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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 31, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal january 1, 1926 huh skit at pastime shies Bis time it i show 1925 Best in 5 years for prices to the Farmer St. Paul s lutheran Church to open its school of missions bal a red reaching ordinarily this Fig a Joe Beckett european heavy enjoyed a a t0 by planning a return to ure Woald i a of Little internet to the ring in the usual horizontal fans hut a run Erst s thought a position. Of me possible reason for this a a of re r. A or a i Quot Iez us a mexican Indian Lee Kajo by i can it be that one Man Ware in me May demand careful conv. A. Jan ,. T it of urn it j to Era Ion at the hands of the White Hia Cut in the attendance it in y a j08 when they begin con j in a a. A l be it us Hosa 1 1 battering their Short stopping mat a a Glt to it had the big ban a is. Rial next Spring. youngster we it b unt ? a a it n a a it t. Cut the tor., is Raqi Jere j for m san Antonio we. and Carr a Rig at h s usual Annie As St v is h1? front j Home run Pace the attendance Jno Unce a with reported while farm production ha5 not yet assumed a proper relationship to Consu caption As a whole state the Sears Roebuc age �?�?1 foundation american apr has been More properly during the past year than it has for live years and is slowly Correct proportions North westerners arrive at Cody and Day put on Only three a aple farm crop groups reports the foundation a Lena with reported a wednesday night on is. Odds Sidiq holy favouring vaudeville Bill other two Small Anleu. Crop on the other hard the products them to a today four acts High class a a a a amp iss. Poultry and Egga. american Farmer is beginning to place some figure on the of. I 31 amp a t Lay the a a a theater it Ball fracas in the Apical new years program Seret Nave a Ltd of a la there a Mil in a a i varsity of washing production Thna my h a guess a with float a Vidor a 4 when Fust a Atar it St. Of me of the must thrill 4 or v u i be american lamer i Tow glares on irs s a a right hand Side of his Ledger for the first time in five years and re gel 0f a it j hewed feeling of National farm Prosperity due to increase of a beginning to be reflected in the business and Industrial pros the. Ohmuig.,dub Ati. j him Iris a j?,<l with. I4 no a a a a a a it. Association. With the Laster teem that my h by layering the Beatty huskies. A Wero a shot for this picture. He hit .353 in 139 games s a i Huth alone when fit and hitting the atrenuo�?T,9 t. A Tbs Ester in j a a ire i adapted from the 193 runs hit 49 doubles is trip leg pan the rats ing of veer to double i i Ved ? a prime for t n a a a a. G try of ? a e a e a a end 34 Home runs. Ii Atole 2? an average. �?�-,.-. It. Towd at a Ltd re foment thei Souther Cleveland Moffait and Arr i game in which he Playa. One cab a after having looked Over Renow of course this Doest rive readily a a that if the admissions a the squad a and Thor records the. N i , a. A. A. L. F it Tika la r a in i i. It a a Mua la. A in pm i <1 prices i beginning panty of the entire country farm p Rice much real data on his ability a a i to a few such game in each City football mag hereabouts gives the i typical variety will be. A. Idelt that in association vaudeville a1 it a shortstop hut a lad who peer dip is in re i id from 2 of to a a it a a to to a. It Admi crease Over a Given sea t la an Alt wet a proposal ton r Fla y with just the proper blend of is if. Dancing comedy and a the 4 tin Ltha fonts a nacre of rebut the dance portion of in ii. Spread Thi Kiy j Ujj with a of splendidly e is of the game rated Dan Steps pled wit but after a aes son which saw copy number of origin ii costumes a a Sera in hied in every food til