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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 8, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal wednesday May 8, 1918. Graft senator Chamberlain starts an investigation seeking to discover what has become of $640,000,000 appropriated to build air planes with not one Battle plane shipped to France backed by other solons who ask where has the Money gone five Washington May 7.�? while the Senate was Dias str tin aircraft situation. Secretary Baker and other War department officials were urging before the House military committee a new billion Dollar aircraft appropriation. Secretary Baker declared facts and figures regarding aircraft plans should not be made Public. He said the committee was entitled to the details but he was opposed to presenting them publicly. He said criticisms of the air Craft plans were inspired by pro German influences and that details of the governments plans should be kept secret on the ground of military necessity. Plans for the Senate military committees further investigation have not been fully formulated and Mill be outlined at an Early meeting. I he attorney general named William p. Frierson my of his assistants to conduct the aircraft inquiry. If the no i cry j liar lit ply it a Xii it i to i mom i senator i a a a dts get. Patdu in. A a 1 it Oiin it Timi w itt it Mug the f i of to Jot i doubt theft h to. A ill for on tint a t actin chamber Dering of Tho wont rot a i tto t d w the i turnout or Hen heed it i i it in a of a. Commuter intention i on r lit Pipetti out so investigation Shah Tor Chati coffin that Tho t.tlt�. A. I. It i a nit a would be to the. Boca in or coffin thought trim or h a w t a let v ii a a the i in not it i to Durd to a a Sridar Nicin appropriation Wert a up tided add ins a taut fit my machine on a it at tis a it it lf.-, i a it. 1 t a it hot fair to Settli Tup ii a it i filled product in of in. Plum. A a. A pie a a senator i. I la int n it Bourn t pro Post. It r i a Tor cd t tit to Ria in Dee la re. J tier he it hot a Thilk i Oil All. A oi4 Ute whole program Iii had get it the to rift u to i a por he Sal the. Eon tuition re a it Tith ii f Tow a it m. To til report ii the. Ord with t in of a hot r it e Ltd the. Roll i Combe a re i�?�,.< i Ltd i Ltd the. Trio d a at lug Nat in dared ii d of w. Huk the. Ness i Hora. A libation 1 pa11 of the. In it n a. Who and added Kim Arith h. A a the of ii. It i pro it it co u Nati diane11 it Hart is of a men a s., in a a til a spilt we radiation Iii my brought Forth. Senator i urn it i tit. A let the. I Monist to and o a to info of the. Rowit ii eve and to. A to ii determined to w hates r Iii net Mit to help win Iris i i senator Vardaman democrats a is Teal tipi a kit i How Many Arn Mill less to abroad it i set t it in i la i piled it one Tai no a Battle Plant had been the. Re a this ugh unit t in to 1 f t a to i j a i outhit or lilt ii. St mild is ii is Ai use ought to b. Inform that a i in i of 1. A and a a. A a a it. Fro til i Iii i i null t the it tar Iota had i Ord it i Era i Otto. A Uteri. It a a to. I Dana it i wet no i tie tis it i. A. A t Aili,.,. I it. I of read the announcements of californians f Amous hotels health Beach and Mountain resorts and solve a that Outing Froby pm literature and full information by writing direct or at free information Bureau at office of the morning journal Quot a thin eco by ready of san Francisco a i by Moraine journal Apo Tai i in a Ltd wire Al a v 7 ins. Ati gation is or at i Mik Repi tiled to of the atm aft Ait la a to Dpi swiftly Legott the min a Ait \ Simk to i int he Tod a both tit the Dpi 11 i in on s t a ulv that Pic me tit of pm Dice and in Cong it a it have i in supplied tit and exist of Anan attorney i net d or gory. Acting it the a. For a tining intr to a added president Wilson Anga Tion began th1 Arna tog a ild the original car a planning the i Tita in i nit it program provided fat tut met Hihi til a i or i. If there has beet iou of a ilk 2,- Al to Elm fight a plane til an e or us i a a of the or Al i. In of France by july i �0� appropriation. Till. Shaw senator me. \ t the a tin a Tim Chai trim it Cit a it umber of ninth 11. Hot i i Ria i Tif la Senate military Tam Tho t Torch planet ran a a a produced it tit it Tat ,.�?� next i to the Senate in a a big profit Tor $ i Ai. A Bhat a a a have a thorough going in. Inn had a. V coat tin Ihm a i of lift own to which he Dot it m i is alight tit have h id i no non Plata it would it input to lot ate the pet or met umbel declared. I urn Kooi h i on a 1 the v or till a fac a Serpent 1 As a end to the re would be n i a Whitt to. In Emo ,i id hat not washing a j she to find oat what ,�?� the aircraft subject came up a tin Money Quot Goon As the Senate convened tut. T senator bred or m ,.un Democrat i. d charges culminating yet s declared son a Tor me a umber Yeti to i do Iii the president Ltd it. 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