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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 13, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal May 13, 1925 Albuquerque morning Ounjai in perform. His duties. To deny him the a published by Rit Fht to ride on at any time would be journal publishing com pan y in effect to Cut his salary of he Wert a a a a i travelling auditor say his railway fare Joseph Tausek e<3tor Mir it not Only eat up his salary but put the Pioneer office. Telephone no West Gold Avenue him in actual debt to the Road. The prohibition against the acceptance. .68 a a at the a no of of railway passes by legislators is Wise entered As second class matter at the Posto Rioe. A a not Albuquerque. N. A and enry in Sant be n. Arid proper. I hese instances however m., pending under act it f a a of m Rich 17. 187>. Illustrate both How difficult it is to Frame a Gem rat Rule that will meet All Circum-8fr stances and also How often the state is a or hfh9 Carrer . served by its legislators at. A financial sacs months e Ujj Jujj fifire. They afford another argument in o Erir a a a a a. A a favor of the constitutional amendment Mem per audit Bureau of circulation that will be voted on at the next election to increase the compensation of the Mem a d v e1. Tis i m ends Quot he Cru Nal n serves the right to reject any advertising matter that it May deem improper. Cal for society meetings cards of thank resolutions society and Church socials lectures notices Calls for Church meetings except sunday Church programs i Are considered As advertising and will be charged for at regular advertising rates hers. Good roads an asset member of the Assoc press the new Mexico taxpayers association eem to us to he taking the wrong attitude in appearing to oppose taxation for Road the As Socie ted press is exclusively entitled to building. The Money spent in this Way is he use Tor re Ruh , of a rows rr1r�?Tjed7� a permanent investment it adds to the it or rot otherwise credited in this Piper a he local news published Herson. Wehnes May 13, 192f annexation the City of Albuquerque will derive assets of the state. It is no More to be deplored or condemned than when a maim a factoring company adds necessary machinery. It does not need to be argued Here that Good roads bring a Large return on the investment to the Community. Farmers often some advantages from annexing the out Iose an their profits on their products lying districts but they Are mainly senti through the excessive Cost of haulage to mental. In a consolidated City the census the markets Over bad roads. I he isolation reports would make an honest showing of Lue a of communication is one of the j to most serious discouragements to farming. Tho grow h and die ize Otie cd \. I it cities could Well afford to assist in building size and growth att a act new people. Rut country roads in order to secure a More this is an advantage which the outlying adequate More regular and cheaper districts would share equally w Ith the City Supply of food stuffs. Instead of getting in fact the present City is practically 110sf its i Here from California 1,000 Miles away up and new Homes must be located Albu query due through a system of Good outside the suburbs would be the gainers Roa just would be Able to procure its supplies by the increase in population which Annex Here at Home. The residents of the City action would bring about. Would save in transportation costs while while the advantages to the City Are the surrounding country would be built up. J i a. Jim that the collection of taxes is anticipated slight they Are All on the credit Side. There in new a it gilding with a consequent Are no disadvantages to of i set the gains. Cos for interest does not seem to us a Seri therefore the people of Albuquerque Ous matter. Communities As Well As ind proper Are very desirous to enlarge its to visuals can advantageously pay interest Litimo boundaries for what they stand in immediate need of. It is obvious that a state must not Over buy leaving the unimportant by or. Frank Crane there comes a time in each Many a life when be gets a Call a or an inspiration to get up into a higher plat of living thinking and feeling that which he has by it occupying. Let him obey at once Joan of arc received a Call to Lead the armies of franc she did right to listen and follow. There were plenty of git in Domremy who were lit for nothing but to tend sheep. A Al Lim i. A,1_____it�?Tti.