Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 16 1925, Page 17

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 16, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 1�, 1925albuquerque morning journal Palfe Kin is in eave a Wosil tc3 is Tkv a a to morning journal classified Rales minimum charge 25r in nth run. Loc of Llna t�imnniu�t�t4 Toa per its 4�?insertions. A a a a a a a a a a a a a 89o Par not of a i Mart Tonta Boa per line Ion inter unlit. Tie ter line i m nth.11.00 pal 11 fit Klipst a a a ? pay new Buick Homb Martins special r#a1 clo in 4 room 2 porches a room modern , 2 Porthos. Basement and Furnace for Only basement Fri Nara heat garage. 11, $500.00 Cash balance like �?Targ4 lot with Trees for Only re _ a a is so. Small payment Down in . Mot fit Ohan Iten for m a Ifko rent 20� to mph a 44?-.1 a. Of of \nt1n co. A Hays Money to loan and realtors the minute that seems a year. By Gluyas wit Liams need More. 223 w. Hold phone irs the markets $5210�?i in no 2 Story dwelling ii glands Clote in Corner ions financial Wall of new no i a ufos k in Arle averages 20 20 i Ato Indue Hale Railroad Friday .120.74 Tot,iu1 thur Dav .110.32, off knee. I 20 22 High 1025 120.10 Low. 1025. .114.31 for Salk. A real in or in Moat dear in Foft atm shrubbery my Tion of fourth we ref Striate n real bargain three Bedron two by feb Ebay $4 ,00�?r& room Brick modern a i Teiry modern in ill respects Lawn a heat tar a n a Raed porn. Finders hedge inti. Prier below garage paved Street paving paid. 3rd Ward. Cloke in terms j of fit of on North of Tutti a a a Road Fin in two Geed tin Kun Ehleben h a a a a a. A food in f ii mfg. A. Weaner Inmei tort of All kind. Loan 17 Vav to I a. Pin 74. Wood realty co. Phone 349 121 s. Second resin ass of Ock Cement Block construction two store Down Stair and Dandy hotel above whole building in Best of repair Corner lot. Price Only $0,000. This is a bargain. Zapf Van co. 200 Wear told. Phone 640 Quot this is my �?�1 believe in help wanted _ Mato i wanted Oil to keep Nous for two. I Anniv air. A Lewis wan Kun i to. run -1 Mrtin i fit App y vain in printing ce., sat Vav Ca i j"01 a i in Iii in net decline to a a i-104 69 i Vance May $1.68 % and july 16.13 j Balg to 1.02, total Stock sales i.s30,6oo shares i Corn doped a to 1% a off. Vats % to he Down and proves a. A. Kiwi ions unchanged to to higher strength and activity of the High of wheat bailable for priced industrials specialities of filling Alay contracts Here gave Etal of which soared to 6 Points am u a Sharp new upturn to Cal to new High Levels for the year Ca go prices Early that buying of overshadowed nil other develop j wheat to be forwarded to this City ments in today s rising mock mar a a or a from0ntt. Land lab i from Minneapolis. The Ket. Trading spirited off a slow amp dance Jere had Baccof spa Pace but quickened after midday Bop by us that Auppl Jea in kill under the impetus of extensive rope Ivro Alo becoming very Light Short covering the Day s sales run and that import requirements there Nung above one and one Quarter would be heavy within the next million Short s. To w months. Ame however fromwamt09mrm, ranch so Bandy mss Mack trucks was the Sens clonal Tho Purchase of a Little Spring permanent in de in in test sri. A Alt feature reaching a new High for wheat fresh Export business in this Imperial r. Do m. W. Mins Ltd so i time 166%, or nearly 50 country failed to develop and Dur by fire a n. A Points above the Vii a Low and Ling the last half of the Day the j to put Kun Brush co needs if then easing to 165% whet was Market hid a not Cable tendency Mea or service department a Homo a Point on the. He. Wan Loag unto ,.v,r Tho Street was generally inclined to and West tended further to do Man tribute the buying of this Issue top a the effect of Scarcity of wheat of a ivj�?tbmt"tsu�fi7ttlect of expectations of an Early announce a to apply on May contracts. The a Industry went Young men we train Anent of ret a pit ablation plan in Rains were regarded a bettering y u to to a electrical a apart Tho High us k Price in history 19&&%. Clo the july delivery and september i a tev log just below Tho top for a net to Well is hang an indirect gym-1 farming Ama while training spec gain of 4 4 Points. 