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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 1, 1918, Albuquerque, New Mexico The Joy of Indian girls motherhood sewing hard came to this woman after. Taking Lydia e. Pinker mrs 00 of r ppm Liq vegetable compound to 11111 Lulu ii la Usu restore her health i h. A after i Wasp. Re i l 1marrh a i not Well fora Long time 1 and a Good Deal of Pueblo of i i hit a 1 i the time was not Able to go about. To i i oot t y Loh. A Quot Slu surran making a nub Ltd Rise in our Home and one envoy s wife wins pout Floc if friends quickly b in v ius Hul Albuquerque morning journal wednesday May i 1918. R Quot Siree five in nun a i Day n y husband came Hack from a a town with a bottle Quot 11 no pm Quot in of Lydia e. Link t ii Hamas vegetable tie 8 a a i . T it m Pound and a 1 to a in a it a wan Tea me to try it. The Liberty it i it brought Relief. -on1 i t Tiwa i from my trouble. A a a a a a. Not i improved i a health so i could do my t a atm lox a it to a. I a a housework we now have a Little one. All 1 to a i. Of which i owe to Lydia e. Pinkham s 1 to vegetable . O. S. We ii Johnson r. Ellensburg. Wash., there a women everywhere who it. I v. No for children in their Homes it a re Obi this happiness on account of no functional disorder w hich in most As. Would a yield to Lydia e. Pinkham a vegetable compound. Such women should not give up Hopo i it they have Given this wonderful heir a trial and for special advice rite Lydia e. I Inkhorn Hll Dicine co., or is ass. The result of 40 years a Nee is St your. In ice. Alt i que eretto my cation of is House for i rot res Tat it i. It tit i i. I it t i a ploy pot i in i i for this a or it vie who a a i not know Bow to Home a tar. Sulick notice of Bond Sale Notick is he ilk my i f a a i. \ that i a ill Ai saturday for. The i at thru let i i. I Init i it out tin dec in a la rut i i a offer a a r it a my Mai to that High. N is and Quot to bidder Hoven thousand f it i by Lur to too it 8 he a Btl Dinu v 1�?Totidn of Nambi dated be Hoot i ass. A no v of tie it my it of tier a i do stat. Of a u i an a d Bonds to dated a it i. I 11 to Nufo or i it Iti of Twenty i it get trs fade to Tole a to a a lotion of a i d s Bool Dis til t after ten ii \. 11 i Inrig Ini it i the. Rate of Sty a a r cent a a it it r annul to be by , Ami consist i of fourteen i Bonds to his a a. Ii i to of i pc la n a if i i is i t or a Erie j to it fourteen ill in the it a in and Needle dbl not frit i out the Cwm it it soon a flit t a a it to the Tea Ber a tie t the yarn and the Louien Ore knitting up into a 11 i anti will m a a Ether to a k t an amt Ala Nee in vein h Vail by riven to the Aam id the Arnm lit it i the Tiwa every a i i a of is to pie a a \ to i i j. 1 or it i ripped out. The lied t a roes yarn anti not. 11 a ire now on in it it and by the Tim 1 to it they will i ii to i Tak a t i fit t in tilt i r then it i a a Scurf Lim h a a new i x the bib ire a it to his roil arc Hung m a _ a s s is a a a i Ilia a la Kaiser k. To it. Ai v Toa rpm a t is in,1.1 in auxiliary of a Hap hot Iii tit a to i i. Geis 5 years n lit a a a i Nhi tit i t f Slit i lilt my i Ltd i a of Xuy than a rat lit11� Jet i fit. Of k a new Ort it i In. It jews it by i the to. If1 ill i Bool of a a Kinu i i a ladder if the third Tad a n Nunu it i a b r of to of St it bbl will i. 11 Tir. To the out t n. Vav i tiered for he t v Al a test a ii in Abilo 11 f tub. I Sih it t la a. Fen ill Frank Tim Huttoe charge Felipe Ftp la i Imil notice of Bond Sale Santa of k. Of p. Lodge to be revived knights o oldest Kone it Tex Kotick ii la lilt laity of Van that i will on i a a May lilt a tin. O id to it it k p j sit 11. Office in the a iron., e at a Hunu t pent pc Mitno. Offer Foi Sale