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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 20, 1922, Albuquerque, New Mexico Pug to it Albuquerque morning journal a Tilly eur. 1022 is defied do it a free copy of the Constitution of the United states Juan Brady is bound to grand jury under $2,000 id n new Columbia records out today i i Illiam Allen White places a placard in his window expressing sympathy for rail strikers. I in or i i a i hit till a i him in no t tines to it a it the inv Edwin a til if Tikik asks Konn it is on his head but hits in ring in. My \. Need or id of Tho a a of Tho attn a a of no a 15 i it. F1 tit d Tad 4n gives simple recipe for getting rid of the Cotton nuisance lot i i it Tho trop hut Tho a a will to j to More Cotton blaring on the part j if the tree thin pertinent would a idiot msgr the and own re of Rotton Benr i Tig Trees in Albuquerque might Good it met la a v. Tri my food dry it it forlorn Hon. Mind a i her to time f ids her a i to i Appl Fri might he Ion judge be of the i or Ell Arr to Roe Hood if it fro >114, Burn the automobile t Abs heard no it she i it n har real in Fri generation. I the time to Bensi Man from the e Davidson girl. \ Lien a >1 to i e a Glt it Eman and Ket it it i i m Cantrel returned rth e r lib. C f of i tied of a would who Foi Brady i my min Davidson i the Back event the n i the la ent society. Now ii Roppo Lle is lha Ca a. They a i occupied the or Lver s gent i want to to i in Kotlier that the previous kissed Mon ride re they Tho it Midi teach their girls will re of Hie next Ren Mil a ant i declared the i. A a Ninny Kir s new Al is via son s been suss and Dot or 111 to a la a a tilt re but act i Der had Jar rail a j 80 Oil time. I m la the ii of for a he a of a lid it Wilt be i ii it Der a to to by Moum nor it w Here Davidson Gir my the y w so mkt that Lei a k said la it night Bend had not the it the Young a Reb it at once a i a signed by and Eliglo pouted Cole i incas. W a a i a St he. 1 re olt i please former governor whet i or South Carolina has started Routh w it a rot n by now. I comeback Campaign. He a out for the or fail \ a i fran the democratic nomination for Fraet Lon. F in Inch to about to governor. The nomination is As cd a in r Tim ate the Good As election in South Carolina. Top i in general have been Cut a i to it fifty of r cent in a i Section i a i Roi. drouth. To Virnal want ads bring result. Goodbye boils Cirl the re lets and drink a f ant. Girl to it Mother c miss first i the Kep her in f though i bind son old me the iter f re r b a it it Are Yea a Asp to the Nee Quot in blood in Partible a. B. 8. In one of the a loft a riflery v no a. Try it. Will rid you of boil., pimple blackheads and skin eruptions. A Boll is a vol blood i no Rhu k full of Poi Kobb that thee a be ii out into a Boll. keep Quot Bolling up Quot until you destroy them completely by the use of 8, s. S., one of the most powerful f Lood cleansers known to act Anoa. 8, 8. Has stood the test of Lime. The Power of its ingredients is acknowledged by authorities. Its medicinal ingredients Are to is purely \ Oge table. Light off itch Ara the skin of pimples boils blotches Blad Heads acne Terra rash and other r in eruptions land docs it thoroughly. It drives out of the blood impurities which it Ansa rheumatism makes the Bleo i Rich and porn builds up lost flesh i helps to manufacture new blood one of lie a Tercis. 8. 8. 8. Is sol at All drug stores in two Biz s. The larger Sahi Tho Mure . I lied Stab s when a Bibl. Lived for Many years in Al p she said and came to Alt ski que several months ago and cured a position at it Horny the North part of town. Displayed a revolver on the Fri i a non of in v she said she met i guilty appointment and Tho two met Brady snit Barela in a she Earl she did not know e of Tho men but miss Ca said she knew them and it would i to All right. 8he that the 11 men promised to take the girls r Home hut instead drove North on fourth Street and then ast int it the Sand Hills. She mid that i Grady made improper Advance and showed her his Star Quot he told me he was the chief of police,4 she said when she by i him to let her alone and displayed a revolver and n badge. So said later that the badge bore the words a Deputy it 8. Marshal the car a stopped the girl raid and Brady attacked her after she bad fought him to Iii utmost of her strength. The girl said that no liquor was Given her hut that she saw a Boltis in the car. Sin said Tho Mon brought them to town and the girls went to the White House hotel. She raid a a a he Bee Arne so ill she did not know what the Battle fat Hine Tom fue Wien her i int pro i i iou a \ i. July i a. I h Bat u of ton r n. In of Tho taken part my v ii to men Whon Mien Loc at i we o a j Field about spot where fell. Two. A made to with Tho aspect Ltd f the fight Railroad labor Board