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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 9, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page eight Albuquerque morning journal june 0, 1923 of yes we have them now in last evening i the Quot pal a unt and Ward s store is m \ Radej a i m i. North Mim met i it Lan ski Auk phones i a. It. Iti ills give Montezuma grocery receives car Load of Fine Olive Oil saturday there was received by and unloaded at Hie Montezuma grocery company Corner of third and hipper Avenue a car Load of the f in us Olive Oil direct from 1 i us a i ii under the Brand of. Grad i and Domenici. The Load a. A. Sedillo in address to pm or door about 4.000 graduates of government a a school. Emphasizes due a int of for l and of dive on civic ser Iii three thrilling Bays starting today the twentieth Century daredevil in death defying ties of new citizenship War Uon Vuc it Una Quot my. And stunts will be distributed to the Trade by. Adv. I perfectly ventilated attorney a a Sedillo j the Montezuma grocery to cd pastime air cooled today and tomorrow tin Tot lie it adult my of to a i if ii states Indian monday afternoon called u to the responsibility pineal the i and a tis by big to full Clit Enship. Or. So id that this r is Poti Sibl i j y d heavily upon the ural 1 Titi Tan Soh new world through the Monroe Dos trim and also has furnished a demonstration to the world that people belonging to a great variety if nations and races Are fit for political Freedom under favourable i cur Sta rices. Your people Are now Given an and Opportunity to join the other races that they s lion Ami to selves and highest pos lion. In open ii Lould lib t heir Al ult a lining to make them heir citizenship of the Idalue to the mind dress or. Be if people in this country As True Melcan citizens. Hut right Here let in remind you that this Privily a involves a great responsibility. S pea King of citizenship Marcus Aurelius the great roman states ii 111 o sketched the Early history Man and philosopher said. A that h adding up to the formation of the which does no harm to the state North american continent of Ani does no harm to the citizen. Independent at Ion la showed Quot or. Frank Crane but recently w. H. Schreiber organist today tomorrow and thursday held Over by in animus request the moving picture stars with Cherie and the Hollywood extra girls in a Complete change the Book everyone has read the picture everyone wants to see sol of str presents that this nation had h i the Way uttered these words i in perfecting civil and religious Freedom had supplied the world with a practical form of representative government which has been adopted by Many other Peoples. A eking Liberty had willed men of Many racial origins into one harmonious whole a protected two continents from european in to of Ere Nee through the Monroe the Hest of All possible governments is that in which the last and least citizen feels he is to blame or to be praised for <11 the government liner a a a the whole people grows As a Man does by self expression and a or. Sedillo said that things la the season s Aerial sensation i Mips fight up to Fate Ami tweaks it nose flying High above a minstrel Days Trine the inward Manifest i which Are harmful to the gov up. Of tiles out acts he said eminent include laziness and Lack the Freedom of the of ambition and failure to apply to beneficial use a Good education. Ile said to Servo humanity a your duties and responsibilities urn nation or. Sedillo declared a citizens of this great country cemented the Bonds of Union it increase with our education. Tho of new j american spirit is the spirit of Effort struggle and Progress it is laughs Ami jokes with death til tin Mot nmn ing exhibition of Aerial stunts Ever revealed on the screen anti never in fore attempted in the thrilling annals of aviation see in ii 11 its Stu it eau lome thrill and smashing melodrama this remind with Wallace Macdonald Theodore Kosloff Sheldon Lew i s ft.,. Doc vow Hilo us Liaw. Cd Jiz amount i Turc in a i been individual and his preparation fur self government. Sew Mexico loyalty 1 he civil War which cemented and fealty of the poop Ai Xieo. A for it to is pc archly a decade Tho gospel of Active life. To the a i it it the unit j states had brought american citizen the great prob special added feature Josie Sedgwick in a Queen of the round or no Advance in prices for this exceptional program Vot a aviators it Lark Ami Montieth. Who a now in lbs within its clasp the vast territory inn of of is not merely to satisfy , arc the principal stunt fliers in a the i loud hider. I obtained from Mexico a he said pig immediate necessities but to a a a then j do work and service to humanity. I a when Lite sons of this stat in territorial Tutelage were called he aspires not to Tho Success upon to make Tho supreme Sheri which comes from ignoble ease fico. And it was then in the i and Comfort hut he Doe not shirk