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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 10, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two. The Panama Railroad. I kitchens have been created at the different in nor ramps whew wholesome anti nourishing meals maim obtained in such labourers at a Cost of to Carn and at this pric a min Magnal balance in favor of the c to m a Ion is left. It the Albuquerque morning j 0 u r n a 12. T i arc porn r quot soul i vip a a is Plant icing be and a pm i re a it. Line of in the i nit <1 up the. A a. Per ignited of aril. A a Lull to of i lie a h. This is not due it is a to Penu Rlou u it As bulge in eatables i. Physical not Tai Ane desires. To to. T Ause of its direct feet upon the. Eff. P tin re i Zed the c Iliff Cogito f Utu labor Conti aet by the employee Init amount to i a a daily wage. Iii com .1. In he is to re. Ive in. U nourishing in a i i Siliment of this in it my the harmful attitude. Mon Totterer toward h must or Nill . Aud it been left to the it to f. T he Tine s my Phi is x become operate Amel s Consig mip lits f Iii. Camps. With a it to. To it in. \ ploy. Pron re. A Lime in providing the in food of a character t accustomed. It Frig most improved Typhon on the line of t Road a is in us and plan much in it. Frig or led on to partly up and of cd on a future therefor All Points various i thus Pine classes of other foe to be tout first a ont have to. A hiring Alo the first and similar Villi equal six Tate of in when such e nine arg or Mai top Points along lug meals a rounding a it tits each. J policy of fur employee at was sustained by t being a is. 11 known in tis formative Peri a need help in Many carried on at or at. Vails after an Organ More efficient Fin month available. Hot these meals Arnm to the american in Cati without a. Against the funds of in addition to the the. Be m. Hon Merle in a buy uncooked food oat Bateau i. It i f ii and May also see in perish food of the line of i Frig honed. The such supplies Mission Plu cover the Apo Ami , Adoli Toni in. Are Well under Way improvement in the brought abut Durst pin is. In a his i mention should but r botel i on Ai lug to sleeping a them with a rival. I turn is completed in ready for a Pau. Terror fittings and fur to installed. Tits working i Oris the working Force the canal Cancun , a of quot As distr but i broadly an different p Par to. No t government and sanitation. Materials and a Applier auditing and disband tag engineering and a to a to. Administrate my quarters. Mum. I a engineering it a a a of con a deplorable a i account for Felt on of \ i that i to All them Seh 4 s of in email no rib believed. Of Hiu cd to a 1, sir. To 11 is suited loth. I r i to gratify oth ibis com it in i. I it my to mod in Toof i lit has an lab. Tho out or. Ins. I t s a emf Ovalo w ill. A a a p. Imil a ducted i to a ii girly of doing away with the two buses cd pay for common labor establish ,.before the Advent of the prose it commission that k fit Ami a a cents liver per hour i find that his change a been gradually i Rought about without any serious friction or troll b e at the time of tim promulgation d this policy Over 50 per cent of thai sore lungs n of irs Ai rim f the hereto of to it so \ a tip it d lab till who which the. F the labor pay Rolls was on the basis of 2 cents per hour whereas it i this time Only 1,500 men Are reported a Oil. Ai this maximum rate if 26 cents oui location of a total of 9,000 in the engineering lop atm it and am informed the t a Iii car percentage obtains in other departments. The. Morale of the Force and its Effs ency continue to improve. As the employees in All the departments get More familiar with the work a quilt d of the and As the organization Felt of. S settled a corresponding int in the effectiveness of the. Fore i it flows As is shown by increased work at a less Cost than to. Fore this is even True to a Mort or loss i it it of the common labourers from in w. St Indian islands. As the american fort men become More accustomed to it their ways and understand better How to handle item and tis the common labourers become mor Familia with the work that is expected it Fth in. They Are taking More inter St in the and becoming some More efficient. How yet. It is not Cloo a i a loped until int Rod it of. We want everybody who has a hard cold in the Chest to use Ayers Cherry pectoral. Our Long expert. Enc with it Over sixty years tells us there is nothing its equal for