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Albuquerque Morning Journal (Newspaper) - July 19, 1923, Albuquerque, New Mexico July in m2 kicks result Fri Der St. Albuquerque morning journal pm of a Thrall re <1 the p Fly mans pm Torly la to Park plot a i t could a self. La arrange met matter thoroughly aired at meeting of City commissioners Rio Grande Park is discussed of the track., a called to i Park Pipit on Routh Broadway pro ram that aaa possible ram tip a train and. A it resold Frink of 321 filth of argument presented try Row protested a ail oat til Mise inner Tingley the unit project it w a ail or a re a i of t11 it that a Aldern la until i Porter com i ted audit i a of is 7 p. Judged How i of a not to r party in would Heel a noon i a he to i Ltd Fotja Point of Yayoi Wope stated thai a h. Tikot a Flop in of if fireman who had Bett in t in a Varvir for fourteen a it id had Bern ordered p of a Row Fth Dor Totin a uti Ion a it lira my a had Anthold my inf notary or Del dare of bad to a Ava of a by Neefs or Fin my a on unanimous a action of Tho May Tho cd maj a a Ion i arn1 in chose of a Rahdi tatar p ibo engineering a Narter it ii following Community singing to be feature of a i Bell i Ion in aha std a bad a it lid d a v int a Rob a 11 along of eel car i w in to it a int la at Al into map i it and it in Beach it Ftp i Dpi i Tifa v North Fin a vet i c a Ira k it d rid the Faff a it it the to helped of in a Fie run Noii a aah i. In the urn of f a �?�-1 r f # f ii a it the a that by re the rift Fri was lid i it is ? i i pc get in it pith. The the map a pure cd at Tho c on a i Quot i r gtd f Haw i i Iti i i the ton a tin f rat a de. Id re in Kre pm flyer to scoreless tie t n n ii re of Pinai Ai Baa Browns and apprentices stage spectacular game in menus league swastikas defeat nationals Al a i Ila of in it my inn d Loun i of re a la Miaow of tar i ill i a n liver it in if a i c a a an h a a cd ind Low Tho Lam Nan tora not Lith Fth mid i it in i Tai t Baa i i i it i. I lout i i an in that up to a were Intro t. Paving on a 11 Ark the Junction w h my of the h p d Fin Pat to the arg traffic in it a a in it a a d to the than Aal in i the Tifi Gabion pm Ese of h i a the s r r i a f a it Nunn. The pre Rit in i or id Eland until to Jal Ilid Grad Giren i decision mid the a fit it up a la. Ruin or a of or Foj j a to a ours of that at of perhaps to the felted preps non of. Of to a a Jupt Ion of coat in a id that the a proof in at a path in dived a hire of the Burden As Youthful adventurer headed for Frisco landed at Santa be d v i it in if mfg Roddy Idoa prop of v owner hat the War Tai paving plans who to a Ala the Burf a u of Chat 11 of or n n 4 taken tit de a wig a i it Advent Quot he tit Oita lift i i mgt name i cd in of pee 7dwa re co # of j if in a to a t i 1#, v Hoaf a fled out if i nit i Horn to n i a mad with lunch land a aum of on Dollar to him i Blawa v n Al fit Fri Sci it i of # i ii i 11ndd in Pend a Al s flirt i nit 1 a h f r tem 1 at Lap Frim tora before to i of i t South ii i in a a idler Fiji in an a g ii n posit Cis relic i a pm Planin Chi t f Cut f f i i a a Tarn of a a a Aff to fat d hair in a it a i by to car i int the tin Bai Nard bins a a id or. no til Quot bodies j. I lie a Ana re pm. Tapu mid by. I a in pc melted hold 11 Iona be i i a to Quot mini a lot Ria it i in girly aged not Green or unfinished it 0 m rip Iltner the f r if a in Tugi Dofi i flu n and Walh Anheuser Busch St Lour a a t a i a had a confort i alter i tuition of paving a fill in. Pant of print it. No any a Aarnam Felt get i i Viii. 1 up o a j Ilion Inok the Fiove and Jar in p a or r i c i i i opinion to the extent i lick on of Indue inc a Ltd c Al nth to up i the cite Hen port a i to v in a the it id of fed that i hat Thith i the. Of the p Avine program would of Good mad d to d f my or i he of to into cd had Napi univ hit. A Hill to i # to a lard i v mix i bins a in a and f m pit a a in min a n it i m 11 ti#1 pm t in t Psi lice d i get. A irate Paas d re will it. And j d d in i la v the of the cd Yeleni n i a figured Aga in own a Whan than struck i the f a i it i a Man a property it Edith air it Many cities did a i to but of lad whether the City of the to to i 11 j in a allow and to Glt and Chuck a a a i la am inform i Franchia if a by it Endt sered a a �?