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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 5, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico May 5, 1025albuquerque morning journal paste rive 2. . Ranat Nan. Nav mnaremiiihnaiimmmmiwnnmiiwictia�8miiwbmmibw rebels Kille the birthday anniversary of Audrey Alexandre was made one ions to be remembered by her Little friends her Mother mrs. Jerome Alexandre entertaining most pleas j Antly for her on saturday afternoon. The various games French troops engage the by Jane Phelps author of a Thor bight to into. A miss or or Quot xxx lie a a Helm Lorli Nort s legacy proud of is kiddies evening Story by Mary Graham Bonner free 10-Day tube heed Thies to appease i to Ful Dorothy. ,.1j s to r Dorothy cd is it Ria to a i c a pier xxx heed of As the Dock struck two Doro it from grow ing Uulu i forces of Abdel Krim thy entered the study to be Fob have to i sat Slit along the Ouer gha River a Mon a by mar la Quot Rothy a a a a. A a a and inflict losses 1 Quot Rieara �10 it our re pm Doro thy. I can t work when you arc Here Quot Reeds voice was danger that Delight youngsters were played several in new and original form. At 5 of clock a repast was served and each child found an individual cake with a Candle at her place As Well As a Lovely doll. Mrs. Alexandre was assisted in entertaining by miss Nathalie Alexandre and miss Letitia i re Morocco. My a by the. A oui to Quot in hair fells. The guests luring the Al Tei noon Weie Flouisa Otero Socia cd i. _ slight action Hor after her hysterical sobbing Ellen Marie Mason Lulu Jane Campbell Elizabeth hey by the French troops today along Over but she had locked her a nil. Vera Cook Peggy Mcintosh Mary Louise Etter the Ouer gha River at a Point where k of in her room refusing to speak and Coin d would f. I Lur a i i cd to a a into him. Now she was composed nothing Jean ick is i atty 11 Macpherson Jane , i Iai gel a a a 1 110 1,1 her hair dressed in a most becom Quot what in a by a Reading dear a in Lou Blair Ann Robertson Ann Lucas Harriet Connell Iother Quot a a Ophe French advanced tag Way. Clad in a dinging House need asked picking a it a l Unk de up with her feet under As usual. She looked to Small so childish that for a moment heed s heart emote Hun then remembering How she hid thwarted him his ambitions he realized that of to adopt it soft n i sunny now ail lie posts which had been surrounded i gown that accentuated her Slen-11-30 o clock1,1 that Ihm me by Tho Hift Iana a dearness her child like Beauty Quot i shall remain Tell me you tired to Willis Boyer and Frances Lee Ferree. Thors will meet at u Norv a athe Hunt n Tho card party of for the trip. And plan to return i sufficed to bring cooperative Calm tight one of her lip. Denied Woodman i Hulk about two o clock. J All along the front. These isolated a Mai Mill. The Woodman fir de will enter. Points had defended themselves1 n we a / Quot Quot v n Mimmi no in saw landed until today when 7 i it do. It the. I it. A it f. A Ith l a Lii Uhm Hall a Fly Hundred. The affair Aire. Hue Ila Brainard who has general Olom bal sent Forward a us being Given As a bin Felt for spout Hie Winter months in Call Small column to Clear that Region. J a oui worn Netter their protege a Little girl who to Tornius arrived on monday utter j Abdel Kulm a forces lost fifty attending the Frances la Willard noon for a visit with her sister dead and a number of prisoners school a Santa be and whose Dis. Tom realty and Mother land supplies. The French losses tuition the Circle has been spun mrs. Stirlen. Atter a visit her were insignificant and so far Tho Spring. There will lie prizes for mrs. Liminal d and Mother will re j advanced posts have been Able to High score Aud refreshments will Tern to til Cir Homes in Delta the invaders at a distance to served it the close of the game. Tile Public is invited to attend this party my participate in the education of this Ward of the Circle. Pop matrons Cirn lit 1 Dot it m Miami i ung with machine guns and three Inch held pieces. Which Lay face Down beside wife. A i Haven to been Reading. You i