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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 22, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico Albuquerque morning journal the Iii i inn described in Amli to lha nit of Naylor who c�te4 the foregoing inc tru i Jam Khz b. Hahl. Merit and acknowledged that a the cd no Walkkr a it if. A a to e Nim Nahi free Art state of new Medico county of and Ltd a d. A. It. Stroms Barr Bilio. Hon notary Public on Chia Lith Day of Jon 1121, my coffin s Mien expires ors fab j i it Otilly appeared before in Fuary 4, uss William Kra us Birnn be p. Nay. i let it a. Edna cd Goldsmith and j i undo rid i fleas in in known a the parties v. 10-4 end Rac d vol a of a ainu it d in and who a a tee to to Tho b to a Art if Leat of inc Orpo j re it n of Albuquerque Park amu#�1m few \. B company in stockholder a liability lied in off a old a of a a a i ration Obi in i halon it t a w. M i Lite j to ii till 11 to a in. I in a a. In v it kit thin clefts. To in come Rod ilk to Jio. V Corno indexed. ii it grate of new no i county of it. Arn Herl Fiafia a to a lit Iff and sir ant to the pro Vetoni of an j a a of the Lair Tail Tiye Assembly tit i the Terr it orc now at pc a of Nof j Lle Vlco a is i Quot ars a to regu a late the formation and Clover met of t a up it i a tint a for min my menu far tor in. Industrial t get other Coralita a approved March in Hor find a if amendatory and �?��?�1 of to Etal thereto do hereby a Ratlfy a follow a a i the Corpora a is Imp ii Quot a i bit que que Park amuse my re a com Pany Quot to stockholder Natl to. S. The Reg Atef i of fire of the f0rpfi8 to of i Iii 111#�?o today map prove to the tint i toward an end of Al if among her people Ahu Vor their in. A fitted i ii t hat. Appeal to All irishmen to Psuy to str dry out the hand of forbearance and Eon citation Tofu Riv. And to forget Ami to Pun in tasking for the land a Loti they lava a new Era of Pence Contentment and Quot it la my ear an dear that ifs tout Ham Ireland too thee May a a re it Ftp to a a place in parallel to what la now Paa Alny in Hue Hall that them a smear occasion May i a it i a of a a similar a re Mony be performed. King Fie res d Queen Mary departed from a fat for London it perfect safety this afternoon. It Lydia e. Pink Ami vegetal compound restoring mrs. Btu to health Sovereign says he Hopes his coming to Ireland May prove to be first 1 step toward f5?Ace. Legislature takes a recess without passing the government budget for year beginning july i. Illy the a a it it in fed pfc i Nard a the statutory agent there. . In charge thereof and ii Rob whom proc a the corporation May let nerved s the of feet tor we h the corporation i cat bitched a to run and a pm re to a p Arr in and new me tor a us the a mutated of i alleged Bank robbers nabbed at Lordsburg Fly the a a is Ted pee i j tan. P. Dun is a Whan if in in f Hareas i try m appoint Goy tif it a Ltd it he i <1 f fee a a do a Tath Jei Ifni i Fin la o by i flt Ridant Hardin i. A Cobourg n a tuft Zzz a of Ivha to aka Ftp i official Phi Riff a a it it car Allen and other of duties probably in july it will find j it it i of if Ida tyo county and Arizona an inter rating Polit Leat situation have in Eua nifty two men Frank brought about by the f if that the j in a and Jim Jon who Are Al i legislator which a in a in a g�1 to he the men who recent y the Tim of the an noun went of j robbed lha Hail Hinton Hank it la by appointment immediately took reported that when the sober a rec without pawing the gov j Hora we a Ahu from under him a Arn Merit budget for Iii year which i few mibs nut of pan i Mon that i commences july i. Neither did it a made a Peculiar she track in i a a Billa which were under the Sand was h aaa Diacovo cred by ton Siderati n and which Are con a til it officer a not fur from i Leo in at dared Nee aaa by to j mine Rev j tilde in county. A search Contin j no for the insofar government Iii leg fur two d be and nights the legislature we in control of brought he officer to a Mountain j the Biu Nial party. Antonio. In pin where Jim Jones the Al i ii Arcelo in no Iloni of that parole a i a a Ltd quartered with land of the Raenata to revolved a flit brother i Ai a Jones both by letter for it a governor Bialy request y pieced under Arr a Liny that the legislature a it Mph in a a up w re a i a k v a p aah a and the a i ii of moment wan filed for a on he Lith Day of june Nice i 25 o clock a. In Herd i in cd. A i Ltd of record Ani i c a to foil la seat for fit Cho of tit clerk and recorder compared Seq in pc. It this nth Day of june is Quot