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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 14, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico V l l. 1022.Albuquerque morning journal Pao Good thing will the lord withhold from them that walk uprightly text selected by l. L. Gaines pastor or the Nazerene Church Meran Synod of Missouri is been blessed during 75 years activity in new world i. Carl Schmid of local Church in Jubilee Jar inn reviews history of immigration of Ixon lutherans to this country for religious Freedom divine promises fulfilled. Sentence sermons by a tid the ii 1 Lunk a halt 12 2 a thy by Iii lie i ones in it to Quot fit j Rev. G Lair Mai Arl his i Riva a Enid. Rig ii-1 Alan i hem n Btl re he of Fri City Timmig d la t Hun in a eth Alec i Nom it a f ii a a now Quot i Ltd to curio us 1&Quot a Tacle Hole w he Quot it i a rent i itself to the i 41,090 it to i a its a f of. I Quot a is win in a wit v a n d february of the us i if i it stir pit Tho aft hound i orc Globe it lean Quot to it. I Quot Iii reached i a a Oil it Ltd tits fit in Bra rating with 1 Rind .1 i la f la a f Ai h n m a i. Helpless were Limo rant. In n sir in or land to extent in. If if til in Means orc i Hoy in Houri re. To Hay a. Roil urn. Lint god tint t or Thor. Lutherans four. It and inviting apron them on th1 Lac of the Thoy of Hilt not hav found Moi e adapted for Tho arow fit it. To i of the of a air w la to. A i it to a to a Riff who n in re Ami it of i to if r of flan from the very it a Ulsten a these tip ran. J j therefor the 1.1 mined to cultivate n j thin Ali la if la to spread Byi word of to Oil among i it it a Tutupu us j it divine purity whirl re a it would our Toila a should concern us More than any tomorrow a for it a Only Tho today which we Arr permitted to live. A Harold a Davidson congregational Church. Man prefers to be surprised that god will punish sinners. However he should be amazed that the holy lord will forgive sins of Schmid Immanuel evangelical lutheran Church Quot the truth is not Christ but Christ is the truth. Can have the truth without having Christ but if you have Brist Xou must the truth All the influences that flow from the truth because he is the armerding gospel Hall. Simian cd wok for the Munday can in he at flits Jou r six of n on itl4�y, n hum i Hor. 172.-w it gala services it $ p. M., sunday. Sis Tice fun a question or i ported accompanied by Short utile Fife to episcopal f in Roll. On Tinda Montali of a ref a. 1 fief third urn Lari Avett Fco j a a Rev. I. Mcguire a a i i i or pan i Faith run i Introit Leo or 8ur,1y Heel in Rab a sixth Street end Sliver Avenue a v v Thompson r. j Arthur m. In Durer. P it. Director. I j a in. A Ponds v Echo i 1 4. A in. Sunday school Grade for Allag. A a i a with Sermon i of superintendent. A Mother of Sanft Anthem i i a tit a moral a Mother Quot if Adams Solo a Little i Moi hers Lay message m or of mine a i Burleigh. To. Theme Tho i no evening . Utica choir auth to find a a mail a Hool Aith and Marie my Smit Ash a la Dree by let rim Landrith. J it in he diet hinted to in attendance. Hobbs Quality cars psalms 84-1j Union hat shop hat t learn i amt but 1 or a Flat lev off few tin nil kind lilt a St or , w Ork 4.1 Suomi i a k la ones , no More than his Flower Garden will not grow without cultivation. The individual Odio is not satisfied with his religion status May Well consider what Steps Are being taken to nourish and strengthen his spiritual . C. Higbee Central Avenue methodist Church. I i no a Jet and lira Fine a act Ermine n?1y wits it 11 a i v i h a to i it Rin it rth fur ii. To 11 had it left the in Jar Rnic it Ltd a by mood and Rome to Fth a land of the Quot i finn la of who i they in it and Here we Matts Fen lira that distinguish in Ruia in ii t from thou liter that had landed on i. The. Slaton of 11.ip Refuge. From Justice i no blot or it Aln upon nth of in the Cill of 2d cio0 eight f it d our r i tin child a Tho t in Era it Synod of mls a other Hist this which Imp Brott it la to Mort in for a Joy Hoverty of i Voyt Era a inc the i i hrs o i str nth f or a. A