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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 31, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico a leading newspaper new Mexico a leading advertising medium 1 i of i a i Likht Viau vol. \ will. No. Ltd. Albuquerque new Mexico wednesday March 31, 1926. Ruin Mvi cunts four Bho thirty Hub in March ski ii hits is ill so largest loss of life in Texas Oil Fields Louisiana reports High winds Snow covers Large area property loss runs into the millions in if red by officer certificate in Box in which _ _. C _ body p \ Jesus m. Ramirez former Painter at Bania re makes n m c shops dead and Howard v. Smith gov violence a cider Kansas City mo., March 30 by Tho associated press a a March torn its breath chilled by rain and Snow had spread out Over an unusually Barye area of the country late tuesday. It brought death four and injuries at least thirty other persons and damage property the extern of More than half a million dollars. To a Large part of the Southwest the storm brought the heaviest snowfall of the departing Winter while in some sections it was the heaviest in years and continued unabated late tuesday. it of the four persons known j Chimney stove i the Force of the has born a a i i their of r a f la i my a i a tvs it j at Ibert a Tex., in Timber a Shea. I Rush Kiety. With a a school hour a was wrecked a a White a Corr. In a a is mile i it 1 Quot a n0 in kind a Many Tret worn up i City Hall a a rats will lose jobs injured More or less s e Ray a trains and the roof of a Din Beaumont and a Htee at . Inst it Iron a Southern train was the i Hinaye is huh s1,000.000 Carrica we air a a fhe from the Rocky Mountain re. Train reached a Lake front Chartran Glon East and South including j-,rj.? tally All of the Central Southern j _ and southwestern St it s. The c in mfg Ico \ try wan lashed by the put it up fury j storm s i it i nit of the parting March disturbance. I out of Tho Rockl a. Where it. Had non Voll Coin March 30 do 0 1$, been harboured for several Days thu a Cinter was All the March lion swept. Over the Plains Hooky Mountain Region had of o and Down the foot or the for tuesday night match re Texas Plains it stretched leaving ports from other sections of the that All a Blanket of White that varied in country likewise gripped in a pre not if f depth from a few in Las More in Der cold wave and Snow storm q or a. A a b than a foot. East of Tho Missouri the Only reported casualties were no River Snow was reported falling an infinite number of disabled Day. From Madison wi., on the North radiators the aftermath of snap a. Re. Down into Central Illinois and in j judgment by automobile owners within Diana and on the North from via who drained off Tho Antl freeze have Eon head is wrapped in covering of cloth eminent official at Isleta probably fatally wounded in affray at Pueblo Jesus by Morcz 319 West Pacific aged 27 Ai cd until undertaker be s Skull essay ii it a Painter at the Santa be shops Here is dead crushed b is n i v no a go about 30, government Farmer not Sjo i i aaa Isleta v. A not expected live through the night As Tho Tesy Mexico Quot u it a hooting at Isleta shortly after it of a k tues v eve /. Ramirez shot Smith and was himself shot nog Al is Ari March Ive i Ila , Deputy sheriff at Isleta. Smith was 30 a the Hod of i or in a i a Temple am through the lungs with a .33 Hall Cloin in Kava vial re a r. Ramirez was shot through the heart am p a in the Bud i plot a Reiste dissatisfied citizens c i i pm d Soldi Rush s prevent an outbreak. Swope tells labor meeting first indication of break in machine air a. I ii i i l. I f i ploys Able i in cloy meth made Clear oppose quartet1 the n lows a labor organized and Unor-1 a i re a i in artilly do a prov s of tic alleged endorsement of this a so 1 City administration and rite n called Tinley or greater a la Cid her tip ticket. A if i. In tied up v i a a rho it w mex co construction come Pany. The Cis and Victrie com Pat and the Springer Transfer a my and riot one of those Bone f r i a fully a reads further it 11 tuesday s drop in cons in now England. Preparation too Throe filled my n ill i Little re a i f fro the storm f1 titles at i prop the mid Ai i Tho m broke throng j arty or it it or it d in stud the St a Vurr. Tsi. In Many j u of Texas where a Burh wed Nocom a h4 a a a. Pained by in a v rain. Chi a Swath . However new Meg through the Oil Fields near lib if and parts of Arizona Felt the two men wire killed