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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 6, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico It by this num. A we Iii c aped in Hodgin stuff were sent on. A King tills Highland line Fen How Willie Raihn Lff Hoire in Mil the 11 a a i Loup Weis tin i us a 1 us. A Dew esp i to no a Nana Opin Tai to h malt a sch. Pricing Nim new in so a mril will have son i Oner out of the Street oar line. I in r i/nf<1 a p ,4 a quoth ,. Min a. Hymnal will Nave Doftus however Holder. Of a i inf Volp by pit i Mig a r&c6s of he was disc harm of for Lark of a Al. I Bill in. The Earth upon the Back a Abb two. C \ ii i. Fat a let to a Baldy of $1,000 in sch a i quot Iarrace addition tract. The University Heights addition aunt Lier tract to be benefited by tins a a Law asst a to give the sum of si.500 to the subsidy the two tracts go. Ing far toward making a substantial Start for the $ j 5.000 asked. In addition the Mesa Park driving association has become interested in the proposed line and that association is now considering a phase of the plan which should the association see at to share in the subsidy May mean the building of the line past the University to the Mesa Park enclosure this however is a detail which the promoters have not worked out their present plan being to give the Highlands a Street car a Ervin c tomorrow morning i re in sent i tiv of the promoters a ill Benin his rounds of the Highland pro port owners and it will probably not he in Nyda is before it will be definitely known whether or not they Are going to agr a to the plan. Should they agree to it the morning journal was inf or i j yesterday by one of the men behind the project that the Money for construction purposes is ready and tim with the subsidy assured they Wilt a. Before the City Council the Hist meet ing in june with a petition for a franchise. A Busine proposition. We Are not going into this proposition As philanthropists was the statement made by this Man not Mackour health. La make Money out of he Street car line. We Are however hold a of a Good Deal of land in the Highlands which i we believe would be materially and j anted in value by this Street car line. We believe thee Are a lot of other property owners in the Highlands whose land Vin also be advanced in value. Therefore we make the proposal to build the line provided the combined property owners directly benefited w ill Advance us a subsidy of sir too what the total Cost of tin line will be a do not know exactly but As nearly tis we can figure it if present prides of steel and equipment to will he to Little More than $3#, from the Alvarado direct out slim Railroad Avenue to the University. Vav have no Conn Don whatever with the Albuquerque traction company by with Assurance of continuous operation we would not hesitate to turn this in Over to that company without a profit when it is completed should the traction company see fit to t Ltd it it Over. What we want is a St re. Railroad service through the Highlands it will be Worth dollars my vents to our property. It will enhance Tho value of every bit of property in the Highlands. The proportionate subsidy per front foot upon the property in the afre ets used a the line seems to be the Only fair Way to get it the proposition and that is the plan we propose to submit to the pro pert owners we Are Ridy to it build the Road at once if we can sect quot the subsidy asked for the president to to a medal Washington. May s. President Uoo eve to has be. N presented with a Gold medal from the hebrews of the i noted states. At the recent Celebration of the 250th anniversary it it of tie Landing of the jews in the unit it states the assemblages of Hebr v authorised the preparation of the m. Dal and directed fir Cyrus Adler of the Smith son Lap institution to use t it. The medal was presented by to idler. Suicide at i in. Uniontown. A. May 5. having reached the age of uis year or Mary Mckolt thick. Of this place finally concluded that in her advanced a. She was a Burden to the family and ended her life yesterday by Ritthi a her Throat with a Penknife her activity Abd mental vigor up t a few Days ago were remark by she never tired of