Albuquerque Morning Journal Newspaper Archives May 1 1925, Page 18

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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 1, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico A May i 1925albuquerque morning journal Elym a Waist Tel i tin my my Jos Biraui add ramp my site pay morning journal classified rates i u us urn Cliar pc hoc in inset lion. Ii or 1,n 3�? j martians. Luo per in new Brick Home Martins special la a1 lose in 4 rooms 2 porches 4-room Frame Bath room Large basement and Furnace for Only sleeping porch garage Large lot $4,. $500.00 Cash balance like for Only $1,950, Small payment rent. J Down balance a easy As rent. A i u.inwuc-., r Mot la ii an realtor j a. L. Martin co. 8�?insertions3uo per lie 202 in. Cold in hone 442-Jj realtors iut ingenious. 6uo per Ane we have Money to loan and 223 w. Gold phone 156 heed More. It a i Ruer turn. 76o per out Iper line the markets continued from preceding Rug a Good buy the fact that live Pool q stat Long failed to reflect fully yesterdays Advance Here was also a depressing influence. Rallies however. _. Wire soon brought about by re it. / a a a a ass Arr to extensive a ban v1 a a a Quot a a a Quot j $5 250�?t room 2 Story dwelling four room Adobe stucco Bath two la glands close in Corner Loox porch located invert desirable 142 it it Shade and shrubbery action of fourth Ward. Priced at a real bargain. $-,. Terms. Tk.00�?. Room Brick modern it Woop realty co. Copt he at Large glassed porch garage paved Street paving phone 348 1 21 s. 2nd St. I ii., 3rd Ward Deco in terms. The minute that seems a year to &jlw6 Tuu att by Gluyas Williams 9 Mcclure Syndicate for Sale Kingsbury a column can Ken hous a a Good spec Ulater investment. A. Fleischer realtor insurance of Aii kind. Loans si7 Wert Gold ave. Phone 474. Ports pointing to extensive us Ament of wheat acreage and replanting with Corn and Oats. Lalk was also current that unofficial crop bum Martea to be issued tomorrow would suggest a Winter wheat yield of Only 4 5 a ii of too bushels estimates that deliveries of wheat in Chicago tomorrow night amount to but 150, bushels a Al ,., w it r s Itel for poet turned the wheat Market nun. Ftp t # cow offered something new. More definitely upward during the j references required hex by. Journal. Lest half of the Day. One of the Jaq you-w7ntm0 to 0100 week is i reasons for the Prospect Quot Small a n you As Auto expert to fill big Par Ness of deliveries was wet went to jobs now open few weeks qualifies you. In a a a in ii >1 a Bort easy. Practical course earn while a Vul do y leaning i from Page Liliu Stratso wheat aboard Ness is he in. An ant a by. Of give nil facts. Write dept. Other reason a a Quot in w lib 1 it National automotive. 004 south1 Era i purchasing of whist to be j fat utter Toa Angeles Calif. I taken from elevators Here and put Nile Fol fed a a a a a in t a in a a y. De Chicago May delivery of wheal it of commanded More than 2c a Bushel help wanted mate want state distributor Tor Best Sering waitress. Elite Only $3,500 buys this almost new Bungalow and Lovely furniture included 4 rooms hath. 2 porches garage. Dandy location. Terms. Buy this and move into it today. Zapf Vax co. Thens 640 200 w. Gold a specialize on University Heights and Buena Vista Heights lots. For Sale houses flt it Falez House. third at Roo or terms. Phone 1477-lt per. Lee s Candy tire 31 it Vav it Cento 40 Premium As against delivery in Teeth. July. Corn was depressed by forecasts of big deliveries of Corn and Oats tomorrow on May contracts Here a perhaps 2., bushels of Corn and 4,000.000 Bush is of Oats. In sympathy with hog vanes j Trai Tho provision Market a vet aged j v. Need lower. A a losing pries wheat a maj. $1.524 july Jih s it emf r. A a t n corny May $1.04 4 july i los a a my i september. $1.084, Oats a May 40c july 41 september 4 2 Ila c. Rve a inv a <�.