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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 5, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico six. A of Chiq a Rqn a a oniia8l��iial published a the published by til Democrat publishing company d. A. Macau re Rox president. W. S. Burke editor a. B. Henins. City editor. The morning journal. Entered a Ecol oils matter at the Post office at Ai Bun Guerque n m under act of Conrin of March 3, 1879. Wmk thi i a Adanti Felm Elk an paper cd Mew Mexico six porting the principles of the an part quot ale tue time and the methods of the Beppu inc a Pauta who n he v Aue Richt. I Aiger circulation Hihun any outer Imper Iii Ute Mexico. Tin Only Imper in Mew Monico issued every Day in the year. A a Hie morning journal has a higher circulation rating than accorded to any other palier Iii Albuquerque or any other Dally in Mew the american newspaper directory. Terms of St Hsc hip Tom. Dally by mall one year in Advance. Dally by earner one month. Dally by mall one month. Albuquerque. Saturday Morni Sci. Mays. Hmm. Some pointers of Alfalfa a a in Chicago i Trover journal a St of wafer in the soil fatal to Alfalfa. , either a. Ural or artificial in one of the essential in grow i by the crop. Ii the soil i. Other than a Limestone soil the o att essential an application of Lime according to Ltd the Ohio Experiment St bion in a circular of suggest i ions on Alfalfa growing. In a test on a soil derived from Sandstone no application of fertilisers or manure. No treatment of still regard inoculation has Given results at All cum parable with Tho application of a ton of Limo i or at re. Lint on a Limestone a. Soil the l Ine hit Given no result i whatever a Noh the matter of nil Fertility of i great there Little a. I to allem Plung to grow Alfalfa upon i i a a impoverished soil. There Prodahl it flu. Quot quot drivable soil e it Fertile to a1 Xico Iii in stable manure a dressing it night or ten ton per acre will greatly improve the chances fur Success Hir re re the of Stahl manure an a tie Nihoa to 20 t in quo Poumos of steamed Bone win he desirable. To inoculate soils. When Alfalfa to be needed in Fields where neither Alfalfa nor sue t Clover has been previously grown to i much desired development of the Nir. Bryan friends express themselves confident that the next quot a o gathering bacteria Whit h work dentin ratio nomination for the president v will be i if he desires it. I quot v. A 1 0. On,.s quot Una Lobate la. Has Tenet by their introduction Iii amt n in in. R opponents it the party admit that there at least time Mure extensive. Wax than will be ult from the use of Ordinary Here he comes again 0 0 0 a Dunbar a column real estate mo2kiw? i quot it Raki a Static hell re y at Low Rai to Cie in the rest. Torrent. Tut May. Good Lulu on South Aine Street six mom modern improvements. $28.50. Pout looms Fin led to Der paid 120.50. of m Brick with hath electric lights etc., j2 Ort. Room Hun modern Corner Coni and fifth Street. $25.00. 3-room houses Tow Tel ave $8.00 6-room writ k House Model a up t a Date Large lot with table Chick Ell House and Small Garden 3 lilt k from Street ears. Cor fourteenth Street and Cornelia a nut. Hilt kale. Four acre of land in the by limits with Good i no e and sin blk fruit to. etc., in a Fine location. Six room House of Vav. St Coal a up to Date $3,000. Lot no i it cold in car sixth St. A Iron a. T Edith so 7-room House mod a n lot ,5x14$ t it Fine >0.1,att sidewalk Rood stable this property will old a Heap or a a at once Fine lot near to fifth St., on Tijeras Road at a bargain. So von i Inni Frame Bouse on a Corner or Leigh and with Bath. Lot Cox 14_ in a flue i lion. J 1.70o, Lions. My lot on 11 h a. And to. Be to a i end and 1 Al saturday. Alay to. The Story of two houses with for Sale ii Tig of Lier mrs. Margaret habit in the Lith of poll. I hid. Lay j ii it two later nil the 2 tit ii of poll it owners