Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 3 1922, Page 11

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 3, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Albuquerque morning journal is Bury a column i Irish Rott Sam of t. The Tim Hail it to f Alt bringing up father. Copyright 192t by the infirm Quot a Al sirm Bervie. u. H to Ftp f t office. By George Mcm nut join i ick. It Ford i a a j Imti l i Quot j 4 or. Pit Mai d in i v it r i per i mahi la i atle Mohoi in lot i 11ill i it fit s r it. Teed it to in my lob the i y i in male a a a i \ y in of n i fourth a Gnu to it in i it Ami til a in it of ii of Beautiful the with ditch n Hod to for Kini it la Bury ii k los a id. I a rift r i Rife. In Linn t and ff�7h. Tut a a a v ma6c1c thereto an um6re.ll. A me Noer Down he re. Who wants to Sec Oak in tar ass cd c a into pea Yung , inc. 1 Worth More completely modern new four a Quot in to re sad Brink i to Van Ani Damn in in a Bath Bane in it Fiir Riam i in run by i room. Fire pin re Hiir Hwo a floor built i t it fire place in feature anti Gai ase. A Little Aloba built Dandy for appointment rail i paved sire t. Til at i Uson a Gottl i ii. It eat Tor phone to i. 120 v. Id Ort ii. A Fra in Clr Peacher it room such Porche. Of a rage Atli Cen i Home on a lot la to Orth a i Soo. 1 Only a a a a. Ile Halo Pim furnish How a j Shelley realty co realtor phone 4st-j. 2in in. r in Atti a a r la Siai 1 it Hio in Uhm Nouai Well Bull Tuc air. Five room modern lira to fir a l>1are, built i to s. La 1 a a Clotho Cioa Ata f on ii it Birt a Bero Tif. J Fely Fin Fahed with Good to a furl Stirr. The la is a a d no t be old at one. To it Rood trim if d dred afternoon Between 4 and Elk at number sir South it 1, Ca Low new a a. La ii to Loire Fairish Frt re 1 or oink Side i d Lair ii t t a if i Quot a Quot a Hen it try a a. Pm Ysaas Siti. 1 ii ii a i a Raj. La a big Rire it rid, ii acne Rimor Milf Ftp my la Lane n. Ill ourth to. Eur Penn a to your Opportunity income property for Sai e for rent a s flip in of it fur a Eti a a Fin snap Bra font >�?�<1 Ina Ait unti so h a a ii to an it to 1 ii Furr. Pio i a a or St of n #1 in a lib i fur a a Rah r Law the to me Emo it i ail Fem til it t h r e so clo a at once Soo will no i Ere cd Call at a it it i ii i in i it Twenty a even i it and the Best i third Ward for mom allo it Ltd this properly t lit a week own Al t hot it in a furnished a it on in the Ralli and no to. D at Pri edit fat fill with it leaving City Fri fun Urb k bpm tent hot a a ii for to Juit k Cash Call Sale by owner t. R tie in except brat. To Large a screened t r it if in features fire place Flower and in first coition a hate draperies in rang include d. Want Muk k Eale. Will Call in Ort spec ii v e purr Barets. In c. Jenkins Chotty i in6-w. Phi a c. Stares 217 Simi h Iron. 1. Ass and 1221-j t he a v Riti the f omit Iny it . Mill i a Ete i r 1 of nor i on to toe hcs to .0 a it san in. Fin ii ale. Plant some Trees apply peach it i ii by Pear pc Al huh a or us Vos. Etc. I a it l a cry Vuki i do i n i Usi till s im#r2. A Good buy Hix room modern House earns. East flt outage i0 foot lot for Only it Sov. Its with the Money. Let us How it to you. I i., Martin co., realtor., Shettl be tag lire and Auto insurance Loans. 22 in. Gold. Phone iss. A real Home on Luna Boulevard Brick fir rooms Abd Large steeping porch a got ii Roomy rooms inc Hase Menf fire place of in Naff a a Dandy at the right Price. Hurry of you want it. Money to loan. We run Supply your nerds on Good Loans. Moat any size of you have Good real estate so cd Tiff it. I in. Hill toil Sim ii fight intone 4121. Ural estate to stance notary Public. See this in �?~>9�?four-room a Debs Piggie inside outside stucco Large carried p sch. Too foot in liter Large fruit Trees Garden planted ditch water. Ousted on car line. Franklin amp company realtor. 