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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 24, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Fps rat Albuquerque morning journal july 21, 1022 we want give you a taste of fresh Oakes win roup wards Cash Storc phone 28 sos Welt Central orders delivered for 10c account Stoutt ten thousand carloads of Colorado perishable products ready move Appeal government. A i or if a i Miff r of need damage estimated at $175,000 is done by rain and wino storm 1. 11 a in i Mimm la i n s in in in i s a a a Kwh \ 1101 a a Pim i i f. La i on in in my ii. Ii. Cd specialist morn bbl. Tri a fall of. 325 for rent v Hood Ware House. A Lirt cd Roning on North 1st sire a a la i him a hint i i in or a Iier real fetal hrs lip theatre Mumm last time today highest class 1nevery Way of of far id d b wit a Ord i in Ink Navajo rugs Turret from Cirl a hip in Rrt v i rep. Fourth owl pm phone 770 of ii f d Richard Kipling offers a Golden silence a wonderful deputation of hardships of a United states rancor his life in hic open Placer of o a r country his efforts uphold Law. T Ole in Quotmin lets go pastime today i ton i a last time today William Fox presents Dustin targum in a strange idols in which cupid had a Job Loo big for him a first scenes of shiners through Albuquerque with a he i Jim for Sale furniture Beda Dresser. Dining room spy buffets Library table 3-pee ii Vine i Otto it. nit. Ii. No now i is .111 North 12tli is prof d Amontrose follow opted u a ii Dorado Tenet in Wash a a this present Coal a re a. Cau Fornola aum Andfiat ipod or with Montrose pariah Abs a. In p. To lilt and i i i f i. Home. I command. The lure of . Of life Alength prove Tor Strong for her. The husband accompanies by i hark now York hut business will not permit him Rem tin and r p Pat not Burnt in rom App enough return with him Praml i five kit of Tomb r a Camp. la at Point. Field Winf event of a by by that or Amati action become Nap. Tim situs a Ion pall for utmost of do Toh i in turn emotional ability a and or a ret a a a lid with spit of i 654 taxi line phone 654 lost Cirnat Fly i cd. By i h ii disc grocer i for Wale for Sale d dad. D hut Cal Coa i v in it. Faro a journal. At Hall Park. A Brown 1&ther Ladler Puree containing Iso. Finder please return journal office. No questions asked. Added attractions a go get Mem Hutch current events regular prices of also a Fox news topics of Day two reel comedy regular admission prices t n Nihil in n com Nai i Iii Tov in a hat g ne1 a a a \ ii her rep % i1 n m j ipvt. T tint i int iat Treab d i e i cd o r Mort Fri Pmhe rec Lii motion i it i a con. Y. Tiie farm a car j a a yhe gov i Cut. I Gatedi they now demand Protection wowing and Welling . Or crops Tiit a his indebtedness May t. We Al a up iut i immedi Ion he taken give ird Powers that their Man Mux enforced both ital find labor. Itch i join Hios. Fun Cinatl july 11, on so i i inst de outfielder of in. I a trans cd i. Came an Sirree j Niento today play with fat Moran tied re of a a season. The term on which contract j was mad were not announced. I Roush was said will resume play with.? to in immediately Rob stenographer room a Hill no big re. Of keep 14 01 j 4 Fogg jeweler jewelry Frickm 11 h South fourth. A he Jymm milk that Wil Vivian Dairy phone lost one 32 11 of on rim. tire Monnt-11 Ion 420. J theater today Guys Transfer and storage we make a specially on lumber i hauling and building material i sow done forget Long trip 321 s. Second phone 3.1, local items i in put a \ Ira i hit 4 a l a fam. W or. D j t ? in Robert i. By route Home frn Uva Ntina in a a 0. T. Stars defeat x. T. in game new Ball grounds town a a a a. Defeated x. T a a. To in by a score of 6 a a x. L i a a grab & their Only run in ninth inn intr. The r Ime is played at new ground i fourteen la Street and Gold Avenue. Butteries o. T. Stars Lucero x. I. and stars will play de Moya next sunday Bart Las he d. Score by innings. Ish Ooi p2x�?6 d 10 too 002�?2 or. D. It. Murray osteopathic and not fan Vara Violet Ray treatments phone 74 1. or. Arum or id. T. Dunn of i vegas who pave been spending Abay few Days at Home of or. And so mrs. I a a. Porter returned Horny As. Yesterday _ a. I. T \ .t.,. J Cut Nim n of Tju a. ,. I. No it. V. F a a m a a Fri i rat v hilt.. V . I i j r no a a u a daily s Kush and Harry our Gyp of ii purpose of cons orc. Will work Heights two rim tar a f a i of t. A Tiv vent afternoon each week int a tory Wood. Full truck Load. A ruins. Four dollars. Hahn come company phone 31. Member of Knight of Columbus and menus Damtry of immaculate Conception Church will Mem Blo this evening s of clock for recitation of ror Irv for be of sol a a a Quot theater. I repent Long Day of. R Aal Lim a Glt Bien ii 1 Richa a i Kiplingto a. A1 in repeater it a go 111 11 Quot pm Sode. And aurr tents Quot picture Crystal i priv i Lim be Pei ing a Man re of i fat us i a y a n a Iii nor Dering