telling her visitors How to attain a Long of quot i think people would be healthier a she would say quot if would be More careful about they eat. Milk butter and to have been my chief diet i or n a but i never tasted Toffee. I i \.r. T Ake or pie a a within the last few Days How eve so. Lost physical Aud mental or eat rapidly. Mrs me Kittre a was born in count Kildare Ireland during the rec Ullh of 1798. She livid during the. Term a a a very president of the United stat. A ii Cpl Washington. The a i. Re que r que e morning journal. Subway a a financier swears to new statement daily. Goth Amite begins to doubt municipal government the West it net. Frank m urn no Olin Pic i yes qide unburned person of the Wyoming ranges came into novo ast week to spend his half year s say i Ings in seeing the sights Uke All a \ Good cowboys he had ii High regard j tor the etiquette of a policed town i and left his revolver in Tiro Bottom it a his grip. J Otto i a Ning he Waist rolling through j the tenderloin when a Debonair stranger formed the lonely con puncher a a Quaintance and in the course of the conversation it developed according to the strangers Story that he was the a Hampton billiard and i oui player of Chicago and that a had come to be v y irk to take tart ii the billiard Tuur Nai nent. Only to arrive too late. The topic opened the two naturally drifted into a Pool parlor Broadway i where the quot stranger was ooh involved in a gain with another stranger it was t Long before Cronholm had been in veiled Nejio making a Small bet on his newly math Friend he won. The rest Ait a a after la Lemon had Bein Handel to or Pron hot in of Wyoming he was $i0o Durn hot turned it Over in his England finds restlessness Polo email sent him to the tenderloin i a a spreading through Egypt de tee i it s Ila in a and Farrelly of i Captain Hodgen s staff were sgt it on. Ted Weiss the alleged whoa my i wife Albuquerque new Mexico capital and surplus $100,000.00. Great labor Leader not spoiled by Prosperity. A Good things in Lala first National Bank a Albuquerque in Terrule a a a Mexk-,., a a he Clou or ill Uhl Ness april 6th, 190g. Am lib it Vav Niter a r Lair new i Ark Sty. May lie a ii Ana Cannat Blain the people of nay it re if the have their misgivings about the in vantages of municipal government quot to Haw or other the duration of a mail to a municipal office seems to Ian a destructive effect upon his hardly a month passe that we it Ltd not see the men we elect Naifgh offices a it it it Ltd by the shrewd finances of Wall Street and the taxpayers have to stand far it list we k August Belmont wha Lias inuit milieus out of the subway which the a try quot Aid for and which he runs to ult himself calmly announced that he ii i not intend to pay the City $ 5<t too my due recording to the contract he signed when he a kindly to accept the subway which has Prav Nta be a veritable Gold mine hire i an for no wanting to a he City resembles the Chameleon it hang s its App a inc a very moment. Gust Belmont plays with affidavits sworn to by himself As a Juggler in a circus plays with Golden balls though her la nothing Golden about or. Bel. I no a s words. J he first swears that i lease of the so w York subway Cost my afterwards with p to Tak another oath it Cost him a trifle of looters More and the i breakfast again swear false the other times ail be pose of adding a few Mill do teen millions he has air nit of the subway at the he City of W York with t solitary or nov of hts own la was discharged for Hick of Evi Deuce the magistrate turned to the caul Man and said quot i Grant you permission to carry a revolver while you a trying to get your Man. I want the police to help you. This game is one of the meanest trick that is worked in new or i Ronholm departed promising to quot a climb a his Artiller striking features news and gossip of Tho greatest City by Richard Unicoi la London May 6. Or. John Burn. The first Case is on record where a alien seeking admittance to this com t f half ii i fused t a land a tit immigration authorities on account it the site of his head. I Nam he Feller an eighteen year old huh Dan boy who arrived Here on the Campania Young Feller i i of at Samu i flt her. It thi City. Allf the members of my family it at lire twp a quot i it it i abnormally Large Heads the i heat excessive and i had n quot jibe labor Leader w �?