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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 1, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Editorial Albuquerque morning journal estimates of number of men out of work on May i Range from three to five million Albuquerque new Mexico sunday May i 1921. I. C. C. Will hold o classified conference on fruit Ano vegetable rates in the a or mini try a a socialists to hold May Day meetings i a inf # 4 i sex Bailiff named labor commission of a a of cram a Lar a percentage of i Hose who Are unemployed Are in the big Industrial Center the Eastern and Central states Situa of lion in places is growing More acute daily Iii re Leo p % a to a. I a i try a than no n Blu Al plot a a a i ill a to to a the Union we i i / is id in . Ltd or inc i mates Al a n 1 hit1 of gov roue fit. I Iima . To in. L Ria i Filiti Jal a in of ii ,a of of the. Sri Urta ii to out in work the lok into i a to a. I Section a Autem and a a r f i la state. Or in the fun-1, in s Wii ii atm tip Lori ii i i a obtain a hut report other twp Iti nth is s Flutur a were ,.t. a in in a that unemployment exist n �?�xtlrr. i unemployment country a Elk Etta i nit i Bor i id a f i to if in Tri a Meta i i ii Pill a i in a i i. I us n a her Imi. �T�08,000 to a �?~0�?o i0� purim Fli Kiikuni i Iii a film Aesir report i f in. H in. Employ Merit Rhea up from now York. Illinois. Helium Iva in a. Indiana Mich fun Ai. I of i while pm la a Illy re mat a lit of Tho Vita a swat up i fiver Ara North of the mar i of i Ixl von in i a i aunty Aff i <1 til1 woo ti. i swept Civ r the country during Tho i int Var the report Tinli. that til att nation in that a a Popul. d Flat i. Or a a in of a. To til report of tin if .ti Riv rom of Tanvi a h that on january i of thy Star the i i big rtt lev of the country Aith a Impala. In fan of a a i he re a to of la no int of but Tho off Ida la unemployment w tax. Her. To for ,-fti.lta to us Kiltie a from i pm Jim to so ase Waves no til lion of ,f ,t#$.75&. Unc built Iii i a indicate a a i had a total of a ploy i Anet wit to i outed thin re hit thin numb r has Trier Abmd Ltd what in the i n r in the last four Mon a optimism Iii Tim m. While Thun i loom i ten Cia to the Wmk cd a i til. The up to a rom the to in r i id Tot of opt in own or Vii re a option of h no i a that would speedily do away the unemployment Whit d uti in Trail a in the total of in Hie lip to Jan. A if .si., or president of til. I Liny in ii . moderation i of to or Oli in Lex that about i Are in. -pl,.y, a the j i med a to but government a ital int a trill individual report do hot Uit i be air out thin figure Ai i though they Ilo Indra la that tit total in somewhat Between 3,980, 84m& and i 9 1.awa. Sale of tobacco to minors forbidden a new Law in Idaho la the air Lii i lid thing Fob i in re of thai ii int la j la f %0 and a Al veil. All la r they South the Alt us ii a does hot apr to let of a Teri of nature and re j Jorta state that when the Agri us Tural work la in full awing the e r Lua of i of will to Ama la. New York City. Phil Adalphia Chicago i e Roit and Cleveland i stand Utah the Cen employment a. In Hie country i ports from expert indicate that i 1 a proximal 2r,#, in in n and tit a women Ai. Out of w us. Get. Tan of i 9&Quot to wary i the year Tho a Enri ment j exp i a i a mated that 214.241 were in in Hus. Played in go in n1 tics Box i i under no Cir urn m -. S May to a i get a incr axed Linn a the four co be co id to in in Ira tin p n Montt a recording to the monthly ult for a lunar to Mitoraj Mitina of the liervice., Range from s a of $.&& to a Fine the re in n or of the stat How i of Foo for the ii rat often and Ever a a not one unscathed 1 or to. A cond the penalty rang. I4iiy . For the re Orta front Ira a Hoo Fine to $300 Fine anti Al alb-.t that 384,000 of the j 11 Autance Ltd not morn than Nix in of. I of too Fri cry we ukr to j but month Niv York to Are in j if i a new to forfeited another a employed. Other new York x Lim no May not to a Oi Tim d for to tins report a on ilhout.1 five year aft r the dots of f i j tie Hume a Furuc in comp in Illinois. 