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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - May 1, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Tuesday. May i 1006. Schultz assault Gase goes to the Juri civil cases will be set by judge Abbott today Tite a t. R i q u e r q u r morning journal. Page Salvev. Was i to ail the form at a late hour Hist night the jury to the District court still oui Coly a tiring the Rase of la .mchutt/., who was tried yesterday for assault with a deadly weapon. The Case xxv to in it it Jurj about 4 o clock. The ease against Schultz is a to Cullar one. He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Sault with intent to kill upon an elderly gentleman named sleight Tain. Sleight. The was shooting scrape in which some of to poorest marksmanship on record a exhibited by both parties to the i mite. Hot to were neighbors near the col nor of Broad a and Lead Eventt according to the prosecuting xxx in a he Captain sleight went nut into his backyard to get a Buck t of co. Wherewith to replenish the fire and keep the warm As it december 4 As he started bucket it is alleged the Schultz suddenly emerged from sum where holding a pistol at charge bayonets. According to the complaint Schultz said quot Are coming Over to see Clar any More a it is said sleight responded acrid in a manner uncomplimentary to the quot lady in question whereupon Schul fired narrowly missing sleight it a about six feet the Bullet burying r Seif in the Wall of the Coal >1 i complaining witness the. N made a be. Lim for tin House another Bullet whizzing in dangerous proximity ten feet Over his head its he in. La wait in the House and secured to larg heavily let it and d shot gun w Ith will h he took a shot at Schultz missing Schultz however by a close margin f six or eight ads the it Barge i Al a it a slice the roof of the Hon doth then fired once was rapidly retreating the Moe Here again a my badly riddled. It developed the evidence Thor trouble Ovet Schultz s Xvi was to the of the affair charge of assault with Intel was dismissed the charge g the jury being that of assay t deadly weapon Julge. I f do fended the prisoner 3 o clock this morning the court will agin Tak up the. Netting of civil oases the Schultz it ase Bein practically the la.-? criminal Case a a the docket. Lucero de Cordova yester tiie i a sup jul the i e r k off a f Ltd a i Ivor from her husband Jose att fires Cordova get University Heights actual sales begin tuesday morning May 1st. 50 foot lots perfectly level=75 foot avenues City water electric lights Telephone $25 to $150 a lot. Terms $5 a month. No interest Bottom the. T it k it i no t a with a Alia is at a t or. To in quot to 1 r or quot a to rough Are of Lucity. Twenty Block due East from the Bank of Commerce lots 50,112 feet Ca i. Ill a v �?ob1 it a a let a surveyed Aud staked off into is Hundred and seventy Beautiful residence to Al feet eneu All Tau be on a foot avenue., to foot Alley in rear. The Elevation i about 200 feet above the Busine Chian Over the City. On ame ground Only a mile further East the Mesa driving and agricultural Park Anocia Tion Are building one of the most Beautiful Parks of 1w acres in the West. Six Hundred Shade Trees have been set out and plans for ornamental Entrance Gates Fountain xxx min gravel Wak acres of lawns club House grand stand Ball grounds circled by both half mile and mile tracks have been accepted and work to b e rushed Forward at once. Some years ago the government reserved to acre of land a mile Northeast of University Heights fora in. Nary Post. Hut at the last of Congress a Bill was introduced to Transfer the title of this und to the. It of Albu. Faich the proposes to transform into a Beautiful Public