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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico Faire Foa Albuquerque morning journal july 1>, ins Many fans see baseball Calendar at Etc National league How i it \ is we american league Hoin Thi v a i Lei both principals Well under required weight Dale i slightly heavier new opponent sought for Villa about we fins saw w4i� Ste ii a Adai Del Erk out it Lite of Mort Lite for their twelve w ii. A i it l new t Erk is 8a Iff i net t v re 57 it i meet Anneti. #1 a a a ate Luie i Al rid. 4 i St a oui. 4.1 <0 pit Fahnrich ,4 of ,i�8 by. ,119. Chi rage. Ii 4 1 to j det .40 42 ,411 i tort klan. 47 40 .111 Phi rag. 39 43 a h i i by i Jui. 4 4 4 .111 i Phi lad Iphia ii la .441 Philadelphia. 24 6 ,8981 was a if Ginn s4 Ltd 416 i to ton. 23 i so i to ton 3 0 111 ,3 will is they ply v1111 Vul i in i pm h a. Louie at new to Nett t a Hladen Palm at by. Lucia i i Quot Hui agr at pm is or Iphia. Quot it get let a Chicago. Pit Tabu Rah Al beat j St a Eccl Ilyn. 1 yeah Langton at Ltd Ieve a. I new York gets three homers defects tigers Ruth. Ward and Dugan pole circuit clouts and Yankees win from Detroit. By three to one score off of , 2 Philadelphia. R Panhandle Pecos Valley league Kow to p #. By Tipu i Taft ii a aril to new e i Eft h of a it gtd in i Eft of sit is t it i Thi v 111 9nd w ii 11 4i # i4 ii i i Iii w t oui in till t i Louisville i to i is i it nolo in i no rat a Sam a Hoa Kansu com a 7 St fruit it m inn pol 4 in Mike 7. It lit r. ?�4ii�, ii. Fort , Wichita j a hit Ima of \ met pm i a a i i kit i. Ito in. 1.utbo#kbatteries Natl life swi n Toji Sud my i it r v a Jiji Noli Irollo but mine pm ii ii. But d Content tomorrow sad in up rarely Al maj a h i right my performance. Dale boxed to of a i round w t hit manager a Etal Puryear and a a to Oti re \ is Iusi i to Pittsburgh. So. I a Tufts. Ftp. Juda Phi it Quot to Cinatl a Brookin 4. By i our i new York. 4 i in thai no Loo it i c 4 id in i Lin that a i Arents or thin it did in or. Toucher pin err i v to Nath it i Al i i i p 0 i Ito a soda a workout. Mar y fan Chave he beet in imn be. La i 1111 in i 11 i w a us of i info Volt or g Thop ii preliminary i in Herr a i i i i j i i. I i i i i i it i in the to nil win from Eddie Padilla raid to that a i i Fetuu it u w i i Lead of by. In National rage a feted vow do rth i lil Caen. F i v <1 a. The do t a re aft ii. Of. P a v. f knockout nod it be lain a a Well plug nod Witt the Prem pest i list a Corr a Mesa Wal a nary fight he a had Ken in a lop aspect of in i Eft which n the the r perform Kafir in i a ii freely on tis off Tahr j nights workout St the cry mock boxed Lejk d Anay. The Tirlia in a w ill i my i riot j him i Moo j War n i n i Young a neb nil a. Tommy stanch or i Billy Prvan to and show0 mom a no hut it do not by it atry a he by s punch donor hid do Dai anti Mark we she for Start my their work night. Dale weighed is Mack t it pm the beam Ai i in a will be no trouble of Righter to May the weigh in Oia it i St amp of. M. Tom Orr there will be filid it re it ency in their w flits. An attempt i being n <1# a a get a Oclon i oui Pastl a of Bant be her to fight Young Pancho Villa a inc Villa has been performing of Well in training that he looks too Good for dust a Angel Trpo in with whom he had Bern matched Dan Cwi. Who nth Dan a. To i a la promoting the a i a. I bout arrive tuesday Hight from #4anta be. He brought with him big assortment of new Pap ripping from town whet a Dale Baa fought and Baa been keeping pretty Busy a bowing them to the fan. Probably the clipping which i attracting the Moat attention is a a from the Scottsbluff nfb., mar Herald. Tailing of the recent fight in which Jerk Doyle of Denver a Given la derision Over hath clipping in part follow put i p ii l air Light Al Dale