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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 17, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico six Albuquerque morning journal j Une 17, 1923 Albuquerque morning journal an inderenden�?T1 news air or a published by to Unal Pill i Sii i no comic and to .310 West tended to steal second. Calling to the Pitcher to throw wide he ran to cover the base. But the Pitcher wanting to get the game Over threw across the plate. The batsman hit the Ball through the shortstops position and it went for a Safe hit. Editor a fusillade of hits followed and before the d avenues a could be retired enough runs had been 6o scored to beat the White sox. It was All due to the Pitcher not cooperating with the fir err As second a matter it the Post office shortstop at a critical moment. But such o Albuquerque n. A. And entry in s in a be. N 1. In. Pending tinder act of Congreve of March i 179 apparently Niini happenings produce i fascination of baseball. Subscription rates Ona in Only by Carrier or Mal .85c three months.$2.60 Sis months. 34.76 Ore year. 19.00 it Seph Tau sek office. Telephone or. Tub belly a lectures the journal would again urge on the people of Albuquerque the desirability of taking the fullest possible advantage of the Extension courses offered by the University. The series of lectures announced by or. Hubbell to begin Friday afternoon in the Indian room of the franciscan is parties chair re a ours Mil arc considered As advertising Larrv alluring. The course is a review of and we he charged for at regular advertising Rales he currents of thought of the ninth Cath of Moheit audit Bureau of circulation advertisements the journal reserves the right to Dejeet any advertising matter that it May deem improper. Calls for society meetings cards of thanks resolutions society and Church socials lectures. Calls for Church meetings except Sand member f tit e associated press the associated press is exclusively entitled to the a p. For re pub cat on of All news credited to or of net otherwise credited in this paper and the inca news published herein. A is w esp 17, it Julius Kruttschnitt incomes of $1,000,000 interruption. Julius Kruttschnitt was Al a great american. Come to full Stop some automobile its Are disregarding Tho regulation to Stop before crossing Central Avenue. This is especially so when the Road seems Clear. The Rule was made to safeguard pedestrians As Well As to relieve traffic congestion. It is intended that the Drivers should come to a full Stop and shift gears. Pedestrians assume that this is being done. Relaxing their watchfulness. The result is that there Are Likely to he More crossing accidents than before the Rule went into effect. Many Drivers turning from first Street into Central seem to think the Rule applies Only in Case Central is crossed. They Whiz around the Corner without even slowing Down. As a consequence the foot passengers arc gravely endangered. The new rules Are designed to prevent accidents and they can Only be effective if Drivers scrupulously obey them. Fascination of baseball 5 g mks oot by Kooy that its surprises the score Boa Over until the of the unix pc at any to me monday at eat fascination of baseball i sos. Whatever the indication Board May be the game is in ast Man is out. The to of a 1< or a ill a it of a the eighth inn the game up t were hopeless four runs whited is Likely to be induced Philadelphia the Cleveland d of eleven runs Over Connie men when the la ing opened. J lid o this Point the v beaten. They Hiie their opponents t until the new addition come i motor officer Salazar and Fra ? of speeder on East Central a her in has Hee walk before by of Esno to know the Nill there is jus Day. An Albuquerque Tor to take a in e times him. So in Robinson Bai in Back Home Radfred by trying to Start something Century with a concluding lecture on for the younger Folk it will provide an introduction to the great thinkers and writers of the recent past and for the older it will bring together their scattered Reading in a comprehensive sys f thematic review. For the merely casual listener an hour of enjoyment is assured. The old College at Williamstown mass., a Tulius Kruttschnitt from Many angles Oun w in. And pre Silya Over by a son m of a president of the fluted states was assuredly a gloat Man. He came into Harry a. Garfield has paid the Young