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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 3, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico morning journal thur Reav. Mark a 1921 help of City. Invaluable work done among girls draws Praise from Secretary of c. Of c $554.72 raised. Further action la. S. Employees in mandate Row at Post office up to Harding to Quot Sii Uche f i or la a a nor Tel i a i i la civil service regulations Wake their jobs Safe Roehll a commission holds until september 5. A nil or of big i Mno flt % i i no i .1 a it re a j or win it rib n Ion or. Norh in h or 1 n i. Hgt pnit11 Lar Attoh nut1 to it hitch the of. Pineau Ano Savage will meet tuesday in a Benefit match i to in nil a anti a if Waht. I Herr loth. Employed in k. I the Brit Cut ult la in Quot Danu Trine Quot a Hor her in cd irl saw your hair Wake it abundant Vav Quot Quot 1 Quot Rry Val it n with the r am i Tot a i. . in ,1. A hags by m ii. I or the North fourth ult.? to it so Iii into ram Ion with the it i too id tuesday night him. Gert \ a i lilt rift a i Fiji t it ii and Ali in in noir so 4 a inert tiny Sun i hip i a Houlton a i Zartun tit the hip at i lither i i ii. Tin win la of the. Ii won Ltd ,. It it in. Lull of Tho track Ca Ric quit rn.,i, a f Hee Are ii ruler civil a Tiwi ions which a ii a a t i he i in a i. She pc ups that ame every a or years when Fiat lot la it a stir of a a l i can in be or i move them by prof Reir g in a no is ant to i inc it Harp s to i Hoar a i it. E Izard la Liefer a. In ii to. Own prominent la men i loft-f�1 11% mile it i or Roshi is pull Mast-1 fit it. Hey n �., Hart hold up to or e mid to i Tibia Las for the if there or to Del Point in while i flite did Hoitin of ttys to a card t a ire leading in the Rue to or the Al though Mist in to a Ald to have Marie an a a. Tiv a 4 up Felt my sign for r he or Roehl has served Aspi it St meeter Tai album a re tic for the two in and a la self be irs he was an a rare Raisin pie i it. Tea until May or june to with Mill pm it lion. A unti non of Unguren thin of the league the it authority or Thim Iii la Tow Marti ably will not result i of ant. To w Neon ten to thin till a la a taken thin mat to actin with Japan Iii lean government i i atm mat Japan control a important Nalof a entering i to Chang Ink kill it tip to Tat pot if. 1 it Tho expire Ihn of the i in f it Vav Hopkins m year and i a half Ift a fat Modem Wilson s Fyk i 11ut in i rot son that Island. Thor Haboon Ltd thnh the two Lunation the mandate and Tho con in in Orn it i Chat a a a Able immediately Atter a Quot duri Derine Quot . Your hair takes it i to ii ufos Lustre and wondrous Beauty appearing twit Ai heavy arum pm i. A Ami because a h hair seems i it fluff Aid thicken 11. Foj t by your hair stay lib i calories Plain i it a set ii via. You too. Want lot of Lorn Strong Beautiful halt a it bottle of delightful a Quot ii Domni freshens your Scalp Holt a ii nil Ruff Aud Tai it if hair til St Alin hinting a a Beauty tonic or a Din fading i ii 11 Youthful brightness and abundant Chil in eau All druggists Mena it Vav him i rom to d time. Iii basketball i ii. In a. Or Hood to to. Id and Mona til Chott of the v m c \ Lam ugh re edited in a score of 42 to it in favor of Menual jul. Kelts in in f. To and. Th., minims rot to time a \. M to tines tilde i Point i r Menai and i tart Inex a Al Naul Outi Lac d my the. In opponents. T Iona i control turf one Obs Taci h Iii. Appear in the f t a of Mandat taken in Conn no the Japan a Ina i rider the japanese Law extends Over arid and that Law prohibits oration and control of Cable in f her than Japan sub in. Is ick Dii Tive action by the j on by in required to give effect to lid a settlement mar Thea a sex sect. I in the in i Par in j p. Elf me toe. I prohibition i Muter inter. Of a pen utile it was 5 id in by i apr it. I. Jerkins Oft in charge of the in Cuce 11. Al work to the Date. This office has mad a t a Cord breaking u in Ber of arrests and turned in a a if a or. to of a Luib to it is since Captain Perkins took charge i f the work Tow Hep temp a. Vii is of in in in l la 141 u in in in Iii Jit Jiblits Vav i till Vav russian bolshevik quell uprising in Petrograd. Report a