Abandons strike settlement continued from Page one a til i up by mean of the contract system in violation of the Railroad i Thor Board decisions. Pm i withdraw from this Pretl e. This applied to Only ii few roads As the others had heretofore announced their willingness to cancel # a h contracts. The principal roads that Hay not yet made such announcement Are the Erie and we item Maryland. Quot second that the authority old reliable a an appetizing nutritious food Staple Beans certainly Dot ene the title of a old As a a filler in when there is not a Large meal cooked and unexpected guests arrive there is nothing to compare with a can of Beans. Due to the fact that a tentative valuation of two cents a Pound has been placed on imports of Beans in the new Tariff Bill and the i adore of crops in different sections we expect an Advance in Price. Stock up your pantry with several cans of Beans today. Pork and Beans Libby a no 2, each can .12 2c Van Camp medium .15c Van crap Small. 10c Campbell no. 2 .12%c beechnut no. 212i2c Heinz medium i so Heinz mall .12 vie Heinz Large raked kidney Beans .18c Heinz mall baked kidney Beans .12vac Brown Beauty Large. .12 Vic Brown Beauty Small .8hc was didst and the centred girl a ran Ltd by Tho transportation net j put Hor to Bod the girl described t to the can Sera and their employ a ailing h r employer and Captain a a f tip Fin mis ailment boar or j Illust of the Hilly Hon army sey. Beards be a it acid by tile Costah Oral Days later and being taken j ii Ament of a rational adjustment i to the salvation army Colony Board with the anti a jurisdiction j North of the City. I authorised by paid act namely the miss Davidson denied on Cross j hearing of All disputes except those j examination having run around affecting wages. With run drinking or other in a third that the of ploy in i us orations. Vol veil in Tho strike proceed in con in Hgt Aloin n blames i Asci for mity with the transportation act or. E. A Clayton who was in the sett lenient of the disputed called to attend Tho girl said he rules and wages seeking from first saw her at i of clock on til Railroad labor Board a rehearing of inning of july 8 he said she uhf recent wage decision and was in a comatose condition and a promptly submitting the seven Dis via vomiting. The doctor was rated rub s to the adjustment Board pressed for an opinion us to the with the statutory right of Appeal cause of Lier condition and a said to the labor Board. Quot Fusel to mid this Poison j Quot fourth the carriers to withdraw is Oft found in Moonshine wins i of didst All Law suits growing out key. Or Clayton stated that tin of the strike a Kirin the girl had taken could j Quot fifth a1 men now on strike Mig have produced Tho Hines those i Iii of furloughed or on from which so was suffering of a. New to be returned to he said she remained in a come work and their former positions lose condition unable to speak with seniority and other i rights in for several Days and when so impaired we removed a week later to. A the Colony aha was stir suffering although the world # average dance records lots a Eye. Introducing Quot Hootch rhythm a from Quot make it Medley Fox Trot. St Indiana Horny. Fot Trot the columbian _a-362i 10-Inch 75c i loss Here she Lorn me. From a make it in Nappy. Fox Trot. You re Lite a Ray of sunni hmm. From a a Lotty Pepper. A Medley Tox Trot. Ray Miller a Quot Del is orc hot to a-3629 10-Inch 75c Kicky Koo Kicky Keo. Fox t rot. Bamboo Bay. Fox Trot Eddie Eli a Orch it a. A-3631 10-Inch 73c Parade of the wooden soldiers. From a Chauve Fox Trot. Twin in the month of May. E rom a Chauve s Fox Trot Ray Miller and hut orchestra. A-3629 10-Inch 75c sonnet Blue Bird. No use crying. California ramble a a-3633 Fox Trot. Fox Trot 10-Inch 75c those longing for you Bines. I a Trot. Frank in int Phil and Hilt to rainbo orchestra. Pick me up and Lay a it a Happy six. A-3c27 10-Inch 75c Gypsy love song. From a a the Fortune Lei Medley Walt. Victor Herbert Walt gems. Medley Waltz. Prince s j once orchestra. A-3638 10-Inch 75e you wont be sorry. Fox Trot. Mona-1.u. Fox Trot. Accordion solos. Guido Detro. A-3620 10-Inch 75c song hits i love Here she loves me. I rom a make it in a hungry for Beautiful girls. From a make it Eddie Cantor comedian a-3624 10-Inch 75c c no Coo. Al j Ole on comedian. Stumbling. Tenor Solo. Frank Crumit. A-3626 10-Inch 75c Atta baby cow Bells. Hora payer comedienne. A-3633 10-Inch 75c my yiddish Mammy. Tenor Solo. I Ming Kaufman. The Sheik of Avenue b. Tenor Solo. Frank Crumit. A .3625 10-Inck 75c Mammy in a thinking of you. Take it Caus its All yours. Edh Wilson comedienne my Johnny Thunn e original jazz hounds. A-3634 10-Inch 75� vocal and instrumental kiss me again. Intro. Waltz from a a Milf. hawaiian guitar hawaiian Banjo Arni ukulele Trio just a wearying for you. Intro. Quot i love you Louise Ferera and Greenie. A3623 1q-Ipch 73c Blu lad i March. Englewood commander March. It Princess band. A-3591 10-Inch 75c Skeeter or d the june Bug. Baritone Solo. Harry c. Brume. Darts a lock on de Chicken Coop door. Baritone Solo and male quartet. Harry c. Browne and the Harmonizer. A-3622 10-Inch 75c the Low backed car. The foggy Dew. Tenor solos. Edwin Dale. A-3618 10-Inch 75� who la take my piano fickle Flo from a Marion Harris comedienne. A-3630 10-Inch 75c Here comes Dinah Belle of the Ball. 0-00 fest. Tenor and baritone duets. Furman and Nash. A-3632 i of Inch 75c symphony Blue Yanulis Whit. Strauss Soprano Solo. Rosa Ponselle. 