of k Anana City and Lark Doyle of Denver put up a a pretty fair f get for the full ten round Doyle having gained a rep Ai a Classy fighter in Denver and dynamite s four round bout Belg Siki la. Sand tour Sam i a a Good Pound coloured Hove. Than did1 to have been thirst Pucar to i other blood for sow i is thai the second prelim i go four round and just be tween Young i n i last Pancho Villa ii 21 a and Padilla and i Isi 44. A i is faction a i it it r sow time a i winery will sad w. I i be s Angel fir go lift Pound Boj dig up Cen pm total the a t night is either in w hich tickets have of Isi Sod a they of a t a end1 biggest pro i that eve nay in Ling context Here rectus of la fact a Grossman la out of to of Rland of to Hof in w Morrow night. Mops manager of three at a Blea of Fig Ere Ore in Phoenix and too the coaids with a Battler tint a supervision and should be a to officiate quite capably go Ringling will be the official noun eur. World s champions Are Defeated six to four by cardinals Kelly injures his right knee. ,4 c c 1 is _ of tit aft 0m a it i 2 ii. I i i Foj a 11 Chi a 12ft Ftp tit i a j _ a Luti Erie and Piini a j34 i in Mil 4 11 St t a in by t i sch Alk him i Everett. La ors and i. I a i. To. If in. i Beck and use n. H. A j .4 a i it 4 4i Boston. It i it of Toto 002�? 8 9 4 a in. ,. I it i 2 i 01 a hips a. ,17ft Oil lox ii i it i 0 a is it a. Ferguson o Donl and of it 2 i it it to alte Devormer Thurston and i of. ,.4 it i 3 ii it i Graham n adm a the s brr of to frail inure Wool i., a a p i f11 j pions i Lou la again giant right a is Fie or it re i n of y St. It wag Only it Lory of the be Asci re. George Kelly pm an injured i he Collid d la second inning total a fatted by inn ski i new y or a for nim.,83 ii Oil it Ray in f l Ulab. In it to a e. Sport snap shots Benny Leonard world i rat weight haying Champion. Is or g to have a boar year if Hains up to the schedule to Baa mapped out for him if. Benny in ad-1 to taking on a gent who have ambition to Knock his it j weight Crown off expect to write and publish an autobiography and ring up to if fully in the exhibit j to by of a la1 lion Here. Daw also la a Clever Boxer Many of the audience be i Lew brat fight will be with having that he possessed the Moat Southpaw in the tank stadium science a i on july 73, and if Benny can in another part of Thory it eat her the storm a v i take a ays a probably when it came to on Alex Hurt of Philadelphia a a hair or of Merit derision. Dos in Charley White and Keller freed the beet of the affair but it i Man of Chaa go snit Mickey walk Vii evident that most of the crowd i or world a welterweight Cham to it elided that Dale should have bion. I sen rewarded for the Cia y Exhl-1 Benny a to re re for a few Billon he had Given and following months after the 1 Eta during la decision there a a considers-1 w hich time he will write thanni amount of booing the Dale ad-1 Topography and then Ain go or her expecting that the bout the tag. Touring the country would at least a Ca i cd a fast and Clever Ort said it Esi Cray inst a he. Air smack a bitten off a Little my than a can chaw in taking in Dale now most of dal # clipping Ort Maya ref a to him a a either a Clever Dale Orthe elusive Dale a which n Uke it apr i Homo in Honolulu he in near that or is both fast a re Clee with a musical comedy company Leona a has four Eoutz Paw Boxen among his sparring partners or preparation for his match wit Tendler. Thee Heil Blaisdell. He hmm or Mak has a reputation for peed and a Verne too. So tomorrow nights bout should be1 pretty much of a whirlwind affair. Mom of the fur Ere pre rating f Gill will not go he limit. Kid Pacheco of Santa be who will meet Young Penny Chaves. Iota Feather weight in the eight i found a Ernt fir 1. W ill arrive in town tonight. Ile could not