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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 15, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Lew lexicons fading newspaper ult i v i Lull Ali it i Aii it. I i Xxiii. To i to. Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque Mexico tuesday May 15, 1923 Mexico leading advertising medium much i Iii Cox a hot Springs is hit by flood too fide Duge Buttmi is beyond description it my a a tired b obtain co Man Gap in How brigands \ Twenty four e of absence water reported four feet deep at the rail Road station in the Arkansas City Early in the evening shortly after this report is rom a a from. F,.d received at St. Louis All communication 1m a paid no Pai Ama with the stricken City fails in a pair of pyjamas in evs St. Louis May j la. Baxter. P., manager of the southwestern by vision of the american red Crons Mno need late tonight that he had Ruc ived a Tehrani or sell >1. Al n. Stat 1 a that a a had Bell a Chi by a terrible flood and the Telegram described beyond Iron la or captors lighting a to re 11 o Clay in Western railways expect a a banners excursion season Quot in far of a 0 to ins of tilt in Iii inn Ini Vurnm will make Mev a or tin ii of of additional a Lions on outlier in Hrifko and xxx firm i m i Overland train into will Faquir in re a a in of ii i a in of to i in inn i or run tit in kit it want to Lier of a a. I or Nill i ran la in Overland limit #1 tit tit in by Kii will to in i in tim my Ipoh tomorrow. I we Sam no More than Bisnat while the hts ii limited it Tow in Fidfl will or Raf lit Tat Mellon. It itt Lilia iou. Tit or Ofifi of a a club will he it Fri fill time in Iwer a Tinin i rain Leo Newl snit Tail i it in two. Ii ii Ira Mill 2h minutes. In k i lining it a or a a. The self Kurt limit of lha a a Outlin a in calf in will taste i it a tag leu to tim if Row it in a be it i. I ii Himi in in a rift will Nihl four a to i it Sci in limit ,1 i a it a i Hilt too. Both Linit re t n a Taw nor a Tirko Wicas in. A up material to by included in his a dresses is civil ceremony Tornado sweeps Santee Ems Over the baby through Texas of Russ envoy sixteen killed. A Hundred Burt ties a preside w Ai it about to provided afe it inn intends to report on his stewardship of e fun 5 r f i 5 during ii nay Ninta i a mat f in Cal Finlin a no ii i of or saw Riff n off he after Roff Ilig the City Newl a minty lain Lirt a 11 in tile to rental if the Ranf of Intro wit i a saturday night mad nit Atim line two Little girl no cry to a and Elf it run it the i it i. Xiii let i annl of it girl i to Al Al t St april from Ida i Lmar he after their a into a find Taftt Warly Tom off. It by t ii time they Tam the alarm their a Quot of Jitiam Haft Al. The a a Lawerl in wan a mesh Man wit i whiskers i hey said they my �1n,leg m a Lite Wall tit the a a Hoot in tamils when i hoi Ped in. Psf Grinj a Law rth or he Al Ami lift �1 them Over tin Wall. Weir to apparently he no fright wed by heir re Kiel struggle the affair him Waif at Idso to. Til. Al in t # Rill retd tin main an Antt title Amil South of the by Tow aril mine tier ii. Ismet Pasha and members of his delegation Are Only members of near East Parley at services i a Shanghai. I Ai 15 the med City if the situation was found to War die in Mog As a beyond description be Haiti pcs age wit signed a red a nun a and u a from 11�>t Spring a i i pm rn., according t o Baxter who Cid of that he intended to despatch a Relief expedition o the Ark an in a ant it. War Usa f a ? ii rots 1 a a a n in Irlvy in la r min Flat a y .14 thy of la a a i by a a it a the Xii ceremony today or the by of Vorona sky the assassinated soviet Delegate am bolted