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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 5, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico A my Hitrig Jot final. Saturday. March 5,1921. Text of president Harding a inaugural address Quot Var. The i a f ii Community meeting is Helo at Raton Hith a##nrlat#4l pm i Washington mar h 4.�? Brest Dent in Hilt inaugural id it flu it a a of Day raid sly countrymen we in one mar Vvs la world about him Iii Ift Mil it form noting i or Marks of destruction and yet Kjof Cong in la ruin in. Ltd the thing Vav i ii Wethi Reinsl it if or la in american j in breathes Fhi clarified Atmo i a Pitt r Nill a ans mingling1 i i it us i Sud to hop lie hits a n mid passion up rid its fury hut in Imiru Patti our Republic unshaken and hold our it i Llis to Mph a it Tiro. Liberty Liberty with in th1 Lait arid civilization Are tit Jim re blk and though both were threatened we hid them no Wae lure and firer come to americana the profound Assurance that our representative government is the his Hest expression Ami aul est guaranty of both. Standing in this presence mindful of the solemnity of this occasion feeling the emotions Ahi. H no one May know until he sense the great weight of re i pop Iii Jav Tor himself j must utter my i. Lief in the divine in a ideation of the founding fathers surely there must have teen clod intent in the making of this new a or id i cup Hill ours is an or a in it Law v i h had but one ambiguity. And we saw that a flared a ate in a baptism of a rift e and gum Wood. With Union maintained the nation sup me and its Concord it spin ins we have seen the world rivet its hopeful gaze on the great truths on which the finders wrought. We have seen civil human and religious Liberty verified amt glorified. In the beginning Tim old world scoff d at our Erper intent. Today our foundation of political and social i Relief stand unshaken a Prempin inheritance or ourselves an inspiring example of Freedom and civilization to All Mankind. Lad us express renewed and ?th-00 Devotion in grateful a ver pm for the immortal i ginning and utter our Confidence in the up in fulfilment. A a a niger Provo. Wisdom tin record Progress of our Republic materially and spiritually. In itself proves the Wisdom of the inherited policy of non in vol Verne it in old world affairs font Dent of our ability to work nth Ordng goo d on Bot h will f fit i a Agency and i Tine fits a a Monk id needs a Benediction if under Eta f needed among i Dividu j pm plus among go will ii of Elf sir to Mark the birth of ii order in sin h understanding will write confidently of ,.fi of their Hefter in and nations will promote he s., a scent la i to peace Trade to Hind t lonely a Owr must understand that ties of Trade lurid hat ions in close no a 11mary and Hon and f som a new men the pro Ilion ships the com a. M i of May receive sex i accords Nee our Genius continent Republic Reft a Cep As he gives. A strengthened our in with our a soirees or notably on our own where a Galaxy of the glory of new world demos but in then w order of Man 8bd Trade we mean i promote e Large activities and seek sex j paroled Confidence. Quot Bertha i we can make no Morel helpful contribution by example a than prove a Republic capacity i to a in re from the wreckage of ear. While the world embittered Travail did not leave us devastated lands nor desolated cities left no gaping a minds no breast with it did involve us in the Deli of expenditure in expanded currency and credits m Nhat Busin a need Industry. Insp Skuble warts i incas the. In lustily thee Baid a Forn i Rad Only Best min Strat ton tem. Tom ing nut ton to production a the Forward course of the bus loess Cycle is unmistakable pen and a i err will t arid off Bap. Tiff Treft of i lit Yit Effe a hot r a Gavel rn-1 i # a a ii tag Ira a re ten my to j i it >1l Vav full a g in i in firn to re a Fier i ii Taek v Lur i it far i i a i if ii if feb re Heemin the Tod d. Titi system what v wild ext Erim i add to the confusion Iii lies in Effi jut our prove k i i i to the full 1 do rho the of of o turn?1 i f i la i Fig no f pies a turning from Desorm lion y Hase used and oui own a silme their the Call i ii. It a Ltd it in it a i bes tie not x go la to thie \ Mer in int i out Iii a my file a. Ive to with it to proud to in. I Riduss t the changed order a people a tut Bing to no trial Onward was and i. J for productive America to go on. I k now that Congress and tin administration will favor a Verv i gov it a tithe fit policy to Abl the re m of in Ana encourage continued i i egress a i speak for administrative efficiency for lightened tax Burden. For sound commercial pea the a. For adequate credit facilities for #3 spathe it concern for All agricultural problems for the omission of unnecessary interference of government with Busine for a a rid to governments Experiment in and for Mote efficient bus government administration. I in Fin Ding Lent v a Tiei it it Fth j1 la Trade we