per for ally appeared Tho. N we hereon to in known to be the per. Son described in and who exe Teft the foregoing instrument and a knowledge that he executed to a a Maas by free act Rind deed in we new whereof i a a Here unto act my Han and of fit f Al seat. attributed it Iii h of his auf Ieca i Burd it tip 11 a Lute Kisco in Jar a in a Tuci chant who w to its principal Backer after the death c f air. Jordan in 1 t5, Taylor through Stock he it in bima f and a % int act of the j re n a Tate came into full Contr s of the new a opening a if Lite i late p i re t but Bara today it was the first a in nearly Twenty Yeara that afer had entertained the British a Reina a a i it a Cleome he Ped Hata of new Mcleo Italy Irmo re to a com Maalon of new Mexico. Certificate of fam Parton i to United l a to of hairier fat of new Mexico Aalf la hereby fortified the Tbs Ann cd is in full True Ai d com a a a Ray script of Tbs Cert Fleata of Stock holders Kon la soil to of i Baquero a Park a Mia a tit fam Pontif no Labit atty 4blo. Trois with the to the Recti As Aam appears on file my c f record in the office of a stat polatian font Mission in Teatum by whereof the he ate a Ltd Orti n Ltd the i f new Mexico a caused this certifies to he Algne a by it re airman and the Seal of said i1 n Iem to be affixed at la Fify of Hants of a a a this Lith Day of jut #. A the i 111. My Corr Anion expire a aft be p sed a Sholde a a liability flied in office of a info corporation in in Taal on of n w Mexico june of 1921, lilt a. M. A. I m a err in. Clerk. Compared to Ltd to j to incl Mfd. An a of new Mexia Quot a county of Bernalillo a this instrument was filed for record Oft a he if thu y of june i of f at i is o clock a in. In girded in vol a a Misc of race is of said county Folio if Seal fled Ciu i of Ott. Clerk and recorder c no pared t Seq to pc. Hgt id Purchase Rny a tenge and Cost v e v real estate and pc reef Al prep Erv outside and inside of the Fate of Mew Mexico 4 their to n la author a 1 to a a e in ital Stock to the pm int of Al Ftp thousand Dollar divided into five Hundred an re of the Omaha Man samples 700 Gallons of wine e legislative rec a i the idea that it it it a in rely an a in to fort Rico in the framing of i a get flt it re a d during it of i term it if num Lime i i d chairman a Carthom. Clerk a bad taste in the Mouth comes from a disordered stomach an i i sluggish at to it of the it Nels Herb-1 in Correct the Trout immediate it purifies the Bowel helps digestion and sweetens the breath Price. To \ Augress , certificate of it a a held a Hhd not quote Grqce Bahk am he ent com Fant to Hio Khot Ders Laa titty. This is to a it Ratlfy a hat Thun a agr it let. Being All the original rat it it a who a Ava Ftp a the articles of incorporation of the a ova t amed a a oration Tir it by a g themselves under the frill Iez it a of an act of Idle Terri try now state of new Mexico entitled car. Art to ref ate the formation it. I Clove i m Silt of for a i Lorf it a mining Mano Factor Long Industrial and other fun Mufti. Approved March 14, Hai and All Actu amendatory thereto and thereto for and on behalf of themselves and All other Fork holders who in v become asset a to a d with than. Red said a ration do hereby declare that the re a All be o e Ltd a a boiler a Ila bit a on account of any Stock a a led by m i Rory Ratton and that All stockholder of said on Pora to Len shall Lee exempt from ail a vilify a n account of any Arock la t it held by the m. Except i att h Tia it Ltd for the am unt of the capital Stock terrified to love been a Aid if property Cen hat the Tim of the commencement of Bual. Com inc a Hetata of Kaw Mexico Hist corp ratios clan Mission of new Mexico. Cert Fieste of filing United he at of America hat of new my \ if o so. It la Herit Gay certified that there was filed for record in the off Leo of the Hist corporation Cut Mola Sion of the he e of new Mexico on the lit Day of june. A d till at to 4 o Cio in a. In certificate of incorporation and Cert Fleata of Stock holders nnn1tabtty of a Haque que bark com Pony no Storf Coldara liability wherefore the incorporator named in said certificate of incorporation and who have signed the me and their Eucce wore and assigns Are her to de la Rod to Tea for in the # Date until the 18th Day june 191, a corporation by the ram and for the purposes aet Forth in acid a to Fie a a a 11994 and Lluli in t Etiz ony a it Ere ?. The stats c Trp oration of Testate of new Mexico bae caused a h a Cert Fly to it signed of its chairman and the e a of said commit soft. To a affixed at Tbs cd to of Hants few a this Lith