in detail Fri ii be la and off a Rord a striking manifestation of i. I of irl so Fri ird Ahi i for i to part and the member of Ixia delegation Warr the Only it Nona Baylet rotation to the near Hast conf Reno the it \ attended services in Tho let. U 11 1 of the it # r # a. The re mahogany Matte was covered Witt fit Ubon clot ii i. A i with re storm fears i a rough Mitchell county South and East of Colorado City doing heavy damage most of victims Are caught in their Beds special trains bearing doctors nurses and medical supplies Are rushed to the stricken area i t in Day s fines traffic parking and Speed Law violators make heavy Day for police judge vagrants jailed a of. Popular red t tells How to Beach old age Henry Stewart. 72, has travelled 100.000 Miles in seven years and expects to keep it up the. Arrant or Buthe Louin Hun Kalif. Although or Harding a indicated he regal a1 the add a it ssh unum what 1 secondary to a the. Fest Pur a of la 1� trip bus i it to alaskan be a x a i Thebes prot poses to prepare the c of Xith re. Through them he intends i. Report t a the am Quot Rice to people. The stewardship i till which hoax a dx., a Quot irs ago end Acree to put lot Sale Over organize committee to canvass City thursday to finance the san Juan railway project flow ii int erg am i decors it was ted i frail thro ugh or. 1 tried St rests to or xxi itch w la i Ieav fax w for me scow Quot. To ter a no in Miglons Blit sox b t regret tentative a our sad on 11� lab Levis in. I i in a r bad the i la. Oust Tat am Bai of. A Ltd Colorado Sty. To., May la -rt�d1 so to in dead and too injured Soma up dangerously War Relta ted tonight a a remit of the Tornado which tor through Mig Bdl comity youth and cant of Hor Early today. The or i a being car for in the to ital or the rho Dot an ill their rotary of in history had Hun that Audi Acta Ai % �?�>.-#. A iwo a reacted against the trp pc Trator. M. A h a Ftp r. Repro Santa tiv of of the Llu Lati and Filosa in. Predicted Triumph for International . Or. Xvp111, Leader of the Hwi rom Munib. Said the a com Berlin paid i Baptist Church and Many Prarat Home. Home were Hurt to Aeri Quaty hat their deaths a expected. A a Tai train from i Jig a Piru brought doctors nurse and medical supplies. Others came from horde r and Law a Twat a. The Tornado struck Between 4 and s of clock Ihla morning and it by s pit St Enart. Aged 72. Swing a u 0 Outlin n came Down la wok foot. Of i admin b air saturday or rather a v eked pair of he Mas it 1 Ruyh g feet according 1 put his own state i As the fir 1 Dom til rat to n in h. I Cut he has to i Donkey in veiled More than the to pm. S Llu 100,000 to j j j in Iff the past seven to As it in the s from the years. Most of that distance he leg to to n to it sunday night i s he he Cove re on foot. To j ret to. In it i ii t us it t onto Polluch pm it in err xxx Oil i x i n i i i it i i x i n 1�i&Quot i i x i i in ii Ami i ii. I till to k. Erk i or ii. ii on i i i is to r being ii fill i 11 mat i Gar i r 1 i i no supp when by Lead quart Rev Here Hoe a re Well. The comme 1 ports a hot m1 put nation i added graph Chi Stile papa pair of so. The Distri mediate a t travelling Ibling a f the Trou f.