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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 3, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Para tour Buque que morning journal Flay 3,1925 age cow will be Quot i. Fundament Ai knowledge of a what makes the wheels go around shown in demonstrations Walter p. Chrys lers must plan for City of tomorrow la i in we \ to we Al at Only i of i car r d�i�r.0rsr to it comp nay or three la pit filed by the fir Hooray 8 pc n a s in a r t r. F to i i d service a f a a Terr out h 0uc cd i i the co it to i ii or ?-.?# m a or car a. To present test coach through de Atri Butor a t six mod i than open coach the consider a require to i pc g i i it it old Only by building this new to As Sedan Mot his a a Mph room i to till every need Ige family must also in the Tonneau for v a placed far1 id Tho front scats so is Rgers in the Roar comfortably. Even log it possible to yes behind Tho rent it erf Erinn the a is j passengers Eit getting in and out Iiri the riders in t to leave their seat. Of the doors is 36 Ani by windows in when the pioneers of the West left the East to Lay out new cities they evidently profited by the mistakes made in the fast. Western cities As a whole Are much better planned than those of the East. And they should be because the builders had an Opportunity to profit from the experience of the older municipalities. There Are today hundreds of Small towns which think they have no traffic problem and consequently Are making no plans for the future. It is a mistake. Most communities have ambitions to grow and every live Community no matter How Small should have a City planing commission. City and county buildings should be congregated in what is usually described As a civic Center. Streets should be wide. Sidewalks should be wide. Plenty of space should be allowed for Trees lawns shrubbery and Flower gardens. These same towns in laying out new streets should see that they Are plenty wide enough. They can to be too wide. Look at the number of communities which Are planning highways 120, 200 and even 240 feet wide. Houses should be set Back from the sidewalks plenty of Lawn area if the ground is available. Every Community some Day will have its traffic problem. Some Small ones have it today because they have allowed state highways to connect main streets. State highways should go around cities rather than through them. To be sure there should be Good roads leading to the Center of the City but traffic should not be concentrated there. Ask the Man j who owns on Mobile inn do and we so How we do it a is th1 Slot the Fleet of Oldsmobile Dot a ton Chassis that Are being cd throughout the Cotier demonstrators Are working the larger cities Bing rot that virtually All be Mons country will be visited. The Chassis Are fitted v it comforts me seats so that can accompany the Driver closely watch the perform the absence of bodies ant boards permits a Good View y a to action. It in j of at Tho rear of or Chassis Over for Tho Axle. Is a b x containing a com inst r a plot As sur Tenient of parts include oper it lug Cran in Shaft Cam Shaft clutch in he tacos these permit close up out of views of Tho vital parts of the car it cd and Assi St. In Tho Drivers exp la of 1 the nations it f Tho to unctions of each and Ever y part of the Oldsmobile. Us t to these parts boards enable even any to a Novice in things automotive to i no quickly g rap the function of each a Man be. I a it of t he eng me. This same up d Iii 30r plies to t lit. Clutch and other Power 1 of i to transmit Hon units in fact the do lie in Monstras Lor. Chassis provide a a first Reader course in automobile engineering. Giving a. Fundamental knowledge of a what makes the wheels go around that is valuable to All motor car owners or prospective owners. Besides giving this instruction to the. A a not fully informed and unfamiliar automotive mechanics Tho demonstrators also Are showing the capabilities of the Oldsmobile in every possible Way. This includes Hill climbing idling. Making runs in High gear and Ether tests calculated to prove the Power and stamina of an Antonio i bile. Willys Overland report shows Good financial Quarter blk new Overland six Ltd planned and built a for years of Wear the recent statements by motor car a i eau and research experts at hrs. Tribute an a erase life of eight it r Leafs to the modern automobile a 1v a a it lies Overland engineers i o have designed and built the new Overland of Are unanimous in their belief that their new product will average even greater longevity �?~4.�?T than this period. Months of searching and severe f t a they feel. In. Of Overland a car in to amp a that will survive roughs meat. Each minute Dot been designed Nan mind from the selection raw material to the final Ai in choosing the Materia is to be used in a Given p work which it i Quot called up it determines the selection molybdenum steel better withstand the shocks and ? aum we in the gears Are Stull her hardened. T i Smission gears Are also sub 1 to heavy strains and in or Hir they May properly stand i service the air made of to Quot i Irbon eel. Heat treated a a fit i strength and Weir. Erland six Springs Are of no Vanadium steel properly treated by highly developed of s which assure uniformity e time that they Render is most. Flexible and bling them to absorb All s which would otherwise Cho e of materials for in part is made w. equal care Cylinder Block is of finest Grey be a us this material i Best is for the varying heat condition which is ranked among the very Best in motor car manufacture. Similar attention is Given to the selection of the materials used in the body fenders and Radiator. Holler and Ball bearings Are generously used in the wheel axles transmission and differential wherever necessary to insure minimum Wear and adjustment. Another feature that insures further stamina is the provision for thorough lubrication and Cooling of the engine. Provision la also a Ade for proper lubrication of Assis and steering mechanism at i int where lubrication is required to permit the parts to work perfect Freedom. The