ii. A la y i it tin is to re a a head. Mouse. I commissioner Tik a has i teen elect ,1j f Mcdonald i. Not to be Effe it a. I local my of v Lodge by his new Udmon Tot ration he a a a 1 a j a Vest a Day ills office or Bydie. I Vav i j i Opich Momeni of the Federal court c la rum i. Vanir , which a. A not change judge a do Vav Vav , be re j Olin Neblett being appointed for i la Jaunt trustees fori life. W. La Pickett trus-1 the office of unit of Tate to a a a two us judge Vav Vav Mc-1 Dlan Atter to it a in in an undetermined Quot As i i a Delegate �.j Huston. . He was nominated jibe melt a it tie 111 convention at of of gov a nor in the Deiuro crafts last1 j i do and fir r i must. Alternate i summer it if Hanna who held Jing of Cotton a to by held Juneth appointment resigned of i 24 or a ignation was accepted in pm i Ltd he was instructed by Iver the Beth and delicious Wain for you at your grocery or your bake to Khz a a a a filled with plump tender Sun maid Rai ins. Baked so the juice . A luscious sauce. men folks Call it a rare pie a and it is. For its baked according to a special recipe the result of Many tests. You pc never lasted better pie if any equally As Good. Nutritious. Is is furn a a �?T56� a a a a of event Iii nourishment per Pound. Try one now. Every first class Baker has this pie or you can Lue the recipe below. Raisins Are Rich in Iron Content and it is Iron in the blood that brings the Bloom of youth to women a and children a Cheeks. So raisins Are a a Beauty food As Well As healthful and delicious. Make Many foods with raisins. Learn what these Raisin dainties the recipe the ii out and keep it i the Sun maid Temh offic of i i it District a privation the. App it do a a toted that Fonger j a introduced a Fri Tuth unites Mattoi in a then the Bill failed to pro Piffier. In to tinder is Man Abr Mandex Bill providing for Iii office at i reduced -.tlnry. Or Langston of Helen and John Vav. Vii it Ltd mentioned an pow by appointee of the new administration no Hamm Are. Up a Ted in the Indian service and it Chr special adm in in i Aliv governments part ments by re most of them being under the civil nary ice. Until a a i new i nit cd tute m t Rhi. I i a i pointed it will not to known who a will Kun Ort a c Barie Kiln the Dap. Uty or whether a re will be i any Chang a Miri t attorney Summers Hurk i Hart and Henry j. Roar i a it j Kinta ult have already and it is under Vithal i org. Craig j will be appoint to succeed Hun. A a. Miller his Law p inner. A expect d to be appointed ass slant. Raisins 2 clips nun maid raisins j1 up boiling water i cup sugar 4 Tablespoon com Warch juice 2 Lemon i Tablespoon grated Lemon Rind Juke i Orange i Tablespoon grated Orange Rind i cup chopped Walnut Cook Raisin in boiling water for Fie minutes pour into sugar mid con. A Larch which have been mixed. Cook until thick Remot e from brr and add other ingredients. Bake Between two crust. Walnut May be omitted of desired. Alway Cook with Sun maid Raisin the finest Raisin grown. Packed in California in an immaculate Plant clean Sweet wholesome american raisins the kind you know Are Good. Made from Sweet tender Juicy Cali fornia table grapes noted for their fragile skins. Taste their plump tender meat and you la always want Sun maid Brand. Three varieties Sun maid seeded seeds removed Sun maid seedless grown without seeds Sun maid clusters on the item. All dealers. Insist upon the Sun maid Brand. Send for free Book Sun maid recipes a describing scores of ways to use. California associated Raisin co., Fresco membership 10,000 growers Al form a Cut this out and sad j California associated Raisin cent to a i or Ltd a. T u. Please tend me your Book Quot Stin mail recipe a fret. Premiers win from elks in pin league you get what belongs to you when you buy walk overs the Prem a won a in the Kik in Tho Iii boy Imp series at the v i c. A Law a ghz with a Lead of its plat in three to anime the or. In. Is r lie a Iota i of u tit in a the Kik Ain hint Quot i in c met High wore w Ith 241 and tut a. Rag of 206. Farrell rolled hitch Foi the elks with 214, and let it it Adt of the Kike a ii it with 20� the Kike will Iii the in Vine Iii Lea Friday the score were at follow Ortink re. Strong