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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico A 1 May to 1022. Albuquerque morning Journ Al a acre Jov pal All the president asks before the launching is where and How to float it. In so meets Lew Mexico state track and Tennis meets to be held at University saturday 55 men entered. Immi r j ism i team of t r i Holt in a tourney in Fri a by in the Roswell a. Of Tho St it it in i o it to to to Alt i Querqui Elm t Tom Enci a 1. Htit rather tags of tip it. By a to in and of in for r i of �01 t at rom la f in a i b a. It i i Riding g la hive 1 i t red by r id in to i a f la f is Foft Aln ii \ i if sew i t Tonni t a i ii base Belen and Alan Rwy rms Ilott tits inf a the a i urn k i Sci k who have charge of the la rom t and f in n in us to to boys two a re end red in the Ore Iii i i in a St Sui t eve two in j e it. Wood for in or. My won the pro ulnar a i teat b t <1 bore 1, week wit re re gent Llie local High school and r1 therl to n a i but int it Joes ,.1. No a Lapp Quot r f at a i it of i in. Will f nip pct for Lionora Vii h i Ertta list i a a ,.v min Lon Baff. Tri of nod Field time t. A a it1 lift he Roswell i. If by. Ai a a in Nero be. Glassman. Ile a i. S a a Nereus Tao. R adj Kart Etc i it a Ftp a a. Steldt Iff or it Jack a on. J Welsh a i a a a r Art six pfc Rmon cd of i Riorer j Bruce Bur e a wry a lit Belen i in a hot n a it ppm a Are Thi Quot a a a Taji in to is a Quot re few a a Nahi Wilson a. Phone of p a a up Belen b Buff p run ? f t a i u right t Toft u it it r. Lab j tar am 1 time see. A to i it. By non Ovid. Bingmer to in read the announcement of californian famous hotel health Beach and Mountain r sorts and solve a that Outing problem a literature and full information by writing direct or at free information Bureau at office of the morning journal. King Edward hotel fifth near main to Angeles a room and a Bath for a Dollar and a half. Rate $1.80 to $3.00 every room a eo�1 outside room to Yon Camp for girls jut Catalina Island vacation land near hand Twenty five Miles out in the Ocean reached by palatial steamship Avalon avoiding delightful Steamer ride of two and a Quarter hours. Orchestra for dancing. Catalina offers you hotel. Apartment. Camp. Cottages a wide variety of accommodation at prims to suit All. Lovely Quot Inland Villa and Quot Villa Park Are Greet open air hot a. European plan rate $ i to $2 per Day. Aho i Intel St. Catherine american plan and hotel Atwater european plan affording excellent service. J my in m3t-.4il= a in tit a Mala Ilia i. To Adlo \ it the Junto and All a land in a a left to r. Write a Vik i i in j a hark a Vav Adam a Angel i a Fern la. Ne. eat amt Cable apartments off i i Avreet i it it la Gelea Ca a in i no Ltd a a a a a or to i in. Al male and a a Al it Etc a from a a via to 4? i a h vex pm Itear. Health and pleasure european plan n in. Too await you on the a magic boating. Bathing Only tilt water Ocean bathing in Southern Californi fishing hiking Auto tour Golf team. Dancing it. Bai iou Catalina Marine bind in greek theatre. bottomed boats a growing wonderful sub Maria Gardena. trip Over the Garden with underwater a a Arlight absolute y new. T be Llari in in nimble. In in it i imm t tit a in. 2 no no i in i room. Fro. I. A 50-1 to 3 00-4 Imi t i jul. A. Bat. A i an i no j it 1-7.## Corn or St itt a. 8 r5 of la a of i i it7 of to so 04 free Auto blesses meet All trains. The journal is exclusive resort medium of new Mexico. ,. Be. By 4 vans . Arts Iii it lilt. Brown. Pol vault Cimarron Bass m Hutu que Iten fro Vena a fort. Taos Hollands lib we a , i lit Vii in heir Beery \. Smith. 