Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 12 1921, Page 8

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 12, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Two Albuquerque morning journal thursday May 12, 1921. Albuquerque morning journal an Jade Penl ent newspaper a published by journal publishing cd it ant. To a Mac Phr Uson Barret of bustnes manager editor in chief. Hews editor i. Tsi graph Edito City and of fat editor assistant Ltd Ity editor boric r editor Carl a Magee press ident. La a m Macpherson. Cable Magee. Hebert toni Eich. A c. Ii Erby. Ii p Walken. John a g Otsu Aee. Aeh Quot a r rims. Ref keen to Tivko c j Anderson. Marquette bldg Chicago 111. Raith b . Aue 42d St. New York entered a ascend cams matter at the Post office of Albuquerque n. M. Under aft of Congo of March 17, i it. Terms Quot of so Csc r option daily by Carrier or by mail. One month. Ile yearly to Advance. >9 00. Quot the morning journal a a higher circulation rating thah ii accorded to any other paper in new Mel american newspaper directory the a it Only paper in new Mexico issued every Day in the far. _ member of the associated press the associated pres is exclusively entitled to thaa for republication of ail new credited to. It or not otherwise credited in this paper and Alto the local news published herein the Raday i it i i m till it la of is \ Sill in i i t Day is tilt nil to ital 1 the plan Calla for Pat ten to h capita la holding open Houri of entertainment features visits of Bent to Heaters and p bedtime stories for Little ones or Howard Nga a. Col Quot ight 1121 by i Clur newspaper my n id Cata. In ii11 v la Mim my ii a you g and look for Blue re ii mat Nill a it Jane housekeeper at the door a and when Alo. A1 Jackie j Gay just a he was t out from his hollow no Low to have an and in. Ieav i k k i in lunge us Ltd Minny in i. In gentleman sortie one knocking at his on your f ill Ulk hat. Your red Whit and in and vie d the in sit rat lady i ii see the who is both am Mutzl i Quot is a w York m i la Jan noun rent of Germany s acceptance of the reparations terms failed to stimulate the Stock mirk1 today. Prices of the More important issues g react ternary ten denotes. Steels and affiliated share w a in it pc it tally heavy f sitting on to fiv6 i Points a extensive offerings i the emanated largely from pc a a huh argue it Mark ens mid a in a lie opened it Dpi tie there Bow be Quot f in mar to Iii i ii Phi ii. Tit. Re i v the go he Raj pub n it my Simi f St Vitie to it is be lev. D i v p bib health Oft Aalt. Vav Hie i a we re True of the i by n ii he a min pub but i lie int -1 est 1 fit win a of lusting b a no fit a to i my at d v a Ter . Vet ii n a to rial Hospital a y hts feed a 1 Tho is to of i. In to a Ltd to he it get it it of the a Mer i units i f the w men i men will states Public health a i a the Hospital Day i re Mil i v i it i tut t in i Sif further. Through too. I not tut tis t i Vish. Ill mid a a a v Soi t it \ in Hill \ tue in i i n sub Al i i vim Pfohe Tivoli in. Erstwhile emperor a 115at present h a rafts i to first kit Al he a Ever piled namely that of saw dutch estate my have giggled when in i favorite Ber in newspaper a report to in Follette Resolution condemning Harding appointment it f american a Tiv. A to the Allied councils the in by of the Resolution recites pc mall in treaty a a a it ii be born of Venge and insatiable greed Ami trays i of the solemn prom is it inn do to a world and formally Hosi of j in i i a a a i of Dit it it thus is a a i i a of t to Alt France and Belgium. Of St or of or yet in i rid in Mcna tor president preach to that equally Vav hat the unit sort to s the Effie ten n Ort a in. Or or 1 mint to i team iou i i to 11 Iti nil i n it i n i in i i \ 11 i is Mooi nit in it v i a that in i in it