know i Don t care for a Well what would you like to do shall we dint out Quot heed i was an inspiration to dreaded their Muil Aloin. Quot my wishes Are of no Arzoun with Jou. Do whatever you Quot that s not so and you know it. Ever Dorothy ignored Margaret entirely she might have been a piece of furniture a chair or a table for All the notice Dorothy took of her. Maggie s ish Maggie just hated to waste anytime in sleeping. She had so Many things she could always do and she never had time to do them All. She never had time to play All she wanted nor to read All she 1 wanted to read nor to talk to her friends nor to play games and do hundreds j of things a lit j tie girl enjoys. She wished 1 she could skip a night s sleep once in a while j it was such a waste of Tiro to sleep. She had tried once going to bed mail Coupon her wonderful Teeth remove the Dingy film that clouding yours and you to be surprised that your Teeth Are just As White and charming As any one so make this unique test. Jolly Little creature. Dorothy. Get dressed and Well i with her clothes on so As to save eat at some restaurant and dance afterwards if you care Dorothy was acting very unlike her you might have been but its self. Heed thought i d to too late to talk of that now and please do As i As Dorothy made no movement to leave Reed Misson try Noc i Ley meets 1\,i,a\. I Jalu Kaffian forces however had took her gently by the Arm and ii. It my ii s .113810 nary society slipped Between the posts and us propelled her into the Hall. As Oill. Cut i Al Avenue methodist ambled considerable strength be turned to close the door she a in l la in if or n i South or Tlly Ouer gha. River. Al said hoarsely a j. Us Lew is i o 7 a c Olu my i a thou a a a Marsh Tel Lyautey is not a you la be sorry for this. Reed. 4 i Tady to begin a carefully Organ sorry until tile end of your life. Rho l Matron dub it Tho a me. Fill will to Tho regular cd opera to Clear order of fast in Star was entertained monday at the Homo of mrs. If Arietta Dailey the Fop bus. On Tho Isleta Load. Fifteen past matrons were present. At served a de j dinner. The Spring Flower the club pred a him Rnic a v�of11ho Etc Iota a in or sch l inv it 11 Etta Dee ded that i Reed closed the door. A a. ,. A i. Tho tribesmen could not be allowed a now Margaret Well out Tho i m willing to take the Consee 6 get noon or. Dalle rightful four Coin decorations Wen the members of Sente i mrs. Bali some japanese to her thirty eighth Essaiy Aid All Friend of the Church Alc i is r a or it. A a in a t to cd attendance. No.? a la Ither and a.8 work of i in. Reed said. I push it developed was All that was needed to drive them Back. To kissed him had said nothing about herself. But he made no comment and whistled As he changed b s clothes. Dorothy looked ravishing by Lovely when dressed. Her eyes wet a somber Wistful and there were dark circles under them. But thin Only seemed to Odd to her Beauty to accentuate it. Reed the whisper of admiration that ran about the restaurant when they entered and u lit i. E. To. Wiel meet this chapter e of d. O. E. Will meet a wins suit to get mrs. Ii. E of Bemoon with y w Ith a hand tag role at Lier Homo on East Roma ipod in Honor of a venue. As Hie general subject Lur wedding Anni study during the year Lias been a Burn a Quot it ii a Peru i Piper on c Velaria Rusti it of Quot n v. I de Ina Wilt be Lead by miss Estelle hold a Bazaar during the Kutny. Tall i. Me p it a >0 of m mrs. Ill Lei k Honor it i m Ai Darty mrs. Ida ill Quick who has been visiting in Calu Ornia and has just aia to Albi. Vii Jue was Noii or guest of Ciatu Luuy Elev eng Wien is. C. T. French enter inca at a delightful Bridge party Dainty Flowers of Pink and Lavender Lunes were Uler actively placed about the looms where the guests Kwaku Fok capture of Ivi truer supt of Raisin Irons club s ii fixity fund. The dub d a a Rood Deal of Chanty work. The Neal meeting will be held at the Home of mrs Temperance Whitcomb on the Glrst monday in j urns or we lits ill adman la e d m ii i i it id Man of 4 the a urls a ital. A \ a Val a the in Hou to Phi so weigh a i can to