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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 23, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico July 23, 1922.albuoueroue morning journal rape five automobile Page 1eb safety season now on prize contests for pupils and teachers Aims to Cut Down 1921 Accident record average motor car Packard enjoyed buyer is 34 years big Prosperity old and married past 3 months warning tourists Ihm or Etc Ythi is the sufi to season Quot say not orc 323,Oft than the 8. Joi Den special representative motor fatalities for Tho Rountry in in traffic and eatery for the a. 11921 a it a 12,609 in the few Ltd Lanai automobile chamber of lion where non Fata arc Idem Arr i recorded the ratio averaged about Commerce in a statement Anju. ,,, no in n on lined noun Len my prices of 11,600 for j not including Grade. Toxins Ace school children and to it Acher. J Dent where the ratio in Ai out i a the Are the month in will Chi j to i me Ich uset find 21 injure Earl lower the Accident record i Lea Loev it a y fatality in ii new of previous i ars it is not too York City had 25.1 non fatal a a much to Hope that no will see client to every mortality an the 225,000 injuries of 102 plication of the 25 it i to lilo to it it it a h if i Tho 11,609 gives ll3,600, a a the National auf. Mol. C Ham of highways u ill Ile safer. Her of loin Mer it has Sot a to re it is reasonable to believe that. New by year its 1121 offer of $3, 1 highways will have a Hefter safety Jai in Prises fir school children j record in 1922. Because the Public i eject re who i the average motor veil j de buyer a hard question to j in Awn ii Era use it very nearly a allele Tho query a who is the aver it age c Tisz it hut it compos let pictures of the i motor vehicle buyer Are not Lack tag probably the Best a Tati St j is on the buyer in. Mistimed Are those j gathered to Gay the great acceptance Filles corporation who Annua Nance millions of dollars wot time payment sales and who Ider the automobile borrow if Ltd of risk they Ever h Utti upon. One of these one piled the National dealer association Wlsh an Natialy of 2,5�9 sales financed by it. Random from Trepany i or r the d quart a if c for the my fiscal year co Rind from Marrh 11,�?~1922. Totalled 4,3 amounted to he ii the to a t profits 7,969. Teaming cd the for to Tho r rep bit a n in i pre. Sun Moi in Ley j to leave Leat Montt a company i if he Blossom if be t o rec to sales of Civ i ital motorists Dom to n<1 front a Thor Ling Southern Cal for re. From a i i r i not to pick the g t current Low Blossom found Alo the int Milt i i Way. Los Angeles c 4 it finn the i paps an Ordino Etc to Reform r these stately of it 1 the com a nyx a grow Only in Mexico her than the California they ail these prot fits. Of elect to f action with the i i Tho Law was need tally Ehl pm tits or a to a statement b Iff f n a a and the heavy Weed to it 19 Pui to Auto tops Are today much better 0m in h sup j int the i Ca i it handled t a of flue Iii awards to school j is Awane t n the fast to 1�< s. For file lost it is arid ii if individual tear Portal on j j e 1 lesson on safety Lii year ther j brings individual responsibility. J eluded in this list bet Massachusetts halved los acct j titular Survey wit Dent 1.1 Ord in one year i got a picture of buy Wert Over 590,990 contestants. Award have been made in the a t pm a state and the oat Lens i prize winners foe 1921 will be decided upon shortly. Quot the Tii Eikon of the contest for 1922, is for 1921, will by by the Highway nod hallway transport duration committee Washington in a from whom details May be obtained the Competition i endorsed by the lulled autos Bureau of education. %ori<1<nt a Nur 829,069, a Mai v a Sumatra have been made of the annual total of Automo Bih injuries but the con e t figure i a Twenty eight cities reduced their motor fit Fitta in 1921. A cite a Are protecting the dangerous traffic spot a the Railroad Are conducting an excellent and constructive it rat. Crossings cautiously Campaign Moro playgrounds Are being developed. Quot the Public i laughing the nu-to-hoob1 out of existence. A Al Apical state and National educators ate training children in proper conduct in the Highway a the safety season i now on a Hill climbing in Arizona by Maxwell reported by Wood a we Are accustomed to hearing of erect tingly Impo Ible Hill it la Man i a in Sirn in by the Good Maxwell Quot says m. La. Wood local Maxwell dealer a but one of the most remarkable i have Ever heard of n Bay entire experience with automobiles la report i