1 pathetic influence on May. Euro its Der matted to your credit if you the weekly mercantile review Pean crop estimates were also in answer one. Writ National Eie to 1 &-1 Sebret. Rcpt. 811. Of Rea Santa Harhara a a eng. Casio. I Emu or wanted a sri a Ultra apply . Liberty oaf. Vav a n ted woman r k a Ere i troupe Tvorik and nun a or 41 s nth Amo. Wanted a i rim woman for housework must have references. Apply Isis Watt Mari a Pitt wanted i to Atanov Repner $100 e in nth quaint Collat Sra Dustee i a Farr Al Ell by thursday. Phone lit Albuquerque Puttner in or or i Mali tora. Apply Quot for Sale a i Vav Iii r a in i i of r i the 11 in Kingsbury or i Jan i n \ i i a \ p bar i a be hid in i Frame a nurse on \ in Smithl i Thi m Etc i age nay realtors Loans p insurance Iii . Third Bonds me h4 92,850.00 j 9500.00 Down month buys this 6-room House tar Davood i floor garage Good location. By attn Mcduffie. Realtor phone 2 23 in South the i . Inge a or i Ion in i so w of Iff Vii d Mon f by in a log a a f of i toil tall loan in foe4 a�1 run a go i mod Iii a to. T. Kingsbury im.tc1r fre insurance re cd phone 907-w five Roo North and oar 111 Sali e and is n g 1 seed porch front Shade Bish i $3,760, mein of rec i pit ill i tilt pins Iii a Fortis t��1 Usu a a math i his y i too Rhine Iii pop Ning n thing an in rented dividend the new crop Outlook and there lest paid profession in the world Tai american can touched the highest i re caused declines in Price for Shonti a a. ,,.t,_ i Tei s every Bint Stout Linin ii trait Iii emphasised the fact that net so Large Vancea a fid net declines in to tip warmer weather and slowness of a of Molty markets. The credit Cash demand brought about lower situation continued easy with Indi paces for Corn and so too did a a tim a that i Rue sums were still further by of in hog values Oats available for investment and Spe dragged lower with Corn curative purposes. J commission House buying gave Standard industrials received a lift to provisions latter support than they have or j losing prices when Vout soft of of item to finish that mystery Oudry and Richt the most to Rui Pic Point the poor caught by a stray a draught 1 suddenly slams shut behind vol a Mcclure newspaper yen. In lumps yclf/vb/4 Foj most any Day this week. U. 8 Felt i common advanced is to 116 to Baldwin closed Points higher in. 4 and american locomotive. American smelting. Allied chemical. Merlc in Woolen and several other showed net gains of i to 2 p. Int infer in the rails entered wheat a May. $1 Sam july la i september $1.42 4. Corny May $1.117i july 11.14v september $1,13, of tvs May 45�?T-ic july 4 4r4c 8 tember 44 a a. Rye May $1.19 july 91.11% be turn bar. $1.04�?T. I a Irdy a $15.60 july $15.75 wanted a n a w a Ltd off1 saw Mill largely in the Frisco and wheel september. 116.02. Lug Ani like Erie Issue All of la. May $16 75 july $16.95 which attained new pm my Price for september $17.15, the year. Buying of Wheeling and i hollies a May $19.12 july Luke Erie was based on Rumor $19.05. That the Road will be incorporated a. Painting. 136 ii 3 3 1 ill 114 7 i 1 a4 0 i i i 16 %33 107%. 33% a 3 a. 35% so % i in the proposed Quot fifth trunk line by Eru in the East. Erie common touched a new 1925 Low 26% and then rallied a Point. The foreign exe Harg Market As irregularly lower. Demand furling held firm just Abo e $4.84, but French franc eased about two Points to 5,19%. Cents but rat Lin Sharp recent Nisi a 1 k p1a<e in the norwegian 1 Lam ii Curt Nae. T losing Milf is Allied chem a Dye .90% Mila Chalmers american an 190% american no lug a a ref no. 16 american no Gar. American Tel Tel. American Woolen. Anaconda Copper. An h i i . Nim i kit i Aldovin Locc a motive. A in orc a Ohio. Bethlehem steel. Bul i a nut1 All Fornola Petroleum a. Antral leather of a. A Locaco my. . In nil. Pm. 11 hic ago a Northwestern. Hic. Rock is amp Pac. Quot Hue Copper Oca cola. A lot a Loko i a Irso a consolidated gag Orti products. Quot re Cable Ste i i11 pout de Nemours. Erie. Famous Plaver Lasky Jenera i electric Jenera motor. J rent Northern of. . Northern Oro prop inspiration Copper. Int. Mer. M 1 Fine pad. Kennicott Copper. Marland Oil. Maxwell for Quot a a. Min soul Kau. A to isso url pm if Cpd. Montgomery Ward. Or w Quot k Centi ii. V by. In a la u of d. North am i an co. Northern Pucin. Pacific ii. Til amen n Petroleum inn Sylvania. Hila. Amp i do. C. i. Phillips a m i a. P. consolidated Copper Reading. Rep Mio i rot x s a cd. By Louis amp ban fran. Hell Union Oil. Drums Petroleum. Sinclair con. Do. 1 Southern p o i Fie. Southern railway. Standard Oil of Cal. A Fin Dard Oil of n. I. .id. By Ker corp a on Texas co. Oba prod tots. A non of of Cal. Non Pacific. S. Indus. Alcohol. Quot United states Buber. United states steel. Wabash pad. Quot a. Vesting House electric Woolworth co. up nip. Montana Power. Livestock a i Nuno . C. A. Ellis. V a. To. _ Paintin. .