if of you have pro holy to sell Lii la t Jodi better so to pros i t i Ive Hiyi sumo suited the buyer of him Alane la a mire thing that no can phase Jon. Porterfield co. To West Gold modern business methods demand modern office furniture Globe Wernicke filing cabinets adjust themselves to every requirement. Writ to cat Login i e window i pm j. D. Emmons furniture of an. Ufos in ii to 7 t Miler foal Avenue and second sir t Hill Piton Heil 177 a Sci \ i Diab lit of if. We say former quot opponents to twit must be Plain to Iii Tho who t Ide la nurse of political events throughout the Bouillin thai a very Large minority if tot id a uti a majority of those censer a by. Gentlemen in the Demot i party Aho fought the Nebraska Man four years ago arid eight year ago Are now willing to accept him a it hot be of evils bet up Lite dominant sentiment of tin party has moved to the Radical rub.t rapidly during he i four year til it Bryan now pile conserva live by t on purls Ami to or Bryan himself there no room to doubt that he like i a i Kin Wii Iii quot Asha been remarked More than Onea took himself it. P it of the a in i 04, not be nose he Ahtl not desire another to it it tin bite ism a but tie. Atlee til year was in propitious. Hail he urged til friends to the a utmost he might have been the nominee. Hut he had taken the measure of Roosevelt popularity and saw what a coming at the poll. Moreover he knew that a third defeat would Send him to the Boneyard a presidential Quantity and he Felt that he was too Young and thai Ming to die. So be add be himself to the platform in i i the nomination Slid. Id did not fan \ Burket. But sum Millered gratefully in Hen Parker was nominated. Things turned it it Ltd it much or. Bryan expected the. In Ligate proved to be a the Campaign languished and the extern Wing it of tip Parry ten Ime greatly Dis bedded. Not Willy did the nebraskan merge from the struggle in Good shape to Persona popular but Abl improved Bis Deport Unity to pint a Mot ii and adorn a tie by quoting Hist the votes he had Poi led in t to y. Irs when i party a insane and unsafe Ami then thus. Judge Parker had polled now that the party had recovered it reason. Or. Bryan saved himself then by ins nurse in 1904. Me even a. Quire i some strength in Quarter where he had before been Wiak. Will Hea re fur the next prize the Washington Star answer this question Corr the when to save Ile will of nurse of a looks valuable. Just now it looks that Way hut these Are Days of surprises and lightning changes and wha looks Mon valuable now map took like shirt a its two year heme. In t All depends. Another Republican House with or. Cane in in the chair will end the demo Iran. Mock Down again White a Dent into House should oink or. I in a busier Man than Eyer. Horn thing too. Will depend on the Republican nominee. The Republican being in up i will a tie or in the Field Ami if the nomination ii mud. To a to insure support and the nominee a Mali of gent in. A a a venues at a lira result front the. Tis. Of Ordie in to v y Alfalfa , the toi of. A a House two Bloks from Post method of my Ula Tiou by tit. A a office with two lots. House Welt try brition of to to Ion Pound r furnished. This property in one i re of soil taken from old Alfalfa of the locations in this City of we it Tov it a Field or read and i for Sale at a quot. 500. Pat. Bes. This should be harrowed in. J it room House n the fourth Street "1 quot i quot quot a a a with 3 lots 75 g1c2 feet near ii. Uke not get it lire this soil r it frit $3 too a of areas re i the Iena by lit \ k no a re West con Grade of of of plump Brid n i u t quot rooms. Lip to de $2600. And fre Ohno Vioti a a a Hack House. 7 r with 3 lots. On in a id in a. I a a a North second Street up to Date matter of. ,. A a Vel la re t?.