from a Small town and a leg Hill Down in prisons. Quot i Hebley Hill. On the fringe of the desert overlooking Heil Ona Ari is seven Miles Long it is really a lie Able Mountain. The read to us Summit is no More than a Wagon Trot i. Boy a wer Trewn now of and double curved almost impassable. A mighty Tough limb for an automobile you la agree under Tho Moat favors id conditions. Vet. A Good Mux Well touring cur reached the Summit of sch Netley Hill carrying ten passenger jus i too Pound of wait of which had been add d to bring the Load up to 1,500 pounds. A at sovino Points the Hill Tea Cher a 30 per cent Grade. In one spot where there is a pitch of this degree Tho party encountered Dep s icky Clay placed in Tho mad to repair dangerous washouts hut the Good Maxwell Prcz a us through it All and on to the Crest. I a for in Ray. Tho nem Wirpi of i Tho party All of who went Bro Mic it a i men Iii i Dana and. I Jerome air. Believed tint their i n a a a a i Driver had taken on 11 than any ear could but after the performance that them to May is Sale Are not in because this in St cd to j Abov the i bord cia.-. This average purchaser has a net Eli pity in rent a Fate of $4,-"x6 of. He a a bet equity in personally of $2,079.8. Me a a definite monthly Tacoma of $319.70. He purchases a cur averaging $1,361 or in Cost on which be pays Down <99 la a agrees to Tho bal Trice $663.65, in i monthly instalment of $95.Oft, the i average buyer is 34 years j old hive qty four per cent of a i Era go buyers Are married >2 per i cent have Bank accounts and 69 a per cent carry ufos insurance of the transact for handled by i Tho acceptance Roi aeration be tween january i and june i. 192 2, i j ft., per cent of the purchasers had i or by for and 48 per first six months of the Fusil so that the net loss for i the Iii i months including i Finch it. I operations amount to 9469,618. During Tho third Quarter fac-1 tory inventories wore reduced from $9,627,575 to $6,144,289, and in i inventories a1 the company s i Citory Branchiv from $7,250,487 to $5,117,016, or a total inventory re due Mon during the three month of Over $5,500,. Tho comp inv holdings of Cash melted state gov in Merit t in is arid other Muk tabla securities now amount to Over $15,$ftft.ftftft, an improve Mer in these item Lurwig lha Al s i i i i i Mil los the common a Iii a re a listing at Tho fastenings is not n not w it it no a the Rind Side of to Frider y which Are sure to new emulate Sci Ria in amount of dirt my mud. A rust preventive or Init Phil cation of Oil will Aid in pre i Vanry a i v the f o if bus j Gale chamber of of Tomero id ice in j cause the Yucca were in d til i of at Erin inst i on by Nadmi Altu Tor let a who enter thee note rate of hundreds Dally we Blossom is plucked a pow end is reproduction is gone and the f jeering pint die fhe a it Beauty of the Flower a s that h est ran cd ext a ppe ii shabby Dillap to disfigure Exen Goodfe in no other detail been greater improve it today Are built of the Sal Brao etl stayed and a parcel delivery phone 360 on of Oil w his rond Fin the pig this Cor action hut the most Lido preen Litten is in prevent accumulation of mud. The soot fall in Tendon amount time i to Mir than 76,Bon ton annually a a k i a a a i Iwers Ana per u ii / to i a int of the 1 number Purchas-1 1,1 Idle i de cars on time wet More Titan willing to fun. A a i mini a. Van fit Quot i , 1 a i a a a ,r or Nova. H in sl2 r,1 a a sir mint. A u i passenger cars and Light delivery i _ Lucks Are the Host ant Story a the a Utas w it i As the climb bad to be made in Low g a j when buying gasoline �?14 Miles of Low spied driving pump station see that All the and carrying a super excess Load j loading petrol in the Hose is to when most cars would have groan j cd into the tank. Road program state and municipal in Tennessee officials urge Law the state of tonnes a a it Baa in to Check thefts lug rated a new Federal Ald r id a a building program involving the sex automobile stealing has of $$,00<v90 for l l led so rapidly in the last three year Miles of roads in 20 Rumle Whit Aag or it own to Ault h a. Run la flon this program is i it my carried it it it. A Campaign in under Way to in tact 1,10 ur0r1, ri0of Quot a adoral crease Tho state Highway fund by regulation of this modern form of Means of a gasoline tax and a Bond j piracy has become recognized by Issue the i movement Baa the state and municipal a Well rapport of the automobile my i fat lpns officials the of Tea Pinto finn Tho Tor Nopp a \ flood holds association. Tin High a entry. Way de in rime a Quot of Tho Tate