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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 22, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Par to Albuquerque morning journal Ocelee f Duke City girl returns Home after graduating c h0w t0 play auction Bridge from girls collegiate school at los Angeles i value of the preemptive bid weeks social Calendar move Val if k e Etc i to a in or a at till wifi 1w4 in i ? of it at Wren int cob Tri a it c. To d a #. Her v Mim #1 Aren it Piffl of a the or adm. If la it. a la t. Her a r. Of r. Is at thai regular meeting. J do Quot pm j it made Sld a i i Host Rich hero h#4aml Ltd Jan anti Luu water Ciao it Twat in mis Star 110� both i a or. Quill of Rudha 111 a at but Tain t a a it quart f eight Brid the missionary society o thursday aft re n in the cd is chairman of la committee. I rid to or e. H by id. #10 bomb Broad Portola flub Friday afternoon or a. A. Heflin i to the sew and to club. 0 to. C. A. Or Harty entertaining a Mcnie Tump Rin Thircy sea i Ork Avoir i thursday moral Puwhy tartan Chut parser. Or. B enter h a turn i i. To Ain past Central Avenue in entertain the will by Host ,&Quot ii Sturt v Abi or drip of mom a the mar rink of min Kathryn Abel is ugh r of of and mrs. Go Cre Abel of til North second Street to or. Harry Roucka. It to by Golem iced at the immaculate Conception Church a ? o cd pc a monday in Oto lag Rev. Father Mandala . Or. A Der. Adel re Mer Ier it 111 be the attendants and the Bride it ill be Given in marriage by her father. Preceding the we Dan party Down the ads it ill be utile mias Marguerite Abel. Toh sister of the Bride who will carry Basket of Orang blk is. Ii shredded in the Flowers will both wed Dir g fit a. Miss Helen guru la at the Organ will Piaf the welding March a <1 mrs. I Ilia m Bell wit no a a a Promise me a a miss Abel bridal gown is of Whit crepe to a worn with a picture hat of whte. She will carry in Arm bouquet of Ophelia roses. Following the ceremony a wed Ding break list at the hum of the Bride s parents Wilt have covers id for or Bouchon and his Bride or. And mrs. Abel or. Mack Bonetta mrs. A Tower. Or and mrs. E Kraft or. And mrs. Mer Der. Fath com a Lari or. And mrs. William Bell and Marguerite a after to Ftp week the Coit pm will hat Home to friends at their new residence at 210 to eat ave nue. Miss Abel. Who wrap Grad. From Thau i Querqui High with the car of Iii llah a Hoot for two a irs. At then of which tint she he Emez Are a nov to Pene re i Taber of he High achoo. The bridegroom w to has been in Albuquerque a to til ten years and who attended by. Mary Academy is in bus Nee with h 4 father or. Meek Roucka South third at rest. Miss a1c gras the guest of her. R a a pre a Mem go Bridge Tun Heon and Shower at Tamarisk inn saturday at which mrs. Frank k i of Wert peal Avenue it Art a1 red. I Abel was present a with a Shower of gift at the hic ago. Other player Wei or. Tid m re. L a Bronson int. H. Livingston m. Teoff m. A. Be i b. J Marco. M. Naaline misses to i Acai Ine Esther , relent Anks Anna hats and Jean tie rata or. Ave mils. Faw at to i or i l k l no or. And mrs. P. To. Fate of to Cost Roma Avenue left saturday fur a few Day visit with their son or. Paul raw at Taos. Or. T. 8. Russell t07 Wert Geld Avenue la convalescing in an Al j Buque que Hospital following an j operation wednesday. Ali Day pump for monday birth i Iyow to celebrate the birthday a a Mise it Bernadin and a bet Snyder in All Day picnic and swimming party v la be Given monday by a number of their friends at the Indian be Hoot. The gnus will include misses m in Quot or Spight. Katherine nun at Mildred lighten. Mildred. Lula end France Brook mrs Florence a suppl of Magdalena and or. Of. Morgan. To. A preempt by ail i capt Ltd i in la i s Preem of is old Are a rather �?�.,. J., a a of three when mathematical bul of do four or five Hon and overbid on to Oak it pump la a pre emf a a c by is hid the bid. In b s Poi two diam two que if ii Wert old if. For in the i leave pc raise him right to an of pc j have it v Hen Yon fear to e other major snit. Fight the big second in hand old after a to Felt g r f d Vo-1 Rump ii i u by bbl a the jul suit of it is not a of ainu a a Chr May a i bbl. Bidding n Tun cd Lee i it minor suit Dor not get Jeu a j thereby in ult 11 game of it i made to the Acorn. A a Aru the pm Alan it Pac the it Fin t i of Lead .1 fourth i t lug the King re Hiti i p t ad4 end Cut hid a 11 a by d Freak hand. T pre empt a bbl Shutls Tobl at Keg a i in lha suit old. Nib4 can to go a tame holding cd Honor in our hand i Lames 8, t. Id 8. L tim and Ersal. 