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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico s leading newspaper i Oil i x i of r m Ika amp i of i i \ \ v i vol Albuquerque morning journal Albuquerque new Mexico sunday May la 1924. 20 pages Toni Alf in i o is i i Ion s new Mexico s leading advertising medium pm if. Five c ett8 Kie Bill is pissed i Bishop Brown soon i to face trial on charge of heresy tues Paule la 1924 measure must go to conference with House to adjust changes made amendment increasing from $2,000 to $2,500 the exemptions for Heads of families with incomes of $5,000 and Over is adopted Relief measure leaders in both houses state that a vote will be taken at this session of con Cire is tax red Etiopi ii ii 4 Vav g ton Max the passed today by i i Senate. It provides for a 25 per cent Cut in income Las. Pax Able this year and permanent revision Tov award of practically every Federal fax. The democratic proposals for reduction in the income schedule modification of the corporation tax and full publicity of tax returns constitute salient provisions of a in measure. These and other changes made in the Bill ii passed by now be taken up at a conference be House and Senate. Is endorsed at democrats Here Ems Meiu Torvy amorian of on i proposal for in uninstructed delegation is voted Down proposal to improve primaries rejected Republican party will be 68 years old on May 29th i a it a by a vers work key Mabry Date speech de administration and a linty officers i aided it. La Erv in a minty Eoima-1 will in in font Foytik it Broo u is a in in rises to l Ith n v i ilium Monte la Ca 1 no a of Job abject 11 methods Prima rid lifted i Wuu a Al it i i my e Rubert irk to source of our be Helo Mondak National Welt being--g00lidge use of executive mansion for services is tendered Secretary of Interior by president undue Lime <1 Nam i 1 Tablet will to in irk tilt birth i1h> i of flu l it ftti1,1 tini Arf it a of j anti a I Ulm Chr lefty Tinnil v. I it it two. It i turn Nim heard i Tho to Ili fit Guy ii Birt ii a or t i. Ii it hell bum. Must Ween member a a it Dre i. Iii Rex ii la a a Iff a y i n it in la .0 i % i it to in i vital in Jennii i on f Sal passage Ala re null. Are n i la i -4 it Hillier pint let i get or final ill o til t up i the 7, a a e p l the in ill in flu i the at House r to i an i a that the von a a till eel Lent Idee it i w i a of of w Quot a a i has ton j j a it f a Quot ii tin i in to the i ital to Jin i a i i r r in Fen my with 8 pm Gillett re it a m lit i tis e lug the can i a tier j. A my 11, i f i -111 j a i to it i n a j rat 11 or a i Matte e. He 11 no Clotil i t ii re a i i or Rani the a i let �11 ? i with d ii 11 no n m isl h lift. Of lie hop a Bishop a for Oil in by xxx in n t i in Ham he Birn aft Abraham Lincoln j y and be i tim r solution were Tot Ion r. J is famous Quot lost a a it i a Trina iou to the f act to at the la i. Mijo a Hall in Blooming v the or Coni de leg t lion to i to Iii. In x.,t 8cutintent in a a r a y rutted to pm t it ballot for of in i. Bing of a new p f la a select a of of a ado dec had been or Iwine f Quot i sex cry n Arn i it # from m me Alco to the my Fin Fly Erv Sfa listed info in wit in it i anal co to v v to 11 on a i it a de first Ala. Convention in Hill ii of Ca ii to a a Nim a a a in her in 1% it Brief a r ii a a lbs n War the import h Mishie i flirt a tip t a to Quot firing political cling of Tho 41 tit. In lha in of int or Ham o a a a it a. Who n occasion credited with Mark i j of ii 4 4 it it go la Moi ii that Tho the Birt too to. O i. Now in solution a nil rising of Quot and of to f Rolta bled the it n i a 4 his move Washington May to. Funeral tilt m in the Nav it roam of the j to hit House will be Field monday i afternoon for in. Hub t1 . J wife of the in Ary of the into riot who die suddenly fester to i y. I a it i or re Cut to listen i which in the Paet Haw is rely bean the been of final obsequies Over a by a sit in Mililani and members of the or immediate families i tendered to ret Ary work today Hgt president a a a a a it dec fiend Viet Malo for burial at Arlington Natl it a i it mete y i in let i a will in