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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 17, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Rage font1 Albuquerque morning journal May 17, 192? pues score three in Iota defeat braves baseball Calendar National league american league How Iii i stand How til i. V in and Pittsburgh makes a clean game by score of 7 to 5 Xiv. L. Pct. Xiv. La. Pct new York. I 9 a .760 Philadelphia. 19 5 .7 4 j Brooklyn. I 4 12 .039 Quot washing on. 13 8 .6 9 2 i i Ladelphia. 14 i 3 .519 Cleveland 16 9 .6 40 Cincinnati. 1 i i 3 .458 f Arago. 17 i i .607 Pittsburgh. 11 1 2 .4 to St. Louis. 13 17 .433 Poston. I i i 4 .440 new York. 9 16 .360 chicane. La i 4 .440 Ponton. 7 19 .269 St. Louis 9 i 6 .360 Detroit. 8 i a .266 n eighth ninth defeat indians burrowed where thet play Boston Mas 16.�?three run in the Orth off blast enabled the pirates to defeat the Brave 7 to 5 Here today saving the Pittsburgh outfit a Heaney up in the three game eerie. Carey played a Brilliant. Game Pittsburgh got three unearned runs Early in the game on errors by bar a for. The braves turned in four double plays. Flt Ore Pittsburgh a. K. H to. A e Chica go at new York. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Where Tuey play Boston at he Louis. New York at Detroit. Was Langton at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Chicago. Washington scores six runs in last two frames and wins from Cleveland final count is 6 to 2 there in t much difference in the batting average of Las Vega and the legionnaires in the Cen trial new Mexico league. The vegas j average to Date is .2s1, that of the legion .273. There la Little Dif j apprentices to today s Gies Ess vegas see big change Sti i Gamerco would la saturday games Vav Central league the m the Gamerco baseball would like to schedule som inlay games with l teams according to a letter Harry Bliss left fielder Gamerco club. The g Are also desirous of entering % la Quot a i 2 r a v i i in a Eriman Ference in the , Santa be d. E. B. Team to make knights and legionnaires league for the second half e and Vega in Fielding the percent-1 age standing .922, .919 and ois Ortiz. Knight shortstop is swinging a deadly War club so far this season. Ile has collected nine i Cleveland. May 16.�?Washington la of seventeen times at Bat of i a it q to Ovar fifa of i 2 if. Ii has amends for ragged performance in last two starts need to win May lose position at top so be in the of ladder in Central. It was the consensus of or league the apprentices will take the the results of today s games in yesterday s results Brooklyn to it St. Ixonia 4. New York 2 Cincinnati i. Boston 5 Pittsburgh 7. Philadelphia 7 Chicago 6. I Sti Rda is resp its Cleveland 2 Washington 6. Detroit 3 new York 12. St. Louis to. Boston 7. I Ugo Philadelphia rain. Carey of. Cuyler of. Moore 2bbarn Hart if. Treynor a a Wright is Grantham la. Gilt a Cadams. P Bigbee. Cd i i i 0 i 2 1 i 2 13 0 saints leading league in stick work legion ahead in Fielding records of Secretary Ortiz show Defeated Cleveland today. 