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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 12, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Roslington agrees to Confer it 07 fill Piura with Santa be officials on in tut Midi in protecting Tijeras crossing u Ihl l a is. Jee soldiers Lucily contributes warmly to i Good cause league thanks donors of Money cars and advertising. morning journal thurly May 12, 1921. Indians pitch Tena on Hoof or new York hotel. Five Quot i it a tit ii n i v it til of a Roh j i inter ran Ltd ii n 11 nor from the "1? i the off of to it amp u pay to if la of Uhll i Feu Kin. I Rig i wit in a 1 ii Viiu by Hrh a h pay i a Iid to y Kluh by dbl to i in i v ii i gone Veir a tree Cai that a i i t i i v i of i m i Kim a it Fly Filiti i or i it v h food suppl a in perilously Low a i a r i it a v of like Public welfare Pio Posa to create a new department will not have smooth sailing in Congress it is believed. Try tit Amo Hiril fret enjoyed Bif if a a. B. Visitors by it Nitin Quot pot it h. Im.#, Sot i a a or f it i t Hank to. I i it. Per by. Mar a rett in nil m t of la. Inn j j. Of Toulon Fui unit Thorn it i if or Tow o a the mire of no n \ i the o i his i Whoey i ladies Relief corps enter a terrains delegates to thirty eighth annual a state Encampment. La i in t will the. I a i rim a us kist us Topor or m. .1 the bord inst thursday i a it tin a of Prev Tiauna of the. Rar i of a Ilia h Achord it. i Marine Art pct Mil the a of tit Sims # a. i a i a Fth my a h j rums Ai 11 to vim no ii. Wat Kilt p in w a Iii it finn i ill he i Nail \ my i the or i Vav i Tao u. Ferond Ward be a i Ipp i a i a Neon. I l in m i of Tun la my third ird 1 a it ii ii ii Quot r to Juneau. i i bait i fourth Wilt by i. A til Quot ill i i Ink a i la i. W Hunt i i cent a i by the Quot i. In a of ill Ini j % a Fly i v a at Hart j sgt in nip Idun Fri t ii to a i by t a i i he sat ii j of. a Das and shh Dun Minns from the a is ask. That set Ooi a in Oil illicit i $1,071 i a an i la by i mat Che a Anta i of Jib we ii. An. Juneau of lib a it i i Quot ill it the Joo Tai Ltd Viii ii a. A n a i i with i had Quot it out la i. Iamb i to sat ii. I the i Las the. W Njaa o i i 11, i Quot s of ii Quot if a ii Quot by inn $ Jimi Ai >1 j Sot w Al or i a i ii of arts >1 Lay. A auf n. M a in it a but a .�?��ith.any, lib f a Alt in i. of la Harry t jut his to $ air Llad. I ii lured. Pharma y. 11 Quot it i a it go i trans adopt fir my miu., $1. A bit. High y. Of. A a it j i consecrated As to be enlisted Bishop Iai la. I in reclamation is elevated to his new governors of five Western station with a colourful ceremony in the Cathedral of St. John. City has $25,000 balance in Banks Fly la ii. La i pre a i states leave Lor Washington to Lay matter be fore president. The the i a i w patriotic measures ii u<1 m i n in the Chicago politician is shot and wounded Luna county sheriff takes alleged Auto. It lip a a i Pui Mobil in in ruins according toll a i "1�?~ i it Iii �?T111 Iii a it rid i i Iii i Tat la % mint him a in by i Luto Quot a Jar ii y the to a1 a oat Fth Ltd to the a a pm lated Fth i it i Clann fit my tut i i v ii Ruht War at a Tho pout i cd Quot hoi d andr a. No i j. An ii lilt $ tit i i i d to Quot ill nth or patriotic by it &Quot.i&Quot. Fatu Ity won in i he i Quot or to of j Illy with a a a not a to id a hmm aft Iii run to d the remu i to the Mal it of h j. That to it i Kuni ution will h a. And i the Arr if # Fri to i n v is if Hill to a pow r to Hie. Attila it t la Mina to Ltd tit t the it him 1 of i. Mill i Quot i Miu .1 is it a a git n Maui i hat i at not a in a. It a today Vii ? or Andre him Wak j Ltd the t la i o a Newtion Learned that a Vor my of the to tiring about of i the cd a entry Pant. Of thin Vav hich the a Pacl let Ai in i below it All Tim vhf Bow i s and in All Plad n in s it i i it Quot a Vav it la ii i United Side anti from fit revive u i. I a w b Tihoi u a Ming to unit Athu warning wok in the torn lit Rolv a that t la in n a i a i a it Hon letter signed the avengers i in Phil or a my favor the Hubli a t inn Kin de that tiie by of i ii la v. A t in re of o in country Bomi Quot a the Quot Upa fits o in the i a Ikua a of r in tint i \ Low r i part it