12&Quot Yard High hurler Belen. E. Rut in i Well Dummett hav dip w rib Albuquerque Holcomb i afro Artesia it Davis to Impf no to in f. High jump Artesia la Davis Rit Narinn Lisa Santa be Meno Albuquerque Zillmer comb. Roswell. . Into it i w is. D she thou. Bronk t tit a it. Flt w Roswell a Albu i t a hot i a Man. Him Roa a. On Maxwell a it is. Vela nil Bra run rough Ngor Artesia hour your friends and the seashore . You like to know nor everywhere about i you in the Cool Breezy summer Days at san Diego Southern californians delightful year a round seashore City. you they re filling every hour with diversions. I you la find then in the snowy surf that foams along f in thereat. Fragrant Park or along four Hundred Miles of smooth boulevards golfing swimming Aqua planing arranging Moonlight launch parties on the Bay dancing yachting wherever you go. By planning now you can enjoy this great seashore i summer and is Are it with others. Pick out the four Orf ivc friends you a like to have u till Vou and arrange your group vacation together. Tell them about the new Low excursion fares throughout the season and the multitude of delightful recreations a the Arp Taplan my and canoeing the weekly Field Days of water sports j and the Cool Sapphire expanse of the Broad Ocean. They will be glad to join you. Hotel accommodations at san Diego Are ample and at reasonable rates your expense need not be Large. Make this the big vacation by the sen. Complete your arrangements no Wand enjoy looking Forward to your seashore holidays of Busy Delight at Sand Asp Vamp Torma. San Diego Cai Ifor Nia club i i i us building sail Diego California gentlemen a should like to read your fascinating Story of san Diego Alnomia. Please Send me your free Booklet. House Cimarron Bap Albuquerque Hoy bal Zillmer. Veno bit Roswell Dimmitt. In by Hay sup Belen b. , r. Lewis. -.0 Yard Low hurdles a Orwell i Dimmitt Webb Albuquerque. I Renfro Zhi Mer Holcomb Helen be rut Santa Cese r a at Tea,.,. I by i lock t Lopen nth liner i 2 0 Jarl to a a a suntan be. Lev hand album a a True go Amic Roy bal s Lune in a Rte a tru Lovelt to Ante cd de. Tao tint. I Brooks to Well Webb Holt Dimmitt Springer. Adame j lit Ore let Neia Welsh Milo run Stringer c. g. Wright Roew la Ruthford Horny tackle. A Deleon Taos Bol i Lander Cheatam Albuquerque. Armijo p Hammond Estancia Simpson Maxwell Santa be scat j Borough Stevens Levis. Wesson i Ger Art Slas let. Brown Nicker in is brow a Albuquerque my w . Venable a bulb a St Cid Roswell Din Mott Hazslip Stone Belen i but it. Lewis. Javelin throw a Albuquerque i a tved a letter Pic la As Nan i Iolo Oab in by the klan. It a k. A p. Ruji. Reign. Smith in to elect Ward Roswell Dumett hair ii. Stone. Mil relay Artesia. Taos Al bus que Springer Belen. Those entering the state Tennis tournament Are be follows Albuquerque m. Merritt and o Marron. Lot Alamos ranch. Kos a Herst and pro Moor fanta be j s a and it. Scarborough r. Well Hornbuckle and Paw Belen e hut. Dismuk a Iris alb Querne Clr in of eld and it Santa be Hughes anti \ Rose of i to Armstrong and Simmons. Best of All the Cost is Small round trip $2.25 Rem los Angeles Harbor ii u to a write for beautifully illustrated Atalina Folk i t9 j a Ste w.1rt, Cut Mer i Pat Roger i sent 10$ in Wafic the Trie i of Angeles California schools at ran t n Fork at t cd Vun Cati Ai or let or ruts hews Farch 40 a the world so trip to or thin private hash school open Khz be end Clar limited to eight. 