prominence As a lieutenant of Harriman University of new Mexico almost a Conand his reputation suffered from the Over jury its Junior and or. Hubbell the Honor shadowing Fame of his chief. It is never of calling him to its instructional Force. J holes a moot Point whether Harriman it Iid la he. Course of a urls will enable the pub. _ lie to pay a Farewell tribute to one of the \ in re l Kruttschnitt than the latter University a Ablest and most esteemed to his bettor known Superior. Certain it is professors. It is the final Opportunity of that on Harriman a death the roads under enjoying the fruits of his Ripe scholarship Kruttschnitt a direction suffered no set and delightful presentation of his subject Back but continued to improve expand and Prosper. In the last twelve years the Southern Pacific grew in extent from 10,000 to in 1923 seventy four of our fellow Miles and in net Revenue from Zens had an annual income of More than 8143,000,000 to $300,000,000 it is Nota a dollars. Their combined in Hie that while to mileage increased co per c ?8 vet kre�te5 a Ijan the yearly pay ments of England to the i listed states on Cai rings Rose mole than too Peru a War debts payments which even that cen5, great Empire finds burdensome. This is As an operating executive All Railroad the accounting at one end of the scale ors recognized Kruttschnitt As at the very what 13 Tho situation at the other top of their calling. Yet he was also a a Quot a nation 11 ?u00-0c0 there Are 74 e ,. A a with incomes of More than a million dollars or at financier a profound scientist and a Var and there Are who have cultivated in the arts. Combining and their own automobiles at a value put con operating great railway systems were his Servat ively at eleven billion dollars. We work astronomy and music his diversion have not at hand the Complete statistics of he carried on his duties with great vigor Avn so hut in Trust companies in 1923 until his retirement Only a few weeks Aye i re were of twelve billions and a a. In National Banks of seventeen billions. To and then As is often the Case with men of a Large extent these represent the savings great activity and concentration with the of the millions of average citizens. Per ending of his work with the incentive haps a better idea can be gained from the gone life itself came to an end. Report of the new 3ork savings Hanks. Ii .0 a. In that one City alone there Are 130,000 he was the son of a prussian Consul to depositors with savings of $s2.00u,000. A i mans in a Inch City he avas born. For the whole country the total of savings Hen this nation avas pitted against Prussia must be enormous. In addition to these in Gigantic struggle he assisted in the must be taken into account the investments highly essential task of unifying the Nan insurance in building and loan Asso Lions railway systems so that men and in modest Homes. All these i a i ,. ,.i present the savings of the millions supplies might be sent Forward Avit Hout a i i aril re w in i Khz a of tar 1 iffy s i. Is i a Quot few a Sii ittle Benny s note Book Lee rape it -1 u Khz i i. It ii her of i j i -1. Vij a a a in i 41 / v x a inia ilk ii i a v u i of t to i \7 a it vyv v a _ go i i 7 it 1.1 f.\,f u t i imely \ news on or a j topics the Garden and tile porch by or. Frank Crane Mari cars and especially those who live on main Street Are front porch people. They like to sit out exposed to the Icv of the passersby and have no objection to the world looking in on i them. When Yon go into older countries for instance into i Spain and Italy you find few front torches. On the contrary you find patios or gardens around j which the House is built. In lie Garden is concealed from everything but it is open to the sky you get outdoors and also privacy a two things which usually do not go together. There Are times in a Many a life when privacy seems to lie a necessity. The world is too much with us. It gets on our nerves. W e want to get by ourselves and think things out. This privacy is in Nowise disturbed by the View upward. The stars enter into every Man s calculation and they do not Distilli his meditation. On the contrary lie cannot have the privacy he seeks without being shut off from the world. Hence the essential part of a Garden is a Wall or harrier of some kind Between ones self and other people. Being open to the sky is like keeping the soul open to god or to