-,i the dead Bury their dead a Jenny Lind Felt within her t a i ambition to he a great Singer and Enchant the world. B who was to do the knitting and sweep the floors there we plenty to do that. A let the dead Bury the dead a the principle is applicable to us All. History and t lives of famous persons Are of no use unless we can Interr them in terms of our everyday experience. Some Young in May read this who has Felt an overpowering longing to g an education. A thousand things interfere social pleasure sports laziness or an anxiety to get to making Money As Sot As possible. If he allows himself to be held Back by these things i gives away his life to a the to plod is Good and it Well to be faithful in Littles and to neglect no details but j your life is going to be at All touched with greatness you w need that other Wisdom which consists in seeing an Opp Ortu it and that other Wisdom which consists in seizing it. Life is spoiled because we fail to estimate values think too much of trifles. The sick woman toils away in death comes prematurely she thought darning sock it was to important to her children than her own life. Men neglect t family for Jolly Fellows. The germans have a proverb a it Good is the enemy of the i am speaking of those w stick to the Good because they Are timid and will not take t Best. Life is conspired against always by institutions forma ties conventions customs. The pharisees Felt the truth Ai Beauty of the Nazarene a a teaching hut they were in the grip a dead mass of institutionalism they stayed to Bury it ii i swept by the future belonged to the Nazarene. Lazy Tim minds fear every Advance of the truth. They cling to the j fathers formulas. They want nothing but what has been. I them alone a let the dead Bury the dead a the human problem is to better the Quality of life make life Fuller More vivid. It is the impulse to do this the pushes the level of civilization constantly upward. In tilt Blind obedience to this impulse men strive for better Lions clothes culture education religion. They w ant Fuller Rich lives the Only valid objection any of the out Den itself to build roads so that the taxes lying districts Hae to coming into the City destroy the resources from which they must is the supposed increase in taxation. This \ e derived. But new Mexico is far from increase even if it brought no Bompensa having reached that limit. Tory benefits is not As great As Many sub ittle Benny s note Book by Lee Pape urbanite think. It is because we All hate so terrifically to pay any taxes at All that r fuss is made Over any prospective increase however slight. There is not a soul who has Ever moved outside of Albuquerque to escape the taxes. If they were burdensome there would be a general exodus into the Heights or elsewhere. The truth is that the suburbanites pay about the same taxes As those in the City Only they pay it at different times and to different people it does not go under the a mks oot la Root copyright 1925. By Tho Mcclure newspaper Syndicate 7 in Ely news of to world topics Bank robbers Are run Down by posse stolen Money found to cure a cold in one night blow out the pus. A a a Hare or Well done what is to rare As a Day in june did a poet once inquire. A a some of them Are quite Well done a said a Guy a was hot As a a a a soap Sun and song Are nature s great Oisin name of taxes and so they think they Are Fec Tants we Are told. Is. Some songs we have. I heard will empty any auditorium even of the germs. Paying less. T a whatever real increase there is in City new York has established a police College. Pre taxes is due to the increased benefits re sum ably the graduates will All be bachelors which Cei Ved. The people derive conveniences make them Dandy traffic cops. Think of the pleas. 1i _ i i ure of being told where to go in perfect grammar and services that once enjoyed they would not voluntarily do without. The amount a a a von Hindenburg was inaugurated president of a was sewing on her sewing machine and i sed Hay a do i look like a Hay a sed. Well Hay a you know in going Ermound to Cousin arties for supper Tonitte i sed. Yes i know it wat about it a Sod. No thing t sed. Wat u Brilliant conversation a sed. And she Kepp on sewing on her sewing machine and pretty so in i sed Well Hay a How about if i stay at arties All note you la be Back Heel by 9 o clock Sharp and no More questions asked a sed. Well g Wiz a. Supposing it starts to rain eats and