�>1 aver the track could Hobb or. I Toff in an a o a a i Phonon h a 11 h in a or e w 1 s the and if than Jot to Vii i a in in lid a Fop it alar anted thong term r g 11 or. Of n it Tith it in pm of a j a a a on a Hoof on pm the att he v to know whether a in told i a a a for a i of to j n v re Mould a Laid along the fronting i in # too i id aha apes a that porn Arar to hav r Pax g o-4 Ira i a a or a a i to Haym to i cont cot in h by dash Quot a a or mad the j ration Nill Jan. Til sex pen the paving in going Ohr hat train in to War paving off la. To or h that Pav the my ask a ii sea h n fax or of 11 it you can t i Mara fool Hilf a Haga id a pit in to did o find of in a in Cork Bema bund it a to Tarn i in a had rant had Bantha decided in a plodding Over a Hon mom kindle. _. Him up and Brough did not want a a a rim. Office ready asm to o Ahafi a a of a a Ion a remark a. Hawa living on a Street that ii a Loti. Wag full of Chuck to and of turf a him a the a no rented a a would a glad to #11 out and get to a morn program of the rom Mutt it to. Boma of the Edith at a people had oven been against >1# a ill Haa id. And a had it it ight on for or a a i of to of Vanthi it of the City from lit am Rny. T i seven Cotton gins to operate in the Mesilla Valley i t or d la Dot d r d d m Nuat que took charge of the i Early vegt Goffo v m of or to Mith Hurana a v and 0,1 Rig to and Tho roast with a it or. Smith a it the i Ltd Salt tar. Having the i. To i \ i Lull i Hoven a Olton g ii Hon i i the i Mea son it i. Cilo Vav fact Titi will n my tis h of ill try a it in of that from bet to Yeti it Ere irk to i a p. Oliver part y Cruces from i s of a Fth hath h it or i i by that to amp to i har at and and j3.000 a or for Mifty a a Trig finn Ting the Titi re out. Ltd a of in a i feet Thi w in i it Tif in the Orth i hey Tell Barto two of the t Lite in n him Irth i a at Lamia frowns. Pod # 0 apprentice a ,. Milt Iff Battel St burnable id a v i i .331 Bita of for a. I vie a and till i it a i Ile that fee r la k standing plus rec a no Packard luxury plus real Economy is the lust an fruit Packard luxury it it a fort and pro be Cost nothing extra it to in came to i a a he last fall to min. I it a by the Evv it i i the old a Virn d mig7 11 and Gin Puppo tap a o it the Btl a it ring in i a of v # rather a interest do p i a act the the h Junco i i it no Arya t it i a it fudge noddy wag illegal Forto to the str it car and to the Conat Dortlon of motion for new trial a ?mr1,,r,,v i for Price Clements -,.�?� to. W a a Quot. Is under advisement g i a a a a in support r f Roddye t Point of View. Bania a july la District fudge the a nth in a i imm tin. Opinion Cam Holloman a under adv ise has Ltd a a May k i the i a Rai set in in Hatef a import Rint the motor it nov at f j Trig Roddy i. Davies for new in the i ii Maxwell of to Ftp South a of Price Clements twice Pott met h hot to the a a trick go Anat the it a by a Rio at Riha county jury Rop Vera again la Abo Fop the killing of two can Mamonov Civ a Ca i it t he partial riving from Texas while on a Hunting it. A tracks Wight Gink Ami trip in that Colon two ears ago h. I ii Ady of Al i Biti it of in a i i to of re of Miller near an a ret t it mod in Tad int All Gin do the crop of la h inc hide j milling company at Anthy my to i tiv times to of i or be