shall by meeting the surpassing Home Quot meting if re in and by bid Genius and a ate our it Argo in tis to the markets Iii vhf and disturbed relationship White i with ail of thin must attend a it uncovered our portion of hateful j mindfulness of the human ride of selfishness at Home it n to re Salt activities that foetal Indus sealed the heart of America a trial and economic Justice will be sound and fearless and treating in it lured with the purpose of a Confidence unfailing righteous Temple a amid if ail we have riveted the Quot with the nation wide induction a of civilization to the to of womanhood into our Lyl one and the right our we j life. We May count upon her in of representative democracy tuition her refinement her int i where our Freedom never Hamn i liven a a and her influence to exalt offensive warfare never Hus sought j the social order w e count upon a in it i Pali to ear a in Hob a world. N to rim of Homes. A would not have an Amrey a of within and for herself but me would have her self i be Fie Defit and Ever stronger and Rich a be-1 in our High r standards Hirw Tigh constitutional lib a a maintained Opportunity world to the Samo Pride m things Fri x of a co in p let Mon welfare is the nation i in la a Var. Inimical to welfare. Ltd it friendliest Hep it of Strong bit of p a Anta of id to dual sent Ive Gover i to guarantee Gilt of men the feet ii bit f Lee Bap a Rubra a i Bio e is and pre i and i out in of was pith i Ina Benami go theft i r f f Halo of it fins 11 with Glia in Bel adequate Cien in to r Ltd of work w b out to til Al a round it not it the hut a a ii alone re i his it tit no. R. Lieving reared it n we in height w i ought ii i to to a i of wealth it Ough Agency a there n of rewards a the hum talents and Industry and Thrift to to Emerit of Laws or pc and pro exact Justice tax a die he it a Dis it to it a i territorial aggrandisement through fore never a turned to the a j hit Ament to farms until reason had i Imen exhausted when the governments of Earth Hal have a Stab untied a fre Lom Uke our own my to shall have Sancts pwned the Pursuit Alert peace a we have practice it f Hellove the la to borrow and the final sacrifice of International warfare will have teen written. Our supreme Tusk. Out our own destiny and baby us la i a or tack is the re Kumi Don rom a. Sumption f our Onward Normal Kaiding own conscience my 11�?� he Ach instance titty right to do w r a no pare in Titre Ting the Des tilde of the old world. We Don it mean to be entangle Vav v. Til accept no responsibility Cep a our judgment in Dot mine our Eye never will be blinded in i a developing menace our ear never deaf to the Call of rival Liz rpm we recognise the new order in the world with the Clos contacts which Progress a wrought a sen tic feeling of the human heart for Lelio whelp. Fraternity Bod Coop ration we Era pc Friendship and Harbor tin hat. Hut America our America the America builder in the foundation Laid by the inspired father.1, can be a party to no permanent military Valliant a it can Utiler int. No political commitments nor a Vum any co nolo obligations or subset our decision to a no other than our own authority i am sur our own people will not in Kurui. T stand North world will to rend Rue we have no thought to impede the paths to closer relationship we wish to promote to lid a tending. We want to do Nur part in making offensive w Irfan hateful that governments and Peoples who resort to it must the righteousness of their Caus or stand a outlaws retire the inf of civilization. A it my Tattoo for counsel. W e Are ready to asset talc our Reives with the nations of the world great and Small for conference for counsel to seek. The expressed views of world opinion to recommend n was to approximate and relieve the crushing burdens of military anti Caval establishments. We elect to participate in suggesting plans for mediation conciliation and arbitration and would gladly Jolt in that expressed conscience of Progress which seeks to Alarif it and write the Laws of International relationship and establish a world court for Tho disposition of such justiciable questions As nations be agreed to submit thereto. In a i a. Suing aspirations in eking practical plans in translating humanity new concept of righteous Hustle Ami us hatred of War into recommended action Wear ready most heartily to i unite tut every commitment must be made in the exercise of our National sovereignty. A since Freedom impelled an Independence inspired and nationality exalted a world super government is contrary to everything to cherish and ran have no Sanction by our Republic this is not selfishness it is Sanctity it is not aloofness it is Security. It is not suspicion of other. It is patriotic adherence to Tho thing which made us what we Are. A it Ixia. Better than Ever before we know the aspirations of human land and share them we have come to n new realization of our place in the world and a new appraisal of our nation by the world the