f t in n to the i a ast room m Day morning from the hut cd where the Secretary and i mra xxx orb espied. The funeral i is ill take place it 2 to. My in the la re no e of ii lit ii officials and pm a Smuts it lend who is ill attend by offed i in Vita Han no t lit Ril in Quot off ale Coniti flt. Coll today Only three previous Ort re Lone whew the. Ester a had Heel need fur Eiml Lar Itin Erate in he pm the i Tat a vow in ism Veo when Wert i see were held fur the Tili if and Iii Chier of secret try of in i the Navy who Trad j oat their five on j it the but Nunt of la or r aside a Vor j Here. In Lincoln administration. Finn army officer Aho in Alexandria Arr Attu hauling Dawn a Confederate the flan writ a ii a a a funeral in Tho of. Bit hour and while William int Henry Herr Lon occupied thet Chi h a i he a a i # motion to tabled and her n Ujj Eti Quot Don a to whether a motion was order a vol i to Ken and t haves motion t n e exit but amen a Island new Jar % Lite a m a. Arad it it ii h la the r a i the Houn Vin or Val a or u i i v ii 11 11 11 Filiti mini Quot i 4 Quot tio 8 of till i Iti x x in x Hixi i la in a i xxii it i tax i k. Of. State help asked for i to Reip Battee i Forest flames fire on Eastern slope of Chiricahua in Arizona leaks out anew Graz-1 min land burned i i ated Roar or rive ton i it. To ii Graham Mou through unanimously i a Holt us a motion to Quot orig in it i Reol it i n a Iso ii tic it a d liver riling Vole. Dell then it id that he every Democrat should the Quot majority vote of not j of a in the Convell Milo items s administration to take effect on july i next conf secs on measure do i h i j j. Mabr 4 pm Ini in t v cd ii a Cline i., a Vav to founder Tell to Pri a key no Jer i the work eth of Rem t be f ate ado to or into u loin Dally tit la Quot cd a cot ii to Sty of d halon i e. I into 4 a o cd v by m w life i i v it inti Quot. Rrt Tsen tit ii b base by for i min the to lost a of men in no no Pic cd Era it of 1 he Hopa tiv is k. Int saw in n arid a Monty Ehi i if of i lilt # or. M i by v attic. And i 0011 j f the o. It Quot of a of Tho ii it tic Quot a i or. Tit Mabry is _ r h <18 d urn j ii to m off to i to is y ter in i i hair to in 11 # to to s. J in i r i o n to i it f a Cully mansion an cast room a was held fat a be oratory upshur of the aint department. 8# i in Mimer Fth Quot Navy and soy Erat other killed Leth explosion of a gun on a naval pc Wei thay w Quot i inspecting in the i atomic til hip i i of Xii work it Arlington will take place under the regulation permitting the int pm it tilt a of wive it it of those who have a Xvi d in the military Force Quot Fth a entry. I ref ii v Quot work a Turin the world War was an officer in the army medical corp or. Wallace Radcliffe former Paster of the no \ Kirk Avenue fresh Tertan Church which mrs. Work attended will of Rich t n at the that Trot in services. A Jap a Rangoon to Calcutta jump mane by Lieut. D0isy. French flyer mini he to a in. H till. It. A a. N i liner voted do Lared i Tine Levof ice i Toi i ult a1 nun i it i i i odae a r 111 a id in it de la red la. Uhll i i or to thy t 1 i i i be Helo Tobak a approximately one Hundred delegates from seven n. M. Councils expected to be at Las vegas t p Quot a Quot orc tar. Hit Ion affecting the holding primaries a i flee St h id by a it it Ltd a he via the i d rods can vex and a a a a a i i l t be. And in. Quot no i u Hocini Asj Tah a car a. More Equi Tahlo j pin of 11 mint it i a Gates to j i on vent Ion rho oppo that t the it solution said it j affixed a it. Possible for per j a Pipit Democrat a to vote Aud Hen it minty it Hatrman to Coo before Taro or. Roshi raid i will lie to lest subset till for a a to 01 itis Ary which he said h fee Raj i new met Ico. It a re i i p. As follows. The i u solved j. It w so agreed a til the it Quot ii it of. A i to he a a a i lit Lins no Rutilio a a Timph it a of of eid it i Moi it it i f la Al it fog a i iou it of i int it. Prior Dat. Of excl Salon. Tho it emf in o a ii of i o Quot to i Hiti Tiff i Titis i 1 Quot lie. Ii it to t tid As i in my the 8#nat# v t a the Section a enactment f the Dai Ichter is born to mrs. Mathilde Oser 1 i. May of mrs. To to wild Quot i but Mick sir daughter of Lim eld la Al Corr Nick find j in Amlin Tieffer of j. Hit i. Rocke Feller who was married to in or i in finer a former 8ulas cavalry i a Fri a r. In t .