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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 4, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Mardi 4. 1926albuquerque morning journal evening wrap is designed for warm clime in. Page five Irish jokes and conundrums Are being cornered by members the women s club. They will serve them gone their Side dishes or rather As after dinner mints their March luncheon to be held in the club building Day noon. Livery woman who attends the luncheon will be called in to toll an Irish joke or ask a conundrum which dates origin to the Emerald Isle according to mrs. J. Philip Imberger. Director the Home economics department Ich has the luncheon in charge. Mrs. Shamberger is aging the program in connection with the luncheon Ler numbers on the program will be Irish music by mrs. 0. Leedy and or. La. Curtiss. The luncheon itself will be in charge mrs. Maud to chairman the Home economics department. In ii Tion to a strictly Irish menu she is planning a Delight Surprise for the guests. The table will be Lively with Patrick a decorations and at each plate there will lie a Venir Book on food with a number recipes printed t. Idd Ritat to Tho conk Hook try luncheon will he an All Nick culpa Par is in charge or. In one that to there will be a i a b. will be the right number glories he Fol once. The Ball is open a one too Many or one too less. A faculty members my Cut planning Tho menu mrs. Doty ,1, a c particular Lins to St a that calories were right Enerva ions for the luncheon int u mines Georg in dam k. Mike Nash. I. C. Dodd i i s vim s it i n mrs. I a Dowell East s Ivr Bura Turley t m Hen die entertained the by lies Arles Oty. Guy a. Butler. James club on wednesday afternoon. A Ard Lemeh Albert mar Rio j. Is a lab. I. Todd. J. A. Mac i \ be c. _. , Philip Don t. F a it Surbeck a a k City is in t o a in the urn my. It i Hogrefs j. To. Ton j11&Quot a Ltd a to corp 8h a a e. A. I. I it Ltd a. A. Psi in n in r Alice we action la. F. Tobin ume Quot Vav a. Brennan Jii. Girls ii. Turk Ltd Joseph Jolly g my Ich a in i to i Thomas i tug a w. P. And Lins a Dervy. It. Goons. Such i Lotta i. In be Milf lits ii who ish in us mrs. T. I. Hanson $22 Vest Gold Avenue Wilt entertain it a ill Bridge party thursday Nfter-1 or w. K. Woollen noon there will be three Tribles. I new to club scores local business men Confer on forming permanent organization i new yorker presides i As a s up toward the formation an advertising and Selling club Here in which anyone who and v a tiers or Bells is a Lig Lilc for membership it. I., Pinkerton Tho Albuquerque in is and electric a company was elected temporary chairman by a a Moro local in inc its men at a meeting held at the franciscan hotel tuesday night. Tho meeting Vinsn outgrowth Quot the visit Here Reginald col Ley representative Tim assail lied advertising tubs the world with offices in new York City who presided tuesday night.1 a lines business were represented at the meeting seventeen which committed themselves to membership in Tho permanent or a 1 sanitation Tho object the organization ice Ordung to or. Colley is for Tim betterment advertising and soiling for truth and honesty in my i Vert Bing to provide a Clearing j House for ideas anti to eliminate j fraudulent advertising. Upon the formation a club in a Luquer a Hue it May in turn join Tho International body. A second meeting will be held next tuesday night a $ clock at i Ute chamber Commerce to which nil who sell and advertise Are in it d to attend. Ii to sushi Joe jul amp a imitation a prepared Home in a minute by briskly air ring the powder in hot or cold water. No cooking Safe milk and diet for infants invalids the aged nursing mothers children Etc. To at tiny slime for All members the family ailing or Well. Serve at meals. Pc we or a Pon retiring. A nourishing easily assimilated food drink quickly relieves faintness or hunger Day or night. Heaters today j s. Us Al it i not it Vinsy i. Scorer it t i l it a t. C. Walker Gallup did mrs to j Mccaffrey South sprit g a hopping hrs Xiv it tines Quot a a nth Street is entertaining the huh score Bridge dub thursday a veiling. Soi not prizes on test Han e Keuper a i a inv in xxx u first Hills it in to. February embroider the Adelante business and pro Quot 1 Newcomb s Art fes n a a menus club Ali Mot Miks it a Lino Hugh won thur Lay evening for supper at Tho so the. Ami la i look v. Xiv. A a. I , i Cutter in were the cont St a a cts. T a i winnings arts 151 a 1 i p xxx window at a but a i a i by. Bown lion Fot kiwanis is told that Cut off Road will be statewide Benefit Iori i ills Niu Roll \ my i i j my sorority we hold till i x ims i i i Quot i itt r or Hon in h i \ Sii in. A them Otier the Al Wanna let the franciscan hots a a Al 1 v inc. Lay in it Kenneth. Baku my in d the Quot i Hort a to i-1 Ai a unique