moved. A into a Iii ii. By dts diag a a la Quot pm in the Quot k Hoot it i g of i andr q Iii it i in ii 4 if our a. We pm a Quot in in let it t ight was is e rub a1 Coni i a to a go a i my or her country or in linked wit h Asna Sal Nati Luik a lion old a that vat use our it i Omni Vikk Ida a to to Aifa me Ain it it the the nine in to it Fri Arsi through is at Ion Vav 1,1 la. W deaths and funerals i ii Lech Kumis ii i i h a r f i it in nut i fun the rat i. Min 1 Quot the i la re w h til the. Ideality unsurpassed or the wonderfully Refl so p�?T4flf White a ample Don a to nut a. A brings of tip appearance of youth. Re Lulu Are instant. Gigli in Antiseptic i a re a soft Ami soothing action. Over 73 a ars Iii use. St tip /5 c. For trial site be r d. I Howkins a Sor tit in Fork City i Lull i it chanter the. Ii. a hive a. It Cour Ikumi Ori e. L a i i a a Rathl country Ellisen or pre i i i in try until runt a and fur in a uhis for it fused Titian j ship he Ai tic. Deported. Resolved that the a in it ii a Cia fed i in Jiles in unread Broad i Caw by t i Clarana of foreign i warn of the in cited state in Cai Irving out its principles of Aroer a it animation. A into in Xiv Plant ii. Re. A an Auto body works he a he a open her la t is. Hop pitl for int is with the soot Auto pods i company of Denver and Luigi a j that with that Fincher bods work Jot Iii troll. The shop which in j f located at Smith second St reel is said to be the it nos exclusive bods is of k. Between Al in mgt Ltd and a liver. Gompers policies condemned by w. A. Labor federation i. A i pc r f a vim nor m i to j to i the Leady will ,1 a k t a a a i i a i i a the. N of that state. Committee was inst i lifted a of Al i ii h9 a a i la Rench in in Cha i i w $ 111 a Tings held he Quot to ask Ted Quot x rih Ftp r of ii i in 1 j h ill Ort. The Quot fir meeting it i Annie Nicholi Linda Evadora of the Cen ? he immaculate Cor morning at 9. #. I to tit Quot i it agn it of the s. Uth fait a r a. I. Manila Vav. I a Quot second Iri Quot Una wok held int. Anent will a ii j by i in a Rit Tiv a of the it i 1% Strong by i f k it n state in the Western la Ion astr orig Jolon. Hit i in of a i raiment the a Quot Vernon today endorsed a a Llyn funeral the so a nth Menar it Bill which Cai a i i Lam Jolly who a pump ration of i automobile ai1 in to Quot Ihm for the construction is it Bluewater. K. Vice Rte Ham project a. Supp t of ten in afternoon at that b ii w ii la hatted id the or Chape Rev. A a ii tit a i to w ill la u by. J to i Iii no. Interment a re. It party to a proposed com v a w it no Tai y. Martha Washington both Amor Atid frill Elution cond in i tut a Vul dispute is settled Samuel cd on per a i Biden of the. Amel i federation of lit a j of the a. pres i was adopted by the Vav St Virginia i but no a air a. Mall it by the federation of labor in Annua con file ubic n and it a Tat a a a a it i ii tis in the Colour Init would it the. Water in i Abilla Den in old thus save protect the Home with her Johnson shot Gim in these times when Homes arc being robbed daily it behoves the House Holder to own a shot gun. Vvs car putting on Sale this week a 12-Gaug Ivor Johnson single barrel shot gun with ejector. Price $10.00 Sells regularly at $13.00 a first Cia s Arm not Only to defend thy Horn hut is a Good Hunting gun for rabbits and Quail. You should not delay act now Whitney hardware co. Russell f. Mead manager phone 7<�. 307 i it i Central Avenir by by. Til Resolution Cha act t Sui in or quilt of to at. A tool of politicians and declared that tinder Bis guidance the federation was Uke a Shin without a rudder the Resolution Baya la i it lampers i a gone it mitral it to the policies of the Anni i can Feller Trion of labor ii promulgated in the National convention at Montreal. Therefore the it i leg a Tea of the West Virginia federation a f i a Hor to the 1921 cots Quot in ton of til Quot american fed Erat Ion of labor an Herd in a Siruc Ted to vote Samuel rompers for re a a a to a a a i a 1�?��?