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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 17, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico ALBUQUERQUE MORNING JOURNAL EDITORIAL SECTIONALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO. SATURDAY MARCH 17. 1906, PAGES 7 TO IO DECLINES TO HOLD GILLENWATER FOB THE GRAND JURY GOLD COIN FLOUR Justice Crawford Discharges Case of the Territory. FINES ALDERMAN $90 FOR CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPON He sure and see that this Flour is on your list and have no other. Evidence Showed Detendeiit Drew Revolver Only When Threatened With Attack by McCreight. GOLD COIN FLOUR of the I•**:«. «* Crawford Hitting an . nnmiifting maglatriite yester-3ay afternoon Ut*. barge.! lh- < a#.* of tin* t* ri lory again**! Alderman \V, M. declining i>» mud Billed* .!.*r for th.* grand Jury <>n th.* rom-(.taint .sa-..rn ou: by VV T. M«*Crelghl if tin* Dally «“i* izen charging the ii dprntan with drawing a revolver ani ii- ti; th** sea pot- hi a th* *■..truing matin# .gainst the compt*Inant. on the .haigr of ••.wrying con.'«il* rd w»* a pong th** rnurt brid that th** Md**rtn.»n nhouhl hav** tin* altern*tiv of paving a nil** of H*0 ot ‘landing ninety days In jail. It I** "lated by couti-#».*l for tin* drfiiidant lh .I t|**r« .'Mi in- no .pp»-aI from till* lillr* rulinv; a lid that (.iUenwatei will pay Un-Hi •• Th* two de. talons » m»e last yesterday afternoon following th.- hon ring of th** * barge*. ahi. h occupied almost th** i*nti*** day. HU in rn **d tip. th** <*vbluff. •• a* it app** irn I to th* . • *11rt wont to aln.w that while .iHlrnwat**' v..*n* to tin office of th** Dally I'ttir.en to demand i• 1 ra. tIon by M 'Crelght of . ort.*in aril. lea concerning th* forni*r .*• . hat .. -t. I md to will. h In- took ix HptP.n ii od that whit* ho' effchattgd ‘lf wold* passed betwen th** mon. that CDI* l<nwit*r rn id* no mot ion to draw hit* w .upon, or to na* it In a dlfPMiriiitij manner i» charged It' th** * otnplaiit* Until    Id (a s •■'n h t % •« d ’ '    *    '1    ! filii* uwafer with vloleti.e. had >>< k** I th** door in ord**r to ahu! .iff Gillen* • -lur'* .-a. ap* and h «d finally followed him out -f th* off!. * of ‘h- re*-pap* r tarrying ti Biter of ga* pip.- wit ti a tm ll bt* t ti lnat*n*t] to strike th** alderman. Th* ga* pip* wa* Intro do -ti tm evident *. It wa* ahown that .Sill* awater tit 'dr no ref' rem * to h iv-lug a gun tint ii M««'r*lght had walked ..ut from h*hln.| th*1 t*ount*r of ti.** off. -, with th* Intention of giving haiti*. md thai th* gun w im not draw. In th* ildnrman until th* ne wa im per man » i« following him out of th* of. ff.* .rm*d with th** ga* pit**. Th* pro** utlnn Introduced i.*>r of wltti..*****. all hut being rn* rn hr i “ of th** ti th*** two h*lng th* Hod. aud *>«m who ar* In t>u*h loom adjoining on .'.old av d*f*n«* mtrodurrd hut o Will Spring* r. who Ila* nrro** th* *fr**t, and «h th* scene on th* sidewalk gun wa* drawn from th** .if hi* uffl. •• Surlng.-r t**tlfl*d ti it Vt. .'M ight Po ow. I nillpnwaipr out on th** strc-t d with th* ga* dip**, which lit Ii*. Dyne. didn't r.main for any fur-th*r development*. Ttte argument* Mr Dohaon for the pro*. Ut ton and Mevxra. Kb*, k. VV 11 -k**r»on and M< \l i 11 ** ti tot th** defense did not ronxum* a great deal of time. Mr. Dob*on‘* at gument attempted to -flow* that iillh nwaiei *hould tie committed berau*e he had gone to the fitir.