those influences which conic to us from the sky. There is something peculiarly individual in the spiritual help we get from above. There is nothing that disturbs us when we can own a hit of outdoors which f enclosed from other people. What with our Telephone and radio and other Means of communication the world is altogether too present with us and the soul needs that isolation from time to time which it can Only i find in a Garden. A Garden is better than a room because it has no ceiling. Nothing but Infinity is above it. And that sense of Infinity Conics Down to water the soul. Some Day i intend to build a House. And when t do it will he a series of rooms around a Garden or Patio. I will have my own Retreat not from the infinite hut to tile infinite j there i shall gather what messages and inspirations i have lived in rooms All my life and i feel the effect of i them. I Avant to live a Little while without any roof Over my head. Copyright 1025, by tile Mcclure be spacer Syndicate n. a is Muling Nirry to Europe a in its in or let it of olt Lio in Akin. President Thomas g. Masaryk of cd i it ill a a a a recent of it Noe of his lath birthday of s vetting on our front Steps to Moon and pop came Home a Uvyn shortly after it u Straw hat me saying i pop wait till a sees you in earing that old soft hat. A a it i in the satisfaction a lug me in going rite up to at store and pick one out pop re he started to me going him the hat Man saying to a is sir can i show you a there Are a few possessors of great fortunes at one end of the social scale. At the other there is vast a health widely diffused among the millions. In a country of such boundless resources As ours it is not surprising that some great fortunes have been concentrated in a few hands. Nor is it a matter for alarm so Long As there is also a Large distribution of a health among the masses. In Shiw me several i it anything extreme and a Hor hand i dont Wunt too conservative pop red r. Iou want wat you mite a twixt and Between the and pop Sod. Well you itis fac t the r euro Al lesion g Tho Tua tier a tie to p r e r to vering it m one. Thi i Quot a popular 4rtq#aa6< Masaryk sin Man Hod and pop tied a a a see considerable improve me. It a Quot oks As if its everywhere in eur to ii the f my face in Ltd is trying Noel Cully and politically. Tin Mutch of me As it can Utill a certain men re of u it s Feck fit that the Here and there hut Europe \ i wearing them. Well sol dating. Relations Between Tho face you want to Ninny and Frame Are i1f>� i a Nable dont you the now and that i an important Quot it seems to me that America is Oving Rearer to Europe. I am to glad of it. America is such great Fnu Tor for Mankind. It is mineable that the United states staying apart Anil isolated. Merit a May not agree with the a Litas of Europe hut America is a moral duty toward tile rest a the world. Amel it a is the Grent to nation in the world today. Only Hin t i or at a in numbers. Rus i is conic de of a huge variety a a a China f nut. And is thereby weak 8ult u 8,u la led. America has a compact pop lation of 11 , a one Lang age on nation one great state. A it is democratic a from state. 0 soldiers no interference by the Hureh. America has a great duty it perform. I do not refer to Polios. I May not agree with your kitties and you May rot agree till ours. But America is in Poston to promote the organization f Mankind instead of remaining plated. This moral sense must ring you closer to Europe. It is of a question of american i know that Money is needed 1 Europe but Money is not the in or of Mankind. I like to have much As i can. But i do not Beeve in it As a Savior of anything Chris revolt winning essay in elks Flag Day symposium anti foreign agitation is spreading Moscow it is believed would Welcome a Victory Tor Yuhsiang a Ashington. Ii three distinct pm that country j pert opinion i Des. J Wanton or from a Sunun con tones sol is map. A of Tho try Ltd Lut an into for take for the re of the was Hington Mas i or reports fro n and a Ca i of in in go Viem in Lull t Cli is i teen ivc captured Mer cellar Des by ii Lei s rein resent Ling the of the sen. J foil lower s of the Agit Ilion Spring bios lit s hang a. a Val a gust River Caus in a e of i Litis #. V ii Icli i wet Stern observe of cd Shat Low a 11 other heft ire t he end of s in nor Thorn i China mild Tury pow in. With in a i me is the 1 Don a a part Vitia