-. Net r Steppe solved the ilk another 1-0.0 the grim reaper Ca Art wants to go a of sri to deign to i Dace modes of try l packs up his a i step toward pupal s Bey in to so fact do is to discuss and no to the Vartou Cit or the Prim pal and doing this the prel to it to be following f a pinking ii pot a topic inter it to the con Mun h the particular City if rat nests their i a a were a t caught Moat of its Yle Tims in bed. Angered but Weie kids for Why it in rat and buildings and left Denih Mac Rufice. Land injury in its Wake for a Din. A a 11rre r f thirty Miles. Valuable registered i in isolated place on farms. Do Mau a Tail pm Man a it it in a tar let two farms Ai 4 Ivi Hil to o i , a Mora Union of Wir Mumuni 0verp0wer conductor w a pm Tad ii a that it would by Man it hours before the Marion. In. Mac 14 a registered nil re District could a heard Ilia i address a stood. Wall Tibt. To Unis. In of a Gen Rel n hat of i late business in of Albuquerque. At a meeting last night in the chamber of Commerce organised themselves into a committee fur the purpose of completing the financing of the Hants be North Western rails a into the Coal Fields of Cuba. A ton pan i i by a band an a. A. A ,. Augmented by Many other business mall containing Between 11 �.o01 Iron. Men whom it is bes. D w la be and 121.000 a Torrenc who Harna St tens met to induced to lend the a Belue con a god a Bank it Pitta Sterm swept area dirtied first Ald St .ne., to comm ate will it Bunin 7 1-2 mite from Here i i w Ork arty thurs my morning to pay Coal Miner wages tit for j a a in calms. The Dorado i Nuth Sale of to b s i la town my a stolen by two men who chamber of comp mtg a tart a a of b#rrmlill0. Thin will Complete of it Oit of Ltd Jyh Ron Ltd Lictor of fun ii to Carf for the the raising of . The amount train on which the Mali was being i re hired for pm a Ding the rail carried. The outskirts of a 1 How Way from Hen Ysl Drc to c Uba. I ton this evening. Of fowl s rear the by of a to a that it darn to it a presenta to Dent s i Iowa on american or Anent court of i c. These View follow along the v the execute Lvi in 200 to be p., of Airt Ady i a a be a Quot a no Xii at chit re lit xxx flu Ultima it i Obi t u the v London my 14.�?-a. I Ridge to to a a 1 0 to a a he the Home Secretary Baa re the i lews cwt key at inst he get c . Would result Iii n rapid Ineree. Ithe or it a ii a pres Simom h it it room a i. I the of i t Ige of a h i the in Den it. <j,ie.,. The i inn Nelting l Lan been pm lain I morning i in in i. To be Al in consequence of the dec Sion of the House of lords in the i e i c of Art x Hren. So. S the l a. Hang to graph comply in resignation however has not coi. Ii Unar 5na a f it it in in it i in de full xxii is i la i tit it in a \ i mix ii in Hal Ltd n in xxx Lei i at not it i x. In a i a .111 i min a i x lug till Hix it la n 1 f. A i a in of the go lid Del lit i i Nobl at a silting if in lied. It i do by Vav ii if it exit tiring Tho Beckett knocks at Lea to fifty House v Era re ported destroyed. Damage to Ltd crop could not be estimated the wind tor and twisted Dew t a it y thing in it path to in Phot and the Tegay pol Wert snapped off at the ground and a Bumble of Trann Continental wire War nut out of cab n. When the tors undo to roasted a rail Rund . Rails were torn up and lies blown away. A f a Ileal j rain and halt Tbs Mada soft and Relief worker hot trouble visiting the denial shut farm hot. The. A Ity hat a popu Tattoo of approximately a a. The country hit by the storm i mostly pm Lohf lurid dotted with farms american mexican commissions hold first conference f i. Ii wet a f fort �0 i a. Is to r taut to to. Milch ii Tai Felt amp at in la j Hun pc lug it age is pitted against youth and latter carries off the a idler suggest Tom in surge Etc a of do seller a plan of Iii i i. Al if la to f is 11 ii \ i ii in Xuy Quot la a m n i i i xxii i in a ii i n i x f. So of and the to the Peru it e c e i c Favora postal ii 11 a is i s no ctr Uffer for till and ital to i in til All not us Xxiii Sui 11 s t 11 x in to ill til i of $ i it of v Art 111 a j i it i Ion 14. Hoi v i elks Park is it us a ii. Mow five farm girls to a pick up pointers from