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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 17, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico A two Albuquerque morning journal May 17, imm this is California vegetable and fruit Day. Kor Rys Siren \rr1\ is in u. S. Ti1 i fancy Large cucumbers loquat tomatoes hew ruins of olo villages Newtown pippin apples oranges. A it it of the it Ltd n. Price rapidly. Now Worth 50c per lox Mon i a Frier was place Rel. Will of a prised on a inspection trip in Valley reveals How the increasing Elevation of water table is causing damage the wards Cash store phone 28 508 West Central. Orders delivered for 10c pastime pm Valle i tue afr to you Day let s go today Douglas Fairbanks As do Artagnan in Dumas classic Doug a greatest the come in and enjoy some 1 i three musketeers Graf Onola music today. Let us Tell you How easily you can own the very Model it Graf Onola that fits your need a Small fint payment puts one of the new Modem instruments in your Home at once. In la. S. Being wanted Vvs Ray Good primers Tot fire arms stub a rifles shot guns. Pistols. Must it in a condition 213 soil la i or in Street c i who. Commissioner Haynes advises state director that present enforcement is beyond farthest dream. The Federal prohibition to Rector Alchin a t o flaw s -1 6 n s today and tomorrow highest class in every Way of ii i i ant next i ii i it Iii at his double Bill Vaud f. Villa and pictures Trout fishermen a not a Hack him Lind not to it it Tau Trout file on Wale to shift free t1 a mat thu Felirs in i in Hill Ding i new la Hini Gold in Robb Vav Meadows so Peggy Hopkins Joyce. Her or rival in new York. Thundering out of the a17th Century astounding i j the world of today. Rothmans s 117 Sou tit i i rut he phone im7-j time of shows 1 30, 4 10 and e t Roll. F. Wool Ara preferable to May Call 2001-w land. A Larne d in a new local i Fth ton a Quot i i t sin f amp id built new re Homes. Claymation of the Villi prop q in the pro it us cd rest a i no of the Middi v so interest the fee a Mati on of a vice in would or a ii la Ive old Kite j my the a a ii 11 to i in in re i lately West and i Orth Ai but i r in won Al to Dis in <1. It the y a re to b lot drained it w taints men a o Mode the trip Vest a relay. The Wate r fat tip v 111 Peggy Hopkins Joyce. On time follies girl has Boon blacklisted by every movie organization since two men recently killed themselves be cause of her. She has been called the Quot Siren of the u. N. M. Girl athlete is awarded place on american track team a. 8 p. M tickets on Sale from i to 4 10 and from 7 to 8 30, special orchestra will accompany the evening i show. Nappi pm Viton. We take this mean Ltd of thanking our friends for their numerous kindnesses and thoughtful Nota our sin our recent Beren lament. Ill. Doer of All Good the. I rigs Sauna Antly Reward each of you. T. M he agg Ani children Mosko Gannett. Kwh Elk to it 5glk. And Mort Hob l and. A visited i esterday. A nth Street n laburnum according to its annual custom la. Kwan in club of Albuquerque will entertain the members of the Itra Duatin c is of the in Nevers Ltd of n w Medico at their luncheon today at 12 15 of clock St the y. M. C. A. A ring every Sec icon a no or biding Alaska it xxv it a i St i Quot to Rico. A uniform let indicate my Gratifying pm r is in the a of constr. Five enforcement of the Hwy get non a in it a a a commissioner syncs Antes tbsp accumulative evidence entirely and. Conclusively disprove recent unfounded statements of propaganda to design and to deceit the which in truth have steeled in friends of to cd Niter co operation and Mer con rented Stiv Lyles. Quot the fact a sri Quot is. F Omen a Loper Haynes Quot that real Hauer for purposes to a available the Bootlegger Marcet is diminishing Dally because of Universal fear of to Var poisonous product the Home or w and ii wanning and Moonshiner Are on the run All brought about by cutting i off sources of Supply co operation i on the part of enforcement Cercle of every it is Raeter backed by a crystallised Public sentiment in aroused pre and helpful Eor on to More