� Tinute Al in j my. In Hon morn. I a Quot a Martine Kirt Cia painting j i Raper tum in tinting. Phone j paint Ino. Paper Banning and tint a. Ail writ and material drat cd j phone 44s-.t. J now i the tim to. . For to i i i tonal Wall paper a j. E. Bur j 1 North i a a a a 1 pain Tivo Pap re Engin . A Quot mining 1 and paper re Aang Tiwari i cheer fully. N. I a Law i. 1801 South Arr. H re ? a a a. A Vav f r m 11 ii. . A a tit of re r. I do ref re a inf. R of paint inc. Asphalt Iron All work c. Rantee i. In a Are a he Hosl a 1.1. Dressmaking in Liberty 7 first Elbert Ponds new York. May 15-Bonds eloped 2 1s. Stihi 4 is $102.8 be end 4%�?Ts Sio to third 4% e. $101 27 fourth 4 is. 102.15. S. Government 4 % a $106 i. I of 6 i % 2 % 2 4 % 42% 49 is 42 s 7 in 34% 76 % 63% 117 % 52% 48 # to i % 58% 78%. 44. 40%. 41 %. 18%. 79%. 4 4 %. 82%. 24%. 2 3%. 19 % .101 a. 91%. 88%. 43%. 45% .44%. 7 5 %. 37 .137 % 87. 46% .116%. Or %. 72% .126. 3 8 %. 7$ % h w Ltd. I i Ltd a i cd 1 co m a p i a pent agricultural. A a i logs re tempi. 6,Uoo opened #�?�.�?��, 25 to 10c lower closing Active mostly in i a lower than thursday s aver Ivall interest in ,1k Good and Chol .1 if of to 225 Pound overage $11.80 0 11.91 top $12 0 bulk packing sows $10. 0 . 11 of Strong weight daughter pigs Large in. $ i i j 40, is Jug i ter pigs $10.50 to 11.6&Quot. Cattle receipts 2,000 fed is and yen re Loga uneven Bull id to weak in Between i ides fat Cov a in very narrow demand weak to unevenly lower killing Quality generally Plain most fat steers j 50� 9,51 few loads Light and medium w. I�r�-1 offerings $10 of to to or # he kind held Fri i rib r in the us k of twirly numerous hulls steady to Ostly $. .25 to 5.50 on Bologna few heavies a Aye out lie pro a seilers steady to 25c lower Good to Choice kind showing de. In mostly $ 10 flu to 25 for 117 to 130 Pound a Liers to puckers Light kind downward to 98.50 and below. I Tyri writer so aft make overhauled 1 , 9 too sex trite and a Patred. In a f r every oily slow no Early trading tinder Chip. Albuquerque typewriter by tone weak to lower. I Riund a a a a a a a 0 a to tit s uth fourth j for Sale ranches _ for rent Roomi j furnished room North fifth. . Modern. K�?~4 Rufh Waller. Flt i Funty ilium Iso Smith Walter. Anil Kin her the. 415 North Sec on<4. In Quot a my in Privat Boule. To South or a 1#. Fun ish fit rn.,. I la South Walter. Phone i of a. J Cook a a in modern Huna. A a in. No tick. 317 South third. J i Clifton modern clean and quiet Tiffin weft Central. I kit on room adjoining Bath reason Able. Garage. Phone Sotl jul of Nisi i Al bedroom adjoining Bath. Iii North seventh. Phone j14. Koh Kent furnished room. Albuquerqu hotel 211% North second. Wal. \ ii tilt a room Runng water Eui Tahle for on or two. Us weal Coal. airy Aie Piug a pm amiable for Fie or two per on. 40j North second. Nickl Furma hed Well ventilated front i or in. Privat Entrance ii South for rent apartments for rent houses furnish a two and three room. Inquire Savoy Iii Ork a Tun room apartment. 403 North i amp North 1347 South phone i ii Rel Liefl Al a room Quot a Boti. Phone 1i3s-w. The Keb room. Inquire Savoy hotel. To a Roum f to Nahed he Ute. Inquire 331 South Amo. A of Kef. In f in bout Quot Quot Kuth f up Moth Al i i a h a furn he j noun a. 1340-k or cell Bijj South Arno Pii Talent answer j a Javk a tim Hirn shed Hou a garage Chicken min. Til. Phone 3123 a fun in smed four Roum Tiow a Gin acad porch garage $22. Thione 1934-. Four room Furni had hot Gnu a. Guirag Lawn and hade. $10 phone ill a Sid Iliin fur labed c Tea with porch Call tit Pael fio. Al her room fur labed House with targe f had Yard Nim and clean garage $20. Phone sos. _ five. a Ltd a Newit Dot rat. A. 1 a w of Fin Ira garage $43, $18, tit South or a do 1 y. Three f Quot ii ask Pelt g Rolt in Bath Sis a 1 i Quot ii k to nestled apartment. Seventh phone 314. Very a Quot dear a i rate. Phone 11s4-j modern Fui tit a apartment Only $22.r,0. Phone 24so-m. Duplex Flat three room a and hath modern. 