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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 4, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Taffi fire Albuquerque morning journal May 4. 192s if we thought Wert any higher Gin v than or made ii this red Star milled by the ked Star Mills of Wichita. Kansas that would be the flour we would want to sell. We can deliver ked Star in 48 Pound 21 Pound j 2 Pound and 6 Pound sacks. Wards store jus Matte i min North Sidi a octet Ian ski Are rhones 17 2. 173, 17 4 legion defeats saints in in batting spree burrowed Model Home is 0vt nearly ready lefty Mcgee not in Condi and chief Ervin s a a the third round of Pampa in Tho 1 Antral now Mexico Hague i paves i no team with any decided advantage Over any other. Three teams which happen to the the three Albuquerque teams Are tied for first Gitt boosters Tion. And Chiel Ervin s my Quot 2 by i Crew hits Young Pitchersky Al i Luck with lefty Mcgee not in con i edition and with unfavourable i lbs weather making it hard for tile with two games won and one installation of fixtures and a a advertising Albuquerque seventeen times furniture to be completed this week for better Home week Albuquerque a finest theater pastime always Worth while Bania be May 3.�?the que que leg cd Over the ring 12 to i in a one sided game before a Large crowd. Santa it Jet rounded or of cold Caf Sweeney had t a a twirler., Gutierrez and chief bet teams probably i her. Both bring hit hard although games won and two lost in her kept them More scattered. A a Doerr for the legion team. Was it appears that Conley of Ari in in splendid shape holding the to or Ona broke the southwestern mile tee cals to five scattered hit support was also Good. The i/c-1 inc.,&Quot invites All interested citizens to attend the tuesday meeting the program is Complete for the perfectly ventilated w. H. Schreiber organist today and tomorrow Prydean % Siren. Of Seville added attractions latest Fox news and i Mack Sennett comedy galloping bungalows 1 regular admission Deb w ii in n n with the major construction j a Nna ires to it Lay Romp j team to practice ant for Mcgee to j Wor it completed the Albuquerque dinner of advertising Albu Quer it Santa be team win a Ond item. A in b 11 a t r i Model in to at tenth Street and que inc., which will be held at Are m1�?T/. A Quot Dwa Quot when Mcgee Kent Avenue is now ready for the Tho franciscan tuesday night at Mcgee an to take the Mound Fine Tom in and installation of fix 6 30, and which is open to All Iti regular Pitcher has not j a a j turns and furniture. This work j forested in the subject of Adver on account i next sunday s game will prob j during to it using Albuquerque in a n d manage ably result in a in no Shakim ,. V%v11 be in shape for i Vul. Quot Ato o Evv Youn Quot up or the. Standing with my. Rat h a he a a ,1�?z1�?zlinir do of 110 Success of the preliminary a a a with two j inspect Ion on t i k la it work done by the members of thet Quot Nett. I Homes week May to. Committee of one Hundred who the building is a Buff and Tan also Are directors of the new corp Ilow of Spanish Type Arch oration has made it Plain that the \ Smi enclosed Small j City is Ripe for advertising on a and his record saturday when or nosed i porch at the front door and a National and that it Only re it Art Brown of the Lobos in Mill Balcony leading off three Mains for the proper solicitation stored two runs in the 4 48 5-10. Southwestern records a grilled it neb Loots timing the to secure subscription to a Cam g on a triple by Little i have never been kept office Illy s i it t fend to give a touch of in j Parn of tha t nature. Of blk by Gilbert and a but the Best in Amitabh records show to the dwelling statistics Are already Borg com Matthew it Rte they that the southwestern mile Cord the Annm is of seven rooms in piled by advertising Albuquerque. C in the third on was formerly 4 49 3-5. Made by eluding two Glass enclosed sleeping inc., for use in National Maga \ o stolen bases and a Simms of the military Institute at i porch. With astern exposures. Zinc and periodicals. Nothing is in the eighth they and Tucson in 1919, better time than tile living room is a seriously sure until Tho interest of Tho City to has been in do by Large with a email fireplace at one is manifested As a whole but it in my. This room Lias Throe win Felt that enough sounding out has Dows. Two on the North Side one been done to establish the fact on tile West Side. That Albuquerque will take its on the right of the living room place with Tucson Phoenix and is Glo dining room connecting the i i paso among Southwest cities in two is a Large arched doorway. J putting the glories of its climate i leading off of the West Side of the. And City before