uhf ran on la of the year ish of Chicago then a inhabitant Ami i congregations 01 of on Hind the it i Ai Lith fill Ohio of i i the of a a i tog her t to ii i of brat it. Have Ella i a r h fore it ii do to for a d but Colon a i they left a a by to 11nd i h late went ult a nun m Orran leation of the a cml to Rte a nod n f it Hata borne it la Early known and if a a Kha succeeded the Ltd it Raul reply in from Mon than 3,3on an in Nof a cation and nearly mgt i 0 a a Ion aint Lone scattered Broad t Over Hie i St a a it fit ate from line to California from the Lek since cursing and swearing was the strongest evidence Peter could produce to prove that he was not a disciple Oil Christ i wonder kind Church member what your cursing and swearing proves concerning your religious status. L. L. Gaines and Tarenc Church a nation never rises higher than its Homes our Homes never Rise higher than the mothers in them therefore the greatest Force in our nation s life for purity truth and righteousness is the influence of our mothers. Of. Mother what a place is yours a. A. Guy Broadway Christian Church. It is a sad thing to he possessed of Many Virtues and then suffer from a single but fatal defect to Citable to say he is a line Man but. Naaman was great but to was a Leper. The Rich Young ruler was an attractive Young fellow but he lacked the one thing to it it make his life Complete and Worth while Christ. A. Knudsen St. Paul a English lutheran Church. Car that air nop m lit wild. Artrai Avenue amt Arna Avreet. C. High a pastor residence 11� Smi i 9 a1 p in major it a. Hermon Walter rho lift in a sunday echoed. J. Superintendent. morning worship. Subject a Faith a a it Anthem a incl lao thy for Limmet Polo a vision of Mother Burdett i p. In. Haworth self to i Tirril Tiroso president r w to non in Tini a High Phool with add by or. Ira to Nett the. In Bud i it a a. If Ems Ilia to the or u of but Allun fed by lha the in Honor my we Lith and hand of on a Faith. It i As the Anim Arr i ii ii k la drop a p1 to i it a i what it shaped the a out a of the f mild i Lave b it a n Tho y Sis that it or led the s a Quot i a a t u or a Hin 1 4 a St a rim in i tit s to Ain Lien and i i a Infix. Ii to a n 1 Salt Hoer Fiji it ply is a Loyd r in my by or fat if Ipp and cans ii m i re echoed from gel or As i r i he i it a re. U m a n it. It Iii. Run Auma. Of Quot p t in in it time to it Dot i a. Re echoed for Orn h it get to in it m True a re r in am r Lea t i s re cd a a a i for. In i t it i i k Ida vat lid v l _ # a re East to la. To 1 Aith a ran it a he ? i be 1 no. By girl St inn a a ii i uni it old mfr i in trim Fri not is. Of the ill Vin c p Omli in tit n to this itt a a been fill fill cd or not. A Jwill w in Mil a it. I Unis the ? re v .1 Law. With n pro an i r i a n. Inc Rdv r to r each b a in g ii liver d f a a this the k Reg i multitudes of i a Oshi embrace a. A Quot Ming to. This vast country. And us tells in mind ii will no i by i Fig the in the kit of dings. The burp if my to i car that r Quot up l it f Hrth fit Bai to my n ices tither ans ii Cheri Hod the nary to mend fort ii men Well Prisi Eldont r in As la a great t a it reach flu g tsp i. The a k Orif r in the. Cry of Deri Elon ind i a Eidos by Tho word. This in a die Linin to lip Fen til in of air re urea. W a Aineth Bibl at the head of All i authority and by it determine All i question of doctrine and duty. I a it in written of to Only arc ii a a Clit to Whit to a to butt in ill matter of religion thou Erutida j have in it a Laulii to rely upon the word a ton and placing implicit i Confidence in Tho word. They cheer filly parcel Tiro a tin Volley of i death in thin not evidence Tea 1 the lutheran Church a been a i source of Blessing treasures Long so u Kab thai est Rich to the Imp pm be n throw d their at in a h in a the ton immigrant were a it ii Awa Fth and no runner Hiss they in t Tel find c of tin a i i1 d than w i pm ing in so pro Retina if i for t w tin if the to Lii iwo in but one d the wild 4 on Iii. I Ion jul Mother Day. Fit morning a program up Urfe it i in to Llo thei a i it a we i by the Church school