�?�, Jelv 044 r a a Dresser Garden a. September j a Quot a 1 1 l Rdv m in $14 55 july. $14 92 septem Ber. $ i 5.25. Ribs May $15.42 july. $15 70 r housework 701 North thir go a furnished apartments 314 to 334i Booth math. Apply Bevorn Motel wanted lady for washing. 1500 dk1 i ded to Quot Che n Efu eat it n Quot to will offer a 1 1 _. 1 i i to a i a wanted i up. I it f a sen owners East Central or any realtor. Era housework. >43 South Walter _ rom Sale la a owner new w med expert mall i h Elsie dip j four room Brick bul to in features Are property at hmm East Silver. Lor Pra s Sud Terito Call 159. _ a five room House and Bath in sex old to Csc on housewives for cadent shape Good location on soul it nationally known concern salary m4 i Walter for Only 13,350 Ivor Down bal expenses weekly ladies w to Are full of i Anoa monthly. Phons 1440. Pep can sell goods and not afield of pfc in bred Quot Huss five rooms two work. I ail in , room i. Moots. Garage sidewalk Shad Frere for Sale furniture Dresser Garden Hosa. Else s uth i balls in Lento and Lawn. B St pan of i Heights. Iii Blanford. No dealer. Will take car in Trade it r pm Mil Down Perm 11, it Dandy not a modern w mss fireplace hard gtd flu a a. Allt. In Errickson. Small House located close to car Lino in the University Heights. Out buildings and some Good Chicken All for $1,000.00 on real Turma. We. J. Leverett realtor phone to 313 w. Gold y neat Home especially suitable in location for shop Man must be sold. Is of Frame construction and has four rooms with hath and full sized lot. Tried to soil at $2,250 on easy terms. Tiie Metcalf Agency real estate Loans insurance la Al third phone 144 a Iii Ai by of my 7 Largo rooms modern out buildings Shade and walks. Tills property is in Good location close in in the Highlands and the owner h to reduced the Price from $4,750 to $.1,500 for quirk Sale. Leas than $1,000 will handle. Urn. In 41 h u Ord Good Brit k House 5 rooms Hardwood floors modern Shade garage completely furnished. This Home is in a Ane i oration close in and can be blight at a real bargain. Davidson Mhz Hon no. 2 a Good it 6-room Frame lot 50x142 Good location easy terms $2,850. Braun Mcduffie realtors phone 223 116 8. Third a / i wire lots Good soil Fine location wonderful View priced right also Good terms Mon eve it \ a ted $2,000, $2,700 on Good 1st mortgages. Do Kingsbury realtor Loans fire insurance 210 w. Gold phone 907-w when have asked Voo Quot to Pun in for. The evening but did no to Sav anything about its being a party and Voo arrive to Pind everybody except yourselves ale dressed up like a Plush la orb Alk the Ltd a a Quat to and matter. Ala at Alaci i Lou Kalk of Trade new Beautiful i b. To j i a rom to modern Bungalow Cioa in j Ira Terr. Ltd fourth Ward amal payment a Quot in will take ear to Alto. Call Sii North for rent Roo in i of item her $1 5 70. I a Avn i Block naw Quot and Macd furniture. Ninth More nge elite a May 017.80 july. I priced Tow imm 7 a so per foot. Murphy f or Liy it writer North of Plait $17.70, a in Lur co. So Traat Lead _ m Untsain Road. The a n k Salt. A a. J on a it in a it Quot lady Long town will aae i fancy and t Gleken Louara. Of r a a livestock to re 4 of r of a a Quot Ai. A b it r y for rent apartments for rent apartments Quot of. Rorn. In a in. 124 South Walter. Kor Hest rooms. In South welter. I looms in or Vaia Bouse. 130 South i urn mind in fun Elf bed t ill Kim n Garcia. A a til ago cd learn. Pril 5&Quot Cai to. 25.000 a Low i or than Vest re it n packers inactive i i Krill i a it w -. Age i it ice k desirable lion Library and dining re a pm Tarma in Brand new Rug. On Day bed Arne a. Alad. A r if Quot Burn renal a a a Aon Dresser Kitchen table flee j wanted position other Odd places of household a Iii at a i y my Klinth personal i i to Caiu a Cill 50 f it in 111, 5 Hulk Hal per Sci f. Vav Pratt. 