-n off I ** armed with a gun. arid that I*.* w*ut there seeking trouble. Council ) |*o I. * * tat that QU I* it W at* r wa* th*- aggro**, n throughout and that Met' . igh* would h ive been Justified in shooting him on th* spot. ( •Min*..-I for the defense held thai iii.- evidence showed (IHIenw ate: made no motion or att’(ll pf to us. the gun until Ins p*r*nti wa* threatened, that he went t>> the offi e without intention i of using the gun and that so far a - , phys:    <1    violent*    WI* On erne I VI >- Freight had been the aggressor htougliout, (I I Hen wra tar seeking to ■ a. ape when vlolen. e was threatened Th** ' o|tt held th it there w is not Slim.’tent evidence 1 o commit, taking the vh w* that th* locking of th* door was an attempt to hold t.tHenw atef *o that he could not e*. ap* the Barest-; encl punishment. I The d* f* tis* m id* tin effort to n.m-tint the charge of carrying concealed we.non* un I th* court g**e***d a fin* .f JBO The minimum fin** for this off ne* I* I'.ft md the maximum I lift ft Vn effort wilt l»* made by th* pro*#-utlon to bring the matter of th* use of a weapon it. a threatening punnet he. foie the grand Jury In an effort for in.lh tenant Th* grand jury tieing • alt*.I to in* et nett Mom!*.! The court room wa* crowded throughout the hearing. AWFUL MURDER AND SUICIDE arn be* til • <*f. Butte was brought and placed In Jail here epa rate hint from in » Hi • it de ONE OF BLOODIEST IN HISTORY CRIMES OF ARIZONA Aft* cut* • ti* i t w urn* o of them usn fore. ms. father • s« In 'Ii-nu* The a* wit ne**. in off!. * w It ne*** I when th* front door \fltu t«*»l Wiili Hh.-tintat l-m “I was and am yet afflicted with •In urn iU«m .ays Mr. J, (“ Hayne •••lit i* of tin* Herald. Addington. In-ili in Territory, hut thinks to (’Ii inc Peri tin * l’.urt Halm am able one* more t.i attend tn business. It la th* beat of Imim- ut* '* lf troubled with rheumatism give Pain Halm a trial iud you are certain to be more than pie tie-d with the prompt relief with h t affords .in* appl!. .Hon relieve# th* pain. For gale by all druggist*. arm** bra n dishel Olden water Mi **i eight ■ The men while their at gut at the aldern! then drew hi ame to a h lit employed on th.* teat (mony went t •I thu’ w Ic I. I iae' show st unum fie y I in* pres \ f'.i r st ating lib h a nj.** i - ruing of the •lf and that (iiUenw afer wa* the original >g-greMOr. tis*, landed to -how that ‘Ile ahlerm in did not draw    Iii*    gut'    untl he Ii id been threatened    with    violence that it wa* net ***».t v to restrain II Cr wig bt from making in attack and that al no tim** wa* l» net eaoaty to restrain < illicit* .let. who. it was ahown, attempted to retreat from the office. The most favorable    t* th* defense wa* given    h i ming witness himself, on oath that ah RHI. Ie whit in the (“litten the avail em .annie( wa* wtitte. i.\ ii slit*-! the fa.t*. Mi M «'r**lght lent!-fled thai he he Wed The loot lo. king Ciliella ital in in ordat I hat he might nend for a policeman. Th* article which he adm tied hav mg written alated bluntly that he lo* bed the .bio! in order to shut (lith*! watet in s.. that he, Mi'i'reight, might whip birn. Atforuo E. W. Doh ut appeared far th* pio*e. uUort while A. H. M< -YI) I*ii. TluimM N. Wuk nail Hi d icu'iji Tv hl.Mk appealed fat the lift tine, The tent .mony a* given In detail o. - • tipi*-.! th* hair af the ««» *»t ti aru ll ii . l.