�>90 a year As or government Board 1 i re mis during the a he intended to is i cranium and i. F id. As a Proi Nord and that of his fat or. Burns Rem Igo that no Man is More than $2p, Lay of his hoi 1 is draw Jug $ quot til of the local con tided to sum a eat holidays that i exactly $2,Hoo to it my remaining ii for i future. Him $ of cot of so uly ten Mil a i Day be la Ain a t hider Feller said last night. Idea that my son would be excluded from this sunni on Apt of a i of of his head. Although it is so Large that he can to get a hat to fit it. The Stet of my hat is x 3-4, but i was never considered weak mentally i shill Appeal my Sou Case to Washington the i s. It Milnor memorial contort to be Given in Madison Square Harden tuesday evening. May 15, will i one of the most noted musical events of the year. One thousand singers and i How musicians will take part under direction or waiter Damn Seh Victor Frank i is Roach and Joh a Usa. The orchestra will be St Ever resembled in no in cd a few Yea is rth an income of Lear. Ii. Spent s playing Cricket it found the treated a Young woman to sonic h if Penny ice Cream r the put ans to Thady mad a a Flentse Ait risk in i Ferber Philip i the la York Asid of the of pro Dering to. I from the put tic i to a larg Nice Are co in part a it a Barrow aft. To e Vendor half later in the Daj of his Hund kerch it with a walking were vastly Amus i hew methods Ems ministers at play the educated ii Egypt i beginning British Rule Shtrik the training Colic Dent have refuse apis in strut tors. I though quickly in shed Are by Mutio feeling which is a eloped by the ret ird tipping the made a Ball out and played Crick a. Therow,1s i watching t ii i by quot Cabinet population of la restive und it r in pc occurred at where the Stu it obey the end a outbreaks,-Al-es.-Ed and Pun of the state of o have been de turkish move h hut a it or Al Housel we blam Lur my 1 i it i ii it of fit i it i for being aim dammed i by a v Laurel of Wall Avreet. A mid in july to. A that Eils Rar but that Farmer of the<., Rago who a few be r a. 1 w re Tun by in Iver Ca a a Hathel i in t air eagerness t buy Gren a 0 a Money manufacture in new York a planning ? make tie City tavern Merit nay no poll i till a ii i u Miler rating of lilt Iii re to n intent i the i 0,1 the quot Fronti a natives a a so being or e i liar in Nettia i up ill Rains the Teit h occupation by com 0 by p it too it r tie a a 1 a Iii in lire lid Liy tin Prie who t h i in the in Osqui be. J 1 s expected t 1 i Vav Lourk lord c rot tar will a ii tile Home g a i till 44 from >4 Imp i i it u in no 1 air Ltd at ,0 Drungil 1 the Garrison of i. If 1 1 troops who 1 has ii Centi of ii f or la pre August 11 tic us Lii i la in renewed Are Hbl is mayor to Belue my John ii. I rim for exit a far mod. I the Low it Iii at kit w cum thi a a Sulur will have t. There fit provide want it i f red the withdraw menu. The autocratic t tie a a a Glt he land illustrated at the of we it by Combe has for some tim Mal Congre Atim sir Robert i a Ash the living that j there do hut has in she hut do i quot ii up to for its t no a v Fth the nits a mid any p could j Many 1 a i urn a Ai Iii the microbes much attack a no de Troy to Pirain of la a non Yuhi or. We. Lect t 1 till the off a they ii our i i to Hall and ii a the 1 it at t what i lie place i under guard Tana hip r term it Tatoo is they e a tar upon the i office could i a w y Delight i is of or prepare amp., i i no a i f risk any a to i hears i h Iii St. I Yin k if n d to i fro it uld h gov a a i v Flori it it it r from it b is 11 of l Milt us ill i Ina i Naim t Arriet him Aud Hilt oui the Piny j min Xiii a. May 5.