Park. All of which gives every Assurance of the Early a tension of a traction Road to vers to Heights and beyond and it Houd such be built these lots will Advance from to 200 per cent in to Days. For the present a a. Horse Power we ton ant,.moi,tie of True passenger capacity will be operated by the University Heights improvement company in carrying prospective users to and from tilt addition. Ask for one of our Viilu Skitch booklets a a la in break in Iii Imi n v Gall go the. Tucumcari Mill or h tilt by of it to a fing a Peri it to. A few nights ago i. Hird f in. In prowling about the Hulloin amt in it that anti mind like it Irp enter a tool la got out Ltd a ii for in am the prowler hearing him a it it la. A. Tipi not g. A in rang. Ltd pistol Aho cml Henhe cum a Call him to a halt the h starch was mad tim several weapon i other to University Heights improvement company office 119 s. Second St., in first rational ban of building tit to r a f f re r a a r a a _ h. B. Ferguson president Flournoy vice president and treasurer salesmen h. S. Knight d. F. Gill mild jail and of them t a Factor and t to get Awat t from the a it a John Whit re a few Day following i i a ugh the cell instrument it of crud Mac in to be use or found cd take it on of la prep. T who w i our rend 1 agr tit a ton by ii up Honda Man Ami turned to a hot fret taint Moth r one who i posed to he in u 111 \ of the to. Ti.,haying the jailor and making i Cape it the a ran it Tofy or a who a fag her a Mhyl time ago unil chary of sodomy Tucumcari new Mike a Phi \ i Niv. It Al uni quot tip i Atal to and ii. Remedy no fait of role in. Llie la rat to thing in tit w a for i Man to i i #. Los Bald in in whole to in t not at the rom need i Bald if to will i new up. 11# the. anti pal ller i i. #1# mss to run that cute la hair Lea int the Mea i if Iii a perfectly healt. Or Mannel Iii the. M it Mutt Mont a enter tooth ii Mph i Warren Post sends big delegation to Las Cruces i to t on i urn a a finance i a 3 to i at $ i it a a to 10 new y Mark d to Agama ii la i i april a quot new 4 i 4 s 4 to duh mum the it Kiu ii. I inning get a a g in am tie ,.t#d cot 6 i it i go Ute suit a if. April 3. I u Mirk f i$4 004r 6. To. Out Lei et., k re id a #. Tex Imie re i off if #1 runt and it and Lea , condition land Hock Bald. In i chm than a Mot had reunited the open growth Ami nature did revering i head pith t Inch Long. it i in we Normal suit of hair Sui druggist Send inc in a ample to the ii a yield Mich b. Of. Briggs to a Kent. I i Rineai Block it unum sri. Sumner i Linda mood manufacturer of Cement bl., Kyfor building Pup i we a arrived in Tucumcari from i Ute Iii to quot lax xxx til machinery to begin ,. Erat Tith v make a Crete Block Ltd a in to s and the machine to Hen operated by m will put out 200 Blacks a Day and six men can make 1200 a a it Portland Cement la in ,1 with a proportion of Ane gravel and kind and the blocks Are guaranteed to meet All to --.1 requirement of building material a to length and Durah ilits the v i tim the co of building can be a Liu a at Legal one half that Reoul i xxx Ltd a Brick of lumber la used thex . Are looking for Gram-1 a i Rand auit Ahie to their Nae. And if tiny succeed in finding it they Xxiii begin tip. Manufacture of the Block limn d lately Tucumcari Nawa Oppl a a it \ 1 in in to effected by App i i untie. Mind naive Ai my ii no the child la done nursing wipe if off xxx up a Oft cloth i for ii Tux in child to nun Manx trained nurse a Fri bal # wit ii la in a of a my ult pre 21 can to per in. Hold by All drip Blats. Molt doing by Nils i Milf la Ink. Piip it furniture et#., dual a of la. Ital a. N ,11ahic. Tins curio Ward Iii. Ami Impi of to it i o. Off. Rani ii in Torii idiom. Apr or Onset Anc smrt Emi