> k In the morning nut i & .»'• hick in the afternoon whits a.gijmynt» wi-re heard. Iii tit t hi lh* testimony went to show that {flllienwater entered rh* Cit* i/« n off ic# at 2 oh lock .lid wa* pleas-antiy addreaaed bv M Crelwht. who, with se!et .I off!** men rn is at work in the ofii.i* CltllenW ate* d- mu mb’I retraction of certain Hrich « w hich to* aid refit, ted .in him and McCr.Jght aski il oi I ao r» poi (et a in lh. fooni who had written the artl- lea complained of. He attempted to show th aleutian that they wet* not meant ta i H. i al ' .IU a I w lief the lait held that they did warm word* begun. J| VI , I 'I ••, a t 111    i rn hi • • # ow ate) w .a a Hat if he thought |h*> I. ti. , ted on hun. Developm* ma fo'-folw.-d rapidly tlwp afltj VI *‘might i , k- it OUI .Ii!" ’    >•'!.!*''    '*• lei • .lintel *!> .od    !    d    K    ■    •    •    <    | iiuienca i> i I* eg in.* ill.- wall a* fat I* hr I uvihl get aud J A Him tui, the bookkeeper, came oui to ike a hat. I in the matter, atap-I-fug tictwean the men, who had grab-i># ii hold of et* h other. H« ae para ted || them When M v Cl etglit assi d (lllieh-lf I*. Ilal a gill :    WI- t. « I i ii i -i    -    1    | ami would Ut* ii M ‘ M.-ight lot bed th* door .OI ic* aud it.! he.I tiilleo w ■ lei his KUO off th. Uriel de Huifl vh fllondin . out in.I*.I in to prevent trouble .* 11 hi I,(He.I for a dub M of the repot tell* testified if! ii i off! * and thai pH rn ii. I. hi w ■ lit i i of gas pipe *. tit ii w a -• I. ll • Ii. -ais tb it be Mi I ‘' l ight. w in. «* «if • 4 nuh Ii. ti! as rumo r when he looked al tItll .I t, rMi ii* had a Run out I. lire I loll of Mi .height .* |ikgs For •>............  ,    , Walter Haker'a I “ho. oiat* half It*. II •*, I'm ik> Flour, pkg ... i Ii. | kb Kl- -it Figs ........ Flesh Kngilsh Walnut* ... large fat Mackerel ........ • 'r if.tii 111. -    2    quat ’ s f.i> ...... <’i nu t«i our haif-prli e s . ii Clothing. I^.iik at our Aho* birr fliankei* anil Quilt* next to no at the I asb Huy. I- I ut..ii. IJJ N.uili Hrs a Mid HI. •.'lie I©.- Iii, I So t i mr for Hlephant from i hants' J ii neb t don't mis* the Blibe \ Arlr , Mar. IC ting lite throat of IM T! oui.i known as Fd. Jack-.c , from eas 'n • ar about lo'cloi k thl- morning In i tent near Lowell, Thomas Canstick, then cut hi*1 own. both living within a few minute* and adding to thi* nee* 1 Hon ..rte of its bloodtest crime* John Butte, futile!-In-law of (’list lek. wa* awakened bv the nolsre, and he roue out of his bunk, raw Canstick standing In the mhldb of the floor Ile !>ih-d at him to -tot. but wa told to stand Ie k or be killed, ami had to look oil while in* Hoit-irv-iaw fevered hi* jugular vein arid dropped tit hi* track* (»n making un In vast Iga Bon, Butti found Thomas Icing dead in lit* brio* which was tilled with the blood from i the gaping wound In iii* throat Th** terrible deed I- believed at a late hour thl* morning to have r« faulted from Jealousy oft th*- part of Canstick, wiio had reason to b* ai\i that Thorns* had been intimate with hi* wife The woman is now with I relative* In Montana, leaving Howell a •bori time ago In the tent in which th*- mur.b r and took plato are two tows j of three    bunk*,    one    on top    of Bi otin i Tire top on. on one aide, w . occupied by Butte, th* mlddb bv Thorns* and tin lower by I ‘a indicts They all retired together last night. I , believed    ti it    ."j.slii k    K.ll I .lieult I    o’cl(M*k    and,    *iuud.i*g    In eiuii (the hunk In which Thou.!.