til non How pvt pc no Naif the the National slugging mat 6-i after find the last Gen it dark Ness. I v the tact that in t f ring the n att Onala attn in believe i a of Ltd fir or it. To v again Ell he n it Ion i i fee a. M in int he \ it 11 on x in ii in. Of # dry v. Afifi in a a it a t it n it St c in it in than at a Institute coach visits Albuquerque this in Becaum a the Packard single six is the most / economical car you can own and operate for a period of ten years. Ign Nill g Nim to a of h staved it ii Iff t a a first in Tom red five a Nln j. B won sat la t it or in Phi ii and Glt War View military i Sutu Ai hut uart to on a trip he through the state on to for the St boo the Pat to i reports prospects go splendid year tit the Tow of will rate in to i it a a to fact it to xxx its to maintain for ten years than any other car or succession of cars you can own. Thi id Worth your attention. Had it times end the he Stika Quot eight i Tonieri first Man a it Fop tit nationals to in out till list to Brown b Cheve to liked arid per. A gut i n a Fields to. Ltd Rin Arlof with Al then singled to renter i pan or it Xii la. A u a a a folks or acc Oil lit g of a polishing tip the j or on Tho big front a Quot or Quot of i i a t Gua tit net Loti a with a i d court polishing cloth. Roland Sauer amp co. New Mexico Packard owners never change cars. Ail s it in Toh in ant has t a t a w i ewans Dolfl the sir a saying that p a re rho by. And Fot her of in of c the i a in an i leave Nunt # mrs. Or ficket i a it a Rong amb r of the i into Quot he a to of a he f Quot he a the com in a a ton. I f Al 1 furl her a Milit in a. Or a it of i Nee mad to think i Gilly Lee a 1 to a Ltd in of injure lion. I in pm r. The in is or til it Ness pop to la r paying pro him and hinted that a w Ould Pav to Chni Al ground in support the . Adduced run Down by truck Reg a i the to. The id show the a lip that the do a a i it a Nkru of had in it in in f v. Vav for. # l 11 to Point Cut that for slut against we i h interested Par i into to Psi wis spin a that his it he first Tai or eight in t was hapa n Jid not a ii months to a mad no had by i do for a this on to n accept taa inn. C uts sores cleanse the roughly a without rubbing apply Vicks a a p0 Ruo or a j7 million Jan it a yearly mayor hop that the a of a. On had taken not of the a Vvs exp Assad. And in a they v it a Nuj ration a would stove i hat the not Numis Ltd a take t a inst ice tinder Advia Amant. Of of. # the rom Biasion passed on to other it Quot Ommie Ioner Hugh draw attention to the Moi rapid Progress that was sex need in the paved sections of the r it he would be against u a t i a v of Ion in the majority. It t a a a to Vav a it and m Pax e carried out a a a it hut fro m Hie remark St might a a Rhaum a in assumed that ii would rom Rumi mend Tho paling program if a if of next policeman on the Monarch of a i command much consideration Oro however the policeman command lao Brevod and endangered the occurred la night at the Corner of beyond or it Central Hen Ramon Aragon. Boy in his teens nearly ran ova off ked or fro. Til Box i a a Ford try k in w High in or a Hon a Doxen other Hoys Ara son who hon1# is St a <�11 bout third St aet we ted to. No pin pop so co to a a Rno a driving a told the offic re win jul a learning to drive make a to mint1# of Impi oven it m. Including new n a Schiner v nod in Day and of by a Eavou a v it i # 111 j to operate oui i tag tile Rush the lie i tile cot ton i of Uett no til a in h n i n it a ii flu plan Odem Gin t us Bema overhauled and i through. A Thor a it a in me nut and owned by a i i the Val a a ii Fil Ley or Aiho both eng com party. New Chine ribs been in Are wot mild boiler nod ii Bir Mingl a a f it her tipi Tam Ala. A entire Nam us in and Gar la who hid forced t a Tiftz r 7, went a Ltd in i