coughs colds in the Chest bronchitis hoarseness sore lungs weak throats and weak lungs. Doctors tells us the same t h i h o ack to a11 f it Ian to a it a w it h Avn a t to of Vii to. J a yet co Botolf. Of Tom thing. Ask your doctor about it. Jet a Era to i a publish j. C. Aye co run Radway May to Koo Montezuma Trust company Albuquerque new Mexico capital and surplus $100,000.00. Rid it thundering Down to a resting plate far below it is the theory of Many scientists that the coast Ranee is gradually rising while others declare that a general settling is in Progress go far As a Layman in to see the result in this Case had been to tear Oft parti of the mountains and to Send the surface soil and �,�?~1 Lions of deeper strata into the gullies and canyons. One it of the most striking instances in that Canyon of the sequal River. There nine men arc buried under fifty or sixty feet of Nick. They Ware employed in on of the lumber ramps oper Atin in this Region and were returning from a trip to fire the Donkey engine quot in use cutting Timber. When the quake inn parts of the Mountain on it us Side of the can a on were shaken Oft. And in tear to the Bottom of this Gulch. Heidy rainfall reported around Las Veras yesterday interest allowed on savings deposits according t Rej tits a Pas a a gets from a it v Gas last night tie Meadow slivered in of Iii heaviest rain Ami ii ii storms of i a. It years yester to it a i Pennon. The storm which threatened Iii Albuquerque a Lur ii g tin Pat i of tin aft in. See in a to have broken in the Helgn i country around Vega Turret 1 fell flooding the Street accompanied by severe bail which is reported i damage to it pectin i that any big a tried. It. Tier my Ill be t of i Thor v i tvs Ami i to it. A Degrat. I a i a spec i till it liter 11 i \ w to n the Populis if the so with i s Van army o Lei i i h 4s i red fix a in All a Fader the a Dan instr mag it in sin polio f and by i. Of i i it too Stead i by Mai n to i nod. Almon Sun know to. Budding or in dammed and 1 pm a of fifty or More _ he cd quot re port d from Iii Avoir is bring util toed a ill 5 Albuquerque along the a obstruction in,1 Pas. I in a a mimic to to a it that would i conditions a Oil mho Wmk to Xii. In is 11 a i the the. It a Petty it it tie sanitary in �11-iit�?1�tit id a im6i ing now. .j.u,.in in Elfi i Uicon. I v.,a i burying the men a my Lone a in a the Seq a a a i fruit has risen toll a feet. This reset Ato tear out the obstruction _ _ quot 1 a a -1" a a n quot the h mvi., ods of Hgt or Mil. Mining a being i Tam re applied. A huge pipe has he a in i d i serf it it a the deep water and the. %. The j big Stream has been train d to a place i r/0.a by Wynum thinks tick a where it ran be turned with i great pressure upon to Bra. Under this t1? quot quot term a Ltd Wiz the. Y. A an rain her. Jerore the entire obstruction will i been carried off and the Ider a 11 nolo w to it a a r w Wirtl i the piled up part r. I All this Tai of j killing so Man i ounts during is nothing Moue up for id will in Hunnel. A Miner Man. It i a it is the. To bout the Loco Weed addle horses in this past two month i farce a said tie if Grove Stockman i it. Att journal k i by the a a coded up. A ii in first till i to til isthmus. Outlined in a report to the under d ate of August i j. 1 that r. I Airt i. Railed att. It ii fact had i. I to tin up to til k t tim att pm id my quot to Mak. I log Iii t of Iii i ugh or i it a i. T it i it re the terrific for shown by the eur it Wood frees. To example. It is fill and has resisted Shock of it ennui earthquake split i too feet Abr i in cards in in poured Down ii he said the uncovering the believed this it from or w rung e the. E in the to. And rail of the. Shot k is was u on the giant Rod Are we will net Eoas an a to I twelve be t thick times Ems and i foxes a of. Thic recent ravage a i in of exactly i quot the lie Anim ars ears a yes the trouble. I Ary until i found t or h ii i hat i it Irv rom pm sip hers. Many years i Noti a d that at i of bail that the uld die from the i i Iti Dir til flt Pic d p a i did of k f. Around link to to far time til my the i Din my r. Ithan the i tips h it s can by is the to thunk fee to Are and farm i of or a i of a How Imp cd that p a >1 h to. V a r. R Arni h tin in Jon w deadly a but h i in id i male i Ltd mgt ii i i imply. Sewer Mast r huh House an Motlas pow f Culebra Cliv in to a tiv fat Stoat it i Chagos following me in Ort us Iii no to ments and a Scales with i of the or