it v n apropos to the tip Irr i Era loft �?T1 try by More concern 4 w us his cond of us e in the , the t a they opt n a As two i Posedly Cise ones w hour d Over j Parrot then appear As drag tabulated shot have nothing t a Fly a a. Followed by impersonations by by has the number of pm tors in the to 1 or that fashion should Ira every to. A n it vol i n it a unt a a it a a Albin Chanee to develop in the it is a Nab to oppose that i n. R Fielding end. Open in if Gat of the to a Par p a ply maelstrom a a to Ipa ted in by Tho Yankees i in Ope is r now that i 8t Wayne a Funtal hrs t it drier the to is a a sum crowd Ever i been shorn of i is wrestling laurels the fans a. A i Only latin and knocked out by the aged Andre Huth could n t play l it were Randerson in the Rice he Mil truck driving. In than they were vital the Gamo a a itself. President an Johnson of a a e. Baseball moguls has a Long e la b it american learn s that milled to it it eth St his Best Feather the set Ananea at go rafts in 192 or ins big r Une Thorn i is mss Only is to 0 Short of that Reg re it Noahie to sops a Ilu ref a. Is ered in 1925, which was the or a that he unfold it ate Fol lapse had year As far is Gate receipts Ere it or id Bio Offe t in the a ars Cor erred that the circuit Ever has receipts. \ radio programs cob Frith i Iff a ask of a11 time so Steno i new Mexico Tom <c�pyr1u, a of Kab la la mgr to Hutch Maiden an ugly it hat i la a run True a a a a Abie and been As Birds o to forn1. Sunny a i id Sert the d a d Sci i reverting 1> the my h abused special songs and lyrics dope the worried football fan find h dunce which is Miodu it a that played i j game a a i this , Roll and tied a us j Nebraska in the other. Hus Kies pile 4j9 a their opponents 39 As to a a Ama the tags so a Viv that the southerners mud t s jeeves fully through Ell footer. I engagement a total of nine w the Pir Cit 0cc�45� 40 i >0 Ai to to to c h a h q a o Iff 1325 Pir conf a crease a a is to is is p in Friday Lant iary Wiz 7, studio program Wiz Okuka. In right it a 39 the a a \ in a r n a a Washington Teaberry time whar. Louisville times a a a Pak fab Lincoln 340.17-309 10. 399 of con Ert. V la a a who in s met Joes Ltd of , k a a a of us. Beaumont 118 47-9 10, Boon mixed quartet i a band concert. It in Huger Dan a orchestra i y a it a a. Kest. 2848. Reid Vii if Oil l Ontl it �1t� 5 fat us a lactation c 3u, pipe or Csolak to n i Petitt a mph no # a san concert. It Hestra. T 30, a m a a t n a foe Seattle 454 3>, 7, concert try Summerfield a i hot Wright 7 48, program us times program. Audio 11 05, dam. Ul., pm go 314 8f. 39, Talph of br1 a Fyk. Or vers is Sty 249 is j pc. N it it Franl to. 8, Ford a a i Mae Miller Soprano Gertrude to Henri i program of lulls rutting Watson a Compani. I ii i int Mer. 7 t a a a Kiu it hoj Lyv a a i 2 a it 29, fro i j. It a a tet Hod. , John Wright la frolic Long Ltd a s Obj m�?z0 it it i,1.,.? a a a a a a a boo7lc Froste. 11 ,l 4, Coe. I e 528amp 69, j of or Juare a a is Kim. I 80, or a or Iii of. It a a Ai or a it 43 4 7, Mutt 1 program artist. Kewanee program a Al Mer Little Antiphon Oigt a extra a it tata a a. Bleat 44 7 St 7 a Ralph i Ilia a and j. A Winbolt i a Den or Hestres Al but t i ton wh1vav ak1.11 a 491 j5.10 special program. A is a i a i Jour i it 42s 7, to Etc n i ,. F he tra. 30. Cd ii a no year a j i a. 9, program ii Dot n Clark e Ai i ii a Lance orchestra. Quo of no. If oily Wood a presi 3 58 3 7 15, trave talk 7 3, a win Rke it Ore Hotra Orch a a k 30. , to West i Thea ers to Optimist a try a of Onuta la j rugrats 12, of a tra Koa. Denier 312 4>, 8 10, Orch mrs i minstrel Ahne to a minstrels orchestra. Hie it ii quart Kilt a Hon Francisco 4283. A. Dane orchestra Ltd end a Jane a uric g Unsky ten a Al Jacobs Danist. Xxi in hot Springs k at Ion i hark cd?4.81, it new y a pro Gratis 9 10, Sperl sift selection k i Vav Chicago 4 ss5 4�, 8 Dune concert Kuka a >4. 