001 110 it As a Peon hid an i will overbid Jeu for the game reason for the Ace re j even of i ii v know Tho minor nil bidder will a aet. A holy i it i i and a o n i Ticu von have to api wrent nit nor old after a no temp Stop am sail Jour of two a it an i make a genial inner a no. A fan they make a a a a a Ned of i Richli in my dream out for of it i Giat enough to hid it i Glt sol enough to establish and Nellh on re entry in my hand Anil one Rathle i Rick in my partners t d i of a of a so b i it h. O. 2. Ii v % i a. S. To 1 three apr to a. Ltd. #. La q. To. 8. A. 8-1� a 3. I a. 2 by 1 the re Hoar s it t. K. Ltd i a ii j. 8. 3. La in. Q. 3. R to i. Bid three is add. 8 7. 3 la q. S. La \. K. Q. To 8. 4. I o a. Bid the re Diamond or on no Trump. Preemptive Raiser when partner my on no Trunp and ther la no intervening old. Raf to two no Trump in four i trick to a p fourth hand from making a directed my. In doing this be sure to have the minor suit pint ted. So second in hand i can to run in of Thrift on your partner. When partner bids a major suit there a no inter a fourth in hard can my any got per a a Trump. This bid of dually mad to Dir this do he q the n0-Trump bidder be on pc ens in the world know a when i m major b d i r and in this a a i a on whether it i Lead director. Or if intend to a played i Ghoul the Erig ral bidder can i iwo no Trumps take a Chance if no have a Tigi Ftnat raise and raise the major bid of your part or s. But a minor aul bid f Ruth. In hand i p ire in Lead director. In it done to raise a minor Silt should Tbs to Trump bidder go on. 1 Sant do of a Bai War tit minor suit la nut m a Wom in hand it Laca to make two heart ii lev and a the no Trump two trick. Of h bed Piny cd the bund die Nira Trilhe we a lil let my i i by a Luh treks and two a War irk k Gnu game fam Scuttt Whan partner Lamia an Honor and Declarer i playing a no Trump a shows three Honor by i t in 1. Eve of in la Rob la Hon j. Of. T. 8. I. Men by Leaden the Jack it 1 usually by seeing Dummy and is of land 1 hot it la not a Lett Traub a is it k. 1ft, or Ting Jack 1ft combination 0 put be r Honor 01 your partner h urn to unbind hts Stilt pleas you so by so d it a you Are malting a curl Good h try right Ihm i Ada. A 1 Why id Kik a it Ara v 1 to j fled the Fem Misc Mil of Nieft exclaimed the exporter he probity a ton dont a to find him responds i a Man in the Hook Row a i ibo it on tip and to i you All boat on transcript., 8 a 8, to a 8 d s. A c q. 1�. 4 8 it it 1% p in g a t n a s. It. T 8 8, i 3 la v p a c a 8, 8, 3 a a a h j. A 18 p to. 9 c h.9. Heart and Home problems by mrs. Elizabeth Thompson the run grow that it i hav Tho Many prop in the i country who a a in be without making anything Al. Deer mrs. Thompson i am a a girl Nln Etsen a l go with a fellow i Twenty two. He i re Al Good n a i and i truly love him. But still i i like another fellow Bauld Ca Hun. I tit ten this other fellow a a my a a i Auster he always asks her How it. It Daunter of or. And mrs 3, m hurray of North to it m. Do ,.> there in t Ltd a Trudy Mage and Mia Belr la it club. Decker. _ or. F Ambaram left Tus edgy for Lios Angel Ether a will Eliot with hts family for Avsie weeks from los Angel be plans to r 1 tast on a bus Lassa to p. A Puritan wife i won t of Cai if a bed been away the Ca i a a 0 get the liquor or if be l keep a Fie in from the h t to or. Or 4 had Lek in the feb a rom the to i a a a in of him i f drawer when a left in the morn tha. In to . R pm to drop hut i after i hav son with him eleven dear or. Thom Tott of a Lily got into a soda shot a and a Young Man Conte in and pay for her ticket should he think him is a or aves providing he is remaining in the shop la it proper f r ors to eat the crust of a pm a Blit. Eyer. The Young lady should try not i to permit the Young Man to pay j for her soda because a did in via a her to have it if Bow he to unreasonable and j to a better to let him buy than to i he to go a-1 have m scene. Then he should is int. Should i thanked at the tim he rays for with my Quot steady cd appoint him an Beauty unsurpassed the word Trattl ref tack. to inels Wen r�adcr�4. Stir it i Bach la appearance of youth. Rry a Lite Arata a a ant. Highly am Tepee Eter Faa a i aul soothing act Loa to Yar is use. P Hita i Itah Kwachak 2 stud lot a trial sin somas308.htvtark to frauds Oriental Cream by Jane fac la in fashions jewel Box by Dolly Dearborn a,.