com sooner because he i working and could not get Awny. He a been training hard for some time and eld Ortix that he think he can repeat the knockout to scored Over c haves in the Alyth round of in. It of a to the Mortlo Mack bout in Santa be several month ego Chavez had trained hut four Day f t that fight Ami say Pacheco outweighed him a Good bit then. Chavez a been training steadily for Over six weeks now and a improved a great Deal. It very Likely that be will put a crimp in Pacheco knockout Sapir Cuen tomorrow night. Whatever the outcome of the err final it i a erf Ain Pacheco will meet a head i in stays Quot hair Groom keeps hair combed Well groomed he Baa travelled farther than a other bail player for a try it the big leagues the Chicago Whit sox signed him but be i was in Good enough and they Shn Ped him to grand rapids. He lasted part of a game there and then went to Bloomington v hero he got in on game before the bloomers shipped him Tiack. Now he is returning to Honolulu with a record of having travelled r it y thousand of in. To a couple of game use in charge of a a Duncan Secretary to Vard in j. Of. Townsend the Oklahoma Penitentiary base will team journeyed from Cal Leater okla., to Denison without a guard and deformed the a a Katy a Booster. 6 to 5. Members of the team Are under sentence of from one year to life not a trusty being among them. This la the first time the Oklahoma prisoner have played an out of state team on foreign Oil according to Duncan. A a included in the i freshmen athlete awarded football numeral by coach Edwin Mather shortly before the univ ratty of Michigan completed its Academia year appeared the names of four men whose relative have made history on Michigan elevens in the past. Ii be tor. Jerr Natelen Vick end Goebel Are name which Are familiar to every Michigan Gridiron fan. Four player by the same name won their spurs on the freshman squad this year and each give prom of developing into a Bright Star on the varsity before i course at Michigan shall have ended. Hubert Grebe brother of Taal Captain of the 1822 foothill team is one of the yearling who will report for varsity practice next fall. Richard yuck Toledo Ohio a brother of Michigan s famous All american Center of a year ago a one of the most prom a Backfield candidates on a he yearling squad. Rating the Lait season and is almost certain of winning a on the varsity in the year to come. I Roy i it St on of Detroit la a Nephew of the famous Iii hotel who made Pik s of football history for Michigan in the Day when coach Yost a making his reputation As a football coach while William Hermstein of Chillicothe Ohio i related to the famous Herrnstein of Backfield Fame in 1901 and 1902, Plack of. 3 a 2 2 0 0 Smith of.4 it 0 .1 it it # % it Tot Coroley la. 4 in of m i 2 x 0 fat Stock so.4 i 2 110 Mueller of4 1 14 0ft , p. 3 i i o it Toporcer a a. 4 it 0 2 3 11 Sherdel a. 4 i i it 3 it i totals .85 it i 2 27 it 2 pc Ort i a. I r. To. A r Young of. 4 a it 2 i Ltd Grenh. A 4 j 111ft Frith. 2 a. I a 2 2 5 0 my Al. Of. 4 i 1 i it it Unningham of 4 a i 12 1< Kelly la. It it 0 8 1 it pc Onnell 1b 1 it 3 ii 1 it is Okeon. To ,. 4 it 113 1 Snyder p4 it i 8 i it Mcquillan p. A. A it i 2 it Gowdy. I it 0 it it 0 Bern Quot pit it it it a it . I it it it 0 0 totals.34 4 a 27 1ft i x a batted f or s Quillan in ave Smtth. A a batted for Barr in ninth. By inning St. Loo is. It 2ftft soon it new York. Quot it u 21 a 01 0�?4 a summary tvs .1 1 a be hit a Stork 21. Sit % for itch. Of con i 171 a i Noil Thror has hits Fin cd. In Rob. Botto in icy h no runs Ainsmith Bra Tell. Double put a i Jackson to o�?T4�?T my i Cunn no Ham to ohm on no to 8 Nyder. A Ion balls off met Joti Ilion. I barn Quot. Ii Sirdy struck pm i Bush Wardri hit in off to Quillan. 