by of and healthy now Mother says milks emulsion saved its life when you buy shoes it is your right to get a Fine fitting just the same As it is your right to get full value for your Money. Good shoes feel Good to the feet. That is Why walk Over puts the Best leathers the Best linings and the Best fittings into shoes. I key Are just As Good As shoes can be made. They Are fitted to your feet by men who Are taught How to fit feet intelligently. It is just the service people want. Try walk Over next time. I. T Roth n wit n. Flint me l Alii a tit hrs to Franklin 171 Isi .232 i til i so Iski 194 202 i i int May my the acc year old baby a taken very in. Got an bad Tutti w. Expected her to die at any time. 11 a to four doctor but they do not know what ailed her and finally hopped Cornin rho Hail been Kirk about f. Month when a tarted having her milk i noticed result from the first and by the time a he had taken 2 Bot be built Block from City Hile heart of Gold aaa presented Vilh a to i nut of Gold last night when la families joined in a eel Luat Iun of the fiftieth annl Verdray of the wedding of or. And Mil. Ii is Burgin. landlord had not to created their rents i the la. five year. Keep uric acid out of Joi v1"�&Quot. Quot Al .ii.nip Albuquerque co operative Dairy association to erect Concrete Structure handle product of local men. I .8 161 20&Quot. Us 162 totals. I Rand total 906 my ilk Quot.195 .154 .132 2 4. I 6 i is Iti to 1gs 1t> 152 173 Isi in 206 totals. Isi la Rand total. 2.591. I tip s is i no action is taken Concrete build tag so by 70 feat tie she want Strong ,11 it Tony a rust Ltd at second Ami ii Rind Street line i Duck North of the City Hall by the Albuquerque tells rheumatism Suffy to eat less meat and take salts. Coed easily How to avoid it ask 1 a Era in Mui to a. Mme Emu Lala Fis Vad her life Quot Vita Vav he k. Pitta n cog Doane. A 9 pc Jia i for restoring appetite health and strength in Ackle children mothers will find milks emulsion the thing vhf a have always ought. Must children like to take it. Because unlike Many Emu talons and tonics it really taste Good. Milks emulsion is a nutritive fond and a co Tractive Medicine it restorer healthy natural Bowel action doing away with All need of pills and physics it promotes appetite and quickly puts the digest Ive organs in of tent amp a to a e. L. Washburn co on paving program to i by i Quot Ami strength milks of Mutton la Albuquerque a exclusive clothiers Little Bustness was transacted by the City at the week i j meeting last night. Reports of hit eng meet on the proposed program were submitted but no act. Ion a Fen Hon. Of 0. Strong appeared before the Cottri Tosior to a Ixo. That fifth Street Between cop pet and Tijeras avenues la paved. silent sous time wit ii the Advance Man for a circus that la to show Here the latter part of Tho month. City signed a contract it till the show representative giving them the Light to us the St urges Kent tract for their stay of six Days. Strongly recommended to those whom sickness has weakened and la a powerful Aid in restating and impairing the effects of wasting diseases chronic stomach trouble about co operative to airy association it incorporated which will handle and distribute the product of the 16 Dairy concern annual la retailing milk in bottles at the present time Here. Central distribution is planned to Ald the consumer As Well an the producer. association a Ltd col pleasant it the milk from the Farmer and Dairyman with Auto truck and will make deliveries with Wagon. Fewer of which will he needed under the new system than Are in lice it present. In addition to the retail dealers Here Are several wholesale milk concerns whose product will he distributed through the association the surplus Wilt he used for Creamery products a cheese butter and in Cream it is estimated that i of Gallons a Day will be of d a i a Iris gel no and t lir a anti constipation Are from Nelv re ii. Uono Day w moved. Promptly re handled but the equipment will be to t _ to allow for a rut Nab 4 a Vitial furs i in k t. T has was cited last night to motorcycle office Carter to appear it police court this morning on a charge of speeding me is Hind to have been driving it