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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 6, 1906, Albuquerque, New Mexico Till in . Mph la to Mon r n r \ f. In v i n i i Mph x i a for r x a Page til Hee. list received Fine Jine of Fife celebrate Washington suits in n Eye and Blue Serges double or single breasted served thirty five i ars along the san a of More than Ordinary skill in playing Brines the honors of the game to the winning player so exceptional Merit in a remedy ensures the commendation of the a i inf in a d. And As a r sortable amount of outdoor life and re or Ilion is conducive to the he the and strength so Dors a perfect laxative tend to or s in pro pc in in cases of constipation bilious Ness in id. Etc. is ail important however in selecting a laxative to choose one of known Quad to Aud excellence like Tho Ever pleasant syrup of figs. Manufactured by the Cai fornia figs Tup co., a laxative which sweetens and cleanses the system effectually when a laxative is needed w thou tar y unpleasant after effects As acts naturally and gently on Tho into a Al organs simply assisting nature when nature needs assistance without griping irritating or debilitating the internal organs in any Way As contains nothing of an objectionable or in or k us nature. As the plants which Are combined with the figs a the manufacture of syrup of figs Are known to Phy Iciano to act my beneficially upon the by tem Trio r Wall thir general a prov As aim. Y lax . A fact a .1 Worth considering in making purchases. Ii is a a of i f to so Riff of i i a is a remedy of known Quality and excellence and approved by physicians that has led to its use by so mar y millions of v. Cli informed people who would not use any remedy of Uncertain Quality or inferior reputation. Every family should hive a bottle of the genuine on hand All times to use we n a laxative remedy is required. F was to remember that toe a a a syrup of f go is for Sale in bottles of c a size Only by. La a potable druggists and that full Nan e of the compel by Oai fornia f in co is Piai a / or a cd on Tho f Cut of pc y pack aft. Regular Prier. 50c per bottle. Fine line of Mandalian shirts and but a Crossett $3.50 and $4.00 shoes the Itta til of in i in in Rilli tin six a i in a i or j of i Vav pm Vav a a a Tun a to wit and in nitty x la by a height train the last if tin week Romov urn of the most f. Floss of the Art of to cute i 11 to fight Al and on. Of tim most noted he grades Iii the son tim . I hit no a i last thirty u years in h is sit. Riff hmm Lino county of. Noguni in Many Penxa Tindal liminal aft lures in the. Past mini ainu tv., in inveterate fros a tor making mini Hurt no Many fortunes. A no of Hin last known ruptures to a that of Jose Nln i in y. Tors ago killed i while Man Agua Man in i ., to Mexico Worden pursued Aud overtook the murderer Arxty Ingle a. A the my vie Iii liar severing la liminal with a gun. Word no i lied him to return Ort. Gave a Bim ight to Sui ii a no and s. A to tired Fen life an i is a the phut Ilia. Iii i Hail Quentin pm foil. Woe ten w a to. Two term Sherif of mi1 Neopit minty. Izotta. Tit i a Rte a reputation for Urpin hint Fen Hewines and Prescord of mind los that position is Idle Worden in hip in. The Delft towns along the sum. Be Mankat in skit to Kart to ice Tom skirt Farr i a my or want font clot the a furnishings s a a quot Vlf i pct ii a kinds of. Vehicles livery feed and Sale a stables. Hoarding ill or a a a a cd Jav sat id i. Ilor a a til so. A us. R Xvi nil. Llu Miu Nim far in machinery and harness. A fornia syrup cd _ in Vav hts in o. Clit. Get met a in a la ton k j is. N to Ira. Former Par. Haig agent lot the to Hoith. I n in u r. A i Lei a re j odium of la net of the Muni i atoll of Mai i re the f figures and Quality of Good Are by hat talk. A let us Fitce you figures to Hole of a be he old Leaky roof. Get a new one that will endure Corner for or Street and Copper