Ftp # to i gigs t u o Edom a the plat a Oft h i Milt in it. A Haver and a Vav lid i h. Then by the tim to i batting Bec a Over fix had n red the Swastika it a it to he lit Don nifty a a arts do n a it mind pour hits and a a i on Bali gave them five re us. Thav us Vav to on Tail . Swu Stika Catcher a la Tome tit Bill ii r Over the left f elder a head for Llie first Homer of the a. This pm lied their acor is one Hollar own i no will deliver this wonderful Heaters today tii fourth a Iari a a a Long Homer to lad on a is tipi aft three Hugger p. Homer Tho Avon t i ill says i prescription has powerful influence Over rheumatism i Heater a it a eng and Ltd for the last tim the Paramount a 1 Rocilar featuring few gtd t i i in i j i anti Antonio Molino a la leading Atar. N Leo repeat ing the interesting Ami instructive pictures and scene of Iii a path review and Quot current in o Chii it j a it a h i a a. I w t h t. In a a x in Narn it a Ai a i it Thi Rol r tii u will to doubly beneficial Aud doubly enjoyable if you Apony at Iva a part of it away from the heat the dust and tie f Clatter 4 of life ashore. Get aboard ship sail Over the Beautiful Cool Pacific fill your lungs with a lean in Sigora Tirgg >1 wit5 it flit co trip up n \ i Fomia a Ham Niam Torii it ?sfb5s l a. To Evvard cleans railway tickets on Way Ami round trip May a routed via la a an a Tea s. B. Co. By a Van Hun of and Civ or a Ang it Ami san fare Nall Aid berth sex , los angles a. . Calawa Aji i Hawaii is delightful in summertime according to u. S m St her Bureau. The highest temperature in Honolulu during 1p23 Wen 5 degrees and the lowest 62 degrees. A hit direct from ism Angeles to Honolulu on a luxurious liner via the great Circle rout of Hunch in Bor i Intel eating Booklet on both services address pm. Los Angeles steamship co. 517fe a Spring set los / Angeles Ltd. I Ark i Al Avo Ftnat a that it walk a it v in extreme ast tim such ri.-.,-in�?�.�� a a a a a work its paving carried out y Emouna let pre Ripton i in or Quot action to the Public w sit Ana Cost deter he rid this sort of action had to Quot i a a prom of re Timet a a traffic it feta and ugh con id ration behind St. A Quot a for a in behalf of the officer of the a a at. Tho i to company m. I. .,., a fax of the chamber of Commerce re. Sufferer or it w fit on the a Immite Iii. With a it Utic. Is a a i three git a Ltd. Int rut a it Kine and a a t a a it to Al mat ast a of the cot Ruggini it map ind asked for a definite understanding about the water Supply. _ to i # cof f a i i in t Immiti it went into the urn a Rte. In it o Titer of meeting the views o. Huh i Phon and it the new Industry with Commenda-1 rvs no a a Upp it in v Cor tit City manager stated that Al information wait at hand and the question of the be connection for the Mains to Supply i i pm Ursa a Odin were slight in in it . A understood thai the v a w it to a said Ai Cost. The Kine a official stated that they had with them a the stifled Check for ? to Deposit and a eked that the work be completed within two week. It was decided that the City i manager and the City attorney inept the officer of the he Niphon Kine a company today and draw i gift cont rued covering the mat tee to be submitted to a Necin meeting of the Council at 2 p. In ii w. T tentatively decided tuft the main would be connected d re it in with die new Reservoir. To develop Park the t in in min Sion derided to a to Aper the City manager to pro a cd with the carrying oui of tin Cima of the quit Cia in deeds to Rio Grande Park in so far As the a Oriel auction of the necessary Load Comfort station and walks was concerned. This work is to be started As Loon so pus Cible a in lie a or who introduced the subject was empowered to write a letter of thank to the Ludie who acted As mediators in the securing of tim lands