the rate r Twenty three mile a hour on West Central Avenue. Adequate to allow for expansion id emulsion a Complete sanitary Plant w ill by install with clarified and Pasteur Zers of the most modern design the Plant will represent an investment of 125.000 and plans will be completed in a Day or two. C of. Christ to president of the association and j i. Phillips Sec ret Ary treasurer the association is composed of St mom tiers who have paid in full for their Stock it is expected that the practical sold by Highland pharmacy and nature of the association Ami Tho i first class druggists sure Market and efficient service a lorded by a co operative Dairy win insure its steady expansion. This is the Only made and so palatable that it is eaten Vith a spoon like ice Cream. No matter How severe your Case you Are urged to try milks emulsion under this guarantee take six bottles Home with you use it Cool Ding to directions and if not satisfied with the results your Money will be promptly refunded i Rice 7 5c and $1 50 per bottle the milks emulsion co. Terre haute ind. Colds pre vent a keep p h in year i a it i in rttt4 v ,.,i do you Jins Herrn t a time a a it uni h i n a pro it a 11< pent at purr to. A i i ig-r>.un it this i la Jet any of Mesa of Yit of a p. Or Subj Rrt to to Day it a a May a a a a Snow of a a Al a by Yeti tin i. >.a . A a it Ltd the i int and gut in met it a Inch a i ,1-Streyin Tisha or a Ira inst tint a a to a atm Troeh is i ran Dawn. Is on Chr perhaps Tok i in us. Matt a Hui i in Ore it i nov a. R to in x a Tiki there Are said to be More statues of Queen Victoria in existence than of Anc other person Pun it woman who Ever lived. May Leto tribe increase. . Mrss. March 2 a landlord whose tenants said he had a or it. Btu pie Tinen a Bot. Therefor t by hid a not t a Tiff a Ai germ a it Mil i i ter kit in gtd arum a bar. Til la of hit to in a a ii of h in j Ariah no it Wilt to grog ii r. In i eni in i p fi�tp4t atm Mai a a Ait a fat of wetly i. \ a sin pc a it it a. C i it of to intr the. I a re it a a Nat d tree a nay bar for in .,14 a to i ii a to. In a nov it food ii tner.-. my and last a r air a h and endurance in a it a week a wove 4,0 10 a of Del. Uffizi to it a Quot All. It a Peen highly a a a it it to a. Former in filled St a Tea Nena tora v i army to or a la Mam Phalma to and prominent men Ken to to. It Home it favourably to a Aat Eaic hop to the of tie id Mew i not male at Parka guaranteed or me Matt fact users will refund y,.ur a it. It he it. Ware of a Ubati it it a. Lok for the n i a at Al Quot on every package 4 my Itta let Teit v a on every Tate it i Ell mind tit Uxa Ted Iro rheumatism by easier to a it i than to cure hic a ecu know a it Borth we Are adv Sal to dry j warmly keep the feet dry Avo i expo up sat less meat but drip i plenty of Good water j rheumatism is a direct result eating too much meat and nth net foods that produce uric a which in absorbed into the biota fit u the function of the kidneys ter to s n id from the blood Ai i net it out in the urine the per i at the skin Are Wise a in is us fro Rig the blood of this Imper in. Damp and Chilly cold the we in pores Are closed thus for Kip the kid to Era to do double Sot they be Coom weak arum sluggish tit wit in eliminate the uric acid Whlig k a. Accumulating and Cir to lath through the a Mem eventually cd in the joint and Mon causing Tifi fees soreness and called rheumatism. At the first twinge of Rheum in get ft.,m any pharmacy at four ounces of Jad halts Gnu a a a pc co Inglam of in 1 drink before Bro of a St morning for a week. This is a to Eliot tote uric and by stimuli ing the kidneys to to Orniti a the ,m>4i of these purities dad halts is Lisp f a fun it i made from the acid us Tun?4 u�?~2uma 1 hib a and in used with ego tent results by thousands of Tot a to Are subject to Rheums to Excel but it empty a a a w hard % in map to a he Ivor of a a to h let aha a a comr to Toke and mild and Xentie Eft a. Live them a Mal when a Navy need. W it Vuu Wii ii up a Pitter flt a tour stomach Yon fwd the properties of to phew. It jul of veg Ami ii rent Ihen no Mei on the a of h a her and in Are i Rice Coe. Sold by an druggist

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