French chefs a i h a Nan Iglitz not hav according Jve a finer i i Iii of ten a of be add i lilt a cont in Vul will do in it arms rim it xxx at i a a i a die Imp. Lid i it i said to fell tim or Ruch a a Peckat til Patt Huarly it or Power treat of the other pm suited from to h Isi f hot i to idl Nir it or ter ars Ca so n tin j 11 no a a t xxx i i be its a Jarl i h it Ara t ii # xxx Tlley 11 conc i Roux i i xxx it h Whittington i he i Orth Lead of the. Val i n Tho water began to j inn airmen the re was Intuit in a Fexy minutes began to r Doxon the s i of Reil Beauty grass is growing. Trees and shrubbery showing Green vines and morning glories to be used we inks. To West of the Mold Avenue inverted into i beginning to it ii Appet Fence s sow ii to Peke urn in it in the weather i. Iii a is i a it no or. Slay l i nov no exec it. Neurally fair South Uhalu Itaf Orth portion ta.--a., y i Obal Lith rho wets tier Tincu i portico wednesday. Genera ii i Settle North and inn a i \ also Larto. Box and Xxiii i the Bufi Din lib in s to is a the Fth us Apo it. Ii five far. Cirl from i Ewa and Koto Rad. Sev e i i 11 xxx no a que eng i ii did i the or if it an re today to the in it of the t of Wilt i p to Washingto he and France a they expect t a pick up i i la a a t a front in Reno h chefs Ai Axel i a s in xxii xxx Amel Nix a. Ice fruit s 1 am 1. The girls tonal Xvi i a a s in then it a a held hoi i a poise re Georg hint full. A a a i the. R Ruti Baug it or xxx Kut Herx Roll of ism a go and Braula it xxx it ii ii Rig is All of i my a Ute la at prom Bertha bog. It Ai so Blaine Lim 1 it in Dri. K of by Rainy Tun Kito. J Delict from Here i hex will visit Dupar t torn mein of Cor Gnu re officials Ai to fix i Roshi-1 1 ii Arditi s in a a Bill it t Xii a tide,1 Wail on m �?~23 for franc. Them Wuu Utah,1 their a. I j4 o a they Dei Nustra my efficiency t lit a xxx it the can Iii n or Axin xxx 1 Iii Over other in n be a booze Laden raid that Hon. Sidney w Fri railway i Millioud dear a raid a and a railway t Cut it or to xxx ill be Mill an Dollar. Is secured from Commerce com building of this nest 3# Days. X it rail Wax. Us r Ang xxx hit a i it iterate in oink has adopted a in lug be nut to Ltd a a Road to try Xxiii make Cix. With to Hee. If i a l matter in xxx in try i might. A in in re to there j More Young Man it Money to re nicety that i know of. I b pc to it do Benefit of the profitably in tin r that an Palillo. With . A t nut n the 1 he for cult for till. Pie from i a Milt gild i Mexico City May 14 thy the. Associated press it a the anti Vicau and mexican. Nam twin w i is. Uii # to Endeavor to Ramoie the honors in bout for heavy. Between to # Obr on. In gov ran it a nil the United Quot urn weight title n u a. M to.� a the a it infer tie Are to be private j ,#.t Don. A it thy the a so. 1�re# tit Al a gon mad pul>-ifr.1 pre a foe dec Kelt to i lie a degree ordering inc Minfu a a j. Hon foe bind Seiz Between the Knockel on i a t to skinning of the Rex Uon a it vent us round it of a to j i a a und the promulgation of the. He heavyweight championship present a Ltd to it Titian on May i him. This step it is Bel Lex a v 1 Quot i ,.i should simplify disc Umina of the a a i i 1 11 11 hand problem by the a. And re j Aga f youth Dukett started i United states has instated permit fight by forcing Smit ii around i jul a mexican a a Tato the ring xxx the the t orc of tiring 1 the proper a right in out tin older Man there were i by american Iho. Among the spectators xxx to j ,0 presidential decree pro Veriet believe in itch Xvi jul not i Quot Abb i that justifiable claims result or to lat Cit rounds. Not Ady did front Spryor Tationa made within Smith hold Beckett Well in hand the Peri gtd Shalt tie paid in Bonds however but in the tenth he land Alf the Public agricultural debt. Clit. A a a a if i Clit to Duckett a Muter the rth a for f Al j the Al Buquoi i i it jaw him Ici Cleve and Hini j o Conn xxx mild future. Fur the. Till was fight i the. Bot a xxx a -1 . La 111 f a Bani in tim apparent he unnerved in.