323 South fifth five room hath Areola a. South a me 4-17 South seventh. 314 la left 1 to amt a for one a a no tick 40# oath la tit housekeeping room a furl ahead. $3 per Wick and up. 307 North third. Phone pm a in pc Wing i 74 Iii most itch inc., i Comer a Art shot is South fourth. I a \. In 1 k i a a a. Is. For 2 a 5 n i -.-v. A the. I s14. m kind and remodel tag. 414 North seventh. Phone 22s7-w. Dark soils re a fully Deaigo and Road or r. Not do a d. Mrs. A Tco a via big Phine 1327-Nw. 324 North thirteenth. Ii i a s i i tech i in Button fluting Pleat j tag Madame re get Dree making chop j Mimer studio bidg�?z313h West Central i j one Large front room with Kitchenette i extra Alec pm p Rich Alto Grege 10 West Lead i Bhai to full if furn so cd front bedroom in private Hgt me adjoining huh. Pm r of and person i erred. 306 w cat mar phone i s2s Vav. Automobiles a Utu fling 253 West Copper used Arti Hobb. 1200 North fourth kor Saiku i 3 Dodge touting car. A Tavvo Rollini Ani sleep Long porch. A i. I a a i two i ainu end e -. Ping a a to mod Fri. A. A a k. M Quot Urr Quot a fair nihed apartment j17_�oiith Al fish. Phone 2262-w. Two rot Quot a. Gar Ltd. Reaa Nabla adult and no Lek. Is South Amo. A part with big Sta aged in bleeping porch. 124 Foutlik Walter. A. I. V n to Iod in. A i Tinct Uell adult univ. 114 weal Allvar. Fair room and Teo Roor modern apr or a 1k4 North second modern furn Lahado apartment g its,4 a of be North 4�8 South h cd. V or y a Ich 1111 r n three a to a Omphie m r i adults kor Iii via Echt h keeping room apply Rezet Nek a Dairy. Phone 1046. For rent furnished a part Manta. A. Ii. Mua i la total for 13 % try i Nora. In think 92a la two Adobe ho1- a on East Street facing shops fir ii on easy la a. A o $ i too. All furn Hgt i the me room modern cottage. Or o $1,800, my rim. phone 9 real Instate i change 409 West Copper for Sale my general merchandise Buat Nch lock. To or and barrel or will sell Stock an fixtures nod leis fors Bill Dunz Brick sox 90& for Lor f term will also sell my b me furnished. I w. to retire Chas. Mann p. A pox 40c, Albuquerque new Mexico Wei i urn ahead f a r hard i f a Ain Qulie 3.�?T1& Vic ii. A til 11. My the a Vav. I my Arn furnish i tig p a i Cost room furnished for a Quot i a keeping Ait Watt Al. N. 1 f,2s i nth Arno. C.-h1 a mpa North fourth d f r us care. To Lou. 120 1 North fourth. Motor he query in apart men to. 216% North apart North two i arc Noma. Is Etc Farsi ahead. Hoi and cold water Marion Dot a �22 Klider m to furnished. Pcs quiet e l h be j Al Fri i with g flawed Iii apply 120 in h j Igor rent furnished House on paved a treat chose in Ideal place fur Cairn r inquire we to o i l. A i -1 ii t a Ira h a i.--, f a r a furnished Ltd car line i j. Wood i i iffy co., i 1 South second. Twu Lioom cottage with aide Ping a i porch furnished for Light House keep Al inc 611 went Coal in \ a a. So for Sai Turkey egg phone 24u i squads. Drea cd.&Quot order. 2413-j3.&Quot r i r of j l�Hon#is#2�?o hat a Hino Fig thoroughbred barred Rock and aet Ting Bene ibis South Elm. Burr or pin Uton egg 7hat7hii�blue ribbon Winner til West fru plot a lilt a. Settin Ltd Egger Quot and c. Island Minorca leghorn White Rock and .and a a a $1 r r is. D in red phone 1002 w. Baby Tux Whit Riiff in my High production cd re primers phone 2424 ,14. 1916 fourth Ward lots Ivo have Dao la i fill Sites in the 5<t0 Shif k not the twelfth Street re of an Oil estate now offered put a the first time. The prices Are Vry moderate or thir desirable Mertian. Vav o have $2, to lend Ltd Good i to property 8 to. We have buyers for Yool land Contra to. G id ipg k a i lit Loo a list Iraq Cesio Fil d no a Bank bldg. Jhone 429 for pm la room with Board phone i i. Kadi a1 do and Das tank repairing. 