the re the oust i this government to cd by the Alite a the thus rant result it the Xiv to ought t a i is lit la Giro i i Soldi re places you youngsters a j tending to # of you other e. A sled that to finish their s. Bool Clin a Ltd for ifs Pupil. It me tiling providing of t of tire tin of Book. It a one Bon it d i big in a a tired and on their elbows Tivin or of but not really doing anything. It corresponding schools in some u find children so keenly inter at a willing to stay after so Hoot tasks. Manifestly til latter kind of a a Phish two or three times As much Vav hat makes til difference that Ere Tea this a a to interest form of hand work to take p a Hilbren who do not take carib that j w la Xima to. Lino a i i i to i ii la 1 1 a Mer i torn s. A a a a inter Aslo us. Wop bin in i Roob up did no to ire us telling a in Liny that i Tho i a i la la a it. Said Quot of his in Lorko 1 Viv Vav he a a r King Good no High Forten it Ai to l v a is s. That pm Lim in work ii a a too in Bort my jul by from me in Quot she said no nitric i i Iner a in a Tun Sun War. Why Vav 1 a 11 Cost re make am us ,1. Ult it j list put in a 1 v fir cd Quot i in you i Pui a. A to i for by a All by a Quot to 1 the sub Lect v or a 01 Nib ined. Cd Ami j i to of it i Many a #0 Lier Quot a a a 1 la go to Cauls All i Ighel for Light a f. Given that i Roe to. A Row if Quot i asked Stow a 0 <1 to pin t took St i in up la la g my Pill to do i tempt i i m. T Ming. I trave a won a v or Bot 1 my cd Art Friend and Ini leg p. K Vav a n w full that ooh re Lily Quot i told be i saw Gin a try Frk him ufos of Helen s Titi it in a lit Lull Nerotis of a us in by mind. La a i use it her Vav toll i Quot it is time v i began tit a Flung it it a to r a kit to lie Binghi what # it use h in fur a rid Hornet i me lug Arlen la if Yeti in Mavko Vav is h la a. But Iii u in v a tied of hem that # or he of r Vav act i a i drop \ r a a a wont v now or t w hat Quot air a aint if Boll n Eio a k an i ii v Guarani i an i to v will not to and if As i i ii i it i i in. A Vii the i you the v mis a ii Ltd by Dunning have i tie he would Witt i pin it for in Quot no Iii net in i a pfc to. A t hit i i e i a i. No it i said u Vav or a Quot fit go regular of fled w it ii him t ill i flu i i a i lilt it of Oft i thought it Vav up to so Quot to said not i i g a i out a. 11 Pilot to 111 Chun o i the Hubjer f no d a aet t mind off Filiti. La fill j i j a f f cd in 1 re to Alt the Lviv d in a he Iii of i ass Onn i in in V that Home industries soon have to contend with German a i it ii to Otto r to tor also entered into i the in Cewa it liquidation of steels and Kindred issues. These were curtailed production tut to continued Lack of demand Ami Prospect of additional dividend re Lulu it lion and suspension similar considerations were More or less operative in the irregular fevers i registered by motors a Well ii food and of see igneous m Cladith a while rail woe under intermittent pressure resulting from the delay attending read test to a of of Vav a a and freight rates oils were i a la Ive in i in cheaper issues displaying marked till Blip . Flit Lites i. J aft. Iron nominally unchanged Laud firm spot a Fin Elm steady. Eat of of. I outs delivery spot $4 10 off i if. Antimony hot $3,25. Bar Cliver a Dotty Tsuck foreign to 1j r. Mexican dollars 48 in. Ii Voci Pho i Al Chicago May Market lower. Creamery extras sic firsts 2#f<� in seconds of n 28c Eland teds 20 1 a. Egg Market lower. Receipt 2 .72 Aso. Firsts. 22 is 22 be Ordinary firsts is 441 if Cut turbid 1. 