221 in. Gold. Phone 57. A k rent dwellings a fair amp Isatu u j n Barelas Bridge is open a nil a it a t not of Quot Din in i. Italy do it to in for $100 to i $ t per j non till Voto is Moh a office rooms spa iou and Well Luehs d heat hot and it it gtd water and janitor service included. D Hoium it a co. I to to department. Fur Sale a Pou by Etc St $30,000 to loan huh Ness property. Realty sales co. Iii. Nee. Till. Phone i full. Help wanted fifty lots sold in Cannon addition just in reset Rwjr since april first. Oft yours now. Lets fifth Ana up Fin Down a id is per Tan nth. To will hip j of build n Home. Win a Leverett i a a it or. Phone ii office third a Gold Salesman on grounds i. Cell i nun phone 2 i in .13. N. As Ponta As it list $10.00 per Load a better Grade 115.00. Of about 1,000 feet a All with Wagon terms Cash Mckinley land amp lumber co. Albi torque. New Mexico. I t in Phi i 1,000. A splendidly built pressed Brick Bungalow with Large living room and built in features ginned sleeping porches screened front pore., basement and garage very Cut co to and desirably located in fourth Ward. Rest of Alt the pro a la Only i . O on easy term. To it monday. Wanted ban of 1700 each on very Good real estate Security. The leading insurance Agency in the City. ,1. In. Kit it realtor 211 in. Gobi. Phone 410. By Home and income 1 it Story k Rooming Hon j business Section. Lot room ii to build Busine House i ii i re Ca h and balance like near in on one rent. ,1. Ill in Hon slut la. Miter. Phone 1523-Il this Dandy Home Oft Lena Bont Evnyl r Sau a t. A d d r por a Judd it of he j Aith in fib addition disc. Any Tot fio per from Anc mom heal he b main office second and phones Filo Gnu Hcharles Roe in a1 estate. Inst for rent Roo Rio with Board in it 1 i v. V til in u t tour Ltd a it Kubi am us a he. A by. For Sale a n room Bra k. A in. High lands. 2,20u Cash and i a a a month room now oct Chi d Are ranting for ll20 a month ii. T is i it i it ii i Ogk 40# ii ret t Opper axe. Opportunities four room hath a d sleeping porch. Good condition. Cinco in. 2,500. Terms. Five rooms Bath. Chad and fruit to c a. Chicken Yard garage. Large lot convenient to shop 12,700. The re fifty foot lot close in one Block from Central 1900 for Alt you can doubt Jour Money on Thoj a. Mcmillion a Woop. Realtor. Loan. 2ofi in. Gobi. I it urn not. A Good Home Are to. A permanent and steady income. This land is of St Sandy Loim very Rich soil especially a lasted to mall fruit and vegetables. Good school. A progressive Community. Glo Quot in 25u, per acre Down. Balance Long time term. A i Phillips heal i state. Llu n. Third Photic Soi in 2lufi-.ll. W ant to sell this Home at Oner located at no. 212 Harvard Avenue. University Heights. This House has living dining room 2 Nice bedrooms Large Bath room Kitchen with Builtin features Oak floors throughout Large closets. This was built for a Home last fall. Garage Young Trees and shrubs of you want a Good buy Sec this place at once. Will sell furniture with House if you wish. We. To. Leverett realtor phone to. Third amp Gold fire insurance Mira a four room Bouse modern Bungalow. T Tel fado do n. 2i.�9 a month including intern room oat building now renting for to per month. University Heights realty company phone my Wuh j Corner Yah Aud it it trat for Sale Lioums for i us i. We a or it get Trtol. A of it Cipf a a a a a a n a a chm to aril. Tip to ?.\v Alk la to Frame with in intr. Quot ii it a i a a to t Quot to. A t Ichta. J it la. \ i a i. I i Mcl. Adut 11 lit room Brick modern. A i Fin it h to and to it modern at a bar Vai. Own a. Fix room mod. Fir cd. I a. By my i to a to. A on t Mea. Isaaic a Lucr and univ Craftjr Cri l. So rout Silver i. Five r a and Bath. A 11 a Pru. Tat Sale miscellaneous a san Reno ??5. I a real Home. Quot n Pax. I Bret and a Fin Loci to it in la fourth Ward a Ai room and Large glassed bleeping porch Bath Hardwood floor. Flirt fir place built in Tea lure garage and Lawn. If you want a a it Quot gtd Home at a Good Price co the la. Jas a Johnson insurance hot a1 b. Tarn i mos 11s. Second. 