6 to 2. Five Iti a a. Tony Gilbert and Field against Las vegas at legion j the Central new Mexico league Are scoring two runs in the eighth in n ,. Humpley Berea of the legion Nung and tallying four More in the Nair have each hit safely six ninth. Walter Johnson held Thea a a twelve trips for an aver locals to six hits in eight innings i Marberry relieving him in the ninth and holding the indians hit age of an even Soo. A Lephan of Las vegas evidently less. Myatt and Goslin hit Horny Dor it know that a. Pitcher Isnit runs. Score Washington among prospective members league while its formation wad lug discussed that the Gat 3 team would he too Strong Fot other teams Gamerco hot a has a considerably weaker j a Nark at 3 of clock this afternoon Likely to make Nome Radical. The. Expiation of , up ,�. In the a a. A Tomlin a a it Miv blk Blower to i the knights of Columbus now tie for he a Ontl a with the legionnaires for first the season. Place will meet the hard hitting supposed to hit. He has collected. Eight biggies of seventeen trips a an apr pm Smith has the enough runs to make amends for their defeats of the last two sundays and giving Johnson a Little better support than they have Given him in their last two starts. I 0 2 a it 0 it 0 i totals x ,33 14 30 19 6 batted for Adam in ninth. B Sou a. R. It. To a e. Be of. 6 i 2 5 it it Barcroft is. 8 0 3 3 4 2 Marriott 3b. 4 2 a it 2 2 0 harrs if. 4 0 0 5 it 0 Welch of. 5 0 i 2 it it Burrue la 5 i i 9 it 0 Smith 2b5 it 2 i 3 re 0 of Neil c4 it it o 0 Cooney p. A a 2 i 1 0 2 0 7-Stengel. Ii it 0 it it 0 Ryan i it 0 0 0 0 totals .41 6 12 30 13 a it 1 j the first official averages of the 0 Central new Mexico league which i have just been issued by Secretary a Daniel c. Ortiz show that the Santa be team is leading in Hatting with a percentage of .307, the Las vegas team being second with .231, and the legionnaires third with .273. Then follow the apprentices knights. Tile Fielding is not so bag for a Small league and the Rood Fielding probably Bas also kept i he Hatting record of the opposing teams Low although Good pitching accounts for most of the Low hitting averages. The baiting Rice. Of 4 0 i i it s. Harris 2b. 5 0 0 i 2 j. Harris of. 4 i i it 0 Mcneely of 1 i i it 0 Goslin of of. 5 2 2 4 to judge la. 4 i it 8 be Shirley la 0 0 0 i 0 Bluege 3b. 5 i i i it Peckinpaugh is 5 0 o i 0 ruec5 0 2 to 3 Johnson p. 4 0 2 0 4 Marberry p. 0 0 0 0 i totals. .42 6 12 27 in a. K. Ilpo a l j an average of 471 Santa be Crew at the capital City. The legionnaires will take on Belen in a return encounter at the boys through some real labor this cutoff town and the apprentices Walker knocks Oul l Cooper in the up week and hts lectured them at 0 if the apprentices can get a lit.-, Al Lerable a up nth on the ragged a tie Bingle now and then and dont the take another Day off in the Field. A they have a Good Chance to 0 i la. Vegas today. 0 display they made against the beat saints at Tho capital City last sunday. Charlie Napoleon so the boys say did his High diving in the Bath a i a a tub saturday met. A. In 4. No in it was Mack hold. La la year Troy. Annetta in in it. Flying Ebony. Going to the other Tor Field today. Billy i Evlyne we 0 i extreme in the color scheme. Jot went witless in the last two games. Cotton won it Back in 1885. Pink has purchased a new club and sex t love Lanil a. La ii. To. A. E. Star won in Iso the order Given. 01 three is Way below tile average j a Little league. By innings pittsburgh102 010 003 3�?7 i Boston too 020 02ft 1-5 summary two base hits nets t j a. It. H. Pct. Santa be. 4 153 36 4 7 .307 Las pcs is. 4 153 21 43 .281 Legionnaire 4 144 2 4 40 .278 apprentices 4 1 66 24 42 .253 knights. I 1 5 5 2 5 3 4 .219 Belen. 