2 i n 21c lower. Fowl. I ii olm pall hour with a Arco and in Tai quarterly div Iden in w a s i in of th1 but coppers were Hahn i Talt la ii All tin Tun Mil loan a to to i Adion my Mitt t in la of t a re i Sai lint i til at to there w tic id. If. If in a ant him. I Happ u i i i dam a a a i ii. To give vie. It a a talking and lie ii i<1 just or so. I a at and Ca lot by i. Ii Funk in a of nurse torn in the Stei Dov will i did t a i at Ltd Aliman Arn a a nit i to fill my go id Ron v Morton s to Quot had i red. Be i a Bern t ulant and a Vav a i hat h in la Kow of j i ii i f a mild owe cd wont hut to wining w ii Len pay int la i pay i lid say i doing it a a Ting this cd Nev i think in r tji t i a in id Bill i Ted. My. I he Puppy <1 a a boys it 111. I in in by Lovily Barki. Al. A a i a a. A come to it in a d make is a Hartm Tow i Quot i in Ole Eli i u and All wobble to swing Quot w Lute so can t you make us a k a Wing is my ii easier a a Yoi Vav bbl p. Tie burnout a \ that a Hammock to Rabbit a Rah in a ii to the the Tot my of the end a a till b fits. Us put h a re the Mono Market Erin v m my Rny it t Ling Tif t t per s ird the. Lose win i an it i a 7 i i it in to mum i rial pal hang on Light it got int tons Taal is t reported heavy coverings of the speculative hurts in foreign a bang. A i s to. Italian and i Indium tan Bills St a Ling loth it its i Cut i. And Marks wer but French belgian i Myrh i he punish to t net <1 variably. A a t in bunds were Strung in a a on tied Ion with the German Settle rent mesh in is also made fur the r Rains on a it por a it of fort com a o r Renoir Natl it of tit mexican gov i a rim. It. By dome i Issue to to j eluding to flotations it As <1 Etc Edards 22 to poultry Jbv 29 1�c broilers 65 a Ltd a a. Bola toes receipts is ears. Of firm. Northern White sucked anti bulk Fri b $1 of. New weak. Louisiana marked 13.76 texan triumphs socked $1,7. 9 4, Florida no. I t9.00vi t.26 Imp Rel. K Vns a t it shoot i. Kansas City Mas la. Butt a pkg and poultry unchanged Iii Hatch in i Vbk i i hot i if to Rtse Llu Vovk. Chicago May 9,000 beef steers opened steady to Strong undertone weak top $9.7 bulk in Titi 9.09 Britt he she Stock and bulls a to Ato la fat it Quot is and Stielf r a 7.att Butts largely calves Vsiak bidding a it a re a a f a b i a at t a or hogs receipts in eat steady to 10 lower it Bel Leady w tit v a St Lav s begs Well mob in of to of j up Mill i a to. A 15e to 2.7c huh 7 if 0.5 1 St i eights i mostly to a a rag. i �?�7 iou t bulk desirable 17.000 i my d and a i i a Mil p re a pcs i 7,0ti0 jambs Ami a tilings i Quot it to 25 higher Spring 27c to my higher sheep steady. Wooled Iamb top. $12 of Hulk. 11 , 12 to $ i 0 Ort milk sit 2 in is California Springs. Sis 7 Pound shut n yearlings. $9. K Alum a Tiok Vul t thai Lett lid. D in it hit to rite h i f Vin i up an but for the not Only to i old Bat i 1. That a s a v a or Pic leu to th1 rope.1 the an old v my w a Piha tit of Irvine i May in i a i n t re t Mug. T Ltd it t a re. B Vav led Jack in ame to to a Hammock or be in h e but a f Usa t a arum but it s time flt Hij 1 in you ? the Bun it is interesting to note that is under. A tie rut an financier does a to ended Stet senator that the by the Alite Are to Ltd hard in a at to recently Ami already commented on i Lions. Herr Fri Dis no r de int not Agre terms aet Xiv t he ried a if it Forth n out thrilled term Ara acceptable pot unreason Hie it is Loh a an condemn the Turma of the a a. Big Fogt a severe with a Tipoti admit i hat they Are no wha is a Folietti any Way assuredly the former Kaiser re when he l Ead lot Follette t there was a time Many let to was the Quot i be in Man a k of him merely his re progressive in Wisconsin dressed empty i his strength grew Rig Bob Quot and the for Advance pop let then Cam 1 be a be earn a in i t s. It i. F expert k and Timm roved the n they Ai is Wonde i f us 11 w you can awaken to i dormant Norgie of a backward boy by giving Bim some manual task is it undeveloped mentality can grasp and find pleasure in Coho tier i be i. I poems you should know