>n.l&Quot. A year a it i i a he Mother a f a do Ryhter Horn in Paris relatives and Friend her were notified the Chicago journal sons. Restore Street car service is in i will i i iou re in a i n i i a a non i Omun ii incl urns Pittsburgh Lily 0fflci3l or i the Hon # life of America and id make from Tho High he h character air our nation. In re a i a Lei in prov is v so of Lead a Uin nary h n t it it in cot of the Fin a Mill pit Xii it cd i try too or v in it a Mexico pm Knigh 1 of Helm who t h Quot # ate Convent to to a Hilt h meet Here t in \ it a a try. I sat Toufas ii.-. It i in x fit eve que Gallup. A to i Aurl at a til p a Fly a a i if a 0111 f-1 to i c n and will to All xxii ii., Iii a Xima l. For it. J. Inn. An Prem it Mccarthy of ill cd i u mental direr g x Lait in of fir la is d visit c to Colorado newspaper Man Dies at Denver a Sui troop of tewa it Ltd Quot. Quot inn club that i n i Idem Ute a it i ii lit be i net incl fell to corneal the i precinct i i a Art i 1# for till he Leo a diet i a i inn Quot a Van inn i a it to co Nfn. To tidy nation of r county officer Ard till a Elcid Ion is confined to the 0 i of or ted fates to the e Atai o Conven re sat pc Aud i i Rio Ltd r lie Jun to Hor i of St at was Daluk i. The 9 i and do atm i Oft i Cern upon the portrait of Wilson it Ndu to a i j halt not i la said a in Mei Lief ii it i Iii Stein to i n a i wll mid j ,1, a in to i a it gtd the n a to t a a ova r Bilbo Pri a Mary find a Ai Skues it retd. Adult i in i cot ii Thi Prima i y to Laa opened at a p. In. If 1 or Day i i i a a i by i i Erst a i in Intuit h # or a the ref i a. And to Rem i ii Ltd it ii in a a a j birr Ach it ter 8 t a Aid pro i i .4 Mary ? j a 9 i n. Right to prepare n a i i j v id Aal ballot Ai i 1 cast Sall a for lha Dot a noted nun i. R of Del ii to said conv Rte on. A i rite Quot till 1 Iso Tutlo us brought i i a by the re of Luton let it a Mil tee. J com to cd Ltd ill. 5 to of air. La. Of All aliens Jot n Fiorell. Al 11 and i it a follows want or it a a i i kit in of in county i i o l a tin i. In Phi if to f i i Quot us mss which they in v0 at in i in n the it i Laid St a Day under thrill. Quot ii Quot i p for ugh a i is Usu to to # a rial. No indication from the a pc a a won i in n any flirt Lier step Pittsburgh be May of i tilt a tis. 8 hit and if ohs William a in gee late today mad Quot in Ith i would White a f a i i a i demand upon the Ria a Oft l fore aet whether a Birgh railways company to re till in it Uil i approved Lay it Ore sir it car service at the Earl Lent cold the whoa finally fest possible moment a with what med a i hint j Ever forces a available. The de Mrad illicit of Ile wed in Sanka at j Midnight last night of 5,209 to i turmoil and conductors was an is Hung in building Evv Ere i by the rom Pony s announcement Flint an Effort would be made it a monday to restore a with Bou men from put Alt cities Here leu War pomp. A my a us i add today mayor Magee informed Tho company that the City we prepared to furnish the Pecos try pol Leo pro action the City Council meeting in a i it Cla i a a Mon. Lamp a r in the Day passed an emergency ordinal Vav hic it creat d a. Fund of ii tufted r la Pur f tear go equip inept riot guns Ami other mate ria1. The worst traffic Jam n the history of Potts Burgh resulted from tile strike Vith i of ult of a to if Fie Jam in j a j to Liberty Tunnel. S pet Ltd nov. Rione i Carbon Mon Xic a thrown off by in Torosi a and the Triune were nation wide Celebration of a better Horn est a a Eek is opened by president with an address demonstrations in thousands of cities to educate people As to Type of houses to build manner in which they should be equipped Washington May i it a a a ton wide cd Bra Hon of Quot bitty hot nag week a Wax opened by president Coolidge tonight with an add a broadcast but radio from the a hit House in which the cutly tire d co operation of women a clubs civic id Cut my Quot Iclal Amao Clu Tlona and of