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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 8, 1924, Albuquerque, New Mexico I Bank by mail i i j first National Bank Albuquerque new Mexico condensed statement. March 31, 1924 liabilities surplus and profits. Earned discount. Circulation. Discounts and Bills payable. Deposits. Resources Cash on hand and in Banks .$1,438,506.12 u. S. Government Bonds 335,546.18 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank. 18,000.00 other stocks and Bonds 85,027.61 banking House and furniture and fixtures. 596,572 43 other real estate. 90.009 37 Loans and discounts. 4,322,744.82 400,000.00 205.326.91 45.778.29 394,497.50 none 6.010,803.83 total $7,086 106.53 total $7,086,406.53 savings Bank amp Trust company Albuquerque new Mexico condensed statement March 31, 1024 liabilities capital 250,000.00 surplus and profits. 81,959.86 unearned discount. Bills payable. 150,000.00 Deposit. 1,624,979.37 resources Cash on hand and in 252,261.57 u. S. Government Bond 7.100.00 other Stock and Bonds 6.111.70 banking Douce and furniture and fixtures. 112,500.00 other real estate ____34,237.37 in it ans and discounts. 1,694,728.59 total $2,106,939.23 2,106,939.23 total Albuquerque morning journal pee five 5, by Jane Phelps f a pm husband and i a a i or hrs halons of a raid it Anion a eth a in fat Iory Morr a Cie. $15,000,000 defense organized for confessed Franks slayers ton ii tilt Only Vighi Bren a it Nesiti her Little quiz told of being hoi Abe had p a. So to children w my he. A reached he 710, ii bad s i Wist Glt in i rib his airily f1 v lug Cut Only c big co Mon a. 8 tic ii. Um0 ii o a As Gen crop but i to info to real i of j i he. Mid it Foo of mtg Tir f h ii n by could and it relieved Hilt f f it. 11 c i to t i tended the University of Colorado. Many Auto tourists from 1917 to ish Hie Mother ii1 1 la Urdl superintendent of schools of Larimer county and live in fort Colline Colo. Captain Vertex was in Albuquerque about a year ago when the vers flying circus eave exhibition Here. The editor of the morning journal we one of Tho who enjoyed trip Over the City with the Captain in i air plane. J for the National Forest of the in tar United state a i0.ft7ft.10t visit n. In forests vl8ltor of which number 8,976. Re a 300 were Auto St. According to figure furnished by the Forest service and pub Llred in the automobile Industry Quot 193,300 people visited the National Fores of new Mexico during 1923 of this number. 1 84 80 w4 re automobile tourist. The total figure he r Bize a mrs neighbors Bud fact and figure of a Quot a it our Young to jo1a the army Quot mrs. Malaprop Wall. A 11 very Young but then you see. Bel is tidy Ocinar to join Hie infantry. A Houston pest. Ally it a Little girl school j girls ten year old in she syly As she sly up j about in in. A a we re a in Ort All just i other. At . Now a hat a Moi Mother can we have some Tho Little Conr i non cake or Iii Cra so much a Quot yet 1 11 to Ake a lot of them d Well have lemonade a ooh. Goody a Mary Thren her is about her Mother neck and n j her until she declared she us not breathe. A what All the Row about by v. ,3 Dick a favorite name for watch child a bowels a California Fig syrup is children s harmless laxative Dicky going to have and cinnamon to and Oery above the accused boy Beng quizzed to to a Nathan to to. A jr., state a attorney Robert prove. Richard Loeb and i a Fain William r a Bowmaker. Left. Below in , the i Konoid chauffeur who upset to a boys Alibi and caused their con i Ion. Tho other photos he the fatal i Home Ltd the boy. I he Aimeb Home is above. states attorney Robert Crowe is gathering evidence with one purpose a mind a verdict for hanging Parent of Nathan Leopold a a and Richard Loeb confessed kidnappers and murderer of Robert Frank Hies go youth Are organizing a 915,000, too Del Enre. Meanwhile Loeb and l Puld the acc de boys Are attempting t pin on Inch other responsibility it r the death blow. The defense in expected to aet up a plea of insanity. Real Nice Pulci it rat had Bain High. >0 ii id been emby Fri it. D. Left Cut of things by Cru a a it be is Abl to do Hie part a i goo Bry. Old enough to of i it they could af-.1 Manly enough to try Wen though by wag nag ii id almost Dnn ded to get a a hot i i in a d but i so a to v Ait a a hut it Cost would give the two. A xxx t a fitly Ehlt by it r ill v ii it did her look iu.w3tjwtcd qty Cut Putrin Yerek seriously Nom i Ber clutching at i. Prat of i a re. I place Toht a Lens. A lift i v a i Mont Hill Plantation he ii j Sieh loan total astound s3s0.0c0 part you xviii understand that i Hae. Do you la j. C Willow Meadows aha be i place Hor neither Willow a it a i rook5, life a to once inc it it the bad Ltd a in to to i one third of Thiv liable for Ilia Jynnea my for Roxy get stricken my Xian or it melt a for frill when inno nerd by j a of Tho feeling fore the Moen a t of me Mig a thing you hold your breath an i Vert in a i a t wait. K.? my a Pool of Seething it Armine is Mead Brin. Along the far horizon for a e Lind in our then ebb a moment More i great Tho shadows smolder in the dusk i. I Vii n .1 and then Ere quenched by alight rated Many milers Frota the. A hush. A quiver i Cal of surf yet Mill if hears As though something stirred abroad Mark of its first calling. It in suddenly the i Aalf sea with All it silence All Hung with tar its tumult Al lie rolling lonely a a w Ste v my haunted h id by Eure .3 the son of magic turned to land still keeping Parent who Yvere its t a a Coul intact. As Cai scorn a it Qaq a to receive More invitations Usu things like tree and Hrubar a a. So my place scorns them but in ,l1,1 la y ij�?T1 can Lethe sprit slime flow ers spill ilk a to loth course it foam and in the storms toe great knowledge lesson to v. Ads shout and purr is they can eked a can any boy Tell a the never shout in cities and always Manine flu. In to k. S. V. P.?