going Quot hut an t k for it or i in lot Maki i ethic Teri i i i i if Fin ant a int k a n of until pre. Ltd h in orc i a a y in the was Rcpt tips full nations ago w a n a i Fob ingress. He had an orator and a after Day lie add Nuth Idu Illy known As Quot fight sen Tali pc clamoured a s. Mins Ivun i i nil i m \ v it re a Viva. In a p. A go ii Harp to with .1 at til remora and i. Vav a to ii a Tho smiles of let mans inhumanity to Mak s count i a n san oils i i Frame make our and Sham. N or it fed v to Tab i to Man thousands Rob. Vav ill. Porn w Kirily. Twin Al sit a Al .1 i we on i 1 t in Cli n it it a t at $ j t x 7it,000, s i t losing i i a v my i i a i. By a i a it Alcan Cai. Hut j american smelting amp a in i lean mum try t j amt no an Tel. Amp to i i amen an Kine. Anaconda it Opp r. \ t c 111� o 11 bait minor a a Hilt. J it i hem St. A Butte a Hup Rice t a Nii Fornata a Troi i a a Midian in to if in. J Central i it her a t ii hopi Uke amp a ism j t Quot hic ego Mai. Amp by i i Bino t a opt i to i a or i tie Ihle of a a tit a i a sugar. 1 b i in. I i Urpin ton a upper i r ,\1 it in i Sab a Par ref g a Macro. In our that Imas. O via go to to us or a urn sat by. H to 2 1% \ get 106 9 % 42% a m 4 a a h i % i 4 it % i i. A % i. 3 i it in a lib it Ulo in i or i til Iti Aid. An i a. Lilt Vav Lull t Ope. I ,1 i the Titi i so Jim a a i a Iii a it b s pad. Plier. X is i ill. Ate no. A re the i a tit-1 i v n i if mourn Burn verse of today \ 1> \ Ici t is revers a Hiie Nee Quot tip Ping Able to speech a a which him a and Hiko in polite Al Fortune the were dire. Ted against him. Slipping until a or Correl report the following concern he experienced thunders of la Ita been a weapon Twefi was i recent pile of he read Ile the 11? up 11 a to tor do. Not it re were in Iii to Pew Page i eel act bbl of the a Cir a h s ten pit i in no set in re Lay in f Haft. I to Arr in and Lait Al foil a Row talking save for t lies Niche lain lbs the. I probably Avail him i outcries a in the mov soft Tim who Hrha a lonely Man of Pongee did. By of the a in mop id to from on of n of m a a n in sat in it a a. Empty til Tigs t 1% Hig a in men cd the title in will run u of to a the hold the it blowing a it Tosh it and will thou t r the t Hon Wing d need Good Earth s Mead list nor Rue it rho re Tim will do it. The hold that to i. The Wilt tit hold the flying let the to will thou u i rom Llna me a a a a a was k it a i Tiva is Boa float p through i i tit Vav ill do i 11 High Ting the a x Vav i to a by Light night Iran it. A will ii it c we Lite i cd a i a 11 Whit it. I ii i t t % 1� i i. Ili slim Tarn to Hie Gal <1 a i Fin offerings 1< a a for Vav ii ii follow rhubarb a Gigue Bui Bui Hak i 1-2 Ca a a state by and l r in 2 cup a. At milk for a. >1 y i , Rhea Obi i Tabu i i cup sugar pm i of i a Mon. I and the. Grated i ind ii n the. Nu7tut�?�a buttered a King dish arid a it a it its thirty my nit in a to a tie oven. Then t be it out pour 0 vet i one c in it arid rhubarb wit he i has pre Van univ ii ii St. Wed my a. I a i j Eov i the huh Vav ii a lf., i inc la la of i i at tit w nit m <1 2 eggs at if f and id a Ding to i to in tartar a. Tut i t a Pinch if ctr ant i la Liq 11/ ii j be i to <1 i i., of r us a hip la lit 11# Jhio f i a i ii f in ll4 e pudding dish is ick into a slow a a a a i let it run Ain Titi t 1 git to a lug it in is Login into ii do lately Lulu cued at tour i Quot i ii a a la Rue b�nny5 Quot a the Book so Lee pro a a i two t a it t it int it to k and. Seeing a adv by 1 in. Blk the to in Al to an i Fini i a i be i in Burn a the a so envy it a a Btl. A it Ili Crisp paragraphs to it Riti Quot Money min h e a int on traits 11 of. Muh i. Of a of Rhi. Lei to i i s Cin l l s w it Weh know what the world comes to. Washing a port Nir Sixko in to anyone following tire of the