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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 9, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Page two Albuquerque morning journal june 9, 192-1 Low grades of him Wool Arf being kiss Pacific s shipped mus receding tide Europe offers better Market chiefs then give thanks to for some of the inferior the Mother of Waters for Steve Petcoff self confessed murderer Dies at county jail t grades than docs the Trade at Home bringing ram to their lands in Arizona fart i Stet in i a Kish a is Iff i Row f of r nip fut i new amp jut1 it. A fifth of Phlp f a nor woe Are tip ii f fut it a a Quot. White Fth re so or t far i toe 13 Ltd ten Art Kaw it in the is i i off or a a j m 1 a r ii a Ham Al in mine irm it not snip inn mein the sit Tufa in chsr.4 lit la if j of tit intr Alco the Molt a it a. The att Low v Ltd it i f in the Thi dealer tiv Arbor it f a i re Fth a re it Lim it in i a a off inns ? the ran for the to rat t on and a netting nor woo. A should off i of Wool time Quot a Rifle rather Thor briskly in of of the beg us Csc no i Bright Wool it. A. A two a a a it leg i a Bradford report a decline of rag a of h a Ltd we a a a Ftp a a Gourd or tops. Grading in. But hey a fir a. Appl it for the so Fyk. Price Down of univ per Cert in the Liverpool last India gals. The a Quot fir a to Akela a steady. A i Saaw Iff Ca frn it t flew Ohio and pen no i it a i.-, re Ort a a. .7 a a Ile fir Tinaa Hotd Riff 5j# i of blood a a bin. St time he the blood combing. Jig Michigan and now Tot k Flo a a a a i it Jain is j a a a do is i Mel in Nwa Hotd. D it a in Balf blood in a washed. It it pc tar in bib Tir a he ii o Ile a bettor t mood Utt Arahood if Sec. To a. Nat. Gift it Iiri and Rai it a in go and half mood. 52 n a 2 the it Gotha blood to sic at a blood. Ill sic. Fun turd boat of tax a Fine is Root Elbl 11.11# 3 to Fin g month. i Terr a re flite tap # Cholo St b of blood combing j a to ,35 j h a a a eighth blood Mbong 11.10 a 1.12 q Art or i combing a n p. Pulled Xvi ire ,t�#1.4i1 a ll.30fll.ic a super 91.11# j the mohair by combing. H r is i Trio the la morning in tin a Quot rend of a Rifle of Corn and scattered on Tho j that blow Ever the it an of a?.d the but a foam or the Beach. Tad. The bad Bern Aff inc on by i he Sii s a u re i a. To body a re Albuquerque und it hah meet in his a boing Contu f to Detent Tiel hit r i through by no condition Cleg held of. To j1 Grasshopper plague is feared in Nevada be a a a in do a the 10 Iii a Pis ail in Cmor Eft. Bul it the or tithe til Quot led h Chic re my Normal records open to proper persons. Wagner announces Tram Pas of. Wagner. Porn i loot of the Normal Nevada s of frat cording in int Alai agricultural Del Dor. To Ray the mild St a in curable to the hatching of an unusual number of act a i in on i Lair feta swarm re a Varlet it a an i-.. And the f to i have a i of or in t Teh i and this Vith St a to of to j a Aig a f 50 Good cigarettes take a look at Opportunity vegas to to St of of i g to moral of the it or a in connection Otero mph a ii pre Trident Warner Orer the combi Natl run Taining i surant a a Cash 6 Calm by a Bull Quot Durhan tobacco wanted Wen foreign Commerce in March increased trained leaders Are needed for the coming decades. Marvin says cart Traad from rage of. Indirectly infill an Ca Iii Des up to Matt of our social order. The dire a of the Frt imaging to Send baneful f re Sab of a a. Us and such a task in difficult. our strength is our danger. Only j great leadership we a insure out Bacons Ltd a Etca ration. Laom Lof it Mol ours Leo War in great red of lad a with firm a and ability to think clearly and it is to t hit # Vida Ting to it. Along with j Many others that we a o looking to f. the St the in a to # the fact it to them a i then act fear Lea a for it i i the manner tan a per Man ant of in a order he Siab shed. The leaders of tomorrow in net t to Hope Learned and pm gift re a i t i lad seen i Ileo a apr Zoum die rial. It. Ended pm said he a to by ton i who in used and coh ins sep i Eranuy it Biages of ii Pete off in the j. Poi �?.