Queen gut i in i part the t a i Linen it in tix. A bal no a lid i ids rat Xxiii Cut off 3.1 it or Tho Iran it it nil no Mal Auto i Jan egg or. it a timidly Xxiii bring More tour is through the state. He mid this Short Cut would to financial value to the a try and to Tho entire mate. Bit to on b a it Elm. D tis let no time must j q i 1 a St to i it fling the route to s b it nah b n Tutti i. Us the i the i i Aid funds tit g j a it a a Hine re i to idly ail Dot rebut d. 111 r. In i 1 x i a i u Fen Roe gave an interest d a ii i Baly big talk on it a pared it. Miss not or a rid bit pm t. Supreme commander the women s Benefit sumo Lahore Friday to n and it evident Tho fraternal r he by ii a a cot or Ltd. Spoken insurance a her at i Relief. Hts. F. N Miller a a i lot to n the nightclub t Quot n to i my xxx a k a it Minnitt e Ltd the on in Zuti a a Community Cho Long distance Call Mary s is ruined by noisy children with the train leaving in a few Momenta and Over too kids at her heels. Mary a Ltford rushed into the Alvarado lobby wednesday afternoon to compute a Long distance Call to her Mother in <t1-fornia, the operator having nue Cut ded in making connections 20 minutes earlier Mary hurried info or Smithers office a the kids gathered out Ald their a a xxx is too much Mary could t hear a word. As he entered the conductor was a homing a Quot All aboard Quot our Mary slowed through the kids and onto to re inform finally getting aboard in plenty tin a though the Call was a failure Douglas Fairbanks and Marx xxx Ere the redb its a Large re an evening wrap Ltd a gnat for Wear in Mill climes is pictured above left and right. A Lite Fox fur Oxtra a Lio tilders Ami arms while balance xxx rap is Silver lace trimmed with rhinestones Ami heavy Glass beads. Heavy Satin is used for the gown Center. It is trimmed with rhinestones and is sans shoulder straps Neckband holding the dress in place. With it is worn is rhinestone hair band and cords from shoulder. Miss blam lie Sweet photoplay Star is the Model pastime offers Good line up vaudeville stars the pastime the it r Manoth a speedy Peppy a. Soc to ban vaudeville a Ming today Only. In a tipi a a m Don to anger and to a Johns g Ria in a id la it Hiu Muk Tun East inn theater a wonderful vaudeville program at Tuta theater for today Only fifteen Quot Mara Quot Are guaranteed to make you laugh and in connection there xviii be shown another episode Quot the pacemakers a with Alberta Vaughn and George o Hara us the stars and the interesting. Instructive j Quot Bathe news Quot pictures. Don Tranger and the Bon Johns Atria will to seen a Quot a seven piece jars orchestra Quot Tilyou and bog Era will make you laugh in Quot show me Quot Jim and Flo Bogard Are great in Quot ail in fun Quot the be boys Quot at the Golf i us Quot and Tranger and Georgette Are immense in Quot Good humor. A it is a tug program. Ideal t healer i in Hunch present Quot the King wild horses Quot untamed unrivalled and uncool i a cured by Man or beast with a great cast screen Atar also showing Evelyn Brent As the leading Star in Quot three Wise a Strong melodrama with plenty Hearty comedy. This is one Williamson s Best mid week programs and is being repeated today for the last time. Sunshine theater one the biggest screen pictures this year is on at this theater. It la Ane Greys a the vanishing american Quot which is Tho main fear ure with a notable cart. Including Richard Dix Bois Wilson Noah Beery and Malcolm Mcgregor and presented by Adolph Zug tor and Jesse i Bosky. Also showing the interesting and instructive pictures the Quot International news. Tills is one the most interesting instructive programs the Mason and is being repeated today. In a pub n upon hour which mayor go Doug put Leun the direction Dane de. bet Tingley Indian Ruih Diego a it a Quot Rainbow youth the Bon a a m Organ. Iii tilt a a a m in a a up a Tine Bina Tion and into singing i the Multi at Tran tip is is. Iii i no the Tisi p my a by and a i ii la a re i it Nills who exl ind com i i is Marx a pm lated to 1 i Don to in Uci Harmony Appl fault a i s it. Lion j v. Ids and far a it r to i ii tip Aion with v la Cele i m Iii i brr a la Fnu it it rang s Oatmeal Vith Cream in i sugar Toast Bacon m mini la de Cocoa or coff is i no Ucon Che be or souffle baking powder biscuits Jelly r a a few n my i s did you Ever try using a pair xxx Lute Canvas gloves xxx Lien working around a stove especially on a baking Day with Tho gloves on you Tan handle lakes and pies without bar getting burned. Tho kind xxx Ltd cuffs on Are Tho Best. Nearly every one likes Peppermint a Hiap Tea in. Fig kit coff today s i it it s dinner Ham and spinal h Green salad no qty Xxiii tinning Jon Proctor xxx to in to chapter Chr Xxiii la an Ai t xxii i is Bor i i to. Spinach and Pott t h n til . I. Pianist edit a do i x Glt Good Iti. R blah for Dinn i ifs