4 147 12 27 .186 to i in Fielding i. . A. E. Pct. 4 105 36 12 .902 i Santa be 4 i 05 43 i 3 .919 i Las vegas. 4 105 41 i 3 .918 apprentices 4 i i 2 32 is .889 j Helen. 3 1 11 3 3 21 .873 t knights. .4 108 33 21 .872 Jamieson of. Lutzke 3b a. Stolen bases Smith Carey j Adam Grantham. Smith. I re us. A hot a res a. Sacri hits Moore Cuyler fir a Kelly Roush. Double play i bases on Halls Grantham. Stolen bases Carvy j Kelly to Terry Barnhart. Sacrifices Moore 2, off Rixey 6 Oft Bentley. 4. Struck Quot Wright Harris. Double play a by Rixey 3 by Bentley 3. Cuyler Grantham Wright Moore Grantham Bancroft Burro i Philadelphia 7 Chicago it Cooney Bancroft Burro. Bases Philadelphia May 16.�?phlladel-on Halls yes i Cooney i Ryan a phia gave Chicago a 7 to 6 beating j struck a by Adarin i i today winning Tho series. Against superfine Eloy Ortiz is be water 2 b Smith i. Skarr. Xxx Node. Zoh end Rick a. Zzz he 2 0 i 7 it 0 3 0 0 2 5 i 0 0 0 0 i 0 4 it 0 a 0 0 3 i 0 i 3 0 3 i i it 0 0 4 it a 0 it 0 3 0 full it 0 3 it i 4 3 4 2 it i 0 i 0 i 0 0 0 0 0 it 0 0 it 0 0 i 0 0 0 0 0 i 0 0 it 0 0 Kappa sigs 18-11 in varsity tourney poets to fatten his rather lean halting average. Johnnie Johnson is for r. Strikeout record. Having Hung up a record of 17 whiffs against Belen he is seeking to better it. To will have a lob on his hands today. As the vegan As a club. Are a Tho i Kappa alphas Defeated Hunch of heavy hitters. Stirmon is to to Fatur i Johnnie has two defeats chalked baseball against h a he has pitched mighty Day in the intramural tournament at the univ re Ity. Long Good Hall. Allowing Only 24 hits Vav us in a v a a a m a m t a a a the pm Hap Mound then was driven age of six hits to the game. Some to the showers with an avalanches of these hits. Apprentice fans saw san Francisco May 16.�?m totals 30 2 6 27 13 5 Good Job of chucking for the co at batted for Lutzke in eighth mainline three frames. Long yield xxx ran for Karr in eighth. A a batted for Fewster in ninth Zzz batted for Smith in ninth. By innings washington000 000 024 of 13 blows and Whitehouse 4. Brodie did a pretty Good Job of pitching for the Kappa sigs his teammates made eight errors some of them very costly. He was hours had been on their toes. Johnnie has allowed Only three earned runs and has struck 5&Quot men. In average of 1214 strikeouts to the game. In the first three games Rolv 27 Halls were hit to the Outfield. Veto re in today s Gam mean Clevel Andoro 010 ooi�?2 hit 10 times and walked five men i to the apprentice the difference summary two base hits few Todd catching for Tho i Kajy Between Retting in in the first Ali Ster Summa. Home runs Myatt in place of Stortz. Who is of v Sam and drop Lar Down to far in Goslin. Solon bases Peckin Pauli. Town did a Good Job. Central league Goslin judge. Sacrifice Smith. Elder. I Hap third double play Marberry Hue and cot three hits of four time up Shirley. Bases on balls Smith 2 j Brodie also got three for four i Cooney 2 Ryan i. Hits off i against superfine hurling of Adams. 10 in 8 inning Cooney 9 ring until he developed a Kink in in 7 de 2 in 2 Ryan 5 in 3. Orm in the a a pm it nth inning the 1 a winning Pitcher yet i. Losing rubs Del ,.ut Lime a damage. They Knicl hts Hort Send a a Cher Ryan. I found ouch easier and in the i Quot a ill. To bs5?t a1,1,. I ninth had the fans on Edge until Brooklyn it. St. Isml4 Decatur went in. Brooklyn May 16. Us tiny a us m 1 e tw0 runs in the k Johnaon a it. Struck by John Jordan i Kip shortstop i the Hole that it will he a hard Job baseman climbing Garrett will receive johnnies of Rinc. With tames re a do to step and i by Hind the plate if called on. Son 5. Hits off Johnson. 