treatment Ami i lie a a or Lii float of meal in will Litake no Ini Taue by railing in i oui us North lit i re at rms. Or a audio lung Lour order in he kit mis a. Lien bound in 1 neat Liim would be Muti maid to ii n it prey Mel be. A a Zuj la. By a thin Fig of having Thia sub bound f quot quot Iii time. Do it now prot a ran to oui to up rde. Is Liti w a a a Bookbinder journal bindery. �1. K. Warren peat Framl army of a Munda the l Public Xxiii a we a 1 a 1 re it need at Tripoli #1 the annual in amp not to Newi quot Mexico department w hic Llop. In m j Chea. To Tai a. A Tonkin of i it my it p., tin it to big a n in me. T i Tig pour in Sun in la Tat a m luf log i i .1 1.lo Iii k o a to in e i l it of to lie Wilt a. Do a. 1,1 in la or it Day of thet a i 11 the t it a ill lots of Gilt a Iii no a it or quot a Rhonl quot Man Tattan in Oxforth. For pitted ,#1 chief of metropolitan the nation at army pacify a i. Min a a from album Iuar w Yak # a to ii a i Prot citing <1 i w run int . X1 re .ht i Nam ruler Samweli. And St. I oui Aud s jut it nov a k1 Donald who in Ria. A it it of ref err i it re for i. Commander of the let Ai Southern in i Niento Contr de in s Stover. Hari it i Plumi i Ltd to in biting. H h Steward. A. Tiara h. Rim i Slat steel the lain will leave tonight on no. I do prefer i i a 4 it Hiag Llobani of Trade a april 3ft u exx no Ruth it St in tot fors. Mat we v la Xit til is i oui n 1 ail . If fit 3" Vuu my i 4 a it k i d. K. B. Sellers Secretary communication made easy Between to Al foul to we t amt Kan a City. Of. Lotta Chi Togo Ami ult a Nikita a Rob and Llavat by ii feel paso southwestern system Rock Island system kl.,neat Kutck. Mth a fore of fat the Only a win a i tim Agit frat a Lalix carding Kium Lart and Tuu Riat Krix Imok i. R tut to quot dining t Ara t Lur Ami Cwi Mal waa Lyrl xxi r., an tits a Taki tue by >11 in he then. I. To ail i it i exc Sph l pril in it 1 Milu lug i la. To tit a xxx and he cd it amt irs la quot olm quot. A no by Alneada Man nor fear a a who did no adv Rte it a la on to a it in Artinca ,4 Pitie nior#-11 t h or 1 % 11 to Rya 1 f m to i Filiip your insomnia. Isun to thi Rue full i Arl Clara Are any agent or Addend Garnett King v. R. Stiles Al. I x., Tex As a to uhe future a Ai Road Center of Vetu Medico located on the Belen cat Orf of the Atchison Topeka Tel Santa be Bai Toay the new City of Belen is 31 Miles South of Albuquerque n. My a is at the Junction of the main lines of the Santa be . A from Chicago to san Francisco and los Angeles Elpaso Texas and old Mexico 1 West the Helen amp Orvn and improvement co moan incorporated Are the owners of the Belen Tow site remanding of one tit0tt�>nd by siness and i it it to at 26x141 Fem i of to new Chat or. In us la. . A a i pol it i round. The. . No Kunu a u,., re a 1 or in a a out High. a Mil. Ion., c.,.cl#jr of Mil., of rite it Elf a .ctomoj.t. In new Pambuk Ackil no of Kemp it i,.ou. Katin to iwo. Hon. Ski Civ xxx to quot 1 the ciry of Mha a Pom Platlan of us Aud Zaveral Large Marcan Tlly Houck. The Belen Patent Luller Mil., capacity 160 barrel Dally wine re it. It 1. mum vi01" Ion a a quot no a a quot a to North 8ouul k m a a a a up quot quot it Unius us. No of m,7vo z san quot quot a a he Rule All feat limited mall exp Reee and freight train Nill a through Belen Tahi go City ,xe8tcn and the a Fie coat the water to a 1.1. A a re a quot Coni Mercoal Point cannot be get mated. Chunhee. A commercial club to rec botel Rae Taranta. Etc. It need right now a bakery tailoring Retat Diament Shoemaker number to a u a Rapee a Belen Haa a 114 000 pull a a. Bool House i the Belen t own and i in pro vement Coin Manv Joh it Beckel. Quot president we. M. Secretary k

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