a a a m ins Quot Iii c even in a in c Anne Tion w ii to any there w ill be six id \ tile a is. a Quot they a k Cem n sch a with vie dad a a tiding Star is be Ingr i n a d Cly for Lastj flirt a s sign i e a p a siting Quot Tel. pure ant Sim p i a Quot a i pastime titrate Din car urn ii a ring in a Rbt ran be id i i a Ting peat i Toda v at i a time a is re seating ble i lures. First scene of j Bra nor passing Roush a i la 11 Guerque Quot a and a Yfe x be Vvs in i tules Jund on by Kipling a �?oi i v Sii i pc i a put i Fri 11 King Ai if a tip Gladioli Raymond f i Oom phone 2lfi7-j. Business Opportunity garage business of $50,-000.00 per year. A Money maker for a live wire. Owner p. O. Bog 681 Albuquerque n. M. The Imperial laundry co. A a try laundry of Quality a dry Henning dyeing. Hat cleaned and blocked. Hug chimed by intent part Kvasa phones 148 and 449. Lyric theater Conti of fit i p. M. Last time today Stade i Al i a Springs Hun Day a week a Asea Gers taken. One Way. $5. Leave Albuquerque s 30 a. In inca a a me Springs. 2 p. M u. 8. Mall by stage. A. H. Baca in hone a 21 a for Sale Rooming House. Fourth and Central. Fee Landlady for particulars. A Cerrillos egg Coal i i form si7.l on i Niini toll in i f i arc heat full Ppound Mort Pounder in Tolar most satisfactory a constr ral and Coni e a Lent fuel stove and Kang. Or scr a ton i y. Hahn Coal for Sale by owner one of finest Homes in City in most desirable location on paved Street. 7 rooms Bath by i fast dem 3 sleeping porch. Screened porches. Ideal arrangement. Strictly modern in every respect. Steam heat. Call 970. Would you marry this girl for Sion you ill enable judge better when you ice Viola Dana in Sheylik go emm a a Harry Beaumont production Sway and seen and by re Taylor 4ft University Heights doings i he. I Tine South of ii of Leon an esd once. 10�?o Dpi Thomas b Owens. Well known resident. Dies h in Okee Rue my it. A 4. Owens paused away f. No i a i 3u of clock Jae. La 5 North Maple r lowing in illness of Rai service will b Ara la e first Baptist j suday. July 25, 5 i i a d by ref t. F. 1. J Fri w de by masonic j i Faire i a a cemetery. E is is us his family i Over i Vii years Asp Choli Fla where lie is Bors hit in Okeechobee. F. Amp a m he r of he mud a in o Amer a h-Tdc-1 in Quot n i Quot in 1 caching a tit irs department j a of past two i member of j or h treasurer of j d people s sunday i and was a most in worke r. Or. And mrs. I purer r of mrs. Teens. D bed Side a week butt j11 return Home. Or. I s with him. Or i by his Parent i or. A. Ii. Owens Tulsa j in later and one Broth . Id. take-1 a. Of a. Hay Wiley. La., j. A. Mens Tulsa m be Kathrine of Inu a. Ii is wife and Twoi Oma s. Jr., and sur Vive. Besides to ii oui n for him ar.1 f a i ads who join in Yin Pat by. Mrs. A. Ii. Kathrinie and j a a Are expected this after sometimes old nature takes pity on a poor mortals and take hand in helping. I in ians w ill said no lr.�?T? Iii Anil dear Canyon take exterior scenes of Olden silence company was driven up then and All arrangements were mad tart taking Snow scenes i morning. There was any Snow on ground but did j Rector had mad All his arrange 1 h c. Fernstrom ? recent arrival j meats make look that Way. I has purchased two Beautiful lots on n during night Dame a enter a of c>h1 and Lizard a a nature let Loose most won a Fitch in greater restricted Dis i Kerful Snow storm and when in let with a vow of improving players went out into open i next morning scent venue from City Lim were ail set and believe us their i a no i now in As by was a plenty a a Central largely and kept snowing kept of tin on is owing such an extent thai and then not was impossible take any he dirt Loav scenes. The company waited and Dytche or eight Lnch deep. Waited and after two w Eek a i a jaw against this. Enabled photograph exit p not observed. Ferlora and with natural Snow Evev ii parties Are air Nagji ached backgrounds. They say that -,1 he Given at new la eight ins to a paint realistic Back Iii. Her j Quot of h us and. I,.? no artist could Ever a lits i s soon As building transcribe Beauty of Snow dieted. Tin auditorium prom scenes in a Golden a he Quot a 1 Quot a in dear this wonderful Story told in a n. I uhf a a Hon film picture lit being repeated Tod at Quot by theater for last time. Trik e is meeting \i&.\ dam her stopped by rangers auction Sale tuesday july 25, 515 West Lucid ave. Sale Start promptly 2 30 p. In. I wanted woman Cook single for snip ii u r hot Springs. Apply 203 added attraction pure and simple a two part comedy regular Price i South second once or. H. E. Kimble i n i room 4. Grant ii lid or i Liing and Antral. Piton .4�2 we pay Good pric for firearms such As Rifle shot guns pistols id let a a in Al condition 213 Iii i Street for Quick results try a want and five rooms of House furnishings go High in Cich. Note following articles i sold Springs and mattresses Library table Rocker Dininghairs sanitary cot Coal Range Oil stove Kitchentel in Chain some dishes and King utensil Chick Many other articles not mentioned. If you want Hgt pm i rigs you cad not afford mis this Sale. Re on hand bring your friends. All goods Are sanitary Ani sick done Fig Date and pack be on hand. Bier for re. Beds Able and Kitch int and furnish Arlo and him 4 by a a a a a a a a. Pip j. L. Gober auctioneer. The straight line w fit i Litra pre. Pueblo. Colo., july 23.