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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 6, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal May 6. I or r i 1 119 i i ill us. I l up huh Civ has plea of d it it d the cd Ca to will ii read vet i no urges that government hang onto it rather than lease or soil to private interests by the a a it to in a Bill or it w in i to of r tire. It Asoo Clat for a who 0t#4 by fird the ,�?T1im of Tho fruit. Garden truck damaged by Hail in a in b Vicinity of Portales r k1 in by la mormon in Tho to ground of so run Beauty i 11 to of of Ireland who a it i declining jest had Boon celebrate at the cattle he i pariah Palcat a been by burhop Miller who cd Ewing to the i Ait Obi acne of a Cli by a hop Byrne. Although it had been announced lha funeral would he private theft a h Conal derail a Erna to present. Including Many Prlenda made by the Leader in his Long a Loci Atlin with the turf the pallbearers included a k go of Clatie a thir Griffith. Pet Trident of the dad York Art Circle especially an it it rearm and Alderman or Donagh come at a time of the year when a clarified it i to f rain t this Tan half of than off the tree r the tree a. With the Green Las the largest knocked off but. ,. I a i if nothing out of the leading member re Wilt ii Arnon de Valera party. Tho lord the major of Dublin walked with or to and Croker who waa also a end a led by or. C. J Norris a daughter of the Ducrea de others present included Jama Mcmahon under Eer rotary for Lri funeral of seven members of family is held in Canada 1/orfginal, not. May fat a neighbor who spent the night making ref. F me today tenderly lowered into the ground tip Bodley of von me in t a of the Lacr Oln family. Who died yesterday after having been mysteriously poisoned. It via brat Bel wed that my Al of wild Parsnip it a used re nth hut or Man to Gus Row chief Hoten Tat of the Cen t rat Estef Mentil farm declared today that this Herb a not pow Ettori the tragedy striking sudden in and claiming victims rang my in year from a to 5, threw the Village into mourning the virulent Cater of the Poison t ode immediate burial Nee it. By and 21 hours after the us it death att the Bodle were beneath the soil of a Little cat bite cemetery three Miles away. Al feed Slayer is an shaped convict Clah position of Board toward aiding in Europe explained Milf we didst know it was just Cut from in one a 6, la fed 1 r Ong the when the i Reserve a the Case it situation William s. Estaver held at Tucson. Is identified As Paul Hadley. According to county attorney. A fit that a if i doubt that the Florin of this country rec it at la Nufita which to the american a a inc acc and Industry in Mlo and political of Europe but the a rope an nations Art drown hands. When i Fly i a limn la led pres it in. Ari,., May a Ltd i aul ii aft to score o a it a of the i my it i to flow it Dee As up non a1 t a rape a built with sic Rcd Money d to Row it during the a t i bound Tain a it stained by the work i to win the w or ought to be retained a. N to a tit. Never to enter the r who in body who la n t oily Koto a Heck. Republican aked for lever bit he iry Ford who hat i no Xii f. R for the proper fruit Ruck were d unpaged of i a Cut not and the Large cherries set a paired. Apples cherries. Plum were not far Irma i to be damaged to Lent a though there is for n Large it sop of a1 the Hail was much some part of surround try and it la stated no of the Large Orchard p o fruit wag entirely re of a Ivnic tem Crit mad by Conn Reorg a Darnell. Shrouded in mystery for six Nofi Tbs the criminal record of Wiliam h. Be layer charged with Mur let in the first degree of or. Arma Johnson during november 1931, _ her today when of the artistic temperament feel the county attorney it. Darnell angled Ltd of a trat Egie Retreat from the pounced that Ling r print evidence City. Pairing the Winter. New York a identified the prisoner a a i a a Ltd is a great Little inspiration to the Hadley escaped life termer frown creative faculties it is an excl Altig to a a i Kin Houri Tat it Penitentiary. Disclosure of the facts surround aver or Hadley most sensational Blind since Early youth. Girl will be an Honor graduate by. It is an exciting stimulant which constantly genre i ates ids and prod personal Amnot of pm it ast of e Billon into action. Hut in the recalled one of la. Spring the drug lose a Power land and Martin Fitzgerald it it prancing nothing but fatigue in. patient. It is then that the creative artist begins to resent the Praetor of the Freeman s journal the coffin a covered with Vin Ida from Croker widow