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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 12, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Six in bargains there is Power in Hama in buying lax. A it i x a Low or fun a in volume sales sgt it ivc Tim powr a of re in or a. It now of the town i tit of Lin sfas an illustration the i i Dun Pimm rvs i hit a not of throw Ward s store Crescent grocery for rent morning Jomn. Thursday May 12, 1921. Phone 624 today a ii o m e la ii Waud Ais Marhl at Nup ptvro.12-i<s 174 it o n i it t i 0x18 oui Iii Smith i to no. Str female Airedale 293- taxi phone --293 Hai South i a i Hoim 22111 360�?phone�? 360 our messenger service has an i i a skims guilt 2-lh-. Ill Ltd Ivurlir-2 Iii ii i i us tut i. I la prune. Hull in Tot i u Laii i ii i. Rider vinegar installed naval Observatory lib. Roy til u time. Ask for it when your my Milton. It Ort a clock stops. Prompt Messen 1 1 Gers our specially. I i i it. I ult Vii am in Mem i i in i kid is ii Vii 12 Ile 1,00 t Molt Honey a i pint Motte a Oil Honey 91,25 t0-lt> hoi ii Ltd % my i f. I Lionet 92,20 10-1 Lite Florin n Apt hit my Hui 5tk� 2 la i Ain i tried Oppte sin i.11 Wippl Nln and in Chi in Nard m a a i i led a minion. Tjho c a to3,h i lot i it it ram i lid. For 1 on i 11 ii i Ait it lib it Ina limit Liun ii i Mun it a tan. 55c i it i ii in Lieut. Adet in Iii it Elk cd a i to i was.,. A the i rails la a 5or 4 la i.,ii fell of i a til i in ii a Tarot int 2 1, a Clint violent tar 50 ase add in 51n pm eat at the cafeteria in tar a till sllliwr1si 2 Fco a. Us i i i id Phi is \1v up St ii i Pim t Cim do 44 skirts of a a a �?-1 let us Send a Man to refile Flint broken window Gina. \ i la Mineral 1h i Timber a to phone 421 429 North i irs i i t in ill Len t off i it to Iii t Ream if vent s la. Ii tinting i i. Pen it to i i Al tor i la i Ltd Ila on. In 50c 55c fide in 25c 2 of am Road tax notice i pc i a a us it t to Vav hold j. A. C. De Baca retail int foil tor in round Oak Range demonstration thursday Friday saturday May 19-20-21 everyone attending will be Given a useful gift Iriri i a to a co last time today highest class in every Way which was the victim ,., a by great runt by indies 50 f Amous c hoi unit l Oon Ifni Hiiftle Peanut i a in m Nims t Miklat no r Luff inc Urb a fit a of thou Riat of in a i Tiai a anti Milt come Lauch live i so i Villi v i i i i Imi it Golner i Linly iou i it Iii in Sill i i it Pinon nuts a Sita to h Al i i t i i ,. Jilt i Irish if trn to of i Antii mall outer i ti-pf., at Trot to i he Only Cash and delivery store in the City. Frank Trotter i to Vav ext Gold \ Lentic. Plevine 21 h. Meyers f or a Fife him Effii r to oui Factor Lili in Lien till a to ill my a Rotor a a re Mil ail Wirt Ilia in Eccl strop h North i i of the it. I to Utti taxi itt lilt Cit t i to to is i it i ars Imp Imi 150 19 is i Roic jewel a Hun. Til cd. A to 11 in mini. La k a to you want he Best our c-4-n til in method and nun us statute pub y Ai our a it to you tvs have a Fine line of Apt a Blithe a and thunk a Willi tit flavor. Perfect bake shop Jointer fourth and Central. Nun Illy. A Lulu i Ion. A to in. Local items ital Stu priv cd pm a 4 and f i Columbia Gra Foolas old to Lam pit in to i a pianos player pianos musical instruments jewelry and diamonds watches and silverware Navajo blankets moccasins beaded bags mexican Zarates. Rothmans la sic ,11.1 la Vav Shihi Iii s. I in i is phone wi7-.i 1 Fogg the jeweler expert a Titi h in mining i 22 Smith i it Jurth 21h i phone. To Fly a i .�?~15.00 Vav Isi \ is v 11 la sift la t i it Tai Mil opposite i in a let. 0mm Board and room Fie hem inure room with a beeping tor it. My sen he a Tenty file >1��?� la a to r month i ill la i a san v Tom i it 69�? taxi phone �?g9 i. L o s t Phon i j my i i ih25-vv. Stage Albuquerque to Santa be. De it Albuquerque. 