Tell you How sorry i tie stirring of the old Pride run am. And perhaps i had better i through him Only to he follow i Margaret a eyes filled. J by a feeling of Hanm. Ile re Quot no Pmj Shan t go it in t to Mem ered the time when the wet. Eau a it is you. Margaret i could first married and he hid heard moi., easily forgive Dorothy a Fem he Sam Buzz of admit ii ii the i nine jealousy. It would be the followed by the comment upon Fame with anyone i want you to himself the s i Cess Ful author. A. Remember that. Fhe is a child in now their yes were All for Doro i a n Oliver suing for posses some things and i have been Phi i thy. Their commends ill for a r Sion if the j. Of Reward offered ably weak in giving in to her. I Beauty. By the a scr Zens Mittee Quot of j run de a a no longer and no one i Rock Island ill., for the capture can help me As you Jot John i. Looney wanted for a then the stay my a pcs t it it partial tis a quoted and Margaret plunged into tact ii i f h cd i in u. Net work. Reed gathered his notes to a court monday. It was ordered by i rather Thev made a Bare outline Hie court that diver rec Ivell bus store and Margaret offer a a a i a i that Manuel gait la and d Sage Tlona oeral a Nelly argued Henry t. Jaromillo mayor and even disagreed with him. Just As , respectively of Deien re a Hod used to do. They Nocom i calve $733.s3. Pushed Little yet when Margaret a let g to ii n i complaint h o clock. Ted Felt an in he saw a. Poster in the Post office i a Hull Nam. In Arl Matlon he had not How soon he a forgotten. Arum time nod so As to be ready to begin playing at once in Tho morning this haunt worked out Well at All. She had been so uncomfortable and Hadnot really leaved Good playing time in the least. Of Only about every two or three Days it stayed Light All night. That would be a splendid thing. Then he feel sleepy but would feel Nice and wide awake. Of if Only that cored happen Mas to wished so hard that it could. It was beginning to get dark one evening and Maggie was slowly getting ready for led when Maggie leaned out of Lier window and said shaking her ast at the Moon a there is something about you that makes a person sleepy. You look so merry and yet you make a person feel like going sound asleep and having Nice dreams instead of staying awake and doing lots of things. A Why can to you let the Sun Shine All night for a change and just j i Kre is i Simp a fest that proves Tho truth that in St of us have pretty Teeth without Over knowing we have. Ever revealing it. This is the reason run your Tongue across your Teeth and you will feel n Flint. V Flint which absorbs discolorations and hides Tho natural color Quot of Jour Teeth. Remove it and your Teeth take on a new Beauty. Maybe Jou have really Beautiful Teeth without realizing it. Film is charged too with most tooth troubles. It clings to Teeth gets into crevices and stays. Germs Breed in it. And they with tartar arc the chief cause of Pyo Rhea. So besides loss of tooth Beauty Flint is a. Serious danger to healthy Teeth. You must remove and constantly combat it. It is Ever present Ever forming. a Kui thana we a do a to one old time Dentifrices were unable to combat it. Successfully. And tooth troubles Tore a serious problem. Now modern science has discovered a new Way. A new Type tooth paste called peps Dent that Acta to curdle him then harmlessly remove it no soap or Chalk no harsh grit dangerous to enamel. Mall the upon for a 10-Day tube free. Or buy a full size tube at any druggist s today. See what Beauty lies beneath the aim on your Teeth. Tit or mall this for Riyal 10-Day tube to nit in up Odi it Omi and. Set. 2ss. T i a a i Vav i at., lit ufos Iii., i. It. A. Not to Kame. A dire. Oar on tub to a family int Here was i Public. The Public j1 Ive a Holiday for a couple of that for one Short hour had made Iivo a a Cuesta of mrs. French included alts. Tii Vikk mrs. It. A. Kistler me. Vav ii. Long mrs. A. It. Milner mrs. S. E. Burton. Mis. I. Ii Aion mrs. L. E. Mcarthur 41 Hodgdon mrs. De Bisk mrs. Mis. Vav. L. Hawkins and alts. L la vie by Tuder. It Belen in november 1u23, and it in month a 