throes and convulsions of War from bitter toil from hardship our fathers received then land from danger. To Ever Bend i baptism of Fin anti purification of j his energies to the highest and j blood that their patriotism was noblest purpose of which to is made Manifest to the world in capable is a sacred duty of Tho i helping to save the nation and american citizen. To make this or it it american in i nation live True to its principles p a ship was redeemed. So that by Ami purposes of protecting life history As Well As by blood tears Liberty and property and the purim tribulation we can truthfully suit of True human happiness and acclaim that the descendants of j incidentally a a contribution to the Spanish conquistadors like the Progress of civilization to those of the Viree fed by William a. Seiter Clara Bow Edward Everett Horton Claire Adams and Richard Tucker. It Maui to Colu to Cut added attractions a Felix gets his fill and Harold Lloyd in a a Beautiful but dump regular admission next a Friendly enemies Pilgrim fathers and have this nation express sustain Illy settlers Are factors in and perpetuate the representative Oess of civilian popular form of government and id to the world to fit the individual for the True Attivo popular form and proper exercise of his pre i a native being mindful of his i duties and responsibilities this of i is the Creed of the american Cit j which i zen and to this Creed of american i citizenship you must now and Here resolve to dedicate yourselves j forty Nim graduates forty nine Young people received their diplomas Havivi lulled Tho ten year course orca Robed by the school and compleat d her or blending or j Hon and its pro i of t he r press ii t a 1 of government. Tho Indian hights a in the inscrutable la supremo Providence i rules the destinies of nations us i of Man. It fell to the lot of your forefathers to inhabit America and to become a part of its hang Jing nations Aud governments. I in not going to discuss the history f the Pueblo and other indians when you not a a Tam Call clifford�?Ts�?19g prompt courteous cart Al w n n i i i it Mhz los also working Foreman Good wages to right Man Hicks d Man at i c. Penney at noon hour lumber i pure paint hard Vav Are Sash and doors Cement Lime plaster Coal Wood Coke sudden truck delivery phone 4 chm Sippi v we i i ii k com pan y Raul ten Perry Clyde Hice new uves for old the Romance of a favorite i Ren it i dancer who tried to hide Lier past from the Man she loved. And when ii truth Learned the rent amp car White Star drive less car Cir. Fin 512 by Central phone attention k. Of c. Begun a Ting to nigh under the domination of Spain and re four years of vocational train. A v it o but n a rely in passing to Jug. A resenting the diplomas. I in pot Quot int business a smok lilt i my a a Tendance prize Point out Tho fact that All of lauds Aud holdings were jul Law and Tho civilizing infill a of Church and stat were your j superintendent Reuben i. P j a a it was jus pleasure to announce that All the members of the class have shown Diligence and to r and Are to this Poi Sci Corance and have been Ani local items deaths ant funerals Lunation Atli its later finish the High school it Ami called attention and i e we a h a word of Comfort i to ted it impotent it a pm i Iii Po-1 bin nil la to Nitro much or ii into in to land on Lour feet and unwell in in a id i Lien sir a Wigtil entries from a ii where Lori a Alai return Loun old duties thai i Gull to ii i upon Jour life. Ile i. Erv gentle Anil i prelim i Kiln. Ile guide von through the in a. Jon know to Ili. Eov r la a to age and the within von to go nil mid Dot Power it ii bin Vonlo go on Anil do Jour in i. 11 ii Jour life to a i red i Ink to. Hulliung. A a a a a a. Ii a Mui Bailor nought i Lay a part of Lour tradition and mine life. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo propels your life Liberty and property and is a part of the Law of t be land j of fit ii slip or. Sedillo traced the beginnings of Public e develop a the work being done by the gov i i eminent for the education of the i indians a Lien lie turned to the i i most important part of his and dry a the i Milan and his citizenship Ile said in part a during the recent world War i a y of your Young men voluntarily joined the ranks and fought j for Tim ideals of our nation Amli some of them made the supreme sacrifice. Congress passed a Law j extending full lights of citizenship to very american Indian vrho j served in the military or naval est i . Of the United states 1 during the world War and who tiler after received an honorable discharge to privilege was j granted without i Quot any manner a impairing a it a otherwise affecting to rights individual Ort ii interest in tribal or Al by a spirit of loyalty. The school has been authorized extend its course two More ars. Which makes the High Bool course Complete Many of e forty nine graduates have sex i de a desire to continue and nurse. The forty nine graduates re pre or ten tribes As follows Lamina Pueblo .22 navajos i Jemez Pueblo. I Santa. Clara Pueblo. 