Day of june a. D 121 a Hent Hugh ii. . Git eat hair Mam. A a i. Moir imn clerk. Nip the by i ret for the Nee ear hat not t Een pass t this not in to in Par in Nisi tog to in Balat us of the re h a i budget at a he end of jul a a a get o w in Force will be nod f it a another year the of hot Tret i is a a a to nor in Tho itching diseases can Baconi Roll d and eau removed by Ai a Al we a i hard so w in Ament the Tell. F is prompt and permanent three Ai Ste 9 e and i 89 Par Bott a. Hold by Al druggists. Girls bleach skin White with Lemon Riel the Ger j in nm6 shares i Sou i the time f we h a corporation sbs1 a of Ftp to i the t in re ? dare Uoo Forth first the months Shat con1 of the incorporator the fair wit Legal notice woman nominated As customs collector ate of new Mel in iou Commissi try Lyle i that the ration of Albuquerque us ment company no v to Tail Iii tit not a Fioriti n Dora men to thereon a Ira in file nod of re Ord i. P of me n t in a Union in v whet of the i tie j n commission of the j not w Mexico a caused fica Talu be signed by Raj i and the seat of Enid Loo to he affix 1 St the j. No of on this Lith Day prospector uncovers a vein of Gold to a Reg tatar i office of the Unis. Pnno and corporation la located in my a h Del. Albuquerque n. Ll., a. I tip a of Wuker Aoa la i Haig net i statutory agent in charge thereof and upon whom process against he corporation May he indexed. Gate of n w Mexico county of Bernall to a. The la instr Lime it was died f a record on is 19th Lay of june 1921 at 9 la o clock m. In recorded in vol a Misc of rec a do of said county polio 4 2 sea Fred Chi list to. Clerk and record leg compared Seq to cd palaces Are falling before irresistible demands of Commerce Les of inc he at a j Var info the Lor him till Chr Park am Hka. My new Mist co mba it p,.r, a it to Holder , j it the # re the undersigned in order to j before me t a corporation for the Pur-1 Tho n Wlk i Ixia m Seq it Kina to udi Mith. Emerson 12-Inch four Blade fan done to despair a i j la a a a not torn Are modified in Uch a the Interior decoration re h a stood the test a in effaced and some i re nume Rowa Arr a la to suit the Nece Aai a nr1. Inter where the i John Lateran i a a amuse me it company Post in of a Ai vacant ground and has rzpua�1# roller cd a a a irs Cia and Ald show the and Beauty of the spot bite if you Are troubled with pains aches fee tired have headache indigestion insomnia painful Pessaro of urine you will find Relief by regularly taking cold medal a a world Standard remedy for kidney liver bladder and uric acid troubles a re National k a in so y of Holland ame 1699. Thess arts All druggists. Guaranteed. Bank i Tbs Massa Caid medal am Sci bes Etui accept a i of uus a s1.000.000 damage to farms in Vicinity of Pueblo due to floods in to these fans Are built with big. Powerful motors throwing breezes for a Long Way. The Standard adopted by Many stores factories and offices. Well suited for Public places where extreme quietness is not essential. The Cost of operating even such Large fans is less than one cent per Bour. This is Only one size of Emerson fans. I hey come in sizes suitable for every purpose. Don to hide skin trouble heal it with Resinol this treatment get right at the omit Ltd the trouble. Cleansing lather Afke a a it a i soap no the Iowa of impart a Whilia ii in Quot a oath mix and he is a it i in Ltd do pots Latch. Cris pm it 4 t so Kot a a a it a a a re Ini i taut boy arrested on charge of theft a Prui cd pm a do i a it tit Jomal in vegas. A Mjune ghz Riff a Cundino Romero Haar i Joaquin in cml it a i i a it Ai Yod wit ii larceny it of a Auric As a int lining cloth a in jewelry Baj ions by to min Rebecca Llu in Iquo a a of this City the null Ceet aaa Etui in on May while to the charge of the american Rahway exp read company and aaa being shipped to Santa to Softie of the mls tog jewelry a it a discovered several a later at the Etui of Sabine , a Bridge s Reet jeweler who a to i he had bought it front Young Romero. Tho boy la said to Haw Cunt ##�?�?.�. In Chine stokers Avern to he immune to the fierce heat of tit fir room in the Ocean steamships. An i can Asand up to temperature to at would speedily j Romi ate Whitemen get your Emerson fan today vacation lists done to be without the news from Home while on your vacation. The morning journal will be mailed to you every Day for 25c per week Call 13 66, and ask for circulation department. Phons 98�?� at your Sende Swift amp company a Albuquerque local Branch 14-lh a grand ave. M. A. Maloney manager

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