2.000 Reward for Loo-1 a i he a com bark Bey a arrest. Shortly afterwards he saw a Man whom he believed to by Looney and notified the mayor who had the Man arrested by the marshal. The Man was Looney. A dispute then came up Over the Possession of Tho Reward. Margaret Quot Fri a 1 1 v a a of to True you will pc doubted von could ret it la a or Tho your Cie perhaps i no St him a Are Merit or lining. Or Harding 1 hts one t know. And j by Cloud itself will Dis till i i no a pm it Vav i Vii i i in. Iem la Xii xxi organizes i Organ Kasha Ano plaid at Hagen Man. Just South of 11, a Ecol Ding to an article a Roswell record of saturday Vav taffeta United i till p t ref t of i a peer Little Margaret to font i a i soul she to Reed said when i a it alone. Then lie went an idol of him Hecate he and a Rains and the mind to use them. Plate Are swelled in Rood. He would show them the silly Public show them he still had brains. Still could entertain and amuse Thorn. Reed ordered All the dishes Dorothy liked but note Little himself Dorothy was Culet set Anst Vered i quietly when Reed spoke to her and Soule old quickly when he proposed anew or Phe t never have to talk if they danced a Well. Marg i either w i he. Xxx Hen the pan Hod Horn Toro the complained of a headache j a Ald she would Uke him to us Tho of re room. And for the Sec j cud time locked the door. Tomor of Voro Tho Fry in. Into the fire pan to Birls of a a a i it ii la Al talk Vav i dring Hagerman women yesterday afternoon Jitiam of the Hager t organize a woman a j tact t. Bear presi federation assisted in the Mckins try acted a is. F. D. Mitchell was an of a commute to Rilday afternoon. May it Tun Church on a my by Laws at which Man it organization Whit a a a nil s did in Xii i la to have a Xiv Indian s it to the Dexter and that is saving r has a live club i. Xxx bite Groom to to u German and nesting mrs muh in aide entertain i xxx ind Miro i i t in x i i Iid xxx the n a Aud to club w Lei tamed on saturday by in. A if. Nicolai St i b in i x i la it Din n i la him la id in lit ii ii full xxx it la m la. It hts erg i t i Ndini. S i x i i Xii i i til pm i irm x a it a ties Gogte manager and or h i. Barton Stile medical adv r of the modern Woodmen of a t of. I in sunday for to to at tend the state meet to of it organization. They who return to. Atter part of the week. A ii in no Xis i xxx i in Quot i a 11 it 1 f Johnson of Elpaso i i formerly of Albuquerque is in the Cit. To he with her sister Mem la no Leek who is ill at a by min. Morton menu hint Liron Kunst of meal with stewed dried pea a s and Cream it by buttered Toast poached . Coffee. Box lunch individual meat pies. Rye bread and butter sandwiches. Fri it a. I. Date cookies. Get Cocoa in thermos bottles. Dinner fresh Polk and Parsnip Stew. Graham bread and butter. Head to pm with thousand Island dressing prune pie with cottage cheese. A flee. Milk. Cinnamon one Quarter teas Oon cloves one eighth Teaspoon each of Nutmeg Ginger and allspice and three quarters cup of sugar. Pour into a deep lined with Dot generously with butter. Cover with strip of pastry and place in a Quick oven for ten minute then reduce the heat Ami Hake for forty five minute. Thin is delicious i waved with cottage c bet be. Or. Moons face suddenly changed and a wide wide Grin came Over than Maggie had Ever seen. It was an enormous Grin. I or. Moon s face seemed to become a brighter too even brighter than Ever. Then a Jolly Little creature dressed in Bright Orange Satin a pc to d on Maggie s window Sill. I a you want Sunshine a said the Jolly Little creature a so come with Meir offered Maggie his Arm and h p it hers in his. She was glad my had put on her Pule Blue wrap 1 Poi. It look quite pretty beside a he Jolly Little creatures Orange suit. I m the Sun s the Jolly Little creature said. A i urn allowed to w oar this Bright costume because i in a Bright messenger. All the s in a messengers Are Bright ii is we can to help but pick up Bright lumps from the Sun. He a re bought 1� jus scatters these Bright beams about As recklessly As you please. A 111�?