3o, bedtime Story i in la Bobe a. My Efteni program Edison company 11 39. Rove Toon Kin Der it original nighthawks. Sergeri Logu. J so insomnia , to Uhm. Chicago 228. 4, popu i or program a a us mph Nufi id 4333.18, my 1. 11�-11 y and his or it Centra 8 to hotel vend urn conceit 7, v if. Tor hour of in Lisle Vav j 95 8 us a a a i i and a californian will meet Todd. A. Pittsburgh pres <4�j it u Juji a a a a 4 9, studio it Quot ii in let it Rnic n q. Whoa. Halt nf7. Test in i i. E. U i ii. It. If y. B. A r Ani 7 a he in Winslett. Camp. I Tiller. Holmes. Jones. Perry t Brwn. Lubart j. Brown. A Barres Pori Ite scenery Lac Quot Birds of i it a it i a a a i 4 of Classy Terpak korean prod Gorgon sly re blurred and mod Stuart Haines is at Elass. Superior delivery l oth manner and material a rate of humor exp your ten Sara a d he a a. R v. A moment. Th., polished t our Hun t a by Vith him a Ltd i a a i a s Fri the Way. Whether detailing a is. Id per Ltd or of v first husband Job a r taking Tim fall not n a his. A it 1 or if a perv when jul general Jim a j a a Keg a Frilen i a a Ltd. A a Vav in Fri i it a i Medy wrest Ling a i a a Xhu lilt consider Ltd i us. Tumbles Cline a u offering built Ai timorous lines of i Ste laugh red a a Ald Cliretta a a a i my to Wilt a Quot i or red one of the or. By gymnast a. A a til a rout i Jug Ahkii ged at i is wit a a Gult a but a a s of the Best ? Ain and pleas the the Brady Fri dip i and m Wihs of Harmony Quot a ii conditions of let that will be most it a g. For Lay on a a Crown Prince Carol has renounced his claim to the throne i. A St. Dec 31 4 a Crow Moi has renounced or a a a a n to the t Quot a and All a Roc. J Vee of to a rink. Inch i go be ship in the Royal in i Winter s a a k Rie King or opted the rec unc Lasp a i in Money a Crown Conn a a a la a Ca tie t Vii up i a to a he members to s a t Hii. Pm a eng i grand in Prince gift Hall As the new he. F Rill i in it is idly and ii t n Aero atle Offerl get Fien Paul a. Rord r in get purse foil i Al Phil i to win boxing i hurl 1 w ight it Haw idol who lost i s Fig w Ith i but hut ii win in h j u ton lab f., i of ill i in t i i a Las la. Of Ltd it uti m 1 ring ? g by a. Bul v skit it is a Guild forty he a a it to and All of than As a Ninas ices the play t fiord to in i i he provide Akita Only a i a r a n make to a ii of 1 a Quot in and ii re i h players the inn her i. Hts and or it Ltd it. N a feast of 4valy Atiz i Liny Quot Vav i in Darr n _ lit a a u s of v. Id Nile a is a re. Presenting t a a. A in in a t or St a v in. Lit i a laity and a the a he Ltd to r ii. In a a a. -. Of i t of t in Are i a a Urb it Holest thanks Par a my a your Friend stand by you during tile years to come and May we i e hinted among your friends. We will m4rve t Day a prepared new a Dimer. It line and see us. I Ca Mecca cafe i tue Quality restaurant 214 West Central Burr d Fri r thirty d 0 a to a in lil do 4 2 78a j of chiropractic Quot i 3o program 7 39, Hilly end in Aux a Muu t.1 a i a in tem to musical architects Ween min Neap Olla or Paul 416.4he Limner concert 7 1 9 �?~5, dance Pilot glum. A a Detroit Kle by 4 6 a Tuit my h ii or Gravitt 8 1 a a it a Tim d c. Jih of a City a if pcs 5, hot a to of the air 7 19, Vuin a i title to 4 512, no g i triadic it i Chestr i. . No w York 491.6of , Iii Winene a cat Rodin , a a i it Hestra. V of i float it 4t.8 v g in v. A n a a. Five a by if it no High n a pout a girls q a rat a 7, i shale 7 30, Carter in 4 hot oily ill the Grad Hisa i com Rasion. Der a both up last no t at he it oui Prev it Payi Rosenberg i think it British Middle weight in Huv Quot Dir a ten round match at Madison Square