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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque morning journal May to 1925 credit men in meet june 8-111 manufacturers. Wholesalers and Bankers from a parts of the country will 1 o in i e l d women lawyers Are opposing counsel in big murder Case four records smashed Quebec s captured As bulldogs win meet continued from rage on shield is restored Colorado varsity track team swamps Colorado College nurse saves 2 people is ii gather at National capital Gibson Well no. I Oil tests smallest loss of i any crude yet discovered in 3 at i of lit Washington May lure wholesalers and a from ail parts of the country gather in Washington july s to the thirteen5 in Ltd Tatlor i association of Mer t i Survey to or credit Situ to n. Both Domestic and foreign Lay 1 a a n a Fred it. Policy for already veil developed or to be backed by a for the prosecution of criminals. Tho Campaign against credit Crooks one of the most Quot a ital pro r be re the association will come up for consideration when a report is made upon the Progress of the movement Sample As from the i was drilled Section last Oil corpor i shown the crude Oil s the Well is 21-29-11. Tim Fig or the chemist i j of the Oil taken Well no i which or the Bloomfield a it by the Gibson re to Hare i b s t loss of my >un<1 in the world ted own Section 0,000 fund. Of the r commercial ret an address will b delivered by Williamj. Donovan assistant to the Atter j Ney general who As United states District attorney at Buffalo and later As a Justice department off i Elal has been deeply interested in j the movement to curb commercial f in us. The discussion will be opened by a h. Pouch of new York City j chairman of the National fund for credit Protection who will report on the Progress made in the program to establish additional expert investigators in key positions throughout the country and to build up a machine to prosecute the guilty. The program is expected to receive the backing of attorney general Sargent Secretary Mellen and Secretary Hoover in addition to consideration of the a Nti credit crime movement the association will take up a wide Range of topics related to banking and credits and will be addressed by a number of government officials. Leading business men and Bankers. Among them Are Garrard b. Winston under Secretary of the Treasury Edmund Platt vice governor of the Federal Reserve Board senator Simeon p. Fess. Of Ohio Bishop James e. Freeman of the episcopal diocese of Washington. J. N. Eaton of Boston and Eugene s Elkus of san Francisco. Bankers of the association who Are organized As the Robert Mer i Northwest is As determined by i and engineers of one r Oil companies in the United states thew the Oil from the Gibson Quot a a it h pc a loss of Only one per Cen. This is lower thin that i Vinu in found in the Rattlesnake Structure in the Northwest Field of the Ria by the m Inez Rue the Rattlesnake Oil is so to i Ive a loss of three per cent the Gravity of the Gibson Oil is it and the initial boiling Point is if. The recovery is St and the residue is 12. The Gravity overhead is rh.2. Of lowing is the distillation if the Gibson Weller cent temp. Per cent temp. Off Froff a of a a to 166 3 8 212 2 i is3 44 221 30 19 66 284 4 0 21 5 69 Soo 5 0 23 3 76 3 50 6 0 266 Tkv 374 to 3 0 8 79 380 so 400 382 87 500 Toh 390 9 i it 3 9 2 80 400 is 410 is h 4 25 s2 4 437 84 4 60 8 5 475 87 500 4 i Colorado Oil company leases 46.000 acres Northwest of Roswell trial of Walter j. Kil Herk in Cleveland on the charge of slaying Day with throws of 106 and 107 feet and a few inches. Three men made Good Marks in the javelin throw. Moncla won the event with a throw of ,4 feet 4 inches then tried for a record and hurled it 161.6 feet Tully of Tularosa threw it. 146 feet 7 inches and Sherman of Deming threw it an even 140 feet. Marks made in the meet on the whole were probably better than those of any other year with the exception of 1923 when six records were broken and another tied. Winning contestants and coaches were guests of the student body of the University saturday night at a dinner Given in the University dining Hall and presided Over by Paul Fickenger