-1 continued another member of Clovis senior class is claimed by death St Al it to it i i oxen t was Lien it from aim xxx a1 of been pm fair South j feet High h ast portions the hold a x r i St a May i xxx i. Do rally fair to l Ialy t to i i the i mud to i nip my i it i in it i i s re tango. Jeican. Humidity at k a. In. Humidity at g In. . Vind Velo it i in a gluing along the roof no Bown the Side Ltd a lids Quot it bout xxv a As been placed Aioli Venuti bite. I Only i l ily have in planted on Ai i i in a of various i be u placed in pts they Xxiii to the the it mtr is a cargo i it i it a a xxx till a xviii is in fund Xxiii tic pm. Nill the a Catholic Hospital for tubercular at Deming is dedicated Deming a clergymen of the Chut Shes and their officials and Btu u oui this be Avine Hottori guests Avlon a a it Moo total for tubers us to May 11.�? protestant wives by Mas men i Rev towns my arise dust in said tonight. Red witnesses left the state among i of the nine Xvi ecu Ive received letters. A xxx Ellis defense Xxiii the raining of a worn us petted writer Cut Fth indicate by int inuit a today. Tiff. Is of the a incr an society of composers. Author and publishers of xxx Bleb air Ala xxx. ,1 a a prescient Kaho oxus so Iii at the time some of the letters xxx arc mailed that he could not sign Cheeks of the society j Well these friends i the i xxx a s Uptou it a a Ala y i ii a a ii any oth to City i but a that Money a Poalillo Iota for the i railway xxx ill be est i i Chevo Turin a est Ute it in berth present assured h sure to make Good if the Road is not v or san Juan. We san jut railway a it furn a 40 xxx ars. Iglus to i xxx her void that it had a a Dpi i i. Nee i n a Long i Albuquerque that at meetings of this kind the men who xviii profit most through hit Success or tin project und r Dis us Ion Are the out who Are abit spite of this apathy on cop thought to be i filled with contraband j a a a. The Cliv have been Leconie lashed. I re pm r. .1 to Iraq Uig of it �.��?�,-Tun 11j Lehi to Pur Ltha land Exir Nantt be shun improved tits a f has i resulted in suit to in i Fec Heck it xxx that a Kin in i i his advantage through the x. A May 14.�?qloobt my. In to a to Teeth i a Noel cast Over .# f to to fore a ran -1 Claes of 192of the Clovis High. A a. I from the ringside j school through a no Deanii of sit. A. A King an opening for j Ether of it me Niber. Miss Ardi ult. I snip age i a to died at Tho the seventeenth although i Baptist Hospital yesterday Atter my an operation of. Smith cot to hued cautious la Eck it j foil. Caught Hil l xxx the a right flume to f append it the a Xvi Smith s Hiees . He tried to Shah off Tho effects of Tho bh>&Quot.�?~, but Beckett seeing his advantage �?1<it�i Back and taking measure again swung a right it adv and Smith fell to and xxx of i Oun out. The Mas i uhf my Brayer. S loth a to Illier of a lie class is i. A hot a pit ii re overing from ii similar to in Era thin. Miss Edith limit her i 4 la fast it. R i f a to t pass a xxx a. Ava Tho victim of to automobile Accident ten Day go a ii ask after a crash car Winch struck Speed n cop thought to filled with Contra liquor Seal is on n ii lib in excellent financial showing is made by Street railway in Detroit under City ownership i Lett ated May the a ss-1 i of to of min he been Tho recipient of or Max i Dehart i asserted