210. Auto Dob Lei Money makers a stir to went Cestr i hair. For Perl of Furni he flu big i quota race prime a a item a of fit a Hunan Ivy ii id an built it fed t urm. it r a pier i 6>i59, Itron veranda Cut Nve Ntah a a a to to Central a Gnu. Altot it sir a a Bice ribs Ira asian a i d value at Carat Down Salatte a rent. �t0 Mouth to email vet Pam it in a thu Tvr run. Bath and p it a h in i a line t lie of Ottil it a. K off Pavan. I in. Al trl it prs a rut to i so. Near Poa Trefflea Corner lot with by Heil now r Amin r Ito per no Nib. Of a a i Rma. Vow five room Rufern �?�nnga1 Quot Gar a. A it get far from Lamb and we to Central Avenue Price term. Mow ii Ere la a by a a rift a new #1-room with Bath and to in. Oak Floe Atean heat. I. I in the data an it Ella a for 15.inn on Rood term. T i can Jar rent no to i for month but be can t equal the Joseph Collier. Went told it nue. In Huntin til professional cards Ai Luat Nan a a. Juhn w. Wilsom attorney. To it Gill i and it v to Well Rull Dlag Rene Msj Mph Shif Ian amp Man. I la s. I in Khin Ltd a i a of inn atom Nch. Knit. 9 Harnett Huttula Tutti i Al m r re tent. 214 Abl. Cd i re room trn rid. Fun port i in am a i four i a roof tent it Apar la Ixo and o Al or. T i. it Nett r i Roe if. N South ten the. I hath a i red it la Payne a to i Hull a i West a in with Tull Arno i Board a umm a j to with to it. t. Lice or air ii Mill t leh Quot Wood. Btry v a ii. A w Herd vie ii h us Vav is sgt Tull 11 to j for s \ a Kregg y to Stititt k g it i. In id. C. P. Hay a a am. C. A Nga j legit urn my. Gentry Straim $1 per a. T i Star i Keg los i Bouth Drha r a. X a v s a mom Hso i shed i Jot Iron a train leghorn b a i Logan i card and i a at n. Very in it us Nubia a. No i b Ell. Pot Oftie i x so be of App Itlen Alkin diet i the Btl pm ter. A. I -. N i a i no holy to dust to i in in d ii u d. To Elm. I a t be i Quick. 1909 g visit ii t a to of. I Quot irk in a a Quot Large 3 . A i Linnet i a a i. The Quot a p la his six r to a rent d j part Cash 1.4 South for hate a byc writer suburban a Quot tier four Rue try Star fruit a flee Fin a is and t rec. , c to Epping porch City grape Arbor. Post foil axe furnish d House. I a is i flt r Hal Fixa a a a s u h a a to p a Bargai a inti Ible re Icie i Iio Ca n. Phone its. For a a us a k-4 j t. Quot St class condition City Buick touring car hand Dillon co., for i estate k three exit i inc. Roll top desk. Real 499 it St Copper for a j e Ford spa to Usu Cirque wet later body Cha a. A Ash 519 North a a set 15 4 1 �?"�?o7�?o ,., in third. J to re i 11 in to. Ii. To South Vaiti r. Foh ale sume ext in Good curs i in h Fin to easy to a adm Ach Auto co. 311 i expert guarantee i work phone iss a a. A. To coffer. I . I it Quot to with i . L Allyl. N re to it ii. Rya. Fur Noe and Throat of a j i to to a Erdei or. I \ Eilent i Barnett building. A Bona . Triin phun Itas a. I to it a. Of Flea hour pm and 2 to 8 p Phona 571 Phon . A or r wee Plant a til i it into a. La i Ltd pin i term. I la j. Ipe 42, Quot a sixth ranch a Ideal it i a a Irth twelfth. I it a \ k a or pin porch High is i Lur me. A t to and xxx orc Vav a he b v it Gate i Al re in t. In tie Ink. In Mir a Moa. Or ail 102 in a in in f Lia Relt Furtis Tiht d Coal. M. A to o k fur born hat Chinik per by Cdr far. Price. J. To -111 s Civ la per a leu shut it i la a i a i Art i Able Cega at by Wiley Box l r. City phone in 1 i no til City and efficient Ion tt#7. Urn a Quot i ii to Ralty tin a my h Sot vice