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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 8, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico I state College get resident Harding honors Albuquerque morning journal sunday May 8, 1921. Five essay Winner with reception Hagerman in Roff a a r arid min to to urn a a a i i i Valt a i 2j. A audit it a 14 i emf Hui Kiis Quot to i a i into it i f us ii it int Lovoll a of 1 la k Tad or. I Tov ii it. Hilt by Walter of afr of Arf a la e j Oil re. K Mph in la i Vav i a k id. La. Do Pat h pm do Oshaw of the it Rie it it i i of Mil trick i Fil Vav dry draft no Marl quilt Tot i w m11 a Home sit i a in t by Vin beg ii tied ilk Park 1 pc i. v. A a a . F. A ii Fly Iii h tin Day in May j b. Al i kit it b. I or Wun Tir j h the to i d of Lepet to plugs a in. V Bdl i a k a in of a Fth St lid til Wax her. Att rid the or i in k \ i. The my. In Park r a lofted thar fuday to All a rite to atle the a i he mall a ii v it not to i vhf Urb Vick is. No i to a of i to m la the of i i h Wurl Brut a a Ere in a that i a a. I my Etc St form of the Oil sch i Ltd of i r. In when Alfa or it Ltd t a a ill Hull a t to i my ill j Zona i it Futi it no inn Farn the track team i Chi r aggie at it new of Walt on Talph t Hai a a it. And a Vav Hun. Ii Holm a it i aril Glendon Booth i i in a Khi i at la. I k. I i Ami tin a to to training a. But no apr of la frill., i so for the in i a or rat i a Ben ref tar a if Hup Quot or i a i. A train Hill t a v. On. Or morn of the cd Tiff of the ii ii a Aholt a or it Ca Clay sum Hiis tip i a uti r n or i he it m Lav ii�1 a Tho far a Irv of the i All the or Hihi i of the til. The j i to in or 2 of the Quot coming for or Gibot Hood Chili Milf i t t a Ween the flt re it a u Rem it Gill to k. A. M re ret t i still in Clat Lead Hilda. To a ii i i Quot u tin it r in me it Fita have 1 r a re ire nil for my i Tel that the i lib a til the. Vav Vlf b a of it i the j 10 a. It Khoii Iii sit on. A v a gone to j from a Little town in id to i end leg 1 do., to r Thiedt ii exam Iai i to the w Hite a u tit v. Aal i f Luna. In i v a h. I text be Bitis r St v b Vav. L. E a it a of la a a to radon a it to. To a a a the p i t Merit was in led to a f to Etc if. To. A riddling Lier t a la the to a us of Hon Wile. T la e left of Tho president in ii Siv j Vav Ware county agent of to in annual a a re re ii i hero i Quot it to Vav .1. Tore monday f h a left of Ai ii butt r tie id in i i unending the me a Ting of the d Leth git w a at i Rig Nany tin Ort Ana county fat in Bureau ii laude Bennett of att. V. N m a Haw entered the leg i a out a it ii agric ult it but fed to inboard v cation a r Tho j i Al Clie Magdalena i i toll. I i the annual in id Ary a All waft j tin i of of tin Horn mine Beld hath Day a a Nim in t he r it in on . I ii v Bordel / of a met Hod int it i Reb Tho a Nair in i in i t us a re timed a i. A. I ,.fii to the Horn of. 11 Vii la my he. I ainu a i in i it j Jun Tom Al after Iii tem the lion int to Epa to and Ali who i Khz j a tiie. Sot. Fil a fat in Low r a Joejr. I i it tor. I i it Lite a tit til Uit prof. I min i e. It Ghitti of by k Ullin it to m country Tho Dairy depart i Lent let Al my in min my. Kl., hid Dei in tet i of Oft sit it up to to Quot Hix \ k j Biri by i i up i u. Do Day Baton Abd giant on f. A la 1.1.ikm of a i lit ,.,u a t i non a it get k # i a a lit who was four years lid Dent ii Lytfi i 11. D la t math if to the was v it m i Mother a i i Baton fit v Vav huh a i in t Kennedy j Plana to i a pm. I r Mary hoi with a to re it and in a the to to w. Tho in i i it Vul Irti intr Las vegas i i it ii