dogs and dont Stop i sed. Well of theres Eny Butch a rain the of r a Quot till Baff to May Gjonaj co6b there All Nile but its extremely improbable a sed. Yes main theres a Cupple i sed looking out the window and a sed Well Well of you look hard cuff you mite see 3. Burlington. Colo., May 12 two a Span of 11 unum life has been has Given us 20 More years to live bandits entered the Iii St a Tho ii increase d Twenty years a a that mini us it us Progress will Bank at Zanardo Kansas i nun says scientist not up. A of at scientist at the of Here. At noon today baked sir Ronald Ross noted scientist. Pasteur Institute in Paris has said the Casher in the vault and open who has just seen the opening of that Iti too years time Man should ,1k door of the Safe took pc 1 Quot a London research Institute Bear live to the age of Towhy not i a currency and escaped. Ing his name sees no reason Why the Span of life should not be enormously extend red. Aire a d y i people Are Liv i ing longer. A eighty years sgt Nii increased Quot to per i out ago a said sir Ronald r ohs a the average London Man lived 3 4 years. Seven months and the average 1 London w o in an lived 38 in currency and escaped. They were captured near Here Saver i already the length of our elves a hours at it r after on of Thom haul has i Cen in is it i by do per cent been wounded and their motor car that is very largely due to Modi i or a in destroyed by fire. Cal science in Ute treatment and Mem Bere of a hastily or disease and if the i of limn. Of country will Only realize the needs. Shy for spending More to Ivey on ithe p0� crashed into the i medical research the Pasteur Institute a prediction May Well come i True. A a noted american d suggested to me we should All be immortal ent Trio i no one a i y a a r a j months. W to can Tell what May bring 1 say How Long we May four Liv ire free from the 5> a today the average length of life of the London Man is 53 years nine months and the average London woman 59 years. Those Are the figures i have glean a i jest a in snuff to Newtoni Pine in or Riv est of i is come Down Persia their Dei cd. Est Ion out of you Ona i a i in i _ 1 ii. Weening 2 Clouds Wisent Eny p0ld in taxes is negligible compared with Germany yesterday in a frock coat. But it May the. And i de Well ii Mam i the benefits secured. The reason is that a a a bin on enough to conceal a Saber. Put gang it ruins pretty hard but not the City government can do things for Thea a a Well do Sci is that Over the tele.1 we Are not interested in the busiest Corner in fone won the time conies with it citizens cheaper than they can do these the world bul would Jet t0 Haxe a Corner on Rne a things for themselves. That is Why City the most promising Oil acreage. I Well Holey smokes a. Slip Csc governments Are formed. It is because a a a they Are economical. If that were not True the Uoo a 1 is of Art the artist draws the picture and of he makes it the american people Hae Tao Muth Good sufficiently flattering the Rich Man draws a Check. A a a farm hands in California keep Down their weight and preserve their figures by taking daily dozen exercises by radio. In these Days of autos and tractors milking machines etc., the poor farm hand suffers from Lack of exercise. The farm women still do their work in the same old Way. A a a four eggs sold for one cent in Uso. We would be inclined to pay even less for eggs of i860 new. De from medical statutes. A in 80 years medical research in v of germs. Are still baffled by Many we have not ill the germs which cause smallpox measles Scarlet fever and a number of tropical Dis rate we have no t solved Hie it nicer problem. Even the common cold is a mystery. To Dene if it is Given a Chance will conquer those mired inc of another Bullet from Isoline tank of the bandits car. Lire followed. With their car in flames the Tor has to it an dts quickly surrendered. They gave the names of Ray Brennan of Bethune colo., and John Brown of Kansas City. The Money was recovered. The bandits were armed with a High powered Rifle and returned the fire of the posse. Many shots a red were exchanged. No member of the posse was injured. Closed lower at 115 after fit mating within a Range of Only of a Point. Baldwin recorded similar loss at 111 la after Havi sold above 113. F it. A Iii a a with Brill earnings prospects were taken advancing . Tiv interest in the a Road in was divided Bette the Heay accumulation of St. A in Uch each of which