12 la Barr Rea non in. .111 oho Ion a it .,110 too of Toft i summary two Baa hits Ruth Pipp Ward. Home run Dugan Ward Ruth. Double play Smith it unseated. Bis it balls off Heyt 2 role 2. Struck no a by Holloway 2. Hit a of Holloway. I it in a a it of in i Felting pit Here Hollo a. T to Cia nil. 4 it a it Lugton i Clevaland july 15. And Cleveland von the game of the Rie 4 to i of out in the eights is he d doubled and i urge off Merton for Ashing Wil a to son a a u hut managed to v of the away Foni the Quot pm a est two innings. The Fielding of Sewell featured. Score Washington a. Ii. It. To a Morton i it today n opening r both i. Two Hen i. Wei trip a a Only wan bit hard of ibid Mas i it write defeats Milwaukee lad in n. Y. Battle j hard hitting Chicago lightweight scores a technical knockout Over Ritchie Mitchell you May drive in a Ain top at service station the cd next of Inalynn want gasoline or Oil and let us show our appreciation of your patronage. Our service wha Are High and we do not Stop with Ideal got stations arc provided with everything necessary to Cany out these ideals in a very practical Way. The products sold Conoho gasoline Pola me and Gargoyle Mobil Fla arc of recognized High Quality. Our arc experienced in their work and ambitious to please. They Are there to serve you and Are Barny glad to fill your needs court crusty and with dispatch h. We value your patronage. We Koukl liter to earn it and keep it our service and Good products will do it. Conoho to j a Ola rank be perfect motor of a tootle Mobil oils the Continental Oil company tacr4ur�d� car Par at me of it Ita a a a a a Yacsko Ute. I Dabu Prtrt a of a pm a in cc#mr�4n. Wyo Erwen new fun Ute. Cairn end Liun Rama i Cibola i blur. I Ilo Elin. Rib % of i oho ratty i Rue i. C. I peek f j. M no. Losing p Brooklyn. I i Invina 1 i it our of the Craigh of at re Ming the first a Fie v. The Brooklyn n lot a Homer by lift the fourth stack wheat. Brooklyn Captain left a or i Horn in in it to Okumur. Today. A Bon in i left at Al i fractured an a Ray re a no. No will join the to am it by. Louis july so. Scar c Bir Annati a Brooklyn july Knorbert do Kern Box for h a Leht today the red game of the 8 to 4. Dor one on lit Johnson a 3 it to i i i k n Carn Back to stagger Bias a Opp. Nent w that s six a rights t totals .28 2 24 ii ii a to try ii had. Whit a a Mouth a Cle w Eland bleeding and h Llu a Eja was a i t. It. Of. I. A. I i a after a f Triou r ii hat Ute. J. A Quot ass Summa. I of4 ii it it o 0 they ii Quot tiled a a a hit had fan clip in the Mitchell in the speaker. It4 ii i ii it ropes in Disi rems w in a a Betit i tug a sew Al. A.4 i i it o i attack t the i a but Lutchia wimpy so ,.4 2 3 it a eat her Tith Etc to and sent Gardn a 8b, i. 2 it 0 i i White a i k with a eve rat right to Brower. La. .1 0 y i % a Quot la Heads one la. P., .1 it to i it -1 White started the a fourth round Morton p. 3 i i 0 2 it intent ? r of to t on a Battle or a Quick end he floored f Tot Ria. 30 4 i i 2 7 j j 0 a i Rucheil with a ii vat to tits jaw �1, i a Braulea. They Are convenient and Aam Yea time and grantee i risking a Handy Gowd at All Contin Tal service station anti Arn Yeazil by it it Loti generally by innings Washington too too 010�?i Cleveland too too 22x�?i summary two a a hit a Jan a on in cold a a Summa. The a a hits a. Sewell warn by and Bluege double play Charr Ltd tip Hilt peek to Gherrity to us Neill to chastity Peck to g Atta v and Bitch n the groggy a Keah Wen right n a i Ond Tomin earn aft a seconds of the ring with a it to Bead and body Eeling the Al ii a. A Down again from a it to the jaw his Serin a right a nge. The emf two minutes and 41 he round. Burn of Bre Ler. I b. Bohne so. R0u<h, of Duncan of Fonseca. 