president of the student body medals were presented to the winners and the relay cup j give to the winning bulldog team. Summary 100-Yard dash Roybal Albu i que que Rutz Belen Blair Albuquerque. Time to 3-10 seconds. Shot put Jaramillo Menaul Mcfarland. Albuquerque Ball Carls bad. Distance. feet. $s0-Yard run Simpson. Albuquerque Vann. Albuquerque Hay Iden. Santa be. Time 2 minutes i to 3-10 seconds. I pole vault Wynn Tucumcari Parent Albuquerque triple tie for third Between Spahr of Raton Romero of Menaul and c. Beery of Belen. Height to feet 8 inches. High hurdles Trauth Albuquerque Moncla Tucumcari Stamm Albuquerque. Time 18 seconds. High jump Sherman. Deming tie for second Between Trauth Al we a a a j \. Buque que and Wynn Tucumcari a Fth a height. 5 feet 7 inches j Uva 4 4 or i dish Jones Clovis i i t Smith ranch Vale Hayden Santa be. Time 55 7-10 seconds., Broad jump Roybal. Albuquer-1 from Willington Colorado Springs Colo., May 9. A the University of Colorado s track team swamped Colorado College Here today in a dual meet j _194 2-3 to 36 1-3. The collegians re med for stomach trouble placed first in Only two events a it to Ryan winning the Quarter mile Pat in a. We ii i did Quot i had two patients that doctors seemed unable to of with their medicines and in i eases advised the knife. A Fri who had tried a it s a. Ride by a Beautiful exhibition of running and Arvander taking the pole vault almost without opposition. The track was in Fine condition. No records were broken although allot speedy University twirler skipped Over the 220 Yard Low barriers in 25.2, tying the conference Mark set. By Mullins of Denver University Here last year. Carl Brown of Colorado College was High individual scorer with twelve Points. Bot it now entirely Well. I am 1 glad that i was Able to rec mend it removes the rata Al mucus hmm the intestinal t and allays the inflammation w bonuses practically All atom liver and intestinal ailments eluding appendicitis one it will convince or Money refund at Briggs pharmacy and drugs . Get the want and Habi is i die his lot tit d a policeman finds women lawyers pitted against each other in a que Moneus Tucumcari Trauth. J Caber Day from Bondon on the Albuquerque distance 19.96 feet. P Aidian Pacific liner Montroy Low hurdles Cowan Tularosa son this Side of the water from the electric chair miss Evelyn Cohen assistant prosecutor is Dolzadelli. Albuquerque c. Seery to restore to Quebec its town murder Case for tile first Tim in american judicial history. Miss Eva Jaffa a former assistant state s attorney is seeking to save Kilbeck endeavouring to Send him there. Studying new Mexico Oil conditions. Or. Braden is making a Survey of the state with a View of bringing in capital for development work. Or. Breene working lode 22 persons drowned when Steamer sinks continued from a on Belen. Time. 28 1-5 seconds. Shield shown above taken 220-Yard dash Roybal Albu England by the British forces que que Donaldson Carlsbad Rutz Belen. Time 23 1-5 second.-. Mil inn Simpson Albuquerque Redmond Albuquerque Ortega Menaul time 4 minutes 53 1-10 seconds new record discus throw Wynn. Tucumcari after they captured the City from the French in 1759. Pen Dently plans on bringing two Ito Endeavor to Hook on to the Wheeler Carlsbad. Sherman dem rigs into the state immediately for the development of acreage which his holding 108 feet 8 inches. Retired merchant attacks minister. Alleged Klansman Oil leases being filed at county clerks office Monona Nucum Mannheim calif., May 9 a Ani Lin and tear away enough of j eng. Distan tile superstructure to release any new record it ck��bh5s the. Caritta ? 8h�nnin nt.mtl., Kun Kin Kum Fleet planned to Cut a Hole in the Deming distance. 