&Quot-1 a Ful Haso Tho technical moral at Washington Jure sir fore to instant Commerce in the United states in Raiona. And Loire fee their Felie hitch reach Tho is great Point men they must to men and w attained ii Ivy month Ainee Jan men of character who Wilt forget la a Al Miry t. Till according to in of and Atad for Basic principle trap a made nub in today by the Bitch of Tahti w t their re Chipping boards bar Tau of re Ward in their growth for Sinh w in j to a Earth. Which allow that com there be. We nth it have St of for in to a in re in March exceeded that of the it thing. Died t 5>hruarv by i ton an in doctor a twin allowed How the its it i of no of 23 percent. Training in hich had been alien to Lowed a this in r Ria at to even Uteri in the graduate would i them fro is Mer i it rest Ive. Tit Bureau mud. A ooh r a Dot hip and it is opened a vol it it ? of re that of 57 the Way for them. Of. A a ire How ii a h a a int poets and Export recorded prepared to a Sui e a. Cuff a. A thy 1 fore hot i. M. Or the no flu i m it Fly Oma lined the disease. A tin of int county j Vin f that log called i Tytun who. Tiber of tim i that the in he he i m w a in t a nary Luben dated and go Hugh the w a a a est p to it a �?�<1 him he h i Ryan. To a Alt i am in hey in a Bot sorry i he plated at that Heimsn Hail do it s of wag and Money ii in Bora of Sleyman a and a Tao. Ontra ducted statements to the off ? tan had hired out to a. Obtained the wages pct coff Only part of he rant i Jerk s a the t s it i his wages to Pat Enterprise Cherry stoners at Raabe amp mauler hardware of v a Ai company. Bettu Friy is a hair Holiday for great May no n Tho Are loo1 ing for an Opportunity to in a their Havinga earn larger profit to at re men a visit to Tho sects by opened homa Avenue bloc of Tho Toni Kyli it a pm i Tjon will prove a profitable a Runion because these Iota at 1380 to s7�?�iu. Are certain an substantial Money makers. Make this saturday pay you p a profit drive or take the Street car out East Central to the Southeast Comer of the University Campus. Turn to the left. The first paved Street open to traffic is homa Avenue key Street of the countr incl addition. Every Jot in Sale there h a a a t. Unity. Easy payments if desired in a off the walk a i the Otto the Road. Load ufos it lock he in r. Henry pick a co., Mero Hankims a try a scr 21.3 nut Iii i i 0m 101 # f to who am in Ltd off apr is a via mentally de Ltd. I my jail to a Mouth hot Marth uth first a Horn a of 7 Abow 1r Tel a. The Fai it Lih Bletl w a the i it Nant a1 a of h the v will fit a Walt tog for the Tath new America Rill i int Ion which a i a Voi Iii thin period of readjust Loam. A in or sir to Hong Par do or a t. ? Dodo a jew. conferred upon tic to a president Hill. We it ten a t i David. Dan form Thi t a it # rid i t Nap ration Marvin the he in Daj t Tho Mast r per great eat aerie t. Their youth. It it Ai t the increasing n tit or Young t our hoopla. A present "01 the Day brr of to and a nil woman in know thai in the so Remet in tim Joseph David Daniel and great mat to Liat two a or and a we Man who. W t of strength of by and a f n a i and i sri a. Pm to a a the world and to up a i racy. Vav set iou fat a Lister state. a a ?.ir.rkr-j -Li. Sch Lara help. Anc a. In diff Ashur nifty ration of butane Aff w. Mrs. Coffman ill seven years saved from an operation by Lydia e. Pink am a vegetable compound Sidell i ii.�?�?