and f Ltd Quot of tic hmm that Laid a Ley n inches of Snow Over the Texas Panhandle arum Horne Colorado and Wyoming Points had a n w out of us Zeto tempera Tai. In Mai in in Ort or. Three injured. Mrs. Ague flavor la was killed when her Home near Crosby Tex. Was mown Down and a negro woman died at Beaumont. Two it five persons were ii lured at Henu Mont Rind three at Tuberty. At Houston. Beaumont Healy and Orange considerable darn a wan done business a stalls a mint. Hundreds of Pluto Gin Xvi Doxas Wero broken basements flooded houses blown from their of a Uniat lot ii a put a a i i Trees blown Dov. N or i Oil derricks a wrecked. To Legrair h Anil Telephone f duties were hampered by the wind hint re in. D a velocity of 82�?T a. Miles an i it in n mrs. Arthur z. Rogers in Hou u o r i a 1 r a id a h a i fort Worth. Tells court husband attempted ire than am ,. I.--. Were a Oft or badly dimag was place it j500,000. The Kansas Board of agriculture said Orchard St a i reported w widespread Darling fruit. A forecast for the balance of the week hell it it Little Hap f r no immediate break in the wintry conditions in the Southwest it As expected thou Snow would continue wednesday in canteen it Dorado Nebraska Kansas Ai d Missouri. F. A. Horton Railroad brakeman was blown from the top of a freight train Between ism a n and Galveston and painfully injured. Port at had a Ira la a it repro ate 1.1 lid in stated the pct i Detlev the a rid j d la of men Gay hirelings i who pay per Day i speak for e so Ca Hod Lek it. In a and Lam a v a nil Alii Iwa is in. Hall slain by mexican band its near Itlan la let week will in the Chin. Be shipped Albuquerque n. M., wednesday. It arrived Here today from Itlan via the Southern Pacific of Mexico railway. The undertaker who received the body said the upper part of the head was swathed in cloth indicating apparently that Halls death was caused by blows on the head. In Courtesy mexican officials the wrappings were not removed. The certificate of death on the Box York wines out Sio w finn non Ann a i Ped stated ii Cai ii was due coo.000,000 Gams in a cardiac failure a destries believed sound Tepic nay rat mix Stew Tork March Salt Fly the 30 apr strict orders a it Ioc late i pre it a the Stock mar sued by Percsi it lint Callist Quot Vert a under till Hammer a Ary officers it the state i of three such Cir a a Ulve weeks of enforcement of Law and off d a Ion a vhf h has carried scores for the safeguarding of ii issues 20 too Points below property Are being carried or High Levels of the year was Federal troops under the p supervision of the area comr reports received Here i Broad workers on the is Pacific of Mexico Aru n Ai in f a n Smith co n were in l h other rid friends 7. Is Bel \ a in flu pm Rma or in or god from on recall a i is d a y in o not a i i a i Jan a. A tics of v is n Fugi attack a the taxi aint Tho r i Iii a lock and b icon re the i walk i a or lr-7. Attack j Check Book a i my f it a a ironed us the i carried in his left in Lect. I i with the Bullet which struck his heart. F in at mrs. Smith i pierced Tho Billfold. His body a i. A knew ram placed in Tho jail and l iter brought j i have been under j Albuquerque Lay Croll it s mar f v r Ltd a Marl teary. A Coroner s jury xviii a he had been Dis convened at 9 a. In. Wednesday at a he shop tuesday j Collott s by ant"1 do Mora a jus re Quot it it avg for work i uce of the p. Irs at Dillas. Or. N a staggering i Collott found two Izmir. Is on Tho a r from liquor or body. One through the heart and 11fferrs found seven in rom inc 7, Al Tab i Albuquerque id station about j ? a ticket left the station Smith Lime v. I ii a in i. Mph i s the Mussli that ploy 11 i Hill up i Atis a of i nun by Albu i year was blow Tucson Bren k of s new Low sent oth in Murn Queen in a. A Imio Grent Cordler ibor xxx or i we n nod ? full protect which Eta along Tho i Uther reviving fus p do Arket. Themy i ast Ria i is. F h in below 1 is d on feb a a Ling Ai ill be Ore in the Chin. Or. Roger v. Parlett Albu Quer que Indian a he a i i b sic inn. And a or noon Aid he or. I j. . A i Alimam �?