4998s 12-Inch symphony $1.50 would god i were the tender Apple Blossom. Violoncello Solo. Pablo Casal. 80159 10-Inch symphony $1,00 believe me of All those endearing Young charms. When you and i were Young Maggie. Baritone solos. Oscar Seagle. A-3819 10-Inch symphony $1.00 Irish love song. Lang. My Laddie. Thayer. Contralto solos. Cyrena Van Gordon. A-3617 10-Inch symphony $1.00 Gypsy Sci ens de. Valdez. Chacone. Durand Brown. Violin Solo. Eddy Brown. A-3616 10-Inch symphony $1,00 ii irn Here a a pippin of a Fox Trot ttys a lovable eyes a played with x the snap and sparkle and fascinating double rhythm that the columbian put into it. Such a Banjo Twan incr snare drum tapping saxophone spotted Medley of syncopated Harmony would make a Marble statue Fox Trot off its Pedestal. say a please play it again in All rights hut first turn the record Over. A Sweet Indiana Home is on the other Side. Go through this months entire Columbia list. You la find another and another masterpiece each different each an encore number of an All Star program. The new process Columbia records give you the seasons most popular Lance music played by the masters of infectious crash and Clatter Harmony. On Columbia records you get every note of the music without blemish. There a no scratch no scrape or other surface sound just smooth As velvet unmarred Melody that makes you realize How different and How Superior Columbia records Are. Tear out this months list of new Columbia records. Take it to any Columbia dealer. He will be glad to play All the selections you wish to Columbia symphony records artists with Superb voices have Sung them. Great Oral Stras have played them. Virtuosos of the violin a cello Harp pianoforte have Given of their Genius. Columbia recording has caught All their majesty. Columbia methods of record making give you perfect rendition. Columbia graph phone company new dior k a me a. Iii three stores in Albuquerque 406 West Central Avenue 205 n. First St. 330 n. Third St. So from the effect of the Fusel my i Der Eafin the stand Cut Plain guest of tin a vat Ion i ird of physique in no better than army refused to answer a Cate it was to too years ask for real question asked him by attorney w. It. Hearne., who Ltd a aug com i Tho defense. I a up lain said to would answer Only direct questions. Jud tfx i Tao wanted to know what the Intel the alleged assault we Ould have been it ides Davidson said ii was on week prior to lust Sun Day Dight. Quot so did t e it a it a was nil guest would say. Not. Wood alcohol or o. C. Went of the county health department said Cha. He i saw miss Davidson in july of and found Little wrong with her. Ile said if the girls illness b d been caused by Wood alcohol she would have died or fully re gov. To ,. A or or a before he saw to Uick lunch at Home office and Ben Cantrel brother of kith a you Nama a a a hoi Horlick s. Testified to following the two git a around late sunday night at in request of his Mother Llu said he saw them go to the White hous a hotel in a taxi. 1 Roy Carrington a taxi drivel to stifled to taking the two girls to i the hotel from Point on first t Safe milk for Infanti amp invalids Ixo cooking Tbs a food drink lot a Ages. Lur avoid imitations amp substitutes wind shield Glass lumber. Mum on ii to r Baucum is lumber co. Or a h. Mejt the Oiler d la v Lwy a 1 s &Quot"1 1 1&Quot. All the above listed Columbia records How on Sale at rothmans 117 South first St. Phone 917-j Columbia Gra Foolas sold on easy payments it c h. Carnes specialist in ocular refraction 107 s. Fourth. Phone 1057-w bring your roofing troubles to Raabe amp Maugery a or Telephone 305. Window shades for total holler and Shade clot i. Frt us give you an mini ate. Anderson Bros. Phone u70-.1 lumber Glass paint Cement plaster Albuquerque lumber co. 423 North fir to Street famous Sulphur hot Springs now under new management who assures better accommodations than Ever before. Hotel has Bee thoroughly renovated. Stage leaves every other Day round trip Sulphur Springs $18.00 for further information phor 907-.t or Call at 203 son second Street Albuquerqu c. Tartaglia proprietor and Sulphur Springs to i

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