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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - March 2, 1926, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pare Fon Albuquerque morning journal March 2, i f�2b Albuquerque morning journal the Call of the great outdoors an j n ii a a i ii Iii n a Ltd a Kim 11 . Oil and Sio Welt or i it my. A i t a it m. In Pahda a. La. P. Pickrell. Reeling them one trusted a hanker the other three turn t it presidents it will be interesting to it what the latter will cd with their proper to. A a to n i Hon Amar Dpi if i sign oat it a f a Ait 11 ver ii to a it Arr r. I \ morning Jii Flint it a a j Liuva Turqui tev Ltd a it a is a n it. I a a so a a a a car j 1 the National food Supply enter at ii a a a at a it Reju St t Santa t a n Mif int Miah. Ai i a i St Semi Kuok Quot the a a a a Quot i a it a a is for rpm Bif it i i. Quot i it Ai. R#d1ir-l in to i rep a r a Sirn thirty five y. A ago 13 d Ward Bel tiny v o 11 aia 1 Quot i toking Back Yard Wear a appealing Solu Tion it the presen a it agricultural problems Aad e curve a by Teri among the d re mod in by Clark Kinnaird rider Dis j Quot min a in i oks Hay a prohibition inquiry the assistant seer Tare of the fleas ii has come Forth with a suggestion for to hundreds of prof Russ it in la yid a prob ii Ecru to he to Eit Ltd urn vent the jaw it Supply and demand j and still retain the Law of incentive. High in cd crops n visibly induce the six j and a hah in Hen i armers to concentrate n that Eft if ii d i elect their it w priced product. The oils Joss. Civ a f ?7hfp i or i. we a i. T ii Jef 1&, c a Ain it a. a k a \5thrc?v my Quot. 4 i i g7v> a i i rns a amp to a1 v it i t Sif a Hal i i a 1 a i 8 i i a q v Raffl but of a 2b�stim� a or v is a surplus and re x Aorl Iii a Iii a h i a 1 a a t i a i it it Cie Ary of agriculture or. Al creation of a to it it Undy the Gen in a ,. A a a ,. I aia r. A to it a plan by which Tho i Era i prohibition question in Ai its Pha t go the House and Senate to ii move Indica x we w v i x x Umo in Llna in the Price on six in adv Anre. At w hit h Lions of opening Jaq Ulrie and or Andrews believes that Little will come of an investigation by either Branch of Pongee s. He prefer an investigation by a ions on appointed by the president. He by i in pc in View of All the agitation act Navy that i he tiny has come for in h an i gallon and thorough study of pro by from its economic social and other p. Ardent prohibitionists w la no a a do that there b any need for s Ich an if it to. Gallon hut it one is bound to be for. Inin i the country the Public Nill pc a hat be by a commission named both and Una a i be so. To Consumers Domestic a i. I prices Are to to based i a a t Are experience an i a a ii year to effect a balanced Ion in a suppl is should still exist Star i business not willing to pay lure of the expense of stabilizing then the government is to he i o s or in it if with a sales tax. It is arg d a hat this plan would put Agri cult ii on a by Nus bans. E in his Book or. Bellamy pictures a plan Var Hie y a Verr meat control Allbut through a system of scientific knows i w hat ? tops the. Oil is Best was i v Quot is c. / r i i the Job Nabl Zvi to tub emus is s mixes we must admit that a Many a fortunes Are the fruit of Bis character. Ria tendency Ai every Man to enact All that i in his a tit ution is expressed in the old belief that tile efforts which pc Hake to escape from our destiny Only serves to Lead into it. Emerson remarks that a mail will Sec his character Eartte i in the events that seem to meet hut which ? mule from an i accompany him. A events expand with character a was once he found himself among toys so now he j plays a part in colossal systems and i growth i declared Iii his ambition his companions and his peril a malice. A the looks like a piece of Luck but is a piece of can sat on tin mosaic