our Foj Rrt. Glare of the Street the mounted by a Wreath of orchids ant Thunder of the elevated the in other criminal Case in the h it Story Cit courts of Oklahoma marked by Devotion of a wife Anil final escape of Hadley during a sixty Dav parole granted in Whit h to visit his fuck Louis May Bertha Marie Mcguire 24 years old who a been blod since her Early youth will be my of the Honor graduate at Washington Una verse tym it month it a announced today. By has an average Grad Quot of 04 for the four year col or co u be. Rho studied by taking Lee to re note on a a Oft card be which no yield d to the Pencil precisions that touch re ulling possible. I lumber Glass Cement paint plaster Albuquerque lumber co. 423 North first Street new Mexico steel co. It re it Wili of tic i South 8#r<t�i St. Isl. In from or Morris. Raucous screech of unending Tref the Reading of the will did not pc the dust and smoke of the fee occur today As had been sex peeled growers profiting from co operation in marketing Wool upon i in in. A a the Tny who it Ali if m h i h <1 wed d i half to p addle Ford i Ann mfg i re d it it in rest be ill t i mean the r that he id a process Lur of fee d by a butt prices. Int senator in it Fin vib Fin. Took Iju in Dot daring the to id keep Quot anybody or muscle Short i ice Ford and Linshi to. The pre Lancing Mich. May fat a surf i a the american farm Bureau How that Wool grower apparently a Yaddo is new arts Retreat in n. Y. Hills identify Finger print. On wednesday wire received t torte. The stale atmosphere of the attorney George it. Darn crowd ills work suffer and so from Topf. Gunpei intended t of to a of Doe i health. He feels that be j inborn state Penitentiary in m must get away but a Ltd a map All later identified Finger prints is aver As Iden Hadley w to Ceca Boma prison Mot d from to a it Tai it la Quot a pm d or Levering if Tate to go to one Man for j thing in this country we it tin make Bim a a suck r or. Levering s i. I much of a he import m. Ford off i \ me from a Sud a Money Quot is lain Long that Speculator a already making Money Hyt a to co Pertt tvs Wool poo s Ding to the stir it y. >.2 6 1 cower in 2 2 states pooled or s 1921. They sold 23 391,000 Pound i of graded Wool Al an Verng Price f 2cents a Pound the average s return to the grower was 2d 7 cent land the marketing Cost excl Ulvi of freight and Pool commis Quot i fat mounted to Ort y 2 s cents in i comparison with the More that 20 cent return to grew in in the a Pool the average pro a by other growers not Pool Ber was Ici cents a a help Bauk account this la easier contemplated than done. Quot the american writer or Painter or composer or sculptor who i Igo Young who a made Little Money although Finger or a of i. Ive but who yet a Given distinctly la 1 of it in forwarded repeated v t Promise and shown a plumbed to 4 Lent if eat Ion Bur ins. Fort is in tent Aliles a but few resources. Orth nod other Finger i r nex says one who i is a i acquainted changes throughout the country n with the problem. Quot he May secure respond was obtained at or prot a i Citron but it is unlikely in a country where earning capacity is admired vastly More than creative ability. He May leave the country but he i liable to die of starvation in a foreign country or a a All o thankful for a Lithe child lot Mil warn ads aet result Oil stove ovens tells How Lycar e. Pinkham a vegetable compound helped her in cd mantra lost Small English Bull Pup two month old almost has a a slightly Brindle White mate in face White Vest four Whit feet. Belong to sick boy who worries Over loss of i pct. Reward 624 Wett Copper ave. Or Call phone 1550 and we will Send. By i 111 la a he j or Askin new York City May log hand is so to be extended to budding Gnu in the state of new York a new Quot Art Retreat la to by opened in the near future to which poor but remixing artist struggling to pay i Hilt May flee in summer from the up mrs. Flare Sheridan the pre Saive heat and noise of the Cit Krift Lish sculptor w i of diaries s Uke the Colony at pet have arc did a cordial we i rho Tough n Lait is. A for j fled the world hostile foal Type of creative uti tis a it the artistic Temiz Ernt nent it or musician sculptors paint Spring Quot i cannot live it and poets will att l a a a loomed f d i America she comp lined recently encouraged to Runham acrid self a a it must have Are nifty. I w Oil id nut cup reason by the us of Cool quit it ivs in Funglan i. I have too Manx a so and h strict remit fixes there. I could live it atmosphere. Stalhut there i no Money. Or the Retreat is the r of of the late in by Sla. But Thor is no food