*- slept. I slashed the raior aero** hi* throat I a I db In    slept    Ttie    s!,,irt -ti nag awakened Butte lh time to see h * , son-in-law take his (lf. I I tx belle Veil th.. I I 'ut I alone in th< J thre* other and Thorns I'Ce. (S'roil* Vrltr I George K. Brown sn in igatiofi for the A said yesterday that ti his charge will have perou* year thi* neaten known. They have *• ty of water, and the that ther«. will be pb • Tops ar* matured. The Indians did pi year, having sold '.‘ft grain. They have aboil crops Thl* land I* • if about iii! ii-re* on will have to suppoj hundred Indians, mn Maricopa* That mo not enable that mail! In what they would ury, but th* India! them —lies    afflue! come right Th»y ar** taking n farming than ever lieut manifesting itself more vigorous cut BVS a greater attention t In the linprov* rnent e other*. Indian- •In* rndent . na Indian lutianx undi • nioat pro; i. y had evi lr had pl**! lieut ion* ai i until Btl STOLE WIFE’S MULES AND FLED TO lh* .nip WMK >d Bri dalm*-! that F em he Inn FT.- I der WOOd itll- ago. soli tit. ut fit wit! onp ti hill aim i of bein *r WI-. w i gi Tm I ll IHM. I > Later In the [*»r.I iv. I ai w ell et! v AIM) t s.: la* well pound* cf ,20ft acre* in vat..I in lot* avi rage and ••rhai*s flv* f whom are land might hit* * to live ta rd a- lut ing pro! Red GAME CONSORT STICKS TO TRAIL FROM SILVER CITY ill th< 11 gird tops I H Inier* -! of th* op. ll I. A nu "ii I \ IN Kv Hill !. i WI •d t it el lh. !rip -ii..- • Ty after art iv ave abandoned the When h* got the - Brice. She w a* time sh.* ha* mar-vho came with her The case pr->»nl* * statement* from | CIT I MtVVKIW. IHI. I IA>I ti ST. IU Itll Md I th* holdings I.els Big Pho ned • : v the VV ark 111 contract mo.i* ic deliver**! I .*111**11! Cr.*! is I,tunic ,i . nntraet with • ant bord I* * in • ment whl* ii will pub tunI used We are the Leading Druggists of the Southwest An.I carry the large*t stock t Drug*. Chemical*. Toilet Artl. ** and Fancy Oood* between Denver an I Lo* Angelo*. PRESCRIPTIONS A SPECIALTY Lowney’s, Gunther’s aud Whitman's Candies Always Fresh J. ti. O’Rielly Company Druggists, Barnett Building Free Delivery to any part of the city. ti ammin* * Boa \l Mil »rk» In* of k in mf.• Mid it that, in company It for sol turn it ' Try ti to 2:3ft. * served *o time Horn Bo you want lo get info nmon.s-hiiimII < Mpllal iou ii Ired. **e McMpad* den. Ute 1.1< bauge man. Situ s. Hr.ui.1 way.    if affair besidt , On* hi* eloihing cover. N’on*' of lh4- Ihre story about Bo* lr* the blood-covered able to . apliiin In tier how h» . ame I •IP ion Alt three ..f lh I na mea w er e not gather with But - k Was Hi. * i Clit W • I < k Huff three ba blood In th i (“apal of Bo ii with i told a t • aWMkald ubl* the one wit) . lotbing being un a sati*i.dory man i* I-.- in such a con - sirat aer* who* art'**.I la*t night, t were placed unde WI III • I It I \ I BI "ll "I PFI x OI ( ll \"l A " t MUHIN " « OI -III" I \ I lit WIIK IN I' \* h \ (.I " VMM \ N" I ( BNI J lo I**. \ IHM NII I 111 \ I »1 NII \NI» ll ll BOI " NOI (.1X1    1*1    til I ( I "XII" I VCI ION XX I XX ll I ( III I Iii I I I X III I I NI* X( >1 ll XU iN| X X .I XI XI OX IVIBX I IN I "M" XI.I I \( I I MUH I III •» XI I X (.IBM I BX ( o (a.MXI | loll j Don’t f-i * tun. It froo I just lo-en pliant D i ti on ni' ,(I 'lite ierv hest id and mutt.ut at I ii North I Int.I sir. > t lo lot it Bo •ti pl Kansas ( it* iw-ef I K Ic tm* of t 11 ‘J Communication Made Easy Between the t.r*-ai soiithwest and Kansan Clo. St Is.ul*. Chicago. ami all |M»lntM North anil Last by the El Paso QI Southwestern System Rock Island System Kltorteal, Quick.