6 in 8 Moore. Kappa pig third baseman innings Marberry 0 in i winning both hit four baggers. Will meet Las vegas Here in the a it a first engagement of these two v. Alker welterweight Chat teams. J Boxer knocked lefty it of course if Tbs legionnaires of Minneapolis. In the first and the knights both win their a scheduled ten round by games they will remain in atle for i fun outdoor card Here this first place of they both lose and j be and the. Apprentices both i lefty did not have a Loci win the four teams will be in a though he tried gamely. M la tie. I w adding in Dempsey like Fly if Belen arid vegas both win and the challenger qui Kly. Coop Santa be and Tho apprentices lose up it the count of nine and these four teams will be in a tie for cd into the Champion. Walker third place. I in another series of terrific the Legionnaire have signed to tits Fae adding a right Benny Salazar As a regular and he under which Cooper fell t will be used to relieve Doerr on the he was trying to Rise at the 5 Mound. Salazar will take the of ten and there were Boos j place of Turnley right fielder on the ring Side when Larry the legion roster As Turnley Grath. The referee raised a work will keep him from playing hand to any More Ball. Payne will take the title a not Turnley a place in the Field. Jack Mills will to unable to accompany the team to Belen today so Perea will he at third base. Tony Gilbert who was last sunday will be Back on the Keystone sack. Hoot Gibson will do Tho Mound work for the knights at Santa be. He will be opposed by lefty Mcgee or chief Beecher both southpaws. Beecher had Good Luck against the China a silk Industry was it apprentices at Santa be last Sun Cpd from Tho domesticate Day although the Legionnaire he wild insect Ani has live rapped him pretty freely the week than 4.000 years before. A men weighing Over the w weight limit Cooper io4 y. _ 153. Texas league Dallas to Shreveport i. I Wilta fails. 3 fort Wor Waco 15 san Antonio. I i Houston. 3 Beaumont. 2. I International leg e Reading 2 Jersey City 6. Providence 6 Alt More 9. Buffalo 7 Syracuse 3. Rochester. 0 Toronto 8. Pitcher Johnson. Osborne doing the pitching i ninth. Hartnett hit his tenth Hong 1\n made it three of four from the Cardinal winning the final game today 6 to 4. Tile card made eight hits off Osborne and four of them went to Hornsby who made a Home run a double and two singles. It in Kerman pitched for the cardinals and the Robin found Birne for timely hit. Score by i in run. Scor it rage of .529 Tony Gilbert and a Humpley Perea of legion second i by innings Kappa Sis "23 2�?1 in k. A. 4 23 ids x i batteries Kappa Sigma Bro die and Reeve i Kappa Alpha Long. Whitehouse and Todd. Standings 4 hic ago a. R. H. To. A. E. Smith of. A it n i i it 0 Cooney is. 4 i a it 7 i Hornsby 2b. A i 4 3 s 2 Bottomley la. 4 0 it j i 0 Heil 3b4 0 i i 2 0 Mueller of. 3 0 it 3 it it Leafey left it 2 0 it Toporcer a i 0 0 it it it Douthit of. I it it i o o Gonzales Ca 3 u it i 0 0 a Blades. O 0 it i it 0 Dickerman p. 3 o it i 2 0 xxx Lack. I 0 it it it 0 xxx Shinners. 