7 44 am sir Lect in Bania be. 11 of act de Bania be i la pm arrive in Albuquerque pit phone 604 Singer taxi off re Singer Cigar store. Sio Ivet Central Crystal opera House grand opening May 14 at 7 p. M. With Sydmore and Hough musical revue. it i no a hello Albuquerque a featuring Jack Christie with Bevy of singing and dancing chorus girls Large cast of principals owing to delay in shipment of materials it is impossible to present this show wednesday May i Ltd As advertised. Materials will he Here and the a Ter will positively be open saturday night. Two t Complete shows at night�?7 and 9 of clock matinee saturdays and sundays at 2 30 popular prices a Jazm Vav. I Iii. It it r Avenue la i or sterno or h <1 i hum in now Supply uhf try St of i it tory Xiv of Al in full Wagon to edit. In Coal co. Thoro a i Gallup egg cheapest and Best for summer tsp. New stale Coal company phone 35 i. I mint a Home. A i ruin air by the Lasilli of flu i tenth Day vex Rutm a by re i xviii i Belli in lint Nur Iii Sui in Sini i v it v a Vinikow. Thin but a i let him it a. 12. Top i i Kinu anti Seim it a sol a. I to i it Ihnn for Sale cheap if xxx Obi it s r ii 11 i i or x Tom Tim loin . Man pleads guilty of murdering wife and gets 90 years ish a taxi amp Haggst Gay iss i i i it l in it two xxv bet ii Raj m in t a Iti Fth fail Cit Foi ii i it a inn a for m inn it non the ii Mph Tak a i Sam Lus for Sale new n and of n Itig Hll la White yes. The in wine 1436-Vi a i by ii no t re night Felt in he a j 111 few wee Khz of. J. Cd Albright la Fetij Ifie is trip i quote Chi ago. Rom Iii a. A negro de to 30 Days in night before a Fidge Vav Unn yesterday on the cranny. Tim Heron huh i it Cis a flu pending Spring Divide Ari. W Ith a s a i it rce i s u a Burge o again in thirst Mun b. Sis in stay Mill mrs i Jit North sixth Hob ? i of ii xxx i s a i n i i it. Or and Miti a Nee it i Tri f s Ali the if town in by it file it Itron a. Ltd a i the proceeds will i to the National in a is i Tgu Ai que. I is i�-5 Lite ii Rte a r it Gen left yen idly afternoon on the limit j a York City where she a it Rai Tiven and Friend i month ref a sue Telegram Vav i Iii of for if Kun id or Hen Harrison m it be j in Wynn mrs. Herbert it int i toy h Ella the ladies Ati Harv of the. For n w Anu it a i it it a wit Roe it u notice. The report that the Crescent it Eft in by ilk Westfi ventral a no. Has a i be out of Liu siness is fab. The Ware closed is Gerdav tor the purpose of adjusting. Ertain matters but they Are open title v for arts tiers and Hus ii in w ill i. I int need at the old in Rio finite by. Milk and it Pridu to will a served Ash a of it ire thus guard to teeing fresh milk and Buttermilk. I a Cream wholesale and retail Jersey milk 4.5 per cent is cents per quart. A nov Sitt Skir silos nos a vol a a w tis. Uhse. Ere of a m 11 Gad Fri stiff Albuquerque tent and awning co. Tent a Ling. Porch Iii gains it amp supplies phone wha Vav ail went Gold a anted it it or Matron. Vav Ell Nui Virv t min it. Plume pm Vav. Gun Itzy a ,8. Al Cha in Pion Ilar Kofi. In Jose skinners Ideal and Pappey a. Prior la Clits. Just received another shipment of Navajo rugs at reduced prices. Gross Kelly amp co. The Hopper Auto body works manufacturers of Quality bodies for autos and trucks 702 so. 2nd. Phone 551-w we till have some of those Sweet Juicy Sunkist oranges. Two Lozen 55c. Crystal White soap 17 hrs $1.00. I to it t White naphtha it map 15 bars is .00, ii his. Sni a Sij 0. Broadway Central grocery Vul Quin s qui , co., incorporated. No Vigil i nor taken. I Iii a a re a Al War Rigi Ltd rail it me ii use Superior White Lime. If Lith est fitful let or Jiing Quality Pun a Vlf it any in tit it i bom of a la i Fri a in a 1 a a in it try. So ii a Elmr in Carl Iii lot a Pic a Din u and sold by Superior White Lime company Alt to a Arqui n. M. I to Tux . Auction Sale i will sell to the highest bidder for Cash on Friday april 13th, at 1092 South Edith commencing at 2 30 p. Rn., Sharp. I five fat to it of 1 f a 4 i i i la i a a a a it i Roe a a to a t . I a ii. 2 de it in is. I 2 hit Quot .