�1 was a nervous or Civ. I Waar uttering from a pain in my in it aide who h Watai most Union a in and i a get it it. To i i clothing re at on i mgt i it a r a -. I had been sick for seven year i to j of t a i a the last eighteen r a. A i had tie conc a a a. Rundown that i Ned fur Nobo and would rather have died than live. I a ail there was Lef w Ouid not concent la that so my husband brought my a bottle of Lydia e. Of a my Ham a veg table compound and begged me to take it. I have taken fourteen Bolti of if and i feel to Yean younger. Life is full of Hopo. I do All in Zhoua it a Erat ated the a of car. Work and had a Large Garden the the v of of. A Rafti rear. I never will be without the which a # Ai i a -1 Smo vegetable compound in the House a n a try do f v i i the Pax and when my two Little girls reach woman of i intend to to arh them it re Quot r 1 a Quot for to take it. I am never too Busy to Tell. Home suffering sifter of my help. Andy can use my name and letter to Proad the go new of Lydia l. am. Coltman . 2, Hidell Jil i s ii a May to rep Cut it Mlp v dont be left out of things re iou up is arb it auf of a git. B Tchi skit t a Fth of to Are. err is no nerd of end ii a f urn pm harassment or to a Etc uni t Brogue i. A Fri it is i in to some or Deus int err Al Jii Dilc a of. To fitment slate to re toe Leaf theron but a a Pitr. I by Casy and at utile expense. Re a sea in Moil a a. Tuft in us a to r with. Hin Tat Civ to we Del a a Jet tic of j a a int the a \ a Hgt a Fth tit to. drug fat Micua the. It tiny prod act. A a allies Tail for hot Lynul Quot Resinol it of i i Hilf and won a apr to to n 1&Quot m m a Able com Binal on. A f seen is Ali he. v is h specialised training. An Sneor laminated idea Lam fur the a a Kcf our country. And Public Edukat to and w Hoai ready a a earned the Mark and Der a of dial it tit from three air. Ai i Urbar a Ai yes. Hilt to t her of a re Ai Happy to conf upon j o a thu rth a fat Lection. By vol f the fat ult and author it it i i a a a a a it. A a honorary degree doctor 1 of Laws in recognition of what 3ol i have a f0ttipllfth, wha Yon Are. And who t your go err Milf my tie greeted Ana in ii or. He a \ i a fir w afr i trie i to t tar i. Fart ii for he a he brighten up with Mcmurty s in let and varnish Shieh is Well known and guaranteed Albuquerque lumber co. 12.3 North first. La Boue 421 he in h ii a bring your roofing troubles to Raabe amp Maugery a or Telephone 305. Sal or to Walter a to a out suffering Aster of my help. And a i.�?T. A beef Namu Bryan t a Bure by Clair Irvin Hgt in stunt Lorena a Burton by by err b j in cart w right Thaie Huth i a a a Shirley Feather Cora 511# j re Man Hari must. In a int it. Kim Ord meal Hopkins Khwarg i a t Lei la Organ Irene be i Iglus or William Byron Orange j Dora Mildred Kun Marion i a Simi Stinnett Urie Stowell Rick Thomas Wagner and Walter William Ward. Rite degree of a thelor of enc a conf erred upon William Andrew Collins Hubert v in. I a via. Maxwell i rugs a cow n a Dol it it Lav a Riahy. Jam Frank Georges Dulaney Huff be j Tiab # min. Helen a do a Mary Mcmullin j Ope Joy Cullo Rij Thomas ret Quot Vernon Baile a if fity Aud Claud Kenneth Psi Kin urn. I on a it a a Sherwood Dorinda Berkey Ca. A Ell f. Clower Ells Worth Duke. George a fiery Ort Ham. H to a Louise Bertrand ethels Jeu in Bollock and a Fie Obb i to or will receive to intr degree at the end Tho summer term j july 26. Rev Psi j Foulkes. 9. J., a lit red the invocation. Mias Stitle Riordan gave m vocal selection Audle Roy Volt a violin Solo. America was Sung by tin audiences the closing and fitting number. For thin facing hair use Cuti Cura of your Scalp is inflated and your hair dry and out in handfuls try this treatment touch spots of Dandruff and itching with Cuti Cura ointment and follow hot shampoo of Cut cur Sot nothing Ben or than caucus a Foi All skin and Scalp trouble pc a wifi set s for nit i.?