9six Dilly. Stud it Muey r any Day. M Nathly rates i of and i i h coaching St Hool 730 s. Grand Are. Learn chiropractic in Balmy san Diego Vaughn has a Branch of the Kun flux klan learn chiropractic and enter a prot Erston that pays big gives you a standing in your communal and enables you to Benefice 13ft-kt� Mankind. Study at san Diego in a. A Balmy a bin ate mid Ideal Condi girls con Agate school i no a the View a Cabo to first year begin sept. S8th a of i it flt4 iffy Ira tory to i it Aughn n. Ii May Vaughn apparently ii us Patlon of the knig Lita o 1 flux klan became or other Day when major it Riporti the str i id c it n a. On m Bier a by to ill it funeral of la. I financier com direct to san Diego Over the new san Diego and Arizona railway operated in connection with the Southern Pacific the Rock Lland and the e. P. By s. A. And enjoy a Daylight ride through magnificent Carrizo Gorge old Mexico and the wonderful Imperial Valley. Ask your ticket agent for new and lower excursion fares. Is ame nyx Street. State Thi Booklet Tell a wonderful tory a Boul san Diego California. Sign this Coupon and by i he a it elated Tea Locust Valley x. Y., May d a men and women of International prominence in tile world of finance and society bowed with Plain villagers in a common grief today it Tho Bier of Henry p. Davison financier philanthropist and heed of the american red Cross during Tho world War w to died saturday. The Little la it covered Chapel of St. Johns of Lattingtown nestling among Tho flowering Hills of tin picturesque Long Island Village. Was crowded and Many hundreds unable to gain admittance stood silently outside. A special train conveyed mourn Cru from new York. Buses carry j lug them through lanes of App tie s in Blossom and Over Road rolling past acre aft it a acre of pc i to Grcen lawns of Tho estates of millionaires. The last wishes of or. A j were fulfilled. Members of i family although dressed in Black lid not Wear deep mourning tile service was a ostentatious Tho simple Reading of the episcopal ritual followed private service at the Home. Tho red Cross the great Moth or of men whom or. Davis served so ably with a world in tur Moll played an important role i final tribute to him. In a Little Church banked with Flowers a Green Taurel great bearing he lied Cross Symbol olt Tupi d the place of Honor. Ovoid the casket from the rafters Hun the Flag of the United states Ann the i fat a Cross. Outside the Chapel it Tood a group of nurses who during the War had hailed or. Davison As their chief. Ten trucks carried the Floral tributes to Tho Church. Ii in Vav by a it u propaganda i circulated during the municipal j Campaign that or a for. S w is i i member of tile klan the i in follows a Vaughn n. A 4-17-22.Quot to the honorable mayor c Tun i oilmen and treasurer Lect of Vaughn. A gentlemen this is to express a Lour regret that Nomo unwarranted reports made by uni liable people j to the effect that some of be i Herbert j members were members of fur. Most Noble order. Knights of the j Kun Kluck klan was i 1 and untrue. A the members of the Kina a sure that it would be pro Taie a a Vach of you to be member. It of to k. K. In. K. As Well As to it k. I never the Lens pc testify to the truth that no member of a or no i Hie body is a member or has eve made application Tor membership j in our Mystic rider. A permit us a say to you gentlemen. Through your honorable mayor that Woas a klan Ai nut in politics and would have beet satisfied with the election of a no on of the candidates on the tick t j in the recent election of this City Fortoul with the old f Artys tic orc or. A we liver the and Cal 114 f f i Maud la i r it pc to 11 i a t rely to i e to Deli r Beck a h it City county Stet e or oat Tri. Quot you Arn Phil. Pm to us this let r a your Dis cart Ion a no you by it w Lapp a w a to vol that the a is in a tight an or gang a at Ion if the Al fits if the Kun Hon miss Adin a los it Tai pourer a it is pose graduate work Voi a 11, cultural. Beautiful Spanish Lings out Iione life a reality Parsons mid i . Is Street. Los Arn is regularly Char a it to i or r Titt it n anti in 18 i be doctor of Chloro i it in it if after your name. For parti ii write to col leg office 1380 Kun huh Street