Advance i i p int and the furl p in i 1st o common to m a t in i to. T a Organ lion of the Road in 1�16. W i was inclined to attribute m in or 8�?lr # a or 0�?lr m a .1 i Cen. .4 la acce mix 4-6 men pc i Char Man Bill i 5.21. It 4.11, by g cd Deci Acu the Corn Aud w lie $i.6 to $ cats pud a by i 200. I a i up h i m Ell port i ids or. Ai oar in 4 Pur prov Eiers to by proc s Lear Prei Day Hen not att r ulu of to it or a la so i oldest Quot ii juju a Clark Chi deice Kinnaird who a who in the Lay s news sense to organize cities. Instead of the matter of taxes standing As a bar it is to the financial advantage of the suburbs to come under a City form of government. They get Back More than they pay for. They get conveniences and services that modern life demands. Their property will Rise in value. They will get All the imponderable benefits that Tome from being a part of a Large and growing City. Every property owner in the districts. Outside of Albuquerque who looks beyond his nose will want to come in because it is i i Best interest to do so. He is doing rest of the City no favor but is acting r his of n Best welfare. A Subj cd of rain Ami you la stay Imp into re by and Admire the Moon in your own front Steps a sed. Being my inst question. I piling rhymes by Walt Mason Tiomi i n g ii n to i Hanoi habits two maxims have been Laid Down for those who Are endeavouring to acquire a new habit or leave off an old one. The first is a launch yourself with us Strong and Dei idea Ait initiative a possible. Accumulate All the possible circumstances which shall re enforce the right motives put yourself in conditions that encourage the new Way remove yourself from the environment of the old take a Public i pledge if the Case allows in Short envelop your Resolution with every Laid you know. The second Maxim is never Al ii Hill Mil t. Ii kiss hard t. Harris at the nge i of 4 5, his been elected president of the new York Cotton Exchange and now looms As one of Wall loaded French cd. i i s Paris May 12 apr a smoke carefully holding the cigarette at Arm s length Between puffs a is the warning issued by the tobacco monopoly authorities in consequence of tile recent series of minor explosions which has injured about a dozen persons who were smoking government made cigarettes. The police Are completely mystified As to who k a the tobacco. Some smoker Are taking to foreign cigarette. While others Are a rolling then to the expectation that the int sin w i i giant the Northwestern carriers increase in freight rates. By lated Short covering in am can Sun lira tobacco Profer brought about a 12 Point jump j that Stock to 6 4. Call Money opened at 34 cent but advanced to 4 in the in afternoon. Time Money and co a men i ii paper rates Wero i changed. I can sex. Kings rates to firm do Pito reports of Monarch to demonstrations in coned with tin Arr Al of president ii Danburg in Berlin. Brazilian i h is dropped Over a cent in it Pithy with another Sharp dec in Coffee prices. Closing Pri Allied chem. Amp i Allis i a i Iii. Amor in can. American smelting Iii ref no t a stir inc Ira rot n i bet ten i i i d i l it. J in to the railway passes the up suit Quet and Bale exercises of the Cia new Mexico and a the distinguished or Chancellor of the i. Elks last 1905 Illy to or. I Silt of of it the question has been raised As to the use of railway pashes by two Roen Ibers of the state Senate. The attorney general is of the opinion that if a member accepts a railway pass hot at the Fame time vacates his office. Both cases under consideration Are Peculiar. As a Rule for a railway to give a legislator a pass is considered As a Covert bribe. In neither of these cases would this interpretation apply. Each would be entitled to the pass irrespective of hip political office. One of the senators is a minister. Railways have been accustomed to Grant ministers either reduced rates or tree transportation. The reason Back of the custom has never been explained. It May be that the railway corporations feel they should give some monetary assistance to the churches and this is their contribution tolhi8 Cly the pastors donation parties. The Western roads May have in mind also the civilizing effect of religion. It is easier to run trains through orderly communities. So in encouraging the churches in newly settled country they Are really getting an economic return through reducing the troubles caused by Lawless passengers. Us the woman s the resting meeting