�?imlion Vav of Leo Dun lint to int the int Rich in Here by the steam third from Tho last Stag i Urney into the Sam Vil i occupied him during the or. With or. Wallace a of Forest it Houtte Chi it it a que tie. Con Pnno his fatal Rad or. A it King re another Jou which has Entile u i rite Clifton h East in id by of he Vanderbilt est n Ltd. Rid in a sgt slant it i Tau the a arts went ii <1 a if l tin roller i that t fat Ila the Church haunt d Pec us St my at not or japanese Vita Bulan i us of a Rem Uvari m ii Empl ror Plattle Sam Rcd regiment Ai it Phi cd at Mikado. I col. Tokio May s. The emperor Iii a week held a grand review of the tor Loua army. The weather was per fee t. I ii id Marsha ovum i of flyers and ii 213 men a to quot a a divisions took part in tile Riew All. Including the mper> e to Al service uniforms which Letta from the picturesque be t a 0, Cion. But emphasis i the Jam a id gals of a effective Iier my u Leiyiu quot lion. The a at a bin i i. I. A carried by the various regiment j to thousand wives land Childre i of fallen soldiers old i to re Nore Riveness of the scene. Trophies of the War wire placed in the Park before the Paia. In Gate. The included amp i guns 70.00ft rules. 1,230 worm my Spears and t a wagons Yth a Illg cd a r a rip t to Field marshal Opama Omell Nieting the army upon its or ices the Only Dis it it Poi tire it was to absence of la Empress w Iosim has not been Good Lateia. Ulii Vila k i on to Durban Liny 5 Babbitt men today attacked be escort Zacconi Tonying w Convoy which aking provisions to col a Injo no of the Aff Iii Hay received Here i bring Forth til gather in a Fey j to the a til pay Little or i from Truk a ome in a nut n Dight a Osann after egg tin up Rii of Tib is the by it to n ii he or fort a it in bag it flt d flt Blat Poi i it Mil. Biltmor Ira it it a in w Oil Nova so. Ith a fad i a a i us Iii Iii quot i a Cill tut erase River t. A c trip on All cd Ontoh t claim their month. 11 in d Ait e a r they it. J of 1 Ullh say ing i the we Ety Ebony Cane the Hil l. Hat 8 a Sobi of i quot. The the it mus it 3, follow r the v Are useful it a a a Counte f h Dang of me Steamer i to d hero tin t for nearly. 11 ii i return to new journeying Bya 2 of it Miles a land looking Wio a plenty of s a of Tequ it i v Al the jut its. Walla k at Unco t am total of robust in Vav to ii to id very in there Are i new by in i run it by to Church of e reply to the i Fly no. Ain it a nit w Lier tin aged. Thing Tad Ning n., la a St of which a is a in k the use a. Re these d i about $ l Darpli tilings to it big i w in Tom St a in novel i h has i a cd not it. And int at cd to out to i Tinus living Dee id Al tilt Par pop my pity is a vegetables when you buy a a a get Abl a from us you know they arc fresh and the Best the Market t fjords. We als have the largest assortment in the City and mar Al Ting i in Ide easy for you if you see the very Large assortment we carry in tills line. Now we have fresh tomatoes new beets Green bean new turnips Wax ii ins i att Nee Hummer Squash radishes spinach la Plant sugar peas asparagus a a cum bars Ute. Etc., Etc. I Kitts our strawberries Are the fun Nous Southern t Allf onite Mammoth. We Are a Elving them in Ittel critic shipped Dinvel Fianu the Patch without it to going to to vouch. By this a net hoc i w receive them in earlier than other berries received in the Ity. Also assures you a i fact fruit. We an Ulo revolving pineapples Chi tries bananas apples oranges grape fruit blackberries we want to remind you a of our preserve up ailment. Vav a take special Pride in this de part in tit. Knowing ii to la the Mot Complete of its kind Iii the two territories. We have any flavor atty size at prices so Low and Quality so High you cannot afford to waste time preserving native fruit. Resources. Loans and discounts. Overdrafts secured and unsecured u. S. Bonds to secure circulation u. S. Bonds to secure u. S. Deposits Bonds securities Etc. Banking House furniture and fixtures. Other real estate owned. Due from National Banks not Reserve a it its. Due from state Banks and Bankers. Go #43 44 due from approved Reserve agents 585,669 79 checks and other Cash items. Exchanges for Clearing House 18.922 49 notes of other National Banks. 8r27<h00 fractional paper currency Nickels and conts. 1,166.65 lawful Money Reserve in Bank via 8>et,e100.375.50 Legal tender notes. 70 014 00 redemption fund with or. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation. 