that go to make tin Park. Deeded from Tho private owners. Their work had i it can a great Benefit to tit City is a whole it was unanimously declared Tho matter of a new band stand in Robison Park was discussed. It a decided that this was it necessity and must he provided i at the earliest moment permitted by financial arrangement. This might depend upon the floating j of a it Contemp cited Bond Issue Fen $ , Rhu tic a a in purged Dean ipg a eld with fourth Haines i with the Exempla the this d anti f pulled but aft filled and c com he Siitia a Natiq jilt a batteries Lyric a i lira tor repeating to ods Tenor h a a a a a a a t # the leading i Taia to a m re voice from the National a re to Peati c a he i May Roo ant m and the Browns. Imp Quot left a own a Meuy. Swastika up Prentki is i no Lac i Heater a 1 # of t in exciting pictures f. R the a. Inc months to a How in Thi City a,�?z.,&Quot Vav a a la Ltd Iii in entitled westbound limited featuring Ralph be Quot saas Tho Star a1. Pealing Quot fighting blood a with George o Hara a the Atar. Sagola phonograph to your Home 40 3 oui 11 today Quot ame in gift is at a a a i a Rye. Roy a a giants is. Blue men a notional is. St via it Walsh a sir q in to a enter in the a a Ign a bit 300.000 bushels of wheat remaining in Pool will be Helo i his it is Kner a grand Fork the North i1 x. A duly to a a it to wheat grow a ,#"1 Tiou announced to lax that bushels of wheat re i Waitung of a no the i ft.2 poet would a held the time being of vat a loan would by made with this Grain As Security from which Advance would i mad to the Pool members the recent drop in the Price of wheat caused Ohk amount to he it in the hams of meeting is held by Penitentiary Board i Ontic i u uni d Teeth lending the ses Foi tent Vav a Dominie san in a a member. Zoehl prominent recently appointed id of w a 11 in i i Oard Atic mind homr. Oralyn has i de i. Ca it the i he has of he pent of w i h he h. La a re i in a1 i Walfor via Long Day arse number i ii it in ii i the Foj s. It # is h. In appoint j Salon lasted und dealt with of applications. Man deliberately runs Over a dog suppose you. Are a Sena Ibie by intr. We want your Butine. Therefore we Tell Good your tire famous the world Over for their Fine performance a and Weff Rve Standard Good yer service on Emory Goodyear tire tire ind that service Are All we can give you a but nobody else can proms half so much and live up to it. R a the right a Ai looking for s mat Xiv. Is reported to have run Over a i dog in automobile yesterday a Brost Way and ventral. It reported to the police that the Ian had struck the dog intention i to a gtd had Al nut of his Way in do so. The numb. Of the Cai s i ice Nae was reported x f�.4t a Ltd a Tow Ilia Nam rms i 4mh the Kamta All i for trrm4 and both at no Ell to Andave sarm tra $1.00 Down will deliver any article in our store to your Home to i m. Ii is Way i i i Xvi in Iii is is in Igi by a of u n Ped Al arrange. Us in a Iva. A and a minty my Thoi Itow High try or hard Board if undertaking the i Crim Inarrea to the construction of a it a chord on i no Hersity height. It is understood that plans Are going to be asked from local architects and j that the Wink will he carried on by the local Board under i in be me Comlin it to licit prey Iii in the cop but nun of cd schools a Merican Ltd drag 21b North fourth i Irh Sho West Central i Doprr motor n. 211-213 North t oath i tig Ilia and Ripe and rubber works j 2ll South Broadway a i berber a t of 216 North second Elmon Pon Danielson 307 South second n induct garage Soo South second $1.00 Down balance easy payments Livingston amp co. Ome furnishes Goodyear is. Xxx 7�frrp mid l l xxx nth ii i id it where Quality is higher than Price 213-is West Gold ave Albuquerque f

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