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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 17, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May it 1025albuquerque morning journal jape seven in in thi is motors and their Cark Oldsmobile continues to improve without changes in models new open speeds up automobile painting a a in tuba to need More of the a sport facilities which you have Ere in order that we mar arrive t the earn degree of efficiency Progress follow the automobile and it follows that Whan our Road program is developed that to re land adjacent and the country As a Hole will be greatly developed lid general Gerardo Machado resident elect of tuba speaking t the dinner Given in his Honor by in National automobile a Quot anther f Commerce in the hotel commo or new York recently. More cordial relations will a Vel Pas a result of increased Trade Hen the United states will not ply be importing tobacco my War from the Island Republic but ill also be exporting Large quantic of manufactured products to general Machado pointed out. The president elect pledged the a ship of h a administration to in United stat a a we remember Tat you helped us to to free and shall never forget it. We ledge our lasting economically a have become dispensable to one another and e Are bound together by similar a of tradition a regards Coneen on of human rights and the de-1 new of free citizenship Quot said John. Willy.-, cd airman 1<> the foreign Ade committee of the National automobile chamber of Commerce to presided. Lilt double motor vehicle total Quot there Are now 35,000 Antonio in the president elect lid. Practically All of these Are a of in in t Ake. When our a sent Road projects Are complot. I expect the number Wilt be Noble i Are ent Quot e Send t a our count re or if up i of Bacco and sugar the sugar to he fined and the tobacco to be nun fractured for the it on us a. A Hen i turn your Industry will ship re quantities of its products to or country the commercial re tons will to further strength red. I Quot a Are now teaching English in j Public schools and i under and that Spanish is being stud much More in your country dirty or forty of our Young in your military schools so t Friendship Between our Little my and your army is being a film a the Road to Happl is Quot produced by the it. 8. Bual of Public roads the Ford to company and the National a Mobile chamber of Commerce s shown at the conclusion of the tiring. Anions the officials attending re the cuban ambassador to of Rafael Sanchez a Balli cuban Ambas Idor to France of Tel marines Ort a the chief staff of the cuban army Aii Ergo Irrera and the dare or of the Ter american i so commission a. Sherwell. Wum Glae Ford i s. Navy acted interpreter. Ii. H. Rice and hot Smith were among the motor executive acting As hosta. To Clear flooded cylinders service station and Hale it rolled never pull Carburettor choke in out. In Tho Early Spring the Cool starting the engine when it is hot my system probably gives More As the cylinders will become flood trouble than any other part of Tho cd or choked. Should this happen automobile and this is due to neg release the chol.�, open the throw oct on Ajir part 0f the owner tip about half Way and turn the engine Over with the starter to Cly ii the cylinders of excess gasoline. Following its announced policy of constant improvement without yearly changes in models Olds to i Tor works has during the past year i incorporated numerous mechanical revisions in the Power Plant and Chassis of the Oldsmobile six. These changes have been in line Quot Quot Ith recent. Engineering development and have resulted in even smoother and More powerful engine operation. Adoption of Low pressure balloon tires has brought about a change in the steering mechanism 1 at bar unsafe cars from highways and prevent accidents Quot when t lie a a rage Motorist rigid inspection of All parts for Chevrolet cars final equipment and panting. The last on the line is an inspector. From his hands the motor urn Kcal a Are to is a Good idea to Drain % about a. Half pint of Oil from the crankcase every few Days this time of the year duo to frequent change in temperature. At times it will be found that the Oil contains a amount of water the result of crankcase sweating. In draining off a Small amount of Oil Toewater wll come with it. By doing this the possibility of emulsion o dirty Oil and water is prevented. Til when clean will not emulsify with water. After a