7104-94. Packing sows $10. 10.20 pack i Vutuc knt Barbar your Bema im4-w. Ing Hunga , $10.104110 5 j .mji.1 Hurt has Virgo la racking hot h Ltd a 1< Jam game Ink manicure Marcel. Slaughter pigs $ 10.00 a Gill of. It Ltd air let Tei. In Nita Isi cattle receipts 0.000 fed wan Al. To Quot i to Ageia steers yen ring and fat he Stacka a if Atthie Law Doxa apply by a Tring to 15c higher mostly in fit. Hours15c up yearling and Handy i weight showing Mast upturn in Legal notice for. R an a set a a a �?.,� a no he i of let it to District a a it Urt f the county i�?T., it Hilo. St be of new a a aah r id ii a. Morth Kuhnl bed Rwena Sii South Welt lie 1417. Toil rent front furnished sleeping r2m 19 North sixth. Work to. Pm. U. a a i us fill Java Sora. Ivi-.,---, to my want a it it re by hour. Phone 1343-nj. J a Garese. Phone 3ii9, i lady Wahra p a altion is housekeeper. Foh rent Vyr Nfn Labia sleeping room address Peg its journal. Adjoining hath phone 1m3-w. Hul he cleaning floor waving Laws Al nirm de bed my it a Quot adjoin ring Beth tit Korth seventh. Phone ll4. A f Slit , All i w. Lows in re Vav m tid1.k red Laly will w k by Hay or week. I. I v. A it a. Coloured laundress Wauls Small Bun Dies end family Wash phone 3044. Wanted Lam Lff a i Home. It Hue woman competent sat life t n a a ill ii Vav 5ft Tendy it sir a s i Quot 1 be i re in 011.0ft i a a a bulk fed steer. 09.05 it Enixa or a tic he i try in pm Naon Hull Ift up a it ilk i a v $5 aft it 5.2 5 f. W i 3 flow i to fit Mph is it i f >1$ 11 Hind vow tight in i it to in a <51 f v t j t gift i i o 5-0 sheep not lits 15 a i 111 r it i in is # a f Penler a lid in to Etc i ire 7 15 7 5 m Pond b wooled Lamb or t Handy or of clippers i or Iii d in a High or a h Etc is $9.50. He iring changed. Knelt it v Kansas City my apr tie receipt a re Al Ivy of in in a i fed a v i steers a a twi i x a tog Cis # Nrec cow and self a enc is and a a tract local pc a r it it a Ilia Srour i 1 Pirone 7 a a Hugl Olga a p irk it mostly Fop i i Nti it Quot p id Dpt r n. A lib 1 5 it i xxx it of d Akin a a i a her Sud a Sci Clipper. 113 hot 25c higher rho i i 4 95 a i la full Hen r a furnished rooms. Albuquerque hotel Sieve North second. Vav to i i Nuh. I and Veoni ated double to Tii. A s. Sinai room. In Hon 3s73-w. Jindal Tijia a Anil sleeping punch. South a a i a a. Ute. Two Ovja 1.4 Routh Edith. Vav Khz. Xenia Iii room. Ruin Iulg water Ellahie far Ane in two. Sii West Ubel. Loose 5s-r i i 111 i u rooms furnished is per we Haud up. I North third. F in list eur Spur tent. 1023 weal new five loom Eller apartment after v k april i phone pcs or 11s4-w._ two end three rooms. Inquire Savoy v to Man Al Alt Menth. Fut Shad or hotel. _ _ unfurl i a so. Apply 302 South High. Lahde to loom apartment. 403 North one desirable apartment. Castle apart Quot a Merta apply Ami electric til i rooms Beth. A Taco. Is writ North i of Al tift i. Apartment four rooms a a v f. 11y a 11 r a. 11 x a a Par in us a Valoua Hie. Bath first to or team heat Murphy phone us i bed. Me Range. To Boutte Amo. Phone it hnih1ied spurt tibents. Liu North seventh phone tit. Three rooms modern garage. Phone i i 4 k. D j8 l r re tar two roses Sod sleeping porch. 114 South High. Phone 1971. 