the world dining room is a Trio of arched tuesday nights meeting will be French doors. In tile nature of a coming out off of the dining room is n Large j party for the new advertising Al Kitchen a kitchens go nowadays j Huque que inc. It will Mark the a across Hie Center of the Kitchen beginning of the first determined i extends a Semi partition. This Al j attempt to tackle the business of1 lows for a Little Nook for Tho j advertising Albuquerque in a log Kitchenette separated from the Leal business like Way. Tile form j Range. The Kitchen is modern in action of the corporation a done Alt respects with built in shelves j no that there would be no Possi-1 and cupboard. Ability of moneys subscribed for j off the Kitchen in the Southeast. Advertising going to any other Corner is the smallest of the sleep j purpose. The articles of i Corpora a lug porches. The room is sur Tion Are very Plain in this re-1 rounded with Small Bungalow win Gard last time today by two More on two hits and two 4 4 v i. I if fibs and an error. In Berg of Arizona but not in an Ortho ninth ill made their last two finial meet. Ile ran the rare in on a free i two Ingles and ii 4 32 2-5 in intramural Competition pert a double w hich was his third in 191s. Doubt at i his b Arth lilt of Thea a game. Official records a compiled by the faints made their Lone tally Harold g. Wilson sport editor of in the third inning on Sweeney s the Tucson citizen and the mum infield bit and Grant s hit to Cen lug journal sports editor follow Ter which went for three bases these records have been dug out when Burlingame fell Down trying of the files of both papers with a to Field the Ball Gutierrez who great Deal of care bul it is tart ii in the Box for the locals i in that there Are errors in them. Was jerked out in the third and Only Marks made by students of Beecher who took his place was Arizona University new Mexico More , striking out seven University the no Vav Mexico in 111 men in less than seven innings tory Institute the new Mexico age. Ping his hits a Little More scat Gips and the new Mexico miners i tired than Gutienez. J in dual meets or in Competition Tony Gilbert was Tbs Hatting with two or More other members a a tar. Getting three doubles n three of the Tennis from which South t Bugger a sacrifice and a strike \ Western football Tennis Are com a out out of six times up Mills Only selected have been used i a Turnev and Littlefield each got several better records have been three hits nut of to times up. And j made by some of the teams Iii a each one walked once. Tan orb Competition with Tennis not in of mob three bases. Including Home what is unofficially known As Hie a once. I South Western conference the made j7 hits. J the records j h. Clit of them for extra bases i Loo Yard dash Jacobson to Ami j while Santa fese tired Only five i tote. I a tit coverup Arizona. Two of them for bases. 1924 tint la seconds. Loob i the attendance was dose to Soo son of the Institute made 9 1-5 in a people 1921 with a wind in his Back. I the apprentices play Here next Ploug Belin Arizona Tan it in to a sunday seconds at Albuquerque in 1921 i with w ind in hit Back i 22ti Vard dash Hale. New mex i a bedroom Dir p d a Bat i a tin i Caton in ires f local items millionaire widow weds poor youth deaths and funerals a word of Comfort la a. H tag a it it or Faith i Ifil i or Only i Tim truth that god i la. A a i 11.1 Tig i or you to do i 1,1 Al a i it Iii Anda lit a lie4 tilt to i i it it m. Thu Teliin k you have ii i la of a Al Hrak i our Apt Rte i it la in a i id a u pre urn no no til the Al your Usu in a pea Aln plan but in Lave i a Quot to to alluded oui i la u Atri be a ft4 ill of Iii i Al in. I my r will Immi Long i pm in a id la is to of Tut. Ile Fin my i it. Your heart i or an a i in will give you i Ling in do Vav i it will Rae Lite i in in or Walnty of a i mum Here. A a my i a Hie great to j a i red Erk la til j i. Abb h. Tri a. K pro 1923. Time 22 wound. Mill so. .5 3 a 2 i i 410 Yard dark covet by Arl i my Field it 3 3 4 a it a. 1 924 time f i 1-5 . Gilbert. 2h,5 1 4 s 4 2 a so Yard run a a Atten. Matt Ortiz. 1b a i i a a 1 12 4. Time 2 min. Id Aeo Tula. Bra in. It 1 i 3 a a mile run con v. Arizona 1925 Burlingame ,.5 1 i 3 0 o t line 4 Lillqu 4 5 to second. if a i 1 n a a High hurdle a i a a la. Arizona stir nary. Of. 5 i 3 a a to 125, time use it and. I Oerr a i a i a a. La Vav hurdle a Al 923. Time 2 1-5 Arizona seconds. Ilkei totals43 12 Balita to 1 27 15 3 it i j f Arizona ran th1 on Welt in i21, i in in 2�?~. 