period of service however Oil will acquire dirt and sediment which forms a hinder Between Oil and water Vin it h May clog the Oil lines. Brake test All types of brakes Are affected by the bouncing of the rear wheels so As to insure easy steering. My flexing of the Springs except the same time the steering column Linsz operated on the Hydraulic and has been made adjustable so that compressed air principles. When the wheel can he set at the Correct testing the brakes to see of the height for any individual owner. Wheels lock it is not necessary to spark control has been made Arideth tires to a Complete atop somatic and with the elimination just lock the wheels for an instant i of the hand spark lever the hand and then examine the paving both tiles should Mak the same length of Mark on the paving indicating that the adjustments Are equalized. If the brakes do not seem to hold with the first depression of the throttle has been removed from under the steering wheel and placed on top and in the Center of the steering web. A change that will he much appreciated by automobile owners has the Entrance a of open finish in Tho automobile Field has overcome the great objection to having to keep the car in the paint shop. It used to by a mow Bay matter of weeks to have a car re finished. The now e e method Marfi la but a matter of four of he Peru. Game coun Days. Drive your car in the first 1�?~�?~ of Ito the it Veek and out the last. Of the analysis o. One Days accidents week with its surface entirely re or it in a of a air to will a How no finished. Mer oui mishaps which could have the saving in time is due to the been porn outed had the Drivers i unusual properties of opes which \ olved be a driving Safe cars. The goes to plants. The various car Assembly repair cracks in Peaster equal parts of plaster of Paris and Whiting mixed with water is is entirely unlike Ordinary paint it is More of a lacquer composed of nitrocellulose dissolved in powerful solvents whose almost immediate drying ability effects the Cut in time of application. One employee in every six in the pays in orc attention to the operate motor Assembly Plant of the Chiv i ing condition of his car and less to Rolet motor company Plant at Flint How fast he cars go in it there will mich., does nothing but Check the he fewer traffic accidents to mar rigid standards required in the Good to repair cracks in Walls Beths plea urn of motoring Quot said motor parts and the accuracy with for Ai painted or papered. George Earl Wallis research Ai j which they Are fitted ------------.ltl&Quot, Rector of the a Geincke Ellis com-1 there Are 2,776 employees in the pan it i Igo at the closing aes motor Plant. Of these 463 Are to ? Ion of the Tref Fly instruction erectors who demand a precision j too minute for detection by the in tided Eye. Before the engine Block starts Down one of the Assembly lines get i is Given a triple inspection for pos sible irregularities or defects Coch inspector checking his predecessor. Next it is washed dried a unsafe Cir should be barred from Der compressed air and again in the Street and highways just As a pwt cd for cleanliness of a dirt spot is discovered the casting is sent Hack to the Washer. The development of Quick drying a dents. We ire now peeking to bar the unfit Driver. There is Little Eho Ico Between the two for both Are the frequent cause of regrettable a preventing a mgr fire place All oily arid Greasy rags or waste in Metal containers. Keep the garage clean particularly of oils and greases. Keep an approved fire Exton Gusher in the garage at All times never put water on an Oil grease or gasoline fire. Do not smoke or us open lights in the garage or around gasoline or Oli so ted rags or clothing. Use Only pocket flashlights or portable electric Light. If the latter Are used. They should be equipped vat in armoured Cable v apr proof fitting Ltd a less of bet and have a rigid Cage around the lamp. Sparks from the breaking of an electric lamp hive sometimes resulted in serious garage fires. Brake pedal do not keep pushing brought about the elimination of of it. Release the pedal and try the need for lubricating the clutch again More vigorously it fre throwout bearing. This has been a gently makes a difference which accomplished by substituting a can Only be explained by analysis a it Mpr Ksn a Graphite bearing for of the particular Brake Assembly the usual annular bearing the and the conditions. Graphite bearing being self lubricating. The