�.r.rt, a i of con id a it it a. 5-Rnom Hryck Hoult a. Next la new mod the amount of seed which should or improvements at $3 Iii an he used per acre will vary from if. Insp he the Street. he Pound i a 7-room Bra. K House. Tijeras Avenue a. I modern Fine to Adon , i i i a c room Nishey Good Loc Tio a ii. ,. I n ton $ 11 fit,.00. Soviler. Rex from Frame in ens of Tho bes a till . P.,%, to nth on Broadway at a Hor red of. R cod via 5 modern a to Date tamed from any practices room Bouw. Up to Dum. South Edith i to. Air a Street Fine Jock non $1 eds. P a 7-room House on North second Street i. Rat two enemies i in Good repair 11,660 Fox a lib quot i three Hundred and Twenty Are ranch ii h.,t Alfalfa grafted fruit Trees Pat i urn i fit u i i Good bul id i it i irs a i in a. I. G i Jfe a seven room Fram Theca not n. Third fit Iuchi Mil a Iii ,., i to a a a a a coition has found that . Saw room to Rock House. Third at. B. Ruppe tur or Rock option druggist do we to Roll Rand Ava. Your prescriptions if entrusted to the Williams drug co Uri it Kiel be till personal it re of gone of the Al him. In Iti of whom Xii Dri of i x \ x x i hrs e. 117 West Railroad a be in be i Albuquerque planing Mill i Klinl of Mill work a bedsit the right place for grind work of Low Prii a a a. J. Love prop. Auto phone 4t, in i pm St. I i Levi quot quot fit room Blick House j p. T a a do i .ooo reason i in terms 1 a i linens 4 him in quot interval of Hood ran Ben near the Cit for atle Wootton amp myer dealers in real estate 123 South third Street we have for Sale a brain to i it a Highland. Tun Block from Railroad a clinic. Adjoining lot Obi in a Lake Nib at or or terms $200 Ca T Taim i ice in pc Iii >11 la t Olin quit k. Vav. Metcalf votary Public in Urance a mils Money to i a in ssi hold Avenue Biri and to Twenty Day. Sprouting a in the Mouths Del a ring the after Ocie toting killing weeds May and j11tu Ling until id foie or or Iri math to the next tim by runs to must save Birn of a tin and let somebody win or forever atm Boid Bis peace. C try a seen by a f foreigner ii Lam # Iii a Mer Ira n it or respondent of the St. Petersburg daily mail who a kept ins aint non posted in regard to Altair in this a Unity Fot a 11. Has i tee it a fab i Home to on a count of no history making a pot ii tie Hugh w i i Hilt 4-Mpire in , in his letter to mail writ tenth Jin before his departure he ii the following of Gretrell or even Early in August the stand of Alfalfa has by a greatly improved. season in we have had the. L.,St two years have probably Beeney be Ria la favor by to tins later seeding hut if one plow Early and conserves moister timely and repeated harrowing a sufficiently moist .-.,i i. I can in provided fur Lins he ing this treatment a a ins out the weeds my the a a ifs Omen rms a. I Oil without the destructive Competition it either weeds or Nury. Rop Nill e 4 cop and i lipping. With the Early seeding q Tsa Genera to a. D with u Nur. Crop of Barley a or oat using about one Bushel of i per a. Re. Vito. Tat. Seeding the nurse crop Shoobl in omitted bit reeding a n Rei tire i ii Ping two or More tits a owing to the season. July seeding will pro Bohly require one clipping it Seldom advisable to dip die Titan the first of september a Good Coy. Erin should in carried into the Winter at reasonable pro it. A a quot i a quot of a or rent rents collected bios paid. i Nelre run rec Ink a a of thu a to for reel dents tilt not it a Psi Oniu e. H. Dunbar in cot or to a r cot i 4 in a. It for of site of i i words on the eve of departure for Home to he to the wheels of the. Durn t in motion i have t in a list in u int it the amen Iii tigress Havers i months observation has Given pie a very great respect for the body. It indeed a wonderful institution not precisely what people at i distance imagine it Biti if upon i lose acquaintance la i one Way it gulls in another. Familial to in this Coati Hies not contempt bul rather increased interest. A int Cis for the press who been reporting tile n atonal legislature for a of a Century Tell me that it we in surprisingly Well. An Alert Man w to Hun a taste for my studies the game i always of value i chronicle and members or Charm Worth Kri urdu. Now Ami then a Dud or a Shady fellow ii up irs but the Large majority a. Picked men of Good Chara a m n Xvi Sixx Iii onetime. 