122 a rih Forth. Typewriters Harley Davidson Ai in car. Excellent condition term. Ass West new York. For 8a let i �?T2 4 Ford c a d cd Tursie Harry Drake or o., 211-213 North fourth. Used car bought and a Iii non by based on peed care. Mcintosh Auto co. 214-16 West Copper ran-1. Ity Kansas City m to 15 . 8, department Riculfi irely cattle be Eird 1,000 elves 200 hardly Fri so cd and Yem Lings Beer to test a limn few Load $9.00 n 10 of steady top medium weight fib 35 Long car cities 7lf of she Stork and bulls steady bulk Butcher cows and heifers $5.25699 25 canners and Cutter $3.oo� 4 25 calves 25 to 50c lower practical tops Ltd few $9 of Stock is and feeders Dull week s 25 to 50c decline sheep a 2,000 sheep and mat tired Lamb steady Spring Fri r or f pc Star a of Cholea land. Front a i Arth to for in Arvin to leu acre a i a. W j. Ii or. Agni de. Pm r 2414 i wanted jew used Cera regardless of of nil ton. Auto wrecking depot 702 Centra North third modern Quot uts de front apartment Prev to tilth. Averill apart mania 203% Vert h be re re by a a a a i 1 i wit. With r Din a a a eng , Heuft in. 416 Quot with third. Three Ruwim with Ketch Nett ground $n.>r. Furnished in. No sick la Quiwa 7 0 j Vav is \ a r. Four in and hath. Taam Hast. Hot water. Hayden act Amenta 1214 wait he Tern Huxta to Chaa Quot ii in edit rat for rent office rooms for rent office building Milt Able for North f Airth. South second phone 6l1-w. Dort touring car in Good running order five Good tires. Will sell cheap for nth. Call journal office. We Ham a a la Cylinder touring car valued $50# this we will consider trading for a Jot Hoover motor co 217 i 1. Rest a i our i i a a i cd 101 a i a a la a in Only j 50. Kuna 10 Vav. Furnished Huu b and a ariment with #1 Oping porch and Gat Agea. Water a i. $13, 15, and $17, phone j for 2368-w. 1 of 11 his few a in flit Gaa garage Etc., go 1 i in a fit a Heights just 103 prof Trefon. Well furnished modern 3-Rnan. House. Fire place gag screened Bleep my per a Felt a ii Quot. Ii Julie 1023 South i 1 a a a a re Tom Rbt y modern Bun Gat a i 5al several apartment the pc of bwe to rat inc a men and building to. 614-15 Srp ship building. I Fok Ren 1�?three a Quot Quot a with Large Vav e of Learnt Vati a email Bue Ineas. 471 West Central. See or. Morehead 512 West Central. Legal notices used cars Dodge Brothers and Fords Dodge brother p.�23 Taring Newvit $75. Of fit a i. 4 a i Quot. A # menu a club Sedan 1924 mod $900. Some other i Ken. J. A Kbar automobile co. Dodge Brothers dealer 31 n Mth second phone ass. Modern furnished and unfurnished i Lee pins porch and basement garage. Apartment 421 South Broadway partly furnished is water paid. Zic and by in apartments. North Cedar. 10 4 j a. Summer rec in Lincoln apartments. Five room modern Brick Welt fur ele neat a1 m reas Quot Bable in town pushed newly decorated go and 312 a Quot Ith third. Phone 914-w. I steel Range front and Back ii called two Iti ii a v�?T.f#-e4�?~e e ing>crch77oor j pm Rel Tea garage no sick clo in. La clean a nary everything furnished i but fuel n deed Price phone 2424-j4. R<6 Board Stronghurst add i Ciu a Tunu re i. A m pc h Vlk a Hollywood in while i Eek orig. F"6 per to r. I. Red. 120 Rel a mixed by for broiler. 115 or a Quot prepaid me 1 a Ley hit cry air ii y run. La a Nice a m. Ales. C w leghorn baby Chick itching eggs Breeding Stock 1 the w to sent rvs ranch North fourth. Phone Ito Vav. P. Ii Box 312, copy. A a. A a _ i room b. C Vav of ill in baby Chick. 19 p. Rafter april i. Lisp Rico Only w alter me fed egg from icy own flock i used j att f Ultra ranch p. F a i Quot to a i que r a i Quot in m phone it69-.i Coli i in Hatch Ery a by 1102� Denver Colo a we in Iii your Orth r f a any Quantity of a by cd eke Quot teen valets Standard bred a have Tho and Only electric hatchery in do fiver a opacity Over 19.000 Chicks p. 1 week we guarantee live delivery and prepay Patel poet. Write for prices and full Par a i a 1 a. In. Savoy hotel. R a Lacerna 1207 ii la. fib. East a Antral u Al Vul. I ."19&Quot p. Twee k in South Broadway Glast Al 1 in sleeping porch with room a 1 b if i. Rut Casor big tots Vuth we Ailer to Ltd amp the Mountain h the Ker. F r re or 1 0 i Iii Iron. For Sale furniture Grain Chicago Hoard of Trade Chicago May 15.