30-acre ranch for Sale we Hove been authorized to sell a 30-acre ranch just five Miles from town. On it Are a 6-room Adobe Home larg a barn Chicken houses Turkey pens Etc. Fifteen acres or planted to Alfalfa. Orchard of bearing fruit Trees. Owner will consider City property in part payment. We have one of the Best Corners in the fourth Waud listed for Sale has a Good six room House modern garage Lawn tree walks Etc. East and South exposure. $7,500.00. Sea us for terms. A. B. Milner. Realtor 313 is w. Coat t Ai phone 923 for rent houses t free it Vav alter. M House. I urn Liceri Pivk Kchim Boue Phons i44i-m modern Lour roam furnished apartment t f1vk-r of House Phona i Felt a. Ti7 a to uth fifth. Phone 3343-w. Three rooms. _ inquire havoc Tetef. Two room garage reasonable adults and no sick. Ih3_souih Amo. Clean made in stir Active Shaft mint pop h Hamim furnished Houat wish adults Only. 414 West Silver. and two room Modem apart men a 1104 North second. Two room furnished apartment water end lights tie. 731 South Edith. South Arn for Ihm to 1393 South inquire Sim Slid 189b \t14 a so. Spuma of Homie i j i Umi ii h it a ii ii j a it in i. Ull a a w the ii henge May i v arranged a ires a. A. V no. 11003. A Beai a. Plaintiff is. To i to Arri l if to. I All heir. W of Ila i Lur i it or i Lucern Kris is a a end la to. He r a. Orv Antea. I Ifrael do Edff get. Ai. Rei. Ii i cd i ii ii for Sale livestock tilt la Bacad Quot Rani i. Tondro a a int m de Patti water. He i. To r. Tee. T Indio a cry a. F Jfe j Ere a a and a a us Kitchenette. Us it i if i. I no it k Rte nent Acoma court nth. Phone 1923-vv. It furnished House. Inquire 319 Vav Granite. Five Koom House. Phone i340-r or fall 123 South Amo. A a the Hek Mioc m modern House furnished j for Sale poultry egg a a App 1234 Kate in r. I�n4 to i est re Gla Aeed to Alee gang porch also Lovely furnished apartment ground pin thai de cottage stage. Phone i ttrke1 fab1# a West i is a i Sloe Ping Gareh. 344 Booth Walt a. J in a. 439 Booth Walter. I \ Fri i i i t v a i la ,11 by i i a by i a i tar �.,�?� .1 it in room in modern Home. App y Mia it i hat a a s. Rib Bacon it 9 Verity modern the re is a me i Romr t 11 Han it a in Mal put ii it it la r Bill i to ii f St i Abir a r jowl f add a i in a higher up ppr. I a a f a i $1 6.0ft of is 85 be i in Mer Denver a a a. Ai til 3ft of a receipt 3 lift St sad v i 35# fewer map. 011 aft for several Load #4 to Jio wound weight other Load lift to Sui Pound weights ii Quot it 1ft 9ft few drive or f 1 a 5 it f a Trig set we $9 5t a i a a i a ilk $9 75 pig Xiv ask to Fie lower f kind. $ cd loss. Of a Attlee Herr Kipte r 0 it a 5 i a Rev sit i s a Iott i a a adv no a it it a a old f. W loads pie. -. I 6ft Light Lead t 7 Hest to for. A. A a Ervantes a a 5 til Arie Muilenburg i a mat Uoka. Modest it a ii i h ii Aga i n a a. It Bachel i a a lie lice ii i mercantile a Uio Pany inc and John lion none and unknown a Dia Ai Law of the it it a it a ranted and All Unknow ii Cuini unt. Aud Ell to known heir of link now n to Dali Tate of Tut arest toi Veise to Piatti i of to Lite premise hereinafter spiked. Feudal Vii a it i such of you the shove Nan get it i defendants ate hereby notified that the above named Plain Tiff a begun action against it it it i and each of you. The object being to quiet title of to get plaintiff i Ami to l it f tin real t Blat situate and bad a d Iii Ern still county new Mexico a Ltd met i in follows to wit i All that certain j Lee or parcel of ii a situate lying Ai i Hen in the 11 a ii of i pm do a pie. It no. 5$ of i Cut unto is d St Ceai d measuring stat it e i clo Kcf 19, feat f ii Iii i i Tilo retch and three Hundred and forty one Aud one half ice i oui a i to w it is. Ano Ait la it other certain i e r parcel it f land in Iii county elate and pre into and immediately Adjo Liing die f 5 Cee or parcel if land on the North to a Tat ring went a 74 i Yards from North to South and ninety three a 93 Yards front let to a it ii Bald iwo pi-., or pay eel of la id being let led a cd i we it Tho a vet by t e Rio a it and a culex try on t no Aruth by tile lands i ii. A to haves on the rain v a t by the land of Cai. S Bene v i a and a n the i automobiles in i3 fit cupper. Lluch Roo North i turn d-3 a hit Quot it my car. A Letl a ii. It i xira4 44 m a i Ysma wad Furnis he Ltd i Souliv. ,24 South Amo. Foh it Hugh keeping rooms apply be pm is Dairy. Pm me 1044. A Larue furnished apartment on first f or 403 North Aston i one Isis can. A d Hotts keeping r Ani re Anion water. 