Anontine ill mine at it i liver i Iii a added working foil in j my Wal to Fig of or e"111 la b. Kill Tedorf from in tii to it a till i. It i to it indent a flt w week Rev lot Kuhni h f i Otu cantle it a a. I Hill purchased a fat la Noel Blazer it Ani Hobart toting and i Wile Tho dinner in a a Waterman and i Friday a ring the the i a in i ill re ii Dii of Iii i Empl a d my i of. The. Company will a Leo Oft Dere open. Lit it Lodi Al the to we group the hot a i at it la i to v. I h i no i ii Ivy a s. Fuller to la k. Land and f i Kiti id a w i the Ain a Ore a Pitiot i of of f i Mill cd at Dan flit it a i in a n it is r n i kid mini in i it h hoi i kit in he p a to Ira Winslow in min St k t. A f woman Home of minion i met at til method Church with the Laddie a 0�?z i a a to of he a fillet Chut h wed j to Oda it aft an an. I Ines on a served by the j Hor a a a. Of the Day in Gurry a i muted by i Julia it Wirry fitel a i ii a the new4oin among theme my of a f we a a my aia Mea Cutter i Curry Cowan hunk de we a a Howe. Kip Kitty i Imp i j vhf put is. My Ader harm i i it i. Ogle Phil ii pm now Nom j \ it a i pander Smith nod we i a number of the Hagerman i a a Helot i i id a it a who a to needing dental work done it taken tall a w Ell by by Hope Fin fetid it wipe Art a ligament Hadj a i made w if to Kuve 11 Dent. A my they would Quot a appointments for i children fit tilt note and j that the work would tie Only half i the regular Prier my Taylor. A minty health rim and or Hilda i Kun to of into health officer have i to i Biating. It a Mea plat p Mien ctark1 and Mansfield and Mim Kyat i Swann motored to it outwit to a i <1 in Iii attend a meeting if the fled j or oar i or Elm r Graham a Haj j been be Rioual ill in i Wable to be up. The key. Will Vav it time lid i lob my after a no Iii lit week Vav Springer j m in 1 Kiln the Ila id Hor non ony a Day Iii of i Donkey in St. An la Ai Aid no Ile hoi i Thi i ado the to Radii y at Abt a. Or. And or ii. Vuk Knuijt Here s inlay or. And Vita by a a it. Sunday be one i hods of min. J. Pend a Pray. Or mud min k ii us v la a upending a few <1 in nor visiting Fri nth in cd tied hem. Me 0,1 Nii a Dilley Ahi m is Judith i in Rall o k in Timi a l j. In i of hey j a i a Ftp t win n your breath a had App a it. Poor and you feel Quot Blue Quot and or our gel you need Herh lne. A in or two Dom will aet you right. It ii a or. At by Elm purifier. Price . Boid by Ai . Wings of Tho morning Why not Start your morning just Rig sunday like the week Days a with a real Good cup of Coffee ? get one of those Good coffees packed in vac urn sealed tins with All the fragrance Fine taste and cheer kept in the Coffee for your breakfast cup. All such coffees Are Good. Your Money Back if you Don t like Schilling s. Schilling Coffee for Quick results try the journal want Colure it t had m l Iii the t. \ i in k i i i i j the. A re guilt id it Pend graph the Al k John til to i Costa of up my i. I. A s. R \ it the Aland jury at it it on Durn week i h the newly i in a i d a lied Hoard j i f Spring r my monday and in a Gard Zed is alerting re Soli Wing offt Gra or h. B. Marten. Final Dent a. It. Drown. Vapi Midi is t ii Filcher it in i k. Vav Ord w is a cd ipod a i it that the i lick noon Haw i 11 at Ita Yado was in it i eyed by i e thin nil i. The i. T. A ii Iet tuesday i. Miles Milton presiding. Tho pro i am we in chair it of miss Viola Kimball. Or l. I. Taylor gave an add Tow on the int Yuuki in of Char a Tat that should govern the i Acher we Iii resp it t to her pupils rid her work and Hon Putti to Khz could it Al and aet Tow Ai d their c Hildren and Tea her. I j