0 0 0 0 it it a. R. Ii. To a. E. St a to of. 4 0 i 0 0 i Heathcote of. 4 i i 2 0 it Adams 214 0 it i 4 0 Hartnett c 4 i 2 4 0 0 Griffith of. 4 i i 2 0 0 Froeberg. 3b 4 i i i <1 i Grimm la 4 1 i 12 it 0 Mcauley is. 2 0 it 2 3 o Miller. I it i it it it Kauffman p. I it it it it 0 keen a. I it it i it 0 xxx Ltd Farrell. I 0 it 0 it 0 Bush. J0 0 it 0 i 0 xxx Barrett i 0 0 0 0 0 a a a a to a a totals .35 5 8 24 9 2 new York 12 Detroit 3 Detroit May 16.�?a slugging new York team battered the last place tigers into submission today winning a loosely played game 12 to 3. The game was called when Eloy Ortiz flashy shortstop of storm Clouds that had threaten la in a cd. The knights of Columbus and throughout the game broke in Tun coronal. Club r a a mar _ i u _ in the ninth inning after two a i Omega rho. F in t a infielder of the Duke apis a 1 been retired. Two new pm Kappa Alpha it try Grays is leading the Central York and the a Detroit runs new Mexico league in batting ac-1 made during the ninth inning cording to official azure rnmnilerf1 therefore were not counted the score reverting to the eighth inning. Score new York a. R. Ilpo. A. E. Lobo Basket Ball men a receive new sweaters league. F. Ortiz Secretary of the Ortiz has poled nine men have better averages than Inpan is Ortiz they have batted Onles each and Are not Reg ulars. Tony Gilbert a i second Sacker and a a Humpley Quot a caul re 17 infielder of the same team at ted for keen Iii eighth. Or. Running second to Ortiz with xxx de for Bush in ninth. An a Aryl 0f soft. Andy Rivera Philadelphia Saint surf it a. Has hit .474 inn Lnger is6 i 2 2 i 0 Dugan 3b. 4 it 2 2 i 0 Combs of. 4 2 2 i it it Meusel. Of. 5 3 2 r i it Pipp. La. Re 0 it 5 i a i Paschal of. 1 i it it it it each of. 2 i n i it 0 o Neil a. 4 i 2 8 it it Ward. La. 4 2 2 it 2 o shocker p i i i i to dependent Kappa Sigma xxx. L. P.2 it i Oft ii it i Ftp to 1 it l of Toto i i .500. It 2 of Toto. It 2 .009 Wigt ii Roll \ a e Len role Omaha cold. Wichita 3 Oklahoma City of. Joseph 7 Tulsa 4. Des Moines 4 Denver. 3. Lobo basketball Letterman have received handsome new sweaters j similar to the football sweaters j sex opt that they Are lighter in weight and have a smaller Mono cram. Captain Abe Stowell sweeter a four Stripe. Charlie Renfrow a two. Other men re j reviving letter for the first time Are Malcom Long. Harold my i i thy Ren Sicks and Frank Stortz. J sweaters have been ordered for track men. Coast league Seattle 0 Vernon. 6. San Francisco s Sacramento 6. Los Angeles 5 Salt i Ike s. Portland 8 Oakland 2. I shot Ringst pm Hetio is vows a a tit we wbk a at fit of. A Ufa Tell a a a great facet re to so True Mark Ama Nab 9 #11 Tarn pc in in Faiee Tob a or mmm9 re i f and v 1 Silt it nay. Fal a Quot i fat is pm Mijare Dertl if tit order corp. 4u inf of Rte fill it a i p a is we re ready for the fishing season Are you ? xxii ii in so i Tjon ail games postponed rain. Roi i Hern Nashville i Atlanta 7. Little Rock 2 new Orleans 2 called 17th, darkness. Memphis i Mobile 2. Chattanooga 7 Birmingham. I Quot r Cross word Puzzle totals 8 24 i 15 4 a a batted for Leafey in sixth. Xxx ran for Gonzales in ninth xxx batted for Tekerman in ninth. A xxx ran for Flack in ninth. Brook ii a. In if. To. A e it 0 a Mitchell is. 4 i i Johnston. 3b 3 2 ii Xiv heat of. I i Fournier la. 3 i 2 in of a i a a 1/dlus, of 4 it i Stock 2t> 2 0 0 Taylor c3 \ 0 Osborne p. 3 it it total. 