wheel base has been lengthened one half Inch. Now being to 1-2 inches. The Frame has been further strengthened by increasing the size of the rear Cross member which now completely rovers and protects the gasoline tank. A i changes in the Cooling system holes in fenders Start from the allow water to enter at both the under Side where water starts rust front and rear of the Cylinder Anion. Lean the surfaces and Block simultaneously thus , with Black enamel. My the same tempera tire it All a six cylinders under All running Conin a off the v in ii held at the editions. Ample spice has been Al the mechanism of Brake should he wiped off and oiled Brice every 500 Miles of driving. When oiling the steering gear 71 see tint nil nuts Are in Pine and the Cotter pins As they should be. Durable finishes has extended Over a considerable number of years. In fact the Sherwin Williams co., who were the first to Start researching in nitrocellulose devoted 20 years of study to opt a. Not Only does opening a car mean cutting in half the time required for refinishing a car but it Means producing a surface which is extremely durable. This is due to the hardness and toughness of the film As Well be its elasticity which prevents any checking cracking or to line. Nor is it affected by ruin Snow heat cold it Imo or Alkalis. Because of its almost endless tests Mark its Progress Down the Assembly line precisions being gauged Down to one thousandth of an Inch. The i moment an inspector detects any variations from Standard the motor is taken from the line of the defect is Only minor the motor is open to criticism a the person sent Baek on the line for adjust. Who drives while intoxicated. Menu or replacements subject to a Norving How to steer and whom to Lub p to ,,on. Of the apply the la does not Quality variation from Standard is Funda one a a Safe Driver if the brakes mental it the Notor la won t hold and the tires slip on., a a the my a a a a a a the who drives on a crowded Street with worthless brakes or who slides and skids along without chains is just As to criticism As the wet Tippery pavement skidding gtd Star Subj a cd to con to court easily a voided tag be Stant examination and re stamina watch wobbly wheels Many Miles of tire service Are lost in the life of a tire because of conditions w hich Are brought about by various forms of wheel irregularities such As Mil alignment improper camber wobbles and unevenly adjusted Blake. These conditions May be caused by Bent axles Bent steering Knuckles Loose bearings broken Springs Bent spindle in fact anything which prevents the wheels from tracking properly. Extreme caution should be in the application of Brake. Spinning of the wheels also should be avoided. Inexperienced service should never be allowed to place a tire on the wheel As very often it is put on unevenly and this will Caus exp tread Wear. A tire which does not run in True alignment drag with a Side motion As it revolt. This Hith earn effect a placing tread against a fast i evolving Grindstone. Motorist should inspect the tires occasionally Tor any irregularities. Into operation. Sparks often result from striking together two pieces of Metal. It is Best to Usek Rosene instead of gasoline when cleaning Oil and grease from Metal Parte. To the automobile but is brine used on handles. Blk Vas soda Fountain Quick drying qualities As Well As its durability the use of open first sign of rain so that the wind Lowed for water circulation around is not fou fim a shield wiper w in not scratch the j the valve seats and barrels surface of the ghz when it is put other engine changes include a fit the oiling system which guarantees full lubrication is ions us my my remains in the Ture refrigerated. Added rigidity to Lite Tappet tors Broom a Luster brackets and the lengthening of the connecting Rod from 8 1-2 to it 9 inches. Pressed in bushing have been placed at the Cen when the tire War unevenly tar and rear camshaft bearings a or so thin the remaining rubber to hot spot is placed at the head of not enough to a Bio cd the Ordinary the Riser from the Carburettor and shocks of travel the wheel Bear heat May be applied around the legs a very Likely to be broken Riser As desired by the Ryan Lula a lion of a Wing valve. Rocket arms on overhead valve several other minor changes have require frequent oiling unless they been incorporated All tending to Are constructed to Rill automatic Al increase the smoothness of opera by. A few nannies pent each Hon. Body