400 not in Ute land for res a a i urn hed opt Ruments a Buque Rytie apartments 314v4 North . Twi Nice c Loiku hour to two House. Nine is it a p fit. A rage. Tit. Phone 1934-w. Flt it a furl bed no it use garage. Loin and Shade to. Photos 1138-w. Ii ,.it Weh porch. Inquire Sii East Pacific. Ii ukr in j a a Quot a a a St j i i water paid so n ii a love la i. A p fib gulags i3t.s0, is r Columbia a. Re 19 it Turk it Siga. Re a 3411-Ji. A a i Var fires Toffi to or in a. 2411-j3. To he by a 1. Hong efts la a a a 2 4 i 4 it let u i. R a j Hong eggs. Phone t n. Salk a Good White leghorn ii a at to. I Lone 1 set it move into this new Elva room Gray stucco just finished. Hardwood floors fireplace hath Large built in Kitchen Cabinet breakfast Nook built in China closet two bed rooms. Located in Highlands and will sell at a bargain. Thorns 7 9 for appointment. Leal estate Exchange 409 West Copper for rent rooms with Board Board and room Sroy hotel. _ Quot Nice room with or without meal. 423 South fourth. _ Home for tubercular convalescent it East rut Iii and porch with Board fog two. Inquire mrs Flemming 1673-m. in sleeping porch wish room id Board rates reasonable. Sos South Waller v a him. I Busi Ito last Stiver. Phons 1 253 comfortable Cool room a a Ceile to t Mea in. Vav ill Clun i by Camp them it a us Tato re sort for to Alt a leaders. For Reader Pattona phone 490. R apr it . Good Mea no of dec Tiu to bed patient 933 South Walter phone 1491.___ v Khy Deairs i a v North i in i be s baby Chicks with Mother Patching and fixing ram Gnu. A. Ois Vav. Rooms for urn mar beat sleeping porches in town and Moth Ai a Home cooked meals. 141 South Walter. Fine 1544 Stup look and hat a. Are to i f in first room and Board Vav silent meals and Fine furnished Phona Ilia a i 1 Iii n Ess thoroughbred bar ted hav , i Aivge a Bona 176,-j. A i l1 i f to use. Ii j for Sale or Trade Mac de cars. Hobbs motor pair 4 809 North p ourth. It a i Ai us and Ual to n in repairing 3.2 nor h fourth. I Quot ? my Dot v a a an re in with a it Bath. 331 South w it u in i a i ought 4 once j to it. A a to de front a my w a. Is Iii apartment. B Sta aged Phona it in his f a Ralfh a i riles to 1.4 114 m Tosh aute co. I la a Ais Regar Diese t for. King d p to 141 i j to is i by i r. J ii to 4�d ii a on a veil Ideal Pieta for Eum a. It quid car line. Iii. A Uin Myna reamed to re Hee. A for i to Ken 3u i. Of be v i. A a nicety torn end i i and attic no lot t j4 t p u 1 d s a t Money to loan f i fit it Vav a a o d i it a v e e 1 a of t Ever a i a Aal us j11 it a Tiff get. La m and 1299 a Villi is res Asia i an in a aet que m f Liege fell a oui a i e i. First Els a a a 1444 it my Arite. I 4 a 4 t thee i f it. A mob i a int v is tit 4 p sex Mouth t cum i. In 11 car room a parti it with furnished Cambata a a in no ski Isi i. Bawl i aet letter it a. I int a i a. I gum modern Furm fat a apart t a in apply a Daon a us weal a Parquetta i a Ai. To Birta it a Maar i us 333 2 fib in it spelt Mart and a i p y Suva i. Coal Feus at Lunet,.g apartments i p a i Moat in a Rabie in Pas third. Phons ll4-vv. Yed for Light Huuaeheapd. I Aru i a Ama with Saaed in tag h and or in ill Vav eat Lead. K of a ties r ,.n� modern apart t Are hed. Is Ara or j so in utto cd the phone i ii 2. P painting a e Star Down to it 5ft Good to i hoi let in thu cat Pittee. Seabra. Six 50 a it 1,00 you Tore fun ii. A r Giotis. 