�?colorado rangers stopped a a meeting of proximately 2,000 striking Mem Ber of United mine workers and amp Nihizer in Al a a a play that Rockies Devil May car thin fifth Noou. According Felix a Pogliano 1&. United Milf in s evening. A. J. Mcguire Preal a r Quot of a a a a Quot a newest vehicle and opened scr Voda in Sidon of Walsenburg too ii Union War n hav an applet iat Lve audience gave eyed crowd. I 1 is it. A a Nign of Complete Katis faction i rut d that no i a a y nip a with in Star and her Pic us a 1 s a Tun is being repeated today _ Lur last time. Bank clearings for Story is a most amusing another part has been found for miss Viola Dana Little metro Star which seemingly a. Special la constructed provide her with an Opportunity Dis play that reckless Devil May care. Tov0 vivacious Ness in portrayal of re worker hero i Surl Asse act i Resit they like pm rough Quot is her Hast verb in and Opert Day it Lyric theater when Mari co 400 Wolfl of a with a touch of adventure Ai d Tiv i Flavoured with tin s. Bank clearings for a City of Albuquerque for Wek ending wed a Lay were a j,212,840.76. A is in 17 .4 Quoti s than preceding week. Which included Eon i erns one Katherine Trowbridge a wilful Little minx who Only needed be told do a shinto he consumed with a determination not do it. Authority in by Guise she uld rut tolerate. Santa be pay Day. 1plnem is so when her Uncle and aunt with holding up unusually w c h for in whom she lives conceive a plot. _. A a -.1 i. I i Rex Var 4 a weto.4�?T a a a a i summer Ler Chanti Leon Antoine. For 37 years resident Sjef a us pm lit la in Francisco. Calif., july 23.�? Paddy Shes former not w York a of Albuquerque. Dead a Ness and banker j marry Hor off a certain Young men and Katherine disco a a Era scheme she immediately decides that that anybody in world is preferable that parti alar Young Runjin. A will go out and marry first in in i meet Quot she Crystal Serap House opening performance tonight famous players deluxe a present a baby mine an uproarious farce comedy full of laugh and comic situations with 6-vaudeville acts-6 original gloom chasers two show each night 7 30 and 9 00 of clock prices a adults 50c children 25c i tax included hex a Railroad is constructed from one town another engineers strive make line As straight As possible. Because a straight route is shortest quickest and least costly. Business furnishes a parallel cases line Between Man who makes something and Man who wants something. Advertising provides a Short Cut Between manufacturer and you. Advertisements make possible Tell you in a few minutes All you want know about services or articles you need. A glance through this paper enables you sift out tilings that interest you and in a moment you know just where and when go for what you want. Figure How Many Steps How much needless walking and _ talking advertisements save you and your neighbors. Then you will realize great Economy of advertising. / i in Annii a a Sid of tilt5 oily for Pat 37 years died i. Home on South Broadway yes re.&morning. Or. Antoine is irs ired by Bis wife thro daughter i. Arthur Tulip of Galveston Tex. Mrs k. La shop of this City. And in. Thomas a Morgan of a in a end two son. Leon Antoine jr., of this City and Ernest j. A Antoina of Ixia All gales a lit. Jiwa a member of a internal motherhood and knights i ? oium body will lie in a a a e ill a Amor ? Mordu amp by from 2 until j of clock today. Club Oflie Pac iii1�?T coast league in in m Paul of american association was announced hero j Toda it Price was not divulged. I till ii cd Liioi shop a Butte filth is South second i tee Call told Delhery. Let a Send a Man replace that broken window or Lush. A Hunu a que lumber co. Phone 42j. 423 North first. Or i r we Maught Ken i a or Daisy Matt Ricki. T Isle a i Hie phys Elan. K i. Lull Diing. Phone office 89-u resilience in a. I tie a Leterle i ?i., 211 fast Cut jul. Photic 797\\. Empire cleaners by frs am la api lists Rig cleaning in tunic 153. Cor. Lith Uinn Gold any milk produced under proper condition from a healthy Herd is Good clarification makes milk better clarification plus pasteurization makes Best milk of All. For hot weather dessert sherbet is Best of All. Albuquerque co operative Dairy association phone 351 North second. Advertising plays a necessary part in your life read it. See advertiser who displays his goods in newspapers and helps town he is one who deserves your patronage

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