no Ataop by to Wert Lew. Pull a Lite a x. C. Vav hit i leghorn hat thing and he y Hgt a of Toto per 109, Star few cock and Cor k or Cia. Gentry poultry Larch Postoff. A bog . Photo it Tow j purr i. It a Nucion Juns Hull canvass Ian and 11 Vita i car f Nail Lvi in Hon end rage at 103 South it Horny car or Zihni it i a it or i Quot Aud Jit kale by owner tis Watt a. # i. T w it a for in Frame a it Ucci a 4 r a it a and bad ii. A Sarge porch new y Debra vacant on Ime Misa ter a of Deel Redl a it Vav a a. It Orion Siote. For tubers Tillat ut1 let to a t7 a Onvar act i Gre Quot Uata mum in at i. A. I rde i Vul. It Iraa a Ami ten Nee by the week of in nth i a i or Cut to r a. Cavie town a i acre face Paal Telce mrk vat or Rig cd tvs pm me Hana. H x la t Orlu i ii South la the H. Aith j soft a Lka new a a a by a out Aee Kara modern pm. i nicely. # . Net Wert Gold one Rex to. A. A a err a Vor to 7t. Or if rth Maple of four a Quot Oto. 210 j ror Sale fresh Buttermilk and a re in att Dana aha of j North Maple term a x All $21 weal is i till Alk kit. 11 to run sect Ion Ai i Quot k a and Kitao i record Sis Vav eat hopi it kale Good in ill Kupeli in in a mum # weeper cheap. 32 i tub it i till it a Kally kit fall in to x. In fair end in i Call Nio riling 410 Luna e Jyh a 785-w. Party leaving City Mutt Ell it Giacri of. In p v r piano. Add Vav. In. Ii Are a a car Nav. Kor Sale la a Row n Klasta daily a i x it plants Dahlia bulb. 3 is n1 rth i Velfli j 1 in 4s2-j. I v be a it it Elfi. Ai Nick is i ii Timi up. 13 a a r by on la. 4 Bult get True t Pew Filer Exchange 122 South fourth. No Trio. Vitta Ami with it a pin a uni Devare a part air it. .7, k brr a c nip ant. Latex i he t Ancon 1-hi for Sab Rem h a u lots. ? it Quot mibs fourth. Of its a i study bait touring Ca 118 a St a Ruck Good mechanical tire $1 it Morrow w. M. Sheridan m. D. It la v Ifni Lirrie to cd Vito i a by Dink asks and Dina a of Adf Mil Vav in Gernian labor tort claw tit. Clatl Xona Ilhak Al big. Pim fir h86 Radiator repairing new and Ford comb radiators k. H of. M a i work. -k-4� i Likht in trek. A or five pts Aeiker i2$0, Ford i. Ford roadster la i do. No kit it a la a a Poth of 7 3. I ii t x t. Ped with in in Akk. \ -1. Tia Ling position on in i to. Piao for autumn. H be t 2 36-vv ver. Phon 1949-m h Hokk v at ions nay now be bad at Al j port Valet not a four room for j 1 n # Pant Nam Tepla Copal rite it Merit. A a err a firs kit e. Iit.50 to it 125 per week. Include private Ken Yard. I ,.,-k for in pre a in Kati a a Rlue is i Vav it qty Nink year of the aum old ranch k. J. Whits Lech in Chick j Ito per Hundred i xxx entity Fth Quot year sex pc Rene with incubator. Volt poultry High Clas #. Ranch. A Toffice bos it. Phone a due. Emcee for m s ale a he a it it car w Alk i $ ii v it str tire k c. It i Ste -. Manhood. A re a train to. , f a in on to it a i met . I Pine 15. In Al c. Light or own leg be modern Horn. Or i a c. Dark Brown leg j w. Horn is. $3.09, Robinson. Old town. Phone list. I . It Kun Poi Law nyx Ryk nit # ribbon i Quot Winner i c it. J her. La erred rocks egg for hat Long reeding Perns a l pay highest a i and cockerel beet Winter layer Fertility j guaranteed. We. Hid a. 413-423 West at a Gnu a i Antic phone i \ a by and Raby Chicks Ani i telling rent j Mountain View r c. R. I. Reds t the j to i Winner at Elpaso. and j want furnished nver bred for the tout to color Typ Al am conveniences i not Ltd a production. Order chix in ad-1 Phon. Newly decor j Vacc a i Liny. 238 North Olliah id Faro and re to with sleeping porch can new Ted to a p Isiah. Vav re is delightful Moi both and t diet. Medical care. Medicine a a cast cd Vav it w in f.,r three ter a Bur lug Pac cd Mal meals tray Mil fir a p. Rat Cut p Ai Reice a extra. Ail rooms hex a abeam its i a a my pin be number an i a a St. Hot and cold running water. Rev i ,. A. I. Vav. Be morning journal. W. In Loegler superin Tendell pfc Noi ult attn i finale u1.