4-5 Al it had wind u a ii 11 of to a. F h i Back. Ile ran them at thu 4 i be quo in 2 Fiat the in me year All vapor h it on the i will be the first time that Al i Huque que has Ever separated us i in St Corner is an of a thing from the functions of porch with four other organizations. The Suc ecsa Low Between tills t 1ih reparation in the other and the living room Southwest cities hat been so Mark room in the North there is no longer thought room and sleeping hero of allowing advertising to it t ted with Trench a place us a routine matter for a civic organization. It la in i on the North find leered a highly specialized mid has Vork which takes the experience la i1 of trained men in the handling modern. Tucson has gained a a families including a in two years or a result of National advertising it to said Phoe Haa done even better and Al a Well the test Arn in tile decision fir National Adver . It All from the novel by Kathleen Norris a International news a picture a wedding Bells comedy extra added attraction Nalla Ami and his company of mystics telepathy thought transmission and Crystal gazing ask him a he knows regular Price Are of White equipped with Jav qua of results ii in Paton theater today i it using Ideal theater Ben Lloyl by that Albuquerque with s Aii year round climate in con a a j i i t it a a a i Wilson of of he Arizona ml1 hot Hoxie As the equally Good result from a Camay a cupids pa1 conducted in an efficient duration to manner such a advertising Al torque inc., is planning on a Rva Uon for tile dinner can Tad by calling Allen Bruce at men i i. I j. Hive jag see �22�?12 a base hits Oil i Mills. Burlin hits i Jet Ielfield in bases Reno. A a High jump a it 1924. Height 5 a a Broad Juii it 0 o 1922. Distance i to poll vault a to a 1921. Height i 0 a in scum a m 0 0 1923. Distance javelin i lev 9 2 i net a Nee 17 3 i in Milf relay his Heel Arlzo 1-4 Inch. A it of id Inch it a it ii a time i Heater in of the Pupil a this pastime the 4 h pc ism. A at tile an Pou a a of sense will disguise f is Ilia Dean screen stars Ideal 127 flt i be / Gen Nga Tov. A Iii. A i a ii ii r a. I Louie Sod j till Silen in so varsity athletic association unable to get replies to wires sent elusive finn about race Here special a ladies Only matinee monday May 4. 1 00 p. M. Nalla Ami will devote one hour of time and will Endeavor to answer a question for every lady that at tend a question of a private or personal nature. Ask him anything he will Tell you a Btu Wilsom Quot offer Coal Dawson nut. $k.75 Gallup nut 9 25 it Al i phone 4 4 4 it i i a i i t in l l Mai it ii Mig 5j3 v it. Lima i la Ai. J ii hoosiers elect mrs. R. E. Farley president a Jack Hoxie cd Pei Beato it wok a i Meg Tan Iii flu liar a Thih -.rt, i u put lit a tubal him slut i to k Mhz i it in a i i in i i i it Liu i i in Piliki let in a a a a my Mimi Sis it it. A i jul of to a i u tax Ltd it a or hat aug us la to mat Quot i Tiru us Kwh Huff i mag la a hit 4 Itta of tire. T-i1 a mum it is it lat Kun t my Imp in sri to whom it May concern blur it it i a i Aiu a i Anginal i Iii Iii d t Ara b a m drive less car company phone sus Iii North third notice the last half of 1924 Tate now due and payable delinquent june lit please bring first half receipt. H. T. Gardner treasurer and collector Coal Gallup Lump .$10.75 Gallup egg. 10.25 Gallup nut. 9 25 perfect Furnace. 10.00 340 la. Split Wood 2 of 441 la i lrr4� x i-., is in Aztec fuel co. Cell. Amm us in mall it j s in at i Wiwik Iii 4 my i i i Imi we re my or Arni naut Carnet i l to i is i i i fit Juhl a r lard w a Ini a. / % thu % a \ i a i i i it 111 i Uuie i Lam Itti a Rains assure Good Sandoval co. Crops radio company to broadcast programs during music Meek in ii in heed a i Iii Call Clifford s�?196 �o�um�?-4 v�0vits�?iitrlulrentacar or w Lute mar car co. 513 w. Central i Uuie new Mexico motor Way and Star stage line 3 Iii Aal s Iii v i i in ii a Hui i i i 4k m a m a to to a a a a Nar a a i m a is May i Iaia cd i Ami it a a Al Faar i Mem Wuu i Ane a a Riu Burgim t tar a Mai Cuvien a. Up Ull Al t 4cm� of ii in it Cim Aud m them wit in Hihi 11 i us Ahi i Iii a <1 a a. Lane Aud melding my re a a it Aud log a our i he new freely lathe in. Cucura shaving stick Ferta a Fife tit., tar of to tin Ini unit a in Vav Mikl a Mil him i cuing w of Tab Ahll i Al Al l l. Ihm w Central i Lwy or 1wii-w card end mottoes mothers Day Hanna do Hanna. Inc. Ill meat Central Avenue pm old Star shoe shop mall Lai Elera Given attend ton Bull a in i la ia14 Ama 11 i la i i i Tim met hid i a a Kulli ire truck Load Factor Wood Tual iv1 c a. Mph w a ass am Ini Filiti. I. Hua i i i. Ii Maia ii a i a a inc l la us mama w for fuel to Coak end beige end hell Weter Lor a fir Mort lag Sud a a but. Puhn i for a revs that Aatu it e la or cd Ihahn Coal co. Gallup Coal Cerrillos Coal Lamb Coal Anthracite Coal Cedar Pinon and factory Wood Lune Lur urn id my and Lur i a a us Lux a Ueli Verf where dear d

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