catchers Lawn Sprinklers, Etc. ALBUQUERQUE HARDWARE COMPANY plumbers J 321-323 RAILROAD AViRUE tinners Whitney Company Alaska Refrigerators White Mountain Freezers Blue Flame Oil Stoves Gasoline Stoves Lawn and Garden Tools Wholesale Distributors: McCormick Mowers, Rakes and Harvesting Machinery; Birdsell Wagons; Mead Hay Presses; Winchester Rifles, Shotguns, Ammunition, 113 115-117 South First Street    401-403    North Firat Street -      Ai    BUQUCNQUk,    NEW    MEXICO--—_— county inc .ss will continue hi .-anti,val fur seversI days jtotaMHy-ftV# members of th!* Albuquerque Council* Knights of Columbus. gal he red ta Hr Mary"* hall la I nigh* for s sods! session which pr,,.-»*«! one of (he in.,ut enjoys bl* in ii,. history of the organization Th, pi - C. H. Cunner, M. D. D. O. bpetfahy OsWopsthy. O.W.STRONG'S SONS H    FUNERAL    DIRECTORS    ■ VV hill*.mill spring-—IN lightful aum-I ...«*r reuort, la now ufra to the pull-lh*. (.<aal ro.ii.t-. gin,.I meals. ev«w>-l thing <*l«*an Mud nl.*#* Bring jour la...ii.. - and coin. out and Mi* ii- V|r aud Mr- I,ii.    :f White end Slack Hearse monuments 201 211 Nor!.. Second Street Fir- neomnt enr nmrti-oua treatment ii ami (Im- very tinthvmt ut meatrn toe will iT *2$** °" Knill Kjeiwwny. I It North Ttilrd anet, or (clefdinning your agile/ In •4$4$4a4C4c4c4»4b4*4e4e4 4 4*4»e*e*e«eeeetaadaeaee4e I LUMBER DIAMONDS When bought right are $ good tfireetm'*Bb Our ericac era eifinr beautiful diamond goods wa ars 4*!^    Watch    aa,    Jewelry,    Silverware,    etc. Mail ordara receive yvoRipt •iitnuon. EVERITT, ™e LL^5vi^VELER | Sash, Doors, GIqlss. Cement | AND RU FLAM TAUTE ROOFING. ALBVQVERQVELVNBERC0 Vim Sum. C Nxr,s*M* A»«ou«, Al bu,aer, w. New tittie* To Contractors HOUSE BUILDERS. ETC. IlMving i*oi.-oli.lal««l ll,. |*|iot*nig ami Hit peril Hr I’b.inii.g .Villi-, Hie n.ui’liliu r) ls*liig of Hu* lull*—I design- anil Is*—I Minke-, ut* ur< pre-pared (o do ah kind- of MILL WORK al a price never I--fore a ten.pled in New .Mexico. W’n will Im* glad lo give evil-mulla im anything from Hie mill work of a home to making a window -. reeii anil will guarau-[    satisfaction. The Superior Lumber and i Planing Mill Ce, Gro88,Kelly&Co WHOLESALE MERCHANTS Waul, lf Aire A Fella :      #    Specialty 1 ALBUQUERQUE    LAI    V80II Ti* tarry in bu4*kei- id i omI? lo i urry oui h.i. kei- of astir-'' lo na.k in it -inoke-1, kill lieu and lite -weltering he*! of Milliliter .' lo livt in et,,i| dii-t aud omI -moke’.' lo -etult anil rub aud wimp? Du JOH do lh.-t ((ling- for plea-4111-.' Bo you r**ttllv boc I ta nj VVoiiblii i yon rallier (Mkt* Hie ea-u r and mole eomfmlatdv ' linn - only one way lo do ii. liuid-li Hie ism I -love and drudgery g.a*- oui with ii. Bung in Un* ga- range, anil eouiforl eon rn. in with ll—-ami iii nu .my. (.Mi. for ga- I- ii»ea|MT Hiuu inal My all ut. an—( tmh VV ll ll (.Vs It VM.l VlHsl'l VV I I* .VI I IIF OI FU E OI The AlbuqoerqueGas, Electric Light and Poler Company (OHM IC IO! Hill VMI GOLD THE WORLD IS PULL OF ODO ANDCURIOUS ■ paopla, sa Uwre may still ba thoss wha hays net used tbs Morning Journal olassiflod ad oolumns.

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