Hind leaving prostrate a it for to Broil my in Many Ruth Bra it he of re Trees neighbouring instant is have been is St it t in in Are Many a i s pm t he ground. I fully in feet wide in in a not her place a Pastis re the rack r. La a ii Hie Over too. And the entire circuit if Fence had of about Twenty feet. Only ret 1 n t of it hic Hon Aff costed in what re Soma to shown along the River a in re to to a a nos remin tone pal a a a. For two a Arthuu a divisors i played along these r ran warm in at Iii it a s warm a than they a fore. Villi in one Artesian 1 for a 0 feet deep 1 time. And out wit h som of a gun to 1 flow slow r in volume j a that Ash it i Joe v Rte and by the nod a lose t. Blue c Forth mud it in sulphurous Tony to i let , i i hat he Psi ted for wine tim. As the f. A son. He Wurfl Dumiak was or in the higher r. J n in in to til. Sea a Chard near orm it r a alar by the when the doors Wah r a Mph a yes of the i ran in r the quake she pit he s quot when Jet a Jet Kins began to it k w Ore thrown i i a us Blo a a id pit. Bin Mil need. Tack get Vav i in do i t in a ii in its far. He ii the i in get rib baking the h quot Everith a ked. On w cat shaking t it to a Hien sheep a tim with my let i i j a 1 a i. And e pest my a i not i a pit one i noticed ate head of i lard of re loosen he Beld a sub Tho t i a Btl the Jaffa grocery cosh pm a a Good tilings to eat i to for the mountains picnic season is Here to Are prepared to Supply till your wants for your . Our to it k of inn h goods is Complete in every detail. Be sure and soc our ass ailment of a Good things to eat quot in tills line before deciding on what to take Fop lunch. \ i i a of no things i Hwu canned Vicuna sausage 2sub veal him or beef loaf. A a Ami 2.v i to ii tie. A Jah Nill i Garn. The assortment includes partridges Quail grouse Turkey Chicken also Chitko a liven Goose livers Etc. Carnal and i die salade Jimb Tongue i Toast Iteen. La ailed Ham Ami Tongue Salmon Iii sick Sar it Lii a. Up. I a. Hulk Hick in Luh Tinl i in a ii Hulk and hot i ted olives. Etc., Etc., Dkl Jitt of the condition of the first National Bank a. Albuquerque in he ,r� non w me Leo. Lac Clec of x Lisul Nhsn april 6th, Kite. \ _ nes Okmees. Loans and discounts. Overdrafts secured and unsecured. I. S. Bonds to secure circulation u. S. Bonds to secure u. S. Deposits. Bonds securities Etc. Banking House furniture and fixtures. Other real estate owned. Due from National Banks not Reserve ,810.12 due from state Banks anti hankers St,843.44 due from approved Reserve agents 585.649.19 checks and other Cash items. 5.086.79 exchanges for Clearing House. Is,922 49 note of other n to Lonai Banks. 81.270.00 fractional paper currency Nickels and conts. 1,166.65 lawful Money Reserve in Bank vex. 100,375.50 Legal tender note. 70,014.00 redemption fund with u. G. Treasurer 5 per cent of Clr. Ulat Lon. J of f $1,371,628.28 84,603.71 200,000.00 100.000.00 92.822.60 38,500.00 25,000.00 10.000.00 total $3,044,613.37 net of ii lit ii a a it Kef a Lair. Of you has r. The s mid not i get com 1 us. Like. F re Iii Oil magnate you but a Medicine tor than Faha tube is than 1 in in. a t and Din re i adults. In no we Call special attention to our Franco american French entrees including veal Ani git Beni peas Ltd a if Kex a Ftp he \ Imi Tia Kef. Half s to Naji i. In. Liabilities. A Petal Stork paid in. Surplus fund. . I profits less expenses and taxes paid National Bank Rop outstanding. Do to other notional Banks 263 664 78 due to state Banks and bankers.118 381 44 $200,000,00 50.000.000 49,666.09 200.000.00 re due i plea a till. B Drugg be enter fur a it y in i an i of ult. To by lunch Ding a ready to it order lined. \ Iii m Iii it i met in Pokut Vvs. F Mug r to i his v"l\0 loll ii i i him Vav i Simi Vilow got Iii pm fit finance ii Commerce a special inducement no Wall Street a we i f id of to up Ian. A i a i the Jaffa grocery co. A Good tilings to Tat quot Iii Kim ii Hovi k Courtn i Hurt the. Neu in to this i town who units the it Saddle or driving Hor of yours As stir in and its Loi Ekly a a i or Ballad can do and Sherlock a fee a ibid to larger. Individual depo its t to t hoi k time certify ates of Deposit. Certified Cheeks. Be i i n checks outstanding. I tilted i deposits. Deposits of u. S. Disbursing officers 1.008.390,61 1,040.129.97 1.808.90 29.413.97 43,174.1 1 60.144.60 $3,044,613.37 total territory of new Mexico county of Bernalillo is i a. Pc m a. of. A be. Bank do Lim lbt is ., to text or by Knowle a �n.,r, in 1 1 Frank m k be cashier. Has i. I and sworn to before me this 9th Day of april. 