red Matt a be a Fri 11 t he i it Hsc th1 Hue in it of cot binding us w no id a ii erg Tho Al tiled rut i is d in hire a of of ii inc i tidal a unanimous serve t., raise wha the Law supreme court of the i Cui flirt there lawns i of thought a to w hat of Atef. In the no worry of five to four Titer cd a in a similar vote the split to d it fit a dession it is As vol but the unfavourable opine doubts in the minds of citizens a really in he in m Arcet i tan the court report says a uti Quot dissenting opinion is a the or at a importance to Hie students or Tho evolution of it is quoted in full Iii tic report. Frequently a in the Xci Berry Cam the chief Juu. Dissents. We in new Mexico Hilt probably been fortunate in this regard. Nearly All if not Cine of the Cie a. Ion of the state supt erne have been unanimous in the Villi. Case r was a port cd that on of the judg. S subscribed to a of wifi re he did not Uppit Sivc Rathe Titan impair the Tea Vita it outs of the decision with any opinion. Ile was in full agree night with the argument on the main issues. New Mexico Law one passed upon by tic state supreme court la usually c Lar and will admit of Only one interpretation the unanimous or Etal on of Tho court May by thanked for that. In 1111 Mer of Sai Fly inn r i tin i int Hai Lamina allows Trad unions to Titer is no one to pay til Send a mine to wiled i la i no. Fix wag a now barred journal. A h leg Rei i it i. Save milk. I a p. A if. Its a i Iii 11 Viv Lai it less tons incite q i at tog of Lent n t grated Nutmeg a. Taste pour Fri it ust at Alture into buttered my Small i.tinekin#, and a t the in a pan of hot vat is Pun in a moderate a a n Hake until a set. A then a a in the cup3. This is a t an a nourishing it lot at j ii a if it it that m u Cini in i Hoit it her words. Secretary Hughe in ins the Mandat Are a trusteeship not a graft Bitt Busg dispatch. A a a a ii 5 of bark Brou n i i a it is a sad sight., but those european look by the burned out fir works to the it morning after to ton Herald a a Ltd 4 # hopi Iii Lech i lit i i tilt Quot i i Vii pussyfoot Johnson save be has mad up mind not to die until England i dry. Ltd Hgt a englishmen Quot Long by pussyfoot Johns a Cleveland Plain dealer. A tons Pat k his of lug n w ii Vav to a ii. N on Iii Hoot ? it of and butter Well butane it Hirn a Bot i Bottom t r t it in it vhf i Erie w11 a and Sam it. It Gra in cult a i Ltd Kia v. R ram in to bsh a a Sill Mill More a Vry court editorial of the Day from the the a buy t few months for Tny with ii Larto a no Degre of storage Oil us do is n gtd Jelly sup pct Petty baking i. v in tit i in melt i w the a a Graf. L to ret of ii Uil ii i or a w turn which also a in 1. Top with it i Btl hot cd a rid sweeten hint pour in or Allt or i not m to i pint of att i a a aft. R hulling a in at j Terni into a i Tulepan with of cold Witter and i cup f i lat i Zugai. By boil for to it tit u remove from by t Iii \ cd of and the it into. N it e a glum i. And so v i. J h i i to 1 a a. In t y i m a t hol lit heft its Vava. Set a a h. Tho Ooi to v a it id in title 1 a the. T j a re. O tit til Vav rid did d ii to d up ? it it 1 it list d no a. By Fie flt i to in a in tar Losh cd 1 it v of it cell Vav alg i 11 k i Iliff v nose i put Vav it a Al i Orleans times in a Ane strike a widely used thew both pointing with Pride and purpose apparently landed Force and Violet c. M. Anderson manage of the Milwaukee Saxo Chatton of comm too. Hath tight Tib a. Such phrases a Quot i see the and Quot tin dug Luna Quot in Belona in the elementary Grade should be related by sentence similar in a i look Ergh and left w Hen i Crow the atr0�t,�?