�?. A. Zienty on it flt to. A Gourd eighth. Tor a i. A a rare bargain Tage cheese also fresh inti in Gal Ion i fats Kwh a Dairy phone 1915-m. A Quot be. It h Kai to a ii i six i War gasoline engine with forty feet Inch pipe. Inquire 10.x North sixth phone i. It Xiv. P. A in Felt a i Hill C. Bakes. M. D. Do Wise of the Kje. >l#hf8 fit Frd to x in. Is Rable t a l Mcm removed to 111 no rum t a j in no pod to ground floor. 1�?Thoiii s4�. At n i chiropractors Quot t Hiro Proclor. Of Mil do Ortii i to Hull Linig. Car entering Pettyf Siide tin Odd sort Man. All Kin of w a. I e i ii t 3-j, Hopke building and All kinds if Carpenter work. E. Dank phone 14 a a Vav onion. Contractors Carpenter to use in ii ing and re a or w a a at lowest Price by my. It to Vav tin Chi la. Painting paper hang a Mic new it it my a ii to k que to anti d. L. Vav . Eta Ai my Edith Phon 1344-j, Ford touring aet at Arier in y uple Good Light by Ord i Kix Louring. A a til truck in by a Toff a. I in Bros dealer in i fix Epa a Liger ii Ulp in year around top main a n it a tit closed and open car i Tiiu aim t new engine be ii in t condition owner roust Derubi Only i Ai at the n a i on222x a i. Oxx nor win sell cheap i Stan by. I i the Edar i ii Kally pianos and player pianos a a. A i pre War vain phone jo6. Gen. V it kale Lur no us Brick House j Learnard piano co. 214 waiter with Bath built in features Hardwood of a aah Edn sleeping porch Quot nit port he Arage Large lot. Divri 7, Ford co. Fords i Quot a rent rat 13c per hour. $1 per hour minimum. Kopcial rates we a Dux ask f r hem a it Auto ral a Rii k in i third Phons so. Is i n Tod $5 per Grant building. Miscellaneous furniture any Quantity Quot. It Ive new shed arc in heat on in Fiji Khiva to South a room furnish d Cote Ping 7&Quot Reb. Phone i at i East i nod twelve s r five room hot Nae fireplace i us fourteenth Ion ires xxx. Old. Or. It n i ii a Rituta a Phon $44-j, kl1 a to buy Gutic Vav. A open 9 and 3. It fall pig. Call notice to a a number of our Gnu to w to Bax e regained their his Ith Are going Homo we i ill hat a a few vac Andea i w i your a Hance to secure modern comm it d tiros and the right kind of food xxi the goo cure and no in old a guidance a help you to get xxx Elc to t what you pay i Utah it you receive that count j Quot Are a Ort Ingulf of owner. In a nicely Quot Ira shed by Home five rooms and i. A a lot a it Ltd x 141 Jota of a id to it a. One and fix sea go a a Chickelli it ii a and per Auto Garden and a Roe fruit tree lie in Nice i cat a 4 it blocks for m Central on North third Street. The a Quot fishing in Tiv heme l is Over $t00. I rents far $55 per month will Lacr Sylce for $3,909 Kef owner St s07 North business chances Hlf it utry to room 12. A a Rifle ii i a it a it i a a is i get a trading Post i it x. I hotel f r a. Is Ltd or ii a nil Gold j Central. Moore ii poised electric Quot con Tea it air for Quot kale at cry Orick building. Has. J a in i a liable my prices. Is soul ii first location Good for any saxophone and ail band inet Romeita Bev or used prix at or class to Tetuo n above. Fred a kills. Pm. 3"2-j to for kale hath tut lavatories. Rang holler pomp pipe and Point a. A Thaxton ult Forth Fourt h. Vav eat St in xxx. Re it k7 kind Btl a f a 9 kit St 811v< Cam Iver ions and a leaping a a to High Iso modern i 11 rang 418 Xiv. St a a min oui $24 East r ii Isa it is Rio no House a porch nil Quot ii and a a t t bide. Phone &$9. Ukr of numerous article i at a tix a next four i Hin nicely t urn Hind throughout Quot i will give six month Lea Ivyng Stotla factory re rare no. La tidy. a a Civ room Bun go Low in. Of in a porch modern Well it a Aff tier it fico to Sun 1 j oat