the pulpit and a a in a movement to strengthen and improve the Home. A Colliu w la it. Held i a chits not demons rat a will be held during the week in More than a thousand cities Tow Nanny Rural communities to a Durant Tho Ann Dean people it it the thu of Home a Volch should Bhutt and Tho manner in which they to equipped. Quot the american Horn Tath source if our National Well being the president said. Quot in it our High Trad hone of be twice and in eerily a fostered. From the to it Home there emerge respect for the Rte hts of , and the habit of co operating for worthy ends. Through sharing Ltd common Enterprise and common sacrifice Tho child develops that sturdiness of character which Damn Ruthea the manhood and womanhood of our land significance to i Nilon Quot in recent year a remarkable development of our material resource of human invention nod of human Opportunity have turned the attention of Numy from the Home to a Thor Fields of Engros Lair Intel a to. It he i n necessary to recall Public attention to the Horn in its into enc and its finer value 1.# impaired i inv therefor been Well pleased to not the founding of Tho movement for bettor Home in America ureter a it inspiring a a it Iship of mrs. William Brown . End have beep Tippy by Sorvas chafe Man of flu advisory Council. The Quot Oigt a n. Quot i Prtrt it if to it movement i have followed with deep interest realising the Al Golf ram a i Quot Hie nit ton of a wide a i Pend to Veniette strengthen and improve the Home i Lemon ration flail Heil Quot i bus St the opening of a Bette Homes week i am glad to Call attention to the demonstration planned with us. Ii Ley tin and Dis interested a it ii by the utter Home committees of hundreds of Anteri can rifles and Village and to com mend us a National service the co operation of Tho wont ate club Chic and commercial associations my of the pulpit and of the press in thin significant undertaking. Such initiative Enterprise and de lotion should profoundly Influent Liers railways company i i a Quot a a Quot Quot a Quot Llanta a a trait of nod Row in n building on Here. Marking if late from to j tired ii w if Hou in a n �?T11 t i to May .1 m 11 off Ute in. \ Poi i was Hun Ilia fret it m us 11 rat pm was Hun a banter t to Quot Mory my As Tho fir in Tho Leal a b a a ,1. Hie s f or. Wilson he by weather i or Ca a. E. Conference deplores a movements that hums Case of Langley we l late Anil discriminate go to jury on monday against foreigners i ii a a. \ a v k by a. Ming my ii met f Hod if Milf ctr we Cpl Hriz to a it. A pal 11 i m in or a neb Rndy i Ltd i i a a a ill it a i s 4 la \ t i f a tag \ maw Al. C Ziarn h i a a i i i it it i i a it fed at nil the a a o t % Tift Urb est 1 e1 n of i snit i humidity at 6 i re nil it red lilt i Tinniey i Quot to the Jur an in ii in to lated fir pm vent lot assent k i reaffirm int a tip a j a a a Quot cd a i a con Van Ion of the National div Porrath party and til or re state it re n Ltd and the inst eau cry convention. To tote prof Clit 4 and filed i it it a lied in the Stet Ai to county us atom m Var Jol Quot that tech ii com before the Copl with Tho that tii Dot o Era to. J party hat kept Tho Faith and that every prom look hts to Ward Pond govern Rny i t. And of fee fancy which Gaa contained in t 11 a Phi f. I a vis of it Quot fit ii cd per form cd Foror Dot in Cera stat and minty off #.�. We in thai a St Ashy endorse and comm and to Tho Good Pupplo of tit us stat the Maori Fiorit administration Whiteh be in us oct in to Hun enjoyed for the past two year. Xxx pm dec to Quot Delegate it Fec fed by t la i on v cult b Titei pro Nulph % or i u against editor is dismissed to get Busy 3,200 pm. Loyes on strike minor loses Appeal for half of estate left by his father 8anta be May # Brown minor son of Charles i Brown former probate judge of i Kin lev county lost on Appeal in a suit to recover half if the Slat Teft by his father estimated to i Worth Igo too in the opinion by i nut i a Sam Bratton an i Cunt a today chief Justice f. Xxx. Parker end Hustle cd i Bott concurred. Brow a ii will k Ite Hoo to the son and the rest of i estate to i in. 1/3 it b. Heller of