�?� ninth i and i ice or Over it a5a./ it it a John b h ind hot up. My dark and Only g cd. Tho spirit a Well a said the matter. Mov a upon Tiit Meair a a Plant i son. People Call it Cleft it and is by. It la Norman Fuller newspaper artist Alfo receives in Rirs n Accident at Denver Field Denver june t a Captain Law Ell. R a. T rms c in of the Royal flying corps and Well known Brit i so flying Ace and Norman Fuller be w paper artist xxx Ere seriously Itsu it x. Hen an a plane in Whit it they w re flying flt i at a local aviation Field. I i in Tieg is ii Ltd of they Rel if Cir to. Of san Francis muons a in Antonio tem a in ac-1 Fuller is an artist employed by toners i the Hocky Mountain news mater i has a Gerord of bringing Down St German air planes Durlyne a or a world xxx a Many behind the in v un1 la was brought tix that enemy on two orcs he has six Nir Lsne Jhb it menu explained John billions in Many of the coun rut in. A Hake h ind and try. Well tit Iii. I Flitter a it Hoss 24 x ear old at i v print i of Mut. The r a h be Many Ariette Sec do Vou suppose there Are e world a a me Cut in a Garden and. A 5a a a a h if. I for them it is a a fert. Bit for me i to it Oast to West to North. I to South the great land heaves and Fahr in trough and Billows the Only break in a1 that Rise and fall some roaming steer a Lone horseman at Dav it a lean Coyote noting Down the Vind by Day it lies a raked to the san it scanty Gru of invents of thin hot Gold the v Hob land scorns to imm a i the Light lilo Tawny living flesh asleep above the sky evas like i hollow Globe drained dry of color in the noon tini heat. Whid sky above sprawled Earth hut As Tho Day de Dine. The c Lor Rise. Schoolboy coolly reenact brutal teacher slaying i All Quot Erk id xxx of Ager pts. Ivy Tuv in Siam it live e 4 5 East narc a <17 11j monday 2c0 of our trimmed and tailored hats will be placed in five lots. Thew Are of the seasons most desirable styles and materials including a of the newest shapes trimmings and designs. Lot number i�?$1.00 50 trimmed and handed hat at $1,00 each. Some of these were $7.50. Lot number 2�?$3.00 consisting of the seasons most desirable shapes and trimmings. Some of these were As High As h.50. Lot number 3�?$5.00 includes some of the most attractive ribbon and Flower trims of the sea in. Some of these v Ere it 10.00. Lot number 4�?$7.50 50 trimmed a suitable for Street and Dressy Wear. They were $15.00 arid $18.00. $1.00 $7.50 lot number tio of 810.00 these Are the most exclusive number of a our Cary patterns hats. Soon Ltd a f Thouc v a High As $35.00 Roland Mcdonald. Iyehol Ogirita ars etude inf Rol a cd my Donald 15-yer-Oid Ara Feerst Maine Schoolboy who confessed a emotionally the brats slaying of his teacher Louise b Gerrish 19. Who boarded at the farm where he worked he Cooil rehearsed the crime for ? showing How he slipped away it work with his Shotgun waylaid r Gerrish it n q i in Cly r Tad killed her hid the both and the a .3 turned whistling cheerfully to the a woodpile. Kent Day Only on Lour ahead of the search party that found the Cut a it n to ret or. I it \ r. A a 3 it. T i of your summer in Cool Santa be los cerros now open the latest resort at the Mouth of Santa be Canyon a Haven of rest and peace Amons the Hills Vlony the River East of the City ten minutes drive from the Plaza. Altitude 7,360 feet in a ii til u i View. Attractive Arron Raller. Comfortable or common 1 it a a. Mitt Ltd to lib of food 1 to lighted Lait and �11 running Eva tar in Cavil room i tick Bowel i rooms xxx Ali private Bull. Lawn Flowers Orchard farm Garden Mountain Trout fishing blunting in season los cerros is not a Sanatorium persons requiring Sanatorium treatment xviii not be accepted of a a place for person do a ring ant Lexing Condi tons in it Dutiful and i re ibb he rounding. We Ore making reservation for Fin Simnin nov a a we Ere limited for guest t runs re y a Cru ton Are Dei. Ira Blo. Why worry and bother with housekeeping los Cerro offers All the comforts of Home and More. Swimming Pool Saddle horses Lawn Tennis Lawn Golf Etc. Rates for accommodations May be arranged with the director los cerros a nil be Canyon Santa be next Mexico a Stellar Quality Conoho gasoline is pure clean balanced uniformly Good and of the same Stellar Quality always. That is Why consistent Conoho users get greater flexibility and More mileage and satisfaction out of their cars. If you like a Jerky sputter motor Are Content w Ith generous quantities of trouble and stingy mileage you done to need Conoho but otherwise a the Continental Oil company ,1 adored corporation tool exam prot ult it Quot a Colorado marketing Complete line of High Grade a oleum products in Colorado. Ivor Rurik w Mexico i us Idaho Ana Montana government specifications Are based entirely upon tefts which determine Range of volatility and balance. Conoho is highly volatile it contains the Correl proportions of Light medium and heavier fractions necessary to form a Complete and uniform Power Chain. It More than meets government standards. I r convenience use Omen Coupon books a thu balanced gasoline

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