11,371,628.28 .64.503.71 200,000.00 100.000.00 92,822.60 38,500.00 25,000.00 i j i 1.142,158.78 10,000.00 total .13,044.613.37 a i a Meadow bold Rutte r mail orders 1 Flolid same ii i a att. I vet our lion Ami calved. The Jaffa grocery co. Quot Good things to la a liabilities. Capital Stock paid in. Surplus fund. I itch vide profits he expenses and taxes paid notional Batik Nob s outstanding. Due to other National Banks. Due to slate batiks and Bankers. Individual subject to Check time Cortin ate of Deposit. Certified Cheeks. Cashier s Check outstanding i filled Slat deposits deposits of u. A disbursing officer. 9200.000.00 50.000.000 49.565.09 200.000.00 253.654.78 11 8.331.4 4 1.008,390.61 1.040,129.97 1.808 90 29.413.97 43.174.1 1 50.144.50 3.044.618.37 Sherlock Holmes find to tip huh Mats in this Lawn Wile wants that Saddle or driving horse of yours As surely and us a my k Ivas a for Sale and can do and Sherlock fee would be larger. Total. Territory of new me Xico. County of Bernalillo we i Frank Mchee c usher of the above named Bank. Do solemnly new a thai the above statement is Hue to the Best of my knowledge and belief. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th Day of april. 1906 11 8 Pickard. Notary Public corrects attest m. We. Flournoy la. F. Raynolds _ j. 8. Raynolds a a t director. The state National Bank of Albuquerque new Mexico a Tal. $100,000.00 surplus and undivided profits. 15,00000 officers air directors a Hir a Roy my i in Abd Kmart a Shirri a a a Dpi a a win mar. 15. A. My a. F la. Strong. Jay a Zubb Aud d c Arn acx.,. Of i Mil % Idun i irm. A a a a. Cork.rallo., solicited. In Errata he Monib a i Trout Ute of a Jar com to r a a a uus. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a q to 1 u r 1 in Iii h in c. Ii of til it the j i it of in a it tie Al. Imp it v la it s4 i p Lull i or The Eventt d j arc your flair Diop Pizii in by int i Tun a v 1 j if your of a j j ifci#t8 yet by hot lot cd by sir Vav less Huff ring from Dandruff Rte King my Dandruff u Scalp in in Erin is digging up y Hie Hakes. Ill a Eland our a pose the 1 a a 11 Bonnylu of ii ail pre p,1 stimulant Tiff to. I Herpicle a t y ii ii tid i of d i 111 la air Bull a Mer vill cur kill i i. Neva cd end 1 i Iii compiled High Eccl Ion of theland and which in a i a tit revised edition of t and modern which -1 Flawd by Church i i views. Among the upon for new hymn. Plitta Longfellow a. A ii in of to quot author c r Vav. B. Gladstone is. 11 a 1. Nip t or jus i two Are of course ran it Ion. The in 1-,s Orn it new matter a to cup tally compos i in att Matte t of the. I other i Anglish com quot i ionic t rom Vav ates in hav a be n pressed w 11 As Fri in h and the new cosh quot Hon a English Fly ii i Insl Irish tis a in i fun be it to ing to Hun ii la John it at h 1 and j shot j ii cd a Iii by line italian Ritter c aught Passaic. N. J m v 5. I Between riotous italian Striluk police today four rioters we and a number of Pooh it men a no of the men is a a ii to two men Wert made Princis the police. Var ii a Ltd it a a Lori -. London May 5 i Londot it in is ale Perth Rod by the do term la Hon of the time win h some month ego started a circulating Library Etc a Large scale to sell 690 i of volume of new Hooks. Published at Cair. Reaching 8988,909, it an average i of two Pence in the chilling of the publisher s Price. The t mss win make no profit but it a advertisement. It also desires to Force the publisher to lower their pit it a. �?0 a of your de a r does not handle a Khau Iii Vav 111 k in a it me Eph of Tak Long go go a remember the Hest places in town sell it. Steiger cafe. Whit elephant bar. Baseball. Vav lulling train take All. Yfim flog Park. Aduris iou 25 cents. Mcintosh brow us is. Barela. Earing their live out As lacs is Ngim Galley hip a when Napoleon Star Aik at Vav duo it a Irish blood that gave Egton his Victory a in la great Arena of the world j where men tight and in for the right through centuries irishmen have eve j Don their share. A and in the or greater Battle that i Are ahead of humanity it in Safe <0 predict that tile marvellous spiritual i radio activity of the Irish 9 will 1 Supply moving Power quot these words will be remembered by b Indr do. Be thousands of Irlam 1 when she near to Jay in n Mem i 1 comes around my they will have to. A gotten that similar Praise a handed oui from the same Fie lunch j counter to no n of every other nationality