Albuquerque his daughter by a prior or to inc. Shortly before death he envy Tho daughter a deed to All his i in crts the trial found ii the Tho will fled deed invalid but Tho supremo Emit in the opinion announced today reversed the judgment. The Brown a stat a be a subject of litigation in the Federal 11� 11 a a t court. Suit was brought in that court by a Cern an woman claiming she a married to Brown in Germany end her children but decided in favor of mrs. Ii Lier when it came to trial re. In Albuquerque. T cd of right of press to free speech anti free criticism must not be abridged court declares plodding search continues for Leader of around world flight who has been missing ten Days re it a i it right a r in of the n m s \ s 11 a i a to r. A a g., Grai Ltd a 1 u zoradre., for mired t d in Tion of its ii ail p sponsor of conure 1 r n Hie 8, a Brit Mega bin. The attorn i a i ill a i it r i of i t Xiii on Ute or. Both of re Dot 4 w i r h 4 a it x Phi it i la i to Kama i a May 10.- Frank my a of met is to Ley copt to in of the Gat r re in Oak i a u the inf ask a air 11. It in to j n 11 u f go in fire to dial for in la that Bremerton we my to by the asc.4x.Dat#ft press Ahu Biland farthest we bit of land in four machines Togo in Only to Tvert company two Day later be tween Seward Alaska and Chig sip Haa brought no word of either a i i of solution xxx a xxx her a a. To ill a Toflea to p dirty a f. I % a the time the Hope of to f. A a a i my a r a a a to a t a rough w i Teh it f a he Scop a in me at rot. A by red it lied la. 1 f r o n i the Pill i Tong graft # id in a a torn fief toe w a Btl a Quot pm f Vaite a f h i for the Bast four in Rte r a p. A ref Quot Lite. An a rid in i j u her Cati cd to crab to it. A 1 h n i w111 hied i of n to Tiff for to Day i Quot i i he or Ess to it i court j a Runov de t in Judi a fiction. Judge t j. Struck me v c it f tin Maricopa county us nor court today granted to i it of Hareas corp is is charging Tho can tempt in of xxx. Spear editor it f As url Zomp re w a m 1 a put divan i Fon Ecsi jump of a flight around map vhf Vav a cited f a tin Earth in which they have been con 14 Nap t in a Lim in in Ai. up. J end a Quot a i March 17. Par court by Judy Quot a tee n a in Tho on the alas _ _ i Ahi. A it a Quot Mil of i do 5 1 peril ii in the Waters of tl.4 Fud the of so Milos to att a in ten i Felon in the court a it Tivo 11 a elfin in a a n southward arum thai hours and fifteen minutes. In Fri i a Ute a of the luring k a northward for Tho leap to Japan the Stop j belonging to North America Throe j part of the severed Squadron mince Early morning. It was believed hero that the flyer on Atta. Commanded now i Lieut. Lowell Al. 8 in till would life several Days preparing for the flight of 870 Miles to Tho kurd islands of Japan. Well rested by Hunting fishing hiking and aniline icon Alk a Island they yesterday Plant and throw Mechanic of the unite i states army air service rested tonight awaiting Tho to can take the la to in #1 on Page two in Ines Day St lib lit Refuss amp Jtb pay i so Milos eastward from Tho it f $300at i Ai b judge pausing adventurer a plodding the of on to a tit was in a in to s Arch continued for their com c in to 4 e rerun a my r. Major Frederick i. Mar tin missing wince he took the air j it a a of in ten Dave ago with i Mechanic a a a a a e Jai i. Iii i ight it of the staff Seargeant Alva la a Harvey at to i i Quot d f or chg Elk Alaska n a in t not i bite i Quot and the radio at the puget sound of Dpi a a i his it. Of Navy j re Here Brough who a a i i--.-, Vert i his and sputtering the world i or it folic veil la four flier info i Ivy leu Iii , ate a april 33, fling Point of which a on Faranna a shirt Island tank of the Kuril is. St the very North of the Empire elaborate preparations have been la Progress for months. Two do re a Era of the United states Navy and two of the japanes Navy have been hovering in Tho Kuril wafting for the american aviators the United states fisheries boar Bider to Quot a in d the flyers at attn and Lite i cited states coast guard Cutter halite a i hem off a Atli a

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