�?indications that no with Anding recent Asser tic is to the contrary a Good a1 of wheat is Likely to come hire from Minneapolis and Omaha based Down Tho Chicago wheat Market today after the pre e of i or May delivery Here had risen is High $1.71 a Bushel he Topmost level touched in a Nav week. Chicago closing quotations n wheat were unsettled ranging Noth ii to huh its East Las vegas n. Al the Board of directors of the lambs uneven mostly steady to 25e j new Mexico insane Asylum will on lower native springers $14.75 or before May 25, 1925, receive Arizona $12.50 straight shorn ids for Tho furnishing of supplies a a a Lama $12 a 0 shorn ewes $8.00. J such As groceries clothing dry a Ond Hind furniture bought and r a goods Coal hardware Etc., needed a a by the institution for a period of six months beginning Juno i. In25. Prospective bidders May have a copy of Tho list of supplies called for by writing or calling on the superintendent his off Leo the d South High. Furnish juror housekeeping two Large room w the Gla de in keep no porch Beth and toll no. 710 West . Four room s. Urn furnished upstairs apartment two bedrooms clue in. Apply Dud a s garage fourth and mar a kor rent four room House. $25. A queue 03 Vav Silve _ i Iii uni had ? i a a k hoist i i kit Ber. Nine room h la e. A a hone 16 22-. Filiti rent Brick House Fine f or Sale houses and i p a Tif Quot of Mea no of o by. Patient. 923 Suth phone i . M w the Quot d i up by per via and Quot i lit let for to. Private Homo in i i a a n 71 4 Otth Ila Der. To of with he a a Urchea and Board. Sex Eilent Homo in. No a a rare. Bate Era sonic "3 North Sycamore. Mrs. M a Rush a s Home for Tomyn bar Pat a tit m intent in in to bed Patten r Itea real he. Nurse tray rat. Exit of s. Hot North twelfth Phi. 1161 j for Sale livestock six rom Brick h Kip Fai Xci leaving b a tie wet a. S41i-j3. A i us gone i a m. Dem or Denver May 15 p. Be part menu Uro i. A hogs receipt Quot. 400 around steady top $11.15 for 187 to 229 Pound averages Load 165 Pound $11.85 206 Pound loads $11.25 most drive in int Titus a $11.25 parking sows $10. Of to 11to 150 Pound pigs and licht lights. $10.00� 10.50. Cattle receipt .�?T.400 calves 59 run includes 2.100 southerns to a d through Market steady i gtd licht steers $0 75 one Load medium weights $0 .0 common to fairly Good veal trs $7.00� 10.50 one Load cows held around $10.23. Sheep receipt 9,200 Dull no Early action on fat lambs asking steady to drone bidding weak run includes 13 single decks California Sprinc no action on aged sheep. Produce new Turk Cotton new York May 15.�?cotton spot quiet middling 23.30. Cotton futures closed barely steady la Points lower to 3 Points higher Alay 22.04 july 22.20� 22.24 october 21.96 21.97 de Cember 22.14ii 22.16 january 21.83, the Board reserves the right to reject any or All bids. Bids and samples must be presented the an<1 mattress i institution before 2 o clock in hic s nor a afternoon of May 25, 1925. A w. A resident notice to bidders a Las \ Gas n. M. Scaled bids will be received by the Board of directors of the new Mexico insane Asylum thur office the institution for the furnishing of meat dressed Ovig and heifers a required by Tbs institution. Bidders May bid on up Plain Library table Chiff Onier China plot Iii a. Also piano bargain 170$ East Silver. Fun mtg re of a1 kind bought and fetid and Quantity. Murphy furniture co., 335 s nth first. Dress Kust $ la arum a up Teh info Niort 11 f. Singer owing machine in baby b a $7 9x12 Gonsa Rug. $9.75 Wilson kit lion Cabinet iss Range in Hod apr Iuga . R. Smith furniture third. Phone 319. Household furniture for kale 421 South third. Piano nine Pirce genuine mahogany dining room site electric Washer rotary White sewing machine three 9x12 rugs Kitchen ring and other things too numerous to men for Sale real estate for Sale a few Fine ramp and Cabin a he cheap .0 to $100 each Timber hand in heart of new Mexico finest _ fishing and Hunting on Pecos River near such meat for a period of either Mora. Bear. Holy of oat and cow Creek three or six Mon la Quot three room new Cabin in Pecos River for such bids will be opened 2 rent or Sale a Irest a b x 1 1 Santa few Iii ago Chicago May 15. A butter steady Creamery extras 4 1c Standard 40 a extra firsts 39% a 40c firsts. 