Angul ated and ground to fit into the Gap he i \ \ a a tor Quot i \ a. y / 6 St it produce and designates Tho crop a tits to be pro it in Cen a by the Farmer would be Apt to arrive at Oulu or find. Be. To p. I by a go Vernei t. The gov there is one Point made by or. Amir a a Ltd Tri but the product in his statement that Hin at the source it s t Al or words continual agitation against the prohibition . \ a i i in. Law i his agitation tin Secretary de ii j i no in j. To con dared was a responsible for the social trend Moat no Nti of he Aid he hoped the Tim 1 ii1mfin to government function even Supply ire expert action or exploitation it in a a a t a a Glt a r Mem a would come when hot a would apolo Gize for ening liquor Rath r than it it a no n than an War emergency no ail la fact Ira i Relief plans Are a Ducc lion Aud the a v the i Ervig it. The attitude toward prohibit Rome when sum similar b lion socially ha.-, As a matter of fact been m have of b. Dont., ittle airiness method responsible for the greater part of the present unsatisfactory enforcement condition Unie Tindal agitation for Modifica in of the Law. Colorado has been classed a a a it state because of the taking of a poll i. One meal i a the p newspaper in that state. Washington a called a Bureau. Been so advised by into n it dose to the the i a i of the world will not rive if you keep your log to on the your yes off the Road. Benny note Book mis who a who in i Broil new nails i ii i j re i it i i Ltd lie Nee in each Village town and City there is some family which is. In it brains and performances an explanation of tile tillage production factories Banks churches ways of ii and s. Piety of that town and in each family there is one member who is in his brain and performance an explanation of his Kin. You know who is the moving Force in your Community. In Detroit it is Henry Eon in Iva St Orange x. J., Edison in Santa Rosa calif., Burbank in Rochester Eastman Iii Dart it a it was John in Patterson in Miami it is Merrick in Emporia it is White in Gopher Prairie John Blank. Each of these men if they were transparent would seem to you not so much men As walking cities and wherever you put them they would build one. Emerson tells tis that history is the action and reaction of these two nature and thought two boys pushing each ther on the curb tone of the pavement. A everything is Pusher or pushed and matter and Are in perpetual tilt and balance so. A every solid in the universe i ready to become fluid on the approach of the and the Power to flux it is the measure of the a if the Wall remains Adamant it accuses the want of thought i i h in bin a of arum n i a make Tho in it chm a r for attic. Of Chi. Ult arc Nubia com of a now it to is iring if a it a p l in Luot to i a i i j la soldiers at to cents a a aug to Pur Tenient i n e i wets if not he a it ? them a. I he pres of. Amu i my _ Cut wave of newspaper Poi i throughout in a a Ltd a a. Ina a a Ltd the country May id a inc tired by the % j a a wets hut the Roost Cef thinly a enc Guirag a. A j in a a what the City in which we a. A but an aggregate of incongruous material which i ave the will of a Nile Man ? the Granite it a the at or the water was reluctant but ii ins hand were stronger. _ Iron a deep in the ground Ami Well combined with a a / banking support running stone., hut Coni i not resist his blast furnaces. Into Many millions fail a i by stuff fruit were Iii Perse i Var Earth to Sion break regarded Ami m 1 s1i a As a weeding out Quot Here they Are within the reach of every labs a to i f my to the wets. They a. M to a oped a condition v Here the dry vote and the wets Are doing so times a the v can. L a y Are Xvi Little but keep the Aba in it or. Andrew Eom Plain perhaps lid. The bed Way to it it Settle it final i All would he to have one impart a a lion by a comenti Ion named to ident and then Abele both la country