Garden new York u 31 of a Dave a do it Lii Rill i ring i of act and minder tor a it the i middie Serrot till a in a fair International 1 in a i id to. Ill h Quot 4 a cd Tod i Itti i Iddles by it the new ii o Mare i take a about thru a Are no Gern its a by a la Bere Bare to Tiger in athletic who or a hell i to it a ? a a May to a bar a. I do Iii War t a i p q a n Jue e tiler j in t it la in irk Todd a debut to this country is my distil., Clon my bit try of a a Lovely i tight w a in Rrt w i i Tim. Inter Al in a in a i. N trim Baba not a j. To a a a Ila no a jul i i i of a it 5.95. 3 4 3 9, Utah v buy Truiti chant a i. V i k in Schubart a a Ani Horal Ltd a Powk ? am. I Hie id a Aln Cibij n a i a i 3 a a a Tun a it Naer Roble at Ling Kje quartet 7. Hon r of music 1 it i. I 7, Jack a App. A a anti by it a us Mon hut i d a ii a i it in Stintin. In by Fiche be a in by 31 i .7 it Tinner to program l is ins to ?1 a or in for a d in in halal Elihu ii of St a pork i final no cd h. I Tler weigh a a St inert in i to t Hestra we 5 of we wish you a Happy new year Simonson Cycle company 207 s. Second St May you share in he Prosperity of 19 2 6 a where Quality predominates 118 West Central ave. Go to the race and watch the cars using Gilco High test gasoline and Gilco motor Oil Gilliland Oil company of new Mexico Quot a Home product for Home people made from new Mexico crude Oil by a new Mexico company for new Mexico people bringing up Fathi k. Am y of c he j ii a , Nik it j i i Tot to Al u la t a at i ufos o of q a Boot Mim _ of 4k by i m a Haws office live the Oach fit a it t. C it to or in a up l r i i i a i i t a t=3 i t t a. Church will its cd rvs school of missions and in Chi ing at 6 45 of clock. Casslo a a 8 i of six week. Ai it Blan i s damaged Nashville tnn., Doc. 31 up a a the o of the Ford Stout All Meriol i Ngor plan in route to Florida wore badly damaged Here in an a client today. No one was Hurt. M Ake life w Orth la Vino done to go around feeling tired a wll last r one hour lacking in Anergy end strength a i wll continue Fogt a a 1 eau your kidneys Are not work course Are >8 properly. use of Folly off re on latin America balls a d snet to stimulant for the Mexico in the United states kidney will flush your kidneys he and in. remove injurious wast matter and a a. 7 it Florence Olson bring the kid eve Back to a nor Ltd i k. A err, i Oran Al. Active condition. A tour n a e to r. I a a. pills ire the Only thing id or ire cd tee fur it apr in to do me any Good. Men a up it pie a adults or a Samuel Brenner Alexandria adv a a uni Imant a Given id. Sold . Adar g it cd fit no in the i a. A a a h a a c i Loti a i want a Gnu bring results our Semi annual clearance Sale starts tomorrow tremendous savings on mensa suits. Overcoats and furnishings Stetson hats one. T it Filiti Stetson hats. Cd slug lot. A. It in. It clearance i re Arrow collars narrow collars. Closing out to Lar 20c 30 per Dozi a clearance Price. I i i Dei i lot Ber Clear shirts �?~lur1 a. Yalu its up in e Price. Loo 5c 99c of is a a Tut u Nee suits it i losing of Stock limited num >ou.u0 i i a of o ?25. 0 i a a Ranee i overcoats at values a i lot 12.2&Quot i Jot Clear. I i t value clean i lot it Clear. I Jot of values i. Cleft ran find Ca values i lot of Learnt lifted a Noney ii clearance watch to for full is 1.95 s11.95 is .39 underwear it of underwear values up clearance Price a value Rue hats s up to sweaters Hill Rev Grade All Vii .<7.50 in re 2.s neckwear v Alue s up to it i ,o0 ,3 for. Flannel shirts a i a shirts High Grad so Loo ice. Shoo nil Hose ii regular 50c i 3 for. Pants values to >�?T5. Shoo $2.98 us a Volt of la. Saturday ? this Btu Pend u in i West Centra Avenue by George Mcmanu Vav i Ai it get b

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