� w Many creatures Are Bright enough to afford that to coming to ask you to go in to he other part of the world where the Sun shines while v a As a Rule. Sleep anti where they sleep when you Are up and m a go a started off at once with the a m s me Sanger. A it wont matter about my hav ii or i a Nightie and wrapper on Quot seventh quinquennial session of International Council is formally opened by Secretary Hoover Washington. Maj 4 by the associated press a add in the four official languages of the con vent on English. French trnian. A Tup Spanish were heard at the formal opening tonight of the seventh quinquennial session of the International Council of women. The formal opening at which Secretary Hoover delivered Snadon Ami Ady Abernant of the Council message followed by fixity Iii committee the delegates rep a component org Tina Untules. North Moore Prest National found of ended states pre. was furn died by prisoners and refugees to their Homes preventing the spread of epidemics enabling starving students and professors to preserve Tho intellectual of of Europe feeding and giving new Hope to fam Ishing children and at the meeting of the immigration and emigration committee today foreign delegates voiced a that the american immigration Law be temporarily relaxed to permit members of families abroad to join their relatives in the United states. In d h rift Rreed i Abr ask $5,000 damages. But gets Only $175 ii hat is a the Brig Long Alo i it in most fir now. La i % Kotke i i ii ill i Dinh la Bill it will i t tie Luna was awarded Ige in District court frocks i his suit against the Are the j company for Lions i be plaintiff alleged that offer i serious injuries when Des or was struck by a car an employee of the 4e s working for a i seem to take is w Hen he is a Vul the Osso Ai i pish other and or in Mirk or Hull ins and firs fall term it few 0\nber 6th summer is Hoot starts june 16th an Cid can i Day and re a d. It Kheel Wail new budding. Los year. Ksena Ikmet now being a peed. Sobaje c a a a a iut foil egg Greer spec Tala my in Var of Ion lot a a Ary Lmh a Tawni Story a lung pub speaking la or u at to. J on Hirtz Tiki Jun tue a a n it oar Tigh set uni in it oat a. To ice foe aia Uig. La Tea a Bruij v Buyus he Ira thud St. T pm a a a ass a # s s c a a a St egg is go egg egg Guggi i Young arc woman. 1 Era the Ltd a a tie Belt rented Iii developed material mrs by there in a children ape a it Piwald and the Kasha ted an 1 handed with 1 ii in j Yov a n with c us of silk. A word on the of or be topic just y Sun lottery daytime Elliea i to sheer fabric tights i in Many a oiled h frock s. Tissues Are 41 Recti v e Aud colourful tied a it in simple tailored genre. Is Are Well suited for a a Ort Awe j or. Group comprises both Lovely voiles air d in Tass h it ii prints and effects May Hall Lesi d Xoi ies in which the \ a j on inter pre u. Oniu int forms a col air bae. A suit hic Tor noun. These Hail to in such styles is i # Ftp liable for Bita or the to lure to Refl Aldine u Geo Fiorit an id finished with ii imply City is also a co i Lur n to i c ii it s it he r ii a Whit or self f--1 each article placed in the refrigerator contains a definite amount of heat that will melt a definite amount of in. Of food should whenever possible be cooled to room temperature before hem put into the re for Aerator do not use your ice to chill such things As the thick paper wrappings of parcels from the Market the tops of carrots or the outbid leaves of lettuce which will All be discarded later. The coldest plat in the refrigerator should be reserved for the most perishable foods Auch As milk and meat this is usually just be Low the be chamber. The main Obj in using a refrigerator is to have food rot ice. And real dec in my constants in having Well i a a ted a s. In keeping the i e chamber Well stocked and in opening the doors Only when necessary nod for a Brief periods As possible. Also in putting nothing into the refrigerator that Doe i not so to speak. Pay its Way. Tor in a it it i s individual meat pies a lire Gmal deep dish with pastry fill with cooked beef Lamb. Chicken or any meat Cut in Small pieces. Over with Gravy