Tion following is the winning essay on the american Flag How to Honor and love it Quot written in the elks Flag Day a say contest by a s in he Uminn Michael when on june la. 1 777. In. Betsy lbs mud the first United states Flag it was adopted it once As the Emblem of our nation of lib City und Equality. As in Emblem it commanded respect and through to e wars it Bas witnessed the. A. of our for cry colors plead with Aud id r d ii my i Fin Cli this it and 1< we seas in the by so living. Sped it. Ozior our a Lido by her meeting them. Ben nil Good x pee ted of us. Conic to maker it to h As d for appropriate motto for the National democratic Smittee Quot now is the time for ult Good men and in to come to the Aid of the party a a a a there Are two kinds of girls in Albuquerque says idling Young Man those you can Kos and those a Don t want to kites a a a Many people Are honest merely because it is Safe. A a a tile usual Way i had an argument with Jim two Duys went passing by when to my lips Tho. Came a hot and withering reply. I want to see Ware to in a it i find the Man sell. I Middle course founded upon a few me that the hat for you. General axioms and propositions put your initials on the in about which right or wrong they 1 l Jaq cd will not think it Worth while to t vet. Pop Ped. Do you Wrangle for some time and those i it eve you 10 Dollers de who eject these can be put into d the hat a walk or prisons and mud houses according he Block before i decide to present practice. D the Man ted Centeny the Middle Way May be As full in of hidden rocks As the other ways i App the hat on and me it Manifest ones but it is tilt a went out and pop sed pleasantest while we can keep to it t fat Man that and the dangers by Ini Ess alarming. U n int i a ast and i sed Are sir. A i a. La. Did he Tern or loft at me or did i a and i sed. Well he und sic of oked at Lorn Kupp on walking and i a a it 11 sed a at Are the. I it Ling at. Do you think o Ling at me i ii k to tile hat store a h we did pop carry it Hack the rest of the changing it for Ore that a ii for him just to he on r cd est a Darker a ii i no u in who s who in tile Days new Aall i i am la. Mik Iii Llie Man just appointed solicitor Tai of the u nit Chi states by Ideo Coolidge n signed a Comal fluting the world War to developments 192a Imp end Between rival 1�?Tekin and the of most of cd Battle l or it Milton there is no direct connection among the three phases. I to Battle for Canton and the impending conflict lit the North Are primarily the outgrowth of Domestic politic Ami except incidentally no anti foreign spec sources of Coneen Lions do Inlet lock Donee through to official report Reington for month the influence of first., in the anti second Iii the Iii be As on Tilo a 11 in past our Flag Iez and perseverance so resent it breathes to us me.-sag�, and to is for us to a tvs these to millions for the a Lack of respect to our Flag p Nolan is a living lesson to lie a banished from Bis try and lived in remorse the of ids life. It it a ills deathbed liked to Ite granted just one a to kiss i Flag before be died. Titer hand Barbara filet is out a a an example of id love. The soul stirring ill cumulating Eltten. I a of the spectators had left the Fie Row if not in an or and Vinced that the Kame Xmas a Tam r. So another Albuquerque Man g Nghi wife to the two Mir h anything tiler because eve i Mouth it get full of water. By g Pool. Middle Kom we can build no by i without a found a taxable principle. A no such principles Ier held. Be any a he Bald. Daily lessons in English by a. L. Gordon w d nuts allx it it Rdv la it a at w it them therefore it Luct a thing certain. Word Litten Mih Umal my a a towards Are Bot jut a towards Quot is preferable. Often i pro Niin t d l achy Nab pronounce Lak Rintal. Boti a so in Quot at a Iii Quot in As ii rim a accent on first syllable. Often Al i polled a in a i int. Is non Iii ridicule derision the final outdo but in that turned defeat thirteen runs. Hew cames me avas concerned half inning the athletics into Victory by scoring it was a wild West thriller end in such spectacular fashion but there is never a contest so Dull that there is not always the Chance that some play xviii be made which the sporting writers describe As phenomenal. Baseball is a serial Story in which the suspense is maintained at the highest pitch at every moment. The plot is never fully unfolded until