= Hirr for Ian oof unit 3 beginning of luncheon. P no car a 5a flans int red the luncheon tax Sta intrigue c Lea go. July Home from London that is going Aena Sod marked Erh plate. Place j or hear about it you didst cards were attached to the Dainty think Turro a anything Mer t a a favors of pose Bon Bon Basket a said about Bracelet did you the guest list. Limited to the to styx did t. But Here it is Intima Friend of he or Del of j Jaq included mrs. Fife Arie r. Miss it it Dick a Tsi it and of Lofing High chapter Lek ii Dor r Grayson a an bending Over Hugh Iii face pal As he examined h a Friend. Quoth can to be he said to Ann. A you la get the bed soon Hugh was in the Little spar room a comfortable As risible under lha circumstances. He had not Hen Conan ii when the doctor came at d perhaps might jeweler not be for Tom time. Grayson her Hugh had been injured but Atso telling or rot to come oven i Lopuh it of or n him. She a the doctor raid he m a a a refused to have a Norae do. Perfect quiet and so and Nora Rush. Cou \ do All be Casary. Tout Wilkinson. Or. At e s. Fio Uhall. Or Ign wre rce , mrs Jerry q Jinn and or. De. J will see Hackett. To k v a v a a a la a a v f Diamond had at once Lei phone san Ber re f thira but when Nardero for a surgeon and would i finish telling you about it. You slav w the High until he Cam. That it is a Good Deal Ann whom the need for re than that. Cleopatra or had made Calm end capable a Ith Sqq run of Sheba would he a usual went and fro from the miss i in Johnson is.4 it to \ by Good purpose sic k room heavy hearted a4. By Tri it la t it ii i in Laura and if it had happened had been very Distant very c m. A a miss Ruth Johnson the Bouse a my at just the psychological. Var Hugh since unkind guest of or. Clinton 1\ Anderson Mot Treut it might hat found remarks concerning his a s was la hone guest at the meet self in the ashes it her Acme her and Abe Felt Conan Nch a a h a burned at the take. In so did net believe Hugo appear at first to be just s for her except As a Friend. Hey Call it a .lirr.ond. It had been w Rong in her to re ing of the tree club a saturday twi i afternoon at the Home of mrs. Boy t it Graham 624 North fifth Street. What could do All that was be Eazary. A Don t Tell Orace and if she find i out. Don t let her come Here. I won t have her a Ann had mid of what mess e though. I Quot i ii do All t can to keep Verj away Ann. But you know Hows she is. A Beanie answered under standing and is meat hiking j Ann. The s or Tott Cam. Ther was. A it alight operation on Hughe head my he left cautioning Grayson. Gift Adini #5f i Quot and. In fact there it a no room fur a nurse. Oran bad of co ire. Learned hat Hugh a with Thorn but doctor Grayson had forbidden j her to Quot a the patient so Abelt it away from the he be. Ann knew she a often in Iii Orch urls Xvi the Ali in. But a so Busy and so needful of what re so could get that he fab a i Moat indifferent. Dick it Cross and Gulley in �1 in. When Ann was Ell High. his pm grateful fellow caught ins lit by Uke to hav in go to h a sister s for a visit but i Haven t derided on it yet. I am afraid to go be Caus they might not ilk Trio. Plas g e a Good advice about thing. Emerging k. It event from your that you do not uly love the with whom Vou Nave g Emu it Gay. Y min a a i it Civ him up but Are courage. If you have i your latter go my a go on deceiving him Hurt at first when Holo longer love him but soften i wound and i Oung been ii a color schema of yellow Predom land Sapphire . And Tuen pu5�� him to prevent his coming mated in the flow Era end was car a a a Quick left turn c. Of t0 the a q net social Way led out in the luncheon which tinge to and behold Tat hate of anything that sir. My is. C. P. Anderson. Frank Shuf Flubarger. Emily Davis. Wailer Hatch Jon by Ulburn w. D. Hand Allen Bruce , Macdonald. James , Horae Keenan Martin birr Stith Miae a Georgia Duncan and Ruby Peel. Miks la i i \ Sim a Al 11 it to Iii. At Bride mrs. In. E. Rishi announce the engagement of her sister. My Tulia Slaughter to or. John d. Solis Dei the wedding to take place in late August followed the Gam. Seated at the rubies in the place o. The up might say. Three tables Ware m. S Johnson Phr a by Means of some modern Ann telephoned Baa ale in Gavahi . Or you a it _ turn it to that you have hair Sapphire and half rubies. Wond a if the creator of thy changeable Bracelet realized what a Nir patriotic ornament it i makes for an american or a i French Jewed combination magician by effect la used also in1 Rwjr is you May sit nonchalantly