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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - June 7, 1925, Albuquerque, New Mexico June 7, 102�Albuquerque morning journal faze Kine league Bauers Simmons of the athletics tops list with an average of .415 has crossed the plate 44 times m in Chicago. Jim1 it i on to r u Horn Conn go q . A Thlu. Six in ii ? it i a i i v a a i v i in it f Amir of Thor a i Phi la f i i Phi no i him n. #f3 i tiling. A in red to i in. He 1#rahii 11 or by and Rai Sun 1# i Gur. In ii n the Pira s a the Leader Chan average of ,401, while Barnhart it flailing Hawks with .3 87 Ani a focus of she to dog is. A few Comer among the i id in is n it v a .383. Cuyler of the pirates Sho psf a Rig j of run a Gat is Lead or a in scoring with tallies Huger Hornsby newly Papain a manager of to is out in front in total base hitting with u Hiu Lias made 54 hits including ii doubles a triple and 13 Home runs Gabby Hartnett of the i i to its it Iii leads Hie Natl r ii i i gut is in Hon Rune with ii l u i Quot Sparky Adam of the cubs. With 13 theft is setting the Par thong the Bas steamers other leading hatters Bancroft Baston .381 Earl Smith Pitt Ahugh. Ago Burrus. P. St on .372 Hornsby St. Louis it1 Harper. Philadelphia .36 3 to ii it Broo 1th n 3 <5 itto rih coast to coast hikers meet Ili lock near git Owen said that the lost pack con a lined a looking outfit blankets a .33 Caliper pistol bandages and shaving Aid Aho shining outfits a the outside of the pack a i adorned with a United state shield a said. J the hts a believe that the pack # is jarred from the c a at a Point w Here the automobile took a slight Detour from the main Road Between Domingo and Bernalillo. Aviators now Here who filmed Quot Cloud rider Quot at Ideal soon less a a i due d mint left and who a in Albu did much of the sensational filing in la air plane special that loud Bider a which will be the Fen it attraction at the Ideal theater on the coming tues or. Owen will be in the City for it a we a. The next few Days pending news As \ a a. Quot thursday. Maui firk ppr if Trimins Loso a a is Quot of a Back i a r athe e in was a Rentell Idlla. # finder is a nested to . 1rk # As Sal also pack and say they will a Husum. I a >-�?.-m. He Imam. Atone a r a . Of a it drop $1,000 Wager of not recovered t Gur tiv in within s i of their Goat h a Ltd win and Bob his dog both of new York City. Santa be shops go on forty hour week i f i i j 00 d i. T of i in the am motion m it i Tern an #.ieu#, to h to last in Hatting of 1 a louts ,353 Wright Bitts i 3 i of of St. Baul has been the til american Assn the mints a till to i a prominent the Leader for an 72 thirsts batting dish up will i n Avera be of he tip a a Only Ian rough shod rth i id going from .41. In i week but f ir1 a <1 t. By and mrm mus of the Browns sensation to rial Ion race. It id. R. Lim a place among a v #1 a Enof .3 75 included two double i i or of Homer. Eddie Murphy f of a a i the scans be shops hire have a v by forced to ran in hah to their opt a the 40-Hnur we for an East to roast hike As the result of indefinite period because of Short age of work. The men will work every Day except saturday and sunday. The change went into effect saturday. The order is said Bob. Left f0 general throughout the sys v it to a j tem. Would be i Roundhouse workers a not of july i of j act a. Being retained on the full Fil unexpected Brees of Luck be to or to Bernalillo and Domingo f Ziy saturday re nth. Or. Owen and his de i new York on october is too Wager that they in san Pedro it Ilif. Is of a wheel from his plane and in it land. Or Montieth Flis p in closely beneath or. Or plane and the daring Al Alison takes a we sol on his Hack in is to the upper plan and Adust the w Heel to the plane All f which ii graphically shown in he i. Lur or. Montieth and or. Clark say j h n absolutely All the stunt in j the Cloud rider or on the Ware that nothing a faked. Iii. Ate much interested in the Honing of this photoplay a adv. T Olur bus. This the it is of the Wager i Tun schedule. An his been in vented. In v i i in of to Himfy it a Tise if tag the you Browns i in i def h 1 of scan t of a i a hitting he Youthful Ouier has Cro sed the pm 41 it a. 3�?T i str. Tih a 1 a Tot 1 i 11 rift to i j 3 h. Pc r Fen in a t a a a a during that k include doubles a rip a Ani a 11 in a in run int v hit of the it a a h to i p a f i \ ii i c 5 a i iof average of tic Lafert a based or g a in s in line those of wed d d a a i Yin i Quot hi5 Only i a. Four f i Mer her i. I Ling i # m. Ion Ltd y two tor v by rom a maintained the batting Lead with j allowed him to accept and Lidea .41r. Eddie Atn Smitht of Minne to which a was invited hut in not a Polis leaped 4 1 Points fur the manner to signify that a wished it intr up position it ii ,.v� a. The get #. Web ii of Tole do remaining third to a Ontl Natal hiker a in wit n Utt. Santa Fern. Turd a Moi eng by i Birl Smith of til Millers w i six of clock saturday he was in do i in i the tsp for the it it a run Muneo. Afr leaving that Village j Honor leading with an even j a re led an aut Mobil lift a it a dozen. Hgt i a a of Hir team. Arriving her at nine of clock in to # j mite Duncan Ai i Brief of Thea a a nine1, a discovered that his i brew s Ani co hrs of pm Paul pc hid in Ltd me manner been lost Smith ran b s total by mar of Froni the car. 1"b s hits including i 7 Don n # a int of the wac of sc-1 i a f e triples and 13 homers i Ordie a Quot at. Cowen provides that til Speed Marvel of la Sault he must obtain police and Fin de a it Holster n end Boon Carruth badges in every principal i running to. It and neck for the City or. By roue All of these he bad stealing honors w this Ach by. Or in i pack and his Jour a i a or leading Batter t by will end Here unless they Are it Tabour j a Coyer a. In Stich a Rase or , ear 366 Brief a. St Paul 5 t o in co i oui a i Kansas a Ify a i Aru ii Yankee. 