and she 1 their it Alit or in it 10 30 in tend of in Tho to in hour of cry i ice. I e Mui in a half in a i earlier and hear in Beautiful pro graft and enter int the apis i this service in Honor of oui r i n 11 i in i i Tho diet it i lurch sell and. To Tif our Church a Hool Cli a it together w fit thir teachers Mien Bettie and air Oiin Heit Fley enjoyed Clas picnic it a turd in. They report a Moat d la Shtul time. Such interest on the part of la table it Bool t i h i m is a Blessing to our boy and mrs the superintendent j ii major a been called on of the City on Naco of the serious nine. Of his father. The Church school program which was plumed for a by Church or Hool Hur to hey will be r a dared next sunday. Mav 21, instead the a Jid in r of life will a. One of the pc Elal features of the program. Of i by Fop cd Tel a ladder piece by Piee it As the v speak their parts. What n they have finished Tho entire number stands visibly heft.,� the audience i St. A Tolm s Cathedral it Piscopos. J Silver ave nut and fourth Street i.1-. Benjamin f. Hoot Dean. Re1-Jbi Nee Nib South fourth Street. A i a it on i j 6 s 3 a i sunday school at $ 45 a. In. Morning prayer at la Quot clock. prayer at 7 30 o clock Nar Reno i hurry. 314 North third eur of. L. L. Coins pastor phone 1$�?o0-w. Hundy school at $ 45 a. In w it. Kilt worthy superintendent. Breaching it in. And 7 45 . V. P. Sat 3 30 p. In or yep me Ling on wednesday at 7 10 t in. Holy Gutlon Rini Piffier. 1023 North third Street. J Lylall 216 South second Street. I ii be c 4pt.�ln a o. Guest in command. A i a in. Holiness meeting. 3 p. Sunday school Sod adult Bible Cia. 15rn.�?Young Peoples legion. 7 p. sire t service. 4 11>tain Oue to will speak a till i. So Avenue methodist Church. 6 4�?� p. In a a a or Ostia of meeting. Topic a Ami w fan we help our Church an Clef of p a rom to a Leader. \ k. John a i. P. service of by Testant Church a Mph cd >1 auditorium to be address i by it o. Lund nth first Itati Lin Racli Broadway and la i Aven it in. Tho to Thomas f. Harvey pastor. Phone 23940. Traded Bibo Hoot 3 45 a to. Mis Loti Eho it i it Omer of Forrester and Hlat Ai $ 4% s. In. Men Bible class at a m at 9 30in. Public worship at la and 7 10 p. In. A i Rule Bilic a. Baptist i hurry Apa nash1007 Booth second Street it to. I j. G. Huncher pastor. Pm. I4i7-w. J Munday school at to a. In. Morning service at to by clock. J ave ring service at i 34 of clock j a preaching in Panl i. Broadway 4 hrs Lati t liar re. J Broadway and told Avenue Willard a. Guy minister. Heal Dene 115 Mouth Walter Street. Phone j f. 4 9 w. 9 45�?-lithic school and m Thra Lay a a Cia Llu morning worship Hermon topic the heart of a 7 p. Endeavor j 4 p. In a Union meeting it High school with add by or Ira Landrith Rtin list is shown c 6 d Lri. $5 a a j c i m stripped $250 i Cadillac it Pas. $750 i Oldsmobile Ltd in i a $600 Oldsmobile 7-Pftcl $650 baby Overland Road Terr r real one at. $300 2 Ford i ton truck i Speed Wagon. Others $90.00 to $1250 new and used part anti accessories for All car spot lights tire tubes Ammeters storage batteries jacks pumps Luggage Carrier. New Ford honeycomb radiators ,.$17.00 new Ford wheel. .$4.50 Hobbs motor company 513-15 Wail Central phone 434 the stitch in time shop Grill it f Cini in 4241 ,t. Of a of. 4 Var. I. M Hagan in p. Talbert Beauty parlor f oat of Cai. Treatments dressing Photic an this ass you to 3 Nam tinning flair i my Etc a it j a fir Tiit on ppr Ripon will a Nti la on Sham door. Excelsior the soft water laundry a. Itt�?plmim�?177 j say it with insurance i a Phi lev with the new York life i Imri i of Oil. 901 South Edilh sire Quot Al a. My Hunny m Bool. 11 a. preaching. To dirt foun Gentl Oiin Hurt h. Coal Avenue and South Broadway. Harold g. Davidson. Pm. I Munster. Kocsi Brnca. �2� it Outh wet Attr Street 1 ii. Re v Hool St 9 45 a m. J in. Jon. Ndu it. Orchestra meet for rehearsal St 9 2o to. In. Of i of it in Rio a a Vlco at 10 30 o clock the Mother a Lay program by the Church school and choir. Tho address will be Given by or. Ira la Mil it a the noted lecture. Christian Endeavor a 7 p. In a Kuhnert Church nod of help Frim Lff a i in Quot to Quot it a t non be Fitce at h p. A a High ter Vicc. Or. Ira i Flihan student co Kim coloured interim ional Uible Htu Dent association Cia a it a moot at i v a West Flitter Avenue Fords for rent drive them yourself we ii rail i or cry thing but tint it lilt a Day and night service drive less Ford co. Phone 580 121 n. Third v. Paris shoe store of a hoes for the whole family. Good Quality at fir aeon a his prices. 