with your Chin in your left hand giving or or neighbors ayes the Benefit of a Beautiful circlet of sapphires and when a turn j moment to speak telling i a. Anti saw tone he had be a drinking that Hwa in an ugly mod and she too was silent. Neither mentioned Hie a Senor from luncheon but Ann wondered household hints by Mua Morton is August _ i his head for a mum Ltd a we i miss Tau Ahter has made her a woman on the other Roll heme her for several years and a of Presto change when he mint him b malt faze stewed prunes Oatmeal whole milk it liter. Poached egg has been with Tho Bernalillo county abstract office. Or Schaller whose Home is . Is with Tho a. B. Putney men Han Dos company St Laguna n. M. The could will make their Home at Laguna. Tor. Poached co cop. Luncheon blood red Al arh of Ruble. It offer a Sandwich had boiled egg. In. I my for enter i of nut putt. Of him Back the earn ring Mhz. V ii Atz Friday bridle hostess mrs. A. Kato of North Edith Street was hostess for a party of auction Bridge Friday night having As guests of Honor mrs. P. Behn of Elpaso mrs ii. Tank of St. Lou and mrs. C. Devore of infinite opportunities for nor is in me it and you con be for yourself it is much n or interesting and attractive than taking rabbits out of a hat. With the Vogue for bracelets increasing rather than diminish i Rig Many quaint and unusual j bracelets a beginning to appear beside the Lindy conventional Banda of Platinum and precious bion -. Among this a to that la Oday s recipes a a is know jeweler picked up Raisin cookie a Ono and Ono cookie coff Pinner Rozet with dressing end Gravy mashed potatoes. Coleslaw fresh string bean bread but or. Be sly Cherry Ike. male Lorwn Cjene Ortlon to Csc Nealion extraordinary silverware in the Cardinal pattern that is guaranteed few Roo years ? it is Silvern arc of Beauty and durability every i pc show ing character and originality it design. We offer for your approval heirloom plate by the single piece or in assortments Large or Everitts lauras �-od.r��.��. A Ostem set Fife a so Quot isl Elk a potato in. A Jatos around Lulu it i a baking dish with Cracker crumb., double Oval of pure Silver from then a layer of tomatoes Sui. Nike Tho mines of the Rogot District writ Pepper butter end a few mad to slip Over the hand and slices of onion then standing in end it measures about crumbs etc., until dirty is in Cav inches it is beautifully end Bah slow oven one hour. Grave by hand. Cherry pie a two cup seeded Many women with a taste for j cherries sweeten to suit taste put o bizarre in jewelry will prefer in sauce pan and place in stove pm of thee bracelets to the Nur a let Coni to a Boll thicken with vow jewelled circlet that Arrn Tablespoons of porn starch popular Viem in Triplet or for. Moistened with cold water Cool. 1 pm a in Ruai Quot previously baked will have Ari j cover with whipped Cream. Adar when we Are married ii this amount of cherries will make xviii shawl All you troubles and sorrows. Her lovers i have none adar i said when in e Are mar , London. Tho suggestions cooking Green vegetable a Grenn vegetable cd should be put to Cook in Bolling water. This amount of water should nor be so great that Olwe re Large quantities of Good served with a dressing of melted butter Only. Sine it is the Correct thing to serve vegetables on the Dunner plat n separate Timbes. This is the ear Lin was to do it for Many people both vegetables Are improved both addition of milk or by a thin v Bito sauce to careful not to get the milk Tauc tooth k. L it r children it is Well to add the milk. Then they Are getting two splendid foods at one tim. Fresh pen Are Good served in bread Boes or in potato case4. To prepare the bread ? a. Use three Inch cubes of bread hollowed out buttered on the outside and toasted. Serve the pea in these with melted Butte or a White Sam a poured Over them. Mashed potatoes in de stiff enough so that try will hold their shape when formed into cylinders form another Nice Cut Stainer for the pea these a y i in dare Are hollowed out. Tho outside i brushed Over with beaten egg and milk or melt of butt. R. They Are aet under a flame until lightly browned. To n the creamed peas lire put into the potato cases new peas and Small new Carrot Are a summer combination. With this combination a milk auce May he used. In most Cates the melted butter alone is used. Of the peas Aga too old Jot Servings a vegetable they form the basis of a de Remus soup. Many Cooks think that a few of the and added improves the flavor. After the