the last sentence is written. This Story is told of Roy Corhan Albuquerque s Best known Ball player who played shortstop for the White sox and is no a local manager for a great insurance company in san Francisco. With his team Avell in the Lead in the last half of the ninth inning two out and a Man on first Corban Sharp Eye saw the base runner in Harry Aspinwall distributing clerk in the master melt Haiti office in this City left i for Detroit on a Short vacation trip. A lied by his wife. A a a f b. Gillette of Elpa no. Formerly Ore it in intent attorneys of this City was Here yet pc a ran have nothing no Kery ii it i not certain Quot a Rel to nothing certain i men who will insist Over the Brink of u it Ute few Tan Guze into Clow without losing but most men my fall. D tit i. I or i a sized a tile j i but t gov Glit lit in son it f Fri ated ids Birt his sent. A a Harold ten Eyck the by mrs. Clarence ten Eyck be Ter Day. He received Many p a a a a party consisting of or. And mrs. J. T. Laughlin or and i. Fred h. Kent and or. Mrs. E. L. Medler drove out to ban Pedro yest for a Short Outing. A a a mrs. P. M. Davis has returned from a vis Colorado Points a a a mrs. William Mcclurken and family will leave sunday night for a vacation trip to los Angeles Aud Long Beach and i Day it to times and it i crease our pc ing one word each Day word pretentious Chi Gay pretension or dispel will Home was not pret i Only thing to do is to gaze a escaped convict is it a . Minitor or nabbed at Calexico 4, no theoretically firm i d is even j ban Iii be june 16. A George i Willingham a nato convict who n Euclid it is observed can. Juli twice escaped is now in Cun a a demonstrable Promise Tody at Calexico calif., Warden j. Qui re postulates and axioms n. Mcmunus has been notified transcend demonstration and Captain Gus Hurter of the Peni it which it can do nothing. I tertiary Lias been Scott after him. Superstructure is demons Tia Willingham was sentenced from Metropolis if is William d. Mitchell of St Paul. Aah Hen the world War Start ,. Ii. Phase cd lie w As made i 1 u colonel of the j sixth infantry Minnesota National guard. He resigned t h i j Post to enlist As j a private in the Field artillery j Vav Here he served i to the end of the War. Mitchell Ai former Law partner of arose Date j Justice Pierce Butler of the no Pronto court succeeds James m. Heck. Whose resignation was an i Nonn oed several weeks ago. Mitchell was recommended by William Brooks Republican National committeeman and by senator j Schall Republican of Minnesota. He r expected to Ltd take office immediately. Heck resignation was presented to be effective when a successor a chosen. Llu sex pc cd a desire however to re j main in office until the end of the supreme court session next monday. Beck has left Washington for a trip to Europe. Mitchell i listed As a Republican but hits shown a degree of Independence. Having supported some democratic nominees. He in never before Heid Public office. Al movement to take n lie once was Counselor for run quest of Minnesota. S that t he three word nit she used us in 0 w a Ca for we Tern a the Flag Hawi ver a. Is win shoot if Yoti Atuf it thin old Giay a fact that every it add a red in i a ii so hut spare yet jut co in try i a Riak Quot has pm pin sized 1 Lier life mat it red not it a s the soviet Russia i Emblem of he r Coli atry flt it a w hid Orelyn Ai of ital ton j j she demanded resp. It. J Lear Flag it to re capture of Freedom arid ult Ion i race a Andin the i prepare order the ayin Bol of Light it i love. In Tho ii loft h. It has waved Over the ii Ting and Sujon of Canton the dead if Hiah led its a ult t on i Ami cd aug an i j Ward and on ird t o Viet. By. Tit is to is Quot part and parcel of our try cd Stet a and consequently we e obliged to keep our hearts Ever to the Flag of courage and us. And we will. It is Tov Flag your Flag every it do t Flag that Beautiful Emblem till tits red. White and Blue stripes huns for civil w ask Ith the to apparently decided a Feng still at peace attention centers for the moment on the second the anti foreign movement is of Long and steady growth and report reaching Washington have emphasized the probability that it May result in seriously curtailing the extra territorial rights and immunities now enjoyed by f residents in China by virtue of it Ades old treat troubles Iii Cotton Mill troubles in japanese Mills