yeat a a Ariot in the Colima those on the program i mrs. Byron h. Ives is Burn. Mrs. Felix Baca ire was packed in Par. Tor the Conizene 905 of Tho uni Vert hear the add Benjamin Andrews Ity of Nebraska. A a Albuquerque held an inlay afternoon in the club la club build be mrs. Bema i Moon Imp St us in there s a Little Mill Terete Candy and i the right it cd will the Low an exception to occur until the i new habit is securely rooted in your Dally life. Each lapse is like Ruanda j jetting fall of a Bali of string which one is carefully winding up a single slip undoes More than a great Many Turna will wind again. Continuity of training is the great Means of making Hie nervous sys uld tem act infallibly right it has been and i established Over and Over. Andy. A we use the i of Cement in All the goods making a so says to gent who has no use for Fak a we have just now in our a a the manager informs men a woman and a boy the cheers and warms me. But people of Liis town \ or Home made Candy to give it wide renown when to comes Handy wed have a i cubits Long a building most he t log but when id show men they re wrong they say in a Street s i figures. Harris from tent where h his Broth were for a Glt Many years Terestea in production Cotton started his reer humbly a new spa boy. Later shifted to t Job of mesh it subs a Haw Harriss Quentlyn he a to d i Brothers became interested in Texas new it of time i los n d i ers Yod in the o f in v i. La e a or us Piper ii e h e ii intr a lifer pad. A i financial Wall Street new York May 12.�?he Ket averages a to data industrials tuesday. 119.86 monday 119.64 week ago. La 9.96 High 1925. .126.10 Low 1925 11 4.31 total Stock sales 1,69 14 William James i a third Nix the preceding pair Heize the very first possible Opportunity to act on every Resolution you make idly posing. A Caramel that comes land Ort every emotional prompting from Rome is sure to be a w inner i y a May experience in the direct Tho c Otton game. B rom their Nativ it in i shifted to York and in the course of Harris s and his by it Tilers big the c Otton Homo 8 of new which they now cot Tirol. He of the youngest Lien Ever i noted to i lie prot Sideney t new a Ork a Otton a i Cha nge. Y Ark is one it i re we Ake Lilio b e k. Among a Arrup Wash it Peri d que y Reg Andl Faul Kempenich my yesterday. A a a Nicholas Calles of Las Cru Mer of the United states i late for the appointment of arrived from the South yest of his brother l. Vav. Guiles. A a a judge d. A Mcmillan of Socorro and son n. K Mcmillan Are in the City for a Day or two from Socorro. It is said that judge Mcmillan is making f preparation to take up i permanent residence in Ltd a wholesome dinner. A no must come a thousand Miles a ohs vast open space it approving Semiw i plea a faces. The Pun town Jernark done to Appeal to Tsu Tilers lately who think no Arle h genteel unless it s travelled holy. Men Send to Birmingham it Home Hon of the habits you aspire to it gain. No matter How full a Reservoir if it would of maxims one May possess and upon our i no matter How Good one s sentiments May be if one has not our taken advantage of every Concrete Opportunity to act one s character May remain entirely a affect a i for the better with Mere Good daily lessons in English by w. L. Gordon word often misused a a ago Ami profit taking sales and Bearse i log inspired by the marking up mat land it of the Call Money rate to four per j a cent and the weakened technical condition arising out of Tho recent prolonged Advance in Many issues i impeded the upward movement of Price in today s Stock Market hut not until after nearly two score inane had attained new Peak prices of the i for the year. The Days sales again ran Well j above one and one half million i shares. Resumption of bullish demonstrations in the motor Issue i resulted in Willys Overland prefer led Mack truck and Nash being i lifted to new 1925 High record. I attempts to bid up the other Issue in that group were met with heavy offerings. I rubber shares attracted a Lar f thu i Cork for Candy that is Gritty intentions. Hell is proverbially to it Ces until rec id office and Veiner of new Mexico Lay and was the guest buy their gumdrops in new y Ork in Kansas City scores of Happy Roll daily but gone buys re the we Guy local paved. Sum in us is Fer following in reflection of the since use ago when ref a Flag a that i Early in to. Vents Long past since when fun urn apr rpm a in enl a Tahoe referring