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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 19, 1921, Albuquerque, New Mexico A Fri Tot Jer que morning Joi trn / 4 it a it worlds great problems look easy to Dan by Dan Caret. Kew tour put inlay. We it a a re. Lv4 a note from your lady who any Aho inks what to writ for this a every Sun Lay. In fret Aho says aha enjoy every word of it. To a perfectly Frank about it How that pm Baye started taking our read a into our Confidence from the Geneva fan or a thin not a go to diet fat ten fms Don that a a a a Frette hut tit we person or Bor Mada tone which Cleeny implied that the lady had her Vaju at it and that he would go to any Fen Nib in a it. It a to obtain a Beth if aha f Fri i y smmnf4nft Futi pile Wen downstairs and rat a hied pre a fitly with or f the jerks of the b it tei. Who ferried a Book under harm Yow Wien a Bath Piett. Madame raked the r mrk the lady a becoming rot tied by Thi time. Quot i Wrt air e do Wlsh a Beth Quot Abr Eta Ted Quot but i did Bot know a Tittle request of that kind would re use so in h trouble Quot it in no Toubl at ail i a ire you reel it it and 1 the a re. A a Quot we always strive to please our guest a. A now then he Root hied opening the Book and taking a Pencil Felt in l in Vest pocket Quot when do you with the a Bxs by Quot a soon Arn possible a answered the american lady Quot How would tuesday afternoon gait Quot inquired the clerk. A it Alii not to Salt at All Abe answered and proceeded to argue the question. The Bath a finally arranged for Mon Day morning at to a #1# a promptly at the appointed hour a pompom Man in livery a. Peered at i r door ii was f allowed by a t Wel bearer and in hid Waite wan a Man Arith the amp. The extreme rear of the pro re Eaton Coron eted of the maid. Who had arrived to it Urr the lady s Rhth for her. Our american Friend joined the procession in her Kimono a d walked <5 or two Al Labia of Etal re to the a thro m the four attendant then stood of Tai de the door in silence end beginning with Daylight saving he figures out a Way to gain 333,300 years month and maybe get a Holiday too finds a critic at last who suits him Snake Story and spins a few other yarns Provok tone Quot Yon can t get h it. The re will he ten of tis holding the Snake Quot no fir Day a not no aur. Imy might he nine c f yet fail Boldin or Snake but Dey ant go cup ten Reg however if mayor la Vian Vradiy want to tie he tenth Roan let permit him to have the Job the Bath was finally arranged for 10 of clock monday morning aj3 of Thi fee written really trn Chw t aus mfr 0 cd Man who went of Cortyc far tooted with Otner in vday Sauv to so Tbs oar stuff Era Quot an Bank Hamn a Gad As very Modh by wilting Fri Nota of lets Ever been thus sic those it Ertme Tampere Ninta and we wove an Che Point of earing to oar Bdl to Effah. Web. Of of Hermoin which la of til Standard Brand to Donaj dead bunk in Brooklyn and of out Jukes which we know Ara Good joke be Cane they Hove stood the test of Oma Are not Bobo laughed a try crap Brooklyn Friend whats the ass then Creme along Itta letter from the Pere no led saying How highly Abe in partied a and we have therefore determined to Continua writing for her Rake. Sod of Only the win smile it what we write it in absolutely immaterial to us whet the Brooklyn Man think he la to it a of be were not. The mental photograph we have of him is 0 with the rim knocked off. In the letter we have received from the Young lady she a be the inert article you wrote a Fin i enjoyed every word of it even of i Bel heard thet Hee be fur. It warn web writ ten and the Book review i splendid and original now whet about that the very fact the aha had heard our particular glories bps fore end Sill in j or i the in is proof positive of two things the for to is that she bae evidently Leon associating with some extremely Clever Story Tel it a and the second in that she knows when a Story to Well told. A King of a member of her family the writer a a Quot i hear 1 her laughing in the veranda this morning or i on looking out i 1 he Ltd Loving your ogee so says a he thought la was the beet you had written vow the what win on Brooklyn critic pay or. Reap.-, a a to the we Esther Imar in that he is now willing to drop the subject How. Or let tie he f or the Young lady is Prev Rabi it by no cd in our favor our Brand of humor 1 a Abt less went to him As a distinct Abo k the Young lady Hoe bad time to or. No St cd hotbed to it we married her savor ii a att. Ago. Speaking of Advent ures brings to mind Tbs efforts of a lady 0 obtain a Bath in Vienne but Ber name cannot be Given for Tbs reason that it is not generally known that ladle take to he sometime and naturally so we ii a rink from the publicity 001 be Rod with he it Ary. The Yam la True however. Tit led had Bon vesling with her husband at the borne of fronds near Berlin upon Arri my at Vienna one fat inlay a concluded that she we id have a Bath. She Ana a. And Ber Jelaire to the Chart berm Al d. Quot Why certain a Quot re ponied the meld. Quot i think that Nan be