30 6 7 it ii All. It. La to. A. E. Burns of. 4 i 2 3 it 0 Fonseca 2h. A i i t 7 i Williams of. A i it 2 it it Harper c f4 i 2 a 0 it Hawke la. 4 i 1 13 i to Wilson i j 3 0 0 i 0 it band is. 4 i 2 2 i 0 Huber. 31 b4 i 3 it i i ring. P a. A 3 it i o i it ouch. I it 0 it 0 Decatur p a a. It 0 0 it it 0 totals. .24 i 12 27 12 is vegas .4 71 Phil totals Sirita be 4 n. Grant of Santa be and l. Gat i a of Dis a a egad have .339 Ani .33t, respectively. i it .300 and better .36 1 2 16 24 Dot Roll a. R h to. A. K a n. Gutierrez Santa be Lujan knights. A r h. Ret n by innings la Chicago. I Philadelphia. A i two base hits 0 Sera Harper <2 .11ft too i 02�?5400 too 02x�?7 a a Heathcote Fon. Gilbert legion .12 Perea legion ____12 Arnold apprentices 4 Payne legion. 2 r. Salazar. Knights 2 a. Rivera s. F. 19 Griephan Dis 7 Hawk Sand if. Martinez. S. Iv.17 .29 by innings St. Louis. Brooklyn. 8 u m in a r y Smith. Hornsby a Looney Fournier Hornsby. Hie play a Coon Bot Oniley Bell Bottomley. Bas Erman a Oskoi a by picker Mai Hon sacrifice Sto. And Bell rid horns on a 11s-�, 2. Str i 0 Friberg. Home rutty a grim in. Agnew s. F. To h it Pliett. Double Playa adat us Oran to Fruita e ,. I 8 h i a r id grim in met a lev and grim a l. Garcia la vet 13 la awk a and fund. By Hen in a i Levi be apprentices 19 900�?4 off k Auffman i ii ing i. Nietula x t a a. 19 xix�?6 Ruck i it Ute by Kauffm in Mille legion 18 hits Cen i Rush i ring 2 dec Nape Leon api i 18 hits 11 a i. Lits off Kauffin a tin 9 a. M Artinez a a a. 6 run 3 inuit to none in Courtl p. R at a l. X. 3 Don of f keen. None in 4 off Bush 3 in bake a Belen it it <1 i off ring 4 in 6 none in j. Or Tiz 8. I a. 3 in and a Venth a ouch 4 in 2 2-.�?T dec a rom pm. Apis. 19 Dick a 0 in 1-3. Winning p Teho r a Matt Ortiz a Glon. 13 Elk r ing. Losing pit Here Kauff maim. .500 .500 .500 .4 71 .471 .412 .400 .389 .385 .368 .368 .333 .333i it .333 .333 .333 .316 .308 Tavener is. A it it it 4 of Rourke. 2b. 3 t i 3 3 Manush of. 4 it i it 0 Cobb of. 3 i i 2 it Blue 1b2 1 i 12 1 Heilmann. Of. Gift i it it Jones. 3b s 0 it i 3 Prissie c3 it i 6 it Whitehill. P. It it it it i Holloway p i it 0 i 4burke. I i i it it zone in. I i i 0 0 totals 7x24 16 a a batted for Whitehill in third Zzz batted for Holloway Iii eighth. A a game called in ninth account rain and darkness. Fly innings new york005 201 22�?12 Detroit. .010 too Oil 3 summary two base hits do Gan Combs teach 2. Shocker. Cobb of Rourke. Neun. Three Hase hits Combs. Heilmann j Home runs a Kreusel 2 Ward i stolen based Meusel a Serif ice ass shocker. 2 Bench Dugan of Neil Blue Heilmann. Double plays j new York 2 c Cincinnati i a a of the by Winnin y. 2 to i. York made a clean is with Cincinnati fourth game Foi Der a a Pinch hitter winning run ninth. Cai Man Frank had to ret the Aix a broken Fin he a a or plate in t played the fifth be of the game to doctor Bald. Score York the Sny-1 the ten years ago in sport local coaches to be football students of wizard of notre Dame Coacher f Wuh a Eagle in the sin s id second Buse fria. I of the giants re fro in the game in nning because of a it on his right hand. Urea sliding into the e foe Irth inning f us nning. Ile will High Manti i or George Reed left for men Tula Tucson to it join the Dukes who june Wert to open a series there. This Vav bet Dukeez first trip. I the they j summer m. Wilson of the a Whitehill i Arlin Maddox of t xxx at Ren Woodson of j ugh will leave about r Spring Fjeld mas., j Ertron will attend the annual Hod for coaches con. Meusel to of Neil Avard to xxx an Ninger to Pipp. Bases on balls off shocker i off Whitehill 4 a off Holloway i struck by j shocker. 