-*!. (lM*refoce (lie Best The Only way with through trains dad*, carrying standard aud Tourist fffcpfper*, ***r«aBiui Billing Car*, ('hair Car* and Coaches. I or any trip, wlo-re, any lime T XKK IIH sol I ll XX 11 BN fwd I th-any- Fur Full I’artlcular* see any Agent or Address GARNETT KING    V.    K.    STILES to-ncral Agent    Oro.    Pa***,    Ageut l l I* Xxi TFI AN Toti & Gradi Denier* In BROCHU I < PIUIX I "I ONI. HAT. talk XIN xxii I t Kl.. Fine of Imported XX mc-. I luuor* and ( Place Tour (trilera for lid- line XX Mi* I*. SlS.fJft-217 NOB ITI TIIIHB NTKKKT ALFALFA CHOICE HAY 500 TONS Write for Quotations TH TIII BernalilloMercantile COAHRAN % Bl IIN XIII IO N XI r" off* TS he Future P^ailroad Center of J^ekv Mexico Located on the 'Belen Cut~o+f of The Atchison Topeka C&L Santa Fe 'Railway The new City of Belen is 31 miles south of Albuqueraue, N. M., is at the junction of the main lines of the Santa Fe system—leading east and west from Chicago to San Francisco and Los Angeles, El Paso, Texas and Old Mexico The Belen Uobun and Improvement Company -    (INC©    It    PO It AT ll ID    ^ AHR THI OWNERS OF THE BELKIN TOWNSITE. Conflating of ONE THOPHAND BTFHPJH AND RESIDENCE LOTS (in* 26*142 faetj fronting upon IO and 7«-f #t * -*la at! avn i-a RIGHT In lh* butin aa# Cantor of lh* NBW CITE and dire. By upon th* Swill* Tm Hallway Dapat (I round*. The A’ hlaon Ti pat* ani Santa Fe Ba.It# *y * cml .ny ta now ffradlnff Ha eaten- se depot gr. inda ani fat ft I out* »*• fwd W»4# *«d a mlla long, (capaclQ of gavauty uuta* uf aid* irivk) lo ac*omcdat# Ba NKW PASSEN1 • FP and fRSIOHT d#puta. HARVBT BATINO HOlT>U. Round Hon**, Coal Chut**, Wlbf Tank*. MochlM Shop*, Etc.   thl ary of belejw Ha* a po ulaftan af lido. and aeveral large Mer. antlia Houses, TK* Belen Patent B dle! Mina, cap., -y lift b, r-la dally w nery. etc. It ta th* .*rg-#t Mitpplng t nt for f yr wool wheat wine bean* baa ani fruit In New Mellen. From Ha (KftlM upon the Brea! Trunk line, leading North. South Fat ant XX >-I, to all poult* In Hie United state# and Old Nested Ila fuune growth aa a < ummer< tai point cannot bo eat mated All faat limited, mail. #*pr»*aa and freight tfaina will paaa through Baton to ('bingo, Kan*ad City, G Uveal on and the I*, ft C mat. The water I* good *nd * Hnttt »naurpaa*ed P. ^n baa al:*. VO publb a haul houae, IWM rhurrhea. a rummer, tai club, three botel*, restaurant*, etc. It needs right now a bakery, tailoring e*tal< aliment, shoemaker, pl urn bar, planing Kl ll, drug birne*.# ahop. at< THE lAXPS bl I KB ED AUK lAtW IN ERIC BB AND TEH MS EASY. On# third of pur. haae money caah; tv a-th lr da may remain on note ani mort* .go for ane > ear with inure#! at atghl per cent per annua*. T tie j • rf# t and warranty deed* given. ('ONE EA ELY IE YOU W’lSH TO SKOCH IC TMK CHOICE DOTH. For further parUcuiar# and price* of Iota cill in person dr writ# to    ^    ^    \    » The Belen Town and Improvement Company ii *b I testified en a .tier point, ii • ii i t bu JONA    TtE.CK.EH. WM. M. HEHCEH. J-*cretary ...■aw    .

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