office at 320 Vav eat Lead. Xxiii Kihei. I to a . Thro a til. Large Clos t and Large it it porch will furnish f to it 11ion Mikl uth Walter u9 i a Xii the or phone baby Chicks firm la to i in Bundy St Rijab x a i u trap nest record to Quot i to to w egg. Co a bred sodium Cly i Hon and stands it a Juaidi bred for Type color and now offering for inn Mediati yearling Hen. Puulei. Co a a Els the offspring of it of very no Tetter foundation Stock d or a product . Reds we Ara Didlo cry.1 Cocker St Lux a . My anywhere Srery it Ruth ii it ii x Vail v , i ii. \. Bundy i As Cruce n. Of j for Salfia ranch Fok Salk a email ranch. mile wet of Bridge modern Bouse. A. J. James. It ski Ilia i alias and gents want Al a a partner to engage in ground ironing. Call mornings very business splendid local Ion in View. A hmm 733-w. J address to grocer. Car journal. I la a k sex c my Gilt Inge first Mart p i 5 x i. He shop full Ina if May i Quot in who wants is my Alc a pair of shoes cheap Miil iop amp nyx on ii. A ,., earn add Quot is s. S., care Courtial. Siva kno or and hauling done i kor a Mae a general merchandise at Ore a. Griffith 123 k. Iron. Phone Small settlement Good location Good id 1 r i Iva. W. J but address c. Of care journea1 ing and John i to Kave 60 t to per on used parts. Tire wheal Magneto bearings Spring ate cur Stock grow larger Dally karts in Stock for Overland. 99. 89 Chalik Quot. Ii re m xxx i truck and it a or it Star Ell i Chevrolet 490, Paia 4, Keo 4, St Tib kor and 8, Mcintosh Auto co., 311 West plier. Let us furnish an estimate on bulk in. That Home Ai sentry porch garage or doing your repair Remond Cilby or Cement xxx irk. Phon 20t0-vv. sch it to Carpenter contractor amt repair xxx a of an void xxx. Re a a to faction guaranteed. Phons 8xa i 592 w St Centra 25 Itaf it in Erato is for Sale Soma slightly used at when Leszlo or Ces Burry if you xxx hit v Ive Somay ainu re a an fur Altur co., 223 to Mith second. Kok s v la t fit a a a Tufi to Quot Torch Quot of and brag lust Quot hug Quot it for 11 a t or Quot re i. I to Kaw Mexico Fri cd coinc., Phons 394 when in need of tires rims. Carburettor Springs magic genes atom Riv wheel gears axles bearings Horn Acsa tie. Come to parts Headquarters. A have salvaged to Quot Date the follow , Ling car Blick Maxwell Chandler. M chevre to 4do and Boxer Var do Odd Job car entering and Holts guiding reasons tie inv at fuse our i jew Price estimate free phone h8-m j Kinken. St Yale. I wan r you to invest gain my Low Jiries on any kind of a building proposition to. Have m View. A. La Palmer Bungalow builder Lex 41, City. I Quot i t73svv Hiji Dinu. Literati a , far Job or Tansil work by Cost rect r i f the rats Nghi proc so re a a Quot anted is in nuts f Eca i k e j In Quot. Vav Ais j a in. Is Al spot flee Irit or h c Ferent fallen instep cure ail n wanted position. Re cute. Ii. P it no r a h support s to. Id it k a her cd. 4 Valr Central 1 a Ever in whup Edda Row Elk j wan i eds houses it. Dirt. Mil Btu Lei Aker. Bol b. I a furnished House West of rate was imm i Fie modern an it have a fenced Yard a Ftp amount of rent. Address it x to i care journal. In a Quot i Good reliable xxx m Oean. 213 a oat anted coloured Man rant Houma clean Lar. By hour. Pm no 1 by competent a Littnan work t y Day or Bour go from digit la Phon a Nav. Get my prices it in Money will a c. Thaxton. I Vav ii and Pax i supplies. Ii j f i rat. Flit nit it anti x i f most modern Home in. Ext in Good location furnished hot water heat Root. Alee Piti porch Lovel Pimo and Edl a in eluded i ,. Xii suing cast Xxiii ii ase new Bungalow located on e parties. Apply 718 Bas. Sale or Trade a tit a a i j or a. $2.30 ache i k. Valley Dairying Stock and farm lands. A a. Heron. Chama new misled. 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