6 by Whitehill. 4. Hits i a off Whitehill 6 in 3 innings off Holloway to in 5. Loring Pitcher by. It i won ten of twelve game play ducted by the y. M. C. A. College entries fur the ten mile Auto e weeks mob St. I outs. To Boston. 7 Louis May 16.�?gene Rob two Home runs the first with one Man on base and the Nee j if Ond in the tenth inning with two men on enabled it. Louis to defeat Boston 1ft to 7 in ten innings Here Ai riving at Springfield i today. Mcmanus of the Browns Ltd before june 28, tile Date of and Carlyle of the red Fox also hit 17 i ass than two weeks from now son of our customers will he standing it. Rat tin a Gamey Trout. Remember that big be Low that got away from you la. T season lies just dying for another tug of it with you. Get the old tackle bos some night when the wife sat that movies. Spread the stuff Over Kitchen table and Check up on it. Item be a big evening. F to and then if there a anything missing remember we have it waiting for to Down Here. You never saw such a Nic line of Rainbow tackle As we re show ing this season. It la do your soul goo j to see it. It la make the next two week until the season opens seem like tax years if you re a real Fisherman. It its on a of i 206 West Central phone 19 a k we vim 1925. Western new Speer Union horizontal in Hurt 6�?braids a extent 13�?cog i 4�?act Lizard talk wildly Ulm Intuit All it. Fpo. A. E grit. 2b. 4 2 3 6 0 Rouah of. 3 i j i it it Bressler la u. 2 0 it 14 it it Smith of. 3 it it i it a Bohne 2 by. 3 it it it i it xxx biker. Of. 2 i 0 0 it i a Spinelli. I 0 0 it it it zit my in of. ,. I it it 0 it it Caveney by. 3 it it 3 4 it Xyz Ingo c. A a 3 it it it Rixey p. 3 0 0 it i it total. .27 i 3 x2s 14 it a a it a Whell wit Ming re in nit b they will make the trip by Auto Mobil Short i f race at traction Park on the opening of tile a Chook the i for the circuit. I were it l sed. Jwa an session will last until August 5. His consecutive hitting Streak up in Jirl a name cd that the Hack would be Bill Roper of Princeton and to thirty one games by singling nth a insect in of notre Dame will the first inning George Fialer ran go note of musical scale Rood condition with the Knute it ked to eliminate danger be on the staff As Well As expert lit track Basket Ball and baseball. Yoakum. Denier Light Wilson will coach Albuquerque get won a 20 round bout from High again next year and Maddox imy Reagan of Hun Francisco will be at Menaul. Woodson who score Boston Lime it july no to to i Ganu Belen. Duke a i la Dine Mer Thurston. T Carn a t of a the East. A Woodson s Bowler beat Albu Quer schoolmate of three at Woodson w City Bowler were Tulare and at Maddox Baylor inference Basket Ball Diye Butch and and a Tennis Star. Scored. Xxx batted for xxx or in 7th. New York a. It. Of to. A. L Belen also walloped i i 2, in a baseball a Iii a Len Satrom Inch 2 b. Terry. I of. Kelly Meusel of. Wilson of. Jackson a. Gowdy. C. Xxx no Elf Bentley p. Xxx fun Der sh., 4 i o Fritz Mal Yankee third Ssck-0 or had stolen 12 a in 16 games. 