to a a cent events ears re it Advance in crude rub. A a character Quot Mills say a is a s John Stuart Iii p i e t e i y Fah of Willow toned will a and a will in the manager sen a in which to Means it is Ani has an appearance aggregate of tendencies to act in Ray. I he is right and punks should feed on Punk Tuffy a a a or. P. Cd. Coral amp a of this City was elected president of the new Mexico medical society at the society a annual convention in Las vegas. Or. G. Ii. Fitzgerald a elected treasurer. Has i la s comm enc mint Roswell n. M., May 12. A miss ii Levi Snipes Lias been named Vale Dorian of the 1925 class of Rob Quency a firm and prompt and definite Way upon All the emergencies of life. William James observes that a tendency to act Only becomes effectively ingrained in us in proportion to tile uninterrupted fre with which Tim actions Well High school and miss Eudora actually , and the Luain county commissioner R. Springer paid a visit to the Dyke at Alameda yesterday lie reports that the embankment is standing Hie j he other Cilesti was thut of ii r<iilro4lti j Wya better Luau was expected. Ullin of High Foster mul Tatorian Quot of the class. These Young ladies led their class through the four year of High a a Bool Only a scant margin of sol Airship s pirating them. Graduation week will open Here on Mon , May to die graduating exercise Iii ing held on May 2 2. Cine of tile hugest a lasses Ever graduating from Roswell lug ii be Hoot Quot ill graduate this Yea age Quot Quot a few Days since often i pronoun of rhythm pronounce a if spelled a or item a and not a often mls Cleil scion be it Nyui ask beg plead entreat beseech. Word study a Utke a word three times and it is let to increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword Llo party inequality difference. A a the disparity in their Ages prevented a a grows to their us a when a resolve or a Fine flow of feeling is allowed to evaporate without hearing practical fruit it is worse than a a Ham e lost it works in As positively to hinder the j Quot future resolutions and emotion that of to from taking the Normal path of it and d discharge. Life in a a a a tiler is a no More contempt try Ami a wife sometime rays she wishes husband s Friend knew what kind of Man he is hut she really does t want it to get out on him. Famous players lanky general electric. General motors. Great Northern of i. It Northern Ore prop inspiration Copper. Int. Mer. Marine pad. Kane Ott Copper. A Dor a a re. Missouri pm. A Tex. incur i Pacific pad. Montgomery Ward. New York it it Antral. N y. N it a Hartford. North american co. Northern Pacific. I Pacific ii. I pan american Petroleum pen Sylavina. I pit i to. Amp a Der. C. A i. In Hill in Petroleum. J Ray consolidated Copper i rending. I Republic Iron a steel. St. Knits a san Cran. Shell Union in. J Simms Petroleum. J Sinclair con. Oil.,. I Southern Pacific. Southern rail was. Standard us of Cal. Standard Oil of n. A. Studebaker corporation. Texas co. Tobacco products. Colon Oil of i a1. Union Pacific. V s Indus. Alcohol. Rotted states rubber. United states steel Wabash pad. A a Quot. Westinghouse electric Woolworth co. Worthington pump. To or 1 nerveless sentimental liner who spends his Bering sea of Sei Dubil option. But who never Ible i pc us human y a racier than am. A a Manly. Noma Civ dyed.�?�. Ber i maintained and that the principal manufacturing companies will materially profit thereby through the appreciation in their heavy inventories of raw product a s. Rubber common and preferred and first preferred and Fisk rubber common and first preferred. Ajax and three Kelly Springfield Issue also sold at tile year Best prices. Revival of speculative interest in the Oil shares was based on ports that Smackover crude pro my crts Bond jut lion As nearing its Peak and new n Oil May 12. Lib to it Piso line consumption was i Bonds closed Ihu i 1100.ti 1 11 it inning at an Imp a Ltd Ltd a a Ltd u j a if a 2 3 a cond 4 a 11&Quot rate. Standard oils of new Jer third $10129 fourth 4> Sty and California showed net $102 10 r. S. Government gains of i to 2 Points. J 1105.18, american can was old up Over Quot four Point to a record High fori new York Money All time a a slipping Back j new York. May 12.�?Call to Points just before the Chat Lur a ennui High 4 per cent i most of the other Standard Indus i a a iritis by round. U. To. A Tzeli continued on next tag in

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