�tit the Square in front of St. So Phi in Familia to every vial or to i ,>-t.i not nope la no it a a y. It. It \ i a. Playground. I Jim apr Glass Painti Lum Dan Cement plaster Albuquerque lumber company Nofiu Hilst Blu of. At d or i Kona made by the. A a a nine it to the a eminent in a result w a if boy. Of. Will the United states so Steamer Martha a her for More thou have reunited m a olt us Ute a. T.,i it p. No mtg. Lid a stat no la. Minister of fir to night no details wet. V minister but the Nta that the work Ltd of uni Martha Washington immediately sifter u be. fount for the la strut a was Kirk a John Thorn Kirk a a service Matt. Died at a local Hoe pita i.-1 . A 34 be. I Roth a la on the Way to album a a and will take the body Lurk i former borne at Jon is. Ark. Strong Brothers a re tha raft. Boat i new Mexico woman s brother is killed in my Vert m m f v automobile Accident 1 \ mrs. Meyer was a me in Ber of but the. value bed Linen in by k a it mulled ii t 3 in by til in try from i ii. It i Lawton it i. Set i sin pc. Hit or ii Bloom guat j 3, Anil Arn it ii. It a Al ii re it. Cotton Bink i by Jer of up Boma to a a i. Killed s i Anda Quot i int b. Grogan of Allan a 1 a a. 22. Was probably fatally th1 injured in an air Lam Accident Ald near tin military Raer cation at the j in t kit of 1.1. Lilt Loti i y v til j we lid a a in spin i believed to have been Thi �?�1 ii11ii Bas j Iii Quot of the evident. Bor Troy by i bad i sister in v. A Maxi Quot his a i a ii is Saith women of Merit an Ilin a sprinkled Ort Btu Ming Oil i Dun in a it in go ish it. Resinol to that is Tho name to j remember if you Are a offering from All in trouble. Hath. The. Affect part with l a incl soap Tbs ii apply Bee Moi ointment. Retief is usually immediate amt lasting. At att drug Jufa. Man Sun of a a a a 2-1. A Tricot. us Sidecar taxi popular with kiddies. Whit. Cream Verm Fuge lot i Fain destruction to intestinal Worms it is itarm1�g� to children or adults Price sic. Truid by All druggist. Loo Wood or ave no women Acta h of of Macon Hee Adah chapter no. K. A. Tutti a Quot in in it Relief corp. Mrs Meyer is him a d try her husband or Eva to Ilsi Eye a and three sons nil a i Denta of Tai i \ the Birdy War taken to mortuary Home priding Funi t ii arrant. Lite n try i \ Sci a eng Ella Garcia died a it night aft i a Short re. In survived by a sister and two brother. Oro Llott to la Cha Rue of funeral arrangements. Demonstration May 19, 20, 21 a Ini feel old overwork worry Amity or a Orrow undermine strength sad health. The a cause contribute to kidney trouble and weak or Tea de kidney make one feel old in Middle age. I a Klut of Happy in ii a Ming from a morning a the Quot Berith in a novel Toxqui Sitter Tux ii la new Ullett of a Lite amp a i proving very to Julur will Londonia help weak overworked or Dick cd kidney and bladder to that the system is free from waste and poisonous matter that cause one to feel old tired inn fluid they banish backache rheumatic pains sore to nut Clee tits joints. Or j. Ii m a by sir cd. N y. Writ Par Many a tit i suit re with i. It a Virosia a rid Rheum ii a i bad a or. O is is. A a i ill Mem Riffia and All pity it gtd out. A t to a i i it a hrs i a j to do Alai Fumu a to i Itig two Tutti of pol kids Pill i m �?z.k-, nor list Kart is r. Land Whir i to d to Lay we it a a Nim with i or urn. It Loas i pm Row Al porn Cemi Oit or d Moy a Good night rata is or wan it Kabul. In of hit Nae count let 111 of five i a Quot laxative of it of is Hammer Inina Tabi. i of mild and gentle that you in hardly i Alose that it Batt Bert produced by a Medicine. The roiled Oak a fifire demonstration the unusual terms of ownership ring 1 a round Oak Demon stration Sale we Haw reduced the ownership of round Oak ranges by a set of unusually easy terms to a matter of desire Only. The deferred payment plan which will be in effect during the demonstration makes it possible tor anyone to own the Best Range made without having the Cost interfere with their other financing one round Oak Range owner after being told of the easy terms effective luring the demonstration Salt said that his experience was that the fuel Economy of the round Oak Range would More than keep up the payments. He said it was like finding the Range. Done to forget to attend the demonstration May 19, 20 21 at Star Huv. Ooh a. Ure co. Enow. 109 a demonstration May 19, 20, 2 demonstration May 19, 20,

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