arranged. I in see the hone keeper. The returned in a few min rites bringing Quot no sur you All will have Ter git somebody Elbe i done to want Dis Job he announced the Subjec is thoroughly exhausts. Very or no to us they a Ort out writing about soffit and just is they retch sour inter you feel that you Are really about to met i of import a re they or Ala of the a that reminds me sentence away they tilt on i urgent and Tell yarn or Ether that they have an Al Annao of i uis. Writ As we wore saying when a honed Quot relativity it occurred to lither Are ten men in the United sate Are supposed to understand whet rein is end mayor Fly Jan is in i to pounced his one of the ten minds a of a Story w it on a Beard at sick Snak in a is i How which went j he was a big a 1 non n we us Rod to hoi i him Wal a it an eleventh w Atli. Let a forget the i Rook in Man a til next week bees Aew it have Rome run arks to met Rke about Daylight paving we have developed a plea for a alight saving that will a Lofy loth sides. It will Stop the complaint of those who a by to tiring an Hoar ear Lur in the morning he i a know that a have a de mud Leaf ing to to it a a of the que ton i and in addition it will i a a distinct a i or in of time. Of pc succeed in putting our id a across in this centry w a Wal offer Cir Aryl eve in so a Llrath unpleasant re-1 no Lone Between i a it i a i i Eland after Utji h the United states will i Dulses seek cur adv # it i a to Eti for a a t of gluon Aud then the Church unionists will very Likely ask us to a nuance a to who h ail Cen us Bec rib. With these things out of the w in a v As i in .1 d v. Union Settle a few questions Tike the theory of relativity exit it # f the f Irth dimension and a he i 1 Las Tern Lyon ice. Rewrite the cons a Ltd of Tho la Agic of a so Lons Ani select new t re s next mayor. Ltd the a Imbt have Cut a to be a a re Sny of a it a eng in orc of papers a a England w i this Yar St Ber clocks bark two hours instead of one hour. Or to they Advance them in Lead of setting t pm i tack we a never a in Rene Bur which it is a by a h a a whens really clock in England the official time will by ? of clo a thus be two hours a we of theve. I now in the there a u Eno Ogu persons in Ling 1 i to done to know the population and n it no care to know about it. All we want is a n tiber and 19,1100,099 win a by just is a i As the a ii population of t a a p Roposo of tits King the Point. Now of the save two hours e Day for each person t a Dpi in ado a Ani my of jog of ,00d h it Utida in. This a saving of 4,l9d.c>> d Guys every Day or 1.111 years a Ltd it flour is y. A s per n a anti # crud Fth a summer months off hav saved l,,ie0 a a is of Tim in a it overcome such e Handicap Esth a in of race Fop Romm it or ii supremacy it is unthinkable that we will permit it the thought doubtless overwhelms you. How v a 1 Oak May we Beal the a i radish that it in game Ahw a you in ask How let fear not our brain a solved this problem. T he solution is to set our own clocks in a by a Misc idol Little two hours but a fur to Coly four hours. With our i#�,000,001 y. Rona. Ach saving Twenty four hours a it by Day by the end of ave months a he aggregate would to something stupendous. We would net Only in living the time but thou. Who Obj t to getting up an Hilr earlier and a it air among those who do c a Ildar it at their usual Tim with the full console in is that they Are working jut of b ird As. Very it a else. There is Aneth. R thing that could be done very nicely. If we do not need All this the and the c ances Are that we do n a 1 a Odd de the clock Beck a full Twenty f or h irs cure a a a Ltd my then having in extra Day on our ands we could Ell a a n Holiday we could do this once a week Ai during the hut be teen. When her both was Over be sorted Bur be a to Ber room. In including the Ory he w As alway St Peins to reset a altho ugh she Rente ined in Lei net n Hays that was the Only Bath a be to. K Whit there. To an will have tar git eon1# he announced a i Don t want Ali Rould not have is keeper la a said the manager in woman i urges simple divorce Law As need of the a to Hoboken and be married in Esther of thee Jur twi. Ii a of courts will p on be such procedure As perfectly regular. This according to article in set non i of the t stud state Constitution which begins Quot Dill Faith and Dit shall be Given in it notary appearance in the no Lon to g Laird meant the pos Eib fifty of the decree s being of aside in Days to come for Lack of Jurta it in it Tion. Ill t # Perm Salon of the judge where a Quot of Neys pc both ids agr the a sues of f it in a divorce trial Mav be heard before a referee this hearing May or held in an up Tate county very quietly and discreetly with be reporters present upon receiving the ref s report the judge alg the or Croc tory de.t##, w hich it Eoo Mea Ana three no h from a All papers Are sealed it a minimum of trouble and pub Llellyn who tut infringement of that la Ter Clay cum mar. Ime it which runs a thou Shalt not eau a a n we paper scandal Quot in very Rrue trim Oneal action plaintiff Murt c