unselfishness of these United .stat1 is a thing proven. Or Devotion to peace for our selves and for the world i Wadi established Lur concern for preserved civilization has had its impassioned and heroic expression there was no american failure to resist the attempted reversion of civilization then will be no failure today or tomorrow. Itchy on i Ophilar is ill a the us Cleoa of our popular government lasts wholly upon the Correct interpretation of the deliberate intelligent., dependable popular will of a Mer Lea in deliberate que to Mung of a suggested t Bange of National policy where was to supersede nationality a # turned to a referendum of the american people. There a ample discussion and there is a Public mandate in Manifest understanding a America is ready to encourage eager to initiate anxious to participate in any seemly program Likely to Lessen the probability of War and i ornate that brotherhood of Mankind which must be god highest cont option of human relationship. Met a use we cherish idea of Justice and peace because we appraise International comity and helpful relationship no less highly than any people of the world we aspire to a High place in the moral leadership Ltd civilisation and we hold a maintained America the proven Republic the unshaken Temple of be present Al Ive democracy. To be not fully in inspiration m4 Tymu gym bul ult big Biti Way Merit follow them for d add to the Resolution with who h we Lake up the Tusk. Let me repeat for our nation we Ghat give no people Jim cause to make War upon us we hold no National pre Vurlice we entertain no spirit of revenge we do my hate we do not covet we dream of no Conquest not a Boa it of armed i owes if Rise pin thin attitude wars again forced upon a i erne my hop a Way May be found which will unify our individual and collective strength and consecrate All America materially and spiritually body sad soul to National defense i in vision the Ideal or Public where every Man and woman trailed uniter the Flag for assignment to duty for whatever service military or civic thut i Vida i t Baal fitted where we May cull to Universal Zervic every plan Agency or facility All in the Sublime sacrifice for our country and be Equality .1 posse a in t 1 plan contains varied 1 littering degree of but our ought 4 m free from great blotches of distressed poverty we ii Quot us a la f�f�4 a Way to guard 1 again#1 the perils and penalties of unemployment we fint of of Homes. Illuminated ,. And h i a linens w her Mutual feel from the necessity r Long hours of toil beyond their my a i is Citie perish p we he int me Cradle of rat Kwh rocked under ,1 wholesome and s., fundamental Law recognizes no j it in put Ltd re it May touch a it re int calculated to pre Mote equal nod a a men. Liegl pc lost mumble their creeds but have i Faith in their gods gov Arn Manta a. To wreck Bec tis the set Camen rom jilt hold then but let a fat past the Ford a i freely Grant the i it it Fogt to Chang i Ament and to adept other Bast principles but if it is to be done let it be done decently and Dir it by that All of us May know it. The old Faith has already Many Etc and smiting Juab asking n i it Well with thee my Bro in it a a t Turk Trig i i Cia spirt Fere eng men he Foi Fri cd Irving for i put the a f a. Amp College is Given Fine animals mining a a f m., jul. N my of a i in Iii e Lineal g it i get her has been Fine Anil a of of the v have t Lack of i i. Ladi lieu a us v Coats i dresses a rep a i in on Pantal and la High no i fresh a exc i spot go Nuin it plaids flt for.,. A Wool newest is sweater i pm a r cd Erich of the full privilege and the performance of the duties it citizenship to Speed the attainment it the mint to mate. In re it a for Industrial i vim Wien for an America no in in guarding against dangers Fri Ltd within than it la watchful against enemies from without of i h America w lib Hope r in a Frencl. No group no Section. Them i Mut be non in Tegt meation or eds ministration the supreme in j to spiral Ion is la common weal. Llu i econ struck Ion readjust Man try hunger for International j restoration All these must i peace and we Erat a it with All a i would like to have i Mankind my most reverent Prev a if it will lighten the spirit i for America is for Industrial peace glad w if a Smer futility arum. Al Ltd in it it and we want to provide thai no re Irish interest no material be ,.