convictions by Jure end sterner stiffer sentence by courts the action of chamber o Commerce. Ito tary. K in my Ann similar organization and prominent clubs in practically every state most significant and testifies indisputably that the people Are emphatic in their de sir it for strict enforcement and it is unnecessary to Tate. That America wills v my rims will prevail a a perhaps the most in Couray in a cent development is the Marl a station of genuine co opera Tiet a n the part of the Pollee in or metropolitan renters Ruch Power f ii forces United in the Campal is for sons a furtive enforcement i most significant. A the eighteenth amendment is he a Rig enforced in a greater Gen than was Ever dreamed passion and it is a pleasure to comm r the Proser that f being made i your state through your Carenen horns of enforcement off Sci ii Isis Rati a it a worry Ghoul Quot ass they ire s rang Safe ovary tile r i s e m a n 215 son the second Martinez undertakers and i Micro directors. Private motor Yin in i once tin Mac ill % or Avenue i tin nose Mai. Do or night aim a rub not turf Marrison Pooh c a f a Pap amount picture find the woman Enos Fogg the jeweler i it it la making i Rig in it no jewelry repairing 0t Ltd i Stofft v its Smth i of Iirilli Well country Camp Lor in ii Hon Isis in die Mountain hates �12 <>0 per week i or re to it Tutti phone 490-j a mov. So Tell us it Tom Sefl a War l t woman a n Thalma Rubens h comm new a in Jhc \ \ comm sg�?Ttsmopoiitj.1 production1 j. A a j \ so a h lip m fire Weiner uti is vim it at i i los it a. It la an i avg i Mitotic 53 a air nth nod the i it in ii i railing ago filix of a humor Nuhi a Thor to. I i sen n Bual i it Moi a Titan Magazine m it. Guys Transfer we deliver nov sire any where. Henry Transfer co. Phone 039. Unday Loti a agon at your Vervlee. Picnics baseball added attractions Howes travel is Tuse cd till Frt Everts hid the and Long trips a specially phone 371. 321 South St Coul k the the i. Nth t to 10 deaths and funerals Strong t i inca i Lri Biron Irlvy tuesday hav l l Viii asthma Violet Hay treatment Dell it i he a a died v t. Anni fide. Imine when things look or clothes to u by lug his Vav admission University Heights doings h from the was til it it in treatment d t a hipped by a Ferrier Helm matinee i adult 40c children 20c night i adult 55c children 35c come Early avoid the crowd local items left Ester i o Rand a this work it Honey A afternoon on the limited for Ca go of business for the Santa a Northwestern railway. Frank Hubbell Bas Tot in from Bis sheep rancher in Souther a w Mexico. Special convocation i chapter Royal Arch a it Moon at of clock to the E. M. And it. A. Degre s. Fraternal Aid Union will meet 1 this evening at 7 45 o clock at i a o. F. Ball. I or. Murray Oste Patric phyla a i ,. To Armijo rids. Phone 741. Cottonwood Grove no 2 Weld men Circle will meet till after ii on at 2 Quot a o clock at i. O. O. I. J Hall. The Grove is celebrating us Twenty fifth anniversary with an initiation and banquet. The South Fln-1 i Cill team def but. I the Duke City Browns yester a by a acor of n to a. Ward Anderson for run it re of tit i i to. Now of of Haf Geles t atif., i Here on a visit to i. Mother Amir relative or a will a a main about a week factory Wood full truck Load mar dollars. Hahn Coal company Quot Bone 91. Or. And mrs j. Denson Newell and children arrived last Rich to visit the parents of mrs. Newell or. And mrs. Gear in a few Dav the the big a a a it Inie in vet part or Point in in ration by Day evening May 2�. If i for the Pur pose of even resident o f Hie in ight in g to log bet Ler act Ial have a enter and at i the. Rnic Tim a Well a known Mesa Stock mat permitted nine head of cows la a tray on the Heil hts result Deputy f lie Milf Luna Hart round i i hem up and now tin penalty is i 1 i pay the joke in on the Public a i Shver a nut is Getty Rig wore Tho i East Cen Tel Avenue from the Cit j limits to lha top of t he Hill. B. I if Yon want to see a real picture go to that big a a weigh a it roast part j la Friday it vening. A t 26, and Tho Vav on Deroui a Unm t from a i be Impi Ruth in with or