161 6 feet. New men and Ann klan in record Meyer Osoff sad it rial May demonstration Sale makes big hit Peoble have been genuinely of the fact i that we Are giving them july clearance prices in May the very beginning of Tho summer season. Our entire Stock by far the largest of its kind in the state has been marked Down for this demonstration of value giving. Our business Success is built of volume. Only by keeping up our volume can we offer Auch value As have made us famous All Over the Southwest. No matter what you need in the Way of apparel you can save on it Here More than Ever before during Thia sensational event. Every dress and summer frock we Hae has been reduced in Price every coat every suit and ensemble every hat every Blouse Waist and skirt All silk boiler underwear and dress accessory. Be sure and look Over this wonderful Stock of big values. Get your share of them right away. Remember eat Grything is included in this event. Not one garment excepted. Steel Hull two feet under water. To investigate causes Roswell carry tag Ria associates with j. N. Eaton As president will present a report on the credit situation at their annual meeting june 8, and will bold what Thev Call a Quot credit Demon traction a tune 9. One of the principal addresses of interest to Bankers will be that 1p.mes in this 46,000 Are of vice governor Flatt. An Oppon the m to of new m ent of the Mcfadden Bill who will 5 investigation of the causes of the Trauth Blair Simpson Roybal. The Atlantic petrol urn 1 Rora six More Oil leases were flied Accident will be started at once time 3 minutes 43 4-5 seconds Tom said to be on of the Strong at the county clerk s office Here by Steamboat inspectors and off i new record Menaul second St. Independent Oil companies in saturday. Twenty seven have been Cera of the army engineering corps. Tularosa third. Colorado has it o in plot cd a Large filed within the past three weeks. Major d. H. Connolly in charge a a u rage lease whereby this cum it Harl Swright has flied Many of of the work said today. A we Are i any has secur i 46,000 acreage leases according to the rec going to find out what caused the ords boat to Roll he said. Major Connolly who was in drilling to Ann Narh i a charge of the party that so gaily Ullin y in a ld5 went Down the River to cow is vegas. Oil Man Here says Linda yesterday but which was drilling activities will approach suddenly and dramatically broken. A Tho it. F. Ballard an hrs i Lnch a Quot a Quot a i urea. Taxation will be the sub-1 Thia acreage has been secured j Stuppio through h. W. Eta of Roswell who Ither George Etz is with it a contract for the drilling of a number of Wells the first of which will be started immediately. I the Oil acreage acquired by this company is considered one of the most prom if my wild it Structure j we than about two Miles of Las be up i Ter. Has been working untre n new Mexico. Be a ii and Gas gab during the summer. J. G. J wittingly since he was pulled out come Jet suppl of Thia City said saturday of the Stream after the Accident. 0 and after spending two Days on Oil bus he remained at the scene All of ranch i in Tala Pace drilling last night and up until almost noon today. Coming to Memphis he left it a us according to or again for Coahoma Bend at one a it of the address by under Sec-1 through a i p m rotary Winston senator fess will f with his speak on Quot business and a is a on of the largest individual leaders Quot and Bishop Freeman on the holders in new Mexico and who general subject of religion and borate the Structure and drilled business the first producing Well in the pe-1 Spaulding dome Well Eugene s. Elkus. Of pan fran icon Valley Field Cisco is president of the Assoria Engineer of the Atlantic Petroleum county will resume drilling opera 1 on women and How Hon. And j. H Rego. Of new to mation. Personally inspected nmn monday Accord Lay to a worked to Mvi Oer Aoi a a cd guv and has "1 1 11 he do Al Quot a the j nou Cement received in Thia City mar the treasurer. I property was closed in Denver a saturday. J j. V nays i the wed is to have been in pm a do a Al nip Adu pm this new it ire w a h is de of Ard the i forced to Clos on la Fanf rim Iju Iuar whim it. To the j -. Structure ii t r account of dissension among the by spic and Span a a it Ltd Ina 5 i rf1rt7. To Quot a a 4�?