>1 i Iii i it. T.1 Byj dining room Mille to timing a Ltd or i a a a a. J it i 3 v v i 2 nigh. 2 Cinter i , j growing a to Nam. I sanitary Elii it a. I i 1 i 11 a i kit Imti ,. I i ii Mim rang to inv ii hit of d heft it a in la a a a a King a a a a it. I. It i Nelmi articles a Ltd Iii irn a i c. W. Sutherland auctioneer. Cerrillos Coal Best in the wet. Gai a in i i min. Anthracite i Vil Pinon. I Litchy Wood Kimi kindling. Hahn Coal co. Pow of to famous players Lasky corporation pre sen it straight is the Way cosmopolitan production personally directed by Robert g. Vignola. Scenario by Frances Marion. From a Story by Ethel Watts Mumford Grant. A ouija Romance of a a spirits a and buried Gold. And a couple of Crooks who set out to lift Silver and lifted a mortgage instead. All warm with love and kindly hearts and set with its thousand thrills in Rity underworld and country lanes. With Matt Moore and Gladys Leslie. Added attractions a Burton Holmes travelogues weekly events regular prices. 441 Lyric theater Contin rots a i toll p. M. Last time today _ big double Bill a the woman in his House a the wonder play of a love that Girth s the Earth. It will open the floodgates of your tears and dam them up with Joy and laughter Louis b. Mayer presents 44 the woman in his House a a Triumph of Mother love moving than a the Miracle Many a More convincing and says Washington Post Hay Revah cu>4 of of Ostay my Fig a surf Quot j r la com k. I n in a a it re Hill i fur a it i xxx we deliver any size any where. Henry Transfer co. 939. I Sunkist oranges when you buy a Rutn of fruit tog Mike kure the Label on the Tun Mann for the Hight a Quality. When von buy Orange i Ltd should be Hui you arc get Ling genuine bunk the amt it lock at the wrapper. Only the very Bent oranges he it put into Hun kist wrap s. Vav i cum Otiis bunk a i Ora Ages Bee oui Vav window lung atty Willy Nilly 108 South first St. A. Skinner. 4 Call the it Hove number when in need it Wood. Absolutely Bent value. Bold by weight any quam nutty a $.�?~>.00 Load of St Pelt comp by. Of course you like chocolate Bon Bons the most your Money thy i buy in cakes bound to satisfy special All this week at your grocers insist on merchants biscuit company a a supreme Brand $50�? Reward �?$50 a c nay Hald Hlad treated Iii our off lit thai we do not grow hair on no Good a you Chi r his chem a. Falling huh Gandhi it and it Zima Erir a or to charge examination free Gordon treatment Clin be tined in your Oxx it Bouto prompt attend i to Given to lug Turki re ortved by mall. Try Gordon 8hanihio. For Hale by drug tor Goliuk n tbbatm1fv co atm thru Branch a new Maxton notice to ail members of shrine Ca t of a hound the clock with the shrine a or Tho a who assisted in any capacity the to of High school Ige or older a til he lit Quetu of the bbl inc tonight thut i n a 9 m u lot a a Al a Dan at tin a Nonic Ball room. The younger members of the Ca it will be the Gonta Tull Patty fit the Temple Hauv Daff Al Lei noon at j 0 of clock. So Kini in Piggy wiggly bulletin car of flour has arrived guaranteed to please you. Sack of this flour and you fied return it to us and we by refund your Money charges each sack is if you buy a Are not Satis will cheerful plus delivery 24 la. Sack Home seeker. 1.23 48 la. Sack Home seeker. $2.40 48 la. Sack amaryllis. 2.54 24 la. Sack amaryllis. 1,30 12 la sack amaryllis to .67 a first National attraction also Buster Keaton the inimitable comedian in his latest grouch cure comedy 44 neighbors a a there s a smile in every bit of gossip and Odd mishap in a neighbors Grin in every no Advance in Price for this extraordinary double attraction. For Sale or Trade one Cadillac one Hudson one Chandler one Willys Knight. It no Winton six these ears Are All late models and in Gay of running condition. Let in demonstrate a Cal will Brills to it it your door Hudson Essex Agency phone 855 fifth and Gold ave. For Quick results try a want Al it

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