a it n i lot i trn f Jai it in Wath Guetti of mrs cat floor i Helm during the week end Grinders and other r let in will to m All a. It Meh Fri m a past we mrs co this it the i so Quot How it m or and m it k a a or is in of j Mcclure in town Mot he v i i to we the various Church i Oida ii i it a i i a in the. I of week att tidied no Ding of the by rifles. Or. To. V. Ii Fekn left on bul ii us get s remain for an indefinite time or Hopes a t a gaining his to Lith i writ Wen freight d of i from min la ency will v it relatives Mora by Trugon lat Vav. In sgt the Homo on Mill. The none i a old boy of m w Iego Rio Trujillo d led 1 t bet h i Hist tuesday and in hut led at i a in cataud cemetery on the Foi owing Day. Mrs. Hul Lelita Ai a a Tda re a v. Blow 5? years o a die Day As til a suit of pm by h t a canine which aha took by in intake. Swastika dub to Neshein Moto de to tin Caritas ranch and were entertained by mrs Lien Fie i Shim Linda was played and my Blanche Clothier won High in Ore or. And mrs Fred Devers and mins Llort Nettin visited Balon last their sea at the a selection by room of Hie losing session Ltd the Parent teachers meeting til1 Ang us picture Wilt won is tile fifth Grade loom of which miss Pirtha. I it 1�?o teacher. The i i a to tin wit hang in her room until Lite it a of Helio i ii May i n j. It Marline old time res., tit of Springer ii d thursday morning at the a re of 69. Of heart it Fane. He Vias the lath of j a Mart inca i. T. Martinez Aud j k Martinez in j la Fernandez Ami or. M mgt cd a vets. Hit Ria i who in the Catholic cent Ryth. Foliar Long Day. After mass at the 1st. Jose pit a cathode . In in i i a i Raton it it j in of alb i or. And do Vav ii a Mon lie St \ 11 la Vav. Ii. I i i. Of. M let a i or v. I has when Hgt t h four. Of Amati a Rit Manas of 1.1 Aik b a Rig Des. Licit k kind from ism Anc been in a Hospital. C i my Hen and Tami in i at Hun Diego calif., Tuftie will spend Laver Ai weeks Tai tin Friend James Day jr., and Georg Buth Craod we visit Oil of in Scott the following have left for tut son ari., for the meeting of the co Imon nest week of. I Young and wife. M j. Pharr Cia Gey Charles Mel a a lib and wife k it Matthew ail will it. I Mcgregor it. L. M wife. Ii a Funk and w Iii e and Joseph Lei a a i a ii it Benn k in has returned from 1 d a visit w Ith relatives in Chil ago. I a two i to Ohi m into i i. J a enjoyable d. <1 monday night at tsi by the liidtea1 it in i copay Church. W j the jollies of a v i be in g enjoyed by t aged in Selling pit poised new hotel noon the workers r a Anoia Hor. It u in Selling to expect to reach the by monday noon w in Len will. R Law lung by will is. La is Xvi gluon Fth a Oil i of the inns no f in m Arf v m in fun t to Kwof v i non m pro at the Chen. V Cap p tidily hat put cow thai in Mot t it Ami goal la i0,0d0, or Hon tilt i it in Law in lilt himself the Oor. And j fat the weight Champion of new i the. I oily -1 i Iid made a Moi i v How tug in i Vav hooping con ii. This la a very dangerous Dis ase particularly to children under five Yea t a of age but when no Paregori codeine or other opiate is Gicoff is Vily mired by giving Chamberlain cough Kern. By. Moat people believe that it must Tun de coolie not knowing that tin time in wry much shortened Aud that there is Little danger from the disease. When thin remedy is Given it him been used in Many epidemic of whooping cough with i denounced huh vhf of in Gate Aud pie aaa it to Luke. George who has been directing the reorganization work of the till ton Chandler of Commerce left the first of the w. A a for a love where he will be employed for similar