38� 39c seconds32 a 3 7c. Begs higher receipts 23,924 cases first a 31 % Ltd 3 i % a poultry a alive lower fowls 24 he Roost erg 14 a turkeys ?0c, Duck. 24 fir 25c. Geese 15c broilers 25� is. Potatoes receipt new 18 car old $8 cars total United states o clock p. In. On Al in 25, 1925, and the Board of directors reserves Tho right to reject any or All bid j. A. Harris president. Shipments 951 trading rather slow Market utile easier new Stock trading fair Market firm Alabama sacked Bliss triumphs no. I $8.60� 3.65 few $3.75 partly graded $3,25� 3.35. New York metals new York Alay i 5.�?copper�? steady electrolytic spot and futures 13%. Tiny easy spot and nearby 5 4.25 futures 51.87. Iron steady unchanged Lead firm spot 7.90� . Zinc steady i is . Louis spot and future 6 90� 6.95. Stir Tony spot , bar Silver 67%. A Felcan dollars 52, new me Xiv extra Larne Tut in irrigation ditch Clysa in. Just off North fourth Street the very Best of soil for truck end grape or gardening this Jot now a about to grape vines two Large Appl Trees several Plum and peach tree. Charry tries and various Abada tret4, t is also kneed and Cross fenced with Large Chicken lots provided front on Avenue favourable for pavement if you want to buy in Cash basis write to to g 14. Care morning journal. a a or Ash ingt0pi, 1002 West Central Beautiful mall furnished apart met, Nult y located thou s3. J. D. A Kin of p. Kou Hunt a Fly ii planed apartment to in heat i and cold w Iser fur sighed Altah Fop couple or Small Tam try. Phone 907-w. Two in ins sleeping Perch private Bath hot water and nicely furnished can by after May i. 1215 West i is. A Artt nent 5 four Nom furnished apartment private hath and Entrance. Newly decorated 1005 East Central. Inquire upstairs. Phone attractive four Rorn apartment in Fin location net Mcclellan Park Gas garage Shade paved Street. 413 West Marble plume 177t-w. Light housekeeping room with glassed in sleeping porch Bath adjoining lights water and Telephone paid. 105 Princeton. Phone 1507-m. I Avo Roo furnished apartment for Light housekeeping sunny and clean one or two adult Only no sick summer rate 410 South Amo. Newl Chi or a Apar in men , do Quot a newly decorated completely furnished two room suites modern Cool Halls Shady porches Kis we Coal. Ter paid. 61fi North third for rent modern four room Bra with garage. .704 North Arn Quot five room modern garage. Apr y 701 a a a new York. 1462-m. Forit Rof m by cd House with a and garage $45. Set w. Is Silver. Phone la Quot a a we by furnished ear and chickens my Duhn unfurls i i h use a a tor Cash i a 4 s Amo i Kitchen Ranee. Inquire Lous South Broadway. Phone 1339-r e Len inked House five r a is two. A. A porches garage esd walk Shade tres seven room stucco. Ping and Lawn beat part of University h gets Iso .Vnf re. No deal#.-. For thes to South Walter six furnished apartment. 214 to 224 a South eth apply Savoy Hofei. i in a i. Come and make us an offer. Phone 1541-w. Ugh Sale a a his g in. Star u Houa s15 South a Roo. Phone �1 a a r Call Foh Sale two r of hour off of n rth fourth Street. $25 a $ d w and $20.09 per month. I Hon 42$. Kor Sale a bargain Small d in payment rear Nate terms vary modern lot Richmond. For Sale Kur toot h Salt . Large of Stu garage $4o. Water paid Obi South Edith. New four room h aise modern built in features 1201 South Broadway also tank and Tower for Sal. Inquire 1.0$ s nth Broadway. Pine �01 of. Kor lease Tine of the beet new ii Quot ones in fourth Ward. N i modern Conven if be a two Bathe double garage excellent locution. L. In w id la a s Lith second Foh Sale or to a dry new Beautiful fire roam modern Bungalow Clos in in fourth Ward Small payment Down. Will take car in a so. A All 215 North ninth morning a Brand new five room a Quot a Bath front and rear porch basement and a rag. Kit id Quot Ion in fourth Ward f r Only $3,750 $300 Down balance monthly. J. P. Deary. Phone 593. Kor Sale that Rug Hon i Duroo Lareey pin eligible to registration c. W. Una i p a a Box is. Albuquerque Krevh j Era or talk r. Cow second i Alf a i. Terra. Team of Hora a we thing by Undy harness and Wagon. 