avenge Albuquerque Mew Mexico combination messages to go from All i Akur town Hudson no your Lii Mug sad you Wilt never Carr How hard i mat or Bow hot the Sun shines. Timir a put la , a us von i1�?T no re tier . Muir Briu Otic sit vim a om1sm Sec Llam. In Ltd a a a us . V a 111 i in Ssan no Iii met. Ii Al no i 1. I som Ihm. In is i us quot i i i in sch 111 i i is i i i. quot quot i i i in ii s Wall leaper Ana Jap a Lac Johnson a in Mik i la of Hish Mem a a a b a Ao-aoo�5-o- of o Voo a a tut to item fi.,n an a to. hit a a. T of i lot worked Oil la Milt month amt Tom tim. To fore uie a Obj la. T. I in h the will Hie the work in us leg. They have put lit Tiou the portion of the a a toe tide ill Miter of a on vim or tuft tit Mode w Albuquerque brightest and busiest store i ill Oss i quot i oui \ i. A i a to Mihm ill the i a one no tint of a in. My. Ii us the to. Adot the main ton a stay Hep m i of us k to ant Ethem California How aug a min pie a Lea no in two other i. Pat in us m id Dommi to that Irwin Whill. A a tit d is a lit non hum a Ive. So. Ton Trio Tiomi ii offt i ii in. Long a w to ii i of til of. Or. Ii a n a i id Van. A caper mad. Of of Utti i. H. Vav Holl . I Tel not is lilt lilt us Imi i in a i i i att i am yet afflicted quot us i in Ai h a i to Iii Hay or j a a i a a s a Natilu of the la. I lid Dart Tig of Indian territory hut Thanka to Ham ii to. I Vin is in ant Obi once Noire to tit. And Bundu. i to beat of tint i but i of troubled wish i to. Ulli Atilio give in Aln is i a and you ate cwt Tain to to More than pleased with the prompt Relief which a Fords. Fine a up i eat loft relieve the p in for Aal by Silt druggist lilt quot la ii i i i mss i its Isis i ill i i a a i quot i holding i a quot i notice . I a ir11it-1�?� f of tit Interior i nit i s i Airt i if to Kinta in. N. Is fell 12 i six 8 n of. A a ii ,Eo�-1�?� v Given that the do a tug named claim ult i filed note e of i intention to make final to oof in aunt Ort of lit aim under get Ettam i and 11 Fth aet mar. i i is j a get a a a amende i by the of of i i i Ary i to is a. Slit Filiti and that maid proof Arfus i a h Ole Biafra i. K come i cutin Mummer i Stomi Laroue a m of the i i a v of Muti. Isho a Fet Leif a u or a. Home in for to in i m of i plate do for Ile a la i no. F 1 7. Iota i. I 4. 7. I f 1& Anill. A i j. In i Aud ii lot of. Nesi and Ion 12 i i his to Kiel in 7 s in la. Cd lives the Folio Vale n my a to prove Hilt Tual ont thu iia adv Al him Talmit of a lid ii fur to Efi Ltd be Ira no or. Adm the for Rev of la. In. Town ship. Is i i or y Otero of . N m Jamu m Lama of la. n m Ita Adario our Tiia of i a a. N m Manuel i nor a of put Rajtik s is she r Eroi Why la a Nim to of old l a ism. His How am e of maid proof or w to knows of any Aubain Iai a a in under i he i we and regulation to of the Intel for i. I i men a a in my to p. Oof should not he Milo Wert will he a Ltd ail Llomport nit y the ,.t be aint on j he Aud tin to Ltd a a i of Bath we Tom mini of id h. Infant. Iii to offer. I Idane in re Hufnal i ii i , a a in la Intel Otero Keg Mer $ and nit i Ort a special Sale of new Spring silk an occasion of much interest to pm 11 women. 50c to is either Side of this paragraph we have we come news for the ladies concerning these great special offering of Spring fabrics. Even piece fresh Nev. And of fashionable style and artistic effect. See our window Oil a. Vit of new by Eck dress Roods. A by unlocked for event.4 n him 95c she new Spring Coats a i. Best liked suits will be be Corr cd linings t5he f o n s in i orig i. 7 i Mil Imi a is Milo 2 i h. Ghe new Spring skirts sheer White linens i h a of a a. I a him a. V Umi a u Mij on hand embroidered Linen a i a i in j i am i a2.� of shirt waists i i a j a Gnu a., us Vav i Imi ii % i 15 new and in even sit shirt a Ais suits amp v Fen Bro dered Robes for Spring Wear a a i. M2 a a 11 Ami a 17minu a/2 i

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