i. The new York her a fitly let contracts for Iii. 66 Mil s sum y. Of the Situ at of by Luminous Macadam roads la j or i startling. To it the the Vicinity of Altamont. Ashland j motor car has developed i it ily. Kill Zoeth Erwin Greenville lha great agencies for rime Huntington Kingston and Dan a a Haig. Dridge the Cost of which will a Only has the automobile i i Bandit placed a Levy of nearly a i $ 100,096,000 on the automobile in j Dusty a for that is the estimated value of motors stolen last year a i d h the to the the one 14,si4,600. To get it my it or ii in for Speed Wagon a truly marvelous motor if the is any or unit that More than any other account for the stamina and the Long Ute of the Keo Speed Wagon it is the Power Plant. We maintain that no nth to or and certainly and no of lighter construction can stand up Hassid a this great d a in owners if Content expert of is endorse Keo he d w a gone. A match to combination of Bru sign and of watch work finances lid motor a Penven equal to to Over a Long period it years t until you Hove found unequal futile to look for a truck that 1 lieu Vrtik id Wagon. H Iduas Titi is end of on the .a1 ruggedness in do i in constr Welton this a Moe strenuous we irk for this motor it i a a ill stand up beside a Radiator repairing when we have repaired sour cake or broken Radiator it will function even better than before. Our experience in rebuking radiators of att styles makes my Sites to value his to m9u. Our work insures you against a Graoui troubles. By with this or Alclo a ill theft at almost a very Street Corner in congested fit and at a i s in the r i to <1-ir a a a a a f f. A s i of red to he a in. In a Nat Ever f Gold he practice a. A a the recover i. Lastyk. Or amount j my i to 40 be int of a. The. It Twenty on Cilc show to greater a number of stolen cars in 1321 than la ii n priced Ivy years i a t a in which there is a decrease Are Olevy land Portland. Orcs5aftlc, it Laike City cd Nimbus. Oblo Vork pa., and Richmond \ u. I Paulin motor car co., inc. 217 North fourth St. Phone 677 i m pkg i spy i in it. Or Case of emergency when the coterie Lighta fall from Lack of storage Power disconnect ail but on headlight bulb and by j a Vang every available current to it North Tilard. Phone i870-j.�?~th one bulb enough in Biml Talon is made to safely guide the Way. O. K. Sheet Metal works phone 710 such a Superb Triumph of jubilant Power and gracious performance As the Knight Type sleeve valve motor might Well be expected to be reserved for the few favored of Fortune. To give this motor to the world in its highest development the Willys Knight motor a enthroned in a splendid proud and Well bred car at $1375, is the latest achievement of Willys engineering Willys Quantity production and Willys understanding of human nature. Southwest motor company 211-213 North fourth Willys most for your Money to Tom vat Al rat Cost a. To wet Capa ump and Tho h.-4>fnt a veto of any motor or a Var by tit. Roadster $1350 a touring $1375 a Coupe $1875 a Sedan $2095 a f. O. B. Toledo the Willyse Knight motor improves with use no other car of this Type is priced so Low a no other will give you More real motor car value More convenience More Comfort More dependability than a Ford Coupe. Equipped with electric starting and lighting system Demountable rims extra rim and non skid tires All around it makes the Ideal enclosed car for business or for pleasure. Reasonably prompt delivery. Terras if desired. Quickel Auto amp Supply co. Authorized fiord sales and service station phone 750 sixth Street and Central Avenue in Len Alto f company Belen n. 31 ii c Iii the Ever widening Circle of Good Maxwell admirers is a tribute both to its Superb Beauty and its reliable economical performance. The conviction is rapidly spreading that Only in this car can there be found such sound value. Cord Tiray. Nonskid front and or disc to cd wheel Demountable at rim and at Hub drum Type lamp ale mite lubrication motor driven electric horns unusually Ion Qin Nga. Price f o. B. Detroit Revenue tax to he added touring car 885 s header 6865 coopt 1385 Sedan 1485 Wood motor company distributors 414 weat Copper. Phone 854-j Nile Good a a Quot. A a a Gme ? tues the tire with the wider and thicker tread the e reason you Are enjoying Freedom from trouble with you rates super tread tires a Lese hot Days is simply because the wider and thicker tread has kept the inside fabric from getting Stone bruised. And Ive sell pm Boatright robber Compart 401 West Copper ave. Phone 237-j

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