� according to a Adermin who hat urged safety instruction in Public parochial and vocational be hoopla. In an before the Ciao Oman Industrial service conference. To Wisest boy in the world will do humanity attic Good it a la truck Down by an automobile ii t View a Vav. T h upon eel lain of Tho cold Mol to Speculator the department of u g Rte u it u re Ani hummed the other Day that St stocks of egg butter Frozen poultry and apples As reported a april i a Star exceeded the average for that Date Quot eggs in a torah totalled 1,984.900 eases a against a five a. Average of 230,000 a a Bair i d apples it barrels ahead of last year and s3 too hair is in excess of the five-5 Arav it age. Creamer butter last year stocks by 2,900,000 Pound a and the five year average by 5,, pounds Frozen poultry retailed 1.000,900 pounds above last veal and about to -000, 100 pounds above the five year St vat sir the prices to fail these commodities reached attitudes la is fail that ate dui remembered with Awe a and re it moot. Tho cold Dorng to gabs a Suppo Siad but have Givin them helping hand. The rewards for their helpfulness were not in All probability Small. But their calculations seem to have gone somehow wrong and no Small part of the Pic buyers strike probably is represented by th1 record breaking Tarry Over. Co a time re xxii i Hope so at least for the cold Alai age Speculator in food who Over ecu id Tiptn to of and is stung by ii is own greed ordinarily gits from the consuming Public no Mote sympathy Thau to deserves ii pudding As this pudding w minute lit a i. He thah is we a t Bori it it Mil tills with Meetch ii t Polit in Dit Ltd it d Only a i until till a ugh and net t i it to. St i-.,v, Ber 1 y Fuff up pan with pastry a you u meringue pie and Balli disc a. Brown. The it it the following mix u i i i Pinta of Sci,.vv i. Quarter and add 1 cup s Ruk 1 a fold it. 2 stiffly i we w Hochha a Bee Vav it is i i Cusp it it Vanilla thin mixture into t pan Bat he in a g i hot filling to dint to baked haul of t Fin Tot child in i ook i Pouncil of do then remove their enough Rhu Itab i i not ii to will a pint ii pc if but t i i it by had the Bottom of i Likin on to p of this to Lay Etc t d off Bud take ult a lid m a i v vat p then Iii tip it up with Deer i ant hardly Bai it it does it her Wen i Anil i wed vim in t it do Nuar a Ratch Vahi ii a St got it tied Vav Hoce me tip i Minikin on account of hit tog Mary Watkins is ail a and she said o fuds. It to of Peen Benny thumb Cut and red and i tic. Wit ii my Fiat in it it if ail led med i Hub. Hat my red Ink. Leeve int thumb and i red. Elko you think i pc u to t to is to Tho air Agen ? add i sub k i to wave k a w a saying i a Jap ii look to or its ii men she it fuds think i it to i i Vav t Uhall it up Vav a y o t j r in. Do it to started get it and to arg in Start it did not 11 Man Long mock for Jowh a if a Kin said. T must try it now to gee of it s ail the Bunny knew that th1 Rush Tail Squirrel boy had not been around to gnaw Perth through the Hummock rope As they gnawed through the do k girls my my Tope the Day before enlist no the old \ fall k. To bunk i a Quot Thi Hammock xxx 111 not fall Quot an id Encl wiggly Ashi tit a d it nth Flat i h if the Barret. A it it a very Good Ham Iten a if i do Ray it myself i ii wait until Jaki a and i tin come Home anti be How they like the h tymm k a so Comfort Abi that before ii knew it i a i wiggly had fallen a in. P. I hut he was awakened by it tiring u Voi a saying Quot there he is now he asleep and i cart Nib de i irs Quot Len in wiggly quickly opened hts Eye and the fuzzy Fox a int not asleep a Erie the Bunny Quot and it Yod try to nibble my i in a a a Quot if i try Iti a tace edly int r l opted the Fox most i politely. Quot of i done Titi try again Here where Are you going Quot he cried a he s Ivy Uncle wiggly in Mot Ion Quot by going to get out of the Hammock a said the Bunny gentleman. And to Abd out one rid. Quot Well you can t