#,# Tuff jul it. A . It Ltd it a Mhz a is two to or a a. O a a a see ish til is ghz a two Cruft Kytt Foft Wii Houi Awe. Extra special in Limo the finest aluminium $2.83 three piece preserving sets $1.98 extra special i Utah von a of Tho big Mirro Pren i Virg Kottl an aluminium Ladin and a combination funnel and Simin Tho regular i ice in $2 ft3, and the aped i pro for a limited tins Only $1 of. Call and liar your earned now b a aus the is going to Steed the Supply. H Way a .ghbor.ft, of s of is ii to Bross what you should t do and Haven to it Bible just read the front a a Lic Adlin s in ans news paper. Enterprise Cherry stoners. $1.75 f Enterprise Cherry a n stoners at Raabe amp wind shield Glass lumber Mau Fri a hardware a t a i a it it i in. C Lub heh of. I Maui or Nara arc 41 Goth in it my company. Phone 305 Raabe amp Mauger hardware co. First and Copper state University of new Mexico Albuquerque i 111 om.3 i no i ii i la in in my Mimi a a i \ i la to i Iii Dill h3 him if Chi Quot in i it Hill la Mima. Tuin of Rill met ii i Mhz \ Simm Atkin \ Fet we Ard infill to thin it la Idi t Atkin. Summer session monday june 11 to july 26, 1923 College course May be had in the following departments i misfit i do i i i \ i Ion i Iii m of Cluttil a ii mint for finn 111- Miry we m Lith to Mondary i la a inn Shim i. Elf tory of i duration Hovik i i Nom it h limn Mary a Iwho in \ la t i i i v Quot us Ril Lon of reselling m \ i Iii Man Quot it t car it oni t a Cam cat i ii Ami i it i on rot rift i it i i i Miv j it ital Ift ii i tie it latching i h Gilt or Fla and Dame Mel i a of Ami lonelier it w homing in of race in i Nulf a. It Lafle 111 gift it Etna i in. I a ii g Ila a. >s3 i 1101,04.\ Jet Wetli i. Etc. Ftp Wolf Elf registrar summer session it iat i fill Ril j Ltd is n my Vii a. Albu in Iii. N 31. Wiggly wiggle r. the Home of efficiency Economy and Leapli Nesif. The Pigney wiggly idea a revolutionized the retail distribution of food product. Customer shop at pig Gey wiggly Ith profit pleasure and satisfaction goods conveniently placed and swinging prise tag Are tis1 sail Smen the arrangement ii Quot tiros absolutely clean store. The Best personal services you help it ourself you select with your own hand exactly what you want. No Wadi so to be waited on 1 o Hurr it or take your time. No expo i Quot it salesmen no expensive sometimes called a free delivery a to be kept up you take your Purchase with you. A courteous manager who is fleeced with Tho same care As is ext re in of in the location of a Rig i y wiggly More i always near to intelligently answer quest inns. Pm ices 1 Pound Mistletoe butter quarters 42c i Pound Meadow Gold butter quarters ,.44c i Argo Premier salad dressing 39c quarts red Wing grape juice54< pints red w ing grape juice .29c 2g ounces Johnson a floor w a 21c 1 Pound Johnson floor Wax 59c 2 pounds Johnson floor Wax. $1.10 15 ounce Welch grape i Ade 25c �?�18 pounds turnstile flour. $2.05 21 pounds turnstile flour. $1.10 j bars Jap Rose soap i shopping bag25c Piggy wiggly is just one kind of store for every kind of people three stores in . No. I no. 2 205 North first Street. 406 West Central Avenue. No. 3�?corner East Central and Broadway. Your orders delivered for 15 cents. Something new in Kodak finishing same service and Price but ask for them at matson�?T5, Butts drug co., Briggs pharmacy United Cigar store Paramount drug co., Santoria drug co. The red Arrow 402 West Central about is reduction seashore mountains Yosemite Trees thousands of Miles of paved motor roads. Take your overcoat with Yon a California summer is Cool you will sleep tinder a Blan Ket nearly every night 3mi Hartley meals Quot Aff the Way details anti reservation to the rim an la. A. Hoyt a cont of Btu i bit x. M i iut a ft"4

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