#rfy< no tark of sir a bks Heflin or v of the gain j a Dot Melon essential citizenship a harm 1,0 Short Cut to the making of these deals int Anutt Tefft. The world in i with it rewards widely and Gen again my again the really distributed amid the inspire i the mischief of a a a a re Al Opportunity Tor l i no one justly May deny fit orders it to Wear mindful Todal Equality of Opportunity which Las never before a of the. Fro Aion of Maie or what we Are. We have modern industrialism and we must mistaken unpreparedness to pm Hearn us and reduce Uhey i Brace it to be a Challenge of the j consequence by Dier and to sled reality my flue concern for making j method where Genius a m id ail citizens fit for participation for great possibilities Justice and will give added strength of citizen j happiness must be of a ctr i in ship and magnify our achievements Gre to common welfare supreme it it Mem intent. I a the supreme commit i it Hub the old Ord r endure. Jet re it nth Tiv r represent the old los let it be understood that i Are not Mere Bell tory nub to nails for leg Isla Ive cracked every time the victim of a de cd of greed gambling gds nce of cd the fear r i Zuni need. The life is More than n the body More than rate f minor import inc w to h wealth of the nation if the of till its people beat with i torte am re an throb the. Inv Mark but the clothes make the gentleman the. A a rehabilitation Ltd am licit ii moment but the rehab Loti the ancient Faith which h up ragged Continentals in Pristine glory Fri pm the throes of civil War and hurled its smiting against the a in for proper the Ltd it is lids shh it Art a Cannat held re d ast of la f. And undaunted face grim engines of Tyr. Field of France is work it is enough perk who in i to Sunggi shame faced timidity you. For eight Long year.-. Cd with events which have changed la current of the history f have been with come to the rid of them feeling of Heartfelt gratitude All for those tut Nam is it Nib red acts kind pcs of Lff re Bull calf. Wit u h in fit d by t to k. Miu i and not f a a t m the # 1 a a was i f a it thed de i a b a a died a 1. I 1 Hig g a i Bort my to. Laity. The Lull t i great ast to he cd Liege. A #4 a Daiil it re hts ii Ion a. A it it the cot leg by the i Rich at vent Kepi i a k Tho it i a Quot a Hor in a it i a pc. U. A he a Wing Ais fit a of Hamb i hand i or of a Vav Ike pour Pikett att 1 Bot i # of c have it thu a in vet 5 tin Quot cd Poland Chint t tiler m a ire help put tire a it rat the co legs and i to h. Com a Ita a it <1 Over lie at tit Asie. A to my even we anything a Elf revolution inst tos upon overturning Stab shed it re a. Jet oth it r Peoples make the tragic Experiment. There a no Ataee for it in America when world War the turned civilization we pledged our resource and our live to us prs a serval Ion. And when revolution threaten we unfurl the Flag of Taw and order and renew our consecration gum h a constitutional Freedom where the popular will is the Law supreme and minorities Are sacred not one Penny of War profit j by protected our revision re shall ensure to the Ben fit of Pri a formations and evolution reflect a deliberate judgment and an orderly Trade but amen an envy Anil Isaiou uld a and Ards a require our higher ,.-�?�nil for their menacing revolution would a to Ion which in vat individual corporation or combination but All above the a nil shall flow into the defens it tics of the nation. There is something inherently wrong something out of Accord with the ideals of representative demo racy when on portion of our citizenship turns it activity to private gain amid defensive War while another is fighting sacrificing or dying for National preservation. I ult of a Plait and Pii Pew. A gut of such Universal service will come a new Unity of spirit and purpose a new Confidence and consecration Winch would make our defense impregnable our Triumph assured. Then we should have Little or no disorganization of our economic Industrial and commercial system at Home no Stag Goring War debts no swollen for tunes to flout the sacrifice of our soldiers no excuse for sedition no pitiable Slucker ism no outrage of treason j have no development and i get without the genders it. Quot a regret for the mistake of yesterday must not however Blind us to the task of today War never left such an aftermath. There a been staggering loss of life and measureless wastage of material nation Are still groping for return to stable ways discouraging indebtedness confronts us Uke ail to. War torn nations and these obligation must by provided for. No cd dilation eau survive repudiation. Quot we can reduce the abnormal expenditures and w. Will. We can strike it War taxation and we must. We must face the grim necessity with rum knowledge that the task is to a solved and we must proceed with a full realization that no statute enacted by Man in repeal the inexorable i i v of nature. Our most dangerous tendency is to expect to to much of government and at the same time do for it too Little. A contemplate the immediate task of putting our Public hous hold in order we Meed a rigid and yet sane Economy combined with fiscal Justice and it must be attended by individual prudence and Thrift which Are essential to this trying hour and req am ring for Tho future itch Hamlon of War reaction Quot the business world reflects the disturbance of War reaction i in re in flows the life blood of material existence. A Tho economic mechanism is intricate and its parts inter depend ant and has suffered the Sharks and Jar incident to abnormal demands credit inflation and