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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 2, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico Two Albuquerque morning journal thursday May 2, 1918. Lucas Black enamel top ores discover plot to blow do b Rier Street to be closed use one 1 vat an \ ii t Quot pop t i curtain i Ona new win 11 it i. In a a mohair Quot a r r i a i e leather Ltd rubber cloth. $2.75 a gallon85c a quart Raabe so Manger. A. R ii. I Ltd car i m Tho Tow. To petition presented i held to to Mega filed agonist to i \ a much m i i a Quot i a a i Fri a a a i ii. A f i St Hight Broil Hill. A i a a log owners n Mitt to i of t he people irises privies in i i Pau list choristers the worlds greatest choir father w. J. Finn conductor too boys and men singing for stricken France i t do Day evening a i Silt at 8 15 tickets 50c to si.50 of sate iss Peh. Cd \ i a his 1 ll1 a in i pm m in ii in Quot armory l o lord. I v. Ii Elss i Felts r to i a a. There with Tim p Ami Al to int in it w to along tin Hunt the a. No a it ,. A i is an a Ltd a i a h t he win it hunk ii <1 ii v Calomel users listen to me i Guarani be Dodson Sliver Tot Western Union ignores request of Federal i Board to keep key men it finned Fri a i. I Quot it i to i Ivy or. Tome i horrible Tike a d a drug ton licht and tut j Day s Wor Calomel la n a r. Which Cauli in a a a Quot. I u Encl when it of w to h pout Hilo i a Rah i Fig it up. Thin h we awful nausea and lire Tutt tfx in hand to your liver i torpid i at cd Orji a a have or it. To. I t my in. If m to malt h your just to j do4fonn in Here my to .4 it re and g. A. 1 on s liver Tori. For i ail Vav Atli i not War in who we nth Aud rout a a intern our the 5� r in re tit rec there a 66 Lues lost when Cruiser rams Steamer off coast Delaware or ii r Quot .1 Ori int 1 on. A i hat he s in. P. I us i had Gnu t <1 Viti us Oft it lilt. G Ualat p. T i he ii. I i i Tat my git i Vin 111 let i Mil la 111. In. It it. Imm i i St. N la Blie would i a do per,.isnt a to 1. R the. 11 . It of to ii the. Rider i i in of Fth. A i 1 e v \ \ Iii 1111 is i i. Us i la id ii Biti la Sim Nair be i a 3y. K if Otho no and. A r h Uil i nut a 1 is p la Foft lev it i it p a or of a ii by i i let a a if f z till j r. Yaj a l i l _ s sgt a it is a tit is \ 1 a. 4/ d v get every woman s shoe problems solved by these soles How to save Money on shoes and still have her feet smartly Clad i Low to keep her feet dry on wet Days and still have her foot gear As trim looking As on dry Days ii in e Are the two greatest shoe problems for eve try woman. In the solution of both these problems Noiin soles lit amazingly w Ell. Sax ing shoe Money is largely a question of getting slices with soles that Wear longer for sole Wear is the greatest Factor in shoe Cost. And Noiin sole though they con no More to Start with Are so durable that they Wear longer and so Cut shoe Bills Dow n. H i in have just As Good looking Sheds As before but p. A for them by the Star because you need few it r pair s. I lax ing the feet trim on wet a it s is merely a matter of dispensing with rubbers. Hen your shoes have Noiin a 0 it is Safe to go without rubbers unless you walk in puddles or mud that reaches to the up a. Fur Noiin soles Are absolutely Waterproof. Yet Wear and waterproofs 3 Are but two if the important \ Mitotes of a it be Olin tfx Jucs. I h y a exceedingly comfortable Caas an old shoe from the Erst mom of Wear not a bit of break ing in required. And they make walking safer and easier by providing a better grip on walking surfaces. Done to you think that you should Wear Noiin soles now that you know these Faits get them on the new shoes you buy or have your Worts shoes re Soled with them. Get them also for others in your f. Oily. I hey Are available everywhere on new shoes or As re soles for men women and children. But when you buy Noiin soles i sure you see the Noiin Trade Mark underneath of it is not there the sole is not Noiin Mark that Mark stamp it in your mein Leolin of the Trade Symbol for a to Eccl changing Quality product of tile Goodyear l ire amp rubber company Akron Ohio window displays show where you can get Noiin soles Leolin soles lf4. Iun Bay. J. To fat uis. Ii lit. 11 j. I to i leather situation is very critical expert announces Iii Itisha s.>1.i�. I it , a ii Foo a j x int .1 a it. U a a i h a urn i a a. Reft f i.?. I in ill tilt i j. Turbo a a it i 4 Hgt in its Mil it of Tho i i. V a a i a a 1 u to la it we to i of null a o i huge or als tire o p a Vul is Auchter of . And rest the use of towns is steadily 1 a Morf intelligent people t Here s a reason ii i both i remember a it Ltd Ilia a it i Sill if i. I Iii in. i ruin he Ilju min a pm a i Quoter 1 a a Iii a a ii in Lim aim full of i Quot Al r. I b. If a a i Lull. I i 111 Lemon juice for freckles s a o a Euty lotion to Fem try it i at la i pm it i i.,51 b to ii pc a i in. J. A he i i a Gill put i lilt. La a til if off he v. Ati it i it in i t ii Milt i musicians Union 2nd a Inual dance Colombo Hail tonight. $1 ladies free. Imp c. H. Carnes optometrist. A a ii go Quot to till fall mfr to a1 St my in ii 4 ghz Val but it a in lha a 1 pour Southwest. I us Rob a try to third boor Kotb of i i atom up a polio amp to Kab two . Aztec fuel co. Gallup Lump Gallup egg Cedar and factory Wood phone no 251 ,

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