�.,Mio at of i just be xxx tended Smith and he was pushed it Joseph s Hospital hero by French s ambulance. La s condition was so critical that it was feared would die before reaching Albuquerque Vincent a Bey brother of Louis a Yta officer who was killed rear the same split in january 1921, Xmas the first Man reach the Smith Home. To arrived too late however aet the shooting. According showmen xviii sax Ramirez tuesday morning he reported for work in a it r a Drunken or marijuana crazed condition Ami was staggering. His eyes Wert staring like those of an insane person. He worked All morning but was discharge when he came Back after noon. Mended i or Mexico he told some of the men that was going Back old Mexico and going in a taxi As the. Train was too slow. 1 mrs. Ramirez knew nothing of killing until informed b 0 mrs. Smith Ned a xxx is in the House a he door. Or or heard two a i it find or. B v xxx uni in the 1 a e cording i h a in in b f. A i Pirn the i Dot a i a d was re from the a heard the mrs. Pm h no carrying o passed the dry walking h Home but time that Xiv did the a no d of Kidnap their daughter Etc i Ped out d $10, item the Charlie Chaplin is a papa once again another boy arrives the Porter shoot left i and i her for he had that i fort Anjan it thur z. In i. Ton Iii in a r i i Quot vim swi i l list wind Ivelith. T vix March than prohibiting a up i s of la n vegas or xxx it a Xii i Felt in kidnapping or in any xxx a removing front fort Worth b a a d lug Titer Marie 3, was Grant j a f on Bel of Fiti Mother mrs i in District court i la tuesday Tho injunction is fio try and xxx is ii nor Rogers application Fogt a custody of Hud a ii it re it suit in the jailed Ion of n Las \ eggs court is in adv i Iii tse. Rogers xxx As 11 Lowed a divorce on the ground it of desertion by a de re dated a i ii ii u Holly it a a so Imti fell i of w pro by boil had n v i fief Hurt l i in probe of s Ilion. Al Bill d i i or re till i Bilio n and a of in Tho it Boh Iff a Mal i re by heard p Iso s h in a 4 Al mail sit it i if ii it Mort in a Mullet i1 <1 ii new Orleans a Austin ii in by j by injured near Kab his two a my r in Hurt what n the r f tied her be ii Lien <1 Gree. Husband Slid five labourers killed in new York when excavation for skyscraper Falls in on them Rise done fall him. I Dill Siru i a so Ash i Noton March 30 Norris Bill provide a ration Between Tho and the x is in the Protection of s. Reforestation and ext us by in Sui h Cut tip his a gift Mcgregor is i i a i Al Init thru i c us go an t ,l<1 had a n statin m d a i i a a a Inco ire that time As v Overn mint Farmer. D by Quot a has no Chil Drew go Riff i Iii j a in morn arid i n i Deputy Baas a Lazar fir rive i at a a a about a i of h in after the u i Cpl 1 nun the it xvii its it i in a 7 j do Moll she a i if Hill v find tick a i dims in a nothing of the a Are cd t., a Aff pts in her until l from the Stoi pm in Xvi he a flu a wind 1 for d id left the court room a Freigh was joined i a ruin ii. Ani could not bars been the 0> sos were mown o i. I a rant <1 Gre a und of desertion curve. Re in Bat n Ruck. Had been absent Tern Quot mrs by re loss War Suff r in Boti Verlod required by the a flak 1 s Ian Bud a a cd if it is s o i xxx of re g r but no i Bol i xxx forbidden v reported. His a out of the courts a a a a a x Vin Xiv i ape flu he a a wife a i Lins a tip f the i id Lri pm san Antonio Bank robbed of s19.000 in or i <1 i weather three Small children Are burned in Home Day in Washington Mim i old i is inv i Vav Iii 111 vim la Iii i it i my Vii Cill r Viri Dii i i i ii it v Cuil tis it v i ii r committeemen bashful about giving names vie Iller it Iii Niikoe a Tai it a a Al Reatty length in i lie la-1 Terii enl org Iii at la xxx a Iii ii Liri i it it it x Iii Xxiii Cut it of put i in oui Iii i a i or Al Ltd it i a or Tuc Day. I inn in i it. I i Miou Intuit r v11 a i it i Laytn ill lift in Iii Taii Nantt ii fir a Emit of i sit Upit a Iii a a Roiti an in fide for a a of too i in i him a Nill in a m Thel 1�?~tioli Iii april it Ina i d of i be no for got i i a of in d Loath Dildo hair ainu Mijic in no Vav in ii 111� Fry xxx a in a tin chairman Mien a a Xxiii a Gin in App a1 -1 a Mil he maw for bet. Or la a a of xxi urn shia a Nib of Iii b organi it. In a Ailt thai arc Laloi xxx re Bel they Alai Talo Cool i fir Public. Unwell a Fie Ganato ill los i. No i hurl i in a fails in hic i. T Toni Tai a by a Oil Cru. Quot tin h in he fun Roe la on ii Al of Aid a i n a a Nill he pox io4 Mhz go Alai filth j ii j i ins with by it Rado find it amendments Johnson Mer in leks in Colo draft swing j r if Ila 7, xxx s in 11. A pee j a i in stiff 1 by r d crr x a i ire Wisconsin Drys will fight referendum on return of malt drink i a 4s a re Erinton in i j. I six a or. J. A. Lewis face narcotic charge at Roswell fall term

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