107 n. Isl St. Opp. T. My a. Phone Browne a Transfer and storage u4w. Sliver phone f�7s a a limit our ,-4,. A. Holli s prop. N _ v 10 30 n. In. A morning service. Broadway Christi a. Kotlier Liny. The second sunday an May is of i served throughout Oua nation a ? mothers Lay a Day held snored in Honor of our mothers. The bos and girl of our Bibl Elk Ooi ate preparing coma special exercise for Tho reassembly period. The special music and the Sermon Witt i also be in keeping with the How Fin we hip or 11hotagh of Tho a it Foror it to d to the it or the speaker will both reformer and lecturer word dry a a Mac Tang this Vethe High school auditor ton Luther a Emmarie. Let win re a n in g is soon w it had two Pilgrim Colon tool of or Ecca cafe me Etc Bill Fin 4 Al n my it ski \ i n i \ v Minni of i a i West 4 Etrul h i i it said 1 Holiak it i Lai Day too Long Mon think it Over rest of her life. He the is City life Ina. Co. La in i or its bet nod and acting pm Bra Cir More than 1,941 Are prep Ali <1 we better or red that my Sec Hun i w in unite. Or. Ira i Church deem itself Lunate in having the hearing this dust inv to Albuquerque in it hours half past to n. Unite with the o hot the City in the Union Finch school amt of \ i of clock this evening. Iii in u abundant a a Pun father has 5hk 4. Re a provided the of the if in m and re Home forts a Sci i a is j y. Kab a a a till Buri Terone is amp electric company it your service phone 98 number our heavenly a added Art jul other by ipe red them and to Tho necessities by i a Tow incs of this world upon them tie Beautiful Luther till a i in t to to seen a Alme t i i t v i Trgo r City in hundreds of Natl towns and it Hague the Mary lutheran ii a Quot buttons of Charity anti Christian love. Mich As orphan Homes to a t it a a it for deaf and dumb Homes for the aged and infirm hospitals and th-1 Tike giving an a rut in o latter the in words a a no do even in things pertaining to this Lif Ltd the i sing it god Hua not been tinted. And now let in add but a fear More words and Point a it to Gnu How equally a Ltd i that second Promise in our text and thou Shalt by a Blessing a May also he applied to the True lutheran Church in America. It l a 1<-son taught by god and Patna a by history time and again that. Accepting Tho gospel nations have become prosperous and Al in Dantly bb�?-<1 of Moil d his great lesson taught by god Aud proven by history has been wll taken to heart by the lutheran Church knowing temporal and Pirilla i hic Quot Singa to follow the word of god it has been her fundamental principle to preach the gospel wherever h4r voice would to heard knowing that corrupting Hie word meant ruin in the end the has from the very beginning written on her Banner a the word of god. And the word of god purity of doctrine has be it n her Battle cry All along the uni and this has been so will understood by her enemies that it a become a by word to stigmatize lutherans As fanatics and extremist nothing daunted Tho lutheran Church Hoover motor company i i St Rill to i is Oil Seal Piston rings Wilt Stop Oil pumping. 1.1 in hoi.1.1 it bearings replacement for All cars. Ii West copped Ford Quickel Auto amp Supply co. I Siy ii and Central insurance real estate a a nire automobile i tenia in notary it and Plato Glass Loans work burglary conveyancing Ponds the Metcalf Agency till third St. Phone 144. 