1 a Mno to not hav tobacco Tbs orbited Tea employment i in Tigur-,4 for Illinois Abow somewhat Uke no edition. While i minor to to Ltd a. Unt ii a to Ioa wet unemployed in the City j pre Iaea. Of Cho a i january yet the tax j a dig to of the Law Baa he Tiv minor in to not Nave tobacco o a in any form in i up Munroa and i h i in a violation of Tho Law to allow i increase in Tho Las four would indicate that tin hag be. N increased to More than 100,000 today in Tho Etal of Illinois however the figure move upward Tho government Puta them tin Way on january i 1s20, 1.424 a once riia employed 943,400 r . Tin january i. 1911, the a a Sam Firma employed 943,400 per soda. To a january i 1121, the same firms employed Masis chowing a reduction during that year of 414,Uit, Chi a Firma v re inc Laid d in Thi Survey. No f.gur1&Quot i r the next four months n condition is Given but an estimate based on i m concerns a Ach employing morn than 500 men or women show a decrease in a tin Motif of Law enforcement of Tho state for guidance of in Bio official. Boy takes a trip in Clouds clinging to Tail piece of plane a. A. A of the awful la pre Oelwein ii., Pili 3�. John Motley i Yar olt Job Law. M Yout i. A had his Parent a great Deal of worry and grief through taking Ani uninvited to in into the crud hanging to the tailpiece of in air j plan. An aviator giving exhibition i flight with two women tis pahs a us a a made ready to a take As i the machine started to Glide awns Morley ran mid caught hold of a 1 Stabilizer and was off on Tho trip i having difficulty with his plane the aviator rot mod the youth a forced Landing was made and me lev i ii la Turt ii the a Vin tor fail to w ight his words. Meeley stud to enjoyed the ride adding a but that Guy is sure rough Calumet baking powder has been the first Aid in millions of Homes for Many years the first Aid towards a speedy and positive recovery from bake Day failures fir Aid because never fails to produce perfectly raised Sweet and wholesome baking. Better baking powder can not be produced was Given highest awards world s pure food sex Posi Uon Chicago Paris exposition Paris France. Only such ingredients As have been officially approve <1 the i United states food authorities Are used in the manufacture of Calumet pure in the can pure in the baking. The largest and most sanitary baking powder factories in the world Are kept Busy supplying the demand from millions of housewives Calumet is not Only the most dependable baking powder is tip most eco Muca. You save when you buy moxie rate in Price a save when you use a no spoiled a Kings no loss from failures. One trial will convince you is a Calumet griddle cake recipe is n / 4 cup flour 4 level Teaspoon a item a kit in How tier i i Asp n Waif s cup milk. Then Aux in Rogu. In Way we or engagement rings we offer delightful rings for this purpose f special i $125.00 x heir presumptive to turkish throne has fled to Angora the. Two Ralpd Erraa i Quot or Cir Hoople april 30 the a Minto. Up Omar Faamuli .yonr-old in if Prince Metal old i of cedi heir per uni Tivo to Tho Turku a throne Tacyn a Iron thin City thursday and fled to Angora he l.- i Lotti r to Ilia i Thor of planning i flight Frt a to Itati Nople. Quot i am Undahl a he wrote Quot to w Neh idly the in a Aion of the homily rid in imperialist enemy i am going to ugh,.�?� la expected the an pm a nationalist government May renew its threat to up Piunt the Sultan. Pot made the trus1 Alume a ii i 00 lie. In Iii Liisu Iii to �?�01 dirt american Engineer reported sentenced to a soviet prison Bushco 18 8 3 a watchmakers a twi top 205 w. Central ave Ai Hutu Ohgi a. N min the amx Lutted pre i constantinople april 20 a american Engineer named Keeler i i Ding to a Moscow w ire a i dispatch received Here has been sen in need in the bolshevik to Twoy ars i a Cli Culat ii i i reports tending to red sox lot Russia. Baking c Chicago Royal of. A Ley an american engine a arrested in Moow in Spring. The Chargu Agat Iii him was declared to Quot economie a Viyuk do Quot Best test a ape a lit % 1 Iii i or e f i w i i i,2g. We. F Lee i i1 1 a 4i % re i a amp hrs Nigg i a met in a i la Feu 11 Mil be a Stor �?o�?~c.l-4 or i Jay �?�xtcvbt1a a a. 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