a t away from me by Riding out of the Hammock Quot howled the Fox Quot but since you have gotten out Iti get in and real Moth Laid old Fox plumped i Mac of Down in the Hammock the Bunny gentleman had made for the Doggy boy. And a to stretched it the Fox put Forth a Paw and caught i neb wiggly by the Tat Tail Quot come on you Way a will j have in Hammock awing with me i howled the Fox. Quot afr we awing to together i la nibble our Irso d. First one then the other come a have a Hammock nil with in i in r no i. A oui i Pacific. I nov York a Antral n Ort ii in bit it in. I Enny Viv Ani l i Ray i on Ottnat it tilt a Oppe i ten11 Pill in Iron Ampf a i i Bindi ii 11 a refining in til to in Pacific. J Mouth in railway j m tilde in Ker corp at Ion j texan Tympani. To co i a it tics j Chi Ion Pacific i Al it at stat a by i Utah a Opper. I �3 i 5 i i t so 40 % 54 12��?T- a a a a it i in Vest Quot i. Kansas City May ii Cuttle receipt 4,500. Reef steer it Andy j in of i. P. Set Oil is #3 i do Vii ii Rig file bulk of Sale $ 30 la bulls and fat tie a a-1, Bai j j steady Good and Piini a Piva is of to 7 09 Kumh stud a Hon Heifer $7 094 7 if other a Lorn fully steady fancy eater $ 11> of i idles Tup i of hog Rev Eft ,9�9, Pencil around it adv with yesterday average losing re to Quot toc higher Titan a a a it to v ova tag top to la of two it pig. Mire i to vip a a Light apr i it hat d p $7.90 a la a by a re ii Strong to w i to. In $3 Vav no it ii it a kind in of it $11.75, i 3c in Apt rip it Vav # Ca i \ f. My 5.0 0 ii Denver he or mall i t0i. Malk to be f steer Ami Heifer $x.f,a it i 2 of v3 5&Quot ii i Quot a a too la Lull ii 4,7 til i i 21 i Lek pit Uil it Stork k tiling r shorn i a nato moot native a 11 in m i a at Cady cl#-17,00ti x aft $6 no it 7 Job b it r Ami build $4.001 by pm in 16c lower. To $7 50 a i s Iii sheep receipt 25c higher Emit a a i Oor 6,25 $9.75 d ,?.,. It Oft i. I Mark v 50 f 10� Hulk 7 Soo Market 11 0 00 it la co burnts lambs. T till \<0 in huh Oil i la Vii i i Iti anxiety had a Ian a Lei idl d i a a Quot Iner Nard damage report a Are in bringing about Al v Nice in wheat the Mav crop by 1,44 to o f 1.164. Oat i fac in a i ski Ahong. Karens Nebraska. In a Missouri and Liliana ail a unfavourable no a regarding Market be Strong 3% Lief by Quot her with May $1 Toad july $1.16 % t Corn gained he to a to i lec and provision 2 Job printing plants adopt open shop plan my the Umee Lelnd of a St. Soul. Mn., my Large Job printing concern her today announced they would Ojo rain on the open shop Baab. An invitation a ext ended to striking employ # to return to work. Winter whim and Gott i Al Tail in trs f interval fab revived that rain West ii k Inan. Upward swing a it of Lumbago. Thi a be Amati a of the of the k. It Cook h on audd it Only at i i Juite painful every movement aggravate the Divenee go to to it is it j Inlet and have Chamberlain s liniment a lied and a qua i recovery Mav i expect d or f. J i a in Brockport n. A rite Quot i can honesty say the Chamberlain a liniment is the Fox pulled in bark into so Ham i Hen souk i Bingha p 1 ii it jut univ it h w get you it i did t ii i dare y i in thyme Ink i forgot All about it i att i All. 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The big inv gentleman tried haul to a a a but Ute Fox pulled him into Tho Hummock Ami then ult a once then was a twist and a turn and out fell the bad Fox Bown he fell Ker Bunko. Just like in Wolf from tie swing Quot Oil wow of wow Oil wow a Quot howled the Fox. And to was go Lam find Dor that when he Man aged to get to i feet he nibble a single Smitch off rho Bunny Gentil Init # ears. Quot by no Quot a laughed the Rabbit a the i of in limping Awny. In a a Good thing i made git i Imp k tor Jackie and Beetle the Puppy dog lev thought so. And they Ca me Home to