most Eert adv Dot not und r a continual pro Iti Ltd a Agit i ii in a no / a t n rut i a vol Valint be want to them. Of is hot i a the whole Hines on opines. A Mattur Over the wires of thought t the pole where it would build. A of a a i i i in i Init i s 4 tired awl a i a in Vav h la 11 h a i f to Federal court i to a i., ill. Ii ii i College presidents As editors i i. A. 11 ii v la i # i of Vav a Sii la. V Imi m. In i., a k. M. Chapman of Santa be named to head investigators forty five cases to to heard to grand my it of foil i i by a ill a it Ana Tao to to. How Hijii i. I., it 11 of i min Henry Fayno Vaud Alna Man it ii on. Monico a a to. S t i Leaf j la. I Riith h urn it Vav. A in Onui to Fri a i. Ii. Hukak. I a a a i. In Oil it Moca. A ton 1 a his in m. Wilson Albu ii it a que. F a n ii a cd. Ii i Mill cts.-, Vav m to m i ill. L ii. Isle. M ii it i in Iii in i inti a Ltd kill. I y. Toj i. I la. La1 a a it i c. i a k on la k1 Are in. in t v la. Co suit Ruff i a i \ Ala. A try Star scat to la to horns i. 11 of Kwaiho of re r la. I cd a i. In i inn ii t i. I or College pro the Gre at no Pap t i c i. Ceremoniously it i Imp 1 intr the or i their control through tin let ath a la i in Kirkwood >1 re Iii Iii i the w Illiam Rockhill c it it it Kau according to the prov i ii a to. The v to ran publish r a to a to k. I Star. Tin estate is placed in to Halh i ident of the universities in h Mioni i and Oklahoma a a Board a or to appoint Trust to in r a r n the Kai ii i it St id j he to con Ergative i. A i int to stats t included a ? items of the Tat rho v. I ii ollege presidents Hall run to a Brough the . A a a a is for two Vars until i can i it Ltd i Hen the huh. A. In the a plied Tov Ard the in use to in for kau., a none i educator a a a a it Lan and none halt a r i., or i a Vav ill a. To i to look it f a Iii. H a. I. An i v i i Jinn h k in the i it ii in i a i d Cli i i. I t ent j n i f ? a at <1 he two Small boys at Alamogordo can t by found i he j. Let a i Ltd it imm ins of Ash incl a Miti i a n�m4 v in authorising no no Propri j jury i j. R a sofa dam a i Are t v a to Walter intr. , ,v i 01 r i. U Hill l-j.?. Tate. A. T. A. A Nul la. By a Val i i it tin to Vav a i i be a irrigate land of the Walker in i in . F. Trial Emir a hot attn a hive. 11 a i res it. T. I. It week. R or Hildred Long eur grass and Trees Fop. Play this Karnak is la Ibi ii i a sin a at port a a pct a Ion is tha tin Kan a a aging a warfare on n a the head Omi i o a result of an i. A. A at fund used or i Nettal residence in by y Al estate pm i at ill by jut re Tang to at a Villa placed on tie in b. A amp o. Fireman visiting in Albuquerque d e c i ares i hat any Melicine that Dee what Karnak did for ii in is bound to be exceptional or s in. I a against by county in really or f in in when in Pazo ointment my a j j is applied9 x a Lacfi uhf it is a t \ j positive in action. A / it i ii its or. In j t cd it it j ? owner \ or la a. A of d of the inv. Cap time to a a a a it w Holt were of to a. I Tiou it is a Roje Stoit w ii a Ity presidents will paper property a permanent boar i of the it night direct t in in v. Nai c to Yea s. Men like % v Hoha Moil great be. Cedi to to take out a a and reduce All \ is my. I ? first application \ Vicat tet if Stop itching in a j in in an i a v la Vievia irritation a re tests in cast of Ion standing a i Pazo ointment he a Quot a led c on with absolute a c St no Hund bleeding or protrude id in i a on. R t Neh its i. Recommended to Gay drug Foisia m t a. Slut and foreign a gun rns 1 u.,i a i in a i la Pipa attachment 75c. 1 Xvi Ltd a la is it be i web each tube and bus in about piles which everybody should know. Cai. Ali i Al oo., b aug. Adj i a Stu. Low. To. To i ii i la i s \ i fir in a ii a j a v v a Vav i it .11ii. I i Vav Ipi la i ii is Imi it x tax i is in gifts m Luw. To a

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