11� i in any changeable i or Apt to ,m. Imp off nub in r. And la a hair dressing almost a Dally to Boll. A dressing he it not v. Lei and ability who i having been found in talk that Dangle at n flies very new people 11 we Loable hut total should Here in Worth our i or new to him a worthy he . It lain to tie has i of ii familiar trouble a be mid Tern and tim four i ii Wah tin Star roil a til a Mer hut Over a in time Mea weep a gob o turn tills but let h u it a Iuit a. Ile ten Imp. .ty, a i made w lunge Are ii red higher than it n departed a k i say yes. Xxv it a it Ion. The ours love slowly for be Isle Tel a. If lie Cis i tin water rough Good it bom e Over Many. W does the even that combined killing the d that eats the using w ii., t i in time Tig Lii. Cid a that k you Hove no id Scalp w id hair will a pea or i to of h up wonderful into septic and hair dressing lug druggist. Bend in a in pie rail her pm. Id Mich. It ii Iii go a Anent Louir to i mat. The to air and to tire. K c this make i necessity . Using a hair Best. Of with it the Effic r 1.1 Ruff germ the hair off at til called falling hair . Mew Tiro ii i of u hair or How .1. Mph a gel a id. It kit fail y d Heil j Applei a it a r Ain we Alp a a id i i. Jump it i i. I a a ap1 in in stumble at the a of a to. W member r of a Blunder. The Iii before lie be i Ai times. Hut after lire Way in has no to tent i third full it spit it. T o it should he with it that institutional Power. Xxx equipment we go Atmo Good and ready be thought should in i threw Ards ahead cannot to built in a ate to find our St rouges a poor re. Re in this White House Aud the greatest Congress the leaders on neither in the cities the Prim now a h the it Hurt and Kin of him smiling and Durance of a vet Syar. A should not crowd on St ii strengthen to we re Dele. On i pm with Small r a ire it inst on a Worth out Best Effort. The new Bushi Day. A i am curious to Wyieth r w men in the. Small towns. The cities of Amana a it Irmiter. They Hove had few representatives in by no ice tor 1�?~iihlication. Notice hereby Given to Hattie Hodgdon of friary and to her in Charles b. Clary residents of the idly of Boh Angeles. In the state of Bah Fondu that the territory of new i a to on the j m h Day of May Jam of in of clock in the Forenoon it a said Day or soda . R a in iring can he had will present to the. District. Court of Bernalillo county at the Emit at the Start hut test our ,4lf Mui r0ttn� i. Appear and until we me appointment of commissioner to % in the sustaining \ duh Ivory and Laid bulb right track and j band. The said Charles e. T Rury in to sustain in consequence of the to attn of lot one in Bort Twenty ten North of Range the a a a i of new Mexico Prim an. Dia in. Nerd arid so a tacit of lot two in said be. a Lien nor ii we Are responsible to Yon for tin Lind of drone m la Yon let the pc ii rip i oui i re script fam work for kind i ii. U it it i i iou i. I Mic. I tic i lire i i ii to Are Sooim lied to no pay a i to Lite la of Eyer thin oui line. Ii your go Sci in i. An i proc it him in Only a Iii _ la your Drill him i i y cum if t tor we be Why you u in in. Vrtol i la i till it Iii. I in Dan the Highland pharmacy 0>l ram id new , a ado id tone it Lack to i ii i rail Rotmil to. Inn x few mall ram in a ram inc from a three to Fen acre Carli All limb r a ditch Ami Lin tier Lilli talc of Mill a vat Ion. I i lot in Lite different and a lit Ion to Lite Ell y. Xxx i have several mall cottages. j in. To Al. In remain Ali terms. Colo. Phone. Black 144 # Baldridge the place for lumber shingles and lath. A Larck Stock of Willows doors faints. Oils finishes Cement building paper etc., always of hand. Il0 Brunswick billiard St Pool Parlours tin finest