7 24 North second. Fat Al 1 a i we Ghung from 1 9 Tell j x to to 5 years Quot i i. Prs is Fin $50 to $12$ each or a a i. A logos Berrs he n to for we 15vfe he Gian stallion Quot Quot Harold a us rut in no. 9277 color i in. Or get 16% la a so in j u h in Opp a Tunny to get a a Aero a f a Nurer a Belg in a Al a Clr a i who has been i rth Tel in calf Nix and other a Tea fee f ll1he we a be in Bernalillo i n. M during the to for the next is a to i i a in ears ran Chat a . A a _ ass i a. Money to loan i Vav la buy a ales contract must i a a i i Quot id a j Cut. J. M. Hayden phone . M n by a i to in men w tit yes data Tagord ins a everything valuable. Or b. A Quot us. In s Ith fast i Urt Ikhi i phone Vav a five room i Kler apartment. 80 f or 1124-. Vang apartment. 4 rooms and Bath modern la 1 South Amo. Phone 182s-. Wil on apartments furnished or unfurnished apply sos South High. One desirable apartment Fasti apartment apply Arno Sun Long electric co 502 wet Central. Business chances i or Sale i Cin botel close in reasonable rent. Phone 614 wanted a to buy some Good used pianos phone 401. We buy any kind of b k except text Book a. New mex to Book store03 West Centre stocks and Bonds stocks and Bond bought told quoted. Naughton far ram. 417 Sunshine building. Telephone 10j7-w, Pook a i for up or rent. Upstairs. Set South first. Inquire grocery a i doing profitable Bual rips address p. O Box 50. Wanted furniture wanted furniture phone is 9. Furn Ilttre wanted phone 331 a i. Hogs and pets three female water Spaniel Puppos. Two months old cheap. Phone Beautiful Motif to Ward pressed by. A a room modern Bungalow a real bargain. A snap on North thirteenth modern Home must is sold this week. Dandy North s to to. Four room modern Bungalow. Easy terms Uke rent let us so w yet ii the southwestern investment and lust Mink Scarf. Building 414-15 Sunshine but Lin for Sale miscellaneous rugs cleaned. Phone 896-w. Hay by Quot the ton. Phone1514-. Mattress renovated. Phone 83 5 w for Sale cabbage Plant phone 207. For Sale Tomato plants. 1225 North eighth for Sale fancy roses and other Flowers. Phone 1178-w, real silk Gujarat feed ii in. Call representative. Phone 1449-r. Veo Al a p. I ii Quot Quot Quot and Quot Flower Quot putts a ii wont to the hour. Phone 1343-nj Irlette. Garage. Of s South e Goth. Good buys in pianos Placer pianos and Phi int graphs. Hart piano co. 214 West Gold phone 4 j. For Sale first Clar National Cash Register. Can be seen Santa be filling station. 806 South second. Kor Salk a Good second hand Coit to Wood and Gas com Lunation Stewart Range ins than half Price Call 703 a tit i had. I on by to i Quot. To a. A earn re on easy a p to no a tement a wages i to Quot p econ a a Loon co., 20f West Gold. Pit be rf.7 lost and found wanted position work by the hour. Phone is43 m phone 89 Duke hey scavenger. House cleaning flout waging Lawn or Erk Call j. W. Low i sit Vav com kid laundress will cult for family w Ash or Small bundles. Phone 20 11 return to 4 21 a i jew n Poi min n part. May have by i a Vav lug san and paying and. I Hon no i o n to if i i Quot in. S the Quot Central Brown fur neck p. Ice. Re Ward. Ret urn to journal . A tvs renovating Ervin bedding co. 9x1 i clips Nert a 9. Your mattress personal Barbera Call f. W. Pratt. 2104 m is Izene Barber your Home. 1956-w. Jan g me Neu manicure Marcel Alvarado hotel. Pm tie Joi Etc. Going to Denver soon Good car careful Driver can take three very reasonable address Box 015, journal i Paul Pepka will not be responsible for any debt contracted by my wife jes Malta h. Pere signed Paul Peres wanted a family washing Quot end Small Quot re i j i >0 work bundles. American i me laundry 1-03 a a a anted. Rho # he. Vav. A. Go a . South second. Also room for rent. J . _ professional cards b Ani eds by coloured woman work 2% i hours morning or afternoon washing or housework address Box 51-15. Journal exper�?T laundress w ant sundry iysf.\8� Ani Elk Coito of ail kinds. Special attention Given Long. G a a a Ihk go infants clothes Roff re dry on Thors r i. No and Throat in a a curl i l de Banket. bul nog. Phone ass a of fir toll and 3 to i for Sale or Trade Quot Llu 1"1 Ltd Quot a &#cok---1 m s ene a i i Mer trades exchanges everywhere trav a h ase to store garage filling up hts service. Over Albuquerque Bank. Station income property Garden Ira to farms ranches apartments hotel. Southwestern investment and building co 614 15 Sunshine building

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