Tea. Calif. Is Miftari acad1emt a in do in ii san i go fall Fornin the san Diego army and Navy Academy a i us a it a at inn i j. A now. Or it a Iii Roll mining. I m mar Camp re a Tal tutoring. Admi Street. Al Al k klan still in Are in my r or stand f r the j pure Principe of your Best j with us in j a Rva Bir Liev s of Anteri Canto be too per cent lid ill it knit of the Kun Khok Kin Poi i Smi Fin thursday the Lith Day of May 1922. It to a. Rn., in from of the City Hall on North second Street i will 8 la of Brown horse about six yearn old 14 hands High will weigh about 900 pounds branded on tight Boulder on left thigh and left shoulder j. R Galusha City marshal. Mrs. Lain i Alfinn. Of Pensacola. Fla., hi8 been appointed an Hsi it ant United states District actor monuments memorials of the better kind. A we pay the freight s. E. Fletcher Monument works i m m i it is a sign r a a a r ill t Leglu july i amt Al <1 8 e a my r j a Happy Comben to f ii. In at with hath a i. I i a part covers prac to Lily 4vsr exp no wins t mrs Ain Rno Jlas a Davis pres. ill in to Uli Furnis. Lam l l s Mil it ski a Adymt i an in t i ill do Htoo to a to Fiat Tun Huntington i Quot i 5 thy or. Stu to i Are at any urns. Highest a it a in sch a a ship military Iena no u. N i u lira to acres. Ltd a Ltd uni pin it. It. Al summer log at m t n Ami Beach Camp a a int ring of a. I hone 31411, hic la Ard in mah., president. Elliott school i it tit onus lifts 8ram err y place ins Angeles. Vel Tisu Mer he my for your to it Righter i or fully Tutu ate in a i us estate. I inn i by Cool sea Breeze. Superior educational advantage. A i. T i i i it trance at any Lime writs for Bonk let. Vul. Id Coli ins Vii Vivek m. A. I run Ltd i so. To a Phona. Temh i Meier St Hool of Cumnock school of expression i of Angeles t Ivlin Fornols. June i by la july ?8th. I no Verity credit i g it sch. I and Orade r a a a is out Toby 3rd. It i i i n la Roo Khz a. I i. T i South Vermont ave Ana. Last Call to get bargains hundreds of people have benefited by this Sale. Ii is now up to you. Corm and see for yourself. Sale closes at 0 cd clock tonight us s3 St m on of americans Foremost women radio experts is mrs. Charles f. Cutter of to Oma. Mrs. Cutter was one of Tho first women wire lbs operators. For some years she get it free by was engaged As a radio instructor a and now she in actively interested in a radio manufacturing company. American furniture co 223 South second Street. Return wad. Legal notice notice no 22s1. A a Row Ito court county of it ii state of new Mexico. I be m. Ret a the estate of Ethel m Wiite Ignico deceased. Not i a i or y riven that the i t a it in was pm he sixth Day i i at Iii in 22. Appointed executrix of tit. I is a. I and testament of lit a a deceased by . J ocher probate judge f the o my of bar Nahlob state of new Mexico. All i sons having claims against Tel a Tat Are a Reb a notified to e the ame with the county clerk f f in alb county within one War Fri. The Date of said appointment As pro i i d by jaw or the tame will to barred ii a or i it a. Wig Blet a executrix. Kim i it \ 11 Luis Mhz la. A a 11 in it prostate court of a Bernalillo i county new Mexico. I in t in matter of the estate of i i Fortes Bredin. Deceased. Noti is a i Quot Given that the tide inned As on the thirteenth i it of pril 1922, duly appointed i a ithe estate of ferries or a deceased by the probate it of Bernalillo county having on lifted As such admin. Strait a1 Pere is having nt-1 a ill t Cie estate of said laced it re hereby notified Sod a quire to i w i t tile mime to the Inderg lined in the manner Sod within the time pros crib j by Law. Tik Vas Blakemore administrator. Dated april 13, 1923, advertise in the morning journal for Best results

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