or Brown to ire seasoned with onion jul a and Ershler sauce. Xxx St the St Rig Quot Mons when Pepsi my a Chicken to roast aft r it teas been titled with the docs org mss Eai of sewing it up with a Needle and thread us a a wire Harpain. Straighten the hairpin and use As one would a Long Needle in the incision catching it in o other until after the it pin to very i tearing the no worrying when the no Greasy bother id the Hunt messenger to How that happened had a Beautiful time it tag to lied it ally while one steadily a whisked Back with messenger to Lier own As the Sun w is rising in in her window. In a Ute yawned a dear in a a he atm be Bright. Id Uke a Little her was calling to de her Mother dido t know of her great adventure and a it it thought site d be wide awake. Dress o Deen n present a Day of a meeting for so thug the to 4? a in Hlili f the of to i in the its it Ileal Cal Natl so that Tual mrs. Herbert Rawson Dies in City Hospital mrs Herbert Rawson died at a local Hospital monday morning funeral services will he held St flak More Chape at j to of lock tuesday afternoon with Rev. Der. Epee d. Burd officiating. Burial will he to Fairview cemetery. Mrs Rawson had lived Here for the past seven years coming to a his City from Elpaso. To xae he i in survived by her husband who to employed at the Alvarado phar in Acy one in i daughter dire i taters. Irs xxx a it at a v and or i Emma Auferoth both of this cite i and mrs Owen xxx Hitler of Baton a and two Brothers. John and her Bort of Mountainair. Ii p the l a Between i women a r mat Ion of a or of my Usu you Imi Nee v a it a r to i e k a a in a Ream a o a i an i no. A in it a a sad sea # egg Sasa i. per is poll sad skit be sad scout a fool Sis by . Ide. Keby a faed Ca. Baile. I a my ii Sedge a a pasta. Beauty Cream dear me a is yawned. Woman lawyer is sent to jail a i id and wait i Mil for i to Moi Tom it Cru journal b. Marcus Nve it ten Lur xxx Rbt House to Ives Stop look and listen Fuller Brush co. A Ken wot edges cover with pastry and bake in a moderate oven. Thes May is prepared the evening before. Pork a rid in Parsnip Stew a cover slices of fresh Iran pork with boiling water and Cook slowly until tender. Remove the meat from the liquor and Cut in cubes Cut two thin Sines of Salt pork into Small scraps and Fry slowly until Crisp remove the pork and in tits fat lightly Brown one Amati Union shed very thin. Remove the onion add about ave table spoons of flour stir till smote b and bubbling add a liquor the meat was cooked in and enough Bolling water to make a quart dlr until it thickens then add three cups of parsnips that have been aet sped and Tut in Small pieces. Cover and simmer very d with slowly until the parsnips ate done. A then add the Mea and onion season with Salt and Pepper bring to a by and serve. Ber or Brune Fie a Wash i Anes cover with tepid water and Oak for one n their hour Drain place in a tightly covered pan and bake slowly Forona hour item a stores and pot up through the food chopper twice fun amp cd at mom j put unit tart aside Imp like to through the chopper with til Bhe w pm Aid or half the Cuoq could i in xxxix i it Iii x it in g i f by a i j v it. A go so she i the baby s smite right Doi it Mea a t hit Stua a a mrs Winslow a syrup 0 Kilt in a o a nut Tai fit ii. To a a Ems Iid Aud Haggis mis wins i it we to trap a s ast in to raises off Etc a auf. I but Dis 11 Are Tut is Ess Sud a til of Hursa Nom As Reock a Vlf Sivo Hydic Ope a Trauis at a 0 is a business girls like Cuti Cura a dec Aztec ii seeps Tbs cow pumas Jesa a the soft end a ban Bee and g Oas it. Tbs base. Used Datil Clos Nae sad Psi ibis. W bus Tbs oust it Jim Sud basis. Curt Rose Talcum Tasa to dash wus r. Is a we in am in. Tail i pm in Pappes bake he Delicatessen Fhi on it in hic 11.\ lift i ail j i b ski by Tai Al by vol t Ravji e i today s i i specials xxx la i i ii Ike hoi i. Faili ult auth us a a to i Bike b ski it to % a i i Psi hid k i i i a a Ibi kid Kab t lift. I lit a oar bakery goad a mid agly a1 oar Moro a by jux in Imai. Tich a Biol pipped a bakery i

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