work the t. Ii k. Class of the Baptist Bundy school gave u social tuesday evening a int will uttering taken no. For Montezuma College a i As vegas. X i. Turner superintend it of the City water it it a a a in. Bae resigned to enter butane it Kir Anima. Dorado the t t. C. Club of the Colfax or. Int v High i to i will give a Mother daughter banquet tuesday night. A similar banquet will a Given by the Beta i git sort try of the High school. Tin Epworth league had charge of the methodist episcopal Church i Ervi. In sunday night new offi a a a i Are Mina Madeline Smith president miss Dove Mcintosh first Vive Predd it. Miss it ii t ii inti in second vice president Minn he it i it Chisum third it. Presl dint phad Harper fourth vie president. Mrs. Bulb Miller state Euper visor of vocational education i-1 i Tiette i to he Here monday for Emblem. With the county commissioners the a Moi banquet of tin Beta Phi of the Colfax Roan to. Gigli school saturday night under Tho do vet Ion of i s Bigler maw a delightful affair there Vav re voc i solos by mrs. Bayne and Mio i i. Be Clark and a piano nolo by miss Helen a Nehru. Mrs Poi Kin a test Mattei a Toast to the up it by Amelia Raicke a us t twp upped to by mrs it Umi Ruth. A Story Quot Mother a Vaughn it ring Deho in loud badly beaten in the. First round by Mike Mead in a Glasgow Boxer w Ith a rating i infidel a v below the top notches of his class. The or a of m. I i a Les a. Co Ai Tho Idee tiie tuesday night was weft received. This Home Talent play was under the sus Pires of Tho Woodmen s min. Vav. J Tomlin and children who formerly lived hen1 returned thu week from Oklahoma to Quot make this then Home. The missionary society it f the methodist Church met this week with min. Or. Miller mrs j a me m Ilia n and Nom. Russell of i but Ani Vav a in tin. City Over sunday. The Rev. pal her of Las vegan Oiga nixed a sunday a Bool und preached for the Munday night. Mrs bal Ali Simmons and daughter Juanita of Amarillo Tex Are guests of mrs. Mini Unis Ami mrs Charles Brown the misses a Leveis of Tucumcari Are visiting or. And my do tar mrs ii i a Mig and i. Snyder Quot of Din in a re in Tho City thus w e. A mrs Lucas of Duran is visiting t her sister mrs. A to Darlington Lloyd Codlin in Home from Albuquerque miss Henderson Wall tie hostess to the but or in lad Ion Aid wednesday afternoon. Be prepared for three generations mothers have successfully used Honey and tar As a Safe remedy for the Relief of cold coup a croup and whooping cough. It in purr whole Toast to it and children like cont Dina no opiates. Enec mlle food tor croup Laid whooping cough the. Two terrors of childhood. Special Sale on Westinghouse irons�?$5.50 sin w. Ii tii Irr to Litto Rock arbut 1km. A emr i la key id a a in attack i sup to f do a at i Bier a my ac4 Jar i ua4 Nan and he want to aka Aal an ii nil. A a much i wind a so with wet a at Aal j a a. A an attack i get heartburn or Indik finn Call to for a it Iii Rhino. It t a lie. K lie d Tat r cd i nato Only and Force the Quot Feri Nenfred food int the Bow it la. Tou feel better it once. La lev 6ov, Hula by All drug cuts Ilene i he Westinghouse electric Iron designed by the Aid of women to meet women needs a he Westinghouse six or it in and one hah Pound Iron. J Lien there Conics the Westinghouse three Pound traveler a Iron. Each Iron is designed in a Beautiful Nickel finish and of High Grade Quality. Westinghouse Irons Are All of a Standard Iron while this great special i on. Make. So get your electric a Albuquerque Gas amp electric Compart at your services phone 98

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