Lilac a the City to spend it or. Ile hours. Ite Framl of i la or and in bin. To Altin of. In nil m. Gussaroff proprietor. J. E. Baldridge 111 i la. E 4 i i a. _ 40ft f 4> in it i m Hiji. not in xxx mex too a Sape Deposit Box i a Nice it j tin Cost i Kiwall. Xxx have them. Irl n allo list Hank j j idlers hate bean i country by a. In the present hide ire City men. It captained to ii1 til Polit i Al hut cumme Ciul. Even la Law has become i Nmm hued Ami men of education and Talent Are going in Fin Money Rew lids. I simply stale la Case my give our cities warning if the it stave snap about them mid Don t want this Story repeated tin our Side. Xxx Ith it however. Ii tined it nation at prs it in the cities and for a tim Ai least that will give them the advantage fare in to Congress which has taught my j much ah�?~1 hat to the Duma which should teat h Bassi a Good d Al the Extension to the re from Hie City of Albuquerque of Railroad a pc no and has not been heretofore acquired by raid territory of v Mexico containing i 03 Arret. I rth Ute of said territory for Public build logs and g roil lids of the. I cud a of be Mexico xxx e Dami. Cle a of i he l i to it f court of it a i of ii t a county april 22, i 9itc. Try duly of lending a neighbourly hand loth stricken pop a of san franc ii a o Anil upon the ouf itry at Large and will be for some time yet to Tome. It a Mammoth undertaking to provide for a Community of half a. A a i a him a nag Nill nor Inu tort ire pm be Privet of All mean of livelihood in one terrible in mail. Hat of his intention to make final proof Tome Stead entry no. in a # night ill i i him Iii ii x Hon f Cartin a of the Intel or Iii-i of ill a it Sirn. 1% new a Xis. Or of 1004.noti c la hereby Given that tin Wing named settler has fib <1 not la must he done and Tho Moat to taken it Are of by their More fortunate neigh a lug a a a it a a i proof will a bots till they can organize out of the i Ains of their former possessions the mane of taking it Are of Thema Ives. There its no part of i Kam a Iii a vat Public Domain that now offers a Leiter Chance to the Home seek it than the portion to be found in mow Menno hut Lite dream of a great Plantation must he left behind. The Day of the. Big farm has passed. This the erg and this the country of tit utile farm Well tilled. And that a where the Money to be had i hic University of new of exp o should make a Ial Effort to secured i least a few of Hie two thousand students who have been rendered homeless by Toke Destruf Hon of the Leland Hanford. A him Ami that Slid mad i Ore Progl clerk at Albuquerque new a a a on june 6. I in via Kenneth i \ Linn of Laguna or county hew Mexico for the . % and jots 3 and 4. Se., 4, to 5 a. A w. He names the following a Vita a. To prove ids continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land via John m Bunn f r. Millett Clit by it it John f Brad All of Laguna new Monico Mani or it. Otero Register. The uht it 41 a. Kou Liwe Icett rim k Licer on ill Autti Bala a Lite lost of Ila -Ca-4rn. Snappy oxfords for mein Iii Kimi Iii xxx ii i i i a Briix i i Iii Bim Xuy Xvi i i la x it Max mum. I i i i i x Xii i x i i Var 41 i l l i i i i xxx in Bah l it lib Jill by i. X lain i Alf ii by a xxx it do m w Gnu Loo Fate it no j2 a i Iii. X i i k Al i Sal a a xxx la a a Iraq get by i so 541 Mil Arm i in ii la Tea t of medium Krill Ole rallies narrow to. I int of Rie 12 xxi it Stoer Leial. Soli Nobby tor Ilu Haile Imi Baum i no i it in a 4 Ais Al it it xxx toe a i att Itin a Mig a till Jet x Al Lim i m. It 4 Oil tin hum Light of. It in a in i a a a a a a the store of reliability the store of reliability Sis anniversary Sale of men furnishings and shoes at the Globe store a a a a a a until May to a a huh take a look at the show windows the High Quality of the goods displayed and theet rhinely Low prices quoted will prove an agreeable Surprise a a i a

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