i George Foster Peabody and i ii the creative artist who Fin w ill be located at Yaddo the by in himself or herself in a dilemma it. I Alful Beitat which i this kind. The Art Retreat offer a in Hal to the 4n�ra.l it Peabody and her fir a hush d inter sting solution. Nut tag could Artesia. N m. May a Hail j Spencer to ask created nit of storm swept Aero the Woodlands near Saratoga or Inga portion of the town on tuesday on the state la one of the Fin ext a a a country houses in that part of n a York. As Well As Many smash r buildings that will lie remodeler into studio. These Are net in a private Park of great natural Beauty including hundreds of acres of native Woodland Brooks lakes waterfalls and gardens there is also a Large farm an Enterprise Hail storm Sweers across Pecos Valley afternoon accompanied by my h in infill. The Hall continued to fall do the Small Cloud travelled to Ward the Northeast and the Pecos River. A keen Flash of lightning Wax noted during the afternoon s storm it struck the Centra school building St ditting the Flag Pele and to Nelm off Sony Shingle from the roof of the Belfry the Damn be 1s not very great and or ample covered by insurance. That Hall did Little damage As the stones ii us Tim until to sent to the sup. Rin Ltd Oklahoma penitent go yesterday. The. It a it it to Oklahoma w. Of the originals Tab Bushman a local of were originally Dave n a Bun. In. Expert five months a All identify it aver a Ina record in aunt Tom of the country Terly in a last Effo unknown past of had never been Ira. Acquaintance with Peter Johnson of in during november attorney d Ira. La or elder to Forward every s ate prison i photographs Bent photographs were set ago yesterday in the Foo Khiani Florida i pro it of Kutztown wish every w who wants children a it Ald t Lydia i. Pin Ham s vet ibis compound. It has done r it much f r Are. Try baby ii almost a year old Rowan 1 ii Thorn Ture of health Bho walked a4 eleven pm nth and is tryr.,t to a so her Little ton pm 5ho can Biri he More satisfactory than the inc Dowell Colony fur example. It i Quot in no sense a philanthropic enter prise for impecunious artists by it offer at absurd y Lew rate precisely what the struggling writer or with Fth. Composer or Painter need a a place Jun r. N where he can work at top a pee ii the Quot on with the need scary fresh a or Jun ind if a for sleep and uninterrupted a its there Penitentiary the i serenity without boredom fur inn or j after working hour he com in owing a Truh a number of fellow wifi it ask Tot r i hit is the Erie it Mes i uses be list it it stud Nis or bes ring f re to the r # or toy Ere King it Jug i a Quot the or it e Reg a i for in or Btl or r a r t a v in right in 1�?~ne for of motion As it Fri Ora. In in Etc it in or run i to is prs brei in t i a of or enter to a in miming tit ref Chrtt it us Tell la t w in in trip a. To Dai. La in org and spec Psi a Lens Ion i in that of t y to 11 h Flag of sir Rel unit Tatj rns at is. T k h a St Hool first after perfection it i u r to they re it and Road Der in Iii the size. In Rhth lit i had Tiwi i emm a. Ism Roii a is re Sim a apr i of j i r i i Aid. Last Chance comr in Tod to and see How you can get tub it s. Of is for one Dollar. The drawing a ill he at 7 3b tonight. Y til it St ii Pri sent to git Iii m Gar in Ca s of it n Ami is ult Yyi \. Of you h be tickets do no get fill to to at the St Ore sumo bet Wen i and 7 30 tonight of you to ships i to Reg or your name in Tho a til he counted on hand. The unit s to r phom 2h1i. Is j by i it Contr Ord la.,. On act with a la urn Nee or i a iwo into. J. I that was started during the War work Obj it As eur Nestle artistic a _ or 1. W for the purpose of raising the or a a which at foodstuffs most needed by die a1 Small sum paid by the Art charged by id. Lies. Now it will tie devoted to them for a Ping quarters food. Tri to for r the sit h a to were much smaller than those further patriotic task of studios and other comforts re pre a Aal d Tim which fell in Tho Cottonwood District last week when lambs were killed during the storm. The rainfall throughout the Pecos Valley in in of much Benefit to the stockmen and Farmers some localities not de More rain to insure a Good season in the ground the gras on the a Range is beginning to grow and the cattle sheep men Are optimistic. R m is h to Ala in. It i in the f have he i to p c had d Wai tin Mot Peter my u it. Al a Daver it Mcra a j ten who j Ess from it use have Corno he us. We Only Tell j you what Thov nay and Bel u be. We believe tis Lydia k. Pink-1 Bem a vegetable compound is to Well i adapted to the Condit Ion which Mink j rat be your trouble that Good will j come to Vuu i v tire. T h the u pc is w a foe. Accord t in the h whirl 0m wiggly Wight my taken into cu14 to. Mo., March i grand larceny arrested on the g mrs. Anna c november. 