Casar soft remove Tho pods and put the peas through a Strainer. Mike a thin White Hance add the strained peas and flavor to taste. A Little sugar and onion May be added. Saving soap eave the scrape of soap and use them in the Boller or the washing Mach re. Have quickly he moved away and pushing him bit Ore her Rod the door behind Thorn the stood waiting. As alway when intensely a angry. Pick wan inarticulate for a moment and a took so Vantage of this to push in into the Dir. No room a a you you making a f 1 speak to a to mar. And b. A no Jour Tov a right Here in my House making love to you before my a of it take Yeti quiet to deceive a Man t knew he and you weren to playing fair or a if Long ago. But like a fool i shut my Ayca. Rut thew Are open now you la never for me j \ Jan a what you to rather than . Poor la a ghz St lev re a 111, has Only t Een con. Ohs a few Days. To in is his Goa curated sense of j gratitude the t i id him �wre8hlm when the time himself a to did. _ _. I Nul care t0 Don t he to me i heard As Well us it a a a Dick Beld you have no r rat to say such the inf to me. You who hive done nothing but make Light of your vows for months. That Grace Edmund has poisoned your mind. You know i Ann almost give xray to tears but her indignation at Dick unjust accusation gave her strength. A it comes with poor taste from you considering what you have done. Of it were True. Von would l a the one a fault not int but in Why. For my How for tvs if you forget i am Jour wife. A a faithless one a he declared and slammed o it of the House. A j moment afterwards she heard the whirr of Tho engine knew he was going away. Tell let him go site would not dlr a hand to hold him. I he had insulted Lar beyond All for g Veness. Poor Loving Hugh. Of course a love eke his Una Akong unselfish never Hurt anyone. And it was not a Lover s love just that of a dear Friend. To to continued Lirui is better looking than his wife b t she a. Enough Charm to hold him anyway. You May bet urn you Are attract Iva to Fth Young Man v to warns to marry j Yon. Of you no longer care for the Young Man it would not by adv is j Able to v sit his sister. But you should not stay away Boa be you Are Fra id you will not in liked. Think of you reel with More respect. You mat god made you. Individual a with no one else tin Tho world ilk j you a that fact alone ought to Enos urge it of and i he n Jou to have respect for r your self. To All when e girl As is she n marry a Young Man in con0 dry himself i Garred to liar i perhaps you specified that you would marry ame but did e engaged. J Clearing of All fashionable suits at \ Price those include tailored suits Navy Tricot be and Poirot twill also Jersey cloth anti tweeds in Tho Host liked colors and styles. Prices Are reduced for final clearance before Laking inventory. Kimonos t oar sirs. Thompson t pm a girl in Lite it run yours 14 and i Hay Burrt going with n Bey oho who a a a or. He comes to Roe to every wednesday saturday and sunday nights end sum a mrs oftener but never less. He Bas asked me to marry him and n0 think we can live peacefully. Tto go to the show every week. He does not go with other girls. Would you advise Roe to marry him r. H. If you Tov the Man. Marry him because it in evident that he love you. Some simple some Jet Fol. If elaborate but every Vii a Robe marked Down for immediate Clear sweaters Ance priced at the total Numo r of employees of class i railroads for november. Totalled 1 Sjo in h and they received i it left of or whop the vegetables Ore i Small receptacle in w men Jou can 121?, 2? h 13 Ift c in pc my Lien cooked Poth Pas atle Beans Axel St Ltd the bits of soap. F melt in \ sum in Young Many i want half a dozen engagement Rene assorted Bises. Jewelery Ono is usually enough at a time air. Young Many i know it. But going Down to the seashore for two week Boston transcript. J Correct this sentence a i never really enjoy working in my said the Man. Quot Antu the son get hot enough to Blister my tack. Photograph baby a Loving eyes or a bit of roguish play preserve the Only visible tie that binds �?otomorrow1�?� to milkers phone 923 a lbs to. Central Many styles a colors nearly All sizes. Tried at to $15.00 $3.50, $7.50, $15 8 4 the favored summer dress materials at prices that Are less 40-in. Swiss voile at Yard a a -59c 40-in. Printed Anile at Yard .39c imported fancy rating at Yare Novelty Heck rating at Yare $1.39 �?�.,75c 32 and 36-in. Tissue Gingham at cd. 49c ubi

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