Shably Stiver cd i thousand ill attendance. River w Hod. La d Dike the ,1 id. Moving picture funnies <1 2v. Be _ a fit v nth ars ago. The course of to up to tip Vav 1r Missouri. Luring t he Fin d of that Jan Nina if i East in a a in nit a Quot. The wore in lilt 60ft of a t in a my my. O Tinel. T a he regular Cha n Pom on s runs be Aln t Titera it a Day in omit in or to on has erne Al will be by feet f r Hor it a a Ltd t. Afternoon Lent her Tox a rial w 11 it is the i id <11 in in Fry i Shoals tie m will me t t Quot pikes big i Hail Iber of rom met Marshall a a 111g i of members i i is. It ire Iii Berk Laet i i 0 a Junji i i t at the Cham French it of a Tuff will 1 ice pan it b r making 1 the in fal Vic i on a a a fkr dive As Poi searing the re Lamat Ion i a High w 111 remedy or re rears o a of thes danger and Vil Corm. N. The pro tarty value in the morning. A Alley by millions it f Lei in by a Orr it Ling coins Ich the it re ideation irs be survived Ted in Albuquerque it is the body in through the entire ii Del a t. Fro on and i Many n embers Are a cur i h it ii up Ami a ism of in by. It is a ape. B d that the to years ship w ii Inelie prac Tir ally hav Mon Oneriv o Vav nor in i a it of a get where is of 4 yes irs. Lie. Touring coast Vav ii in or 111 and stopped the be in will ung j Trot lors to in Hutnik into us non Fie cd Jeu of or. Tings die d at hit men be. Al s ires a to a a Cie French a Chapel fair vies re hic1 vier to it a a a Wito died will be Tell at morning from lev f 1 \ we i burial will by i Ify Manzano Iron water 15c a bottle at All soda fountains Bill a shop 213 South second St. Extra added attraction vaudeville the Lambert ibid i i in Sih >1 Iii i Uhing Ladi Quot a half Boles hut r heels Goodyear do Mio halt sole. .1�?T,r it ii by t Heel Goodyear. In itty i i i the Simm Sill ii a a Juji s vol nil St phone min xxx free All nod delivery work done xxx Hile you xxx a it the Imperial laundry co. Player and entertainer Prev enting clean Classy of to the minute play lets. No Advance in prices. A Iii i m Adra of Qixi it dry t leaning Delfia hat t Hinol anti Howall hug cleaned by latest a or no 0k phones 148 and 449. Lyric mate led Iez v Nelson a or in i tit his rooms in boat 5 o clock sunday. Der i Sci had lived out five month hav n bima. It duo. Ile l1 ii Moth a who took to Lima for burial v in charge. Wanted to buy k of it Ond Hani Kidd s u hey i loom 15, Al la Waqur tie Korl or build Long. Loiel. Is or digests diamonds watches jewelry. 1 t la View by i Man caught in Pohl Home pleads guilty her i by her Bulbar were with to children win a mrs mar Tret n. Keen of in e died at a &0 Sun Ning at Magdalena n. M v i gone to live with 11 Vil i keen she in survived i a us son. Oval w to i r a or several other a reside in Texas. The highest of Quality. I West of Price expert watch i Epa i ring Gotti i Hill xxx i Iii co your guarantor i our name 05 n. First by Opp v i it a memorials of the better kind. A we Cav the freight it. E. Fletcher Monument works today and tomorrow Contini of it a Iii orm am i i Roh i Roll i is he did t know when to atop one Bro catching race followed another in Hurricane procession. A bum Mem up a Barre burned pm once too often and he awakened to find hims la Hobo a romantic comedy abounding in thrills laughs and love interest enacted by the a a cat cast Ever assembled for the screen. L i i Jin n a it Aid with Goat Rich alike is but id till it set the anime / i Muhat can j the our it1 y4 i mood a night in of in a a it it a of Alvin to i. Pleaded guilty to a charge of Robin Ray Tel a Day gel i was hound Over i to the d in t eel it by 1�?