0 a a a 0 independents win from Coronado in u Tennis tourney a n h. To a. E 24 in Williams of amp i 3 i it i 26 28 we in by 2 b. 5 0 0 4 4 0 Boone of. 3 2 i 2 i o 29 Carlyle of. 5 i 2 it 0 31 32 33 9 in Todt. La. E 0 i i i 2 0 Prothro 3b 4 i 2 it 5 it Connolly is. 5 it it 3 5 v having c ,. 5 i 2 i i it 0 a 36 37 Francis p a a it it 2 i 0 Fuhr to it 0 it i it Wingfield to it it 0 i 0 ii a xxx ache.,i i it it it it a Picinich. I 0 0 0 0 0 41 so. 46 tots is ,. .41 7 la z2 9 19 2 47 22�?one 23�?short-lived fashion a affects with pain character in Othello Gypsy especially abbr 61�?too bad 62�?bong for single voice i c la perform 65�?to throw off j 66 a funeral song j 68�?choose 69�?dress vertical 1�?native of America 2�?german Tor no 3�?\�?Tae 4�?coral formation 5�?small boat 6�?fruit 7�?wash part of a a to be exists follow As a detect he Mode clutch a Carder atmosphere swat stick with a prop piece fruits scorched Ting foot abbr xxx batted for Fuhr in ninth. I -1�?to fume i Central n. M. League i v a How j hey stand totals so 2 7 27 a Ixo ran for Gowdy in 9th. A a Jinx a halted for Bentley in 9th. Cincinnati i of too oooo i i new York too too ooi�?2 i bet f-1m�$ m.ti4 0 knights 0 legion. O i Santa be ,. Apprentices 0 Belen a a a a vegas w. I pct. ,3 i .750 j .3 i ,750 ,2 u .50ft h 4f .500 .1 3 .250 ,1 3 .2 50 Gam if Fucks and Monk Lewocz of the Independent Defeated John and Mergen of the Coronado club 8-c, 6-4, in a hard fought Tennis match in the intramural doubles at the University saturday afternoon. This Victory puts tile independents or. A tie with the for a a cond place. Standing Mega rho u Iii w k i 4 l Region St Belen. Knights at Santa be. Mcgaa Appl -. Licit a Kappa Alpha j Coronado club i Sigma Chi. 4 Kappa a. Pikl a Mph alphas w. To. Pct. 3 0 . 2 i .667 it i .667. I a .3 3 3. It i .000 v to top Zetwo when winning run 52�?ft Aff of life scored. 54�?itvel by Lamia 55�?poem a. It. H. To. A. E 56�?beer Robertson 3b. 6 2 3 4 2 it 57�?piece of Timber Evans of. 4 i i 0 o 59�?organ of head Bennett of a a i 0 0 i 0 0 60�?you and i Kieler la. 5 i i to 0 i k. Williams if. 5 i 3 0 0 Mcmanus 2b. 5 1 48 i i i Williams. Home runs Carlyle. Jacobson of 5 i 0 5 i 0 Mcmanus Robertson 2. Stolen pc Severeid. C a a 5 0 i 4 it 0 i use Evans. Double play a con Gerber is. 5 2 Al it 3 i Nolly Zanib Ganss and Todt a Davis p. 4 2 i it 2 it Cobson and Robertson. Bases on a a a a a a balls Francis i Davis 3. Struck totals. .45 to 17 30 9 t a by Davis 3 Fuhr i. Hits Boston. Too too 203 0�? 7 off Francis. 12 in 6 innings off by louis02 a i 002 it i it 3 to Fuhr 2 Iii 2 Wingfield 3 in i 2 3. 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Fancy wean leghorn and panamas $8 to $6, you have probably made i your mind As to exactly wha kind of socks you la wan this summer. We have them we Are Anre. Come in am a Ltd a. Shirts i is our new summer shirts Are All unpacked awaiting Jour inspection. Collars attached collars to match the new. It cuts and fabric. Have you seen the new Ken Lucky Derby Etnes the come in racing stable color. Surely you la want some Fop this Rummer. Not expel Eleither. Underwear pyjamas because some of our customers prefer some brands of summer underwear and some others we carry most of the nationally advertised brands in ail grades. If you Are particular about the and fabric of you summer pyjamas you lab delighted with the Fresi Stork we have All ready to you. 216 West Central Avenue phone 32

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