designs remain unt rimming in oiling will be repaid by changed the Duco finish introduced last summer is continued on All models. Air Paov and Motorc thermos bottles railway an i surface cars gasoline pumps toys raincoats and hundreds of other objects which require a finish of sup Flor durability. Vlodic attention to the condition of the car itself. Quot we used to consider automobile accessories in the luxury class hut Safe driving in present Day i ruffle is determined by such thing As proper headlights Shock absorbing bumpers rear View Minier. Wind he eld wipers speedometers Stop lights and the like. Yah it n we accuse the Driver of care in snaps in causing an Accident it is often not the Lack of Safe driving but the failure of the car to function properly in an emergency. A a the accessories of driving have become the necessities of Safe driving. The motor vehicle must be As responsive to the Driver s hand a the hand in to the Eye and journal want ads never rest Tion. Precision is Law. For instance. The fit of Piston pins into the Piston must be so exact that the pin May be pushed into the Piston Hole by the Mechanic s thumb but will not fall out of its own weight. The clearance at this Point is about one twentieth of the diameter of the finest human hair. This is called a a push in Quot fit. After being built up the motor is a run in Quot by electric motors St 1,200 revolutions per minute for about two hours to work in the bearings and Piston rings. The motor is then a taken Down Quot for inspection of the bearings Cylinder Walls and All moving part. When it passes the inspectors it is reassembled and operated under its own Power while experts listen 1 not unnatural for any possible noise their Nieth Jessie a you Sty that Harold is ods being comparable to a doctors a great nature Lover Quot j use of a Stethoscope. Mildred yes the Wilder the if the motor sounds Quot Sweet a it spot better he likes to is returned to the Assembly line for we can give you More than you expect for your Money we Are offering better it ars for of so Money than Ever before. 15 Ford touring $35-$85 3 Ford re Stera $125-$135 4 Ford truck $75-$200 2 Ford ton trucks $175 a. 6 Ford touring starter. $150-$385 i Oakland Coupe. .$350 i Durant 4, 1923. $450 1 Reo Speed Wagon .$350 2 Ford Coupe $250-$425 i Chevrolet 1924 touring. .$390 i Ford speedster. .$75 every car Mouth More twin y oily. Used iwo i s i or All hrs Hobbs motor co. In Joo North fourth Street results. If when the nil no is running and the lamps Are burning the Ammeter hand stands at Zero it indicate that til Generator i producing exactly the amount of current that the lamps Are consuming Jesso to ail like our friends to he perfectly Frank a bout other people Boston transcript. Quot colonel Quot Summers was at the door of his store on the Corner when his Quot staff Quot arrived. Quot you Are hour late this morning. he lid a yes. Aah. I a kicked by a mule on the Way Auh Quot that ought not in a detained you an hour Quot Well you be be a kicked me de other Orean ministers use Overland cars recent interesting at till Illys Overland factory in Toledo i v. Walter a. E re in an and v. H. A. Rhodes my Dos tries to Ltd Rea for the pref by Rin Board foreign Mission. At lha toll Plant a l h i k ii of Overland Lour it y Iii i r t Quot it ing a which will a used during the Nirider it f their stay in the it edit at is at i will t inn be pred to Korea lop Uso in that int re i after they halt rat it Ned their respective station Rev. Erdman is located i Haiku Sawher he has made his quarters for the Pant i yeast. Rhodes is stationed at the sen in or a a Tian College at Seoul Sere he has served for 17 year. In did nosing the development of Toni Obile transportation in Koj a i i i a cd w n he St arrived in a hat country the lives of South Korea tra sported goods on the backs of coolies pack animals. They apparently d no knowledge of even the Radiator in Ropa red lies with the Advent of warmer weather the Cooling systems of automobiles should a thoroughly in a is noted tile i of non fret dog solutions frequently softens the rubber Hose i meet bus Lead Rig from the Radiator to the engine and these should he replaced of there is any git to amount of Seal in the Radiator take Cie car to a amm the new a a i / Quot Quot i a Tandara Otic Brougham de of i Roe 1s i vehicular Tref practically no it k a or i omit i a panes occupation however Good n con 11 acted and there Are now be veal Hundred motor curs in the country including i in. I her of Overland curs Whu h i Ive been placed in service through i h Morris energetic Pioneer Illy of Erland distributor in Seoul. B the missionaries report the rapid spread of christianity through out the country. Missionary work began Fin toys re ago today tiler Are 300,00 native christians in Korea. The i Ogress of the gospel in this land is said to have been Moi rapid than in any country Siree the Early years of the apostolic Hurch. Originally the koreans were worshippers of the spirits of nature and of their incest ors. R Adio ii \ i Peru s Volt 60 amp Rod 6 Volt. Too amp. 13.75 i Volt it Battery. 