4 Fri tinn i Quot dealer Tim monthly social e and by Lei meeting held on Friday evening twas largely attended id was most j Eoj a Able it port. From the Dlf f i 111 commit toys showed lha or gang ration to to very much Abs. Jit a decided to observe the old i custom again this year of having in picnic on memorial Day these ii Quot idea Are always poked Forward to with much pleasure and a Good time is always had. The subject of the meeting this evening How fan vie help our Church and get hip from it a the me eng inst sunday evening wn4 especially Good. The question was discussed a How should we observe sunday a some splendid things were an id. Rills evening Iller win Tim i re hang of ideas is to what we think the Church should be and what we can do to make it that. Mot Liers cd Vlf. Tho mothers Circle and Cradle Roll party for May was held at Tho Homo of mrs. La. L. Snyder Ami proved a most enjoyable and profitable occasion a round table Dis of children s diseases wag led by it West and much valuable it r mat Ion was imparted a goodly number of mothers were present and Tho children certainly enjoyed themselves As they always do at these delightful monthly parties. Women s club. The next meeting of Tho a of crime club of the Church will be held in finn inlay afternoon it Tho Home of mrs. 15. U. Smith rest it on i. It w ill but a join meeting of the missionary and ladies Aid departments of the club. It Lapel dedicated. The attractive Chape at Pishos Dot Atrisco was filled on sunday afternoon at its formal open log and dedication. Rev. Or. Moya gave an inspiring Sermon am addresses were made by or. I unman of Ber Kelcz. Calif., or. Utah of i paso and the pastor of this Church. A quartet from this Church gave special music. The offering i taken which will go to help pay j for the Chapel furnishings amounted to $139, the Chapel is to Aery the entire Community and the English speaking us Well tis the Spanish speaking children of the place will have the advantage of Tho instruction of Tho sunday school. Cong re Gilt tonal Fon Screm e. A most inspiring conference was that hold it Gallup on wednesday thursday and Friday. Tho delegates from this Church were mrs 15. E. Coon mrs j. In canister mrs. 15, j Wheeler mrs. S. L. Hei Lantz. Mrs. Mabel Mcclaskey mrs. Joseph Lindley mrs. Platt w. W. I Layman Octaviano Candelaria and Louis Hernandez. Tho reports from the various Church a showed a year of Progress till along Tho line. Tho conference Wilson of the Best that Bas been held and the Church of Gallup is certainly to be congratulated on the Way in which it passed off and thanked for the splendid Hospital by of its members a a i eel i lie i. Flit lr7re�mff,a,i a set it a Quot of Hool with address i a it f j if Tup m. A. It a in the poor s j Imp a j study late tuesday night. The _ voted j prayer meeting and workers noun i it to j a hid ii most enthusiastic Meef a ailing on wednesday evening. Miss ii i n<1j.� 8-Alo was the Leader a i j in Batton made a thorough to 111ij plication of the Home department for j of the c school. Herbert in re of i will i Quot the Fader n it wednesday. I in. L Murrey will explain that Workings of the Cradle Roll. Tho Good Samaritan sunday school it a a met in the Church Parlours on thursday afternoon at 2 80 o clock. Mrs George Mackay is the presiding officer. Sermon series. In order not to make a break n the series of r Mons which Tho mll-4 i o Tine. I ail he churches Arr joining in i together to make the meeting on sunday night a a -1�?�. A a. The sub to i a Ltd to be die u of a d is of v in -1 Imp nmn a to a try True an Rinn Cit Isea. Be i nth let a your part. Mal out it Ion. The Convy it Tot i has rom ? he Reb the i stat m. I. 4 hurry a ainu. Meets at Barelas now j to Luttru a r. Jya Roo nag. Sio Bouth sixth Street. Phone 257-j. In a. school ii a. Herr a with Sermon. 