~ a hot if county area and it is estimated Well is 3,s 0 feet. Hat Oil i Spaulding dome to resume operations stories of heroism stories of heroism involving virtually every member of the party that was hurled into the water in to ted on la swiftest stretches of Vii a i a d. Lower Mississippi continued to e. Stanley Field j4 f.von._2 25. In. A be heard today. How men placed were ire Mother culminated Here a few weeks ago mile relay von by Albuquerque in a election directed against j City officials flared up again to-1 Day following a severe beating administered at noon today to the i Rev. Leon Myers pastor of the Christian Church and reputed Cyclops of the Mannheim Laverm of the klan by Villiam Knott a retired merchant and klan opponent. Or Knott assert hat Rev or. Myers had attacked Nim in a Sermon inst sunday the affair today occurred on Tho main Street of the City and was witnessed by a crowd of 200. Witnesses said or Knott seized the minister by the Collar and after Bela Boring him vigorously with his free fist dragged him along the Street for a Block administering an occasional cuff or kick As he went along. No formal complaint had been filed and no arrests made tonight As a result of the encounter but the police were taking precautions. 403 West Central Meyer Osoff National garment co. I hop say Man rules Tho universe. That subject Shore and main Kneel Down and bless the duper of ids Majestic reign but n Sovereign gentler mightier Man from bus throne has hurled for Tho i la lid Cradle is the hand world a William Stewart Ber tha t rocks the that rules the Louisville. Ky., May 9 apr a Pic and bran Given a Superb 1 ride by jockey g. Fields Over a Mil and a it nth a Sloppy track won the Clark Handicap at a Churchill Downs this afternoon in j i 47 3-5. The Tare the feature of the inaugural of the Spring meet Here was Worth ji2.060 net to the i Winner. A to have a Good appetite / n this my 2,50 la Unity 1 duct to Dructor ii Wood and e and fuel cd est. Dohun Nickson and Souid be found Between 2,250 it. Test Wells in the his acreage Are now by Wainwright amp co., Heman Colorado Gas opa by. Mcadoo inter interests and Guy ask Etc Watts of Roswell Given High Post in vets Bureau w. C. Wells no. 1 goes through stray Oil Sand and strikes Salt water -3freported fro a id last v o k As h of Oil Sand at the it is said to have rough the Sand a a it the Rater will d to the orig the Well to Texas Man to bring rims into new Mexico j. W Edwards of a yes thank a Good appetite Means a Cheep it Tut disposition. You have a god appetite of the blood that gees constantly to your vital organs is Pule s s s. Purifies the blood a Good appetite follows and you v la have n Clear complexion and will be Strong cheerful Aud by Utho a. Done to go on it Ling up one Day and Down Tho next hardly sick but never Well losing a a Pep punch and ambition lies ref eaters Are Tho red blooded men and women. Enjoy your to Odd get Back your strength and Energy reclaim yourself before it la too late people la a rundown condition Are an easy prey to disease. 6.s s. Is what la needed. Your blood needs purifying. Your blood Cella Supply Tho Energy which keeps your body Well and fit. S s s. Aid nature in supplying new red blood Celie a the spark that Rejona your system. Carefully selected spent prepared psf Hica gives nature a helping hand. Get bark the lost appetite the missing vitality the keen sparkling eyes. That look of determination. Ess. Will give you More Energy vitality and vigor and a More up and going appearance. 8 8 8 it sold at a Good am a us is two Ais. Til Uit my i Mot t cd a a Jet if Oil elves were overcome que Entov told. The death list was fixed at 22 today when major Rowlett i line announced that a careful cd k by City officials and members of the mid South association of engineers had established the a of the list Given out among them was prof. R. M men my of the University. Nashville itenn., who last night was of ported i saved prof. And mrs Walter g Kirpatrick of Oxford. Miss t. Waters Fox a Paducah ky., us importation Engineer Paul Norcross. Atlanta consulting Engineer. C la i Miller. Little Rock. Ark or. And j mrs. Ralph Bollard. Temp their son Edgar e h. To i e Shearer g. L Anderson major William Gardner and mrs Ixia a Nile Caldwell of Memphis and mrs. J f Dorroh of Oxford. Mis l Ive i members of the Crew also were i lined As dead announcement had net been i made late today when the body of professor Kilpatrick which was discovered will be taken to Oxford nor when that of Edgar Boi Ard j would be buried. These wore the