Sud im11 tothe High St tit bes bidder co or i Hou solid i liars c t to on a Hoot Kate i Ifuku Liiri i km-1 of feb to i aint i no is vans a a Quot i. -1 i six is >4 lit i a it in us it tin nit Iii 11 ii a i v is i flail i i t w f i in i i Tor in i no cd St la v i a thai it were ii t night diet Hie Uthi to tub Tup r a part in i in How so i. Nthv1 la. Vav ill i i will us i i to a w it. A f i i it a f a Uin it i of. I i Rill Siv a t Hunt nil 1. A he f a the i in tit Ion a it la t Wichtl. Iii a it in in ii tit ii in Vav ii i the right laxative for the Little ones the natural condition of a child in to be Caldwell s syrup pepsin produce a free move Happy and Carefree i Hen the girl moves rent of the Hov Els without griping a be and to indifferent to a Stool and study. Or the i"1� a required and it is pm amt to take boy i sullen and refuses to go out and play new hours after its use the child will be its the child need i a laxative to empty the bowels Happy self again. End stir up the liver. It is an excellent remedy for the Mother herself and Lor the other member of the bul something should he Given that will family it m it bin ate of occasional constr produce the result in a simple and Aal a lion for tic Relief of headaches a an id ural a Way As possible. Ash cathartic and physics Are neither necessary nor de of Ujj diff a fers where the usi3 of tile trouble stable. In colds and fevers minor skin eruptions and All disorders we is constipation. Many mothers have found that the com the or Lyrist will refund the Money you Bina Tion of simple laxative herbs w us pepsin pay for syrup pepsin if it fuds to do a sold by druggists under the name of or. Promised. Ride. Caldwell syrup pepsin the perfect Al laxative no increase free samples in spite of Boref us to mini tory ,., Dot Aldo i. Syrup Pec n w a twin a to manufacturer of let Aftaw liquid Liitt Ive in Ament. If Votti have Nevet us re it sgt up in Tim it tic of Tass Stoke and and Eoula like to to Beli the buying a i,.i, we Lames to Kat Thim Lansill Lara tip May of Mam add Ream for a Fie Tiai i in a to fit w it a Ai be it at the Prue of my and $1 a Large Buttle a 4tml Zeabin . St to Nncel. Lit . I.,,u it. A to Ai Eggitt fur to years. Tbs a. A scud for a copy it i be cute of Tbs Betty. A in Mill son verify it ilium. Gallegos to de investigate a nut Alfed Iron u Clitia w h on ire latest casualty list Colfax county wants More modern schools i it Lupin i a 111,1 i j to in a a 4 ill to Mother and child Are killed by by. Train Santa Al women Send i 120 books to boys i i i i to a a if you la never bake another cake a b at to a i t a Faywood hot Springs a Ltd Mattani. It. Mach Truu a ties f Ai ice. If Bim Mati on a no Marde Niny. I of ataxia n in. G it in Arf it it t to Aal main a feet j �?T1 t a i a a the. I a in it in Foj in i la late n Lintel ltijn<1 i a Ali it to Nav a ? from Altnau Aeura i into to c. Mcdermott Stu oui n y Chichester s Pill Var. Xiii in a Sumi Hwa Xuy f Albuquerque foundry and machine work i if Lucent i it Nial re Al a Blob in Catinga i troll Al i i a. Aln min. It. Cit in. Mot it in Oil Pui Tipe and irrigation. It it it and of flit a lbs thu Tijuna. A first la. S. War tank built in America a woman glad sister escaped operation. A at t x kit Glur x the cd Pioneer bakery 0 n b a 1 .1.1 n o. I Rufi i in Hith i a i St re i tint i. I Taa to t., built it lid a a tin to. I ii. In tui t i in ii Giulid \ i. 10 lilt tilt pm Al Iii it tin Alkali t tub min i to my by Tel n it Day Agat 1 a a a. Leu. Tit., pm a a tilt it to Loti 141 i by to xxx t la n mind a Hurt i., tags of m p.11 n it a a i to it if let a Ltd la ilk xxx ill Iii x let. . I i a to mud to. \ of careless boy Shine your 3froes with p. Tea. 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