1 Isleta Pueblo. I san Felipe Pueblo. I Acoma Pueblo. 4 Zuni. 1 a Paella. I Rte. I for rent halt of new duplex House four rooms anti sleeping porch garage nicely furnished. Apply 814 North second v we usual added attractions extra added attraction Buster the movie wonder Dor in person regular prices j we d \ owing Man educated and i Lite Wigent. Desire g to i it j a n. Netty in a Buque Ritj will by interest in i it i i he l i ism nothing but High. I i j Piojo lion considered. Att Conin Iun a Atio is to e it i a get mild it Lola dare ii it in g ill Imir Nal in i factory Wood most economical fuel special for 60 Days truck Load it All with Wagon. His i. Hiu Mill Mhz it i omit any phone Pao Vav Foh int i Mir in furnished apartment ror the summer months. Apply i Harlos s. Bito i it National Bank i hot up i rut s Tor d Sull in fam or Quot i >1 i and p s brim Kiwan ians and guests to have Barbecue at Strong country place int a by Moi a Lance i in vain Ort later St ill. Re it s of the i Quot nit by Law declared Diana born with-1 units it it of the unit nil citizens also to their tribal Donn to a Eon i i priv Liege flip Means to you thi school and members of thi it b in become1 original i menu Rcd care Onoko always b. Amp m. Drive less car company a a phone hims 113 North third r i a g ii monday no after i Utierrez and Ami id or that n such i it of t i have pro i1 11 o ii i Grois of me Factor a Petu Atlon Itei Patio of the alerted the other in world in their popular form of has attained a bed by All of the he world and it that you have the sovereignty ii lie m the Al 11 in is a Sovereign pates in the gov it in t by. I out to von that my i hated to Tolje Ion being a he evolution and he popular form America or the Noth v. To my friends a i am in charge f Hie insurance department of in of Vann company and ask you to give me your insurance All bus if iou please. Mph i Kunk sly Kunk. 200 West Gold. I a hones Cio i so a. Coal Al six carefully screened Gallup oui for Quick heat. Tee Coal for hot lasting heat. \ Tec nut. An Ideal Cital for Range Aud Waler healer. Wood l l i Igi Imi i i in i Iii l l m i h had a fire vol heft of r play Safe and tale Miry of or ii Aurance. Your i Flurr Protist a lid it it new Mexico motor Way and Star stage line s in sols daily lha Viii Akiu i s a a i Huiju Enqu a enl j u by a bunts f a. Pc a n i a f a ,., 7 5 a m 90 am. A i i p in a is is la is is. 9.f,5 am la to a m a to p. It 0 v la a o . Gnu we. $3 Hui in Rill i 4tt>u�insrqas 11 fast in flu Nim. It a in bet i Lilied i is it a phones i 11-Tiuo of a a ten is in Iel Llull Ling Bun urns phones my �r.1 ladies a Iti no room at b n Dipo Etc i of can arct Wii Abel Pas it is a inuuuer.,us, i it a ii a r. H. And Bis s i is. A Pill cd in. Pinon. Saw a and any size Aztec fuel co pm Quot Iso x Mil i Bird. Ii. Pm Kelt Sec y Aud mgr ii he n. Int phone 251 is insurance a la b a Irner House rooms 821 i South third phone 13.13-w Hom i hum d i . 5uc Hoard Ami Hoorn flu.50 a r w a and up Savoy hotel for held southwestern Forest fire situation quiet i t a to i w is r in. Set dates for trial of non jury cases ii Iii a t red fur cult it amp a were Maie of la monday beginning today and a my As Tsas it Lur Oak Otiis a it t y Aud util faction pm Gnu with Oal or Wood new state Coal co. Phone 35 ride in de luxe stage where All passengers Are insured Albuquerque Santa be Taos fare to Santa be. $3.00 round trip. 5.50 leaves Albuquerque 8 a. M. Leaves Santa be 4 p. M. Labij Querqui office Ringling Cigar store phone 717 a Ilia i e office the la Fonda hotel phone 159 ride in com fort John Mccrea proprietor notice Wate Mph Lawn and Garden w limits May la All i my application in person or i served. Phone Calls Toh a All applications must of office not later than i to. 1925. Within City Limi tier a will the in effect in City special hates must make for each individual House rids will not by in to tn1zld Ith in i a him ent City of Lui of whole n. M. Service and satisfaction first Hahn Coal co. Coal g my i cd Killos Lami am ii Hachic Cedar Pinon and factory Wood l Ime for building Triick Del Juery Uherr Dot a ired my 91 look these Are All close in i Nii in Imi i d c room a Hoglo Bungalow. Bath a luge 3 50x143 lots. $ 1.0f� too. I i Knish i la 4 room Frame and Bath 3-room Frame in rear. I Doz. Fruit Trees i it All fenced in $2,200.00. Be ii Naismi and University of l l it i i i room Adobe sleeping porch and Bath. Garage and Trees East front. L l 5-room Frame Bath garage Chicken Aud Chicken House All fenced in $3,500 it lots from original plats University Heights development co. Cau. And see these Ino la pow is. a a Jet lamps discount for this week this is your Opportunity to buy a lamp h. Livingston amp company 211.215 Well Gold journal Wani ads bring Quick sure results

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