Only two bodies recovered 150 Are arrested in Boston liquor raid cd Mother Fletcher s Castoria is especially prepared to relieve infants in Amis and children All Ages of constipation flatulence wind Colic and diarrhoea allaying face Richness arising therefrom and by regulating the stomach and bowels aids the assimilation of food giving natural sleep. I to avoid imitations always look for the signature of harmless no opiates. Physicians everywhere recommend it. For out of doors people bathing suits ret your bathing Ault Here and select from the Hest on the Market. We have the Tantzen suits at $ and $7. One Price the world Over the Benz knit and rib stitch suits from $3.25 up. Also a full line of water wings belts Caps bathing slippers ear topples Etc. Come in and ask for your bathing girl Windshield stickers. Sporting goods k Tun a i get i retail Stock of Wriggl and Ditson Victor gom for All Spring and Summ sports. Come in and m our baseball and Tenn supplies Lur Stock i eludes supplies a a i Range of prices with to Hest values obtainable each Price division. Mail orders filled Day received. San Matson 206 West Central we give a is. Amp phone 19 Green stamp pm minor fishing jobs delay completions in Artesia da1 in Ere a it it 4 i in this week 2. Illinois la it Eaman no i boat a May 9 apr the liquor i War ashore Here saw a signal vie j tory tonight for an army of 200 1 mate police and constabulary aided by almost As Many City officers who attacked fifty wet spots simultaneously in Cambridge and Somerville seizing quantities o f Alef the to. B 1 contraband and bundling Iso leaves o w pm Rann to la a Homer stores and saloons were i of the Consol entered and customer As Well As s of control and proprietor were taken to the East these two unit Cambridge jail. Spotlight played on a crowd of 2.000 Perrons who stood about the building watching the operations. A Circle of armed men stood guard As truck loads of prisoners were brought in. The liquor Fleet on Bostons rum Row dwindled to three vessels to a a j Day. Observers reported when the urns Colo. May 9�? Schooner Hembrey transferred her f tilth Betws ten 40 and cargo to the Beatrice and put to age and married is in sea. A ii Here today charged a a whose husband alleged train and runt in the Man is charged with assaulting girl Bride Der Bank robber to be tried in Oklahoma Union United will sink aft Guy proportioned and test in Mckinley county red herbs and barks make up the i Mon Oil it ,.mr a the great blood purifier will Spud in in a teat Well in i noun f p a Hon Cumley r to in sturday. For the Oklahoma Oil men Are surveying state Field e Braden a of the company and the company j Breene Ltd the by in any Arn in the City j in my of in mar. Urine f Denver was notified and was sex peeled to arrive Here this afternoon. The girl charges Smith was assaulting her while taking her to the Horn of her parents in Wellington Friday night after he vol Phoenix. Aru., May 9�?jeff a feared to make the trip for >2 Dure alleged Oklahoma and although not a taxi Driver then Kan train and Bank robber who throwing he. Bodily from the car. I arrested Here yesterday on a Small farm will be turned Over to Federal authorities from Oklahoma City it was announced Here to j night. Puree who in said to be the last of an Oklahoma family of deeper j does. To wanted by the Oklahoma authorities for jumping a j20.0c0 Bond ,. Duree a leading the life of a no j a of a a Tiller of the soil and had resided a in plot a ship Bate add i on a f4rn, Nar by since last de-1 h ended her to comb a. He submitted to arrest struck out 32 . A Ekly after officers had Intro it consecutive Das Green diced themselves a real estate a a a i i not Tucson Southern a agents and enter a his ranch Home. Conference champions yesterday. And struck out to men. Against lamp runner up for the state to he struck out too men 11# by a 21 a truck Driver. Fans 32 men in two consecutive Days Tucson artz., May 9�?ivan glean of Phoenix High school established what la believed to be a soul Hestet n Reno i lie struck out 12 men today. J soph Moi a in High school i inning pitched ibo it a Vasys i Puschin Lului in in /

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