in new York Watt exception of the i inc a who will be left a Prais it i until the Day com Whan men with pigtails Are allowed to vote. Then Iii ii Ain palier will Cli Over that we Awe everything to the sons of the or it at celestial e Empire who or civilised a when than quot Star it our Quaker War drinking human Hooi out of human skulls. A Jet # through the Street of thi City roaming a Reed Wyoming Cowboy with ins a equiv quot cocked gunning for a a Temon game War scr and a Roli. A new Yolk judge Lim give icim g License and his i easing la Wold which startled even up bus lid,1 the ii Dandruff fax id by lag in Stamps pie co., Dei i co., spot i of n i i Isi la i Vav Ith it in Rdo to in in in 1v, i be illiterate negro Genera a Rii Orn in Iii a Iii in incan it pub it. Mon c be r amins More add a Lingo in sen 1 ii ii i it fed wit a i bed get on aft.-9 Vav bit Sun of moan inns la i Host quot. Hose i Taring h. Be in ill told in the 1 Alo of to iut if Many a St Lack com of ,. Nth i ii be it it y tra Vetera. Or i quot of Man y of these Lias re d 0 1 i i Korniat Ion Lull Cai cd the Toad e Luh cum 1 Prim i 1 ally of a la till Mantle Al to quot quot to Obj 1 i it the club in 0 Epe in t Lee or Kun country i 1 with a i elation lit gee Puig with cd i i about. Kun of j 1 Cauli u is pres. It of the 1 of. Int Ond j among the 1 flown j cold quot a in a 1 i lit quo stay be Cal the Duke of j Mcintosh hardware 6� �?81jccebko r8 to e. J Post a c i wire window screen galvanized poultry netting Garden tools Cotton and rubber Garden Hose a full line of Iron and Wood beam plows Phi it lend a Hill quot p be of 11, d it Addi 10 v 11 v and i Iii Ord Ormond lord pity. I Robert. Bir i Durbor my i Dyga Way quot i Wiur Hill a by am fury Fitzwilliam Patin in equally prominent in foundry my Nook inn works in i Hall. I guru in leg Don and Rray a Catinga Ora Cool. A i lumber a pulleys grate Ila Babbitt medal columns and Iron fronts for buildings. Repairs Oft Alining Ani Millilo machinery in our spa Claty foundry t h e Mhz of commence quot i. M eaten re to rein a Kje Dirk every prof i aljtthmftb1 and to licit new account. Capital Flat Mejt i i it qty a h till i ill la tis i a of Iii a fit or ship it vie hip. Of Gad do Katowi fast Klee ral Ruad track. Balboa Nerur w. A my a ltm4# = is is vier arc a inn and Cashler. A j c baldr1r? ifcurip11 00�w� Arnot. A a. M. Blanc will. O. K. Cromwel ii the his is he in a North third Street or which startled even tin blam uprising . A a Blitz Jufat Fumiko to in tar int to of n deemed incompetent Gnu of the thorns in the Soresen Adorni Niwatr lion i Yakubin an almost illiterate who is site of the great Alghi a f the Republic Ria it ubin via ing figure in the revolution landed m o is ins in la preside care i is jul the vie preside he last uprising without itis p., by would probably a a i i dust for it hib Itie it apr in i t. Of it Ai w. L. Humble it a co livery Fier and to anal Ell stables. In of the Jenera yours a by de stomach Bitt to g i it successfully of k til0n of a Lei his by it Lead. Ulem a out is which g est Loti Emit y and j malaria Fer in d in id it i Illy a cure w ii la Fie i. Give Beau t Merit and you t ���?9hk the a 111y com. Ishii is for sex id the Day of is still far a real to quot a Itoi Nach of Hostetter x been used 9 year a in easts heartburn. Hat i y a t i is i a incl. Bili ii Rie so and and ague ofte n off to quot a other remedies have a t Chance to prove its ii of i Hank i i Dor Lak a Tai in him a lit a pc a tired Aniny it int Ings. Its. I irs i turnouts at i Raaon Able Lisles. New phone 122. Old 2 j. E. Bell livery peed and Sale stables. Darai 11 a Ria. A Kina Waltr. It Medile horses the Pound Elk of san it i y Pia uding Manx is the Moi ill Point Stylc is my a matter of . Hut it can be Chat upon As absolute truth ,4 plumbing done by la. tidal Puii Ihling and Healing Pom Pally w ice tin brat that experience skill of Good judging it in command on modern up la Date sanitary work finished in Hie most Suliata Imi a a info tier. We carry to finest line of Garden Hose in the City. Standard pm Miu no and heating company. Colo. Phone it 28 4. Lulu. Putts six 919 wart Railroad ava., Aikus Uii

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