7 10 p. In. Orig t vice and land rom but there abide with us Sermon. Pastor h o been pursuing his j preach at morning and evening month Aud this there will riot be an exclusively mothers Lay see Mon a would otherwise both i Ca a. But hut will to special music and All Are invited to Wear i a flow r in Honor of ii r of whom i it a been truly said a no j Vinter s Brush or pm it s pen in Justley to her Fame. Can Ever reach quite High enough to write a Mother s name the subject of the next number of the series is a Faith a its those who Are not satisfied with their experience or Are anxious to deepen their spirituality will find this message enlightening and helpful. Imm Aniel evangelical la Theu x n. Amp Alan. This sunday will Mark til Climax of a Campaign conducted to a past three week to Mise to necessary funds to pay for Tho House Tho congregation to ,.ht. A special Sermon will i preached in the morning. The pastor subject will i a the words of the 100th pay in a serv the lord with ten solicitors Hove been chosen from among our embers each solicitor Bas received a list of about seven members on whom he will Call to cure their personal subscription. Every member i urged to remain at Home to receive the canvasser. He must Call a Home up ii he finds you in. Consider Tho Moun of work you w ill Hhd a your solicitor by at i me a the appointed time. Unless the in in hers do this the to licit or cannot t Rush in one afternoon Bibb study. For real Bible study and every Christian should to a Bible Stu Dent we wish to recommend to our members r. I. 15. Kretz inn nov popular commentary of t tip Bible. The first volume on the new testament i on the Market. Price 14.50. An inspiration and an influence that will Imp i a on to i larger things. Every adores was of Tho highest character and a spirit of deep earnestness prevailed every session. Till convention will go _. Austin Park Elpaso next it eur. Breaking of bread at 11 a. In i the officers a levied for the com evening service prayer and j ing year Are Sidney Bedford study up scriptures at 7 30 of clock i Well. President Willard a. Guy brother i Ipton of Estancia will i Albuquerque ii a president i Arlin Gih Huny Roswell a. It i lurch r Christ. Local i in the eleventh Block n Forrest i . Song service at in a. In. Bibit study St 10 30 a. In. Vapor Baths Bath Massage treatments for skin and nervous d Loon sen liver trouble gout. Rheumatic and neuralgia Din n be . In film a Fri \ i Xii in 54n4j Central. Phone 483ix hours to a. In. To 3 p. In. Watch for the velvet ice Cream Wagon we carry True fruit velvet ice Cream. Wholesale and retail Candy shop. 110 s. Second. Phone 758 the state Shine parlor can pie to equip input to Chan Block an-1 let a ladle and gent s cult met Traw hate. Phi West Central Avenue Here at last i tires Modo puncture proof in a few minutes Yyi i new discovery for the Ami a it acc Montoya \ Banta Arage 21fi-11 a St Copper. National hat and dry cleaning company. Parma hats c. A p ,41.4 0 Laid i a Sti Hyp hats dyed 41.44 a suns Cleat it cd and Presa de 91.04 70s , i Iii is ii Loci a. Vice. Union service of churches tonight with Jar. Landrith la protestant churches Ltd the City will hold joint services it the Plikh school auditorium at eight of clock this evening to hear an address by or. Ira Landrith noted Chautauqua lecturer the speaker is Well known of a Champion of Law enforcement and prohibition. To will talk on Tho subject a a today the America for it a Tho meeting which will to participated in by Tho congregations of several churches will to presided Over by judge m. 15. Hickey. Tho invocation will to asked by Tho Rev of k. Mcguire and a patriotic song Xvi la Quot in Sung by the congregation a quartet from the presbyterian choir xviii sins Hristian science fwd duty. Woman club building 6u went Gold Avenue. Sunday school at 3 43 a. In. Sunday services at to n. In. Wednesday testimonial meeting at x p. In. The Reading room in room 12. Melini building. 412�?T i West Central avenge is open daily exc it sunday from 2 10 to 6 89 p. In. Presbyterian Church. Fifth a Kre t and Silvi r Avenue if. A. Cooper a t r. Mckean. Pastors. 9 45 a. A sunday school. 