1906. In b. I it in a his notary Public corrects attest of. A. Flournoy in f. Raynolds j s. Raynolds. _ directors. I the state National Bank i a of Albuquerque new Mexico j a Cap quot .$100,000.00 a surplus and undivided profits. 15,00000 a of kith esd Dimer Rock ,.rp a amp tkv it Man. A. Miera i . Strong. Jay a. Lubbs. And d ii. Carus. of individual Ime Ami Cor my ration Fkd died. Interest Laid in is Molalla . Pm i at Lute of 5 per erne far annul. Albuquerque i liar it from our distillery to i Waves dealer profit a i prevents adulteration Hayner i whiskey 4 ?�?~4.00 on full quarts sic Oft by Fyk Taqhi p�?~lpa0 in Coll a quot it a it i1a i 4 Ltd a Ai Sebb is huh i Hayn Elk whisk i got dirt Jet Itic i in j it i pm to of Tion so pc i Tang of j ii n a Are a a in. I a Ith in it i Milt d s. Iii Horn t. I and. In id r Reg Atef. D and the Mimm i. Tup i a i v i As i. To 1 3% i 29 it. M \ i Copper I Iii the English Marl at 17s 6d. I 16s and i a. 11. Quo lat. I.�. A i in. Pic. Bange. La at jud.5 i i to in Ole t / ii a no ii. Leu h to fill c in j j j t hum Tuii hang to the fetish a Rte u 70 loco2 ri2& let. He Lier u a i j i ii. I a a d unch 9n in i a omit 1114 locality i Dill to to . I by. Go Hoard of Trade Mcintosh hardware 6� a is re i issues to a a Fost a c it a a wire window screen galvanized poultry netting Garden tools Cotton and rubber Garden Hose c a full line of Iron and Wood plows kit t jog. Tin j i tfx to i world tim Emurian you of rpm i Fleet purity Aud 4v in Roe the or iut rss by pro it it is prescribed by doctor sad Uoch to Host a a and by e Raill Toa atlafi�4 a customer because k is Good sad pure Aud yet so cheap. Wait a camb aka r Orrick. To hither dist Lush co. 0 a Ltd out Ikhi ,0, dbl .d.nan Hui we Cai Tai 8600 000 00 Pate i a Alii ohm v Moi \ i Vin it v no i he n i lev j ill t v i a i v so Ivri Ilc i f i a of Ain Liq link apparent in the Santa 4 no hang. In i a i Centi i ii i it 3 Tift i /. A i. Jal. Kaima Lav stack May ifs Mav 9 fat i n nil in 4 Vav High i i in i fill pm it a i ii f Vii no Deni Iii 11 \ \ it d i git Iii i in to a ii oven to to d in Des sym it my iia v our Huim. A it in 11 ii i i do. Rumours it Ilion in of filly a i to a it it Urance # floating rumours. Of the quake appear to realer in the Bania Crux i a a Pur of the Oast rang a Rux. The mountains opposed of Limestone. The r to dim. It try Rock. Callily by the terrify vibration a Long period of wet weather had a Many places softened this strata and made it Analar for the earthquake to tear apart the Roks. A trip through the mountains showed every hand ravages of this Gigantic for. E. It is the inn.,melt big lit to yes arc a sections of mountains fully fifty to Miu thousand fuel a a a a or More ripped Oft from its former 1 Bough Broad Ltd Ltd a a a 3h0 Albu Querqui foundry and machine work it. I i Iron and Traks Gettngs Ore Coal i and lumber t Ais Btl Ile be grate Hail Babbitt Metal fiiimn8 Ami Iron i run is for Guild legs repair i mining Ani i Mulla machinery in our spec Salty i foundry of fir a and hrs tront iad kill Haf Road track Albou erne w. H. With he Klyk a Dulcet. Vhf a Riden and Cylde. J c Mal Dot Ltd Jaji 00ro Arnot. a. M bi.a4t6well. O. Be. Rhom Vida. With Amble meam4 and i nil he As. d facilities j y Rini of Commerce Milru Oyebode. N. M. Extends to Deposit och in veiny Ritoper a Coimo Datish and Koi Lull s new Cool nth. Capital. ,. In oui May 5 40 w. L. Thimble it amp co my Rhy Lei id and Transfer i . Vav led a v 11 it it \ v a i . He avg i Vav Vii in Iii Mon it. A to. Itti Iii in to it si.vsi11 its i i y m ii Iii it i a 111 \ i its i Mon. I rat class turnouts at Kunoa Able Hap a new i hone so old Hoot 2 if a i i Ili no w. E. Mauger Wool Imp i if Mill Mauger a Avery Bolton j. E. Bell livery feed and Sale stabiles. Llo Ardyne Hofta s a Siax darts. Madill 11i in. Iii w. By in or Avenue. Modi in it on v i mint tis for the toilet and Baths tin Acme of k notation in vm11 t a it no i jct i that no i Iii i a a should dept Ive its. Or of tile us. Ask us ail about w he a thuds and Bah tub with hot Sud told water. It a a is amt ill round pen plumbing. In Liuding it i i if hat in triad i answer ail questions. Vav a Ary the finest line of q ii Hose in the City. Flu in a run dad Ri a thing and Keating company. Colo. Phone it 24. Auto. Phone 67 413 West Railroad ave., Albuquerque

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