led to Stop the in intr i Jim Aln 1 Iven Thorn ii Immo Ore x i at a Matt at to t nil la a was the Park a a Laid no revs Aud Shrub Here a Ere planted la j by of. O Bri ii. Tho quickness si3 a and thickness with xxi Quot la the grass Xii has com. Up h in been pleasing to 30 j the Elk who i pot expect #0 35 i speedy a transformation of an ult-54 sightly vacant lot into a race of hey. I t a Vii. Mth it Hist minister in an address sit the Dierx ties complimented the hums notarian work being do o by the i Thouc a Hurch right Rev. A. J. Shaler Bishop of the Al his til. A a a a. By. Athe 1 it t i i i 11 god a \ i i bal i isl i fir sin lad i oat adv mix it by a ated a huge anti to Ftp a is a demonstration xxx is it 1. Tvs Here today the crowds to a a j that butt pm a imperialists wort j Jucal responsible tor the As Pagson iou at Veggo a a Rev in or Ltd it an tall growth of the City la a Nim in ii y hut i v As n 1 out Are. X tia do Kwen by Mrky a her xxx report in by a he a attention to the Piv he had attempt �?~k1 it by has t or a i of ii health Center unparalleled s 8 8 South West through Ria. Keif her a a i1&Quot i f i j tonight during till Hart 8un-�?�th fourth draw Hiu gun clashed f in i i Allun led ii Tias a the us modern unit Detroit unified try #.p. Rated sir cat old a ii the stroke i lust a youngster. Ext 12 to tenths of la a Al $l,?o0,00t> on irs to Reb a a Price paid nit other Ronnii g a Xoe Naes. Set aside 14. b sinking fund Aud after Alt this shows a Cool million dollars prof it the profit hox Xaver. It i i i in and 1 tem xxx tile r for the privilege of transferring to another Lino. Do addition to its other achieve in a that it a 11 Wax paid the High est xxx ,.>\s to a mph it x Ltd with to eci i tons Fane other similar Organ ?.Hon in the country. The irate for platform in 1 it a is 42 a cuts an for the first Els by in irs and cents an h i it a Fot overtime after eight hours. To Bury five bodies in the same casket to j Ujj i. D the sex a it .lotion.,i in i xxx. In ill xxx o Fie. J keep ii. From the f the Law a led the a to believe that Boot to driving the a Diin uan Sanne of Torovsky the soviet j yes or Day efforts were made j Delegate to it it the near a t i a through smut the a Iris and or conference. I rounding Citie to Lount the. Nixa Tho demonstrators demanded Din. With but Avail. Del la it has s the death of the British a Imperial exp rented his de dry to got a 1st. I Mal hng5l�hm�n xxiv not Santa in in to Effort t a Lou Yuop . Do. I ,iii�. Price of Oil is Cut ten cents a barrel to first Cattail made today by mayor Ira of ii Lair my s. The Cross inc Una f. A the year i wits j i a uni Ami Tho teral mini Shreveport. To May 14 a the Byj. Of married Xvi is. Standard Oil company of in mall the company employ Ana today posted a out of ten cent 5 0�o person. Per barrel in Tho Price of All Grade j f Fate passenger carried sep of North lid Arkansas paid of Sec cent fnii.--. The to rude theft a it hit w a it bin three Rasnus Iid a we re Transfer a teen xxx Ltd. 4 Midi a f what a i Mem i not in the Bank a been used in be men iou a of tile Sis i a a a. T i Alp Mummy i i in a1 it 1 railway Lehn rred a it it it a those at four chit or n Ani 1 Man All victim of to ire contained in the j fir which Early yes Tyd a port t v the a is i i strayed the farm Hon., of August Fethke .� mile a Ait of Herr will pc buried in the Ani casket in a Alden cemetery tuesday the dead a 1 la a in ethic 19 Virs old. Son of August Fethke Helen Fetzke. 12 years add Williams sister poet nor Tel it Tun of a i _ is of it Uke a it i to Titer. Or. In in of a no it by we r a i not i Are 9, a r sgt 1. 1. A ii

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