0.85 a la. Crystal Cace. For other makes of mention a pred in 3,5<iq m h11lei in a Ara no i Rupert direct from factory Branch to user you can now buy a genuine rubber Case Westinghouse Battery at dealer Price at a saving of from $7.00 to $20.00 6 Volt 11 plats in is Ford Star Overland Chevrolet 8tudebak#r lights Al Etc. I Volt 13 plate. $14.95 Buick Htu det Aker 8pe< la big Etc 1$ Volt 7 plat $17.95 Dodge Franklin Etc All prices f. O. B. Los Angeles sixty Day trial in your own car if for any reason you Are not satisfied a return the Battery to us and we will refund your Money by Fure and specify make of car year and Model a whether to be shipped i height or express. Make remittance payable to Harry w. Harrison inc. 848 so. Flower St. Los Angeles Calif. Firmly distributor of a amp Singh oui batteries for Arizona Yew Mexico Southern Al form and Western Teia 11a beam of Espa Sci a a built by Studebaker $1465 /. A in. Jeu tory Here s distinction with econ omy. A High Grade four door closet car for the family at a very moderate Price. Smart appearance in its Long Low lines Oval rear win Dows and ornamental top Brace. Sterling performance in its 50 h. P. Engine remarkable for Power smoothness and pick up. Come in and 6ee it. Deep restful seats for 5 passengers. Full size balloon tires. Southwestern motors inc. A smiling services phone 888 210-212 North fourth to Pago Albuquerque us Cruces this is Studebaker Vear Western giant cords you can pay More but you can to buy better tires this big Burly brute of a tire is made Tough and sturdy for roads that Are rough and Rocky More rubber More traction greater Security. Made for Mountain climbing desert driving. Jaunts that carry you off the beaten track. Trips that Call for 300 Miles Between Dawn and dark these arc the conditions the Western giant is made to meet. Backed up by a a Western Auto a guarantee and service in More than too stores All Over the West 6 plies in 4-Inch sizes Western cant cords 31 Loi was sri Ixo 2 l in $9. 90 Sis 30x3 it 32x3 it 31x4 32x4 33x4 34x4 32x4 a a 33x4 it 34x412 33x5 35x5 giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant giant oversize cd str. Side. Str. Side. Str. Side. A str. Side. A a str. Side. A a str. Side. Str. Side str. Side. Str. Side., str. Side. Pries $11.85 14.65 17.80 18.95 19.65 20.6024.90 25.8526.65 31.75 32.90 ask to prices on other sums two plies More than Many tires have in this size. See he diagram at the left. Every detail in the construction of Western giant cords often Assurance of dependable service. You just know that this tire will More than live up to your a it offers safety Comfort and Economy in driving. Cornein today. Notice i Ifju rubber a a idiom. Re �uh�4 Iii to i it la rho la a few Moat he. Many Tim . Hat Al tip Kuiv raised their Prim. Me must Rui our., , our present Low prot car Uhri t to Rilling without notice a Bur now this weeks specials Sill Radi it Vaia i inside Here is an Opportunity to Aava Money. A Box of genuine Schrader Val # insides that regularly sell for 2 special thi week Only 17c rear Well cords Standard overs a. Standard a a Lehr Standard Quality tires mar u tar i or a a to rom rigid Quot Western aug spec if lotions to give sati factory service under trying conditions. Ani a old at a saving Oft a ume unt. My to b to 17 per t a Accord ing to size. 10x3 bes s each $ 775 ski a versus cd. .8.aft i str. I le.,. 10 4$ hit sir. Bids. 13 65 34 str. See 13.98 334 str bids. 14,70 32x41 i str. Sid .18.40 sa4 str. Sid Ith 3441/4 str. Sgt in. In 65 338 str. Side. 355 str. Side 4 Fly Ordinary tire in 4 Inch sizes 6 ply Western giant tire in 4 Inch sizes j r order by mail our Gua rant re protects you ask for our general Catalogno or 9 them Joo store a a Over the West Western Auto Supply co 208 a fourth Albuquerque n. M. Phone

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