36 1 co v re. Minn a m , Tilp. To Iwen a f h i in ase air i uld be on the losing end i e # a i von to the bade. Or. I if. I b r 4 Ltd b a of t is. By 1. Wnm a 37a my a v v is p on i it 70 it speaker. F the in tuns bus to with the met pc r f to fir i and is it Tang 41 the a Sun a v. Info. Of tie t Sere. A my i of the Ink. I t i a f the he run in is Ruth begin mens by sagger we it a Gram Fogt a to Ibby i j of Nett ome run Budh h India 1emple to of quests of City Early this morning t hindi n u malt Quot it a guests of the turning Khz run to to # Giurin will be Thea it a will or tilt f the f it t or with i a a Chi i a Vin if Row in is for rat hit r cd i which a pass us fur. R than x # o n a of a St in ill Ca. Or o a heft Arf dorm Ani Biles s f it omme a. 13 6 Vii o clock and following the Hrics s go a Burtur r cured both it f r to k no Hawk now hold to a by a out f a a Rompos a t a. Oaf ions i be. I Trade ass. Alb n <-p#cia1 we Tak a through i if. So turd in morning. They re in route to their annual con in Lon in fan Francisco m re 11 him pm of j Pillow prot cd it of the Central now Monico baseball 11agu. Announced saturday night that a had appointed Jack Markle of work with i not tit Gila in Sun Day s Gam. Mark will replace Hart ii be for Tbs Gam. Eckles a it a is Tho Lim to get hid of i lie i Gly spots t a to a or the sight it re of a ii a a or. 1 d our Fri Kas Ltd re re he is a its a a r a a the homely Eto o Cane of Otto doth a a a a a a Ltd a from a drug a department f to it a i apply a hut of it eight and c a Jieh. Ald of a thai Eves the w rat rack Lea have begun to d sapper while the lighter one have v f. Juis a cd m to it,.�?� tar a to a or he a n and Gam a hot in a flit i meet inn i f ire to Aal ? r the double Aire the Cit a to a to a a under guv of r re ack if it fads to remove Jour you can look Well and be comfortable too this summer in the Oft lamented Good old Days Manv men sought summer Comfort by shedding then Coats carrying Palm Leaf fans or wearing Black Alpaca. They May have been comfortable but they sacrifice a lot to attain it. But this is no Long thu. The country i St d a f�#1 in a just As Well dressed in the stun Mer me As any other they re comfortable As Well. They know that a atom f Ich an the guarantee a of h i Fig com they pm find Light suits that carry All the Fin App a my in Cut tailoring an i Mata i a is the re cd is. Wow Sisr a air 9 san we Chayben Keither. We w a a a <s"m-1,urk i 216 West Central Avenue we f m i. F r cd a re complexion Hine. A a a for hair i it r depart not be Lacorato Tea. Certificate of membership laundry owners Chat ional association organized october i 1883 Excelsior la under y co. Code of ethics the principles that govern membership in the laundry owners National association 1. I reaffirm my allegiance to my country and its Constitution and i believe in its everlasting endurance through Law and order. 2. I believe in the laundry Industry its future and its obligation to the american Home. 3. I believe that these three have their distinct rights in our Industry first the Public second the employee and third the employer and that the rights of each must he protected by the other two. 4. To the Public i respect the Confidence placed in me by entrusting to my care property which it is my duty to treat with due regard for its preservation Hygiene and sanitation As developed by the research work of our service Bureau and to return this property to its rightful owner. If i fail in any of these it is then my duty to the Public to my fellow craftsmen and to this my association to make lust restitution. 5. To my employees i demand for them he same respectful treatment from my supervisors that they May justly expect from me and dedicate myself to the task of so conducting my business that they shall receive fair return for their labor and be enabled to enjoy healthful surrounding both physical and moral. I also acknowledge my duty to consider their individual abilities that he or he May be placed to advantage and justly promoted when to Hole. I believe that Many a right to Vork without reference to his membership or non membership in any organization is As sacred As his right to religious worship and should be equally free 6. As employer i believe fair Reward is due me if i meet these obligations to the Public and the employees and that my compensation from the Public should be based upon accurately determined costs. 7. I believe the dignity and character of the Industry can be sustained and improved through our Parent organization the laundry owners National association to which i pledge my support and i further agre1 so to administer my affairs As to reflect credit upon my association and my Industry. General offices la Salle Illinois. The Excelsior laundry is the Only laundry in Albuquerque that belongs to the laundry owners National association and the Only one that has adopted and adheres to the above code of 9 Days More special 30 Day offer ends june 15 one year subscription the morning journal regular rate $9.00new Mexico a leading newspaper every Day in the year daily and Sunda the Best news and the Best feature Send ii today Chi him circulation department . The morning journal Albuquerque a m. Enclosed find Check for six dollars $6.00 for which Send me the daily and sunday 7 Days the morning journal for a period of one year. Name p. O. Box no. Street town state. In Esi six i i h us mpg i p if his

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