1921 right of Way of c. On the morn alleged a girder an. Mrs. John re teen murder Peanut butter beechnut Large Glass 24c medium Glass 16c Small Glass. Jelly beechnut All favors Large Glass 39c medium Glass Jam beechnut All flavors except Strawberry and Raspberry Large Glass 32c med. Marmalade beechnut Orange Large Glass 27c medium Glass 16c Small Glass. Macaroni and Spaghetti beechnut 8 of. Pkg. Very Best made. Prepared Spaghetti beechnut in cheese and Rich Tomato sauce i la. Tin. Sliced beef beechnut Large Glass 53c medium Glass. Butter 1 q la. In Carton guar to be Sweet and fresh 40c i la. Solid without Carton eggs strictly fresh in i dozen Carton 27c 1-2 dozen Golden West. Cheese Maclaren snippy Pimento s. M. Cream. Cheese Kraft Cream loaf Cut to your order 36c Kraft Swiss. 9c 24c 20c 9c my. 14c 29c 38c 15c my 45c to ref i win. A Morhman artists with a proper ii Yent Only a fraction of the Upkeep Nior diet. Of the Colony. It draw its chief of a Tor. The idea of dedicating Yaddo to support from three other source Jami to lha arts a conceived by or. And Krum the annual due of the Mac knit for Trask As Early As 1900 i h n Dowell As Oci Atlon which rang torn a a corporation was formed to carry from futo $100 a year from con of t t. Out the plan under the Euphony try buttons to the general fund by ctr j y Youh title of the trustee of pm private individuals the proceed of a or. Of any f Jarde. Or. Trask always had mrs. Edward Mcdowell Anima Taver co id of and j been deeply interested in Art Arm recitals coming under tilts head p., of was one of the Patron of the a anti the yearly int Crest on the in formation in the i a a Mona arts club while at that time Dorment fund which is Munfor a i j mrs Trask herself wrote several unit Ely Isio Sll and some what t0<jy at Kansas cd plays and poems under the name a unplug to growth of Lac in 20, 1918. For Alleg it of katrina Trak they were Tern. In Texas lie was therefore h input Hetlyn by air i memorial to i oink out charge of murder a of the tremendous obstacle that i the Coloni is a memorial to e l Johnson during n beset the path of the struggling May Down la the composer nears total on the creative artist. Beside these Ives who retired to the picturesque old up Southern Bacin the first Board of trustee Inelus fowl a a a Petersborough in 1s95 jog follow a the de George Forcer Peabody when there in the weeds we Are told of the Denver worn had been a Busine partner of Quot in built fur himself a log Ca Bim on is alleged to hat or Trask Milt Aliena g Pard in Shutt Cabin which stilled Bye Taver after he had accepted or Henry Van Dyke and the Ute stands shutting out the whole the Courtesy of the victim and her Edward Shepard world he did the larger part of his husband. Peter Johnson s a Pas after or Trask s death the Ablest work. It was his Hope that Enger in their car from Tucson t Board was enlarged and the name other workers in the arts. Not Nee toval. Changed to Quot directors of the Pine scarily musical composers might Garde the to present enjoy the same privileges of qute members upon whom will fall the tude and peace and it is the real to Faye to ind. Mayfe Burd Burden of Nutting the Art Retreat nation of that Hope that meets the won its straight Victory today i it o opera Mon Are m r Peabody of the visitor today defeating Ohio state in a Wester. Miss Pardee mrs. Mia Potter Stur a a score of studios beautifully conference baseball game 7 to Gen wife of the Rev. Philemon f built each one with its fireplace a a a my a a a j Bourges. Rector of Grace Church at or Billy Days Are scattered Over j Providence or. Van Dyke. The he a. A tract a Quot Rauch larger 1 or. Edward Knox Mitchell aces now than the original farm. A 1 to Nichols. Thomas Mott Osborne studio is an Oasis in itself hidden Edgar Truman Brackett Daniel from the others masked by Quot a a to Chester French and or. John ii. Woodland from neighbors. U Finley. The value of the Trak worker sees nothing but the Elk it gift to american Art will depend overhead and the varying Emerald very largely upon the sincerity and of Trees on All sides. It to sounds discretion of this Board reach him but the animated Attu Joy in Art circles. Merits of Birds and the winds in int the news of the legacy has spread shrubberies. Quot there is a Central building known a Colony Hall from which the workers depart a Ach morning for their respective studios. All