Quot i Quot Good hum at a lied potato in filled id i in a nil their 1 hied hit in a come Tan cd Druid ill hug i kit 1 hit id ,.f it looked a ii o ii Hill d Quot Hhd xxx my Kab ,1 xxx do Fadool to i 112 Acu the who arc a in at a it car he Iii Auh 1 potato neat la he Hill mph. The boy in a it t no diam Odz it d pm n to it is t ii i poll Pat running a spoons butter one i it rough a i it at t min Ltd to the Fly. I Alt i ii tit h to i j in. La gel ii rim no i trap a the Ril l nets h or o to hic potion la get milk St Sci Stio is Cord. Bags and wrapping paper Are new or at band when need i id it in hts. Fry thin plan tack three Eti Ipa Inch Xvi in Ida k elastic to the j Bottom the extra Kitchen table j drawer it urn front to Hack. Mali hit a or feint. Pol toes should Boh in d or boiled xxx till tin skins on. Fit. we m my Iii still a Ellen Severn Ace mpa Nied Tiv by is. J a la a Kev a to a. J. By dung and la j Sti no xxx re xxx a a Point d As n it a it a i my into to n a Ivi Sai Mility converting becomes Bride i mop no j the troop had i s regular meet g St Tho lutheran Bur ii on . The but xxx it went on Tho to hike to Ltd Pajarito i Many arrowheads prices p try and other or ii too dicta it is planned that tic rep should go to to same pin it sunday afternoon id come Hack in i Limo tor Church in Tho to citing tin by Ness see Sion were play and refreshments served by scoutmaster Irving a during. In uary to a a attempt to Quot a three a Pun building permits wednesday s3.853 top mad Quot put the out in Well att Ade j u Dmn a the i More planned Well j a it a t Renou. A Lxi drained Ami pee word was received from i paso in a �1 hut through t not 11� Ricer wednesday night to the effect that it n mid Hirn it i i utter ant tire a v father a. m finds Lur h. Quot a 1 1 n i a Tib it until a former pastor a it the Immanu i fluff x then place the Over Ute Conception Church hero and h v it. R fur reheating to it a Wiio Ikin been Erious by ill a Villi a i n get i Mux that. Sit t leases pneumonia was much improved i a it h c aping Tift oni the roots j Niter Mandator exp to be la Ling the latter. Is c i it it by Quot sit up in it few Days. X tune or four Tim to tepid d r Cit hot xxx ter put a Little with one tablespoonful a a it a i cd cover it i Ltd Illy from to Axenty to thirty min. I that ii a had arrested Jeronimo Bon in i Xuy is Xii Iii or prohibition director Stearns in. It ived to Ord wednesday night from agent Ham Bowman at hints g i som xxx it la Pepper and a a us Hillier. A i a i., Iii r in i a a a Bird up put ii it ii Tup to xxx a i i in and a to four i i Texo Jara Tuo at Al Bito. N. M., and had seized i 3 gallon Stilt hoi Lions in it in and a to Galion it it g partly fill i with xxx hi-1. Iai dig Here is the old fashioned bar double strength Peppermint you prefer sugar coated gum then get the y Handy pack it gis it Quot mrs ii. E i m i i hive la mrs Tea o figs. Put nut b i i Roo ii ii v a m i in Paris l easts her my v in a it la the paste i r Jill i it i Ami by x x constant Ltd , Sermon St or has been Ina Rio it i for Tho shroud Lime her husband now being Capitate Van Stair w. ick Juiyin Scot knit Tri feel splendid nicest laxative a Casca rets 10c Fine weather. Roads Good at grand Canyon Quot gun i Ink t a it trip in any in i Home made but ends coughs in a i furry a r4 a per he go Rok a in Mimi to j Mvi a a bowl 2 i it i Cheet that it ass tract. O ii i Iii i Juji a. Fir 4s to i j a n i ii y i i i it to St i cd Iii Ipp Ita i i in i foil ii a to Ltd it in Iii it it him Law t #-11� i upon to Iva him a id a turn a b in inc Mill my in the Pihi d my i j up % Tifi Ltd Unkraut that i or a re to 1.11 a a Aud Ltd Titi t Acton la Hing a to i i d highly and genuine nor and i probably Tho n4 it r . Re si0 i fir <1ill St i lid a a Gnu i Iii to avoid i it r v it i i is c t a j Don t i. I cilia need to Foo t tuts or Mon y i. T it i Iii to. To it Prutton i r or Cut to i it j. T h e 8 i % r i i o r l e s s the Best for less furniture our life time companion he lists re grow up Vith it. It influences our lives and the lives our children. Every Man considers the Purchase a House an investment. Should not consider Tho furnish my his Home just worthy an investment thought Ful homemakers will never consider How much furniture they can put in their Homes hut How k Ood. Nothing is Ever gained by acquiring furniture that is not really Good nor really distinctive acc rive results Are never attained through Chance buying hut rather through the cooperation sex peril n it men who have sin die i a Home furnishings. E want you to know you Are always Welcome to come in and discuss with us any your fur in Hing problems. Assistance will he cheerfully Given whether you buy or not Star furniture company 113-115 West Gold Avenue inc. The Best for less t h e b e s t 0 r l e s s

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