quarterly dividend of to per share on preferred Stock was voted by the Board of directors of the Muys Over land company at their meeting held on april 21st, 1925, at Toledo. Ohio. This dividend is payable on May 9th to All stockholders of record on april 30th. The profit and loss Sheet for the first Quarter of 1925 was also pre served to the Board showing a i profit of $3,171,466.21, after interest and before Federal taxes. John n. Willy president of the company reported that a new Peak record in Wilys Overland production was reached on april 20th. When 1.1 s3 Overland and Wyllys Knight cars were produced at the Toledo and Toronto plants. Both plants Are operating at full capacity and i Ive been averaging 1,100 cars per Day since the firs of april. Despite this production records Sale reports from the Field show no signs of diminishing. The Packard six As an investment More and More Packard buyers Are taking advantage of the Packard monthly payment plan. They know the improved Packard six will provide Comfort and distinction in travel for years to come while reflecting their Good Tate and judgment. Packard distributors and dealers Welcome the buyer who prefers to Purchase i Packard out of income instead of capital. This plan together the recent average reduction of $750 in the Price of Packard six enclosed cars removes the last reason for any than denying himself Packard transportation. Rel an 3 Saver amp co., inc. Distributors temporary Saleroom 218-220 North fourth Packard which a rear Axle is Enfin it ted tha n pistons Are any other known a Joy. Is used i n treated per Mal the rear Axle shafts. P ifferentl5 gears and pinions Are made it get Type connect i be steel Malloy especially v Section fort in adapted to use of this v id As it auth the Babb lend itself readily to h eat t re a cast it ment which toughens it to secur e Jofs Are of strength and Rig Block and upper lease Are cast in better alignment h in turn Means Ain on the parts. Motor trucks replacing horses the centum inn of hts in greater new York has decreased anywhere from 25 percent to 351 per cent during the part year on account of replacement of horses by motor trucks according to a bulletin prepared by Vav. D. Power Ltd. Company. Reports from the principal Hay producing sections of this country also in Canada Are to the effect that the Farmer ire holding Douis a the amount of j i by at this tin that they did j in former year. I Jewett shrines will trek to los Angeles meet Early in june developing the fullest possibilities of the foul if you will follow the new Good unveil step by step through the great plants where it in built you will quickly underhand its extraordinary Quality. The new Good Maxwell is manufactured almost co the smallest detail in Max weirs own factories by an organization that has All ther sources in mechanical equipment scientific precision instruments and trained Man Power to create Superior qualities in any product it sponsors. The new Good Maxwell starts from the engineering department a definite advantage a a design that is the result of a determined Effort to develop As never before All rotting car roadster. Club Coupe. Dug a to awl a Al tatted i am Sims a Sicovs. A car j i fared a extend to a or it Cut a it Miu til dealers an the fullest possibilities of the four. It is a design that is so for in Advance of other fours that Only in the new Good Maxwell can you get a combination of 58 Miles an hour,5 to 25 m Iles in 8 seconds gasoline Economy of 2 a Miles to the gallon and Riding qualities finer than any other four Ever possessed. Only such superiority of design and Only Complete Maxwell manufacturing can so much better four Cylinder motoring be sold at the new Good Maxwell Price. We Are eager to demonstrate these values to you so that you too will be numbered among the Ever growing army of contented Maxwell owners. $ Dan Standard Faut to oar Sedan a /. E 6. Be Trail tax extra a Poy Meni. Ari about Max. Or to. to Terue everywhere. Maxwell i phone 550 Sib Deale ii in in a n is. U. Hand Wood motor company 212-214 North fourth u ? an a ent a every town in new Mexico Portal led \ i Soju a i up to or oin Pany Gallup a. Of ii. H. Ady. Jr., company Bantu in v git. R w. Moore Madrid a m Good Maxwell the finest coach Ever designed finest in roominess convenience comforts sturdy construction detail finish. Quality through and through. Coach buyers of the future will look for Jewett s equal. For the Jewett coach establishes a new High level in Quality the greatest Jewett Ever built at the lowest ear closed Price we ewer achieved. Low first coat a greatly improved Quality. The new Jewett has a Chassis much improved and Worth hundreds More. Meet my a great Public need for maximum services minimum Upkeep expense. Coach buyers May Well ask Why any coach Coats More than Jewett. The easiest parking steering driving coach you Ever toot hed. Turns around comfortably in a 42-foot Street. Parks easily in a 16 a foot space at the curb. Enters or leaves your garage for a 14-foot Alley. Steers bicycle ease. Those who have driven it know. You drive it Jewett coach $1260 will out perform any car within $500 of its Price. 5 to 25 Miles in 7 seconds in i Fth from a mile an hour to a mile a minutes and bettor in less than a City Block Over Hills a through rough going a Nanny new vitality and go that a j Ewett coach person Nance. J ust try to match it. Jewetts position of supremacy among All coaches has been established through skillful studied building. It will be maintained on the same basis. Done to buy any coach or any enclosed car until you have seen and Ridden in the Jewett coach. 4 06-# to coach 1260 f. O. I. Diu. Urn Cauca Bimbi Bear Titi it Uhn it or Lea the a Welt co Cju without the aaa to Bool. The Paw Jewett Nevev Feexe a uni eng Wio Jihu a. A Oexle my but a aaa baited outward Ului Dean cd. Omit b to wide Cut ii i a to treat teat a about Dit Tutta i How la Trout. De. Weaver distributor phone 364 610 Well Central Avenue Albuquerque dealers wanted in every town in new Mexico. Write for particulars. Jewett

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