Day their remain secluded wrapped up in their own endeavours. Lunch is left for them on their doorsteps no on Calls upon them except by special invitation. The Long Clear Day is All their own. To compose j their music in. To paint pictures to write their dramas and poems and j i about 5 of clock in the afternoon they lock up their studios and return to civilization As no artificial i lights Are allowed in the work rooms. A and writes one artist. Who spent a summer at Peterborough Quot the Day was quite Long do coach Al Cheeks be better looking take Olive tablets if your skin is yellow comp Xii pallid a Tongue c a Ted appetite 1 it you i Lave a bad taste in your Mouth a Lazy no <1 feeling you Shoult Uke Olive i Ablett. Or. Edward Olive tablets a nub aaa a Atule fur Calomel were prepared by of Edwards after 17 years of tudy. Or. De Wirds Oliver Ablett Are a parch yer table compound mixed with Olive oily it Gnu v. Ill know than in their Olive color to have a Clear Pink skin Bright Eye s n a pimp1. A. A feeling of buoyancy ilk Oil Iho Iid Days you must or. Edwards Olive tablets act or he liver and bowels like Calomel be have no dangerous after effects. They Start t he bile and overcome constipation take one or two nightly ant note the pleasing results. Millions o oozes Are sold annually at 15c and 30c by noon today if you can. Bring them in or phone them if you Are a Scriber so they will reach us by saturday it if you can possibly do so. While we can t 1 copy at the want and counter up to 5 30 of Cut saturday afternoon from 4 of clock up to cling time is the congested period and you no not be Able to reach the want and departing by Telephone Atter 5 30 In. A Good Deal of cheer among hew u. A customs inspector is i specials today 20c 25c n wind shield Glass lumber j c. Hai mid of. La i 111 ii co i 111 gout Brit a Trust. Rimes 402. Albuquerque morning journal phones 13 or 66. Peanut Candy Pound. Coconut Candy Pound. Neapolitan Cream Candy la Yoc Candy shop 110 South second St. Are you going to chronic dyspepsia and nervousness soon ended in coffees a your packed in i la. Vacuum sealed can ground sold in All pig Quot by i Gly stores and guaranteed to be As Good As any Coffee at any Price per Pound. 39c when he began taking no no in 1 experience 1 a hit mtnu1 gains in weight. Strawberries at Market prices Al i or Quot Viv a a a wiggly w1ggl 330 two stores in Albuquerque North third 205 North first in haution that meant something Tarlac declares Packard thought out thoroughly. After dinner there were Many books to read in the Library or a cosy gathering before the Large fireplace or a to never allowed my name a even a game of Pooh by 9 o clock to by used in connection with a our Eye were usually heavy with Medicine but i feel it a duty for off we would go to bed to me to Tell of my experience with Clumber quite dreamless with no Tarlac a said d. S. Packard. U elevated trains thundering by to s. Customs inspector. 267 ninth disturb our rest Street san Pedro. Calif. The Only trouble with such col Quot i have been something of a i sonics is that there Are not enough chronic dyspeptic nearly All my j of them and those which do exist life but about a year ago i had ire not nearly As Well financed a to take an unusually hard trip j Tey should by. It is to be hoped that went against me so i actual j hat the new gift of the Pine Garde by fell off ten pounds in weight estate will stimulate the interest my stomach got All out of order j 0j other philanthropists in the Wel-1 had no appetite my nerves we fare of our living american artists shattered and it looked like i with whom is entrusted the future of american letters and Art. Would never got straight again. Quot my wife finally made in take Tarlac and it is simply astonishing the Way it brought in out. In be gained eight pounds in weight and am a better Man physically than in be been for wars it s a pleasure to recommend Tania is sold by All Good adv. Fresh today by of belgian Hare Chicken m Utton pork vegetables fruit anti groceries veal pass up an Opportunity of a life time to buy furniture at one half regular prices san Jose Market phone 199. North first Street 201 c. H. Carnes specialist in of Tiar refraction phone 1057 pc 107 8. Fourth. Chocolate Quot Ream Coffee sold at this store. We sell skinners Only 4 Days left a i a after that you will pay higher prices and you will say to yourself a Why did no to i buy during the american furniture co the highest Grade Macaroni j Spaghetti egg noodles and other Macaroni products. 223 South second Street. Iii

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