nr1, upheavals. The Norma balances have been impaired the Channel of distribution have been clogged the relations of labor and management have been strained. We must seek the readjustment with care and courage our people must give and take Price must reflect the receding fever of War activities perhaps we never shall know the old level of wage again because War invariably readjusts compensations and the necessaries of life will show their inseparable relationship but we must strive for normalcy to reach stability. A the penalties will not be Light nor evenly distributed. A there i no Way of making them . There la no instant step to us Dow ids 10 0rti�r, we must Satorv Rcv tit Quot Hen in i mint of life i would rejoice to act bum the Era of the Goblin n Rule and Crown p with the autocracy of Morrice j pledge an administration wherein All the. Agr my of gov. I Ament Are called to Servo and Ever promote an understanding of government purely As an expression of the popular will a one cannot stand in this presence and he unmindful of the tre f i men Dotts upheaval my which have matk a i your a ship and Good Wilt you have been. To me. Thodor of your Friendship Wilt sweeten any air that i May breathe. Not one of you can wish for himself a Kindlien fat than i would give you if i a re omnipotent. A i go but you remain i leave with the same inarticulate cry in my soul with which i came to you my country it it a. New nor unusual cry for the american by it i has i fear myriad concepts to i t a. Bakery a Cocoa f or robust Mon Progress and we mean to cure our ills in never destroy or permit destruct Ion by Force a i had rather submit our Indus tial controversy to the conference tame in Advance than to a settlement table after conflict and Auff i leg a eth Earth is thirsting for the cup of Good will. Understanding is its Fountain source j would Uke to acclaim an Era of Good feeling amid dependable Prossi Erith and All the Blessing which a a tend. Protection of it a been proved again and again that we cannot while throwing our markets open to the world maintain american Stan i Dard of living and Opportunity a my hold our Eminence in such unequal Competition. There in a luring fallacy in the theory of banished Burro re of responsibility the world 1 some it mean bread acres and for has added ii Cavil to our tile Fields to some Opportunity fat a , hut with Tho Rebill Jill to Fin gym comes the surge of High resolve j i Ess f and there is reassurance in belief a nil ugh in the god Given destiny of our Republic. If i Felt that there i to he sole responsibility in the executive for the a Merit a of tomorrow i a should shirk from the Burden hut Here a Quot a Hundred millions Watt common concern and shared the Sponski Bilitz answerable to god and country. The Republic summons them to their duty and i invite cooperation. A i accept my part with single mindedness of purpose and humility of spirit and implore the favor and guidance of god in his heaven. With these i am unafraid and run fid entry face the future a i have taken the solemn oath preferment to a the the right to utter every vagrant word which find Lodgment in a mind diseased to the half educated that democracy he it i a be governed a soon by the infants cry As by Tho Prophet warning but to me it is but the composite v my of All the Good Anil wine and self sacrificing souls who trod and tread us ii calling for that Liberty Whit h in to w uncrowned preaching that doctrine which seek not its own but the common Good and no give All warning us by the memory of the dead anti the hop of the unborn to close our ears loth mouthing of every per i pathetic reformer who tells a that the Way to Sanctify the Republic is to remove every landmark which in hitherto Mark a the t National and i divid and ail who must have a great heal of tissue building material to repair the waste caused by physical and mental labor. It is delicious pure and wholesome and is made by a perfect mechanical process without the use of chemicals preserving the exquisite flavor Aroma and color of the High Grade Cocoa Beans. % of office on that passage of holy writ wherein it i said what doth boundaries the lord require of the butt it do Ual life. Justly and to it love mercy a l a it in no new religion we need. Humbly with thy god this 11 our Creed should be on lord one Faith on Bap tem the lord of i plight to god and country text of inaugural address of Uke president Coolidge and of sex vice president Marshall of the Toof Tam Simp Washington. March 4 following is the full text of the inaugural address of vice president Coolidge Quot five generations ago there was revealed to the people of this my Jno ,.gratis. Bode in All history turn ii new relationship Beli Veen Jethal hah us gtd us a pow pro who my a a Wisdom and discretion Moi. Uni to abuse but Nece Sriniv wholly and absolutely Necco Wuy to secure the required result. A a whatever it fault whats or its human i Rupert returns there la Man and Man which they