me right Down to Cali is to a a Matte ones Devir quit spouse As a generally Low Laval character s not enough to proc adultery Thor must be other evidence than the a1 leg i cd 11 on of Hun hand or wife to the other in private in such a Conad it tial Coro Mun Catlon is Quot privileged As to Whit in St action for separation. Constitutes a cruelty or Quot inhuman treatment Ort the part of defendant Ward the plaintiff thut la a question of fact. Refusing to ii the wife name the child has been hell not to con Atli its cruel treatment ill Jarly Den a1 of the right to att. And the Chun h of or Choice in the Case of Perry is Lurry gtd cited 1931quot where the wife was in a constant so lie of into irs Hun. And in ate of Pavalon a Gen tar i by it she committed Acta of violence a it a him and Hie children broke windows and furniture belonging to him end their to Bora attacked him in i in Best Hie children w Ith clubs the a a Billet at Nisi Little daughter Ani procured arsenic Aith which she threatened to Poison him. Tho court allowed we should Ray so too. The a a Idee deciles As to the custody it the children ilk Cerise the amount of Alimony based upon Tbs circumstances of the wife and the resources of the husband he Bee Quentlyn upon the order of Tbs court. Thi amount Rosy be either increased or decreased. To m St husbands the very Ilea of a in Alimony to an a a wife s. Ems for some reason to offend something Ltd a it in their innermost natures in preference to so nut by air the state. Where the Strong Arm of Tho Law Annot reach them others wipe out the obligation by Means of a Pius ant a a Journ in the famous luvs any club of the Street jail. Whence afer a in of Nix month since Quot the pros Oner shall not again be upon a Uke process in the Danio action a Man emerges free and Clear forever Aud Ever amen. And or the Ana decree the plaintiff i free to marry Tom. Mately but the defendant not until ave turns shall have elapsed and then Only Union the kind permission of Tho court after proof of uniform Good Oon net Durer to that period. By if instead defendant prefers and he is quite Apt to to motor up to Greenwich right away or ferry Over another i the state court May and shall Protist its citizens against foreign judgments made without notice to them and in fraud c f their it has ,1 it fifteen years ago by tee Rase of Haddock is. Baddock was threshed out in the United states f prom Coart. It he peered the the Habl a a Arete married in new York state but separated immediately afterwards losing a Quot i track o each other or. Haddock moved across the state ins into con Picut where in course of time he cd a led a Divot on the ground of desertion. His wife in new Lurk being served with notice by mail end by put location according to Connecticut procedure a was a person whose ram dance was unknown Quot subsequent v he married another woman. Auld the some thirty on year after his first marriage Tho Long lost wife to new York. On learning that or. Haddock had come into some Money elect d to ignore hit ascend Alliance and sued Ber Quot bust and for separation and Alimony Quot on the ground of is having deserted her Ari ultimately the highest court in the land allowed Hor c urn deciding that he decree of the c Ort cd conned flour. In hew of the circumstance stated a rot to obligatory enforcement in that of new York by virtue of the Quot full Faith and credit tense a Odink to eminent authority the effect of this to Quot not that a it ate cannot Rerng Ntxo the Validity of a foreign divorce but Only that it does not need to do so Quot and therefor the principle has been Laid Ltd in that state courts will recognise foreign divorces Only when obtained under statutes aim a l e no 1 Ore lenient to their own Ari to it give a a a York men. Whose Wolfn has left him i Augh so Caprice go to live in another state Slier a ration is ground for diver # Fuh sequently he remarries there nil several years afterwards Happy in hts new Home with wife and children. Learns that his for try a wife to bring in action in new York naming his second wife a correspondent. Tiler is surely in of More crying need to Ray than for of a a control of Domestic relations to Triune a Law acceptable to an fort it eight Stab will. Rate Ray not a easy. And both list re i Nevada and conservative of Quot uth Carolina must come together in a spirit of Compromise hut it is hardly in much to say that almost any Blanket Brabite covering the la of from coast to Corst from Canada to Mexico Woald he preferable to the Chat # resulting from the present conflict of mar la and divorce jaws obtaining in our United statue to Day la t i started to dig a a inst n w when \ \ / a pm honed Quot a is Tivi tvs in order to Tell a s Ary to it we heard a Short time ago about a negro and a Snake but a dislike digressions in writing so thoroughly that we Dat. Mired to Krusp right on with what we wars saying an revert to the subject these Fallows who can t write a any u p Sud stick right at it until All his been sol 1 the it could be and

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