4 the the sheep in Cofta jft6ftf v a re at4 a i fur til put put of ii la i Viking 7 7 c wet of nit c Tudi Ahing plaintiff a Watato in Fth Enle fit Ignath week on l4 foregoing described of tin lift 79 t land Navajo i s in a til 25 in t to a Quot yet Leiti St Iii h you a r any fit. F i i by Bas a Iii 44 to s. I in i inter vet of the Pui Tiff in the Penni Iff ii to i a a a it a a a we Var la a a it v j1 i u stopped tot>4 tarred front Ira Vin Illy in Rig to title t interest in leg a a i 91 m j. A m a it inez�?ptl4 i. A a Raper leg re tinting phone Mehmet ii it a a a a Lam a i t a a Lait p o ii i lit. Phone painting Pupis Siesto hat. A�4 paper 4 a lag a Etta get fully to Tai. A. It % 444 Arna. 3uti the i to hat a a Tbs aka Gelee i t a r ? is it r to peal h a to i. Pm a glee i t i. I feet or a a a big Ai ii. A a .-ii., cts imm at fun a Merle Ain apartment j i re a d Roo a but i i f i a Rene iii2-vt i it n in s is a it Cem a t a retie t . Pina to. J. D r a eke and 111 i 161 South Elm. I a by of Ort Pintov Rig f r hatching Blue ribbons Wisnar tit West fruit. I a in Isis Vav. A 4 nil to third j Brown leghorn it of Quot of. I Ting. Foothill . Third place a a a i North of hear ran get it a Road modern Brae room Ltd _ Tju l. Esquiro 124 South i eur Sale a a Noons hatching egg. A Winner of the Jim and layers too it Rader pit be 3418-uj. A bargain breading pan Barrad Rooks Ai hatching go and setting or htn_4-s weal alien Tio. Phone 1441-w. Wood betting a a a c end r. Quot it of rhode1 Lata i 31 nor Ca Keg in. Walt it Tusk and to and Itta. To i r Dei Varad phone 28� i to Whit k a a i i Lull n Bai ii. Quot of a a my t a neared ii a. Udu Hon at a to. Tan ret air in. Pm of Matlon write i a a it t us. A Phons 7 4 a Ltd la any Hix it i had. A in in no Cotry a and red to it. Akin Harrt i Utha Biak m u la a a ii 14m Buff and White a. I of. Rad and torn Liat Quot a a a Ait. In to Ore a -. An get. A a if. I ult Lalko a c. Vav. in tog by Chicks hatching Breeding a a a in modern Batta i beet in Southwest. Entry s ranch. Tars porch i North fourth. Pm a 1.4/-vv, p. O be l .vv to ii ,. I a to a and apartment a. A Vav leghorn uhf Cli toe i per tee Ping parches and garages i iou after april i til per too Only id. Iii Iii god in phone Large selected tee frn Niy own flocks it a a i Volt Pou try Rauch p. A a i a in m Fern t or t n fur a vibe Querqui n m phone 1749 i we garage urge moved ii \ ii Ullius so Perior Quality a a i a a in a a rear House or it in Votie a purebred from healthy h go i it cig. A. I a cd f in Quot no s i m hatched in Mammoth Smith and Duck Paul f Yea. A yawned a sep Ere try Luc Batore. A k a free. The to i j it Liq is j. J a. In Tutor hatchery it a a a a of a a uti j cult my a hat Ilary. To ii a i lit in a three room a Quot with Quot it Sage Denver onla.# Cen re your order porch Gad Baba Maui Garag of Yua try of to i a Chick Cavan j. A att a a i i a past. 314 a a i it u. A la i Brad a la. A a i a. Ii. 1441,j. J a a i a and Only a or. Hatchery in la re a. Cry in or 14.400 Chil a or do weak a guarantee live delivery and i prepay Par Cai poet. Writ fur priest and i a to Par lieu a a. Peri a a Aith Aier Ping i f r a i his Vii a keep Ai. Kit it in to j. S a. I a i i. P North Elm. _ i h. Mak Halls ii.,me f r Tuo arcu fir patient a a an attention to 04 a ,-.t�. Raa Nubla tour tray Sci i a a Metoll 1147 North Ivy. Fth phone 1?>u-.j. Business chances Fok Salby Elgin hotel Elos in. Reasonable rent peons 614. A tug i of tabla Bual Naea in p. O la in 60._____ it u Aal a. #349 j i y ode rat re Una Ltd. I to a u j Virnal. Key garage and filling nation with Camp in main Highway to California. Would redo Ca stuck 4 Mil purchaser. Add l f-6 journal. It St a ult a it Tor in or a Tor Arim 341 in for rant jul Lea to Aust tenant. The file taif Agency ii Gnu b tin 1 Ift. Vst�7ai lied meal Market Dale go i us to new in a a. La r�.,m h docent it him. 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