15 ii. City. Superintendent. La a. In a morning worship. Mothers Lay service Sermon. A the Christian Anthem Praise the lord. O my soul Quot Solo by miss Bertha poet. S 30 p. Rny Christian Endeavor. Hopi a How can we help our Church and 4let help from it a 7 43 p. evening service wednesday 7 4 5 p. midweek prayer meeting. Tary treasurer till r in embers of the state Board Are Chaldee Poston Clovis o. Xiv inc Arft East Las vegas xxx. If. Horte Nuten tue Well Paul a Preston Al faso and de 4. Gibbany Rosy ill used Fords Square Deal garage Tor. Church Spanish. -09 grieves Eulallo i Reno Pas 3 p. . Yinru annul Evan. L lutheran cd Hurch. Gold Avenue and Amo Street. Carl Schmid pastor. Residence 200 South Amo Street sunday school at 9 15 a. Services in Cie English language to a m. Subject lord with services in the English language Are held every sunday a to of clock and in Tho German language on the first and third sundays of Tho month at la of clock. North fourth Street gospel Hall. 1300 North fourth Street sunday school and Bible class at 9 4 5 a. In. Xiv. C. Raspbe supt 11 a. of bread in remembrance of the lord preaching at this hour 3 n. in Spanish by Jose Brey. 7 45 p. In. Preaching by Carl armerding. Subject a Paradise lost Quot tuesday 7 20 c. Bible study in Spanish by Joe b. Hey. Wednesday at s p. In a meeting for prayer at the Home of w. Obj Manger 701 we let j coir a. Friday at4 it p. In a Ferng for Bible study a the a til. Get. In a i >1 Mth # x x summer lithic Soli of. In the discussion of the Summe a Bible school at the brotherhood meeting lust monday evening a \ Sion by is Given of what might born amp wished in a Uch an under faking a. Xxx. Kraemer introduced the subject and the matter of finance. A e. Jinn Dis cursed the equipment and teaching Force. Prof. C. A. Barnhart brought it j urges tons for the curriculum of the school. It is planned to open i the Bible school on june 12 and to continue it for four weeks women Mhz Lonard society. S the women a mass Ionar Sci a a at its meeting last thursday _ pledged itself to give Fin in Al support to the summer Bible school. J it was also voted that the 135 re j Civ a in the special self denial i offering during the lenten a a a be sent to a a Rescue Home for women in our lutheran japanese Mission. Mrs. Martin Johnson to i the study of medical missions n 1 was assisted by several of the women. Toadies Xiii society. The monthly sewing m�4etiftg f the Ald society v lab held at Tel bomb of mrs. K. A Hawridge 2< North thirteen i Street. Thursday j serve the it Frei no Ltd a at i to Campaign for funds the Campaign for funds to cancel the indebtedness will begin on sunday May 21. And continue it til completed. It is expected to raise not Only sufficient to wipe out the balance on that debt incurred two years ago when the building a. A enlarged at a Cost of $1 3,000, by 1 to Quot a cure enough Money to t v care of other items a lated to to a Interior Arrango in j Pew Ford service. Supplies and parts. Also agent for Ajax tills. A work guaranteed. Wert Copper Avenue. Indian motorcycles and bicycles i Eltife Novelty Xvi has 321 South second St. Ride in the Durant and be convinced new Mexico motor corporation immaculate Conception Bur. Ii Jesuit fathers North sixth sire-1 modality mass at 7 a. In. Children s mass at 8 15 a. In Low mass at 9 15 a. In. High Moss and Sermon at 10 30 a. In. Evening services at 7 20 of clock. Oujini spirit its. Chapel at 1 224 North second Greet prof c. A Coffman my presbyter x n it hrs Stan Endeavor. Sunday May 14, a a up topic a How Gan we help our i Church and get h in a Rem of a is. �?T22 1-9 i lend a major in i St Arr special music last tuesday evening the eaglet held their regular business meeting and social. As this was a i backward party refreshments wet served the first thing after we h games were played such As a spelling match it All word Quot had to he spelled backs urls and. Stunt each featuring the a a backward idea. Later the business meeting was held which concluded the a ening s entertainment. The International league of Christian Trade to unions representing some 3,000,000 european workers. Will hold its second Congreve at Innsbruck Austria the latter parti cd june a the Southwest motor co. We Are agents for the following cars Jordan Hup Mobile Willys Knight Overland Price of touring models at Albuquerque Jordan. Hup Mobile. Willys Knight Overland .$2,095.00 $1,450.00 .$1,620.00 $ 695.00 the Southwest motor company j. E. Kaseman manager 211 North fourth St. Phone 710

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