~ollee dude a Ivor e noddy on a f 1,000 Bond. An other n in was in the Pom Horn a when Pollee oui tired but he a seat id by out of the window. Cysneros by id no stolen Prole vet. Try in i los Pons w Don when a Boily was taken to h Rocford. Teva for burial a i by the husband and son. C. T. I Tench was in charge. J. B. Moore pm t try though they have not been granted the Federal vote. Won. A in Booth Africa vote in the pro Uncial and municipal elections. Done to throw away it oui Burnt a jut Irons machine motors or motors of any kind ilk of fans. I Moore does anything a a a i phone Fig xxx Ork called of Quot to and delivered big horse Sale at auction Johnnie Hine it i in Nev bit in t ibo when the aces of five and so lira is the usual time for the to that of a air in Afghanistan. Thursday May 18th j at 2 i i of Price a Burn Mem up Barnes pm it a t toe pie a u t it a ii ail a but m.,. A fwt0 13 a f t#1 Tift i a i it a f if. I sides then in re fully t i cd a 11� d i ii has h a ii i Liv will leave for line i its mire length. Then Dot Public stenographer room 8, bldg. Look who is Here jut Bell lip rail 1 it the the Ruidoso county where Ted line 2. And so o they will go lilt Quot Camp for the sum j Seetia underneath when completed turn Calif Thev Pufta fold a h accurately Over and the Rev j. Xxx. Clutter and Faut a you la find a surprising result gave have gone on an Auto nubile i the pictures in to pos Angeles lit be absent a Mon Albuquerque to rapt a is a Smirk will meat tonight a Unck in k. P. Hall. Or. And mrs. I Sudori thu a Cannati. Ohio stopped Here a i tent ii. A Ort time it Rdv in vie it or a \. It in a l h a or. In i Mart Hull no any to Rall Forn to non Tunc in by Klun. The Xvi inn n Ben fit a in Suc a its or to Ltd Dell i. How ors. A of Tho i at it pcs will be glad in p. Building and old clot lung at any Home i office. 80-w residence. 89-j. Sails i of Europe Tho Gildersleve Fie i l in go Sii fast cent in i phone t it vex vix ii 1.5 i d Pinon nits will he Dell Cre ii oui the Fred Harvey new stand Alhus i Cirque. \ I Mil i i Ruh it noir i i Annie s. Spit. 323 Nurah Crisco i Pound. 23c Crisco 3 pound66 Crisco 6 Pound. $1.28 Crisco 9 Pound. $1.87 log Cabin syrup27c, 54c, $1.08 Brown Beauty bean Small 8c large12kc we deliver your order for 10c. Order Over $5.00 delivered free. Skinners Willy Nilly phone 60. Let us Send a Man to replace that broken window Gay a. Albuquerque lumber co hone 421. 423 North Mist. I b Baca storage mid washing cat a. Am it v a our service. Give tip a trial. Will appreciate it. Have been it the White tiaras for the Pat seven years. Cats washed and storage dates for rent. I. B. Baca amp co. Non xxx est coutral. Albi i Fuji k hours and Ali i. I Miki t first ired and Mountain Road 30 work Horae 6 work mule 5 Saddle horse a thrilling rollicking racing Romance abounding laughs filled Vith thrill and intertwined wit love Story of Especial Charm. S. F Billy Williams outlet and auctioneer Orchid cd phone added attraction a High Wate a Goldwyn Pictograph. Note Advance in prices matinee adult 25c children 10c. Night 6 to p. In adults 35c children 15c. Mill Wood xviii have a limited Supply of Mill slab Wood s3.ho full truck Load Deli cml. Phone too. Lost Diamond stick pin set in Black Onyx. Reward. Return to w. P. Mcdowell a Lour Nul office. It carry Home a Pound of our Dutter shop butter made daily from select Cream the Botter shop 401 West Central Avenue Cerrillos egg Coal i i orm size. Convenient toll an More heat Cults per Pound. Afore pounds or Dollar. The most satisfactory. Economical and convenient fuel stove and ranges. Order a ton today. Hahm Coal 9 mrs. Ossip Fabrilo Witsol. Mrs. Ossip Fabrilo Witsch wife of the noted pianist and conductor of the Detroit symphony orchestra and daughter of the late Mark Twain famous author has sailed for Rotterdam on the s. S. Nieuwe Amsterdam. For rent three room apartment Shower Bath adjoining also disappearing bed hot and cold water paid. Apply 500 South Walter. A saw i Gallup 0mm 205 South first St. Cell. Conner i. La i o. Osteopathic Peel Al in Stein bldg. Lei. 71i1-.i. 323-av. Thomas ice Cream journal Waul act log results 4 1-2 gallon packed and delivered $1.00 plume 313 the very Best Coal for Kitchen use. Dry split Wood and kindling just right for a Quick fire. Coal Supply amp lumber co. 4�?phones�?5 your up to the minute trucks give you service. 4 sip i so run Tir int Lent nth Leaf Apar i old too jut w on your Way Home Stop at 321 North second and get a Brick of ice Cream Albuquerque co operate Dairy association thank you. 317-321 North second St. Phone

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