declared unit proclaimed in the american Constitution therein they recognized a legislature empowered to express the will of the people in Law a judiciary required to Dover Nune and state such jaw and in executive charged with securing obedience to the Law All holding their Jiff in not by reason of some Superior Force but through the duly determined conscience of their country men a to the Houe dose to the heart of the nation renewing it whole membership by frequent elections re pretending directly the reflecting their common purpose a been granted a full measure of the Power of hda lation and exclusive authority to originate taxation. I i ton to a to i or . A to the Senate renewing a membership by degree it a rear chant my in i it the Sovereign mate has beep granted not Only a full measure of the pow of legion lion but of possible tar More important functions. To it to �>ntru#t-0d tit1 duty of Rev few that to negotiation there May be added ratification and to appointment approval hut it greatest function of All too Little mentioned is the preservation of Liberty. Net merely the right of the majority thin Little need Protection but the rights of the minority from w hate resource they May be aim Ltd the great object for in to a leg Here for the Constitution identifies the vice or Oid ency with the Senate to to continue to make th1# chamber a it was intended by the father the Citadel of Liberty an enormous Power i Here conferred is pubic of much gou4 or ill to May by forty for the execution of the Public will or More in Balcony with the spirit of the authority of the people which has even Tad it than the l United states Senate i take up the duties lha people have aligned in under the Constitution which Vvs can neither enlarge nor diminish of presiding Over this a a Nae. Agreeably to us rules and regulations de ply conscious that it will continue to function in Hui Mony Vith its higher traditions at a great deliberative body without passion and without fear unmoved by clamor but most sensitive to the right the stronghold of government according to Law that the i on of past generation May be More and More the reality of genre it Ion yet to Justice who was with Washington at Valley furs Grant and i # Appomattox a Rehing on the Fields of franc the Faith that Imd a a Republican form of government Aiono democracy permanently can endure the. Baptism of that spirit which will not be Content until be Man is above the penalties and no Man beyond the Protection of our Laws a diet him who goes Ami him who stays remember that he who saves hts life at the loss of his country a Honor loses it and he who loses his life for the Sake of his country Honor save it Quot Choc f is c Nalter Baker amp cold a soc Nymfa Ltd a a a ladies finest a r i Ladi Able pumps. Extra a in Black the kind ladies h in All the very spec girls co cloth be a Wonde indies v Cires Etc Best qual ladies newest m Spring co ladies d embroider ladies n All Wool variety o nearly do this wee Spring la and head priced at latest no har pump heels and sell for $ women a Brown i Heel flex $9.00 for we it manage Benefit. The last to. It of \ him i is of Tiu Gill it Marsh i i. Washington March 4, i the text of the address of vice president Marshall on hire tar cent from office a very shortly i shall have ended my official life a the constitutional presiding officer of this body. That moment when it arrives will not Mark my demotion into the rank of the average american tit teen for i never arose above them a i sprang from the loin of men w to helped Lay the foundations of the Republic at my birth. My Fath a placed upon my baby brow the coronal of a american citizen in my youth i was taught that if i wore it worthily no prime no potentate nor a Lee. Torte could add to or detract from the Honor of that Royal Coronet. A i May gild but i a is item Tiung off c , Raton n March 4 the recruiting office Here is now cd Sod j and Ai the office furniture tee urls Etc have been shipped to Al potty order have been received by sergeant j. K it Addis t who has been in charge it it of the of flee for some time to report for duty to Kiju a of. Sergeant a kiddie i win leave a Scon a matters a r i tainting to the office can be straight-1 coed out. Tom k pairing la mimed. Springer. N March 4.---the work of laying track a been resumed Here by til Santa be about a mexican la borers As e employed own your ism there is nothing in the a world quite nourishing or helpful As Scott a emulsion for thin anaemic girls of it is Well Worth trying. Scott it Bowne Bloomfield. N. J. He tablets or granules h egg indigestion i his Beautiful Little Bungalow consists electrical fixtures Good built in feature porches also Large screen front Par we have just bought a Block of group Highland just one Block from the cd comfortable Little Homes for the Small rent if you Are interested in owning you one of the houses completed. We j d. T. Nii photos 981-j

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