employing chinese la pushed tits match to fire to set Long ago. It a run a1 Yangtze Valley with a i startling to the Best ii i Washington observer. Outbreak Lare reported from Chinglang. Banking Kiu Klang Hankow. Changsha and a score of other places lit j eluding Kaifeng. North of the River i in Honan province. Hankow and an Hrej and Chekian province. Kiu Klang have produced serious my Brig Yuhsiang the so called i anti foreign disorders and fear j Christian general who at Kalynn have teen sex Prev de for Tho safety cd mile Northwest of Pekin of the missionary summer Colony bldg his time for throwing off tits at killing near Kiu Klang. Over lordship of Chang which a i the government s observers have had to acknowledge last Winter of foresee to this manifestation of a j fir the two combined treachery new nationalistic spirit in China for and military Force to dislodge we several Yeats. More than a year i Fyk i a ii then chief of the Fhi Hll ago an estimate of tills situation party and master of the of a a Kin foreign of Bra very purity an. Truth Ani of dec we sri i to ii Ever Honor love and re to Anil the one indivisible a 11 Hon no or which it floats proclaim Cotton it or fur ing lib erty and Justice for All. In train i big it ii is killing off her Polit i Ong the i Cia no. Or the future look nut for rapidity a i sup Trier Rice in the formed i is e Ime Keril service. Moths eau re annular 1200,01 0,000 dam contained in an unpublished gov eminent report said a throughout ail classes in China can by seen an organized Way from tile inflict Mil of ins it. In this impending tits prize is Pekin and domination of neatly 11 Chang nearly won it but even though he de foreigner those special privilege i treated ave Feng remained a Thorn which year of intimidation and in his Side. Safe out of harm Way Clever diplomacy have Given him. At Kalynn where he had been Ahir the violations of treaty rights will i to control the Shahar and Sui Yuan probably he done in a Way that will districts and make Alliance with not provoke armed retaliation the military rulers of Honan and j from the War weary Powers. Any i Supeh provinces and elsewhere is. Avow 1 1 a , the hugest office i White nations fur armed intervene j cd himself against the bolshevism building in new York was struck ton. Influence by opposing the soviet in by lightning today during an elec j a it is probable that the future till disposition of the chinese a not to idea i storm which cooled off the status of the White Man in Chinn a in railway and enrolling in his Ber another torrid Quot become As regards safety of forces Many of the a White guards equitable building struck by lightning a York june 16 apr the of i area i massacre of foreign and build in his military resource i,.it ii. I ii ii. I ,. Era is highly improbable and that i neither Chang nor Pena i Avoy Doty equitable by Ding in the alone Wou j age hot it vol a a of the. 5in11.foreign Chang has Alig his ground is Faith. I Chaves county to serve two to three j i of e Ani property nut Nim ii above remnants of his former Tsa Rist this is the biggest Cie i years his last escape was from a the Holt struck a coping on the Hilt of the chinese themselves armies of Chang and Feng fight in it Iii what we fondly Call truth former Warden in Albuquerque As roof and showered Stone fragments hostility Iii Northern China two foreign Powers will he or liner Faith and authority Are As Nee be Wax being brought Back front to the Street 485 feet below. The Titus far not directly connected ply interested for Euclid As for any one Dallas Texas w Here to bad been crash echoed and re echoed either with Canton nor the anti j the soviet in popular opinion Cie. I caught after his first get away. Through t he canyons of skyscrapers j foreign wave in the Yangtze Val would Welcome a Van Rford for the a a a 1 a. Like an explosion no one was in Ley looms hostility lit Northern Christian general while the Man there i nothing one cannot aah Hole it pays to be honest you lured As tits Street were Practl-1 Ghina Between Chang Tho lilt War a Burian War lord i considered to Wrangle about often Are a Long tint deserted. Homa of the frag lord of Manchuria and now in con it have the moral support of Jap h to die people will agree to a Greenville Piedmont. I ments were As big As baseballs. Ural of Chihli Shantung a lungs i anese

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