2 b. Hargrave a Cave nay a. Donohue p. Total 4 incan null a b. B. H to. S i i i 3 1 i i o ,.,.41 814 Mou ii a. Ii to p Bailey of. Joh Minn 2b.t. , of. Fournier la b. of. Taylor c. Mccarr 8b, High a. Dickerman p. A Deberry. Decatur p. A a rtt ther. A a a French. Hair Groom Hatm is is keeps a it combed millions use it a fins for hair a not Sticky Grassy or smelly get a Jar of a a hair goo my from any druggist for a few cents and make even stubborn unruly or shampooed hair stay combed All Hay in any Fly if inks a adv Western league Wichita. 3 Oklahoma City Tina. I St. Joseph 4. Omaha 8 Sioux City a denier a Des Moines 7. Southern association Memphis 14-3 Little Roda i. Nashville i Chattanooga i. Atlanta 2-2 Birmingham la Mobile new Orleans rain 14. A ii i 0 to race on balls off p Ltd or Man j Donohue 2. Hits off Dickerman s in is Decatur 8 in 7. Struck out by Decatur 3. Donohue 6. Losing i user Dickerman. Total a Batt d Ioas it i for Dickerman in 2nd a a ran for to tether in 9th a a a batted for or amur in 9th. By innings Cincinnati .310 Quot of Poi Brook Lyn 101>, f sum Mara two of to nits s. S. S. Keeps away pimples there Are thousands of women who Wonde Why their complexions do not improve in spite of All the face treatments they use. They should not continue to wonder. Eruptions come from Lood impurities and a Lack of Rich blood cells. S. S. S. Is acknowledged to be one of the most powerful rapid and effective blood cleansers known. S. S. S. Ii builds new blood cells. This is Why s. S. S. Routs out of your sys-0 the Nith. Quot it in it kept Tho to a. Impurities which cause o Quot us hits to l scattered while boils pimples blackheads acne u the Phillies pounded Trio of blotches eczema Tetter rash. S. S. S. Is a remarkable flesh builder. That a Why underweight people can quickly build up their lost flesh get Back their Normal weight Pink plump Cheeks Bright eyes and Poltl Burglin ii boy inn. I Boston mus july 18.�?coo pet j held Boston to six hits ted a and Pittsburgh Defeated the braves i to i Pittsburgh bunched hit it off Marquard in the of Cuth and made four run. Treynor hit safely twice making it Twenty three cons Cuth e games in Winch he has hit safely. Score it. If Boston ,.<>00 too Ioos i Pittsburgh ,010 too 400�?St ? but to sos Marquand la ii Gem wich and o Neill Cooper Schmidt. Philadelphia Chicago a 0 Philadelphia. July 18.�?phil-o Dei edited Chicago today Olin a. Thrilling Battles 7 to <1. After 3 Chicago had tied the Acorn in 0 0 61 hurler. Manager Killu a of a who a been suspended viewed the game from a right fir hex. Score in h. E. Chicago Ooi 031 oo�?6 1.3 i Philadelphia.211 too 111�?7 15 it batteries Cheeves Dumovich keen and of Farrell we inert t a Henline. Roush and fam Scot. Hon run Duncan. Double a Borine to Hargrave to Bressler. Left. Bases Cincinnati l. Brooklin of ii i Hist ii Eadi r does no to make it ii laugh Sec in doctor. See it Kin in a la is fled Page. S. S. A la old at All Good drug store in two Aine. The larger sue i More economical. Svic worlds Betto blood Medicine the coolest store in town our store is the coolest place in town to Trade. Either in the mornings or afternoons you la always find it pleasant Here. We handle Only reliable brands of merchandise which we offer at most reasonable prices. We will be glad to have you Call. Washburn company Albuquerque a exclusive clothiers bringing up father. Copyright 1 323, by the news service. Registered v. A to attn office. By George Mcmanus coast league Vernon 4 Oakland 2. San Francisco 7 los Angeles to. Seattle 4 a a it ramen 5. Of Tuania to Ait like it. So a Wolt it Daet it be 0 i Storc Tome ome Amo Yoio that Vay. \ i Mozer a Man could it Rich a Cal to uncomfortably a to Quot w. I 1424 a int l Fratu St#1/r inc. \ Hoe we have Calleri to Hight Tell Kun to thow it new or ebb j % i what us Llu 7-ls

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