try it. And they laughed w Lien they lond about the fait of the Fox to one again the Bunny a saved and if the Caterpillar does t tick i tile hoi Toad and make it jump Iii Tell you next about Uncle w i gaily and the mud dolls much aril i a led by statement of Relf iry Vav Alia favouring a High ets ii of i ii a a in for the War and indicating la die that Lei. In condition would be improved with the German reputation settlement in a id Bon country offering wire Small and gossip a current that the movement from firs hand would decrease in Lite near future. Corn and Oats wer helped upward i the of strength of wheat another bullish influence a know dec that to a bulk of Tho 1,2x0.090 bushels of Corn in Public Cliv atm Lime h to been sold for shipment the German acceptance appeared to enliven demand for provision and especially for lard. 4 losing prices wheat a May $1,44 $1.164, 62te sept 39 %4tl hept., it Art july $10,00 me pm. $10.02 mept., Bot Vav. Active evil it 1 me of Lumbago a yet a ago pm during Las summer. When i Loa n using r woe i was j. A Flat Ltd my Back in had i to a i Glen in and could not turn to the it or the i int right. I had a bottle of cd Ambar go in it l Vav i Iain liniment in go biome Ami this a applied to my bark it promptly drove away the pains and it or n Ltd to Fork eard bibs j i a j to in m in Al to i july juty3 f a 41 be. $ i 7,40 $10,32 us 32. Not i Ibi Bia Bonds. Yok May wherty Bonds closed. 3 Brtio first 4#, sxt.50 hid is $x7 20 first 4 e s. Sex 66 second in $67."9 tii ird a $ni.i.�?T. Fourth 4a Tot v \ Tetory h. $ 9 7 a $97.7 4vuk Niu \ blk Mon i a. N w York May la. Until pah re to. Be Immi irregular limed $3 9x i. Cables. Time loan i a in by in 7 pet steeling or. 99 i m i x t y Antei pm be Art Atta k of heartburn or t nil i gent Ion a for a done of it thin. It relieve Tho i i a instantly and Force the fermented food int the Bowe you fee Betir at once. Price Ioc. Sold by All druggist. Legal notice Muic i by Mhz i Niph v Tbs in Iii mutter of the est ate of Hen Jam in j by Mode neat i. N Tiee la in Rev give it that i cd Erie gonad s. Administrator of the is Tai of Benj Nim j. Jan to. Deceased has filed in the probate court of Bernalillo county new lit nit o. final report us Sinh administrator and the court a appointed tuesday the 3th Day of july 1 it. A Tho Day for hearing Obet Bons ii any there be to the approval of said final up a it in the do Harg of said tor. Wire my hand and the Ltd of said probate court Lii 3rd Lay of May. 1921. Ltd ii ured crore but. Clerk of said probate court 90 but d a v a ail a in i sex months 6�?~. And rut bid Money firm. High last loan i per cent Tow and by rate 6 a a pet cent closing 6 a a to i per a no n i 4 blk 4< n Ibn w a i a May la Cotton fit Tun plotted barely a in May i 2.xx july 13.2x, oct., 13 $5 Dee it to Jan. I 4.26 it by Vouk Mita pm nth it in it j r. No. 12x16, state of new Mexico Ltd out of her a i in the in Tiai court. Anni lifer plaintiff pc Georg , defendant. To the above named defendant you i hereby notified that a add Auh to n filed against you in brr j gig end con i and county both above named plaintiff in which thes. 11 i plaintiff prays for absolute divorce on the grounds of abandonment hid non Hii Pic Ort and von Ai Furt Iier notified that unless Vuu elite or it us to be liter i a Ai an e in a Ald Cate Ort a i toe 23th Day of june a a 1921 judgment will to Render d in id a use against you bad it fault inc tin Relief prayed for will a grunted tin name of the plaintiffs at Tornya a hear k a Grigsby. Whose Post office addles is Albuquerque a m. I meal i fit kick gym to. Clerk new Yolk May it Opp firm fir tto Lytic spot and mar but i so futures 13 94 13 to. Tiny to Juong foot Ami nearby by la a Rry f. Luu. Deputy

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